WWE Monday Night Raw 7/18/16…Ambrose vs Rollins

One day away from the draft, we will kick the show off with news on who the respected GMs will be.  Creative has to get this right, and I will tell you my thoughts at the end of the night.  But if you truly want to kick off a new era, it is important.

We will also see Dean Ambrose defend his WWE Title against Seth Rollins, 6 days away from Battleground.

Speaking of Battleground, might we see the return of Roman Reigns?

Raw is in 20 minutes.

Tonight is the night says the theme song, and Raw is live, from Providence, Rhode Island.

The new Commissioner of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

Draft pick rules, Raw will get the first pick.  For every 2 Smackdown picks, Raw will get 3. Teams will be chosen by one pick, unless specified, and there are 6 NXT choices available.

Shane McMahon comes out too, the new Smackdown Commissioner.

Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw.  Shane gets that for the last time, since this will be his last night of Monday Night Raw.  And Steph will not miss working with Shane.

More brother-sister love it seems.

Tomorrow, on Smackdown Live, there will be a draft.  Stephanie told Shane that this will benefit both shows.  Steph tells us that there will be a Cruiserweight Division, exclusively on Monday Night Raw.

Stephanie tells us that with a 3 hour show, Raw will receive more draft picks.

Shane tell us he has discussed matters with the new General Manager, and Stephanie informs us we will announce the new Raw General Manager, and it is…..

Mick Foley!!


Foley chants galore here.  Mick thanks Stephanie for this great opportunity, and thank you for naming Mick the Raw General Manager, right here….in Providence, Rhode Island.

This moment reminds Mick of what we called The Attitude Era.  This reminds him of The Monday Night Era, and it was all about the survival.

When Foley heard about the competition of Raw Vs Smackdown, he was reminded of an emblem.  Then when Steph called him, that turned to fire.

Foley tell us he put the final nail in the coffin of WCW.  And he will look for that fire, and will do whatever it takes to win.

Shane congratulates Mick, but that brings Shane to his General Manager.  He needs someone who breaks glass ceilings.  Someone that can be an underdog, and rise to occasion.  So who can it be?  Who is more popular than Mick Foley?

Daniel Bryan!!

The Yes Movement is back, baby!!

Daniel shakes everyone’s hand, but does not shake Stephanie’s hand.  The crowd loves Daniel Bryan.

Did the crowd miss Daniel?  Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Stephanie panders to Daniel, and Daniel responds the crowd never has cheered for Steph.  He didn’t know if he’s ever be back, because he missed wrestling too much.  But Shane called him, about making the superstars first rather than management.

He told him about the battle lines being drawn, and how Smackdown is the underdog, he thought he can come back.

Daniel needed to come back, because Smackdown is the underdog, just like Daniel was the underdog.

Thank you Daniel chants.

Daniel didn’t do this alone, like when he beat Stephanie’s husband at Wrestlemania 30, he didn’t do that alone, we did that.  We have beaten The Authority before, and they will do it again.

Steph calls the fans losers, and that is why they cheer for Daniel.  He thanks Shane for choosing a B+ player for a B+ show.

Shane reminds Steph there will be 2 things, 1.  She will always be Shane’s little sister.  And 2.  She had to marry a WWE superstar to stay relevant.


Shane asks Daniel if he has what it takes to make Smackdown great again?

One word….yes.

Tonight, for the WWE Title, it will be Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins.  We will also see a 12-man tag team.  So I guess Teddy Long is the guest GM tonight.  And next, Cesaro and Zayn will face Owens and Jericho.

Jericho and Owens Vs Zayn and Cesaro is now.

At Battleground, Highlight Reel with Jericho’s guest being Randy Orton.  Also this Sunday, Zayn Vs Owens, for the final time.

Zayn and Cesaro wins when Zayn pinned Jericho with a roll up.  Fun match here, that centered around Zayn Vs Owens.

The Golden Truth is talking to Daniel Bryan.  They are trying to get Daniel into drafting them.

He runs into Titus and Swagger.

Stephanie tries and pander Daniel some more.

Daniel ignores it, and says she has been ruining Monday Night Raw, as we go to a break.

Our next match is Darren Young Vs Alberto Del Rio.

This Sunday, it’s The Miz vs Young for the IC Title.


Darren rolls Del Rio with a Bridge Roll Up.  Okay, Miz might have had something to do with it, distracting Del Rio a bit.

Big Show is talking with Shane and Daniel.

Tonight, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Vs Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

But next, a 12-man tag match.

Here comes John Cena.

This Sunday, it will be Cena, Enzo, and Cass Vs The Club.

We have General Managers, we have Commissioners, and tomorrow night, we will have the WWE Draft, at WWE Smackdown Live.

But wait, there is more.  This Sunday, we have WWE Battleground.  And we have The Club, who want to bat him up.  But they can’t see me, because I have the certified G’s.

Enzo and Cass come out, and you know what they aren’t?


You can’t teach that.

