WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/16…The Club Hit The Mark

Tonight, Monday Night Raw is dedciated to “The Greatest” Muhammed Ali.  R.I.P.

We kick the show off with the participants of Money in the Bank Ladder match, all standing on ladders.

Kevin talks about they are all famous.  Chris tells us he is the most famous in the ring, and he was famous even before he said it.  It’s why he is the best in the world…

Owens proclaims he is going to win the Money in the Bank contract, but they will all stand in Kevin’s shadow.

Ambrose is ready to fight, but Owens has more to say.

Winning the contract gives Owens a title shot anytime he wants, and he will cash it in, and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He will take all comers, except them.

He will even face Waylon Mercy.

Zayn counters and say this is an opportunity.  When he wins, he won’t offer the chance to guys who haven’t competed in 20 years.  Sami will give opportunities to guys who never had chances….

Ambrose wants to fight.

Del Rio tells Owens he has never been the WWE World Champion, and Sami Zayn will never be champion.  Compared to Del Rio, Sami Zayn is a delivery boy.

Cesaro now is talking, but Jericho cuts him off.  He tells us who created Money in the Bank match.  He is the expert in this match.  Cesaro reminded him he has never won.

Jericho said he won one.  Which one?  First one?  No, it’s 6th one.

So Jericho won it in New York?  It’s the stupid one.

So it’s your own home town?  He’s from Winnipeg, you stupid idiot.

Just being in this match with jericho puts all of them on a different level.  So he wants us all to drink it in, the gift of Jericho.

Ambrose punches him, and the fight is on.

Wait a second, it’s the return of Teddy Long!!

Teddy informs us Smackdown is coming live to Tuesdays.  So he is here to take the longest running TV show

But he doesn’t work here anymore, you stupid idiot.

Teddy tells us if he is in charge, this would be a Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, DQ, there must be a winner match.


Stephanie McMahon comes out, Teddy tells her he wants to run Smackdown “baby girl”.

Steph tells us she will keep that in advisement, but will not make the decision tonight.

Teddy wants to talk to Shane.  But Shane O’ Mac isn’t here tonight, so get a stepping, and don’t hit his music.

These six men want to be in action?  3 singles matches will take place tonight.  Sami Zayn Vs Alberto Del Rio.  Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens.  But next, it’s Cesaro Vs Jericho.

Cesaro defeated Jericho with the Sharpshooter.  This might be Cesaro’s biggest win of his career, certainly the biggest in his WWE career.

Money in the Bank is 13 days away.

Last week, footage of John Cena coming back, and AJ Styles made a statement, with his club.

In 13 days, John Cena will face AJ Styles, one on one.

Also, The New Day Vs The Club in a 6-man tag match.

But next, the journey of Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns.

Footage of the wrestlers who shared tweets of the passing of Muhammed Ali.

An awesome video footage of Seth Rollins, and his journey to recovery is now.

I am so ready for Rollins Vs Reigns at Money in the Bank.

Lana wants us to welcome a true American Hero, “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev.

It’s Rusev Vs Swagger, with Titus O’ Neil at commentary.

Rusev runs Swagger into Titus, and Swagger is counted out.  But after the match, Titus and Swagger fight Rusev, and send him out of the ring.

In 2 weeks, Cena Vs AJ Styles.  We will hear from Cena, next.

We had something special, excitement, and electricity.  Because for the first time last week, we had John Cena and AJ Styles in the same ring.

We usually have the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants.

Half of you guys have Cena’s back, half don’t want him back.  But what we had for an amazing two minutes was Let’s Go Cena/AJ Styles.

John has had a lot of moments in this company, but the only other time he had this much energy was with The Rock.  For many of you, you all thought this would never happen.  For 15 years, we always thought what if.  But now that they have this moment, he wants to know why AJ, why?  Why did he take the easy way out, so may we have AJ Styles, to explain himself.

You don’t want some….says DMX.

He comes out with Gallows and Anderson.

They already want it, you did not need The Bullet Club.  So why did you do it?

AJ had a plan, and that plan was to get in the ring, shake your hand, and then punch you in the face.  Cena insults Styles.  He is very good in the mic, he does very well in the movies not starring him.  But he insults him when the bell rings.  Even on your best day John, you can’t beat Styles.

His kids ask him why he never faces Cena, and he tells them it’s simple, if they wrestled, AJ would run circles around him.

Cena is not impressed by this answer.  His jokes are about as outdated as his jorts.  He sees a guy who worked for 2 decades making his mark in the WWE.  He made an appearance of Royal Rumble, and he failed.  He received a World Title shot, he failed.  Then he gets another shot, and fails again.  His cronies had told him how great he is for 15 years, yet he fails.  Cena wants to make this clear, Styles couldn’t get past Roman Reigns, and he thinks he can get past Cena?  He doesn’t know who he is dealing with.

Styles has been all over the world, he has been in Japan, and if he goes back, he would sell-out, just like that,  Desperate?  Styles has nothing to lose, and that makes him dangerous.

So Cena wants to know why is it not Cena vs Styles, but Cena Vs The Club.

It’s simple everyone knows that when guys like AJ gets in the ring with Cena, John buries him.  So these guys will make sure his head isn’t buried in the sand.  John, you have no idea who you’re dealing with.

All three men head to the ring.

New Day come out, to back up Cena.

Tonight, New Day Vs The Club in 6-man action.

The Vaudevillains are facing Enzo and Cass, now.

A certified G, and a bonafide stud.  And you can’t teach that.  And Big Cass is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Badda Boom, realest guys in the room….


And we get a DQ, because Cass has lost it, because those villains tried to hurt Enzo again.  He takes care of The Vaudevillains.

Sami Zayn is taping up, and Tom Phillips wants to hear his thoughts.  Does he consider Sami the underdog in Del Rio’s match?

Yes, because Del Rio is the only competitor who has won Money in the Bank before.  But he believes he can beat him.

Del Rio interrupts him, and says Sami winning MITB would make those doubters wrong, si?  Those dreams are for Del Rio, because Sami will always be a perro, a filthy, infested paper boy.

Their match is next.

More tweets from the wrestlers about Ali.

Stephanie is being interrupted by Teddy.

If he was running Smackdown, which he isn’t, but he would cease the moment.  He suggests that at Money in the Bank, we have a Fatal 4-Way for the Tag Titles, with Enzo and Cass Vs Vaudevillains Vs Gallows and Anderson vs New Day.

And Teddy slipped the dolla dolla to security to get himself in.

Stephanie orders a Fatal 4-way set for Money in the Bank at Money in the Bank.

Del Rio Vs Zayn is now.

Del Rio beats him, like that with his kick to the head.

We go straight to a Owens and Ambrose promo.

Owens seems concerned about Ambrose, because he seems a bit “off” lately.

Up next, more video from Roman Reigns.

“The Guy” Vs “The Architect” in 13 days.

But now, we have Ambrose Vs Owens.

Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds, and Owens knocks him over a ladder.

Tonight, 6-man tag match, with The Club Vs The New Day.

The Women’s Champ Charlotte comes out with Dana Brooke.




























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