TNA Slammiversary 6/28/15

Tonight, 13 years in the making, TNA presents Slammiversary.  Tonight, King of the Mountain Match to determine a new King of the Mountain Champion.  We also will see James Storm Vs Magnus, and so much more.

Slammiversary is now.

We see all 5 participants of tonight’s King of the Mountain match, including Jeff Jarrett.

We are live in Orlando, Florida.  Josh Matthews, Mike Tenay, and The Pope welcome us to the show.

X-Division Championship starts the night with an Elimination match.  DJZ Vs Manik Vs Tigre Uno.

DJZ is eliminated when Tigre Uno hits a Springboard, it’s now Tigre Vs Manik.

Tigre picks up the win, pinning Manik with a Corkscrew Moonsault.  A very competitive that had many moves here.

JB is standing by in the back, celebrating 13 years with TNA.

JB is here with Robbie E.

People have known Robbie for 5 years, they have known him to be crazy, even doing a chicken dance.  But tonight, that Robbie E. is gone, because his partner tried to take a chair, and take him out of something he loves to do, wrestling.

Jessie, you are what everyone has known you to be, Robbie’s bitch.

Robbie E Vs Jessie Godderz is now.

Robbie E. picks up the win with a Bridge Suplex.

JB is in the back, with Matt Hardy.

Matt will always be one of the greatest tag team members of all-time, but tonight, this is about winning a King of the Ring Championship, something that means alot to him.  So while it was good to see Jeff Jarrett Wednesday night, he’s going to have a new title, King of the Mountain.

Bram Vs Matt Morgan is now.

Morgan is on the mic, saying it is good to be back home.  He wants this match to be a streetfight, right now.

Match is on.

Bram wins with a DDT on a chair.  Bram earned the victory here.

JB is with EC3 and Tyrus.

Tonight, EC3 and Tyrus Vs Lashley and Anderson.

This is the biggest week of his career, he feels like a champion, he looks like a champion but after Wednesday night, he will be the champion.  But this isn’t about him.

Tyrus tells EC3 to focus on Angle, he will take care of Anderson and Lashley.

Right now, Austin Aries Vs Davey Richards, one on one.

Aries picks up the win when Roode came out and distracted Richards long enough for Austin to grab the tights.

So now, The Dirty Heels chooses the stipulations for Wednesday’s match.

It will be a 30-minute Tag Team Ironman match.

JB is in the back with Eric Young, who will be a part of King of the Mountain match.

Eric is ready, 3 men at the top of the game, but he is better.  He has held every single title TNA has.  And that leaves Jeff Jarrett.  They have had history together, but he’s not scared.  Ask Eric if he’s scared.  But Jarrett should be.

Kong and Brooke Vs The Dollhouse is up now.

Brooke and Kong win the match, Brooke rolls up Marti for the win.

This Wednesday, Taryn will face Brooke and Kong for the Knockout Title.

JB is with Magnus.

Magnus brings up he will face Storm for the last time.  For the last 6 years, this company has brought many good things to him, and he will never forget them.  But James went after Mickie and Donovan, his family.  He doesn’t hate Storm, even though he wants to, but he has to prove that family is stronger than hate.  James Storm, you can’t catch the devil, because the devil is inside.

Storm vs Magnus in an Unsanctioned match is now.

Storm wins in a big fight here when both men nail each other with a beer bottle, but the momentum of Storm sends Magnus down, and Storm wins.

JB is in the back, with Drew Galloway.

BDC Vs The Rising one final time, this Wednesday.

Drew is a part of King of the Mountain Championship tonight.  This is his first PPV main event.  This is about a small kid who grew up as a wrestling fan, and has a chance to live his dream.  He will be King of the Mountain tonight.

They are having some audio problems right now.

EC3 and Tyrus Vs Mr. Anderson and Lashley is now.

EC3 and Tyrus wins when EC3 hits a One Percenter, pinning Lashley.

