WWE Smackdown Live 8/23/16…Summerslam After Burn

We kick the show off with some of the Smackdown wrestlers in the back, and we see AJ Styles coming up, and brag about his win over John Cena at Smackdown.  He sees a distraught Dolph Ziggler.  AJ says he doesn’t hang out with losers, and Ziggler fights AJ back, and both men need some help.

We start Smackdown Live in Mohegan Arena, Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga, and JBL welcome us to the show.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan welcome us to the show, with the new Smackdown Women’s Title, and the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.  The name, and look of the titles are much, MUCH better than the Universal Title.

At Backlash, we will have a 6-woman 6-Pack Challenge.  The winner is the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Also, we will have a tag team tournament that will culminate at Backlash, but Heath Slater interrupts.

Heath was this close of getting Smackdown contract the last two weeks, only to have it pushed back.  He can win the Tag Tournament.  He tells Shane that he will pick any Smackdown Superstar in the back, and they will win.

Daniel Bryan says he can do that, and Shane ups the ante.  Slater has to win the entire tournament, in order to receive a Smackdown contract.

Heath will reveal that partner tonight.

It won’t be AJ Styles, he comes out and demands proper respect.  But Ziggler attacks him from behind, and both men fight, and we need order, so we go to a commercial break.

Becky Lynch Vs Alexa Bliss kicks things off here.

Becky wins the match by a Disarmer, we have Naomi and Natalya watching the match in commentary.

Heath Slater is trying to find a tag team partner.

Slater finds The Miz, but Miz is talking to Spielberg, and ignores Slater.

Tag Team tournament begins, next.

It’s The Usos Vs The Ascension, now.

The Usos win with the Samoan Splash, moving on to the Tag Team Tournament.

Tonight, Randy Orton is live.

AJ Styles is heading to the ring.

AJ has John Cena’s armband.

AJ Styles chants, and AJ sees a lot of angry faces out here, and he sees angry faces in the back, like Dolph Ziggler.

He did exactly what he said he was going to do….BEAT UP JOHN CENA!!!  Then, he beat him at Summerslam.

This goes out to the C-Nation, don’t worry, they don’t have to be John Cena fans anymore, just be AJ Styles fans.  Because he is the face that runs this place, and he should be the number one contender to the WWE World Championship.

Here comes Ziggler, wanting some more of Styles.

Daniel Bryan comes out, and will not allow the two of them to run this show.  Daniel agrees, AJ beat John Cena, he deserves to be the Number One Contender to the WWE World Title.  And Ziggler, he lost, but he was this close of being WWE World Champion.  But it seems like you two want to fight.  And these people want to see them fight.

So let’s make the match, and if AJ wins, he goes on to Backlash to face Dean Ambrose for WWE World Championship.  And if Ziggler wins, he gets added to a Triple Threat World Title match.

Nikki Bella is next.

Curt Hawkins is coming back to WWE.

Its Carmella Vs Nikki Bella.

Renee Young interviews Nikki Bella, but Carmella turns on Nikki.

The match never takes place, Carmella just made a statement, hitting the Bella Bomb, on Nikki.  She even calls Nikki a loser, like Nikki used to do.

Randy Orton is next.

Orton is mocking Lesnar as he comes to the ring.  He received 10 stitches after the match this Sunday.

Randy chants going on here.

Here Randy is, he shows us the 10 staples, and was in one hell of a fight against Brock Lesnar this past Sunday at Summerslam.  He knew the fight he was in for, but he would rather go into a gurney than have the way it ended.  Shane McMahon thought he was doing things the right way, and maybe on paper, he was.  But he and Lesnar will cross paths again.

Enter Bray Wyatt.

Bray just sits down at his chair.

How is your head Randy?  He saw what Brock did to you, and he saw the look in the eyes change, looking all blank.  But it’s something to have your head busted open, and realize you’re just a man.  You are a great man, but still, just a man.  A man who hurts, a man who suffers, a man who dies.  But Bray isn’t just a man, he is a GOD.

And a god, Randy can’t die.  But don’t worry, you will find all about it, in time.

The lights go out, comes back on, and he disappears.

Charly Caruso is with Shane, he says Brock will have repercussions.  And Stephanie agreed, but she only suspended him for $500, that is not taking it seriously.  But do you think that is fair?  Here is a soundbite, this is far from over.

Ziggler Vs Styles tonight, and next….American Alpha Vs Breezango.

Heath Slater is trying to recruit Arn Anderson.

He denies the offer, that was Heath’s last hope.  Rhyno agrees to be Heath’s partner.

Breezango Vs American Alpha is now.

American Alpha picks up the win with Grand Amplitude.  Such a good match here between the two teams.  American Alpha now advance to Semi-Finals of Tag Team Tournament.

Cathy Caruso wants to hear thoughts from Dean Ambrose, and he just found out.  He was in the casino.  He found out WWE World Championship Number One Contender is on the line, so he thought he would check it out.

That match is next.

Here comes The WWE World Champion, Dean Ambrose to watch AJ Styles Vs Dolph Ziggler.

AJ wins the match with Styles Clash.

An incredible main event, and Backlash main event is set, with AJ Styles Vs Dolph Ziggler.

AJ tells Ambrose he wants that belt, and takes Dean’s headset off.

2 weeks away from Backlash, the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very fun show tonight that sets WWE Backlash in motion.  Styles Vs Ambrose will be a good match, and can we have a new champion?

Heath Slater and Rhyno, while I love American Alpha, I’d like to see these two win.  This storyline of can Slater get a contract is fun to see, but who will they face next week?

Another better show overall than Raw.

Send me your thoughts to the show.  And also check out ForeverReubuilding.com to see my piece in Ringside Seats.  Just click on the link here, or go to that.
























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