WWE Monday Night Raw 6/20/16…The Ambrose Era Has Begun

In one night, WWE gave us 2 WWE World Title changes, and the Money in the Bank winner cashes in for one of those title changes.

That’s right folks, Dean Ambrose is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Let the Ambrose Era begin.

Earlier today, the new WWE World Champion arrived in a taxi cab.

He forgot his belt.

Raw starts now.

We are live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

The Champ kicks the show off.

No, not Roman Reigns.  Not even Seth Rollins, but Dean Ambrose.

Yes, that Dean Ambrose.

The crowd chants he deserves it, and he thanks the crowd.

Last night was a long night for Dean in Vegas.  There was a thing with the security at Hard Rock.  Then there was this party with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He almost got run over by a cab.  He climbed a ladder to become Mr. Money in the Bank.  Then he thinks he got bit by a dog, and oh yeah, he cashed his briefcase, and became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

And Seth Rollins had a long night too.  And he was the right man, at the right time.  So here is a life lesson, what comes around goes around.

And oh yeah, hard work pays off.

Seth called himself “The Man”, Roman calls himself “The Guy”, so should he call himself “The Dude”?

Getting this title was worth every pain, and he picked himself up, and he is here to say there are no hard times anymore.

Here comes Reigns.

They come face to face.  The Dude, and The Guy.

Last night was not Roman’s night, but it was Dean’s night.  So he wants to know if Dean would have cashed it on him too.

Dean said he would have.

The fans are chanting he can’t wrestle, and Roman brings up the fans who are chanting this should just relax, and sip on your beer.

Reigns wants a title shot, since he has his rematch.

Rollins comes out, he worked so hard for this moment, and he is not settling for this.

He stole the title from Rollins.

Reigns brings up it doesn’t feel good, does it?

Rollins said at least when he cashed in the title shot, he did it his face.

He beat Reigns last night, he won back the title he never was pinned.

Reigns brings up they have an issue, and Rollins said business is done with them.

Here Comes The Money!!  Here Comes The Money.

What’s up Phoenix?

He wants to congratulate Ambrose on winning the WWE World Title last night.

Now there seems to be a way things should be settled for the World Title.  How about Reigns Vs Rollins.  Rollins tells him does Stephanie agree?  Because he needs her permission.

Stephanie is off tonight, so Shane is running the whole show.  So with the Draft taking place next month, these three could very easily be split up, so we have this match tonight.

Rollins Vs Reigns.

Also tonight, AJ Styles is here, also tonight, Paige Vs Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship.  But next, it will be Owens Vs Zayn.

Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship last night.  Lebron was wearing an Ultimate Warrior T-shirt earlier today, and Kevin Love wore an Austin 3:16 T-shirt, with the “Smoking Skulls” title.  HHH is rewarding the Cavs WWE World Heavyweight Title replicas.

Owens Vs Zayn is now.

Zayn wins with a rollup, countering a Pop-Up Powerbomb attempt.  Owens is beside himself.

So now Owens attacks Zayn.

Sami counters this, and lays out Owens.

I say we do a rematch, right now, inside a steel cage.

Tonight, Rollins Vs Reigns.  Winner faces the World Heavyweight Champion at Battleground.

WWE Smackdown, on July 19th, they will have another brand draft.

“People Power” comes out, the former GM John Laurinaitis comes out, to hardly any noise.

His name is Mr. John Laurinaitis, he is the former Vice President of Talent Relations.  And he is the former General Manager of Smackdown and Raw, at the same time.

Shane O’ Mac comes out.

“Big Johnny” is throwing his hat to run Smackdown.

Shane is not interested.  The person running Smackdown is about change.  It won’t be an authority figure.  It will be someone who thinks about the people.

It will be Shane, who is running Smackdown.

Johnny wants to run Raw, but Shane chases him out of the area.

Here comes Enzo and Big Cass.