King of the Mountain match is up now.

Jeff Jarrett Vs Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young Vs Drew Galloway Vs Matt Hardy.

But first, it’s JB with Jeff and Karen Jarrett.

Jarrett back in TNA.  For 4 days, the wrestling world has been buzzing.  The GFW has been buzzing.  The TNA locker room has been buzzing, it all circulates here.  Jarrett is about to have one last match, and at this stage of his career, if he can climb up the ladder, and get that championship.  That belt will go to a whole new global level.

Here we go.

Jeff Jarrett wins King of the Mountain match, and wins the King of the Mountain title.

Jarrett did more things in the ring than I had thought he would.  This was a good match here, that picked some steam up the last few minutes.

We leave the show with Josh Matthews wondering where this will lead to in the future of TNA.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie here, this felt like the very last TNA PPV.  I enjoyed seeing Storm Vs Magnus, but then again both men are leaving TNA, after their set of tapings air on the show.  It was also weird to not see Angle Vs EC3 headline the show, but we will see that this Wednesday.

And of course, where do we go from here with Jarrett and GFW?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


TNA Slammiversary 6/15/14

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Father’s Day, and Happy Father’s Day to my own father. Thank you for everything you have done.

TNA has given us a PPV tonight, celebrating 12 years, and we see the video that showcases where the company has gone in those 12 years.

MVP is being shown with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. MVP can’t go tonight, he was hurt in the ring. Kenny King assures MVP that everything will be okay, and they are under control.

We are live in Dallas, Texas. Home of the Von Erichs. More from them in a bit. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

We are kicking off with the X-Division Ladder Match. We will have Sanada Vs Tigre Uno Vs The Wolves Vs Manik.

Sanada wins the match, and again, they truly need to showcase Sanada more. No advertisement during Impact over this match, but they did what they had to do, and that is cement themselves and set the tone for tonight.

Tenay and Taz go over the PPV, but MVP interrupts the fun.

MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley, or as I call them, The Unit come out.

MVP confirms that he met with the board, and they took him out of his title match. But, Eric Young will still have to defend his title, inside a steel cage in a Triple Threat match. The winners of Kenny King Vs Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley Vs Samoa Joe will face EY, later tonight.

And in interest of fairness, MVP vows he will not interrupt any of the matches.

Kenny King tells us that Austin Aries will lose, and Kenny King will show us why he is that good.

But now….Lashley Vs Joe.

Lashley pulls off the win, with spearing Joe after he almost ran into Earl Hebner.

Lashley is built strong here, and will head into the title cage match, later tonight.

JB is standing by backstage with The Carters, in their party suite.

Dixie is enjoying herself in her own hometown. What more can she ask? How about EC3 win? That is obvious, because of what happened a few weeks ago, when he was attacked by Bully Ray and those three people. He will show a vicious side.

What about that meeting she had with those board members? Now is not the time, or place. She will do it when the whole world is watching, in the ring.

In other words, she is not sure about the buyrate here, so she will tell the world at Impact.

Go away Jeremy, shoo.

Willow Vs Magnus, now.

We had all four men involved, not sure why we just didn’t have an actual tag match here. But Abyss fended off Bram, but Magnus stole the victory with a Bridge Suplex, finding a way to win.

We had a Janice sighting involved, but she wasn’t used.

We see the French broadcast table, I think they are talking about Aries Vs King match.

Tonight, we will find out the latest inductee of the TNA Hall of Fame, with Kurt Angle making the announcement.

JB is in the ring, introducing us to Kurt.

The crowd gives Kurt a standing ovation, as they should.

Kurt wants to thank the board of directors for giving him this opportunity to announce the newest inductee.

The newest inductee is….

Team 3-D.

Devon and Brother Ray. Not Bully Ray, but Brother Ray.

23 Tag Team Title reigns in our industry certainly warrants that induction.

We now get a Tables chant.

