WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/16…Road To Wrestlemania Begins

Tonight, after a successful Royal Rumble, where HHH became a 14-time WWE World Champion, how will The Road To Wrestlemania begin?

Expect some big surprises tonight.

Raw is now.

We are live in Miami, Florida.  We hear from Mr. McMahon and Stephanie first.  A big surprise there.

They are here to gloat about what happened last night.  They are feeling good.  Roman Reigns is broken, they broke him in half.  We yanked his title away from him, and now, just like the rest of us.  When we have adversity in our lives, we tuck between our tails and whimper away.  Once you are broken, you stay that way.

Vince has a confession for us.  He admits he enjoys the misfortune in others.  We are broken and miserable.  But nobody is more miserable than Roman Reigns.

Stephanie tells us that if you want something done, then you do it yourself.  They pulled off the biggest coup, and we all thought maybe Reigns would pull it off.  Or possibly Brock Lesnar.  Or even AJ Styles.  But “The Game” had number 30, and they knew it all along.

Nobody holds a candle to HHH.  HHH is a businessman, he has a genius IQ.  He is “The Cerebral Assassin”, he is her man, he is “The Game”.  Ladies and gentlemen, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

HHH is wearing a suit, and he has the gold.

HHH is giving props to Roman Reigns.  He could be one of the best going, he could be.  But today, he is not.  Roman Reigns lacks one thing, and that is lack of respect.  He is cocky, and he needs to learn his place.  He can put up with his attitude, but he can’t put up with his disrespect for this man, Vince McMahon.  And this whole thing is HHH’s church, this whole thing Vince built is his religion, and into his dying breath, he will make sure Roman knows his place.

So the question is HHH why is he WWE World Champion?  His time is up, he is a successful businessman, and they are right.  But HHH wants to be WWE World Champion, because guys like Reigns wants to be WWE World Champion.  And until there is respect from guys in the back, he will remain WWE World Champion.

The fans are chanting, and this is the reason why guys like Reigns has a lack of respect.

But who will face HHH at Wrestlemania?  They will do their research, and at the end of the night, we find out who will main event at Fastlane, and the winner of that match will get the opportunity to face HHH at Wrestlemania.

Believe that.

Tonight, a major star makes his return on the road to Wrestlemania.

Tonight, Jericho Vs AJ Styles.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler Vs Kevin Owens.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  Did Owens do enough to get himself into Fastlane?

Roman Reigns is walking backstage, Jo-Jo wants to get Reigns’ reaction to what Vince said about Roman being a broken man.  He wants Jo-Jo to let The Chairman and HHH know he is here, and he isn’t leaving until he finds out what the main event of Fastlane is.

The Social Outcasts are in the ring, and they have something to say.  But they see Flo Rida in the house.  Heath and Flo have some history from a few years ago.  Heath tells him to just sit there, and don’t make Heath mad.

They challenge Flo to come to the ring, and face The Four Superfriends.

Slater challenges Flo to a rap battle.  Flo Rida, meet Bo Rida.

We have some good skills from Bo.  Okay, not really, but he’s trying.

This all leads to The Dudley Boyz coming to face The Social Outcasts, next.

Flo Rida got into it with Heath Slater, and Bubba picks up the win with a 3-D, pinning Curtis.

Renee Young is with AJ Styles.

Chris Jericho crosses paths with him.  He knows who AJ is, and he is finally where he belongs.  He has a chance to prove he belongs.  He gets in the ring with a 6-time World Champion.  Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

Styles Vs Jericho, next.

Styles picks up the victory with a rollup.  A very good, and fun match here.  For the first time ever, AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho.  I never thought I would write that up.

AJ sticks out his hand, and Chris reluctantly accepts it.

Our next match is Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch.

The match ends in a no contest, because Charlotte attacks both Sasha and Becky.

Goldust is looking for R-Truth.  He is in search of a new tag partner.  He wants to know if Truth is interested.  Truth is married, so he doesn’t swing that way.

Goldust is just looking for a tag team partner.

Next, we will see Kane Vs Bray Wyatt.

This Thursday on Smackdown, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will take part in Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

But now, Wyatt Vs Kane.

Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, and he wins the match.

