WWE Monday Night Raw 5/2/16…A New Era Has Begun?

One night after Payback, we find out Shane and Stephanie McMahon are in charge of Monday Night Raw.  We also see Roman Reigns retain his WWE World Title, after a DQ and a countout.  What happens tonight?

WWE Raw is now.

We are live in St. Louis, Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

And we begin the show with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie has a gift for us, it seems.

Hello St. Louis, and she says it’s great to be back on Raw, so welcome….


Shane comes out.

What’s up, St. Louis.

And welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw.

Steph tells Shane in the 7 years Shane has left us and the fans, she has learned about business, and she knows how to work well with others.

After her father put them both in charge of Raw, she brought Shane a peace offering.

It’s a photo of Shane and Vince together.

That’s the Shane she remembers, and she knows how much that photo means to Shane.  So in spirit of working together, let’s hear about Shane’s ideas of Raw.

We do a poll, they want to hear Shane’s ideas, and not Stephanie’s.

What they would like to do, and here comes Kevin Owens.

This is a lovely sight to see the two of them, brother and sister in the ring, together on Monday Night Raw.  It’s very touching, but here is an idea.

Kevin tells the fans he is talking to Steph and Shane, not these idiots.

Kevin wants a rematch for the IC Title.  Last night, he decimated Sami Zayn, and has proven he is better than Sami.  Kevin wants his Intercontinental Title rematch, tonight.

Kevin has no hope in Shane making the right decisions.  He knows Stephanie is a smart businesswoman, and he is owed that rematch in his contract.

And here comes Cesaro.

Kevin wants to talk about last night, Cesaro had the Intercontinental Champion beat, but unfortunately for the fans in Cesaro Section, the whiner came into the ring.

Owens agrees, Sami Zayn had no business being in the ring, and Cesaro told Owens he cost him the match, and the title.

Shane has a solution for this.  These two settle it in the ring, one on one.

That match is next.

The Miz caused Owens the match because Cesaro and owens ran into Miz.

Now all three men are fighting, and here comes Sami Zayn.

Hola kick, on Owens.  But Maryse saves her husband.

Sami Zayn wants the Intercontinental Title now.

Stephanie runs into Dean Ambrose.  He isn’t buying into Stephanie’s act.  But her brother gave him his own show Ambrose Asylum, she will be Dean’s guest.  And she wants to meet Mitch the Plant.

Truth wants to tag with Prince Pretty, and Breeze doesn’t care.  Goldust is upset by this, and he has a partner for later tonight.


Anderson and Gallows tells AJ Styles Reigns won’t leave Extreme Rules without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Reigns hears this, after last night, Roman has respect for AJ.  But he has no respect for the other two guys.  After last night, he doesn’t think he can beat THE GUY all alone.  Question is can these three beat their three.  Roman and The Usos.

AJ tells them he will beat reigns all by himself at Extreme Rules, but tonight, the three of them will face those three.

Goldust and Fandango Vs Pretty Truth, next.

Pretty Truth wins when Truth distracts Goldust and dances, Tyler rolls up Goldust for the win.


The New Day are headed to the ring, next.



After what happened last night, The Vaudevillians were rewarded the victory, and will indeed face New Day at Extreme Rules, in 3 weeks.

On to serious business last night, in the finals of the WWE Number One Contenders tournament, sponsored by Booty O’s.  Enzo Amore suffered a concussion, and the match ended abruptly.

They have a tweet that will all make us smile.

Xavier tried to say beyonce slid up her DMs last night.  But that did not happen.

We have this….

Enzo has been released from the hospital.


They sent him some Booty O’s cereal, and a dash of unicorn magic.  So when he returns, The New Day will be waiting.  But your WWE World Tag Team Champions will continue to keep this positivity train…

The Vaudevillians come out, and while what happened last night was tragic, this is a tough business, and tough things happen.  But let’s face it, a real man would have gotten back up.  A real man, like them are in a dead man era.  But real men are like them are the Number One Contenders to the WWE World Tag team Championship.

Simon Gotch tell us they made Enzo Amore the realest man in the emergency room.  And they want to know how is he doing.

Here come The Dudley Boyz.

What are the two carnies doing?  They didn’t beat anyone last night.  The referee stopped the match, and all they did was twirl their mustaches, like the Monopoly man.  As far as his brother and he are concerned, they need to restart the Tag Team Tournament.

Devon says they are the baddest men on the planet.  Who do they think….

Here comes Big Cass.

Listen up Simon and Garfunkel, you better call up Mrs. Robinson and say you will be late for dinner.  He listened to them talk about taking out Enzo.  But Enzo is his family, and if they mess with his family, he has to do something about it.

