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A few weeks ago, Anthony Joki asked me if I wanted to contribute with his blog at http://Foreverrebuilding.com.  So I agreed to it, and posted my first article yesterday.  Please check it out at the site.  With Smackdown and Raw now separate brands, we came up with the title of Smackdown Vs Raw at the Ringside Seats section.  I want you to check it out, a link is also found on the blog roll here.  There is more news coming soon, and I truly love this opportunity.  The site covers all Cleveland sports too, and has podcasts going.  It’s worth a listen, keep checking, and I will keep you updated.


No Wrestling Reports This Weekend

This weekend, I am heading to Toledo, Ohio for the Bowling State Tournament, so I will not be able to send reports on Impact or Smackdown this weekend.  I will be back for WWE Monday Night Raw, live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Have a safe weekend, and hopefully I can win some money bowling.  Take care.


Kevin Gillman

Off For The Weekend

To any of you guys reading this blog during Thursday or Friday nights, I will not be able to do the reports this weekend.  Instead, I am heading to Dayton, Ohio tomorrow to bowl in the state tournament.  I was going to do Impact and Superstars tonight, but there is some snow falling tomorrow, and I am going to get up earlier and head on out so maybe, hopefully, I can beat the brunt of the snow.  There will also be no Victory Road PPV report this weekend too, but I will try to give you my short takes on these shows later next week.  I will be back in time for WWE Monday Night Raw though, so I will see you then.

After 3 Weeks Off….

I am back.  I hope everyone had a very healthy and fun Holidays.  I had computer problems on Christmas Eve.  In fact, my hard drive crashed.  I finally found the right person to help me reload the computer and here we go.  So, starting tomorrow night, this will be your home for Wrestling TV reviews, because I am back to writing, starting with Monday Night Raw.  A lot has happened in 3 weeks, some good, some disappointing, but we start the road to Royal Rumble tomorrow night.  So keep checking here, and it is good to be back.

Record Breaking Night Last Night…Thank You

Last night was a big night for this site, a record-breaking hits and I want to thank you, the readers for checking up on my thoughts to last night’s Summerslam PPV.  No question, there was alot of interest in the show.   I promise you that I will continue to get better with this site, so keep on checking.  This site has grown and I want to thank each and every one of you that checks it daily, whether you miss a show or you want to read my thoughts on the show, I value each and every one of you.  Thank you again.  Don’t forget, Raw will be on tonight and I will do another report, so keep checking here.

Non-Wrestling…Lebron James Is No Leader

Forgive me for the Wrestling fans here, I want to do a little rant, call it closure, if you will.  I am a big Cleveland sports fan, as some of you may not know.  I know I represent a small base of fans here, after all, the Indians have slipped farther and farther away from being relevant every year since 2007, the Browns have only had 2 winning seasons over the last 11 years, but I always said I had the Cavaliers.  Winners of 2 straight Central Division Titles, 1 appearance in the NBA Finals in 2007.  And I always had Lebron James.  I live in Canton, Ohio, which means I lived about 20 minutes away from where Lebron used to live, an hour away from Cleveland, where I always saw a mural with his image to remind me he was ours.  It was special, in fact 3 years ago, media pundits talked about how he would leave then, but he quickly signed a 3 year extension and made it clear he had a mission to win a championship and many more for the city of Cleveland, his people.  I would say that relationship changed after 2007, yes the very season he sported a New York Yankees cap at a Cleveland Indians game against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series.  In fact, I used to always say the Indians had the last laugh since they played in the final postseason game at old Yankee Stadium and beat them.  That’s something nobody can take away from the Indians, no matter how bad they are now.

Then the Eastern Conference Finals took place the next season, a season where the Cavaliers lost a very grueling series taking them 7 games to eventually lose to the Boston Celtics.  The 2008 Olympics came up, this is where the so-called “Super-Friends” decided to start their plans for 2010 free agency.  We may never know what really happened, but Lebron was dismissive in some games.  When others were struggling, he started to act frustrated, even when the Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals, he never shook the hands of the Magic, a team that moved on to the NBA Finals.  I felt that was a bit bizarre, but I still took his side.  He started to make some noise about playing in New York after the 2010 season, he talked about what a dream it would be to play every game at the famed Madison Square Garden.  Those words didn’t sit too kindly to some of the Cavalier fans, but not me.  I still stood beside him, and said hey he’s just talking about what might happen, he will never leave Cleveland, especially hearing Lebron’s own mother, Gloria guarantee he’s not leaving New York, and in fact he is staying home.  I believed her, and felt hey, Mom is right, he won’t leave home, he has never lived anywhere else but Akron, and he was very proud of that.  There was a documentary movie about his High School experience, living in the limelight, called “More Than A Game” where he talked about loyalty and how much it means to him.  He talked about branching out and becoming a billionaire, even opening up his own marketing company, producing the Lebron James Brand. 

