Impact Wrestling Live 3/15/16…The Charismatic Enigma Returns

We kick the show off with a returning Jeff Hardy Vs Eric Young.  Before the match, EY grated Dixie Carter by blaming her for what is going to happen to Hardy.  Dixie comes out, and announces the winner of the match will be added to the World Title match later tonight.

Hardy wins the match with a Swanton.

Hardy is added to the Three Way Dance match later tonight.

But here comes the champ, Matt Hardy.

Matt is so happy Jeff is back at the Impact Zone.  He wants to apologize for not saving Jeff after Eric’s attack.  He was protecting his wife.

Reby said Matt was crying all night about this, and Jeff is family.  Matt doesn’t think Jeff should be selfish tonight, just give up his match.  This was supposed to be Matt’s big night, the night he pins EC3.  Then later on, he can give him a title shot.  Bound for Glory 2017, Hardy Vs Hardy would be huge.

Jeff asks Matt if he truly is supposed to believe what Matt is saying?  The answer is no.

Matt will take out his hand, and Jeff needs to do the right thing, and take the deal.

Jeff flips Matt off, and they start fighting, but Jeff hits a Twist of Fate.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Eddie Edwards earlier tonight addressed the crowd.

Eddie is here representing The Wolves, and representing Davey.  The Decay lay him out.

Mike Bennett and Maria is here, talking about the last time they were on live TV, Mike was about making a statement.  Tonight will be the same, because tonight, Maria has Gail Kim, and Mike has Drew Galloway.  Tonight, the miracle happens.

Beer Money offer their services to team with Eddie against The Decay.

It’s The Bennett’s Vs Gail Kim and Drew Galloway.

Maria and Mike win with Maria hitting a Schoolgirl for the win.

We see footage from last week, Kurt Angle Vs Lashley.  Lashley made a statement, and we will hear from “The Destroyer”, next.

Josh Matthews is interviewing Lashley.

What was on Lashley’s mind last week?

Lashley is a fighter, and he will do whatever he can in this ring, MMA, it doesn’t matter.  He is the most dominant force in Wrestling today.  So why has he been overlooked?  Is it due to politics?  He has no friends, and that includes Kurt Angle.  And if Josh has a problem with that, he is in Lashley’s ring.

Lashley shoves Josh, setting him up for a spear, and here comes The Pope to help his broadcast partner, but Lashley hits a spear on Pope.

The Decay say they will lay out Eddie Edwards and Beer Money tonight, and they have a third person.

Jeremy Borash join Josh at the commentary table, Pope is out.

Jeff Hardy returned, defeated Eric Young, and is now in the Triple Threat match for the World Championship later tonight.

It will be Jeff Hardy Vs EC3 Vs Matt Hardy.

EC3 runs into Jeff, and he welcomes this addition.  They are prepared for anything.

The Decay, Rosemarie is going to wrestle.  They are facing Beer Money and Eddie Edwards.

The Decay wins the match with a low blow and a roll up, Crazzy Steve pins Eddie Edwards.

Grado is with Billy Corgan, this is final, it ends in the ring, now.

Matt and Reby talk to Dixie.  They accuse Dixie of being jealous of them.  Dixie makes decisions for the fans.  They want competitive matches, be on the edge of their seats, and this makes it.

Matt was going to pin EC3, but he will find a way to walk out of the building tonight as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Dixie tells Matt there is no DQ, no count outs, someone will be a winner.

Footage now of Grado Vs Eli Drake.

Apparently there was video footage of Eli Drake switching briefcases.  But he had his back to the camera, so we don’t know.  Billy Corgan and Grado come out.  Grado has to return Eli’s briefcase.  Billy has a contract for Grado, but they must fight for it in a ladder match.

Grado Vs Eli Drake in a ladder match is now.

Grado wins the contract, this match was better than it had any right to be.

I still don’t like Grado though.

Mahabid Sheara celebrates with his new friend.

Triple Threat for the World Title is next.

EY is upset Bram wasn’t there for him in his match with Hardy.  EY sees Willow.

Oh boy.

Next week, Beer Money will issue a Tag Team Invitational, and face any former Tag Team Champions next week, on Impact.

Jeff Hardy Vs EC3 Vs Matt Hardy for the World Title is now.

This match ends a no contest, when Matt’s hitmen come out and take out both Jeff Hardy and EC3.  We even have Mike Bennett eventually take out EC3.

Matt brags to the fans he said he would be walking out as TNA World Champion, and he is doing that.  Nobody can stop him.

Drew Galloway comes out, with the briefcase.  He is cashing in the briefcase, and he will now face Hardy for the TNA World Title.

Future Shock DDT, Drew Galloway is now the new TNS World Heavyweight Champion, and Drew celebrates with the crowd, as end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A loaded show tonight, a damn good main event, and while we had the no contest finish, we get the surprise title change, with Drew Galloway winning the title.

I loved Lashley’s interview too, and having The Pope get involved was nice too.  Can this be a return in-ring performance by The Pope?

It looks to me we will see Mike Bennett Vs EC3 now, which I have no issue with.

I loved The Decay tonight, they had a big win over the champs and former Tag Team Champion.

Where do we go from here?  Send me your thoughts on the show.
















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