Cruiserweight Classic 7/13/16

Tonight, 32 men are entered into this unique tournament, it’s called Cruiserweight Classic.

It starts now.

We are from Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.  Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan join us.

Corey Graves join us at the CWC Control Center, where we have bracket updates.

Tonight, Hoho Lun Vs Ariya Daivari.  We will also see tonight Cedric Alexander Vs Clement Petiot.  Kota Ibushi will face Sean Maluta, and our first match is Gran Matalik Vs Alejandro Saez.

Video profiling both men.

The match starts now.

Gran Matalik wins with the Michinoku Driver.  Matalik is the first to advance in the Cruiserweight Challenge.

Lun Vs Daivari is next.

Daivari is Sean Daivari’s brother, former WWE and TNA wrestler.

Lun Vs Daivari is now.

Hoho picks up the win with a German Suplex.  Daivari was playing the heel here.  They have the Code of Honor hand shake before each match, and Daivari refused to do that.

Hoho Lun advances.

Ibushi Vs Maluta is tonight.  But next, it’s Petiot Vs Alexander.

Cedric wins with a Lumbar Check, advancing to the tournament.

Ibushi Vs Maluta is up next.

Video from both men.

Our main event match is now.

Ibushi picks up the win with a Last Ride Powerbomb.

Many kicks here, as that is Ibushi’s forte.  Maluta might have a future here too.

Ibushi Vs Alexander in the second round is set.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not sure what the winner gets, but this is a good idea.  Matches should get even better, and right now I would have to say Ibushi is the favorite.

What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

Also a quick note, a big week in wrestling.  We have Rae Monday night, the draft on Smackdown Live Tuesday.  NXT and CWC will continue Wednesday, and Impact Wrestling makes its move to Thursday nights.  I will cover them all live as they are happening this week.  I can’t say that every week, so make sure you keep it locked this week, and every week.















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