WWE FastLane 2/21/16

After tonight, the real Road to Wrestlemania begins, because we will find out who main events Wrestlemania, to face HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple Threat match, between Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar.  Do they dare shock the world, and send Dean Ambrose to Wrestlemania to face HHH?

The Kick-Off show begins in 20 minutes.  Keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are a part of the panel.

Rich Brennan is in the Social Media Lounge tonight.  His guest will be AJ Styles.

Our Kick-Off show match is Alberto Del Rio Vs Kalisto, in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Tonight, Brie Bella will face Charlotte for the Divas Title.

We get a video of these two, starting with Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

Tonight, Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Ambrose Vs Reigns Vs Lesnar.

Video profiling this epic match for tonight.

Paul Heyman joins the panel to preview the match.

Heyman tells us Brock Lesnar is here to conquer Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles in the Social Media Lounge is next.

Tonight, the returning Cutting Edge Peep Show, the guests are The New Day.  We see the last time these five men met.

Tonight, Intercontinental Championship match with Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler.

We see footage from last week, when KO pins Breeze to be the new IC Champion.

Jo-Jo is with Ziggler.

He has had success recently against Kevin Owens, so how confident is he?

He knows the last two weeks, head to head, toe to toe, he beat KO.  But last week, KO stole Dolph’s book, stealing a pin.  Kevin being Kevin, how about Ziggler going back to the old Ziggler.  He defeats KO, and does what he does best….steal the show.

Can Ziggler get it done tonight?

US Title match is coming up next, Kalisto puts his US Title on the line against Alberto Del Rio.  2 out of 3 falls match.

In what has to be a shock, no Michael Cole in this match.  We have Mauro Ranello is calling the match with Kalisto Vs Del Rio.

Del Rio is DQ’d in the first fall, when he swings a chair at Kalisto.

Del Rio tied up the match, with a double stomp on Kalisto.

Kalisto wins the match with a rollup, retaining his United States Title.

A very good match here, it should have been on the PPV.

AJ Styles joins the Social Media Lounge.

Will AJ build his legacy being in the WWE?  He beat Chris Jericho in his first match, that is how you build a legacy.

How did he feel about the reaction he received at Royal Rumble?  Mind-boggling.

Who inspired him when he was a kid?  As an athlete, Barry Sanders.  As a wrestler?  Sting.

How does he compare working for other companies Vs WWE?

It’s like being in the Minor Leagues, heading to Japan, and going to MLB.

Styles Vs Jericho later tonight.  But next, a preview for the main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.

Video on tonight’s main event match is shown.

WWE FastLane starts now.

Okay, Michael Cole is there too.

We are kicking off with a divas tag match of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Vs Naomi and Tamina.

All kinds of announce teams are here, which means tables will be breaking.

Sasha and Becky wins, making both women tap out.

Cole, JBL, and Saxton show us how Kevin Owens won the IC Title.

And that match is now, KO Vs Ziggler, for the IC Title.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  A very good match, these two had magic together, and the crowd loved it.

After the match, Owens shows the IC Title to Michael Cole.

Big Show, Kane, and Ryback are ready for their match with The Wyatt Family.

6-man tag match is up now.  The Wyatts Vs Kane, Big Show, and Ryback.

The Titans Vs The Wyatts, now.

The Titans win the match, when Ryback hits Shellshock on Harper.

Bray Wyatt is beside himself.

Who is the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award?  Find out tomorrow, as this kicks off Raw, tomorrow night.

Jo-Jo is with Roman Reigns.

His feelings on facing his brother, and will anything be the same after tonight?

When that bell rings, his entire life is on the line.  Throw everything out the window, and a lot of things will change.

Dean Ambrose intervenes, and he agrees.  He wants to know what it’s like to live in the Fastlane.

I wouldn’t book your plans yet, but Dean got a great price at Priceline.

Jo-Jo reminds them there is another person involved, in Brock Lesnar.

Ambrose has plans for Wrestlemania, and someone will stand on the opposite side of the ring, facing HHH at Wrestlemania.

Reigns tells us it will be either of them.

Believe that.

Charlotte Vs Brie Bella is now, for the Divas Championship.

Charlotte wins the match, by making Brie tap out to Figure 8.  Brie had a Yes Lock into a Single Boston Crab leg, but Charlotte no-sold it, and made brie tap out.

I don’t understand the ending.

