WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/16…Rounding Third And Heading Home

We immediately kick off Raw with the gongs.

And it is The Undertaker, live in Brooklyn.

This Sunday night, at Wrestlemania.  The Undertaker faces Shane McMahon, inside Hell in a Cell.

This Wrestlemania will not be his last.

The crowd loves to hear that.  Yes chants, got to love Brooklyn fans.

And he has made it clear to Vince McMahon, the blood of his son will be on Vince’s hands.  But Vince’s blood very well might be on his.  He knows Shane will fight for his legacy, until he draws his last breath.  But Wrestlemania is his yard.  Hell in a Cell is his house.  And at Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon will rest in peace.


Shane McMahon comes to Brooklyn!!

Hello Brooklyn!!

Undertaker, this Sunday at Wrestlemania, the two of them will rip each other apart, and will hold nothing back.  Because this Sunday, they will be fighting for their legacy, except Shane is fighting for his life, and Taker is fighting not to lose.  Undertaker might be his father’s “evil instrument”, Shane is the voice of change.  And come hell, or high water, he will survive Hell, and come into the ring the next night on Raw and make some changes.  And if Shane has to take care of Taker’s legacy, then so be it.

Undertaker calls him a bitch boy, and tells him he doesn’t get to talk about Taker’s legacy.  And here comes Shane to the ring.

You want to talk about legacy?  2 years at Wrestlemania, Undertaker’s legacy died.

He went there.

Taker told Shane he is just like his old man.  And it figures, from the day he was born, he has been his daddy’s bitch.

Now Shane fights off Taker, but Taker is taking control.

Evil intentions in Taker’s mind, there goes the announce table.

Last Ride is blocked, but Shane fights back and nails Taker with a television monitor.

Oh boy, there might be more here.

Shane is looking up….


And this is the way we kick off Raw, folks.

But Taker kicks right up.

Oh, we’re on this Sunday.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Shane McMahon giving Taker a Top Rope Elbow, through the announce table.

In the ring, it’s now Chris Jericho Vs Zack Ryder.

AJ Styles comes to the ring.  Jericho said earlier he won’t give AJ the match at Wrestlemania.  AJ said he won’t leave the ring tonight, until he gets his match at Wrestlemania.

AJ distracts Jericho, and Ryder wins with the roll up.

Jericho hits a Codebreaker, and he is snapping.

The crowd is chanting Y2Jackass, which AJ started, and Chris asks him how stupid is he?  Does he want to embarrass him, in front of these morons?  AJ just kicked the hornet’s ass, and be careful what you ask for?  You want Jericho at Wrestlemania?  You want the best in the world at Wrestlemania?  You got it.  But before you get happy, this is Jericho’s 12th Wrestlemania.  He has won titles at Wrestlemania.  He has spilled blood at Wrestlemania, and this is AJ’s first, rookie.  Jericho guarantees this will be AJ’s last, you understand what he’s saying?

Coming up next, Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is at ringside, and here we go, Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte.

With some help from Daddy, Charlotte pins Becky with Natural Selection.

Renee Young is with Mr. McMahon.

Was he surprised over what Shane did to The Undertaker earlier tonight?  No, because that is a preview for what happens this Sunday, at Wrestlemania.  Shane will do anything.  When Taker said this is his house, and HIAC is his yard, Shane doesn’t want that, he wants the stage.  Taker needs to realize that, because now Shane made him angry, he is going to get an angry Taker.

If I was you, he’d be at Brooklyn Bridge by now.  Shane McMahon shows up, and he makes it clear, Vince thinks he is GOD.  Nobody can run WWE like Vince, but Shane is here to prove he can run it better.  And Vince stole WWE from his father, well this Sunday, Shane is going to take WWE from Vince.

The Social Outcasts are in the ring, and here comes Big Show.

Officially, Big Show and Kane Vs Bo and Axel.

And of course, this leads to everyone involved in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal to get involved.

Kane and Big Show clean house, together.

Footage from last Monday, when HHH ran scared from Roman Reigns.

HHH is on his way to the ring, next.

HHH and Stephanie McMahon is out to the ring.

Stephanie wants us to get up on our feet, and show the proper respect for her husband, HHH.  Better yet, get on your knees, and bow down, that is how you show respect to the 14-time WWE World Champion.

