WWE Monday Night Raw 7/11/16…Mr. McMahon Returns

Tonight, we are live in Detroit, Michigan.  One week away from the draft.  We begin with the Number One Contender Battle Royal match, to determine who faces The Miz at Battleground.

The Miz introduces us to the match, and here we go.

Darren Young is GREAT AGAIN!!  He is the last man standing, and he didn’t eliminate the final 2.  Apollo Crews and Corbin eliminated themselves.  Mr. Backlund is beside himself.

At Battleground, it will be Young Vs The Miz.

Tonight, Mr. McMahon is here, and next, we get to see “The Beast” go through the Octagon, this past weekend.

And, this weekend, New Day went into the Wyatt Compound, and had an epic fight.

Stephanie and Shane are bickering over what Dad has to say.  Seth Rollins approaches them.  He believes Vince wanted to talk to him, the number one draft pick of the draft.  But he has footage of Roman Reigns, he would like to share it with us.  Shane suggests they use it at Ambrose Asylum.  But Seth has experience at talk show, and he came this close taking over John Stewart’s role.  So he suggests they have the first ever Rollins Report.

Saturday night, at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar beat Mark Hunt in unanimous decision.  At Summerslam, it will be Randy Orton Vs Brock Lesnar.

It’s announced at Battleground, The Highlight Reel, with Chris Jericho will feature Randy Orton.

Zack Ryder challenges Rusev to a United States Title match, but Sheamus attacks Zack from behind, and says he has a match with Sheamus, next.

There goes Zack’s winning streak, Brogue Kick is all she wrote.

Here comes Rusev, he has bad intentions.

But Zack fights back.  Rusev gives Ryder an Accolade, and screams he accepts his challenge.

Tonight, Enzo and Cass will face Gallows and Anderson.

Oh no, it’s Breezango Vs Lucha Dragons.

Breezango wins when Breeze uses his weight, and pins Kalisto, holding on his tights.

The Rollins Report is next.

We are 13 days away from seeing Reigns Vs Rollins Vs Ambrose, at WWE Battleground.

Sadly, no desk here on The Rollins Report.

Seth has some evidence for us, he is on the case.  He has obtained exclusive footage of a sit-down interview, with Rollins having a one on one interview with Reigns.

The video is shown now.

Funny video here, where Seth dubbed some footage here, of saying Reigns cheated on his Wellness Policy.

Seth Rollins is such a journalist.

We need to do the right thing.  Roman Reigns needs to be thrown out of the title match.  Seth needs to get his one-on-one match.

Here comes Dean Ambrose to interrupt things.

Dean enjoyed the interview.

Rollins calls Ambrose’s championship reign a joke.  Because he stole that WWE World Title from Seth.  You know why?  Dean is a coward, and he can’t beat Seth.  He tried and tried to take that title away from him, but he couldn’t do it.  Nobody was able to do it, and now Ambrose is trying to team up with his buddy, Roman, and sneak the pin.  But this match will be who is the best member of The Shield.  And he will prove at Battleground that he is the best member of The Shield.  So tell all the jokes, because Dean’s fairy tale will come to an end.

Dean likes to come out, and have a good time, because he is the top in the world.  He has proven he is more than just a utility role, because as guys come and go, he is the one still here.  And everyone knows how good he is.

Now Seth, you have known Dean for a long time.  He knows the kind of person he is.  He knows how many buckets he has bled, the sacrifices he has made, so Seth, if you know this, how far does he think he will go to keep this title.  Not Seth Rollins, not Roman Reigns, not Vince McMahon, not even the devil himself will take this title away from him.

If he wants him one on one, he will take it anytime, anyplace.

Detroit is as good as any time.  But no, they will do this on Seth’s time, next week.  Not tonight.

Mr. McMahon returns to Raw, tonight.

But tonight, Enzo and Cass Vs Gallows and Anderson.

A big fight this past weekend at the Wyatt Compound.

Next week, it is official, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose, for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Sami Zayn joins us for commentary.  At Battleground, it will be Zayn Vs Owens.

Now, it’s Owens Vs Cesaro.

Kevin Owens refuses to work with Sami Zayn at ringside.  Stephanie McMahon agrees.  Sami refuses to leave, but officials escort him.

Here comes Owens, and the two fight.

A limo pulls up, and it’s Mr. McMahon.  So I guess there is no match.

Renee Young catches up with Mr. McMahon.  He is here to name the new COO of Smackdown Live.  No wait, we need a new change, so he is here to name the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live.

Okay, Cesaro Vs Owens is now.

Owens picks up the win, and he grabs the head set, telling us he is the best in the world, even though he doesn’t say he is.  But you know who isn’t, and Sami Zayn attacks him through the audience.  Cesaro now catches him with the Cesaro Swing.

Last week, on Raw, Cena is attacked by The Club.  But here comes Enzo and Cass to help “The Franchise”.

Renee Young is with The Club.

AJ tells us Cena doesn’t care about Enzo and Cass.  He isn’t even here.  He is in rehearsal for The ESPYs.

Tonight, they will take care of Enzo and Cass.  Then, they will jump on a plane, head to California, and on Wednesday, they will….ummmmm


Our next match is Heath Slater Vs Titus O’ Neil.

Clash of the Titus, that is all she wrote.

Renee Young is with Sasha Banks.  Last week, Dana Brooke challenged Sasha to a match.  She is ready.  All she can think about is hitting Dana with a Bank Statement.