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers started making some upgrades to their team, adding Mo Williams, a sharpshooter who played for the Milwaukee Bucs before that 2008-2009 season.  The Cavs went on to win a record-setting 66 wins.  Things were looking good, only to look bad after that infamous Orlando Magic series.  Then he started to talk about the 2010 free agency.  He started to focus more on his game, improving his defense and his free throw shooting.  But that Orlando series was the first time I truly saw coach Mike Brown completely get outcoached by a team I felt the Cavs should have won, but the Magic started to have that “Nothing to lose” attitude.  That is the most dangerous teams to play because the favorite team is more likely to make mistakes and let their guard down.

The offseason of 2009, Dan Gilbert and Danny Ferry were working to try to get some help for Lebron.  He found some beefy body of the likes from one Shaquille O’Neil.  Most would say Shaq didn’t help the Cavs, but I disagree.  He was designed to combat the Orlando Magic, and when he played them head to head, he dominated their superstar Dwight Howard on defense, stopping Dwight from taking over the game.  The question always will be what if…..what if the Cavs had gotten past the Boston Celtics.  Then what?  Something happened in that series, something I thought I would never see, but now it’s as plain as day.  Lebron James, for 7 years the leader of the Cavaliers quit on his team.  Maybe he quit on his team in the past, but I never believed it until I saw what happened.  Game 5 of the series, it was tied at 2-2, with each team grabbing the momentum from each other each game.  The Cavaliers were at home, a place where they dominated all season long, but the Celtics had beat the Cavs at home earlier in the series, taking game 2.  The Cavs then took care of the Celtics in-game 3, giving them a record-breaking loss in Celtic home history.  Then the proverbial fan hit the wall.  The Cavs had the opportunity to take control of Game 4 and essentially, taking care of the series, but the Celtics turned it around and defeated the Cavs, what hurt the most were the turnovers, in particular James had committed late in the game.  It was as if he didn’t care, and hey to be honest, I didn’t either because the goal is to take 1 at the other team’s home court and hope you can take 2, but the Cavs had the home court advantage, they could come back, right?  Wrong, the Celtics gave the Cavs their worst home beating in their franchise, and Lebron went 3-14 with just 15 points.  It wasn’t just the Celtics’ defense either that stopped him.  Something just wasn’t right, was he actually thinking at that time that he can throw the series so he has an excuse to leave Cleveland? 

Just a week before July 1st, we hear that Lebron’s camp say that Lebron isn’t going to visit any of the cities, but rather they must come and see him.  I was thinking right then and there that Cleveland was going to keep him.  He knew the advantages of playing at home.  Dan Gilbert built a state of the art practice facility in Independence, Ohio, just a 5 or 10 minute drive from his home in Bath Township.  So why would he leave?  Go back to what I just said, he threw the series so he could have an excuse that he couldn’t win with the Cavs.  The Cavs had a different strategy than any other team.  They wanted to use humor, showcase the other teams who are courting him like The New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Clippers.  They spent production on cartoons, based on Family Guy, which is Lebron’s favorite show.  The Cavs were very upbeat and felt confident about their chances.  Then again, so did every single team, except maybe the Clippers, who did not even have their owner show up.  See, during their pitches, Lebron didn’t say anything to them, he was very non-committal, except to the Cavs, where he laughed alot and surely enjoyed his time.  But we heard from Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Heat spoke about winning rings, Team President Pat Riley showed him his rings, and told him Lebron can win multiple rings if he came to Maimi.  Although, there is talk now that they too tanked a season and their star, Dwayne Wade hated seeing that.  After ending their season early in postseason play, Dwayne made it clear he needs helps.  Dwayne Wade and Lebron became very close when they played as teammates in the World Championships back in 2006, they were also drafted in the same class, along with another player who has become very close to them, Chris Bosh.  We heard rumors that the three of them would have a “summit” before this free agency period started, which was tampering against the NBA rules, but of course they denied it.  I’ll go back to that in a moment. 

