WWE Smackdown Live 8/2/16…American Alpha Debuts

Tonight, American Alpha make their Smackdown debut.  AJ Styles has a message for John Cena.

Smackdown Live is now.

We begin the show with a clip from last night’s Raw.  Shane tells Randy there will be repercussions, Brock will retaliate, and they ordered security for Orton.

Miz and Maryse approach the two bosses.  He is upset about the treatment he has had last week.  Daniel was not happy about drafting Miz, but he wanted to draft the IC Title.  So tonight, we will have a New Era Triple Threat match to determine the Number One Contender to the IC Title, and will face The Miz at Summerslam.

Dean Ambrose will address his people.

We are live in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga welcome us to the show, and it’s time for The Champ to greet his people.

Dean welcomes us to the show.  He became the man by working hard every year, and he did it by beating his Shield brothers at Battleground.  Dean loves being at the top, and he remains to stay that way.

Which brings us to Dolph Ziggler.  “Mr. Booty Shaker”, and he asks for Ziggler to come to the ring.

Ziggler is a big fan of Dean, and they are both pretty similar.

Ambrose disagrees, and says Ziggy is all show, and Dean is all go.  He has worked so hard at this, nobody is going to take this title from him.

Ambrose came in from The Shield.  Ziggler came in as a male cheerleader.  You want to talk about scratching and crawling, you’re looking at him.

Is Ziggler done?  It’s true Ziggler has done that, but he doesn’t complain.  When people said he would not be champion material, he didn’t listen, he beat people, and proved everyone wrong.  Can Ziggler do that?  No, because he has an image problem.  Ziggler cares about what the fans think, what the office thinks.  He needs to worry about himself, because he will face the champ, but he will lose.  He will steal the show, and does what he does.  But Dean will do what he does, he is a winner.  Ziggler will steal the show, and he will lose.

Ziggler is a kid from Cleveland, and he was 5 years old, going to his first wrestling show, and knew he would be champion.  He is the guy who walked on to Kent State University, and won championships.  He is that guy who became a WWE superstar, was told he would never be champion, he wasn’t good enough, then next day, he said he was too good.

He is the guy who will walk into Brooklyn, and beat Ambrose’s ass, why?  Because he is that damn good.

Ambrose said he isn’t, he is the guy who thinks he is good, but he isn’t, and he will lose to Ambrose, at Summerslam.

He walks away, and Ziggler watches on, but the lights go out, and come back on and see Bray Wyatt.

BOOM!!  Sister Abigail.

Ziggler took Bray’s spot, he stole something from me.  So he proposes a match with Ziggler.  If he wins, he will prove how good he is, and march on to Summerslam.  But if he loses, Bray takes his spot at Summerslam for the WWE Title.

Come on Show Off, show us how good you are.

Follow The Buzzards.

Tonight, AJ Styles calls out John Cena.  We will also see the in-ring debut of American Alphas, and next, Triple Threat match to determine Number One Contender to IC Title.

Ziggler orders Shane and Daniel to make the match tonight against Bray Wyatt.  Nobody believes he can do it.

Triple Threat match is now, it’s Kalisto Vs Apollo Crews Vs Baron Corbin.  Winner gets The Miz, who is at ringside for the IC Title, at Summerslam.

Apollo Crews wins with a roll up of Kalisto, after they both took Baron Corbin out of the ring.

Corbin attacks Kalisto, and here comes Apollo.

The Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale on Crews, and Baron….END OF DAYS on Miz.

AJ Styles has a message for John Cena.

And next, Becky Lynch vs Eva Marie.

Oh, now we have the glorious Eva Marie intro.

There is no match, Eva has an “injury”.

Renee Young is at the Smackdown Control Center, Carmella gives us her thoughts, but Natalya is upset Renee is interviewing Carmella, and not Natalya.

Nattie is “Wrestling Royalty”, so she should be on top.

Carmella doesn’t like that, and challenges Natayla to a match.

The in-ring debut of American Alphas, next.

American Alphas Vs The Vaudevillains is now.

