Impact Wrestling 7/21/16…BFG Playoffs Start Tonight

Jeff Hardy is trying to find redemption, he believed this started after he and his brother won Tag Titles, and broke his knee.  “Broken” Matt Hardy wants Jeff to fail, challenging him to jump that hill again.  Jeff does, as we go straight to…..

Lashley comes out to the ring.  Last week, Mike Bennett brought Moose, and tonight, Lashley Vs Edwards inside six sides of steel.  Title Vs Title.

Lashley beats people up, he doesn’t care who, or how, he does it.  Which is why he has a problem with someone coming into his company, and preventing him from winning X-Division Title.

Moose is supposed to impress us because he played in the NFL?  Lashley puts his gloves on, and either destroys people, or knock them out.

Lashley challenges Moose to come out, so he can destroy him, like he does everyone else on the roster.

Mike Bennett comes out.

Mike can say whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants, because he brought that big guy to beat his ass.  He is tired of people screwing him over, and Bennett wants what is coming to him, which is why he will win BFG Playoffs, and it’s because of this man.

Enter Moose.

Lashley is ready for Moose, so get your ass out here, and they can settle this once and for all.

Moose cuts Mike off, and comes right for Lashley.  But Eddie Edwards wants him some too.

All four men are fighting at The Impact Zone.

Officials come out to try to break them up.  Dixie Carter wants some order.  She tells them to get their focus on tonight’s Title Vs Title match.  There will be a match, and nobody will stop it.

If Bennett or Moose gets involved, Mike will be fired on the spot.

Mike will start the BFG Playoffs, and Moose will not interfere.

Mike’s opponent is Jeff Hardy, but here comes “Broken” Matt Hardy.

Matt tells us Jeff will not fight, because Jeff is Matt’s intellectual property.

We see footage, with Matt daring Jeff try the jump, so he can fail.

Jeff fails again.

And although this unfortunate incident happened, and Jeff failed again, he will compete.  Vanguard1 and he created new music, called “Obsolete”.

Reby Sky is having some fun with the music.

Jeff Vs Bennett is next.

Bennett wins the match with a cutter.  He moves on to the Semi-Finals with this victory.

Matt calls Jeff a pathetic, weak, obsolete mule.  Telling him to get out of his ring.

Jeff slowly walks away from this.

Now it’s Matt’s turn to show us what a true Hardy is supposed to look like.  Bring out his opponent, and he will delete him.

Sorry….bout your damn luck.

Matt Hardy Vs “Cowboy” James Storm is now.

Matt wins with the aid of Reby with a hammer, and a Twist of Fate by Hardy.

Earlier tonight, Lashley, Edwards, Bennett, and Moose all fought outside of the ring.

Title Vs Title inside six sides of steel, Lashley Vs Edwards.

Eddie shares some thoughts about Moose.  Tonight is about second chances, inside six sides of steel.  Eddie promises there will be a winner tonight.  He will become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

An in-depth look at EC3.

EC3 competes in the BFG Playoffs, next.

Backstage, Mike Bennett wants to show Dixie Carter who she is, Mike is 2 wins away from winning the TNA Title.  Maria will give her Knockout Address, and they will go celebrate, and disappear for a week.

Moose wants to fight.

EC3 wants to have a little chat.

People ask him all the time why is he here.  He is here for the same reason the wrestlers in the back are here, they have the drive, the passion to be the very best.  To be the best, it means you are the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ethan has won the title one time, two times, but both times he felt something was missing.  But now, he is going to win the BFG playoffs, and become the TNA World Champion.

Drew Galloway comes out.

Drew admits Ethan is a passionate man, he can get the crowd riled up just by singing his theme music.  But one thing they will never agree on is who is the best.

Ethan is a 2-time World Champion, and he will admit he is The “Ass Kicking Machine”.  Now the difference between the two of them is Ethan’s last name is Carter, and TNA asked him to join to help the company grow.

Drew has main evented every TNA PPV he has competed in.  And Ethan counters last week, the two men had a brawl, and if the officials hadn’t pulled them apart, we all know Ethan would have had the last say.

Drew disagreed with that, and they main evented at last year’s Bound for Glory, so perhaps they will meet again.

EC3 suggested the only way they can face each other is in the finals, so they need to get there first.

Drew wants to fight, and when EC3 agrees, here comes Eli Drake.

Everyone came here to talk about Eli Drake.  Not Drew Galloway, not EC3.

EC3 Vs Drake is next.

EC3 defeated Drake with a rollup pin, and Matt Hardy through his weird thing asked who he was going to face next week?  It will be EC3.

Delete this!!

Maria is getting ready for her speech, and Allie keeps kissing her ass.  Maria doesn’t even want to talk about this, because Dixie Carter is threatening her husband Mike Bennett.


Tyrus is going be called “The Fixer” according to that “commercial” we just saw.

Lashley challenges anyone if they want some, come get some.  That includes Eddie Edwards and Moose.

Allie introduces us to Maria Kanellis Bennett.

If Maria has gone too far in her leadership of the Knockouts Division, she apologizes.  And she wants to know if anyone wants to air their grievances, ask your questions.

Allie has a question.

Maria is an inspiration, that we all aspire to achieve.  So how can they all be like her.

Just look deep in your hearts, and believe in her vision.

Jade has a question, she wants her title rematch.  Gail tells Jade she won’t get her title rematch, because she never received her title rematch.

But Sienna tells Gail Maria has more class in her little pinky than Gail ever will.

The focus is all on Gail, but she lost two times to Sienna, so it’s time to stop being selfish.

Gail respects the Knockouts, except for Maria, and Allie.  If she won’t get her rematch with Maria, then she wants the title shot.

Maria orders Gail faces the entire Knockout Division.  If she wins, then she will get her title shot.  If she loses to any of them, then she won’t receive another title opportunity.  And if this happens, the knockout will be rewarded handsomely.

Jade says she has never gone by the rules, so she is leaving.

But she gets into it with Marti.  And Madison Rayne turns on Gail, saying nothing personal, it’s time they all get title opportunities.

Rosemary wants to give Bram some help for his match tonight against Drew Galloway.  Bram doesn’t know what to think, but they do make out.

Shears gets beat down by Al Snow’s boys when he was trying to discuss the BFG Playoffs.

Bram Vs Galloway is now.

Galloway wins the match with a Future Shock DDT off the top rope, for the win.

Edwards Vs Lashley, Title Vs Title, inside Six Sides of Steel is next.

Next Thursday on Impact, Semi-Finals of BFG Playoffs, with Hardy Vs EC3 and Galloway Vs Bennett.

Galloway wants the World Title, but everyone wants to see EC3 Vs Galloway.

Bennett comments that he is the odds on favorite, because of Moose.  But Drew reminds him Moose is a loose cannon, and if he interferes in tonight’s World Title match, Mike is fired.

Edwards Vs Lashley, Title Vs Title, inside Six Sides of Steel is now.

Lashley wins the match, and the X-Division Title with an amazing spear.  Just an incredible match.  Lashley picks Edwards up, and is about to spear him again, but here comes EC3.  Hardy counters this, here comes Galloway.  Bennett and Moose come out and all men are fighting inside Six Sides of Steel when the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the main event.  I wasn’t a fan of the Hardy situation again, but most of the focus was on BFG Playoffs, and with next week being the Semi-Finals, they will have some good matches.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.




















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