Impact Wrestling 3/22/16…The New Champ Speaks

We see last week footage of Drew Galloway coming out, cashing in his briefcase, and hit Future Shock DDT to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, beating Matt Hardy.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Last week’s Impact was called one of the most chaotic Impacts in history, and at the end of the night, he is standing with this.  No matter how you feel about wrestling, this is real.  Drew Galloway is standing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

He has been called many names, “The Chosen One”, the fastest rising star, but he has not been handed anything.  He has gone through highest of highest, lowest of lows.  He is standing here as champ.  He wants to look at this title different.  He will do whatever it takes to put TNA on the damn map again.

I am damn ICONIC!!

Hardy comes out, and says Galloway is not a champion, he is a spineless coward.  A liar, a thief.  What he did last week was a felony robbery.

He survived 30 minutes of a handicap match against 2 of the biggest stars in TNA history, and he stole his title.  He should have called the cops.

Drew joined a rave after the win, the cops came over to bust it.  He told them he just beat Matt Hardy for the TNA Title, and they joined the party.  Matt, the future belongs to Drew Galloway.

Matt tells Drew he will get his return match tonight, or else the Matt Hardy Brand will annihilate Drew.

Galloway is ready, but here comes Jeff.

There is a line for that first shot, Matt got beat, fair and square.  But Jeff was taken out by 2 lunatics, he deserves a title shot.

Matt tells him to leave, paint some drawings, sing some ridiculous songs, but just leave.

Jeff said he isn’t going anywhere, creatures…mount up.

But here come the lunatics, and chaos takes over now.

Fighting continues, but EC3 comes out, with a chair to fight off the heels.

We won’t have a punch party and not invite EC3.  Drew, you’re the World Heavyweight Champion, and you deserve that.  But he’d be lying if he said he was the most deserved champion.  EC3 is a 2-time champion, and he lost them without being pinned, or submitted.  Drew, standing here, he respects him.  But seeing him with the World Title enrages him.  That is his life, its his passion, it’s the fire he breathes, so Jeff, with all due respect sit this one out, he wants a title shot.

Here comes “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria.

Call it fait, call it the way it’s supposed to happen.  He sees all of this chaos, and he figures out who deserves a title shot, it would be him, because he last pinned Drew.

Drew tells Bennett to shut up, he would put the title on the line against anyone of you.

Dixie Carter comes out, and tells them they will fight the right way, tonight, in a gauntlet match.  The man who survives that will receive the first World Title shot.

Number One Contenders Gauntlet Title shot tonight.

Beer Money’s Open Challenge is next.

We get an order of entrance now for the Gauntlet match, Mike Bennett gets to choose.  Mike has a chance to stir the pot so to speak, and he gets to kill 2 birds with one stone, and fulfill his destiny, being World Heavyweight Champion.

Maria puts her hands on the wheel, and Mike chooses his number, he got this.

Beer Money comes out, and the Bruiser Cruiser is here.

Robbie E. speaks out, when people hear the best team names, only one team comes to the mind, Beer Money.  But you two guys came back, and it got him thinking about getting someone back.  2 guys who tanned together, 2 guys who trained together, they won Tag Titles 2 times, they are BroMans.

Beer Money Vs BroMans.

Beer Money wins the match with a DWI.  A good match here, non-stop action, but the champs prevailed.

The Decay are together for reasons most of us will never understand.  Davey Richards got caught in the bear trap of life, and now he is no more.  So does Eddie Edwards dare to fight one of them?  How about a No-DQ.

No matter what, Rosemarie tell us, this ends in decay, decay, decay.

Now Eric Young and Bram choose their numbers.

Tonight, a Gauntlet Match to determine Number One Contender to Drew Galloway’s World Title.

Eddie has the mic.  He doesn’t care who it is, come out and they will fight.  Let’s do this.

Eddie Vs Crazzy Steve, no DQ match.

Eddie picks up the win with a rollup.

Maria reminds Gail she pinned her last week, and has held the Knockout Championship for so long, but that means nothing.  She has done nothing, but what she will do is change the revolution forever.

Dixie Carter told Lashley he is lucky he was just fined after last week.  He has made enemies in a short amount of time, but if he wants it, he has it.

Earlier tonight, chaos.

More numbers chosen, Jeff Hardy’s opportunity now.

EC3 chose his numbers too, the two talk about being screwed out of their title matches last week.  EC3 wants Bennett.

Before Gail wrestles, Maria will talk, and we will listen.  Maria loves wrestling, and that is why she is the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling”.  But if Maria wins again, what will change?  Absolutely nothing.  So she went to the front office, and requested something, and they gave it to her, so first, let’s introduce The Dollhouse.

Maria sees so much potential in The Dollhouse, but they have had so many leaders.  But they haven’t done anything special with each other, and Maria wants them to be unique.  Only little girls will play with dolls, so it’s time to break up.

Jade tells Maria why should she trust her, when she trusts them.

Maria tells them she will give up her Knockouts Title shot, and give it to one of the 3.  And that has to happen, now.

Triple Threat match to face Gail Kim for Knockouts Title.  Marti Vs Jade Vs Rebel.

Jade pins both women at the same time.

Jade Vs Gail Kim, down the line.  Maria Kanellis Bennett approves.

Matt Hardy, Spud, and Tyrus all choose their numbers.

The Gauntlet match is tonight.

Last week, footage of Grady keeping his job in TNA.

Next week, a party to celebrate Grado’s TNA job.

Drew Galloway comes out before the main event, Gauntlet Match to determine the Number One Contender to the title.

Drew Galloway thinks there is too much talking, but with Drew as champion, he will step to the back, and let the action do the talking.

Lashley comes out, taunts The Pope while he comes to the ring.

Lashley hasn’t congratulated Drew yet, he wants to congratulate Drew.  He doesn’t need to ask anyone about how tough he is.  You can ask Kurt Angle, or even that bitch Pope over there.  But Lashley will beat Drew for the title.  Lashley asked Dixie to put him in the Gauntlet match, and he might as well just hand him the title.

Drew doesn’t sweat Lashley.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

Lashley is the first entrant, EC3 is the second.

We’re ready.

Number 3 is….Rockstar Spud.

Number 4 is….”The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Number 5 is….Eric Young.

Number 6 is….Tyrus.

Spud is eliminated by EC3.

Tyrus is eliminated by Lashley.

Bram eliminates Eric Young.

Bram is eliminated by Lashley.

The Pope comes in and eliminates Lashley.  EC3 eliminates him again when he came back in.

The Pope and Lashley fight it out to the back.

Number 7 is….Matt Hardy.

Number 8 is….Jeff Hardy.

Final 4 are Jeff and Matt Hardy, EC3, and Bennett.

Bennett is eliminated by EC3.

EC3 is eliminated by Matt and Bennett.

It’s now between the two Hardys.

Matt Hardy is eliminated, Jeff Hardy is the new Number One Contender.

Next week, Jeff Hardy Vs Drew Galloway, for the World Title.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show wasn’t as good as last week, but we know who Drew faces for the first title defense, and it will be a classic.

I also loved the interaction we saw with Pope and Lashley, you have to figure those two will hook up.

Maria did her thing, and no issue with The Dollhouse breaking up.  But will Jade be the next Knockout Champion?

Disappointed though Bromans were the team chosen in the Tag Title Open Challenge.  I was hoping it would be LAX, and I think TNA was hoping we’d think that.

It was a decent show, but nothing that was highlight worthy, looking forward to next week’s World Title match.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.





































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