Strowman takes care of Kane.  Rowan and Harper finish him off.

A big limo is backstage.  Who is the major star returning to Raw?

Wrestlemania is 69 days away.

Rich Brennan is trying to find out who is in the limo.

It’s The Miz.

The Miz tries to say something, but a truck interrupts him.  It’s The Rock.

He runs into everyone backstage, including The Big Show.

Big Show could have been The Scorpion King.  He could have chased after Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious.  He could have chased earthquakes if he had been awarded the Royal Rumble win back in 2000.

Rock runs into Lana.  I guess Lana shows up in Rock’s hotel room after Raw.  Rusev is right behind Rock.

Alright Miami, now The Rock is coming.

The Rock woke up at 3:45 in the morning, clanging and banging.  He worked 14 hours on the set of “Ballers”, and they asked The Rock what is he going to do, only one place Rock can go, and that is American Airlines Arena.  Now The Rock can finally say….FINALLY…..THE ROCK HAS COME BACK…..


This awesome chants is taking place.

Miami, hometown.  Are you ready for Wrestlemania?

The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania, the entire roster is ready for Wrestlemania.  The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania.  The camera crew is ready.  Michael Cole is ready.  JBL is ready.  That other black guy is ready, I don’t know his name….

Well, this is a time we go off the script.

He sees guys dressed like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and The Rock.

It’s good that Rock got those guys on TV.

The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania, but we are talking about tonight.  It’s The People’s Champ.  The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, this is Miami, so say hello to my little friend.  

Oh glorious, now it’s New Day!!

Xavier Woods tells us that black guy he doesn’t know is Byron Saxton, and he is the best commentator WWE has.

So, as Kofi said, let’s talk about black people he knows.  The New Day whooped The Lucha Dragons.  They whooped The Dudley Boyz.  They whooped Rock’s cousins, The Usos last night.

The Rock calls himself “The People’s Champ”, but where is his gold?  You know who does have gold?  The New Day.

They are our WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Rock is just like Lebron James, who went from Miami and went back to Cleveland.  In other words, The Rock went from this dumpster to Hollywood.  Rock took his money, and ran.

New Day Rocks!!

The Rock knows exactly who they are.  They are the WWE Tag Team Champions.  They are entertaining.  Yet, they wear llama penises on their head.


They are unicorn horns.

Rock said they are Chocolate Horns.  “Big Momma” looks upset, the thing is he is so huge, he looks like The Incredible Hulk made out with Urkel.

So how about The People’s Champ kicks all 3 of their asses.

Miami, you want them to get real?  They don’t deserve it.  So goodbye.

The Rock tells them he understands plan A didn’t work, so we have plan B.

Plan B?  Family.

Here come The Usos, and they clean house.  They take them all to The Rock.

Samoan Drop, Rock Bottom, and Xavier gets The People’s Elbow.

We are 69 days away from Wrestlemania.

Our main event is Reigns and Ambrose Vs Sheamus and Rusev.

Paige and Natalya Vs Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

Paige and Nattie win the match when Paige pins Brie with a RamPaige.

Footage from earlier today, in Miami.  Be A Star campaign.

The Miz is sick and tired of being interrupted.  Whether it’s on Raw, or through Miz TV, he’s tired of it…..

Kalisto comes out, and our match is set now.

Kalisto wins with the Salida del sol.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs Sheamus and Rusev is next.

Reigns and Ambrose win when Reigns hits a spear on Sheamus.

Who will The Authority choose for our main event at Fastlane?

Now the announce table comes breaking down for League of Nations.

Bam!!  Rusev through an announce table.

Stephanie comes out to make the big announcement.

Our main event will be a Triple Threat match between Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I actually thought we would see a Fatal 4-way, with Kevin Owens added, but I got 3 of the 4 correct.  Why would The Authority choose Roman Reigns though if they are trying to screw him out of the title?

Anyway, up and down show for me.  Certainly, we had Jericho Vs Styles, which was special.  We also had The Rock make an appearance, but everything else was just there.  It just didn’t feel like a special show, like most night after Rumble matches.  So, we will see what happens after Fastlane, which is when the real road to Wrestlemania begins.

What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts here.
















































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