WWE NXT 7/27/16…Number One Contender On The Line

We are at Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.  NXT Wrestling is now.

“The King of Strong Style” kicks off the show.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.  Nakamura will face Wesley Blake, one on one.

Blake told Murphy he is going to show everyone he was the one carrying Blake and Murphy.  Murphy is in action too.

Nakamura wins the match after kicking Blake in the head with Shin-Sa-Sa.

Now comes the GM William Regal.

Regal congratulates Shinsuke Nakamura.  At the next NXT:  Takeover, it will be Samoa Joe defending his World Title against Nakamura, Saturday, August 20th.

Billie Kay will wrestle against Santana Garrett.

Billie wins her first NXT match with a big boot.

Footage from Bayley showing up for her first WWE match, teaming up with Sasha Banks at Battleground, defeating Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

Bayley is with Regal.  She wants her rematch at Aksuna, and she wants it at Brooklyn, where she first won her Championship.

Regal agrees, and if Asuka agrees, they will have a contract signing.

Kota Ibushi Vs Buddy Murphy, tonight.

But next, TM61 is in action.

TM61 heads to the ring, and will face Rob Ryson and Adrian Nails.

TM61 wins the match with Thunder Valley.  I like that finisher.

We see the footage last month when Austin Aries attacked No Way Jose.

2 weeks ago, we see No Way Jose went after Aries, he is in action, next.

Hideo Itami is coming back.  He returns, next week.

No Way Jose in action, against Steve Cutler.

Jose wins with the Cobra Clutch Slam.

Jose tells Aries all he tried to do was be encouraging to him, show some good vibes he has been brewing here in WWE.  But he showed the fire Jose has, and Aries showed us the coward he is.

The next time you see Jose, there won’t be no running, no stomping, because he will whoop some ass.

Next, Kota Ibushi Vs Buddy Murphy.

Our main event, Ibushi Vs Murphy is up now.

Ibushi wins with the Sit-Down Powerbomb, good match here.  This was Ibushi’s first NXT victory.

Cathy Kelley wants to hear thoughts from the NXT World Champion Samoa Joe, about his World Title match at Takeover.  Joe feels disrespected, and said he will handle this, and walks away.

Next week, Bobby Roode is in action.

Here comes Joe.

Upon his arrival here, the GM William Regal decided Joe has to defend his Championship at NXT Takeover, against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Unfortunately due to not consulting with Joe, that match won’t happen.

Nakamura has done thing to earn that title shot.  So he won’t be facing Shinsuke Nakamura.

Here comes Regal.

Joe may bt the champion, but Regal is the GM.  His decision is final.

Joe has to go through everyone to get a title show at this, but Nakamura has not done that.  Joe suggests that they go to the back, and discuss opponents Joe can face at NXT Takeover, but he must approve it.

Regal told him if he feels that way, he can forfeit the title right now.

Joe will have the match, but he will decimate him, like he did to Balor.  And if he sees him first, he may do it early.

Nakamura comes out, and the show ends with both men facing off.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The two main matches are set for NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn, with Joe Vs Nakamura and Bayley Vs Asuka.

Tonight was a solid show, showcasing the new set of talent coming into NXT, and next week will be my first chance to see Bobby Roode in the ring in NXT.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me.















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