We have to have one more tag match at Bound for Glory between these two guys, and who better than to have it be against Beer Money?

Just throwing that out there.

Dallas crowd is lively tonight, I like this.

Brother Ray puts over Devon, saying how great it is to be standing in this ring with him, again.

They hug, and the fans want to see one more match, as do I… it TNA.

They accept the induction, and accept it for one reason, the fans. Every single one of us are responsible for making Team 3-D the most successful tag team in professional wrestling.

Devon speaks now.

Last August, when he left TNA, he vowed to not come back, because he thought he was through.

The crowd chants he still has it.

But then Devon had a phone call, saying they would be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. With this man, he has been winning tag team titles together. And if it means they go out, they must do it together, and go out in a blaze of glory. So without further adeiu….oh my brother….TESTIFY!!

TNA is coming to New York City, with Impact Wrestling.

JB is standing by with EC3.

EC3 became an ICON when he defeated Sting. He then became the All-American when he defeated Kurt Angle. So when he beats Bully Ray tonight in a Texas Death Match, he will become the new Hardcore Hall of Famer. He is doing this tonight for his family, including Grandma, and his Aunt D.

He is a Carter, and the world needs them.

Austin Aries Vs Kenny King, winner goes on for the World Heavyweight Title, inside a steel cage.

Austin Aries pulls off a win with a Brainbuster off the top rope. Aries advances in what was a good match between the two men. The fans were into this, and again, the crowd is fun tonight.

One more match for Austin.

We now know later tonight, Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Austin Aries is our main event inside a steel cage.

Members of the Dallas Cowboys are in attendance.

JB is in the ring, to introduce The Von Erich Family.

Ross and Marshall are starting their TNA careers, with Kevin accompanying them to the ring.

A very nice moment here.

Their opponents tonight? The Bromans.

Marshall is barefoot, and the younger of the two. Both men were trained by Harley Race, and at the NOAH dojo.

Marshall and Ross are facing Jessie and DJ Z.

Von Erichs win by DQ, when DJ Z has a chair shot, but the moment of the match came when Kevin took care of both men, and gave DJ Z a Mandible Claw, which the crowd went nuts for.

A very cool moment, here.

JB interviews Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Angelina faces Gail Kim tonight.

How can Gail call herself the greatest Knockout of all-time, when she is the most decorated Knockout champ, winning 6 times.

JB insinuates she has won with Velvet all of the time.

But that is how they roll. They do everything together, and are 2. And 2 is always more fun than 1. Holla.

Knockout Title is up now, Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love.

Angelina wins with some help from Brian Stiffler.

Angelina wins with pulling the tights. Velvet used some hairspray in Gail’s eyes, with Stiffler seeing it, but doing nothing. Earl Hebner came out, and threw Velvet out of ringside. He took over, but we had a ref bump.

So Stiffler is right beside The Beautiful People?

Bully Ray is backstage with Devon. Bully is ready for his match tonight. Devon leaves, and Bully says that when he thinks of EC3, he thinks about a Texas Death Match. He thinks about The Von Erichs, he thinks about Stan Hansen, he thinks about his mentor, Terry Funk.

He will defeat EC3, and will crumble EC3, for his Aunt.

EC3 Vs Bully Ray, in a Texas Death Match is now.

EC3 shocks the world when he nailed Bully Ray through a table, after Dixie Carter ran out, and Bully was distracted to put her through the table.

Ethan hits him with the kendo stick. Fans don’t like it, but I sure do. TNA is putting Ethan over as a major star of the future.

“Cowboy” James Storm Vs Mr. Anderson is up now.

Anderson wins with a Mic Check, but Storm did his best getting some heel heat, spitting beer in George Selby of the Cowboys face, and the two got into each other’s faces.

Not enough time, but for what it was, we saw some heat.

Our main event is next, Eric Young Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Lashley, inside a steel cage.

