WWE Monday Night Raw 3/14/16…Down The Home Stretch

Roadblock is done, and now comes the march to Wrestlemania.  We are 20 days away, so things have to be picked up here.

Ohhhhh Pittsburgh, don’t you dare be sour, and clap for the 2-time WWE Tag Team Champions, and feel the power.

We finally kick Raw off with a match, Tag Team Title match with New Day Vs League of Nations.

The New Day train keeps on rolling, as Xavier said.  And we have a copy of Booty-O’s.  You get a free T-shirt on WWEShopzone.com, with Booty-O’s cereal.

They also stand here as our 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champions.  And that is exactly how it is going to stay.  But why?


League of Nations tonight are being represented by Rusev and Del Rio.

New Day retains their titles, with the rolling of the tights, Xavier pins Rusev.  But League of Nations take out New Day after the match, laying all 3 men.

We come back, seeing what we just saw.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring.

Dean was this close of beating HHH, and his foot was this close of being underneath the ropes, but it is what it is.  He wrestled his heart this Saturday night, but he made a mistake and that is okay.  He lives by the sword, and dies by the sword.

Ask HHH how he is feeling, because it’s not going to be good.  Because win or lose, HHH found out what can happened when you take him lightly.  He found out what can happen when you disrespect him, and that leads to the Road to Wrestlemania.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Brock Lesnar is in Pittsburgh.

Ladies and gentlemen, inmates of the asylum.  Inmate who runs the asylum.  His name is Paul Heyman, and he serves tonight of order of protection.  Because he is the one who is saving Dean Ambrose from serving a beating, and the one who will eventually conqueror him, Brock Lesnar.

Dean dares Heyman to unleash the beast.

Heyman has a conflict of interest here, because there is a big event called Wrestlemania that is upon us, and whoever faces Brock Lesnar will be in the main event of Wrestlemania.  And people will want to see how much pain Dean Ambrose can withstand from Brock Lesnar, so please don’t provoke him.

Dean wants Brock to come out and fight him right now.

On Sunday night, April 3rd, 2016, Wrestlemania will be on WWE Network, the main event of the evening Dean Ambrose will face the only man to hold the NCAA Title, UFC World Heavyweight Title, Undisputed World Heavyweight Title, and WWE World Title.  Come on and order this event, and you can get the event for free.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

But Brock is heading to the ring, Dean shows us he has a crowbar though.

Brock circles the ring, thinks about it, charges the ring, Dean swings and misses, with Brock bailing.

Sin Cara Vs Ryback is now.

2 Shellshocks, that is all she wrote.  Ryback picks up the win.

Ryback tells Kalisto that is what happens when a good big guy defeats a good little guy, size matters.  So how about putting the United States Title up on the line, at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie McMahon is here, and will speak, next.

One of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

She tells the fans to cheer, not boo.  But show the proper respect to the man this past Saturday, “handily” defeated Dean Ambrose at Roadblock.  The man who will defeat Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, the man, HHH.

This past Saturday, live on WWE Network, the whole world watched Roadblock, hoped Dean Ambrose would be the one to stop Authority, that hoped he could find a way to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, then he failed.  He pinned him in the middle of the ring, because like HHH says, The Authority always wins.  But hope isn’t a game plan, but then again, hope is the reason why the fans like Dean Ambrose.  Hope is why they relate to Roman Reigns, but hope starts when you graduate high school, and hope you get that big job.  But then you get married, and has kids.  You hope you get that promotion.  You hope you get that raise.  But then you don’t get it, and you blame The Authority.  You hope you get that, but then your wife hates you.  Hope gets you failure, yet you do nothing.  So you go to work everyday, hoping you get the raise, but you didn’t get it.  The only shot you have is winning the lottery, but you don’t, so you go to your apartment, because your wife left you and took the house.  You hope you retire, and get a watch, but you don’t.

So hope is why we cheer for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, because we believe they are the one.  But HHH can guarantee, just like in our lives Roman Reigns will fail.  Because like HHH says time and time again, The Authority always wins.

Here comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler was in the back, and he was tired of hearing HHH tell us where our place is, and Dolph’s place is right here, busting his ass every week for the fans.

Stephanie tells Ziggler his place is back there, he is good, but he’s not that good.

Ziggler asks Stephanie if she will threaten to fire him again?  Last week, she threatened to fire him over a tweet.  At some point, he will get to a point where he has nothing to lose.  No matter what they say, what happens, Ziggler will not quit.

He is tired of them saying the fans are failures.  Ziggler and Ambrose are screwed by the system, their system.  He sure as hell won’t quit.

HHH tells Steph the fans love Ziggler, it’s bad for business.  They love Ziggler, because he is a lovable loser, just like the fans.  But here is the thing Dolph, you don’t have to be a loser.  Steph said it, Ziggler is good, but maybe he needs the right backing, and maybe he gets the right advice, he gets everything he wants in life.

Ziggler wouldn’t side with HHH if they were the last two people on earth.  And he sure wouldn’t side with his egotistical idiotic wife.

Steph slaps Ziggler.  She will give him hope.  She will give him any match at Wrestlemania, except the match with HHH.  All he has to do is win one match.  She will break him.

Ziggler accepts it.

Then he will face “The Man”, the 14-time WWE World Champion, “The Game” HHH.

Now that, I can dig.

The Undertaker will confront both Shane and Mr. McMahon.

Kevin Owens is at commentary table, for the next match.