My name is Enzo Amore, a bona fide g and a certified stud, and you can’t teach that.

This guy right here is Big Cass.  He is 7 foot tall, and you can’t teach that.

Badda boom, the realist guys in the room….

How Ya Doin’?

Big Johnny might have been a Dynamic dude in his era.  But this is the new era, and there is one word to describe Big Johnny, and he will spell it out for us…


Vaudevillains Vs Enzo and Cass, next.

Enzo and Cass win with the Badda Boom Shacka Lacka.  Enzo had some air on his body splash.

AJ Styles is out next, to discuss his win over Cena, last night.

More footage of the Cavs winning, and Love celebrated “Stone Cold” style.

“You don’t want none” as DMX would say, here comes AJ Styles.

The fans seem happy, and AJ wishes he could say the same.  He should be happy, he has been dreaming about this for years.  Then it became a reality.  This dream match was tainted by two guys who were supposed to be like brothers to him.

He beat John Cena.

Let him say it again…AJ Styles best John Cena.

But here is the thing.  This didn’t go down the way he had hoped.  Gallows and Anderson need to come out with a public apology.

AJ is serious, if The Club will continue, Gallows and Anderson need to come out, and apologize to AJ.

Here they come.

Have they not been through a lot together, or what?  They have, and AJ had Cena right where he wanted him.  There will never be another first match with Cena Vs AJ.

They were just trying to help.

AJ signed the contract, and they made him get out of his word, so they look AJ in the eyes, and say they are sorry.

Anderson and Gallows apologized, so are they cool?

Anderson and Gallows need to apologize to one more person.  John Cena himself.

Come on out John, and accept this apology, please?

Here comes Cena.

Cena won’t go to the ring, just stand on the ramp.

An apology?  He doesn’t need one.  They had a contract, AJ broke it.

It’s not AJ’s fault.  He didn’t know they were coming out, so Gallows and Anderson are sorry.

AJ signed the contract, says Karl.  But they did not, and for that, they are sorry.

Cena tells AJ he desperately needed the win, and he did anything necessary.  This should signify a title shot, but he’s not.  He has the club in his hand.  But the truth is, he isn’t as good as he thought.

AJ said Cena is saying this because he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

Cena said the difference though wins in WWE means the world.  But he goes by two things, balls and his word.  Last night, AJ proved he doesn’t have either.

The Club did John a favor, and Cena said real is real.

The Club did Cena a favor, because he gave him an excuse.  So AJ will give Cena another chance, to face any member of The Club.

Cena said it’s AJ, and Styles said he can face anyone except AJ.  Because AJ has that Stone Cold podcast, and besides, he already beat Cena.

It doesn’t matter, one will be in the ring, the other two will be at ringside.

They know Cena will beat any member, one on one.

AJ said he was wrong, AJ is a man of his word.  It will be Karl Anderson Vs John Cena, one on one.  Again, you’re wrong.  Karl Anderson will knock Cena out, and John isn’t as good as he thinks he is.  Cena is wrong.

And by the way, AJ Styles will be a part of The Stone Cold Podcast, on WWE Network, after Raw.

Anderson Vs Cena, next.

This match ends in a DQ, when AJ and Gallows come out to lay out John.

Styles Clash, bam!!

Last night, Dean Ambrose won Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

And later in the night, Ambrose cashed in his title shot, and won the title.

Earlier tonight, a challenge was issued with Reigns Vs Rollins, the winner faces Ambrose at Battleground.

Jo-Jo is with Seth Rollins.

Tonight, Rollins will face Reigns for the Number One Contender match.

Rollins wants to talk about last night.  He defeated Reigns, and got back his WWE World Heavyweight Title.  He proved he was the better man.  But Ambrose proved to be a cockroach, because of his sneak attack, nailing him in the head with the briefcase.  But that is okay.  Because tonight, he defeat Reigns, and he will go on to Battleground, and take back his title, and prove he is the best of The Shield.

