Impact Wrestling 8/4/16…EC3 Vs Bennett…BFG Playoffs Final

Tonight, we will see Mike Bennett Vs EC3, but we see an irate Drew Galloway from last week, upset that EC3 cost him his match.

We go back to EC3 and Mike Bennett, Mike tells EC3 that his Aunt Dixie set the cards up for Mike.  He defeated the legendary Jeff Hardy.  He beat Drew Galloway, with some thanks to Ethan.  So less than 2 hours, it will be EC3 Vs “The Miracle” once again.  Mike did something nobody else has been able to do, he beat the “unbeatable”, he pinned EC3.  Because he is “The Miracle”.

EC3 admitted he beat him, he always knew Mike had the talent, but at Slammiversary, he got his redemption.  Tonight, the rubber match is in effect, and we will see who is Bound for Glory.

Bennett told EC3 the two of them would always fight it out, but Bennett will always be number one, and EC3 will be somewhere behind.

EC3 says to bring your moose gel, bring your wife, bring it all, and he will beat them all, if he has to.  Mike assures Ethan that “The Miracle” can do it all by himself.  But Ethan, turn your back for a second, and that is what will cost him the match.

Here comes Moose, EC3 has his back to him, and “The Miracle” attacks Ethan.

Later tonight, those two settle their score.

Eli Drake is ready for his King of the Mountain Title match with “Cowboy” James Storm.  There is one Eli Drake.


Rosemary back story here.

Sorry ’bout your damn luck.

“Cowboy” James Storm Vs Eli Drake, for King of the Mountain Title, now.

Storm wins the match, he keeps his gimmick, he keeps his music, and most importantly, he keeps his beer.  “Cowboy” wins with Last Call.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley as we go to a break.

Lashley is not here to fight Storm, at least now.  He is here, champion to champion to congratulate Storm.

They shake hands, and Lashley tells him as champions they represent winning.  But it seems in other sports, everyone gets a trophy, but you don’t see Bobby holding up a NBA Trophy, right?

Storm looks at the World Title, he likes that.  5 years ago, he beat an Olympic athlete, it was a big party that night.  Storm beat that guy in 1:00.  Lashley is just a NCAA athlete, he can beat him in 30 seconds.

Lashley said he collects titles, and he wants Storm’s title.

Storm wants his.  He knows that Storm’s face is going to hurt because of all the punches Lashley will throw.  But his foot will hurt just by stomping Lashley’s face.

Lashley told Storm they can do things 2 different ways.  He will give him a choice, unlike what Eddie Edwards received.  Either he can hand his title over to Lashley.  Or, get his ass kicked, but still hand his title over to Lashley.

Storm loves kicking ass, bitch.

Down the road, those two will face off, Title Vs Title.

Maria comes over, when Allie was running her mouth to Gail.  Maria tells Gail she will never get her Knockout Title shot.  But she will face Allie, next.

Rosemary needs to tell Bram everything, she assures him she will, and it’s good to get everything out in the open.

Gail Kim Vs Allie is now.

Maria comes back out, she says she was distracted earlier.  Gail actually has two opponents tonight.  Allie and Sienna.

Gail wins the match when Sienna accidentally hits The Silencer on Allie, Gail pins her.

Brother Nero, you obsolete mule, “Broken” Matt Hardy said.  He cost Matt the match last week, just like when they won the Tag Titles in all of the universe, they came to TNA, and won Tag Team Titles, Brother Nero cost them Tag Titles.  Next, you will learn what you have to do, you obsolete mule.

Next week, Impact Wrestling is live, the main event is set.  Title Vs Title, Storm Vs Lashley.

Remy introduces us to “Broken” Matt Hardy.

Tonight, we find out the genesis of The Hardy Family, so come on out my obsolete mule.

Jeff comes out to the ring.

Crowd is chanting Jeff’s name.

Last week, you embarrassed The Hardy Brand.  You helped that 3rd Ethan Carter, how dare you?  Jeff and Matt were brothers, and they entered the wrestling world.  But the crowd loved Jeff more, because he was nothing more than a spot monkey.  Only reason Matt came to TNA was to win Tag Team Titles with Jeff, but he was selfish enough to cost them the Tag Titles.

Matt won the World Heavyweight Title, but Jeff cost him the title.

So they are on a quest to win Tag Titles again.  It starts tonight, and they will team together.  But Jeff does everything himself, and he will win by not jumping off the top rope.

So send the two “prospects” now.

J.T. Dunn and Chad Taylor is now.

Matt and Jeff win when Jeff went up top, but Matt tagged himself in, and hit a Twist of Fate on J.T. Dunn.

But the story of this match was “Broken” Matt Hardy ate a fan from the crowd.  Literally he bit his ear, just very weird.

Al Snow’s crew is in action, next.

The Tribula and Al Snow Vs Shera and Grado.

Oh boy!!

Shera and Grado win with Sky High.  Shera pins Al Snow.

The conclusion to the Rosemary saga is next.

Rosemary killed Johnny, Bram tried to run, but Decay is there, and kidnaps him.

More or less.

Last week, EC3 cost Drew Galloway his match, but EC3 is ready for this opportunity to beat Mike Bennett, and move on to Bound for Glory.  Mike Bennett is the man who pinned EC3, and his road to Bound for Glory goes through Ethan.

Earlier in the night, EC3 is attacked by Moose and Bennett.  Bring them all, EC3 will get through anyone to get to the World Heavyweight Title.

“The Fixer” will fix anything.

Next week, Title Vs Title, winner take all.  Lashley Vs Storm on a Live Impact Wrestling.

Our main event, Bennett Vs EC3, winner moves on to Bound for Glory and face World Heavyweight Champion is now.

EC3 wins with One Percenter, after Eddie Edwards came out to counter Moose.

A great match to end the show, EC3 is heading to Bound for Glory.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight was a better show than last week.  I loved the main event, and we are now heading to the road to Bound for Glory.

I didn’t like the Hardy segment, with Matt chewing off some dude’s ear, I hope that doesn’t continue.

Looking forward to seeing Lashley Vs Storm next week, will EC3 interfere?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

















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