WWE Smackdown Live 8/9/16…The Lunatic And The Show-Off Team Up

After a boring Raw last night, Smackdown has a chance to supreme on top again, will they?

Smackdown Live starts in 5 minutes.

We enter the night with Randy Orton entering the building, and that new woman asks Randy how does he stay focused, knowing he is about to face Lesnar at Summerslam.

Orton said Brock may be big and bad, but it only takes one RKO to get to Viperville.

Alberto Del Rio interrupts, and says that sounds like it’s Disney World.

Randy proposes he finds out first hand, with a match.  Del Rio says let’s see if he can do it, with a broken arm.

We are live in Bakersfield, California.  Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga welcome us to the show.

Bray Wyatt comes out to the ring, with Erick Rowan.

Last week on Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler put his Summerslam spot on the line with Bray Wyatt, and Ziggler won.  But Erick Rowan came out to counter.

I would like to make something very clear.  Last week, I did not fall to Dolph Ziggler.  Wyatt was a victim.  Ziggler was desperate, and he rammed Bray’s head into the steel, because he knew it was the only way.  Then he realized everything had been taken from Bray again.  But what Dolph doesn’t understand is Bray is a God.  And you can’t ever kill a God.  Ask your friend Dean Ambrose, because he knows Bray very well, he still has teeth marks on his side.  And what you two don’t understand is this is Bray’s show.  There is no blue, there is no red, it’s Bray Wyatt Vs the whole damn world.

Here comes the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose.

Everything has changed, we have Bray Wyatt in the ring, as always saying some mambo jumbo, as always.  Then we have Erick Rowan standing by his side, but Bray thinks of himself as a victim.  Well listen up, Smackdown Live isn’t his show, it’s the WWE Universe’s show, and the champ runs this show, so Dean Ambrose runs this show.

Wyatt dares Dean to come to the ring, and make him shut up.

Dean is smarter, he won’t come to the ring by himself, but then again the more Bray sprays out his words, the more he wants to shove these big words down his throat.

Here comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler just walks to the ring, and fights the Wyatts.

Dean joins in.

I smell a tag team match, later tonight.

Ziggler nails a Superkick on Ambrose, accidentally.  And nails Rowan, but Sister Abigail on Ziggler.

Tonight, Orton Vs Del Rio.

And next, American Alpha are in action.

Ziggler and Ambrose face off, with Ziggler telling Dean that wasn’t on purpose.  Ambrose said he owes Dolph one, and Ziggler dares him to say no other time than the present.

Shane O’ Mac and Daniel Bryan rush in, inform them to save that for Summerslam.  Tonight, they will team up to face Wyatt and Rowan.  And if you don’t like that, then screw you.

Mikey O’ Shea and Mike Vega will face American Alpha.

The Ascension, proving to us they still have a job in WWE come out.  Here comes The Vaudevillains, followed by The Hype Bros.

All watching this match closely.

American Alpha wins the match, and here we go, all tag teams are fighting among each other.

American Alpha are left standing.

Tonight, Orton Vs Del Rio.

But next, the second chance in-ring Smackdown debut of Eva Marie.

Renee Young is with The Miz and Maryse.

Renee Young wants to look at Apollo Crews, The Miz’s opponent, Miz wants to look at Maryse.

Do you blame him?

Video of Apollo Crews is being shown.

Maryse and Miz are looking at each other, which is hilarious.

Eva Marie is going to face Becky Lynch.

The glorious entrance of Eva Marie.

Oh wait a second, Eva has a wardrobe malfunction, Rudy Charles asks for a towel.

No match, Eva can’t compete in the match.  Another no contest.

The new announcer asks Becky about feeling frustrated for not competing, Becky is here to compete.  So she challenges anyone to come out, and she will wrestle them.

It’s Alexa Bliss.

She is Team Blue’s hottest star, and here to bring bliss to Smackdown Live.  And she feels nothing better to knock out Smackdown Live’s first woman draft pick.

Becky Vs Bliss is next.

Eva Marie’s entrance comes out again, and Alex wins with Twisted Bliss.

Charlie Caruso is the woman’s name.  Eva feels bad about not facing Becky.  Alex beat her to the punch, but don’t worry, she will get her shot next week.

Tonight, Ambrose and Ziggler Vs Bray and Rowan.

But next, Orton Vs Del Rio.

We see the footage the last few weeks with Orton and Brock.

Orton Vs Del Rio is now.

Del Rio is DQ’d when he nails Orton with a chair, hurting that arm.

RKO out of nowhere!!

Rhyno is tuning up for his match with Heath Slater.  Heath reminds Rhyno that if he beats him, he can get a contract to Smackdown Live.  Heath tells Rhyno he has kids, and he can’t let him down.  He just bought a pool.  Rhyno just won the Michigan primary, he can’t let his constituents down.  Heath said his 4 kids are his constituents.  But Heath just said he has 2 kids.  Does Heath have an in ground pool?  Does it matter, Rhyno can’t let his people down.

Slater Vs Rhyno is next.

Earlier today, The Miz entered the building, and he runs into Scooby-Doo.

Scooby shoves Miz into Mystery Machine, and takes his car.

Slater Vs Rhyno is now.

Rhyno picks up the win with a Gore.  Slater is not a member of Smackdown Live.

We cut to Wyatt and Rowan.

Wyatt tells Rowan he has always been a good solider, but tonight he is asking him to fight.  To sacrifice his life, if he needs to.  To show the world that they are here to fight.  There is a cause for this fight.


Ben-Hur trailer, again, this movie will not do well in theaters.  You can’t make remakes from classics.

Daniel Bryan and Shane are impressed with Heath Slater’s work, they might even offer him a WWE Smackdown job.  Heath tells them he is the hottest free agent, he doesn’t need them.  He has 7 kids to feed, and will join The Suicide Squad, if he needs to.

More women’s action, with Carmella Vs Natalya.

Natalya tried to attack Carmella again, but you can’t do that two times.

Bell is run, match is official.

Carmella makes Nattie tap out to a leg lock.

Next, Cena Vs Styles Summerslam Preview.

Renee Young introduces us to the video of Styles Vs Cena, set for Summerslam.

We come back, and Baron Corbin is beating Kalisto a pulp, getting even for costing him at the Intercontinental Championship last week.

Well, alright.

Main event time, Ziggler and Ambrose face The Wyatts.

Ziggler hits a Superkick on Rowan for the pinfall victory on his team.

Ziggler pats Ambrose on the back, but “The Lunatic Fringe” hits Dirty Deeds, to show “The Show-Off” he is still the king on the mountain.

In 12 days, Ambrose Vs Ambrose for the WWE Championship at Summerslam.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fun show tonight, much better than last night’s Raw.  We have a little friction between champion and challenger, setting up Summerslam.  No Apollo Crews, and speaking of Miz, why didn’t he act upset Scooby took his car in his segment with Renee and Maryse, and who let him out of The Mystery Machine?

I know, who cares.

I like where they are going here with Heath Slater.

I expect both shows to be good next week, since it’s the final build to Summerslam.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Send them to me.




























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