EY is with JB right now.

He has 2 opponents, and is confronted by Aries.

Austin has tasted it once, and he’ll taste it again. May the best man won.

That’s one opponent, the man who created “Option C”, and his other opponent is a BEAST. Any sane man would be nervous, but Eric is crazy. Crazy enough to keep his belt.

Steel cage Triple Threat match is now.

EY retains the title with a Piledriver, pinning Aries. This was a pinfall or submission match, so no escape. Lashley broke through the cage, so EY found a way to survive.

After the match, EY and Aries shake hands after the match and Eric celebrates, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong crowd tonight set the tone, and all of the matches did their job. Even though MVP was hurt, and couldn’t wrestle, TNA did the next best thing, giving us a triple threat match, and made those other 2 matches more important.

I also loved the choice of Team 3-D and tonight, Bully put EC3 over big time. Carter can now say he defeated 3 Hall of Famers.

Seeing The Claw with Kevin Von Erich was special too, the crowd loved seeing that in Dallas, and because of that, it was a moment for the fans watching the show.

All in all, this was a good show and it sets the tone this summer, when they are going to have Impacts, outside The Impact Zone.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

TNA Sacrifice 4/27/14

I wasn’t sure if I was going to order this show. The build up has been piss-poor, at best. But I love the Eric Young story, and I hope to goodness he retains the title, but I have a bad feeling he won’t. Let’s hope this show kick ass, and prove us wrong.

The ball is in your court TNA.

We are live at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

We kick the show off with the World Tag Team Titles. The Wolves Vs The Bromans and DJ Z, in a 3-on-2 Handicap match.

The Wolves have a different plan up their sleeves. Christy Hemme has issued this tag match is now a No DQ match, so there will be a winner, tonight.

The Wolves win the match with 2 Double-foot stomps, Edwards pinning Jesse.

Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, going over the rest of the PPV.

Who will win between Magnus Vs Eric Young tonight?

JB is standing by backstage.

The Committed match is next, which is more or less an ambulance match.

JB is with Samuel Shaw.

Samuel is a creepy bastard, and those chants seem to bother him a bit. He won’t let this happen, going into a patty wagon. Samuel is dedicating this match to Christy.

Samuel Shaw Vs Mr. Anderson video is playing.

Samuel is off to the mental hospital it seems. Anderson wins the match, and Christy assisted him, kicking Shaw in the nuts. But the funny thing happened when they were in the back, Anderson had Shaw in a headlock, and he asked JB to ask them a question. And JB asked how the match is going.

Maybe this means the end of crazy bastard Samuel Shaw? One can hope.

EC3 and Spud are with JB.

With every accolades Kurt Angle has made, multiple World Titles, Olympic Gold Medalist, beaten all the wrestlers, there is one he has never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever beaten? EC3.

And Spud has a bone to pick with Willow. He kidnapped him, hurt his leg, but he is here to make sure EC3 gets to beat Kurt.

Angle and Willow Vs EC3 and Spud is now.

Angle and Willow win, when Willow hits the Swanton on Spud. EC3 does not seem impressed, and he isn’t helping Spud out of the ring.

Earlier tonight, we heard from Eric Young.

He has been dreaming of this his entire life. And he is doing this for all of the people who have heard no all of their life. He isn’t planning on losing this title anytime soon.

Knux is talking with his girlfriend. He needs “Rebel” by his side. She agrees, “Rebel” is going with him. So, it will be the four of them. Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve, and The Freak.

I guess Rebel doesn’t like that idea, but it’s done.

X-Division Title match is up now. Sanada Vs Tigre Uno.

Sanada won the match with a Moonsault in what was a good match. These two had at least 10 minutes to work.

I like the video they had been using to showcase Sanada, and he is a guy they can build around.

He shakes Tigre’s hand after the match, and they both embraced the code of honor.

JB is in the back, with “Cowboy” James Storm.

