WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/16…6 Days Away From FastLane

Next week, the real “Road To Wrestlemania” will begin, but for now, the build to FastLane is in full effect.

We are live in Anaheim, California.  “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose will kick off Raw, next.

We see footage of last week, when Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar went face to face.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

The Ambrose Asylum is in full effect, now.

This Sunday, in Cleveland, Ohio.  FastLane Triple Threat match of Lesnar Vs Ambrose Vs Reigns, winner faces HHH at Wrestlemania.

They are calling it Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Vs Roman Reigns, Vs Brock Lesnar.  But that is Sunday, and this is Monday Night Raw.

As a kid, he found out you do what you have to do with a bully, and Dean got his fingers dirty, and did what he had to do.  Now Brock Lesnar is probably upset about what happened, and he found out there might be a F-5 in waiting.  So Brock Lesnar, if you’re in the building, if you’re in the state of California, come on out and get yourself a piece.

Enter Stephanie McMahon.

Since Dean interrupted Steph, she thinks about doing the same thing.  Is he filibustering about what he couldn’t do last week?  I mean, he had to rely on his buddy so he can give Brock a cheap shot.  What would have happened if his buddy Roman Reigns hadn’t shown up?  He can find out this coming Sunday, as the two are in the ring together with Brock Lesnar, where the winner gets to face her husband for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.

Dean wants the fight, and she can get it over with.

Okay, if Dean wants a F-5, then he will get it.  But just not what he wants, he will get a Fatal 5-way for the Intercontinental Championship.  And if his buddy Roman Reigns interferes, he is disqualified, and will be out of the Triple Threat match this Sunday.  So would Roman prevent his buddy Dean Ambrose to retain his IC Title, and not compete in the main event of FastLane?  Either way, Roman wins.  So let’s start the match now.

It’s Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens Vs Stardust Vs Tyler Breeze Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Kevin Owens wins the title with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, pinning Tyler Breeze.

A very fun match here, but a surprising ending.  We will see what happens tonight.

Tonight, in a match brought to you by Geico, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

Also tonight, Brie Bella will have an exclusive interview.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Ambrose losing the IC Title.

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Ambrose.

He is angry, but not shocked what The Authority did to him.  They think they took everything from him, but they haven’t.  They have given him motivation to beat Brock Lesnar, to beat Roman Reigns at FastLane.  And this gives Dean Ambrose nothing to lose, and HHH everything to lose.  That gives anyone motivation.

We immediately get back to Kevin Owens.  He told Renee Young he would beat Dean Ambrose, and he wants recognition.

Dolph Ziggler wants to be the first to say Kevin that a job done.

So he sees WWE FastLane is this Sunday, he needs an opponent.  And he has spent the last few weeks beating Owens.  So why doesn’t Owens tell the world he deserves the first title shot.

Nah said Kevin Owens.

It’s a New Day Anaheim….yes it is.

This Sunday, we will have The Peep Show with their guest being The New Day.

The last time, Edge and Christian tried to messed with our boys, they reeked of total booty.

And they broke the cardinal rule, you never bring your kazoo to a Trombone fight.

Mark Henry Vs Big E, next.

I think Mark Henry is injured, Big E. picked Henry up for a Big Ending, and Mark just dropped to the floor.  Two splashes earlier might have affected that.

Brie Bella Exclusive Interview is next.

This Thursday, on Smackdown, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar will be there.

Byron Saxton introduces us to Brie Bella, which means….


Byron asks Brie how Daniel is doing.  Last week was hard for Daniel, but with the love the fans have shown, and the wrestlers backstage, he is ready for the challenge.

But here comes Charlotte, and Ric Flair.


Charlotte didn’t mean to interrupt Brie here, but she can’t help but feel Daniel was in a league of his own, and Brie corrected her and said he is in a league of his own.

Charlotte is mistaken, it’s not like he died, or anything.  And you truly never know what happens tomorrow, it could be the last.  Which means if Brie wants to forfeit her title shot at FastLane, she would understand that.  I mean any woman should be there for her husband.  She is not one to judge, but….