Renee Young is with Becky Lynch.

For the third time, Becky thought someone was her friend attacked her.  So what are her thoughts?

She has more integrity than anyone, but why did Natalya attack her?  She doesn’t know, but from here on, she will give these women one chance, and then….

Natalya attacks her from behind and says for the first time in a long time, Natalya will only take care of herself.

There is your answer, Beck.

Baron Corbin Vs Zack Ryder is now.

End of Days, that is all she wrote.

WWE announced a deal with China, and signed the first Chinese person to a developmental contract, signing Wa-Peng.

Tonight, Charlotte faces Paige for Women’s Championship.

The Wyatt Family are returning, tonight.

Last week, we see Paige defeat Charlotte.

Renee Young is with Paige.

She beat her two times in the last two weeks.  Paige is trying to talk, but Charlotte interrupts.

Charlotte tells Paige when PCB broke up, she rose to the top, while Paige slipped to the bottom.

Paige reminds Charlotte that the ring is her house, and that title will look good on her.

Paige Vs Charlotte for the Women’s Title is now.

Charlotte retains her title, despite the sloppy booking here.  Dana Brooke interferes, and the ref throws her out, but Charlotte wins anyway.

So they throw Paige to the side, and enter “The Boss”.

Sasha Banks is here for one reason, to be the new Women’s Champion.

She knocks out Dana, hits a Bank Statement on Charlotte.  Paige helps Sasha out fighting off Dana.

“The Boss” is back.

Jo-Jo is with Reigns, he makes this short and sweet.  Last night, Rollins was good.  But tonight, he’s here to beat Rollins.

The Wyatts show up…

Phoenix, we’re here.

The fireflies are out, and here come The Wyatt Family.

The crowd is chanting welcome back, and Bray asks if we missed him.

They have been locked away, and punished.  But through it all, they have not forgotten what they stand for.  This is a warning to the back, The Wyatts are stronger than they ever been.



Bray, he needs to stop talking, they need to take a knee, because they will say what they have been saying for months, Braun does have a big ol’ booty.

Bray needs the power of positivity, because they are the WWE….

Xavier seems to be in a trance.

Bray laughs, and it says they interrupted Bray’s return, but he can see into their future, New Day folds.


Lana is out to introduce her man, The United States Champion, Rusev.

Renee Young is with Titus O’ Neil.

Titus doesn’t care about the title, but last night, Rusev disrespected his family, and YOU NEVER DO THAT!!

Titus Vs Rusev is now.

Actually, the match never took place because Titus was so irate, you never disrespect his family.

Coming up next, Reigns Vs Rollins, the winner becomes number one contender.

Live on Smackdown, Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 will be the Draft.  The latest Miz report is here.

Chris Jericho is with Shane McMahon.

Shane has it for Jericho.  He hasn’t liked him in 15 years, and he had a chance to make him Number One Contender to WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Shane tells Chris he had a chance at Extreme Rules, where he lost.  He also lost last night at Money in the Bank.

Shane is a stupid idiot.  He better not draft Jericho, because he’d rather work for 10 Stephanies.  Shane informs Jericho he will work both Raw and Smackdown, so then what?

Ambrose comes out to join commentary.  Reigns Vs Rollins is next.

Both men fail to answer the 10 count.  But here comes Shane McMahon to say this isn’t how we end things.

Dean Ambrose tells Shane he will fight both men, and Shane counters that to say we will have a triple Threat match, at WWE Battleground.

The Shield explode.

Ambrose tells both men he is the WWE World Champion.  Reigns turns Ambrose around, and Dean hits Dirty Deeds.

But then, he comes back and hits another one on Rollins.

The WWE World Champion stands tall, ending this show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A great main event to set the tone for Battleground, but a 3 hour show kills momentum, and it did so again, tonight.

I doubt Raw will go back to two hours though, so what can you do?

Tell me your thoughts on the show.


































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