Impact Wrestling 2/9/16…Angle Vs Galloway II

We are in Manchester, England tonight.  Tonight, Kurt Angle continues his Kurt Angle Farewell Tour and will face Drew Galloway.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show, and we kick the show off with Matt Hardy, and his family.

He didn’t sell out, he was already a millionaire.  And he’s not here to defend his World Heavyweight Title.  He is here for business.  The Matt Hardy Brand will show Impact Wrestling Brand how to conduct good business, because The Matt Hardy Brand means more than Impact Wrestling Brand.

Boo him all you want, the same idiots who boo “The Iconic” Matt Hardy are the same idiots that cheer EC3.

Tyrus tell us that we cheer EC3, but Tyrus is the one who made him the undefeated, unbroken, unpinnable, and cool again.  Matt Hardy doesn’t need his help, because he is family.

Reby tell us we are all just jealous, and Hardy tells us he is the one who beat EC3.  He was undefeated, he was unbreakable, unbendable, and he did everything by the book.  In the last 3 weeks, Matt took care of EC3, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle.  And Dixie Carter still hasn’t even spoken to him since he won the World Title.

He isn’t going anywhere, until Dixie Carter comes out.  Lesson 101 in doing great business, you get rid of the “cancer”.  And she needs to make the World Champion happy.  And what is the one thing she needs to do?  Fire EC3.

Tonight, it’s the return of EC3, we will also see Angle Vs Galloway II.

But now, Lashley vs Bram, and it’s next.

Lashley wins the match with a spear.  Eric Young tried to interfere, but Lashley gives him a spear, for good measure.

Backstage, Matt Hardy is a bit concerned over EC3 showing up, but Tyrus has his back, and brings in Manchester’s security.

EC3 will return tonight, and we will also see Angle Vs Galloway II.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring.

The fans are making it difficult to see him say farewell, but he is.  He has a saying, it’s real, it’s damn real.

He is so proud of what has accomplished, and he thanks the crowd for supporting him.

Everyone knows Kurt is going to wrestle Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode, but tonight, his opponent will be….

Maria Kanellis Bennett says the crowd understands what he is saying, they feel what he is saying.  But she feels what Kurt is saying is fake, and manufactured.  What the fans need is “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Mike was listening to Kurt in the back, and he has had a hell of a career.  He remembers when he was growing up in New England, the better, and more advanced England.  He was a kid, and watched Kurt, he gave his brother an Angle Slam, and put him in an Angle Lock.  He studied him, and saw Kurt beat legend after legend, and he studied Kurt’s every match, and he said to his mom, one day he is going to grow up, and beat that guy.

Kurt warned him, to get away from his face.

Kurt is missing the point, what Kurt accomplished, no ordinary man can do that, but Mike is extraordinary.

Let’s take a look at Kurt’s opponents, Bobby Lashley, that is one, bad mamma jamma, Kurt.  There is Bobby Roode, one of the greatest TNA wrestlers of all-time.  But then there is Mike Bennett.  Think of it like this, Kurt Angle Vs Mike Bennett, for the first time, and the last time.  When Mike beats Kurt, the fans will be asking….

Do you believe in miracles?

Yes, we do.

Kurt tells Maria she is very beautiful, but has a poor choice of men.

Maria tells Kurt he is “The Miracle”.

Oh right, and he swings a punch at Mike.

Kurt makes this clear, he’s not wrestling Mike, because he doesn’t respect him.

And his opponent tonight, he does respect this man, Drew Galloway.

Drew shows up, later tonight.

Beer Money is backstage, Roode got Storm a present.  It’s not pyro, it’s not a stripper, it’s not even a car.

It’s the return of The Bruiser Cruiser.

Trevor Lee Vs Tigre Uno, for the X-Division Title is now.

Trevor wins with the Fisherman’s Buster.  A good match, but should have been longer.

Tonight, the return of EC3, also Angle Vs Galloway II.

But now, Beer Money.

Beer Money want to cash in their tag team title shot, but here comes The Decay.