Sami Zayn Vs The Miz.

Sami wins the match with an Ole Kick.  KO tried to interfere, but even The Miz laid him out, because KO walked out on him at Smackdown in a tag match.

Earlier tonight, New Day retained their Tag Titles, but League of Nations had the final word.

Renee Young is with League of Nations.

Del Rio said tonight they sent the message, and it was loud and clear.  Nobody makes fun of League of Nations.  So they issue a challenge to New Day at Wrestlemania.  And trust Sheamus, it won’t be a comedy, it will be a tragedy.

Alicia Fox and Brie Bella in tag action, next.

Team Bella Vs Team Bad is now.

Lana distracted Brie long enough to get pinned by Naomi, with Team Bad winning the match.

Alicia Fox gets kicked by Naomi and Tamina too, after she confronted Lana.

For the first time in 3 years, HHH will compete on Raw, against Dolph Ziggler.

Social Outcasts are giving us a Burger King commercial.

At Wrestlemania, we will have a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.  Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks.

Renee Young is with Charlotte.

What does it mean about facing Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania?

Charlotte tells us before they went out there in NXT, Charlotte held Sasha’s hair back because she was getting scared.  And Becky Lynch just wanted to be liked.

Renee asked Charlotte if she even liked them?  Ric Flair tells Renee that Charlotte would tell Ric there are 2 women who will be great, but she has to be better.

And she is with the Divas Title.  She will get to speak to them this Thursday on Smackdown.

The Uso’s are in action, next.

The Uso’s will face Bo Dallas and Adam Rose.  The Dudley Boyz are at commentary.

Uso’s win with the body smash, Dudleys are watching on.

Ambrose is being greeted by Mick Foley.

He tells Ambrose this is a bad idea he got himself into.  But he has a gift for him, but before he asks him, he has to ask why.

Ambrose asks Mick a question when he was up in that Cell, right here….right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Was he scared?

Yes, he was.  So why did he do it?  Because he is Mick Foley, and that is what he does.  Well, his name is Dean Ambrose, and this what he does.

So if he is going to do this, he has a gift for Dean, consider it a passing of the torch.  Bang bang.

He has a barbed wire bat.  Oh boy, that will be an incredible match.

Ziggler Vs HHH is now.

HHH picks up the win with a Pedigree, so Ziggler does not have a spot at Wrestlemania.

But here comes Roman Reigns.

The crowd is booing Reigns here.

Reigns is going after HHH, they go to the announce table, but nothing was broken.  They go to the technical area now.

HHH went after a referee, and he is now going after officials, with HHH being busted open.  Now Reigns takes a monitor, and bashes HHH’s back.  But The Uso’s, Swagger, and Mark Henry stop him as we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Roman Reigns returning, and kicking ass.

Jacqueline Moore is now the newest inductee of WWE Hall of Fame.

More Golden Truth segment.

Chris Jericho is out, and he still is upset about the fans choosing AJ Styles over him.  Chris thinks the Pittsburgh fans are just like AJ.  He is arrogant, just like us.  He is over his head, just like we are in life.  He did what he had to do to prove a point.  Chris is his daddy, and he did what he had to do to show he is the best in the world at what he does.  Does he understand what he just said?

Jericho Vs Neville is now.

Chris is DQ’d when he shoves Charles Robinson.  He now blames this on the fans, and here comes AJ Styles.

No reaction from the Pittsburgh crowd here, Styles just gives Jericho a forearm.

Our main event is The Undertaker confronting The McMahons, and that is next.

This Thursday on Smackdown, we will see a Face to Face to Face with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch.  Also we will hear from Roman Reigns.

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring, demanding Lilian to announce him again, so he gets a bigger response.

Imagine, Shane McMahon coming to the ring, the night after Wrestlemania to proclaim there is a new era in WWE.  But that is a dream, because that would be a nightmare.  The reality is Vince McMahon will be here, gloating, because The Undertaker will shatter that dream.  And the best thing is he doesn’t have to lay a hand on him.  His instrument of destruction will, he is The Undertaker.

And here comes The Undertaker.

Pittsburgh loves The Undertaker.

Vince makes this clear, don’t ever put his hands on him again.

Taker takes off the jacket, and hat.

Vince tells Taker he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.  He doesn’t mind putting his hands on Shane, and ramming his head through the cage.  Some may call it dirty tactics, he calls it what’s best for business.


Shane McMahon comes to the ring.

Shane will say it again he is truly not what is best for business, anymore.  But he will give the devil his due, he finds himself in a match at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker.  He has looked at so much video of Taker, but he is going to use his mind.  He will turn his body into a weapon, and Taker knows what he can do.  And lastly, he will use his heart.  He is fighting for his children, and fight for his legacy of WWE.

And it still won’t be enough.

What Taker has are his 2 soup bones.  More than Wrestlemania, his 2 soup bones are his legacy.

Yup, Taker is “The Phenom”, he has done what he has done for the last 25 years, and this why he is surprised he is allowing Vince to use him like a puppet, pulling the strings.

Nobody controls him.  Shane sees this as a different prospective, he has the misfortune of being Vince’s son, but Taker is Vince’s bitch.

Now the fight is on, but Vince shoves Shane into Taker and we get a Chokeslam.  Taker isn’t happy about that, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very good show, top to bottom.  We are finally seeing how Wrestlemania is shaping up, and the three big matches were certainly pushed tonight, for probably the first time.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.



































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