WWE Monday Night Raw 5/23/16….The Architect Comes Home

Tonight, after a good Extreme Rules, we see the return of Seth Rollins, who Pedigreed Roman Reigns after a grueling battle with AJ Styles.

The Architect is back.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcoming us to the show.

Seth Rollins returns, to kick the show off.

The fans love seeing Seth Rollins back.  Seth acknowledges this, and reminds us how weird this is the fans love him.  Because such a short amount of time, Seth destroyed The Shield, with a chair shot to the back of Roman Reigns, and the fans hated him.  Then, at Wrestlemania 31, Seth cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans hated him for taking Roman’s spotlight.

But then again, a ruptured ACL can do that.  He has been on the shelf for 7 months, he received many letters, many tweets, even flowers, wishing him to come back strong.  And what did he do?  He tore every single one of those letters, because he doesn’t need the fans.  He can do this on his own, and he tells us he was never beaten for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and when he gets his rematch, he will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, again.

Here comes Roman Reigns, and he doesn’t say anything.  He wants a fight, and Rollins walks away, saying he will do it at his time.

Which is brilliant.


Here comes Shane O’ Mac.

What’s up Baltimore!!

Shane reminds us that Seth did take out Reigns with a chair, to end The Shield.  He also told us that Rollins took Reigns’ moment with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31.  And last night, Rollins Pedigreed Roman Reigns, so he has every right to want to go after Rollins.

But then again, Seth is right too, he never lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, so he wants a piece of Roman.

So, at Money in the Bank, we will get to see Reigns Vs Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Money in the Bank is quickly becoming one of my favorite PPVs, and this is shaping up to be a good one.

Tonight, we will have Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches.

The Miz vs Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler Vs Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho Vs Apollo Crews, and AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens.

But next, it will be Sami Zayn Vs Dolph Ziggler.

All of this, tonight on Raw.

Renee Young is with Sheamus when we come back.

Last year, Sheamus qualified, and won Money in the Bank.  But tonight, he will be qualifying against Sami Zayn.

Sheamus tells us Sami Zayn wears a stupid hat, and he isn’t even in this country.  Renee tries to tell Sheamus he isn’t either, but Sheamus warns us that parents need to get their kids to leave the room, because what he is about to do to Sami, isn’t suitable for all ages.

Zayn Vs Sheamus is now.

Zayn picks up the win with a Helluva Kick.  The biggest win in Sami Zayn’s WWE career.

He qualifies for Money in the Bank match.

The crowd is taunting Sheamus right now, and he is beside himself.

Tonight, we get The State of the Women’s Championship, with Charlotte.

Renee Young interviews Apollo Crews, but Sheamus attacks him.

Sheamus is mad that Apollo is a part of the new era.  Nobody is here to replace Sheamus.



We have a cake, someone has a birthday.

As of last night at Extreme Rules, The New Day is still your WWE World Tag Team Champions!!

But this cake isn’t here to celebrate their victory.  It is here because Raw has been going strong for 2,400 episodes.  So, Happy Birthday Raw!!

Wait a second, Big E tell us that a WWE ring is never safe with a cake.  So, Big E will take care of the cake.

Nobody is safe from the cake, not even Byron Saxton.

But Social Outcasts came out, minus Adam Rose.  We have our 6-man tag match now.

New Day wins, and Heath Slater is fed to the cake.

The Miz Vs Cesaro, MITB qualifying is next.

After The Miz tell us how awesome he is, we have our match.

Cesaro wins the match with a Neutralizer, advancing to Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon sets up Reigns Vs Rollins for the WWE World Title, at Money in the Bank.

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins.

Money in the Bank is Seth’s thing.  He won it a couple of years ago, he cashed it at Wrestlemania 31.  He is that good.

Seth runs into Stephanie McMahon.  She tells Seth things have changed around here, including their professional relationship.  So she shakes Seth’s hand.

Jericho Vs Crews is now.

Jericho advances, with a Codebreaker.

Sheamus is watching backstage, Renee wants to get his point of view.  Sheamus was not impressed.

Owens Vs Styles, later tonight in a MITB qualifying match.

We need to make Darren Young great again campaign.

Jo-Jo is with Baron Corbin.

Baron tells us if any of us have a problem with how he beat Ziggler, deal with it.

Ziggler issues a challenge to Corbin, and he accepts.  It’s going to happen next week, but take notes while he has a technical wrestling match against Dean Ambrose.

Big Cass is here, with the returning Enzo Amore.

How Ya Doing?

The doctors diagnosed him with a concussion.

They want a piece of The Dudley Boyz.

There is only word to describe them, and he will spell it out for ya.


It’s Bubba Ray Vs Big Cass, next.

Big Cass has the win, with an elbow.

Charlotte is out with her dad, and Dana Brooke, to tell us how proud he is of his daughter.

Charlotte tells us she is only proud of one person, herself.  She thanks Dana for joining forces with them, and Dana tells us she loves being with the Dirtiest Player in the Game.

And that brings us to Charlotte.  She brings up how every year Flair would miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, or birthdays.  But Charlotte understands now.  He was “The Man”, but now she is the Women’s Champion, which means she is “The Woman”.  She has never been more confident, and more ready.  Which is why she can tell Flair to get out of her ring.

Flair is confused by this, but Charlotte makes it clear, Ric is immortal to these fans, but he is dead to her.  All of the times he has never been there for her, she doesn’t need him now.  So get out of my ring, before she does something she regrets.

Flair is crying now, and Charlotte is making fun of him, but he slowly leaves, and we end the segment here.

Ambrose picks up the win with Dirty Deeds, pinning Ziggler.

Flair starts to say goodbye to everyone, while Renee gets a word from him.

Flair has nothing to say for now.

Styles Vs Owens is next.

The Colons want us to go to Puerto Rico, whatever.

Money in the Bank Qualifying match, our main event.  Styles vs Owens.

The crowd loves AJ Styles.

You never know how good someone is until you get in the ring with them.  He can say honestly, Roman Reigns is every man he says he is.  He is one of the best in the ring he has faced.  But he isn’t phenomenal.  Because if it wasn’t for The Usos, Gallows, and Anderson, he would be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But what’s gone is gone.  Tonight, he has a chance to go on to Money in the Bank Ladder match, he will face Kevin Owens.

Gallows and Anderson come out, and they are offended that he blames them.  AJ tells them he never wanted them in his business.  This isn’t Japan, things have changed.

Anderson tells AJ things have changed.  AJ has changed.

Gallows tells AJ he doesn’t think AJ would make it out of a bar fight without their help.  He also doesn’t think he’d make it the main event at Extreme Rules.

AJ tells them that he got them here in WWE to build a legacy.  They can do their own thing.  But for now, they can stay brothers.

Gallows doesn’t like that idea, and Anderson said they aren’t brothers anymore.

AJ agrees, and says to get out of his ring.

Styles Vs Owens is next.

John Cena returns to Raw next week.

Also on Smackdown this Thursday night.  Cesaro Vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, and rematch from Extreme Rules, Kalisto vs Rusev for United States Title.

Owens Vs Styles, now.

Kevin Owens wins clean, with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Jericho, Ambrose, Owens, Cesaro, and Zayn are qualified with 2 spots to be filled.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A good show tonight, that gave us focus on Money in the Bank Qualifying matches, and we now know our main event.  I can’t wait to see Rollins Vs Reigns.

I’m curious too to see who John Cena faces, will he team with AJ Vs Anderson and Gallows?

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.




























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