WWE Battleground 7/24/16

Tonight, this is the last time everyone will be together.  Because tomorrow, a new era for both Raw and Smackdown begins.

Battleground is set up with tag team matches tonight.  Cena will team up with Enzo and Cass Vs The Club.  But out main event is a Triple Threat match between former members of The Shield.

Dean Ambrose puts his WWE Championship on the line against Seth Rollins, and a returning Roman Reigns.

Kick-off show begins in 5 minutes.

We are live in The Verizon Center, in Washington D.C.

Renee Young joins us for the Kick-Off show.  She welcomes Corey Graves, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Booker T.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the Social media Lounge.  His guest will be Mick Foley, and Daniel Bryan.

Tonight, a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship.  Ambrose Vs Rollins Vs Reigns.

Also tonight, Cena will team up with Enzo and Cass against The Club.

Renee points out this is the last time The Club will wrestle together.  How are their moods?

Our kick-off match tonight will be Breezango Vs The Usos.

But next, The New Day Vs The Wyatt Family preview.

Tonight, 6-man tag match of The New Day Vs The Wyatt Family.

Last night of the Wyatts teaming together, as Strowman was drafted on Raw, and other Wyatts are on Smackdown.

Andrea DeMarco has Zack Ryder backstage.

What are his chances for tonight’s US Title match?

He knows his chances aren’t good, but he has shocked the world before, and he will do it again.  Woo Woo Woo….You Know it.

The United States Title could be coming to Smackdown.

Tonight, both Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan will be a part of The Social Media Lounge.

Tonight, Dana Brooke and Charlotte will face Sasha Banks a mystery partner.

The awesome Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens preview is being shown now.

Cesaro joins the panel to offer some analysis of this match.  He just hopes they settle things, because they both cost him the IC Title twice against The Miz.

Cesaro wants to wrestle, and not be here to talk.

Who is going to win their match tonight?  Kevin Owens.

Coming up next, Foley and Bryan talk.

Questions from the WWE Universe.

An interesting piece on this, we will see what happens this coming week between the two shows.

The Miz Vs Darren Young for the IC Title tonight.

Earlier today, Bob Backlund is working out with Darren Young.

On the other side, The Miz is getting some compliments from his wife, Maryse.

The Usos Vs Breezango is next.

In 4 weeks, it will be Orton Vs Lesnar, at Summerslam.  Tonight, at Battleground, Randy Orton returns to be a guest of The Highlight Reel.

Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton gives us The Usos Vs Breezango.

Breezango picks up the upset win, when Breeze put his knees up, blocks Jimmy’s flight, and rolled him up.

I love the seriousness tonight of Breezango.

Video of the Triple Threat match for tonight’s main event.

WWE Battleground begins next.

I love this video, and of course tonight’s main event sets the tone for everything.  Members of The Shield collide.  Ambrose Vs Rollins Vs Reigns, for the WWE Championship.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

We kick the night off with the women’s tag match.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke Vs Sasha Banks and a mystery partner.

Sasha’s partner is…..


Sasha and Bayley win when Sasha makes Charlotte tap out to the Bank Statement.

A great way to start the show.

Awwwww they are hugging.  Hug Life.

Tonight, 6-man tag match of New Day Vs The Wyatt Family, and that’s now.

The Wyatts won the match when Bray pinned Xavier with Sister Abigail.

Match started slow, but picked up at the end.  Highlight was Xavier fighting his fears, and went after Bray.

Roman Reigns went to Twitter this week.

Rusev Vs Zack Ryder for US Championship is now.

The United States Title stays on Raw, when Rusev makes Ryder tap out to The Accolade.

After the match, Rusev attacks Ryder some more, but Mojo Rawley comes over, and checks on his Hype Bro teammate.

Stephanie and Mick are being greeted by Seth Rollins.

Mick reminds Seth he has a chance to bring back the WWE Title to Monday Night Raw.

Seth is still as confident as ever.

Tonight is about Seth bringing back the WWE Title for himself.

Seth is ready for tonight.

Owens Vs Zayn is now.

Wow, Zayn picks up his biggest win of his career, hitting 2 Helluva kicks on Owens, and picking up the win.

By far, the best match of the night.  Both men will be on Raw tomorrow.  Not sure what will happen.

The Battleground Kick-Off panel are being shown now.

Now comes Natalya Vs Becky Lynch, another match I want to see.

Natalya picks up the win with a Sharpshooter.  This felt more or less like a squash, but with both of them heading to Smackdown there will be more.

Shane and Daniel are giving Ambrose a pep talk.  I can’t wait to see this match.

WWE Summerslam is on August 21st, we will see Orton Vs Brock.


Young Vs The Miz for the IC Title.

I think Darren wins by Countout.  Miz tried to leave, Backlund got into his face, Maryse slaps Bob, and Darren gave Miz a Crossface Chicken Wing after the match.  And then he looks at his hands.

Moving on.

Cena, Enzo, and Cass Vs The Club is now.

Cena, Enzo, and Cass beat The Club when Cena hits a Top Rope AA on AJ Styles.