The last few months, you can call Storm the “Star-maker” because he has done that for Gunner. He has made his daddy, a star. And just like Storm has made Gunner a star, he can un-make his star. Because Gunner, you will soon find out that God will call for you. Sorry, not sorry.

I Quit match between Storm and Gunner is up now.

Storm says I Quit after Gunner takes some broken beer glass and cuts near his eye.

Very intense match that had every weapon you can think of. Both men were bleeding, yes folks, we can have blood in an actual wrestling match. Imagine that.

I hope this feud ends though, but I did enjoy this fight.

Knockout Title match is up next.

Angelina is with JB. She is like a hot “Mother Theresa”. They gave Madison an opportunity to re-join The Beautiful People, but I guess she was too good for her. But she is about to become a 6-time Knockout Champion. And this division needs a major makeover, and The Beautiful People are going to give that.

Angelina Love Vs Madison Rayne, now.

Angelina Love becomes a 6-time Knockouts Champion when Velvet hits the spray on Madison, and Angelina rolled up her skirt and held on for dear life.

Our first heel that won tonight, so that might not sit well with EY.

Bully Ray is with JB.

He wants to fight Bobby Roode. They are going to have a Tables match. This is his wheelhouse, his backyard. Bobby is one of the best wrestlers in the world, but this isn’t a wrestling match, it’s a fight.

Crowd chants tables.

Bobby has put Bully through more tables the last few months than he has ever been put through in his entire career. But tonight, Bobby goes through a table.

Bobby Roode Vs Bully Ray in a Tables match, now.

Bobby Roode wins the match when a person disguised in glasses and a hat shoves Bully Ray through a table. The referee was knocked out earlier, when Roode was put through a table.

The person reveals to be Dixie Carter. She screams at a knocked out Bully Ray to never, ever cross her again.

Then we hear her cheesy, babyface music.

JB is standing by with Magnus.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your next World Heavyweight Champion. Look around and see who he is with. Nobody. One of the things that was criticized about him is he won the title with help, that won’t happen tonight. And Eric Young, he is insulted at EY calling him a “paper champion”, when he lies to the people saying he is just like everyone else, when that is not the case. Tonight, he won’t be a joke, he is going to be the next World Champion.

Magnus Vs Eric Young. Our main event is up now.

Eric Young retains his title, defeating Magnus cleanly in the ring with a piledriver and his Top Rope Elbow.

A good match between two men in their prime. The Eric Young Story continues here in TNA.

EY celebrates in the ring, to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Despite a poor build on the Impact shows, this PPV was pretty good, and I have no issues with anyone who won, especially seeing EY retain his title. I am glad I was wrong in that.

I also want to say something about this. For every negative thing people say about TNA, and some are justified, one thing they have done throughout the 12 years they have been in business, they have taken chances on people to wear their titles. Some have done well, and some have not. But they take chances, and they have done that with Eric Young.

How far this goes is anyone’s guess. What were your thoughts on the show? Were the results right? Let me know.

TNA Bound for Glory 10/20/13

Tonight this is an opportunity for TNA to shine. We are 30 minutes away from the pre-show, which will air on Spike TV. We will see a Tag team Gauntlet match to determine who faces Gunner and Storm later in the night for the Tag Team Titles. Bro-Mans Vs Bad Influence Vs Hernandez and Chavo Vs Joseph Park and Eric Young.

But tonight is about the World Heavyweight Title match. Can AJ Styles become a 5-time World Heavyweight Champion? Or does Bully Ray have another ace up his sleeve? Tune in here throughout the night and find out, we are all Bound for Glory.

We are live in San Diego, California. JB begins the show backstage, and we see Dixie Carter.

AJ said that he will make her pay after tonight’s main event. Dixie said AJ should have played ball, because tonight, it will be a No DQ match. Good luck with that AJ, who is going to pay? It will be AJ.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

Bound for Glory PPV rundown, some big matches are set for tonight.

