WWE Monday Night Raw 3/7/16….The Road To Roadblock

We are 5 days away from the next PPV, and no, it’s not Wrestlemania.  It’s Roadblock, and tonight, we are in Chicago.  Always a lively crowd in Chi-Town.  Shane McMahon will be here, we are also 5 days away from HHH Vs Dean Ambrose.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Here comes the money….Here comes the money.

Shane McMahon is back in Chicago.

Shane missed us, and he says what’s up Chicago?

Shane watched Raw, and was watching with his 3 sons.  He heard from The Undertaker, who he has the utmost respect for, and he heard from Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

This confused his sons for denouncing Shane, and called him a menacial old bastard, who has lost touch.  Lost touch with his business, lost touch with his fan base.  He lost touch with reality.  He lost touch with his grandsons.  And now this motivates Shane.  It is his destiny to win at Wrestlemania.  This all stops.  The Authority stops, and the backstage backstabbing stops, because it suffocates the business.  He sees hard-working men who don’t get breaks, and he sees no talent guys with all of the pushes.  It is choking the life out of this business.  And at Wrestlemania, he doesn’t know how he will do it, but it’s his destiny to beat The Undertaker.  And there is a new chapter of Shane controlling Monday Night Raw.

We hear the gong, but it’s Vince instead and not The Undertaker.

The fans are disappointed because they wanted to see The Undertaker walk down and dismember Shane McMahon.  How about the look in Shane’s eyes when he heard the gone, it was a look of fear.

We hear CM Punk chants.

The look in Shane’s eyes were fear, because when he faces The Undertaker, his eyes are of sheer terror.  So let’s have a father-son chat.  He was in his office, writing Shane out of his will.  He looked down at a picture of Shane and Vince.  They were on their way to their first Wrestling match.

We see a picture of the father and son.  Last week, Vince said he was no longer his son, and he dropped the picture.

He grew up thinking his dad couldn’t make any mistakes, his dad was unvincible.  The difference though is he is Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and Shane is just Vince’s son.

And that brings to his grandsons.  They will watch their father fail them.  They will be disappointed because they will see his dreams fail, and their only solace is they can wrap their arms around Shane and say they at least have one father figure they can be proud of.  It’s ironic his greatest creation will turn out to be his biggest failure.

Vince orders security to escort Shane out of the building.

Shane warns them he is in a bit of a mood.  He will leave on his own.

The security ignores the warning, and Shane fights them all off.

Tonight, Y2AJ will face The new Day for the Tag Titles.

Kevin Owens Vs Neville is next.

Owens cheating rolling up Neville, holding onto the tights.

2 Shooting Star presses by Neville, and Owens kicked out, only to lose by grabbing the tights.

Okay, Owens took out Neville, after the match.

Owens is setting up a Powerbomb outside the ring, but here comes Sami Zayn.

Zayn and Neville have the final say, kicking Owens out of the ring.

Next, there is a Wrestlemania Roadblock.

HHH vs Dean Ambrose.

The Rock is coming to Wrestlemania.

This Saturday, live on WWE Network, WWE Roadblock.

Raw Rebound, with last Monday night, we relive HHH informing Dean Ambrose he will put the WWE World Title on the line this Saturday, at WWE Roadblock.

Ziggler and Zack Ryder sighting.  Stephanie approaches Ziggler.  Dolph sent out a tweet earlier today, and he had to remove it.  Ziggler reminded Stephanie he single handedly sent The Authority packing, but Stephanie denies that even happened.  Shane coming back, if he wins at Mania, then The Authority will stay out of power, for good.

Stephanie gives us a 3-on-1 Tag Team Elimination match of Ziggler Vs 3 members of League of Nations.

Brie Mode is in action, next.

Brie Vs Summer Rae.

Summer Rae wins when Lana came out to distract Brie, nails a Facebuster on Brie.

Next, Dean Ambrose is here.

“The Lunatic Fringe” is here.

The Road to Wrestlemania was free and clear, everyone knew where they were going.  He was on his way to the Suplex City exit.  HHH was going to defend his WWE World Title against Roman Reigns.  But then plans have changed.  Dean Ambrose is going to win the WWE World Title, on March 12th.  In fact, he is hijacking these plans.  This “poor attitude” that has been laid on him.  That he should respect The Authority, but nice try.  You want to talk about respect?  HHH will respect Dean, after he pins him this Saturday, and stands over him as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He and HHH will attend ribbons openings, he will attend movie premieres.  He will hug babies, HHH will make him buy Dean a brand new, shiny suit.  In fact, Ambrose never will wear a suit.  Come to think of it, the extra things involved doesn’t sound too appealing too.  But what does, is coming to work every night, working his ass off, and being the champion these people deserve.