And as far as the D-D-D-Dudley do-rights, he and his partner already took them out, so there is one word to describe them…


Now all 8 men are fighting when we go to break.

8-man tag match is now.

Big Cass and new Day wins the match, with Big Cass pinning Devon with East River Crossing.

A big win for the 4 men.

Tonight, an over the top battle royal to determine who faces Kalisto.

Also tonight, Stephanie McMahon is a guest on The Ambrose Asylum.

Happy Birthday to The Rock.

Footage from last night’s World Title match between AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns.

Earlier tonight, we see Reigns challenge AJ, and his friend Vs Roman and his cousins.

The 6-man tag match is official.

Last night, we had the Chicago Screwjob, with Charlotte Vs Natalya.

We will hear from the Women’s Champion tonight.

Becky Lynch vs Emma is now.

Emma wins the match poking Becky in the eye, and hitting a Minshinoku Driver.

The Ambrose Asylum is next.

The Colons want you to go to Puerto Rico.

Ambrose is out now.

We have Mitch the plant.

Dean introduces us to Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie is honored to be here, and the set is amazing.

But Dean isn’t buying the “nice” Stephanie.  Deep down after what happened at Payback, she must be a bit upset, right?

This is a new era, and Stephanie is happy.

Dean shows us Roman Reigns spearing Stephanie at Wrestlemania.  What words does she have to describe that?

Stephanie was a bit overzealous, she got in the ring where she didn’t belong, and Roman Reigns taught her a lesson.

And after 7 years, Shane McMahon came back to a hero’s welcome.

Shane O’ Mac chants now.

But to make matters worse in one week, he is running Raw better than The Authority ever had.

This shows the loyalty the WWE Universe has for Shane, and loyalty is a big thing.

But think of the loyalty Stephanie has shown over the years, but think of missing the kids dancing recitals, or the softball games.  With all of the loyalty Steph has shown, you think Shane has shown that same loyalty?  That has to upset Steph a bit, right?

Her father taught her a valuable lesson last night.  That some things have to change, and now she has to do that for Dean.  Ambrose has done this show for 3 or 4 weeks?  It’s time for a change, so she will officially cancel it.

Dean had some fun with this, but Stephanie is going to bring back The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho.

And now the two men start to fight.

Code Breaker on Ambrose, and Chris uses Mitch The Plant on Ambrose, ending his life.

Moments ago, we see the death of Mitch The Plant.

Switching gears, we see Kalisto sitting at ringside to see who wins the Battle Royal, and here we go.

Rusev wins the Battle Royal, to become the new Number One Contender to the US Title.  Lana comes out to celebrate with him.  Rusev last eliminated Ryder.

Charlotte addresses the controversy, next.

The Highlight Reel this Thursday night, with Jericho’s guest being Sami Zayn.

Charlotte and Ric Flair are in the ring.

Last night, Charlotte says that Natalya and her uncle Bret took her to the limit, but once again, she prevailed.

She was shocked to see her Twitter being blown up on how she took the win.  Flair said they know Natalya quit, and the Flairs will always be better than The Harts.

Charlotte brings out Charles Robinson, to clear the air.

The “Queen” is talking.

Did Natalya submit to The Sharpshooter?

Yes she did, but she physically did not quit, she was screaming it stop it.

And just for the record, the relationship Charles has with her family.  The respect he has with “The Nature Boy” had nothing to do with the verdict?

Yes, I mean no, of course not.

One last question, as the ref of their match, his decision is final, right?

That is correct, “Little Naitch” said.

And as she said….WOOOOOOO

Here comes Natalya.

This isn’t about Charles Robinson.  This isn’t about Charlotte.  This is about Ric Flair.  Last night, he paid a ref to screw her out of the Women’s Championship.

And as everyone saw, The Harts are the best they were, the best there are, and the best there ever will be.

Charlotte goes to take a swing, Natalya shoves her out of the ring.  She slaps Ric, and gives him the Sharpshooter.

Flair is drunk, again.

6-man tag match is next.

Stephanie confronts Charlotte and Flair.  At Extreme Rules, Charlotte Vs Natalya in a Submission match.

And Flair is banned from ringside.

Styles, Anderson, and Gallows won the match when Styles pinned Roman with a Phenominal Elbow.  Gallows and Anderson brought a chair to the ring, wanting AJ to use it.  He refused, and put the chair down.  The Usos used the chair on AJ.  Then another fight broke though, which ended with Styles using the chair and knocking The Usos out.

Roman sees this, and it completely pissed him off.  He destroys AJ at the end of the show, with a Powerbomb through the table.

The show ends here.







































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