Wrestlemania is 42 days away.

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Jo-Jo shows up again, asking Jericho if losing to AJ upsets him.

Chris denies that, and he says the last time he faced AJ, he beat him.  And if Chris beats him again?  He may be packing his bags out of here, before his WWE career starts up.  Is AJ Styles good?  Yes, but is he phenomenal?  We will find out.

We saw a Styles Clash, but Chris still kicked out.  But Styles makes Chris tap out to a Calf Killer.

A great match, you might even call it phenomenal.

After some stalling, Jericho shakes AJ’s hand.  A fun series of matches.

The kick-off show panel shares their thoughts.

We see Kalisto retain his United States Title from earlier tonight.

Footage from last Thursday night’s Smackdown, when New Day gave us a 5 second pose after beating Edge and Christian in their battle of the bands.

And here comes Edge and Christian, with The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

Greetings Cleveland.  Edge gets a pop.

Before The new Day comes out, they have to do a little shameless promotion.  After the PPV, the series debut of The Edge and Christian Show.

The first ever Tag Team Ladder match took place in this very same ring, this very same arena, and received their first ever standing ovation.

Ohhhhhh Cleveland, its time to stand up, clap your hands together, and feel the power.

It’s a New Day.

Big E. tells Edge nobody cares about him, because out with the old, and in with The New Day.

Xavier tells them they do whatever they want.

Christian wants to talk about their history.

When they first came together, they started a power of positivity.  And then the fans started to boo them, it’s like somehow chocolate became vanilla.

But then something started to happen.  New Day watched every single clip of Edge and Christian, and somehow they replaced the word awesome with booty.  They rip on sports teams, it’s become a rip-off of E & C.

They tell them they aren’t rip-offs, because they are better than everyone.

Who is better than The New Day?  Nobody.

Edge ran into Sheamus, and he said they can’t beat his pasty white arse.

Christian talks about how he ran into Rusev, he talked in Bulgarian, and said New Day Sucks.

They can’t talk about League of Nations, because they aren’t here.  But they can, because they suck.

Here come League of Nations, ready for a fight.

Xavier tells them they would love to face them, but it’s a day of rest.  So they will turn the other cheek.

They walk out, and now League of Nations have words with E & C.

Del Rio reminds Edge that he was the one who forced Edge to retire, and Edge reminded Del Rio he has accomplished more in his career than Del Rio ever has in 5 years he has been gone.  But they will leave too.

But before we go, League of Nations will give Cleveland a 5 second pose, the International House of Dumbasses.

Now New Day is celebrating with Edge and Christian, as Christian tells us to watch the show.

I guess we have a bonus match.  R-Truth Vs Curtis Axel.  Nobody even knew about it.

Axel wins the match with a rollup, after Goldust came out, and inadvertently threw Adam Rose into the ring, to distract Truth.

Tomorrow, someone will be a recipient of The Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award, kicking off Raw.

Business has just picked up.  Our main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast, now.

Incredible match here, with Reigns giving Ambrose a spear, after some brutal chair shots Dean gave to Lesnar.  We also had Brock go through 2 tables, and still survive.

It will be Reigns Vs HHH at Wrestlemania.

Behold The King….The King of Kings.  On your knees, Punk.

HHH comes out, to go face to face with Reigns.

HHH shows Reigns the WWE World Title, with the Wrestlemania sign lurking above.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The real Road to Wrestlemania will begin tomorrow night.  This overall was a good PPV, with Styles Vs Jericho being everything we thought.  Owens Vs Ziggler stole the show, and a brutal main event that lived up to its premise.  No Bray Wyatt interfering though, but you have the feeling we will see that tomorrow.

What were your thoughts on the show?













































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One Response to WWE FastLane 2/21/16

  1. adztheman says:

    I think on one of the highlight clips on Facebook, I counted four announce tables…I think that’s a record.

    You realize at some point that Brock will be added to the title match…Trips and Roman can’t sell Mania by themselves…

    The Estrogen match ending was to allow the feud to continue through WM XXXII, with the other Bella closing out her career as the Diva’s Champ, so she and the Leader of The Yes! Movement can go make babies in relative peace.

    When did anyone know RTruth had a match?

    Given what we’ve seen, A-J and Jericho would be an interesting tag team…just nice to see A-J open with great matches….he and Owens need to have a match at Mania.

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