Non Wrestling…I Guess I Am On Lebron’s List

I wasn’t going to write another piece, but I felt I had to, and we have Lebron James to thank.  Apparently the player formerly known as “The Chosen One” blasted on his Twitter this wonderful statement “Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!”

I have been keeping mental notes too, and you deserve every bit of criticism that you have been getting.  What did you really think Lebron?  Did you think fans would say “That’s okay Lebron, you used that ESPN special to rip us apart and make jokes about Cleveland, simply by going on that special for an hour, then rip us to shreds to say even you can’t win a championship, something you promised to us”.  What did you think?  You used New York, you used Chicago, you used the Nets when you knew all along that “South Beach” was the place to go.  This whole entire “decision” was made 4 years ago, just admit it Lebron, and maybe I will respect you just a little bit.  That is what bothered me about this.  The fact the NBA is changing so much, that I am beginning to wonder if I should just stop watching.  Players want to form super teams, and not build a legacy for themselves.  They want to go the cheap route.  We see players hug before the games, opposing players, we see them hug more than they hug their own teammates.  We never see elbows being thrown much anymore, we never see things that I loved back in the 1980’s and even 1990’s.  That competitiveness is gone.  Heart is gone, true grit is gone.  Instead we have players wanting to be friends.  I’ll never forget back in 2006, Detroit Pisons Rasheed Wallace elbowed Zdrunas Ilgauskis, and Lebron did absolutely nothing, if anything, he was joking with Rasheed about something at halftime.  We should have known back then that he was no leader, but we didn’t want to believe it.

So why shouldn’t he accept the role that he is going to be the most hated man in the NBA?  That this was a PR stunt gone wrong.  Then again, this is the same man who told his girlfriend, Savannah that he wants her and his kids to stay here, while he parties in South Beach.  Gee, how nice of him to do that.  So is this supposed to get Lebron fired up?  Is this supposed to fuel his rage when he plays the game of Basketball?  Why is this even discussed on Twitter?  The truth is I could care less if Lebron hits 60 against the Cavs because it will mean nothing.  It will be the regular season, I think the Cavs will win 30 games, so they won’t be in the playoffs, so again, it means nothing.  Even if Bron Bron wins a championship, it will be tainted because he never could do it in own hometown, something Byron Scott was able to do 4 times.  He told Bron when the Cavs talked to him that it will mean more if he were to win it at home.  But now, we will never see that.  But I also believe, Lebron needs to keep his comments to himself until after the season starts, because everytime he says something stupid on Twitter, it further diminishes his place as the most popular athlete in sports.  And further cements his place as the most hated.  On second thought, keep talking Lebron, you’re digging a deeper hole.

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