A good match here, and Enzo was the star with his mic skills before the match.

Highlight Reel time!!

Chris is telling us this is the biggest Highlight Reel in WWE history.  Because his guest is returning to the WWE for the first time in 9 months.  He will take on “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, and he is his guest on The Highlight Reel, Randy Orton.

Smackdown’s newest addition, I might add.

Orton is getting a hero welcome here in D.C.

For 9 months, Orton has enjoyed time with his wife and kids.  But just going down the ramp, he sensed something was missing, it was the fans.  D.C. has Orton in such a good mood, he doesn’t mind sharing the ring with Jericho.

Big RKO chants going right now.

Instead of insulting Jericho, Orton should be thanking him for putting him on the show with the Best In The World at what he does.  Oh yeah, this is a moment for Orton, and he should be thanking him, because he is on another level now.

Orton threatens Jericho he can hit a RKO, out of nowhere.

Jericho tells him he can get a Codebreaker out of nowhere.

For the last 9 months, so much has happened.  There is now a brand extension.  Orton is on Smackdown, with the GM being Daniel Bryan.  Chris is on Raw, with the GM being Mick Foley, who is under the tutelege of the greatest woman in the history of WWE, Stephanie McMahon.

The WWE Champion is a barbarian, who cost him to recieve 69 stitches.  But this isn’t about Jericho, this is about Orton.  Chris has a gift for Randy, it’s the gift of Jericho.  Drink it in, man.

Orton calls Jericho “Ellen” and Jericho tells him Brock has laid destruction for quite a few years, and we see video proof of that.

Suplex after Suplex.  The human body isn’t developed to bend like that.  Randy knows this, the two joined WWE together.  But they haven’t matched up, so is Randy scared?  Chris thinks so.

What made Randy decide to face Brock?

Randy was gone for 9 months, and he wanted to face the biggest and baddest dude on the planet, and that was Brock.  How epic would it have looked if Randy spent 9 months off the mend, and he faced Fandango?

Jericho never liked Orton, but he is going to be honest with him.  Brock is going to kick Randy’s ass.  He will slam him, and he will take Randy to Suplex City, man.

It takes 20 trips to Suplex City, right.  Well it takes 1 RKO to get to Viperville.  No enhancement is needed.


Chris knows someone who is close to Brock, and he has someone to send him a message.  Brock calls Randy a coward, since he has avoided him for 15 years.

Brock is going to eat Randy for breakfast, Brock’s words, not Jericho’s.

Brock say you are a stupid idiot, Brock’s words, not Chris.

What is he going to do?  Give him a RKO now?

How about now?

Randy flinches, but then gives Chris a RKO.

15 years in the making.

Our main event is now, Triple Threat for WWE Championship.  Ambrose Vs Reigns Vs Rollins.  The Shield explodes.

Oh lord, now all 4 bosses are coming to the ring, the focus needs to be on this match, not The McMahons.

Dean Ambrose wins the match, and keeps the title with Dirty Deeds, on Roman Reigns.

That means Smackdown will have the WWE Championship.

Incredible match, and best thing is the match was clean.

Ambrose celebrates the win with the entire Smackdown roster, while Stephanie is beside herself.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Top to bottom, this was a very good night of wrestling action.  Where we go from here is anybody’s guess.  But I have to believe we are going to have another title being introduced tomorrow night on Raw, and we will see Rollins Vs Reigns for the title, at Summerslam.

Just a big night of action, Zayn Vs Owens was the best match, but the main event had that big match feel too, and it ends with a clean pinfall.

Share me your thoughts, I will talk to you tomorrow.













































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4 Responses to WWE Battleground 7/24/16

  1. adztheman says:

    From what I’m reading today, Bayley’s appearance was a one off, according to JBL, which is sad…

    How long is this young lady going to be asked to carry NXT? She needs to show what she can do on the main roster…I want to see what she can do; women with far fewer skills-Bellas, anyone?– have been promoted ahead of her…

    You saw the Kevin Owens I watched as Kevin Steen on ROH for many months…this guy is only going to get better…

    • I agree, but at least Nikki has improved, think about this….EVA MARIE WAS DRAFTED….EVA MARIE!!!! That’s awful, yet Bayley is stuck in NXT. At least though we know they can put her in a 15-20 minute match on NXT. In WWE, she is lucky if she’s in a 7 minute match, and that’s on a 3 hour show.

      But Kevin Owens is only going to get better, as is Sami Zayn. Last night was just a big example of that.

      • adztheman says:

        I’m angry that Eva Marie is allowed to breathe from the same oxygen that I breathe.

        Did anybody in creative hear the reaction that she got at Wrestlemania?

        Bayley is somebody people want to see, will pay to see…apparently there is talk about having her as part of a September call up…

        Maybe she hand somebody the new Universial Title or something…

      • You have to think they are creating another Women’s Title for Smackdown, right? That means Eva Marie will be wrestling for it at some point. Maybe her feather bows for her entrance will cost her the match?

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