Impact Wrestling 2/16/16…Monster’s Ball

The show begins with highlights from last week.  Tonight, Tag Team Titles are on the line, Monster’s Ball Match.  Also, the footage with EC3 and Matt Hardy is shown.

EC3 is backstage, he runs into Aunt Dixie.  He reminds her that Matt Hardy was always up to no good.  Dixie tells Ethan he gets his rematch next week, for the World Title, inside 6 sides of steel, at Lockdown.

EC3 has some unfinished business to attend to, right now.

EC3 heads to the ring, we are at Manchester, England.

It seems Ethan is taking a liking to the fans.

He knows who he is, and what he has done.  2 1/2 years ago, he put a big chip on his shoulder.  He has defeated legends, he has pinned many guys, but there is one thing he has to concentrate on, and that is the World Heavyweight Title.  Matt Hardy, one word….rematch.  Matt Hardy, you will feel vengeance from the hands of EC3, next week.

He loves to continue to talk, but he his fists need to do some work, Tyrus.  They were partners, business associates, but now he turned his back on EC3, and it’s time to come out and get your ass kicked.

Tyrus tells him EC doesn’t want this, and he does salami tits, so come on out.

Tyrus knows that this is the first time EC3 has been alone, and that scares him.  They were once friends, but he knows his secrets.  He had so much respect for him, he called him boss.  A boss shows control, and he doesn’t need this, he doesn’t want it.

EC3 asks if Tyrus is done, and he is.  So EC3 attacks.

The two men continue to fight, but Matt Hardy comes down, with a chair.  EC3 fights it off, and Hardy challenges EC3 to a tag team match, if EC3 can find himself a partner who stands his guts.

Also tonight, Monster’s Ball….The Wolves Vs The Decay, for the Tag Team Titles.

Crazy Eric Young is in the ring with Bram.

Look at his title.  If you’re a wrestling fan.  If you’re a wrestler, you’re looking at a king.  You’re looking at God.  Is there anyone in the crowd tough enough to take this from Eric?

There isn’t anyone that can take this from him, including Jeff Hardy.

But Beer Money come to the ring.

If you’re looking for someone tough enough, take a look at these two guys here.  They are Beer Money, and they are willing to come out anytime to kick their asses.

Eric tells Roode he already had his shot, but lost.  Back to the end of the line.  Storm wants to step up.

Storm Vs Young, for King of the Mountain Championship is now.

We get a double count out when all four men are involved with a brawl.

They fight all the way out of ringside.

EC3 is approached by Drew Galloway.  EC3 needs a tag team partner, and they have common goals.  EC3 said they both want the World Heavyweight Title.  He appreciates his offer, but he tonight, he needs to stand alone.

Drew respects that, but make no mistake about it, Drew has his choice, the briefcase.  He wishes good luck to Ethan about tonight.

Monster’s Ball tonight, but next, we will see Mike Bennett in action.

We come back, and continue to see all four men from the previous match continue to fight backstage.

It’s time for a “Miracle”.

Maria Kanellis Bennett is the first lady of professional wrestling.  She is here to introduce the future World Heavyweight Champion, who will inspire us, because he inspires her.

Do you believe in a miracle?

Maria is right, Mike will be the future World Champion.  He said it the minute he walked into this place, and every single wrestler stood notice.  Kurt Angle took notice, he had to take a cheap shot, and run away.

Just like Drew Galloway, he has that briefcase, but that will be a failure, because you cash in, and will lose it to see that you are a failure.  He wanted to show everyone what he can do in the ring, and beat England’s own.  So Mark Andrews, come on down.

Mike chose Mark for a reason, he is very impressed with Mark.  But everyone can take a look at him, and take a look at Mark, and know it will take a miracle for Mark to win.

Andrews is not impressed, the match is on.

Bennett wins with the Miracle In Progress, otherwise known as MIP.

Bennett puts a boot to Bennett, but here comes Drew Galloway.  Bennett runs out of the ring.

The Decay are ready for their dance.  Rosemary tells us The Wolves will be lying in their pool of their own blood.  The current, past, and future Tag Team Champions, The Decay.

Abyss tells The Wolves they have been beaten down many times, and some guy interrupts, telling Rosemary, he hasn’t forgotten about her.  She seems to know who he is, but we don’t know.

Monster’s Ball is next.

Bennett attacks Galloway and Andrews.

A vignette of Odarg The Great is coming.

Hardy and Tyrus tell Rockstar Spud he won’t be touched again if he stays out of their business, for good.

Kurt Angle, for the final time in a TNA ring will face Lashley, 3 weeks from tonight.

We see highlights from their March 15th, 2015 match.

The Wolves Vs The Decay, Monster’s Ball for the Tag Team Titles is now.

The Wolves survive, giving Crazzy Steve the kick through a chair, with thumbtacks.

The Wolves retain their titles.

EC3 runs into Rockstar Spud.

Spud tells Ethan they have alot of history together.  Some good, and some freaking bad.  Now about his match….

EC3 tells Spud his match tonight with Tyrus and Hardy is for him, and for him alone.

Next, Knockout action with The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

Madison and Gail pick up the win, with a roll up.  Madison pins Marti.

But now comes the boots.

Velvet Sky comes back, to get her revenge on The Dollhouse.

Velvet has the mic.

Velvet issues a Lethal Lockdown challenge.  First time for the Knockouts, set for next week.

Mahabali Shear is asking for Odarg The Great.

Also tonight, Hardy and Tyrus Vs EC3.

Backstage, more fighting with Beer Money, Eric Young, and Bram.

Bobby Roode issues a challenge to Eric Young and Bram against Beer Money, next week at Lockdown.

Mahabali Shera and Odarg The Great Vs Eli and Jessie.

Man, this was terrible.  Odarg took his mask off to reveal to us he is, yes indeed Grado.  He is still awful.  Odarg and Mahabali won the match, with a roll up.

Next week, it is Eli Drake Vs Odarg The Great.

Also, it’s official, Beer Money Vs Young and Bram.  Also, a Lethal Lockdown for the Knockouts, Gail Kim and The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.  For the World Title, Hardy Vs EC3.

But now, our main event.  Hardy and Tyrus Vs EC3.

Rockstar Spud is coming out, and we have our tag team match.

EC3 and Spud win when the challenger pins the champion with the One Percenter.

After the match, EC3 looks at Spud with respect, as the show ends, and Lockdown is the next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I liked the main event, and the Tag Team match was fun to watch too, but other than that, this just felt like a filter show, setting up Lockdown, next week.

I loved the crowd’s reaction to EC3’s music though.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts.


























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