WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/16…6 Days Away From Going Extreme

The month of May is halfway done, and that means in 6 days, WWE goes Extreme.  This show tonight will heavily set the event up.

Raw is now.

Tonight is the night, and we are live in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Tonight, The Usos Vs Gallows and Anderson.

We kick the show off with AJ Styles.

Lilian Garcia is back tonight too.

AJ is here to set the record straight.  He is tired of hearing Roman Reigns call him a liar.  But he has heard it all over, people seem to think his friendship with Gallows and Anderson is a plan they came up with, so he can be WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

We see the tweets people have sent.

This isn’t new to AJ Styles.  He has headlined Japan shows in front of 64,000 people.  He has been World Champion many places he has gone, and he hasn’t needed anyone’s help to get where he is at.

But here comes Reigns.

Reigns tells AJ he has headlined all over the world.  He has won championship after championship.  But none of that matter unless you’re winning THE championship.

AJ is phenomenal, at lying.  Reigns will be in Usos corner, will AJ be in the corner of his club?

Yes he is, AJ will be everywhere he is at.

AJ has heard this before, he is not a bad guy, he isn’t a good guy, he is THE guy.

Reigns reminds AJ this isn’t a wrestling match, Reigns can put him through a table.  He can nail him with a chair, he can do whatever he wants.  He knows AJ’s club will be there, and so will The Usos, and you will know that family is the main bloodline.

AJ will put him through a chair, and wrap it around his head.

The Club come out, but The Usos stand beside Reigns, and Roman decks AJ.

Also tonight, Ambrose calls out Jericho.

And tonight, we have the official contract signing to the Women’s Championship match.

But now, it’s Zayn Vs Cesaro, with The Miz coming out for commentary.

The match is a no contest, when all 4 men fight each other involved at the Fatal 4-Way match, and of course….


What’s up Greensboro?  We will have a tag match, with Cesaro and Zayn Vs The Miz and Owens.

But here comes Stephanie.

Stephanie wants to consider switching up the teams a bit.  How about The Miz teaming up with Cesaro Vs Owens and Zayn.

That is better, and Kevin.  If you even think about walking out on Sami, don’t even think about having your title match.

The match is now.

Zayn and Owens win with a Hella Kick by Zayn, pinning Miz.

After the match, Owens lays out Zayn, demands the ref to raise his arm.

Renee Young is with Chris Jericho.

She asks if he has any idea what Dean Ambrose has to say?

Jericho tells Renee he needs to apologize for destroying his iconic jacket, that is more famous than Andre The Giant.  Chris will give him one chance to apologize, and if he doesn’t, he will make him very sorry.

The Shining Stars from Puerto Rico is next.

Apollo Crews video, and now The Shining Stars are ready for their in-ring debut.

Their names are Primo and Epico, The Shining Stars.

This ring is their island, and every time they step into the ropes, the ring turns into Puerto Rico.

So tonight, they would like to reward us by sharing a little piece of their Puerto Rica paradise.

Their opponents are 2 North Carolina locals, Scott Jackson and some other dude.  His name is Brian Kennedy.

And they hit a Shining Star to win.

Shane McMahon is talking to Dean Ambrose.  Dean is coming out, next.

John Cena is returning to Raw in 2 weeks, on Memorial Day.

Here comes “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

For the moment he got here, it seemed that people are puzzled, calling him different things, and questioning his stability.  But when Jericho put that straight jacket on last week, he tightened those buckles, he couldn’t move, he felt trapped like he was in jail, or an asylum.  He didn’t like it, and feels like he has something to say to Chris, so come on out.

Jericho comes out, and he pleads with Dean to apologize.  $15,000 is a lot of money, and he wants it back.  The way he sees it, Dean will give Chris back the $15,000, and give Chris an apology right now.

Apologize?  Okay, that is not happening.  He called him out to challenge Chris to a match at Extreme Rules.

Just as Chris suspected, no apology from Dean Ambrose.  Okay, you stupid idiot.  You want a match?  Chris will take $15,000 out of his ass, you got a match.

Are you sure?  This is Extreme Rules, and there can be anything that will happen.  With Chris’ age, he might not keep up.

Chris has faced any kind of giant, pro fighter, he has faced them all, and beaten them all.  Chris is a 6-time World Champion, and he is the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand what he’s telling him?  He will show no remorse this Sunday.  He will give him what he wants, what every fan wants.  He will give Ambrose the gift of Jericho.

Drink it in, Dean.

Ambrose has a gift for him too, and we have a steel cage lower in the ring, with a straight jacket hanging on top.