Charlotte isn’t Brie, and Daniel supports Brie 100%.

You mean Brie supports Daniel 100%, oh wait, the reason why she is competing is she has to support Daniel.

So Brie talks about Charlotte saying she hurt Nikki, and now she is using Daniel?

Charlotte is just trying to make a suggestion.  Brie should go home, and be there for her sister.  Go with Daniel, and open up a bed and breakfast.  Charlotte doesn’t need Brie.  The fans don’t need Brie, but her sister and husband needs Brie.

Brie brings up Charlotte is trying to get into Brie’s head, and it’s not working.  She is in disgust over the champion Charlotte has become.

Charlotte sends her dad out of the ring.  Charlotte was just trying to do Brie a favor, but she can be afraid of what her fake beard, vegan babies will become.

Those are fighting words, and Brie attacks Charlotte.

This Sunday, at FastLane, Brie Bella Vs Charlotte for the Divas Title.

Video of what The Wyatt Family has done.  Tonight, Big Show Vs Braun Strowman.

Here comes Chris Jericho, he is going to do commentary for the next match, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

AJ makes Miz tap out to the Calf Crusher.  Another good match here.

Jericho approaches AJ, with the mic.

Chris tries to put AJ over, but AJ cuts him off.  He knows Chris’ game, he got his win last week on Smackdown.  But it is eating him up, the great Chris Jericho was beaten by AJ in his first WWE match.  So let’s have AJ issue something Chris wants, AJ wants, and the fans want.  The great Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles, at FastLane.

Chris said that is a phenomenal idea, it truly is.  The fans want to see that again, but Chris isn;t sure he wants that match.  He will think about it, and let AJ know this Thursday.  See you around, buddy.

The Dudley Boyz are next.

Here comes the damn Dudleys.

No more tables for us.

Hey Devon, they thought we’d get the tables.  There are two guys in the back they want out here, because they might need to hear what they have to say.

Usos, come on out.

Oh wait, they won’t be able to come out now, because of this.

The attack of The Usos from last week.

The Usos are just like us people.  We thought that after 10 years, it would be the good ol’ Dudley Boyz.

We thought the Dduleys would be just a nostalgic act.  Newsflash, they aren’t just passing by, like Guns and Roses.  They are the baddest tag team on the planet.

Bully Ray, I mean Bubba Ray tell us the tables are gone forever.  But we can go to the WWE Network, and check out the best of tag teams, and remind us they are 9-time Tag Team Champions, they are not just a novelty act.  And for us chanting we want tables, they will fall on deaf ears.  As a matter of fact, he and his brother do not care what we chant.

Divas action, with Paige, next.

Paige Vs Summer Rae, now.

Summer Rae picks up the upset win, with a rollup.

Paul Heyman is headed to the ring, next.

This Thursday, Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown for the first time in 12 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate of the next WWE World Heavyweight Title, Brock Lesnar.

And he says that very confidently, because this Sunday, WWE is giving us something historic.  Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose, and he knows Brock will head to Wrestlemania, to face HHH in the main event of Wrestlemania 32.

Now, he doesn’t want Roman Reigns to watch what he has to say backstage in a monitor, so please “Mr. Samoan Badass”, the “Enforcer” of The Shield, Roman Reigns, come on out here.

Roman looks at the Wrestlemania logo.  Heyman shakes Roman’s hand, and thanks him to come to the ring to his face.  Because there are those of what he is about to say would think Heyman is disrespectful of Reigns, and he knows how long the two have known each other, but Reigns knows Heyman does not think he can get by Brock Lesnar.  Not Reigns, not Dean Ambrose.  But his goal is to win this Sunday in the Triple Threat match.  He wants to go on to Wrestlemania, and face HHH in the main event, he wins the WWE World Title.  He goes home to his wife, and his beautiful daughter, and she can say Daddy did it, he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But Brock Lesnar stands in his way, as does Dean Ambrose.