In 6 days, the entire world will watch, in 6 days, a record crowd will be there live, in 6 days, millions around the world will watch the spectacle of Wrestlemania.  They will watch the most important thing at Mania.  It is the dream of every superstar, and it is the dream of every single one of us.  We have had the fantasy of holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  But the thing is that won’t happen for us.  We don’t have the aspirations to be WWE World Champion to turn it into a reality.  But Roman Reigns is.

He is one of the million to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he got to hold the title up in the air.  All for 5:15 of it.  And for the 9th time, HHH will compete in a title match at Wrestlemania.  You want to know why?  Because HHH has been obsessed with it.  He has been obsessed with the fame, the glory, the money, everything.  And that obsession has allowed him to be a 14-time WWE World Championship.  That obsession has allowed him to be one of the most successful performers in this industry.  He thought that obsession was gone, and he was okay with it.  But that moment happened 4 months ago.  And that moment was when he was powerbombed through the announce table.  He doesn’t know how, but that obsession was back, and it wasn’t long until he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Roman Reigns, he already lost this Sunday.  He lost it when he relit HHH’s obsession, because that obsession will end Reign’s dream.  Because that obsession will allow him to walk out this Sunday, as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Stephanie screams out that this Sunday, this is about her husband, HHH.

And here comes Reigns.

He fights off HHH’s attack, and HHH is running scared, again.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  The fans booing the hell out of Reigns.

HHH and Steph are running away, again.

Oh Brooklyn, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your world-famous 2-time WWE Tag Champs, and FEEL THE POWER!!!

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

The New Day, your WWE World Tag Team Champions are here.  And if you haven’t heard, the official cereal for Wrestlemania is Booty-O’s.  So if you haven’t gotten your box of Booty-O’s, what are you waiting for?

You want to know who doesn’t have their own box of cereals?  League of Nations.

New Day Rocks!!

Kofi will face Del Rio.

Kofi rolls up Del Rio when he missed the boot.

It’s Coach!!

The New Day is Coach’s favorites, and this is the big one.  It is confirmed tonight, they are bringing live coverage of Wrestlemania on ESPN Sportscenter all day.  And third, he loves Booty-O’s.

And now Coach is grooving to the music.

This is Wrestlemania Week, on WWE Network.

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is here, tonight.

Joan London is getting the Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame this Saturday.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon confronted The Undertaker, and he laid a Top Rope Elbow through the announce table.

This Sunday, inside Hell in a Cell.  Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker.  If Shane wins, he controls Monday Night Raw.  If Taker wins, it’s his last Mania.

Renee Young is with Roman Reigns, but Bully Ray, I mean Bubba Ray interrupt him, and calls him out to finish his fight from Thursday.  But here comes Devon, and HHH lays him out from behind.

Reigns is out cold, and HHH taunts him with the title, and says he will never get this from him.  HHH rams his head onto the title, and leaves.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  HHH taking out Reigns.

Kalisto Vs Connor, now.

Kalisto wins the match.  This Sunday, he faces Ryback.

Speaking of that, feed me more….

Ryback wants him some.

Paul Heyman calls for The Beast, and Brock is here, next.

Here Comes The Pain!!

This Sunday, Lesnar Vs Ambrose in a Street Fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And he serves as the advocate, not for the baddest man.  Not for the baddest dude.  But for the baddest beast living on the planet today, BROCK LESNAR!!

His job tonight is to hype the fact that we are 6 days away from Wrestlemania.  We have one of those rare opportunities to see a once-fighter in his prime, to do his thing, and to perform that not one single person in the back will ever achieve.

But then there is always that one goof, that idiot, that one lunatic.  And that lunatic actually thinks he can take Brock Lesnar to perform to another level, and thinks he can beat a man who took The Undertaker to 22-1 at Wrestlemania.  And that lunatic is Dean Ambrose.  Dean actually believes he can take a wrestler, and take that wrestler to another element, fighting with weapons, and that man is Brock Lesnar.

But here is the bad news, Dean has to face Brock Lesnar, who is prepared to give Dean Ambrose a defined Wrestlemania moment of a lifetime.  When Dr. Brock Lesnar takes every single one of those weapons, and give Dean a colonoscopy, live on TV.

This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler, Brock Lesnar will win this Sunday, and still will be our reigning, and defending….

Here comes that “lunatic.”

Ambrose is going shopping for weapons.  But Brock has a kendo stick.