Chris put Dean in a straight jacket, and Dean will put Chris in an asylum.  He talked to Shane McMahon, and Shane told him to choose any stipulation match he wants, so we will have the first ever Asylum Match.

We have Mitch the Plant on top too, barbed wire.  This is Extreme Rules.

There is no escape, and Chris you might be the best in the world at what you do.  But in Dean’s world, you scream, cry, and beg for mercy.

Dean promises you that when he enters his Asylum, Chris will never, EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER be the same, again.

Earlier tonight, Reigns and AJ put everything on the line in their Extreme Rules match, and are met with The Club and The Usos.

Becky Lynch will face Dana Brooke, a rematch from Smackdown.

Dana Brooke picks up the win, by rolling up Becky.

Natalya Vs Charlotte, at Extreme Rules.  We see footage of WWE Payback, with the Chicago Screwjob.

The official contract signing is tonight, on Raw.

The Dudleys are with Shane and Steph.  They want to remind Shane and Steph who they are.

Shane and Steph tells them one of the two will face Big Cass.  But they must decide who faces him.

The Golden Truth finally make their debut in the ring.  We see video of their 5 month history.

Bredango faces Golden Truth, with Bredango winning.  Truth tries to kick Tyler, but misses and hits Goldust instead.

Goldust is beside himself.

Official contract signing to Women’s Title match is tonight.

Truth is telling Goldust they have to work out the kinks.  The WWE Universe wants The Golden Truth.  R-Truth wants The Golden Truth, and deep down inside, Goldust wants it too.

Bredango comes over, and makes fun of them.

Goldust agrees to it.


It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Pour yourself a big ol’ bowl of Booty O’s.  Booty O’s, they make sure you ain’t booty.

This Sunday, they will defend their WWE Tag Team Titles against those dreaded villains from the bygone era, The Vaudevillains.

Kofi wishes we’d see a glimpse of the era The Vaudevillains were here.

Xavier has a time machine.  Okay, it was an empty refrigerator box.

They went in, and we see a glimpse of Kofi Kingston, the Jamaican Sensation.

Wrong era.

We come back, and it indeed the bygone era.  Big E. has a mustache, and the Booty O’s box is Derrier Squares.

But they are still WWE Tag Team Champions, and The Vaudevillains attack all three men.

Gallows and Anderson Vs The Usos is next.

The Usos win with a kick, and a splash.

After the match, all six men fight.

Styles has a chair, and this time, he used it.  Nailed Roman 3 times, and hits a Styles Clash right on the chair.

AJ Styles makes a statement, tonight.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Big Cass has a problem with The Dudleys.

Big Cass Vs Devon is now.

Big Cass wins with the East River Crossing.

Only one word to describe them….S.A.W.F.T.

Video from last week, when Ric Flair came out to help his daughter Charlotte.  Shane McMahon came out to kick him out, and Paige won.

Submission Match this Sunday, but tonight, a contract signing.

In 2 weeks, John Cena will return.

Kalisto Vs Del Rio, now.

Del Rio wins with a Backstabber, after we see Rusev attacking Sin Cara from behind backstage.  Rusev brings Sin Cara out, and after Del Rio beats him, Rusev attacks Kalisto, and nails an Accolade.

Lana approves.

Our main event, the official contract signing is next.

Our Extreme Rules Kickoff show match will be Ziggler Vs Corbin in a No DQ match.

Stephanie and Shane are in the ring.

This Sunday, Charlotte Vs Natalya will be a Submission match, and we have the official contract signing.

Ric Flair interrupts Stephanie’s introduction.  Let a Flair introduce a Flair.

Charlotte is ready to sign, but Shane brings out Natalya.

Natalya has a few things to say.  She used to have respect for Charlotte.  They faced each other at the first NXT PPV.  She was such a gracious person, and she did it without her father.  She hopes that she becomes that same person again this Sunday.

Charlotte tells Natalya that this is her people.  She would hit these people’s best friends, and people would still cheer her.  People love her, because she is a Flair.  And Nattie is just Nattie.

Flair tries to WOOOO, but Charlotte tells Ric this is her ring.

Shane wants Charlotte to sign the contract.  There is an added stipulation.  If Ric even walks to the ring, Charlotte will forfeit her Women’s Championship.

Ric is irate over this, and Shane calls for security.  Stephanie informs Charlotte that if she doesn’t sign tonight, she will forfeit the Women’s Championship, tonight.

Charlotte signs the contract.

Ric wants a piece of Shane, Charlotte tries to stop him, but Stephanie slaps Flair.  Charlotte tries to go after Stephanie, but Natalya ends this show with a Sharpshooter.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A crappy show tonight, Extreme Rules is this Sunday.  That is all I have to say.  Send me your thoughts here.







































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