American Alpha picks up the win.  They willing, ready, and Gable.

They won with a Grand Applitude.

AJ Styles has a message to John Cena, next.

Video footage of John Cena all over the world.

“You don’t want none” says DMX, as AJ Styles heads to the ring.

AJ came out here for one reason, and one reason only, to talk about John Cena.

Enter John Cena.

So for days, AJ has said he has a message for Cena, so he is here…talk.

Typical John Cena, he is always thinking it’s about you.  He can do what he is best at doing, #BeatupJohnCena.

But AJ had a message for C-Nation.  But he is here, and Cena needs to hear it.

AJ was going to tell these people what his problem is.  He beat Cena up, he beat Cena in the ring, yet he is still here in the WWE.  He doesn’t want John here.  Styles knows exactly what his problem is.  He doesn’t want him here, he doesn’t belong in the ring with AJ.  He comes out, and does his song and dance, and he does it for the stupid people.  Nashville, Tennessee are the dumbest, because he knows.  One example, the kids.  They are the ones who buy merchandise, the parents are delusional enough to think all kids deserve trophies for participating.

Styles tells us you don’t eat dessert before dinner.  They don’t get trophies for participating in sports.  Where is his trophy?  He is phenomenal.

Cena tells him he is delusional, the fans do what they want, and even made up words to his song.

We get a Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks.

Styles tells Cena he was the one who challenged any new era guy, and he beat him at Money in the Bank, so why is he here?

Because John loves doing what he does.  For 15 years, nothing has changed, even when people tell John when is he going to leave, and Cena tells them never.  This is his place, while AJ is kicking it on his day off tomorrow, Cena will be on a Late Night with Steven Cobert, wearing a weak ass blue suit, representing Smackdown Live.  AJ can leave tomorrow, and be okay, Cena?  This is his life.  So what are you doing here?

AJ was waiting for this response, so he issues a challenge, Cena Vs Styles, one on one, no Club, no nothing.  Just see who the better man is.

Cena accepts, and AJ tells John the best part of Summerslam?  The next Tuesday, on Smackdown Live, he comes out and says AJ is the better man.  And if he doesn’t, he’s a liar.  And if Cena does, then he is a loser.  Either way, AJ wins.

Mic dropped.

Cena vs Styles, one on one is set for Summerslam.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Wyatt, with Dolph’s title match at Summerslam, on the line.

Oh glorious, it’s Fandango Vs Randy Orton.

Randy wins by DQ, when Brock Lesnar shows up, and lands a F-5.

Shane comes out, and security did not do their job.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Brock hitting a F-5.

During the commercial, he was escorted out of the building.  Paul Heyman meets up with all of this.

Daniel Bryan is on the phone, and is met up with Heath Slater, who just walked through the back door.

Daniel tells Heath that he gets a match next week, and his opponent is….Rhyno.

Who promptly gores Heath.

Renee Young is with the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose.

Dean is confused over who he could face at Summerslam.  Anything can happen.  Ambrose believes Ziggler will be self-destructed.

Wyatt Vs Ziggler is next.

The new Smackdown announce woman interviews Randy Orton, wanting to know his thoughts on what happened to him, but he walks away.

Carmella Vs Natalya is now, only the match was a no contest.  Natalya attacked Carmella, and hits a Sharpshooter.

Daniel and Shane try to talk Ziggler out of the challenge, bit he isn’t buying it.

That match is next.

Ziggler wins the match, earlier in the match, he exposed the turnbuckle, then put Bray’s head onto it, and gave him a Superkick, to keep his title shot.

Ziggler screams at Bray this is the real Dolph.  If you want him, he’s right here.  Erik Rowan shows up, and attacks Ziggler.  Ambrose tries to help him, but Bray attacks Ambrose, and ends the show with Sister Abigail.

Follow The Buzzards.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A great show, much better than last week, and much better than Raw this week.

Do we have a Triple Threat match in the works, with Bray Wyatt added to the title match?  Where do we go from here?

AJ Styles faces Cena, again.  John will win, right?  Right?


What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.



















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