Impact Wrestling 1/26/16…Feast or Fired

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy is entering the building.  He has been trying to get a hold of the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, his brother Matt Hardy all week.  Tonight, he is going to paint his face, and talk to the new champ.

Last week, Matt Hardy turned his back on the world, as Tyrus helped Hardy become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring.

He has a whole week to let this sink in.  When he heard about what happened, he was shocked.  When he saw what happened, he was sick.  He needs some answers from Matt Hardy.  So would the World Champion please grace us his presence, and give us his answers.

New music for “Iconic” Matt Hardy.

Slowly, but surely, Matt Hardy comes out with Reby, Tyrus, and Tyrus carries Max.

Jeff didn’t call the two others, he just wanted to discuss matters with his family.

Reby Sky tells him she is his wife.  Who was there for him when the entire world turned their backs on him.  She was there for him when Jeff decided to play “Redneck” Evil Kineivel.

He doesn’t need Jeff anymore, they don’t need anybody anymore.

Jeff calls Reby his bitch-in-law.  Matt tells him not to talk to his wife like that.  Jeff calls Matt a bitch too, and we have bitch 3 in Tyrus.  So why Matt why?

Matt is no longer in Jeff’s shadow, his wife told him to stop giving, and just take.

Why can’t Jeff just be happy for him, he is now the “other” Hardy.

Jeff can’t be happy for Matt with the way he did it.  So Matt tells Jeff they need to go their separate ways.  So Jeff can stay with his underlings called “creatures”.  While Matt can just go on to become the greatest TNA World Champion of all time.

The crowd chants for EC3, and Jeff agrees with this.  Because the last time EC3 won the title, he did it fair and square, and showed he is the best wrestler.

So how about since Jeff is clear, they face each other for the TNA World Title, tonight.

You want this?  Matt loves Jeff, but he wipes his hands clear over what happens tonight.

So Hardy Vs Hardy tonight.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.  Feast or Fired tonight, title matches are on the line, along with one pink slip.

Video of Feast or Fired is shown now.

I hope Grado is fired.

That match is taking place now.

The X-Division Title match is not in a briefcase.  Instead, it’s King of the Mountain Title opportunity.

Grado, Eli Drake, Drew Galloway, and James Storm all grab the briefcases.  We will find out what everyone chose, later tonight.

Kurt checks on Jeff.  The way Matt won the title last week just wasn’t right.  Kurt has Jeff’s back.

Tonight, Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy.  Also all 4 briefcases are revealed.  One man will be fired, tonight.

All four men are standing by with their briefcases.

DJ Z Vs Tigre Uno Vs Mark Andrews for the X-Division Title.

Tigre wins the match, with a 450 splash, pinning Andrews.

Now comes Gregory “Sugar” Helms.

He said this company for years, was defined by the X-Division.  This company was backed by the X-Division.

Helms knows Tigre just had a match, and he doesn’t want any excuses.  So he will give him one week.  So next week, is Tigre Uno prepared to defend the X-Division Title, one more time?


Tigre Uno, his run as X-Division Champion is over.

Awesome Kong tells The Dollhouse she isn’t mad at them, these walls are strong.  She will get the Knockout Title, but tonight is about The Beautiful People.  She needs to face Velvet Sky all by herself.  They can stay in the back, and see the teacher take the student to school.

Kong Vs Velvet, next.

Backstage, Eli Drake is a bit nervous.  Jessie Godderz is assuring him everything is okay.

Jessie suggests he check the briefcase before they reveal the results.

Tonight, brother Vs brother.  Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle approaches Matt, and he tells him Matt is tarnishing his family name.  Matt tells him Jeff is his brother, always will be.  But he is building his brand.

Kurt claims to be the first TNA World Champion, and he is tarnishing that title.  Matt warns Kurt, he respects him, but if he gets in his business, his bones will be broken.

Kong Vs Velvet is now.

Kong wins clean with the Implant Buster.

Kong tries to go after Velvet, but Madison comes out to help her bestie.  But here comes The Dollhouse to counter.

Kong hits a splash on Velvet, with Madison watching on.

The Wolves are backstage, saying they are the greatest Tag Team Champions of all-time, but right now, their tag titles are missing.

Crazzy Steve clearly wanted to send a message, but they asked for a match, and that match is next.

Let the hunt begin.

JB is with all four men, set for Feast or Fired.

JB is going through the rules, and here comes “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

One of these four guys need a miracle.  But when you are “The Miracle”, you don’t need to put yourself in this situation.  Mike is just going to sit back, and watch.

Drew Galloway is offended by this, saying Mike hasn’t proven anything, and it shows he isn’t the brain behind this.

Mike says next time he bashes his wife, Drew will need a lot of luck.

Eli Drake opens his briefcase first, he gets a King of the Mountain Title shot.

More reveals is coming up, but first, The Wolves Vs Crazzy Steve and his partner.

We someone completely dressed in clown makeup, introducing Steve, and his partner….Abyss.

The Wolves win by DQ when that crazy woman came out with Tag Team Titles, and sprayed purple mist into Davey’s eyes.  Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Eddie.  They celebrate, holding up the Tag Team Titles.

We get more briefcase reveals, next.

And now we are down to three.

“Cowboy” James Storm now must reveal his briefcase.  

Storm reveals he gets Tag Team Title shots.

It’s now down to Grado and Drew Galloway.

Drew Galloway gets a World Title shot, and Grado is fired.

Hardy Vs Hardy is now.  EC3 will be here next week.

The match ends in a no contest when Eric Young comes out, angry that Jeff Hardy is the number one contender.  He is the King of the Mountain Champion, that is the real number one contender.

Bram comes out, and he lays out Jeff, with Matt watching on, doing nothing.

Beer Money counters EY and Bram.  But here comes Crazzy Steve and Abyss.

Kurt tries to confront Matt, but Tyrus lays him out.  And when the Hardy group leaves, EY and Bram give Jeff a Piledriver through the table, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not a strong show tonight, except the big ending.  I do like Grado was fired, because in my opinion, he didn’t offer much.

This certainly keeps Eric Young strong, and a threat to any title.  With TNA heading to the UK this week, they had to take Jeff off of TV.  I am interested in seeing what EC3 has to say next week.  He was getting chants today, so he clearly is over as a face.  

Where do we go from here?

Send me your thoughts on the show here.
































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