So unfortunately, Roman has to make a choice.  His daughter, or his brother.  Because unfortunately, he has to lose either one.

There are ones who choose friends, and they wind up in divorce court.  Then there are others that must choose family, and they are in the locker room, preparing for their opportunity to compete in the main event of Wrestlemania.  The enemy is Brock Lesnar, he stands in his way of getting his dream, main eventing Wrestlemania.  But so does Dean Ambrose.

Reigns loves hos honest Heyman is.  He chose a long time ago for family.  And he has no problem fighting Ambrose, because they have faced each other before, and Reigns won.  He beat him.  Now he faced Lesnar before too, he not beat him, but he did beat his ass.  You can tell Brock that this Sunday, nothing is standing in his way this Sunday.  He will win that, and he will beat HHH’s ass.  And you can believe that.

He shakes Heyman’s hand, and The Dudleys attack Reigns.

Now here comes Ambrose.

Fighting for his brother.

Here is our main event later tonight.

They shake hands, and Dean turns for Dirty Deeds, but Roman gets out of it.  Ambrose points to the sign, it’s all about that.

Reigns understands.

More chaos 2 weeks ago from The Wyatt Family, when they took out Big Show.

Tonight, Big Show Vs Braun Strowman.

Zack Ryder sighting, and he will face off against Heath Slater.

Social Outcasts babay!!!

A big win for Slater.  He hits his DDT.

Oh lord, R-Truth is on a date, and Goldust interrupts.

The Golden Truth will happen.

It’s The Lucha Dragons and Neville Vs Sheamus, Del Rio, and Rusev.  6-man tag action is now.

League of Nations pick up the win, when Del Rio pins Sin Cara with a Double Stomp right on Sin Cara’s shoulder.

This Sunday, Del Rio Vs Kalisto for the United States Championship.

WWE honors Black History month, with Booker T.

Earlier tonight, there was a video posted on WWE’s Facebook of an altercation between Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Tamina.  Tamina kicks Becky in the head.

Next, it’s Becky Vs Naomi, one on one.

Michelle Beadle is in the house, which means she made up with WWE.

Del Rio is with Renee Young.

Kalisto was lucky in beating him for the United States Title, he let him beat him.  So he is challenging Kalisto to a 2 out of 3 falls match this Sunday.

Becky Vs Naomi, now.

A very quick match here that had Becky with with the Disarmer.

And of course, Tamina attacks Becky, which brings us to…

“The Boss”.

Tamina and Naomi walk away.  This Sunday, Becky and Sasha team up to face Tamina and Naomi.

Now we see what The Wyatts did to Ryback last week.

Big Show Vs Strowman, next.

Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown, this Thursday.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs The Dudley Boyz is this Thursday night too.

Next week, someone will be rewarded the Vincent J. McMahon Excellent Leadership Award.

But now, our main event.  Strowman Vs Big Show is now.

Luke Harper tells us we have a choice tonight.  Awaken from our slumber, or beg for mercy.

Rowan tells us without them, there is no hope.

My family speaks the truth.  Freedom awaits all of us who embrace.  Because our world is a slave, who is shackled from cuffs that can tweet about sharing our pain.  How many of us have checked with our followers, and share in our pain?  Bray’s followers all walk in with paradise, because they all bow to Bray.

And take a long look at the lie we all live in.  And now, we all have to make a choice, or Bray will have to make a choice for all of us.

Just like Bray had to make a choice for Ryback.  Just like Bray had to make a choice for Kane.  Just like Braun Strowman had to make a choice for The Big Show, right now.

Wake up, or run.

Big Show gets jumped for the DQ loss.  And we get a 4-on-1 beat down.

Feed Me More!!

Here comes Ryback.

They take out Ryback, and here comes Kane….through the ring.

Kane, Big Show, and Ryback have answered.

Raw ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Raw tonight felt like a big thing.  We have FastLane coming up, then next week will be even bigger.  I expect we will see a bigger show, and that might also include a surprise or two, setting up Wrestlemania.

How did you feel about the show?  Send me your thoughts.











































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