Impact Wrestling 2/23/16…Lockdown

Tonight, who will survive Lockdown?  Matt Hardy defends his World Heavyweight Title against EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show, in Wembley Arena.

We kick off with Beer Money Vs Eric Young and Bram.

DWI, on Bram with Beer Money picking up the win.  EY and Bram attacked Beer Money before the match started, took Storm out of the equation.  But James came back over the cage, and won.

For the first time ever, The Knockouts are in Lethal Lockdown.  And in our main event, Matt Hardy Vs EC3 for the World Title.

Earlier tonight, the champ entered the building with his “family”, and next, we hear from EC3.

Madison Rayne was attacked backstage.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


EC3 sits on the steps, near the cage.  The crowd loves EC3.

To paraphrase the great Sir Elton John, tonight is a great night for fighting.  And what a great place to fight than London, England.  Tonight, he goes mono e mono against Matt Hardy.  He has been wanting to get a piece of Hardy ever since his former friend Tyrus, and Reby spit in his face.

Matt Hardy, the facts are the facts, and alone, you can’t beat EC3.  But speaking of being alone, last week, he had a bit of a help from a colleague of his own, and he’d like Rockstar Spud to come to the ring.

It’s no secret they have a lot of history.  It was a year ago they were in this same building tearing the house down.

And before EC3 shaved his head, sorry, he said he had the biggest heart he ever known.  Sometimes, you have more guts than brains, but last week he had his back.  EC3 is humble to admit, thank you.

EC3 held out his hand, and Spud shook it.

Handshakes aside, he did what he did last week because it was the right thing to do.  And yes, he has more guts than brains right now.  But he will always do what is right.  Matt Hardy is evil to its core, and he had the nerve to tell him what to do.  And nobody tells him what to do.  He knows it, these fans know it, and Matt Hardy never tells him what to do, because he is Rockstar Spud.  And these cages are where payback takes place.

Spud promises he is going to come out…

Here comes Matt Hardy to interrupt.

Do you two know where you are standing?  Do these losers know where they are sitting?  Dixie Carter likes to make you think she runs this place, but Matt does.  That ring is his, this building is his.  Impact Wrestling brand has been able to absorb the Matt Hardy brand, and his powers are to be feared.

Rockstar Spud, he has defied him twice, he will not defy himself again.  If he were to come out again tonight, he swears to God Spud’s life won’t be the same again.  He doesn’t want to hear from EC3, because the end of tonight, his life will change.

Well, Hardy will hear from EC3, because he isn’t fighting the crowd, he isn’t fighting Rockstar Spud, he is fighting EC3, and vengeance will be his tonight.

Hardy Vs EC3, for the World Title, tonight.

Tigre Uno Vs Trevor Lee, for the X-Division Title, inside Six Sides of Steel, next.

That guy that interrupted Rosemary last week is telling us she was his before she was Abyss and Crazzy Steve.  She is dangerous, and he is going to bring that side of her.  He will bring her back.

Tigre Uno Vs Trevor Lee is now.

Trevor Lee retained his title with a Fisherman’s Buster.

Maria talks to Gail Kim, telling her she needs a leader.  Gail told her to put her money where her mouth is, and put her boots on to help them fight.  The decision is hers.

Lethal Lockdown with the Knockouts is next.

That guy is trying to win Rosemary back, he gives her a gift.

Tonight, Matt Hardy vs EC3 for the World Title.

But right now, Lethal Lockdown with the Knockouts.  The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Maria Kanellis Bennett?

Maria did come in, but she turned around and left, locked the cage door, and it became a 3-on-2 match.

The Dollhouse win the match, when Jade nails a Cradle Piledriver on Gail Kim.

Kurt Angle wishes EC3 luck, and tells him now that he is leaving, EC3 is the face of this company.  He will have many people looking up to him, and EC3 thanks him for that, and says tonight is about opportunity.  Tonight, he gets vengeance.

A very awesome video on The Decay.

Kurt Angle address the crowd.

Two weeks from now, Angle will face Lashley, and next week, he faces Bobby Roode.  Just 2 more matches for Kurt Angle’s TNA run.

This is his farewell tour, and couldn’t be any happier than to have it in the UK.  Some of his finest memories are right here in Wembley Arena, and the finest moment is when he won the World Title last year, against Bobby Lashley.

Here comes Lashley.

He can’t believe Kurt is out here, celebrating and bragging about last year.  Yes, he beat Lashley, and yes it was a great match.  For a full year, Kurt was in Bobby’s head, but he told Kurt, he will get revenge.

He thought he was going to light a fire in Kurt’s ass.  He thought he was going to tear into the locker room, and destroy everyone.  Then he thought they would tear the roof off this building.  But that didn’t happen.

They are cheering for you Kurt, they want you to be Kurt Angle, but Bobby is looking into Kurt’s eyes, and he sees he isn’t.  And he can beat Kurt on his best day.

Kurt was talking to these people, but now you just pissed Kurt off.  They can do this right now, and they don’t have to wait.

Lashley smiles, takes his jacket off, then puts it back on.

Now Lashley is in Kurt’s head.

Hardy Vs EC3 tonight.

Eli Drake is in the ring.

Spoiler alert, Grado got fired.  And who got the King of the Mountain title shot, Eli Drake.  So why is Grado wearing a mask, and trying to be Odarg The Great?  He will take that mask off his stupid face, and that is a fact.

I guess we will have our match now.  Eli Drake Vs Odarg The Great.

Odarg wins the match, when he climbs over the cage, and Eli takes his mask off.

Moving on.

That guy is Jimmy Havok, and Rosemary as Abyss tells him is part of them, and they are part of her.

Jimmy says she made Jimmy great, they all wear facepaint, and are useless.  Abyss attacks him.

Our main event, World Title inside Six Sides of Steel is next.

Grado tries to talk to Billy Corgan, and Grado was fired.  So he needs to go.

The Harris Boys kick Grado out, while Eli Drake goats him.

Next week, Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode.  Also next week, Drew Galloway Vs “The Miracle” Michael Bennett.

Michael Bennett promo about beating Drew Galloway, next week.

EC3 heads to the ring, the challenger is ready.

The champion makes his way to the ring.

I love these challenger/champion entrances.  A big-match feel.

Hardy vs EC3 is now.

Hardy retains his title after climbing out of the ring, when Rockstar Spud comes out and rams the steel cage door on EC3.

Spud now has a chair.

Spud rams EC3’s head into the steel steps with the chair.

Spud tells EC3 he always does the right thing.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A good show here that settled scores, or started new ones.  Even if you didn’t read the spoilers, you had to think Spud was turning, but I am a bit disappointed in that, because Spud is a very good babyface.

Who challenged Hardy now?  Remember, EC3 still isn’t pinned, so he is kept protected, in a sense.

I loved the intensity Lashley showed too in his promo with Kurt.  That will be sad to watch in 2 weeks, because Kurt Angle will more than likely be done with TNA.

And after Jade pins Gail Kim, you have to think Jade will get the next Knockout Title shot, right?  Right?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them here.























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