Impact Wrestling 7/28/16…BFG Playoff Semi-Finals

Tonight, BFG Playoffs continue, with “Broken” Matt Hardy facing EC3, and Drew Galloway Vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.  The winner will face Lashley, at Bound for Glory.

Impact Wrestling is now.

“Broken” Matt Hardy comes to the ring to kick off the show.

He only has a handful of people he cares about.  Rebecca, Maxell, Senor Benjamin, and his devotees.  He used to care about his brother, “Mule” Jeff Hardy, who has become obsolete.

He order him to come to the ring.

Jeff is Matt’s money-making “mule” because every cent he has earned goes to Matt.  And tonight, he moves one step closer to being World Heavyweight Champion, and he has to face that inhibin EC3.  All his “obsolete” brother has to do is whatever it takes for that to happen.

Jeff asks Matt if he’s so great, then why is he asking him to do those things.  He can beat EC3 by himself.

Nobody says no to him.  His wife doesn’t say no.  His son Maxell never says no to him.  Senor Benjamin never says no to him.

Ladies and gentlemen…EC3.

Matt is making weird sounds, and EC3 tells “Brother” Matt, he knew he would come.

EC3 makes some facial expressions.

Nothing will stop EC3 from kicking his ass, and sending him back to Hardy House of Horrors.

EC3 tells us this isn’t “Brother” Nero, this is Jeff Hardy.  He is a relevant creature.  He tells jeff he has nothing against him, but if he gets involved, he will have EC3 after him.

Now Matt threatens to eat his cat.

Those are words, EC3 Vs Matt is now.

There was a hammer thrown in, Jeff was the one who slid it in, but EC3 prevailed with a One Percenter, and picks up the win.

EC3 advances to the finals, next week.

Maria and Allie approaches Madison Rayne.  She said that she has been impressed with what Madison Rayne did last week with Gail Kim.

Madison did this for herself.  Gail deserves Hall of Fame, but Madison was, and still is “Queen Bee”, so what will Maria do for Madison when she beats Gail, tonight?

We will have to see if it happens.

Gail Vs Madison is next.

Jeff leaves the building, but Matt is upset.  This will go punished.  Jeff dares him to punish Jeff.  Matt tells him that when you lose something so dear, you learn to love something new.


Gail Kim Vs Madison Rayne is now.

Eat Defeat, Gail Kim defeats Madison Rayne.

Mike Bennett is with Moose.

We are looking at the newest member of TNA roster.  We are looking at the man with complete destruction.  Now, we are looking at Mike Bennett.

Dixie seems threatened by him, why Dixie?  He makes her money.  He beat EC3’s undefeated streak.  Tonight, he takes care of Drew Galloway, and is one step closer from being World Heavyweight Champion.  And Lashley, keep that title warm, because he will take it from him.

Moose warns Lashley he will take care of him in any way, no matter who stands in his way.

Rosemarie meets up with Bram in the woods, and we get a flashback video of Rosemarie’s childhood.

She found her cat in the trash, what a horrible mother.

Bram doesn’t know what he got himself into.

She brought Bram to tell him what happened in the barn.

Moose’s TNA in-ring debut is now.

He’s facing David Star.

Moose wins with the Game Breaker, a lariat clothesline.

What we just witness was the most dominant, the most destructive, and the baddest man in professional wrestling…

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, and the current X-Division Champion, Lashley.  He’s ready to fight.

Mike is trying to play peace maker here, between the two men.  This is Lashley, and this is the baddest man on the planet.  Is this a match we want to see?  Lashley Vs Moose?

This match won’t happen right now.  Bennett has a match to prepare for later tonight, in the BFG Playoffs, and he needs him to watch Mike’s back.

One day Moose, your mommy will let you come out, and play.  You don’t want this.

But everyone wants what Lashley has, the World Title and the X-Division Title.  But he wants all of the gold, if there is a singles title, he wants it.