Next, footage from The New Day vs The Wyatts at the Wyatt Family Compound.

Footage from this weekend’s match New Day Vs Wyatts.

It looked like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  But this was well done, with a bunch of fighting, and when new Day seemed to have things going their way, we see more followers.

Follow The Buzzards.

Enzo and Cass Vs Gallows and Anderson is now.

Gallows and Anderson are DQ’d when AJ Styles takes out Enzo.  And just when the 3 men are setting up Cass, here comes John Cena to even the odds.

Enzo, Cass and Cena take out The Club.  Cena is here after all.

In 13 days, 6-man tag match with Enzo, Cass, and Cena Vs The Club.

Tonight, Mr. McMahon is here, and will name the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live.

But next, it will be Sasha Banks Vs Dana Brooke.

We are live in Detroit, Michigan.  Mr. McMahon will be here, to tell us who the new Smackdown Live Commissioner is.

But first, it’s Sasha Vs Dana Brooke.

Sasha hits Bank Statement to win the match.

Charlotte mocks a celebration over Sasha’s win.  But anybody can get lucky once.  But it doesn’t mean she is deserving of a title shot.  So how about if she faces Dana one more time this Thursday, maybe she will earn a title shot.

So Charlotte is the GM now?

The Chairman is headed to the ring.  Who is the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live?  We find out, next.

Next week, Ambrose Vs Rollins for the title.

Now, Shane O’ Mac comes out.

Now comes Stephanie McMahon.

They are sure dragging this out.  Let’s see the entrance theme of Linda McMahon.  I miss that entrance theme.

Mr. McMahon comes out, and tells them they have done a good job.  Competition is good, but he is disappointed.  It seems like neither one of them came from his loins.

Did he just say that?

He calls Stephanie fake.

She acts like she is sweet, and Steph seems insulted about that.

Shane lost his Wrestlemania match, only reason he is here is because he jumped off the cell at Wrestlemania.  But where is that ruthless aggression?

One of them has to convince him to be the Commish of Smackdown Live.  So convince him.

Stephanie announces her accomplishes.  The gloves are off.  She brings up the Mick Foley podcast, and says Shane attacks Vince behind his back.

Convince Vince, Shane.

Shane returned to WWE 5 months ago, and he returned in this very arena, right here in Detroit Rock City.  He returned, and was rewarded to an ovation that humbled him, so thank you Detroit.

But people were excited because Shane would represent change.  He would change everything, rules, cameras, opportunities.  He is the only one in this business, and on planet Earth that tells Vince how it is respectively, and he doesn’t kiss his ass.  Change is what this company needs.  And if Vince still has the grapefruits, change is what is needed.

I am not convinced by either, really.

Vince can care less what the fans think.  That is not how to run a business.  One of them needs to run Smackdown Live.

We have a drumroll, and Vince tells us the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live is…..

Shane McMahon.

Wait a second, he is here to relieve his duties of Monday Night Raw.  So the commissioner of Monday Night Raw is…..

Stephanie McMahon.

But wait, he is not finished.

He wants the two to compete, in terms of social media, ratings, merchandise.  He wants them both to compete so badly, he doesn’t give a damn if they break the law.  As long as they don’t get caught.  Who gets the keys to the city?

They both will name a General Manager next week, so let the games begin.

Stephanie tells Shane she works twice as hard, and gets half the credit.  Now let the games begin, and Shane will make it seem like he wished he wasn’t born.

Shane tells Steph she is scared, and she has seen the ending of this before.  So game on.

Steph tells him there is only one game, and she is married to him.  She slaps him.  Shane responds with a kiss.

Let the games begin, and we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an okay show, it was more or less a filler, but with more matches.  Vince McMahon returning felt like a waste though, because he truly didn’t choose anyone.

Next week is where it is at.  One day from the draft, we will hear who the two respected GMs are, and we will also get a WWE World Title match.

Send me your thoughts.








































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2 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw 7/11/16…Mr. McMahon Returns

  1. I’ll watch Raw likely sometime tonight…looks like the fast forward on the DVR will get a workout…

    Some observations…

    Why do we need a commissioner and a GM for each show?

    What is the ”other” World Title Belt or WWE Champion belt going to look like?

    Why isn’t Charlotte given more credit for being an excellent heel? Why did Bram get to see her naked?

    What happened to the Vaudvillians? Are they in creative’s doghouse? They don’t even show them entering on TV now…

    When is the Jericho ”Drink it In Man” Shirt set to be released? Doesn’t Stephanie need my plastic money?

    This run shows how important and valuable Jericho is…his work has been stellar this year.

    Enzo is going to be Marty Jennetty for the 21st Century when they break that tag team up…can’t happen fast enough.

    Why don’t they let Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch work with their natural hair color? Lynch is kinda cute, as is Banks? I don’t get it.

    • I love Jericho, he always finds a way to tweak his character up, even if it’s not needed. I have to think we will see separate titles, so no clue. Bring back the big gold belt again? I have no idea why they need a GM and Commissioner, and why did they just keep Steph in her role, when she has not elevated ANYONE, outside of Cena over the last 12 years. And if she does indeed choose HHH, like it has been rumored, we are keeping The Authority, which has been worn out of their welcome so many years ago. Last night’s decision disappointed me, I just hope the GM choices does not. But fast forward through about 90% of the show, and you won’t miss anything.

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