They still have the physical Tag Team Titles.

Rosemary tells us everyone is obsessed with these pretty, little toys.  But everything that is pretty turns to rot, and that is what happens in their world.

While they have the titles in their possession, they aren’t the Tag Team Champions, and neither are Beer Money.  So while they have a ref, they suggest they fight.

The fight starts now.

The Decay are DQ’d after Beer Money hit a DWI.  Abyss interferes, and the ref DQ’d them.

Rosemary has the titles, and Crazzy Steve gave Storm a low blow.  And with the appearance of Janice, The Wolves come out with chairs.  But they won’t hit Rosemary, so they leave with the Tag Titles.

Davey tells The Decay they have something that belongs to them, and something that belongs to The Wolves Nation.  And that is the Tag Team Titles.

Eddie Edwards tells them they want their titles back, but in return they will give them a Tag Title shot.

Abyss says they do it next week, for all of the gold in Monster’s Ball.

Let the hunt begin.

Angle Vs Galloway, tonight.

Reby approaches Dixie Carter.

Reby asks Dixie if she just keeps an open mind, when Matt talks to her.

The idiot Grado shows up.

TNA fired him, and they screwed him.  But, Grado will tell us he has proof he was screwed.

Eli Drake interrupts this.

He is a man who was fired, yet he is begging for us to give him some mercy.  He will give him some mercy by having security escort him out of the building.

Grado runs around the ring, and escapes from security.

Drew Galloway says the first match is about respect, but tonight, it’s about opportunity.  He has been called “The Future” for so long, it’s time to think of the present.  Tonight, Drew Galloway beats Kurt Angle.

Madison Rayne Vs Jade, now.

Jade wins with a Cradle Piledriver.

Now The Dollhouse attack Rayne.

But here comes Gail Kim to help Madison Rayne.

Gail takes out all three women.

EC3 returns tonight, and next, it will be Angle Vs Galloway.

Billy Corgan was being interviewed, but Grado tells Billy he was screwed.

Our main event, Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway is now.

Galloway wins the match with a Crossface, and Kurt congratulates him at the end of the match.

The return of EC3, what is his fate?  We find out, next.

Next week, Tag Team Titles are on the line, The Wolves Vs The Decay, in a Monster’s Ball Match.

The Family are in the ring, and Matt Hardy calls for Dixie Carter to head to the ring, now.

Matt is a global name in this industry, he is the face of the company.  He knows what works, and he is our World Heavyweight Champion.

And the last world champion, he can’t even say his 3 letters.

The fans chant EC3.

He treated Dixie like trash, when he won the title.  And when Matt beat him fairly at Bound for Glory, he issued an injunction, and put you in a bad spot.  He wants to have a good working relationship with Matt.  He wants Dixie to look at the camera, and fire EC3, now.

Don’t be a flaking bimbo, fire EC3 NOW!!

Enter Rockstar Spud.

He hasn’t said this in a long time, but I got this Madame.

What’s going on Matt, this isn’t the Matt Hardy he looked up to.

Spud will always look up to Matt, boy.

If Spud isn’t here to be a character witness to say EC3 is garbage, he might as well leave now.

Spud has agreed, EC3 has done some terrible things, most of them he has done to him.

Fire EC3 now.

No, because while EC3 does and says the things he says, he think that Matt Hardy is scared of EC3, he thinks Matt Hardy is acting like a little bitch.

Tyrus attacks him from behind, and Matt corners Dixie, ordering she fires EC3.


The spotlight is on, EC3 is on the ramp, but he is here to kick ass.  He takes care of the security, he takes care of Tyrus, Matt runs away, and EC3 heads out of the ring, and the show closes with EC3 posing on the top ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The run for EC3 continues, but this time, he is a babyface.  I love too he didn’t say anything, came in, kicked ass, and then left.  And Angle Vs Galloway highlighted this show too.

It’s a shame though we will never see Angle Vs Bennett.  That could have been a good match, Bennett stood out too, looking forward to seeing what he can do more in the ring.

A good show tonight, what were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.





















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