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy enters the building. Gail Kim arrived for her match. Magnus enters the building, he has a big match against Sting. And the challenger to the World Title, AJ Styles enters the building. The Champ is here too, Bully Ray.

JB is backstage with the four teams involved in the gauntlet match. The winner will move on to face Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm at Bound for Glory.

They draw the numbers, the team that will enter third is Eric Young and Joseph Park. And that means the match will begin with Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence.

They all brawl as we go to a commercial break.

Bro-Mans are confident about their match tonight. Big-Bro is here, Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia is here.

Ultimate X is here tonight, and we see a video featuring the match.

Jeff Hardy is mentally focusing on tonight’s match. The stakes are high, with Austin Aries, Manik, Samoa Joe, and Chris Sabin.

We have a newest member of the TNA broadcast, Gill Vercin, interviewing Bad Influence. TNA has been against them since day one, but tonight, is their night to beat all of the tag teams, and as Kazarian brought up, we all can worship them….now.

A special look at the Hall of Fame dinner, with Kurt Angle.

Video celebrating Kurt Angle’s night. We have a Jeff Jarrett sighting too, sitting with Kurt at the table.

Joe is having a pep talk with Main Event Mafia. Kurt enters into the dressing room. The family is back together.

It’s the Mafia’s night.

Our gauntlet tag match is up now. Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence will kick this match off.

I just have to say before this match starts, Christopher Daniels is my hero.

We are 30 minutes away from the PPV to start.

Bad Influence win the fall with Kazarian pulling Chavo off the top rope, and Daniels hooking the tights.

Eric Young and Joseph Park are in now.

Eric Young and Joseph Park win with a Fallaway Slam, Park delivering the move on Daniels, and Eric pinned him.

Bullshit, how the best tag team in the company can’t face Storm and Gunner on the biggest PPV of the year is unacceptable.

But of course, Bad Influence lay out EY and Joseph, and nail Joseph with the Ultimate X structure.

As Bro-Mans make their way out with Phil Heath, Joseph is being sent away, bleeding.

Will we have an Abyss sighting?

Bro-Mans win the match, giving EY a Hart Attack, wow….Bro-Man Vs Storm and Gunner at the PPV? That will be a bathroom break.

Bully Ray is heading to the ring, next.

Eric Young is looking for Joseph Park backstage, and he sees something he wasn’t expecting.

Camera is cut, we now have a PPV rundown.

AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray video, featuring Dixie Carter.

Enter the World Heavyweight Champion.

Do you know who he is? He is Bully Ray, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and he is the president of the Aces and 8’s. We all think Aces and 8’s are finished, don’t ya? We think they are about to implode? That’s what Bully Ray wants us to think. It’s about resurrection, it’s about a rebirth. AJ Styles is going to pay, and now, AJ Styles is bound for glory.

Dixie is backstage, she wants Bully to assure her that tonight is AJ Styles’ last night in the company, and he just smiles and walks off.

The big PPV….Bound for Glory. Ultimate X match, for the X-Division Title. Austin Aries Vs Manik Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Chris Sabin Vs Samoa Joe will kick things off.

Here we go.

Chris Sabin used Velvet Sky to distract Jeff Hardy for a moment, so he can climb up a ladder, and win the X-Division Champion for a 7th time.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray is now a No DQ, No Countout match.

Is this the last time we see AJ Styles in TNA?

Video of AJ winning the first X-Division Title is being shown.

Earlier today, the challenger arrived in the building.

Bad Influence are making their way to the ring.

Not since the premiere of “Brokeback Mountain” has two men been screwed more times.

The fact they aren’t fighting for the World Tag Team Titles is an embarrassment, not only to the company, to the best tag team in the biz….but also for us turds.

Daniels brings up this is supposed to be the grand showcase for TNA, but they are TNA. They are the best team the company has ever seen.