Enzo has something to say.  The term don’t take this the wrong way has a 0% success rate.  So The Club, don’t take this the wrong way, but they ain’t nothing but herves without security.  And you don’t judge a book by its cover.  And he would know, because he doesn’t read.

Some great stuff by Enzo.

Cena stops Enzo, and says he is all over the place.  That’s Enzo Amore, how ya doin’?

Cena tells them they have a match at Battleground, they have to get serious.  Big Cass tells them they like to have fun with the fans, but when it comes to push to serve, they will be as serious as they come.

But here come The Club.

John Boy, really, you’re going to tag up with them?  It’s like setting Cena up for failure.  But he made that choice, so he will give him a taste of what to expect at Battleground.

Karl Anderson asks them if they have chemistry?  The Club have chemistry.  Karl and his hot Asian wife have chemistry.  So when did they meet?  A few weeks ago at catering?

Tonight, The Club has social media goals.  Not only do they get to#BeatUpJohnCena.  They also get to beat up Enzo.  They get to beat up Cass, but they also get to beat up New Day.

AHHHHHH Providence, it’s time to stand up and clap for you world-famous 2-time WWE Tag Team Champions…..

It’s A New Day, yes it is.

They are no-selling the Wyatt Family Compound Festivities last weekend.

AJ brings that up, but they are not any ordinary men.  And once again, they are all talk, no action.

Xavier tries to explain How Ya Doin’.

Cena stops him, because….

New Day Rocks!!

The Wyatts come out now.

For those of you who are keeping score at home, and you know who you are.  It’s Cena, New Day, Enzo and Cass Vs The Club and The Wyatts.

The Club and The Wyatts won a wild brawl, when Enzo accidentally runs into Cena, and Enzo is nailed with a Styles Clash.

Braun Strowman was built strong here, and there is a good possibility Wyatts may break up.

2 6-man tag matches this Sunday.  New Day Vs The Wyatts and Cena, Enzo, and Cass Vs The Club.

Something fun tomorrow night at WWE Network.  They are running Draft Center Live, from 8:00-11:00 keeping up to date with the draft picks, and giving us a second viewing.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Rollins, for the WWE Title.

We are live in Providence, and tonight will see a WWE Title match between Ambrose Vs Rollins.

Who will head to Battleground as WWE Champion?  Seth Rollins said he will, and we see video from earlier tonight.

Earlier tonight, the two Commissioners announced who the 2 GMs are going to be.

Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley, welcome to The Lions Den.

Foley is talking with Breezango, which can be a funny thing.  Shane asks why Mick or anyone would want to work with Stephanie.  But the rumor has it she hired her so she can manipulate him.  Mick is on to everything, but he sees an opportunity to better himself, she has the passion and fire nobody else has.  He is eyes wide open.

Sin Cara Vs Baron Corbin is now.

End of Days, that is all she wrote.  Corbin attacks Sin Cara, and here comes Kalisto.

Corbin attacks him too.

Lucha Dragons are no more, but they are still friends.  Corbin made a statement, one day before the draft.

The women go to work, next.

A sneak peek of “Batman Vs Superman:  Dawn Of Justice” is shown now.

Right now, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Vs Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

This Sunday, it will be Becky Vs Natalya, and we will also see Charlotte and Dana Brooke Vs Sasha and a mystery partner.

Charlotte and Dana are DQ’d because Natalya comes in, and attacks Becky Lynch.

So Dana and Charlotte attack Sasha, sending her a message heading into Battleground.

Demon Kane is talking to Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.

Dean Ambrose has a message, old school style.  He changed the course of history, when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and became WWE Champion.

He is serving his Shield brothers after tonight, and Sunday, Dean will still be the WWE Champion.

It’s Rusev and Sheamus Vs Ziggler and Zack Ryder.

Rusev and Sheamus win with an Accolade, seeing Ziggler tap out.

This Sunday, United States Title match with Rusev Vs Ryder.

At Summerslam, it will be Orton Vs Lesnar.  Randy will be at Battleground, this Sunday.

We see a Randy Orton video.

Orton is Chris Jericho’s special guest on the Highlight Reel, this Sunday.

Next, it’s Ambrose Vs Rollins, for the WWE Championship.

Footage from The ESPYs, with John Cena hosting the show.

Once again, they show you the WWE Draft rules.  Tomorrow night, Smakdown Live.

The Ascension are talking with Mick Foley.  Daniel Bryan wants the two men to have a good working relationship.

But now, words are spoken, and well we know.

Foley assures to Daniel, the battle is on.  Foley is Raw.  Daniel is Smackdown Live.  Let the games begin.

Ambrose Vs Rollins, our main event for the WWE Championship is now.

They gave us a bullshit finish, with a ref bump, and both men are pinned.  What made it annoying though was hearing Stephanie McMahon celebrate like Seth won the title.  She never talked to the ref, the match was great though, but the ending was half-ass.

But the draft is tomorrow, and that is why they gave us the controversial decision.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was fine, I loved the two picks, especially Mick Foley working with Steph.  That should give us some drama.

So tune in tomorrow night for the draft, let me know what you think.









































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