WWE Roadblock 3/12/16

Tonight, Wrestlemania has hit a Roadblock.  We are live in Toronto, Canada with a live event special, exclusively on WWE Network.

Tonight, HHH puts his WWE World Title on the line against Dean Ambrose.  We will also see Brock Lesnar face Bray Wyatt.

10 minutes away from the live event.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

AHHHHHHHH Toronto, Canada, don’t be sour, and clap for your 2-time World Tag Team Champions, and FEEL THE POWER!!!!

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

The New Day kick the show off to face The League of Nations.

Toronto, what do you see when you see The New Day?  You see power of positivity.  You see hips that don’t lie.  You see Xavier’s girl, Francesca 2.  And most importantly, you see the WWE World Tag Team Champions.  And this is all due to the face New Day eats all of their Booty-O’s cereal.

Oh my, we get a Booty-O cereal box.

Booty-O chant is going on here.

New Day Rocks!!

Tag Team Titles are on the line, now.

The New Day retains their titles when Xavier and Kofi take care of Sheamus, and Big E. hits a Big Ending, pinning Barrett.

The guy from NXT has Paul Heyman.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is here to christen of Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Suplex City.

His client Brock Lesnar warned Bray Wyatt of when he would take that revenge on Bray Wyatt, and that will take place tonight, in Toronto, Canada.  Bray Wyatt, you might as well join the Miami Heat to beat the Toronto Raptors, because tonight, you’re going down, victimized to the Beast, “The Conqueror”, Brock Lesnar.

We now see what happened last Monday night, when Chris Jericho took out AJ Styles, after losing their Tag Team Title match to New Day, ending Y2AJ.

And we heard from him last Thursday night on Smackdown.

Here comes Y2J.

Toronto, you can shut your filthy mouths right now.  You had your chance to chant for me for months and months, and instead you chanted for AJ Styles.

You want to chant for AJ Styles?  You can go to hell.  Typical Canadians.  Always a step behind the rest of the world.

AJ Styles, eh.  AJ Styles.

You know the sad thing is Jericho is the greatest ICON in Canadian history.

The crowd chants they want Bret.

They want Bret, he will never come back.  He is the greatest ICON in Canadian history, and the sad thing is Chris is ashamed of being Canadian.  So much so that he moved out of this country many years ago, and it was the best thing he did.  You know why he moved?  Because Canada stinks, literally, and Toronto is the anus.

So you cheer for whoever you want, to cheer for the flavor of the month.  You cheered for AJ when he beat Chris.  They cheered for Jack Swagger when he beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship.  We The People is such a stupid catchphrase, people from Canada probably invented that term.  But Chris isn’t the flavor of the month, he isn’t the next big thing, he is the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand that?

And here comes Swagger.  Jericho Vs Swagger, now.

Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho, making Swagger tap out.

We are 22 days away from The Rock at Wrestlemania.

We see footage of how The Revival won the NXT Tag Team Titles.  Next, they are facing Enzo and Cass.

Revival retain their tag team titles, with the Fatal Blow.  Fans wanted Enzo and Cass to win.

Earlier tonight, Greg Hamilton interviewed Natalya.  Nattie faces Charlotte in a non-title match.

Nattie receives her Divas Title match after all.  Charlotte tells Nattie she will never win the Divas Title again.

Charlotte wins the match with some leverage from the ropes, and a little help from her father, Ric Flair.

A great match here.

“Out of the Blood” By Royal Black is the official theme song for RoadBlock.

Bray Wyatt Vs Brock Lesnar is now.

It’s no secret, Brock Lesnar is every bit of a monster as we all think he is.  Brock is a conqueror.  The rap sheet is as long as it says it is.  He has conquered John Cena.  He has conquered The Rock.  He has conquered The Undertaker, but he has never conquered Bray Wyatt.

And tonight, he made a deal with the devil.  He has agreed to make this a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Luke Harper, and bray Wyatt slaying the dragon.  And when he pins him, he will put his foot on top of the monster, ready to conquer anyone.

Follow The Buzzards.

Here Comes The Pain.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and it is his honor to present the fighting, Luke Harper bashing, conqueror blazing, Mayor of Suplex City, BROOOOOOOCK LESNAR!!!

It’s basically Lesnar Vs Harper, Bray does not get in the ring, and Brock demolished Luke.

Sami Zayn Vs Stardust is now.

Zayn picks up the win with an Ole kick.  For some reason though, Toronto wasn’t behind Sami as you’d think.  They gave us JBL chants.

Oh well, moving on.

Our main event, HHH Vs Dean Ambrose, for the first time ever, for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is now.

HHH pins Ambrose with a Pedigree.

They gave us the screwy finish where Ambrose pins HHH for the 3 count, but Dean’s foot was barely touching the rope, so they waved that off.

What is the difference then when these pins happen all of the time?

Ambrose goes through a table, then Dean answers the 10 count, only to be met with a Pedigree.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The name of this show is a joke, there was no roadblock, BECAUSE EVERYTHING STAYS THE SAME!!  Such horse shit.  If you truly wanted to get things opened up, you give us a double pin, and we get the main event into a Fatal 4-Way.  Or how about Roman Reigns showing up?  Nothing happened….NOTHING.

If you missed this show, you missed NOTHING.

But hey, Wrestlemania is 3 weeks away, so we have that going.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

























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