And here comes HHH.

That is a fun little dream Dean has, but the reality is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will stay with HHH for as long as he wants to.  Roman Reigns tried to think differently, but he is still putting his nose back together, maybe Dean needs to take another trip on the announce table.

Dean tells HHH to meet him there this Saturday, and he will show him the table, and then HHH can suck it.

HHH downplays Dean, and the match.  Roadblock is just some idea that someone in marketing came up with.  He is alot like his buddy Roman Reigns, who has a problem with authority.

Dean tells HHH he sounds like his 5th grade teach, what comes next is detention, right?

This is what makes HHH him, drive to be the very best, and well Dean just doesn’t have that.

Dean challenges Hunter to tell him that again in the ring, and HHH tells us he fights for himself, not the fans.  But there is a fight tonight, Ambrose will face Bray Wyatt, and Dean whether you find out tonight, or in 5 days, the reality is The Authority always wins.

Tonight, Tag Team Titles are on the line, New Day Vs Y2AJ.

But next, Ziggler Vs League of Nations.

Barrett was pinned, but Sheamus and Rusev pinned Ziggler, when Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick.

Not sure what this Ziggler storyline is about.

Earlier tonight, we saw the return of Shane O’ Mac.

Shane O’ Mac video is next.

Very nice video of Shane’s in-ring career in WWE.  Wrestlemania, Shane Vs The Undertaker.

Becky Lynch is getting Sasha Banks.  They are bickering over who would have beaten whom, but next, we have the tag match of Lynch and Banks Vs Naomi and Tamina.

The Bank Statement, Naomi taps out.

Charlotte, who was watching on attacks both women.  These three go at it at Wrestlemania 32, in a Triple Threat match for the Divas Title.

Truth has some pizza, but Goldust doesn’t want any.  Mark Henry does though.

WWE Tag Team Championship match is next, Y2AJ Vs The New Day.

Ohhhhh Chi-Town, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your 2-time champs, and feel the power.  It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Kofi informs us that for 197 days we have felt the most positive tag team force in history, and who can stop them?  Y2AJ?

Xavier tell us Y2AJ will be fighting in no time, they are a unit.  Big E. got a tatoo on his butt cheek, for New Day.

Moving on, Y2AJ vs New Day is now.

New Day retains their titles when Big E. hits a Big Ending on Jericho in what was a great match.

Jericho turns on AJ, and hits 2 Codebreakers.

Make that a third one for good measure, Chris called AJ stupid, for believing in Chris.  They even had Y2AJ T-shirts, well that is done.

We are 27 days away from Wrestlemania.  But moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Chris Jericho turns his back on AJ.

Chris is backstage, and he runs into Renee Young.

Does he have any comment on what he just did?

The place where Chris Jericho started his WWE run, all the crowd was chanting was AJ Styles.  They won’t be chanting that for long.

Kalisto Vs Tyler Breeze is now.

Salinas Del Sol, and Kalisto wins the match.


Tonight, Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.

Our next WWE Hall of Famer is….

The Big Boss Man.

Sin Cara is backstage with Kalisto, and Jo-Jo catches up with him.  This will be his first Wrestlemania.  Ryback interrupts him.  How is it that “The Big Guy” isn’t in the main event at Wrestlemania?  Look at Ryback, and look at Kalisto.  Pound-for-pound Kalisto is one of the greatest wrestlers, but next to any of the superheroes, they can’t hold up to Ryback.  But take it from Ryback, Kalisto needs to go on his own, because what good is a tag team partner is?  Take a page from Ryback as he tears the wings out of the Social Butterflies.

Social Outcasts are here.

Bo Dallas tell us Ryback can’t be a part of a team anymore, like Team Dodgeball.

I guess, it’s Ryback vs The Axeman.

Shellshock, match is done.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon was on Raw.

Vince actually thinks he is going to break the 93,000 people from Wrestlemania 3.

Stephanie interrupts this, and plays devil’s advocate here.  What if Shane shocks the world?

Vince assures Steph he has this.

Our main event, Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

Wyatt is DQ’d when the lights go out, and the rest of the Wyatt Family surround the ring, ready to attack.

But now, here comes HHH.

The tie goes off, but Bray is face to face with The Game.  He motions he will be coming after the WWE World Title someday, laughs and leaves the ring.  HHH sets up the announce table, but when he comes back, Dean Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds, and the show ends with HHH out cold.

The Road to Wrestlemania might have a roadblock, indeed.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This just doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania build.  We are 27 days away from the event, and we have built 2 shows from Royal Rumble, until now.  I expect things to pick up next week, but these matches do not feel special.  We will see what happens after Saturday night.

But tonight?  Just another Monday night.

What are your thoughts?  Send them to me here.












































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