After the presentations, we heard Lebron would make up his mind by Monday, July 5th.  Meanwhile both Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh traveled together to other destinations and Chris Bosh continued to tweet on Twitter, making a complete joke about the free agency process.  Then, we hear Lebron won’t be ready by Monday, he had a basketball camp in place from Monday until Wednesday, so it won’t be at least until Wednesday.  Then the unthinkable happened, Lebron had set up a deal that he would make his decision on ESPN, in primetime for an hour.  It will be called, oddly enough, “The Decision”.  All week, in fact really, since the meetings, we heard different stories as to who has the lead.  We also heard different stories over the course of a month over what really has happened with the 3 free agents.  But starting that Monday, ESPN would continue to give us updates that he was leaning to sign with Miami.  In fact, when the special was announced, it was agreed that ESPN wouldn’t reveal where he was going, YET, they continued to announce it by the hour everyday.  The entire day Thursday was surrounded on Lebron and his final game with Cleveland, being booed by the Cavs fans after game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.  But I still thought to myself no way would Lebron spend the entire hour, stabbing the city of Cleveland and Akron in the back, not when every single media outlet has at one point or another made fun of Cleveland.  All say, we would see reminders of “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, 1997 World Series, being 2 outs away from winning the World series, and losing to the Florida Marlins.  Cleveland truly is the most heartbreak city for not having a championship since 1964.  No way, would he do that.  Lebron is from Akron, Ohio, he knows the pain.

I was completely nervous on Thursday evening.  Deep down, I think I knew he was leaving, but it still stung.  So, I tuned into the special, we even were told he would reveal his decision the first 15 minutes of the show, but then the night before, we are told that’s not true.  Who is telling the truth here?  The show begins with the ESPN NBA crew, Stuart Scott, Michael Wilbon, Rick Barry, and Chris Broussard, who broke the news first that he was leaving…THAT DAY!!!!!  Again, ESPN had agreed they would not reveal where he is going, yet all day they told us he was indeed going to Miami.  So why did I watch?  Because I still couldn’t believe it, until I heard it from him.  The show starts with the 4 of them basically saying he is going to Miami and we should just change the channel.  I almost thought about it.  We then see this ridiculous interview with Jim Gray, who is nothing more than a little weasel that Lebron’s camp paid to do the interview and he was giving him softball questions, I mean it was absolutely pointless.  Then the moment came that is still tough for me to hear.

“In the fall, I am taking my talents to South Beach”

There you have it, he really did gut the Cleveland sports nation in the back with a knife by having this horrible hour-long episode.  He did it to branch out his brand.  I shut the TV off and just could not believe it.  I later found out he did not call Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and tell him beforehand, but rather he had one of his stooges make the call after 9:00, like a coward would, and couldn’t be man enough to talk to him personally and thank him for the 7 years of hard work.  That is what a man does, and if he was a humble person, if he understood how the outside world worked, he might know that.

People outside of Cleveland may ask why are we so upset, and here it is, it’s because the sports teams have never won any championship since 1964, no other sports cities can say that.  Cleveland is also the butt of all jokes throughout the media, and frankly through the entertainment world, still talking about how the Cuyohoga River burned down, something that happened many, many years ago.  Every time a Cleveland sports team is even in the playoffs, ABC or ESPN has to show us the past failures at what happened with Cleveland sports in the postseason.  Lebron should have known that.  Akron is the very same as Cleveland, because we are all a part of Northeast Ohio.  I live in Canton, Ohio, an hour away from Cleveland, but I still consider Cleveland as my home since it’s still a part of Northeast Ohio.  Lebron is a product of Akron, he has history.  He had promised the world that he was going to “light up Cleveland like it’s Vegas”.  Cleveland had a big, expensive mural to represent everything that he had done.  If the Cavs weren’t a good team, and he wanted to get out, fine I would have agreed, or if he had extended his contract to 3 more seasons, and they still don’t win a championship, I could understand Lebron leaving, but not like this.  In 3 years, he will be 28 years old, it’s not like he is in his last legs, such as Kevin Garnett is and Garnett wanted out of Minnesota so he could pursue a ring.  At least Minnesota prepared themselves for life without KG.  The Cavaliers never had that luxury because he held the organization hostage.  He prevented them just that last week alone from getting other players, who could have persuaded Lebron to stay.  Let’s face it, who would have agreed to play in Cleveland if they didn’t know he was staying or not?  Think McFly, think.  Was it really too much for him to say hey guys, you might want to look elsewhere because I am not sure if I am staying or not?  And the fact that Lebron, who has stated in the past that he wanted to be the best player in the league ever would choose to follow someone to another city, instead of the other way around makes me sick.  Alot of people used to say Lebron needs his “Pippen” to his “Jordan”?  Well, now it’s the other way around, except Scottie Pippen is too good for Lebron.  Lebron is more like Dwayne Wade’s “Bill Cartwright” and Bosh is “Pippen”.  Quite simply, this is not the same man I watched 7 years ago.  His head is way too big, he is talking third person now.  He actually said “I have to do what’s best for Lebron James.  Keep Lebron James happy”.  So now, he thinks he is The Rock?  Again, how is this good for his brand, if he can’t even pick up the phone for respect and call the organization up until now, he has only played for, at 7:00PM Eastern time that he will not be coming back to Cleveland?  Thank them for the time, and wish them luck?  Then owner Dan Gilbert may never have written that letter.