Earlier tonight, Reigns interrupted HHH, and HHH returned the favor later tonight, when he and The Dudleys took out Reigns.

The Authority will be back in the ring, later tonight.

Paige Vs Emma is next.

Emma wins, after Lana kicked Paige.

10 Diva Tag match this Sunday.

Oh shit, it’s Eva Marie.

Golden Truth moment now.

Truth is torn, because at Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it’s every man for themselves.  Teammate vs teammate.

But they aren’t a team.

6-man tag match is next.  Owens, Miz, and Stardust Vs Zayn, Ziggler, and Sin Cara

Snoop Dogg is going to be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of Wrestlemania.

6-man tag match is now.

All 6 men worked hard, but the crowd didn’t care.  Zayn, Ziggler, and Sin Cara won when Miz and Stardust walked out on their partner, and Sami hit a Hella Kick to win.

The Usos Vs The Dudley Boyz will take place at the Kick-Off show, as will The 10 diva match, and Eva Marie will be a part of it.  Glorious.

2 hour Kick-Off show, which starts at 5:00 Sunday night, then Wrestlemania starts at 7:00.

The Authority are out again.

Oh boy, more talk from Stephanie.

We all live our lives, like Roman Reigns with hopes and dreams, but they don’t come true.  In 6 days, we are looking for new leaders, and new champions.  But that won’t happen.

Now HHH speaks.

HHH tells us running away was a stragedy.  It is not a game, but here comes Roman Reigns, again.

Stephanie calls for the troops, and here comes Roman’s backups.

Reigns dove over the top rope, to show his athleticism, and dives on HHH.  The champ runs away, all a part of the plan.

This Sunday, Wrestlemania.  Reigns Vs HHH.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This will go down as the worst Wrestlemania build in company history.  It could be due to injuries to key people.  But in part, this is also due to poor writing.

This was the go-home show, and it ended at 11:04.  That’s just insane, and they did nothing to truly build up the “most important prize in the industry”.  The fans hate Reigns, for whatever reason.  Vince wants him to be the top guy, but he’s not ready yet.  I have to wonder what Rollins Vs HHH could have been, since that seemed to be the original plan.

I did love the first segment though with Taker and Shane.

Having said that though, I know the men and women will work hard for this event, and it will be memorable.  I just wished the creative team made this more memorable.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.



















































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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/16…Rounding Third And Heading Home

  1. adztheman says:

    They have to flip Roman heel…it has to happen…he’s been getting booed out of every building in the buildup, such as its been, to this WM..

    Triple H is going to be the babyface in this match…that’s not the plan, but there it is…

    Whose dumb idea was it to give us a 10 sack of estrogen tag team match? Who wants to see this?

    Who wants to see Emma…although she has a great ass and legs?

    Who wants to see Eva Marie, who is a waste of human flesh?

    B-A-D and the Blonde? Did an adult write this? Stephanie’s 3 girls could improve on this.

    This WM is going to belong to the mid carders…its what they have left…

    The ladder match for the IC title could be a show stealer…all the guys in it have a reason to be there…hell, I’m glad to see Zach get a WM slot…even Darren Young has value in the Andre the Giant reason to go buy a shirt and a soda Battle Royal.

    They have to add a busted up Lesner to the title match…its the only way they save it..or slide Dean in there…they have Smackdown to do it…or during the pre show…or somebody in the Monsoon position can call for it…

    I would have loved to see Mark’s reaction when they told him, ”You’re going to wrestle Shane!
    We’re building the whole show around it!”

    This could be a trainwreck or it could be epic…to watch a 46 old man do what Shane did Monday was pretty sweet…but how much time does this get? Who gets involved? Will Stephanie flash her boobs at the Deadman?

    I look forward to your Sunday recap Comrade.

  2. I agree, I don’t think we will see an added Brock or Dean to title match, but it also wouldn’t surprise me. I like Roman, I really do, but it’s obvious the fans don’t want to see Cena 2.0, or Hogan 3.4…LOL I agree, turn him heel, have him be pissed off at everything, blame the fans, blame The Authority, everything. The only way I see Shane winning though is if Cena comes out to cost Taker the match, that could set up Summerslam, when hopefully he is able to return.

    These men and women will fight their asses off this Sunday, but the writing has been very poor. We will see, I look forward to hearing from you too, my friend.

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