Here comes DJ Z, we have our X-Division Title match?

Z isn’t here to stop Lashley, but he is out here to fight Lashley.  He has been in the X-Division for 5 years.  Lashley is dominating, but he isn’t exactly a fit in the X-Division.  So he is out here to fight Lashley, and wants a title match now.

Lashley asks Z if he doesn’t fit the X-Division?  He can’t do the things Z does?  Well, Z can’t do what Lashley does.  He picks any match, and Lashley will beat him.

A ladder match, for the X-Division title is next.

Z gave it a fight, but Lashley wins the match, and keeps his X-Division Title.

EC3 tells Drew Galloway his prediction is halfway true.  Drew puts EC3 over to say he earned that win with Hardy.  Drew is concerned with Moose in Bennett’s corner.  Ethan offers to watch his back, and Drew denies it.  Telling him the next time he wants to see EC3 is in the ring for the BFG Finals.

Tonight, Galloway Vs Bennett.

More video from Bram and Rosemarie.

“Johnny” was her true love, but he never showed up.

Bram is here for Rosemarie.  But she has to take him at the exact spot, so the ghost can tell the story.

Fact of Life, with Eli Drake.

Eli has something on his mind right now.  Did he hear earlier that Lashley said he has beaten everybody in TNA has been beat by him?  Let me talk to you, you’re looking at the King of the Mountain Champion.  His name is Eli Drake.

But Bobby, while you’re going around looking at title, like this is Pokemon Go.  Eli isn’t playing any games.  He likes the idea of being the only World Heavyweight Champion, X-Division Champion, and King of the Mountain Champion all at the same time, and nobody can….

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck!!

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Eli was looking for contenders, not a drunk.

Storm is okay being drunk, because if he was single, he’d be whooping his ass.

Storm said the two of them are outside, looking in.  Because they lost their matches last week.  But Eli holds the golden ticket.  He is the King of the Mountain Champion, and can get a World Title shot.

He offers Storm another beer, but Eli declined, saying he drinks water.  Storm kicks it, and wants another King of the Mountain Title shot.

Eli declines, but Storm talks about his mother.


If Storm wants another title shot, Eli doesn’t want Storm to have another beer again.  He doesn’t want to see the scooter, he doesn’t want to hear the entrance theme.  Maybe they can do it.

Storms drinks the beer, drinks another beer, and agrees to the deal.

Eli said he’d like to wish him luck, but he’s going to need it.

Dummy, yeah.

Eli tries to club Storm with the title, but James stops him.  Eli kicks him, and tells him he will lose again, and that’s a fact of life.

Titus tells us he can “fix” things.  Shera and Grado want the money to get Titus to “fix” things.

Tonight, Mike Bennett Vs Drew Galloway in the BFG Playoffs.

We break to the camera, Decay and Bromans are fighting.  World Tag Team Championship match, in a Monster’s Ball match is next.

Decay win the match when Abyss chokeslams Robbie into the barbed wire.

The action was mostly in the ring.

Bennett Vs Galloway is next.

Bennett wins the match when Moose came in to attack Galloway, and EC3 comes out to stop him.  Only he whacked Drew with a kendo shot, and Bennett hits the MIP to win, and advance to the finals.

Next week, it’s EC3 Vs Bennett, winner faces Lashley at BFG.

We end the show with the celebration.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay.  I enjoyed the focus of the 2 main matches, but very disappointed they gave Drew and Mike just 10 minutes to do this match.  Main events need to be a bit longer, when you’re talking about these two.

Just a weird thing going with Rosemary.  I guess we will see what happens next week.

I didn’t care about The Monster’s Ball match, sorry.

I did like the Storm and Drake segment, and I felt that DJ Z looked good against the World Champ.  Still want to see Moose Vs Lashley, but who is the heel here?

This just could have been a better show.  What were your thoughts on it?  Send them to me.



















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