Which brings me to that, alot of people outside of Cleveland felt it was horrible of him to say some of those things, but let’s be honest here, it’s the exact same thought that we may have thought, but could not say it.  Athletes in today’s world makes way too much money.  So in that regard, Lebron was a Prima donna.  But, make no mistake about this, Dan Gilbert has passion for his team, he was led to believe that Lebron was coming back, and he never was given a courtesy phone call to at least thank him.  Not one time did Lebron thanks the Cavalier fans for making him feel at home, every night, the place was sold out, every night, anything could have and did happen.  But at the end of all of this, a selfish man decided to leave and take the glory with him too.  Lebron James has proven he is no Kobe Bryant, a man who through it all, even thinking og leaving himself, decided to give the Lakers another chance, and 2 years later, they are back to back champions.  Lebron says it’s all about the ring, well not exactly.  It’s also about the money.  Florida doesn’t have state taxes, and since the Cavs did pull off a sign and trade deal, he gets a maximum deal too.  So for all of those people who claim he took less money to get rings are wrong. 

The very next night, the Miami Heat threw a party celebrating this coup, I was laughing about it because guess who was at the center of all of this?  It wasn’t Lebron, it was Dwayne Wade.  Make no mistake about it, South Beach is Dwayne Wade Country.  Lebron does get on the mic and brashes that he will win 8 for Miami.  Hey Lebron, you have to win 1 first before you can win 8.  And if things aren’t rosy for the Heat, if they don’t win a ring next season, guess who Miami fans will blame?  Lebron, so Lebron, you think you can handle not winning in Miami?  Because we saw you couldn’t handle not winning in Cleveland.

I want to say one more thing, I will get over this because quite frankly, it shows that athletes are never loyal anymore.  When I grew up, there was Cal Ripken, Jr.  Cal stayed in Baltimore his entire career, he became a part of that history.  Magic Johnson stayed with one franchise, Larry Bird stayed with one franchise, they became fixtures.  Basketball, there is more longevity than Baseball.  The bottom line is Lebron could have went down as a true legend, bringing the Cavaliers their first ever championship, but he chose the easy way to go.  You reap what you sow, and at some point, Lebron will realize that this was the dumbest mistake of his professional career.  I will get back to writing about Wrestling, but I just felt I needed to get this anger and frustration off my chest.  Thank you.

Thank You

Hey guys, it’s been about 7 weeks since I started this blog up. The purpose was to have some fun with it, I missed writing about Wrestling, so I decided to try it up again, only this time start my own blog site, and the response has been overwhelming. Now, my goal for this site is to only get better, but I need your help, the readers. I decided to start posting house show results. This can include WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, or any other Wrestling promotion out there. Actually, I encourage that too because the independents are the backbone of the industry. This also includes the promoters, get your company on my site. Here’s the deal, you email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com, give me word for word what you want on there, and I will post it and give you the credit. So, if you’re at the Smackdown house show, give me the results, and I will post them here and give you the credit for it. If you’re at ROH show, give me the results, and I’ll give you the credit, same for TNA or any other promotion out there. Just drop me a line, and I will make it happen.

I am also looking into adding a new addition on here too, but I won’t make the official announcement yet. I want to see how this works first, again, I am looking into expanding this site, and not just make it my thoughts, I want you to hear from you, the other fans. The only thing I ask is watch how you word things, not much cussing. Yes, I know, this site is Rated PG, and well, for now let’s keep it that way. But I certainly look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget, tonight will be another episode of Raw, so keep it here throughout the night for updates as they are happening.

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