Here are some facts for us….Fact…They defeated Chavo Guerrero III and Sean Hernandez, Jr. Former World Tag Team Champions in their own right. Fact….Eric Young and Joseph Turd aren’t even a tag team. Fact….TNA loves to pull swerves, we have 5 men in an Ultimate X Match, we have 3 women compete for the Knockout Title. So let’s add the World Tag Team Title match a 3-way?

Here comes Eric Young.

He isn’t here for any trouble, he already beat them earlier. He is a scientist. Bad Influence created a monster earlier tonight. Everyone knows they should run.

The crowd chants to run, and Bad Influence attack EY, and here comes Abyss.

Oh, brother.

Abyss hits 2 Black Hole Slams, and Abyss helps EY up.

A new tag team formed?

We are sent to JB.

JB is with Gunner and Storm. Gunner brings up Bro-Mans shouldn’t worry about their gym, their tan, or their hair. They need to focus on the match, and he is here to say Storm and Gunner are ready.

Storm tells them they were lucky earlier tonight, but they better be good now.

Sorry ’bout your damn luck.

World Tag Team Title match is up now, Storm and Gunner Vs Bro-Mans.

Bro-Mans are the new Tag Team Champions. They hit the Hart Attack again, and pinned Storm. “Cowboy” hurt his knee, he has a big cut and is bleeding. He is sure to get some stitches.

But we have new Tag Team Champions.

Kurt Angle Hall of Fame video is playing again.

It is time for the Hall of Fame induction for Kurt Angle.

Sting is inducting Kurt.

Sting brings out Kurt Angle. Its interesting here, because Sting is completely dressed in his street attire, without face paint, presenting Kurt his award, and Kurt is completely dressed to wrestle.

This induction means more to Kurt than we will ever know, and the crowd chants thank you Angle.

He can’t describe the words he feels about TNA, and the people working here. Sting hands him his official TNA Hall of Fame watch.

Kurt looks to be choked up.

The crowd chants that he deserves it.

What Sting said, and the response the crowd just said, made him realize how important this moment is. The truth is he let his peers, and his family down. The example Sting has set is the reason why he is respectfully going to decline this. He wants to set a new example and a new standard for himself, and for this industry. And when he is ready, he will join Sting with the Hall of Fame.

Video from No Surrender 2009 when AJ Styles became the new World Heavyweight Champion, beating Kurt.

Dixie is on the phone, she wants AJ’s gear to be on sale with his merchandise, she wants it all gone by this week.

Ethan Carter III, or EC3 shows up. Dixie has his opponent picked out, but it won’t be easy.

Knockout Title match is up now, ODB Vs Gail Kim Vs Brooke.

Gail Kim defeated ODB and Brooke with some help from Lei’D Tapa, with the referee knocked out. She slammed ODB on the ramp, and powerbombed Brooke outside the ring, and into the ring.

It seems Gail is associated with Lei’D Tapa.

All of the heels won the titles tonight, so far.

Gail Korsey is with the new Tag Team Champions, BroMans.

The party will continue all week, bro, including going into Salt Lake City, Utah.

Protein shakes, bro.

JB is with Bobby Roode.

Bobby mentions what he said this past week on Impact is true. That what Bobby has done the last two years is more than what Kurt has done in the same span. He is in his head, and he is bound for glory. He made him tap out last week, and will make him tap out tonight, because it pays to be Roode.

Roode Vs Angle, now.

Roode pinned Angle when Kurt had him in a Superplex off the top rope, and the ring knocked Kurt out. Bobby staggered up to pin him.

A fantastic match, hands down the best match so far. Kurt is knocked out, and is being checked on by EMTs and officials.

Angle refused the stretcher, and gets up to head to the back.

Incredible match here.

Bound for Glory 2009 now with AJ beating Sting.

Now showing AJ in his locker room, getting ready for his match. Now we cut right to Bully Ray, talking about a club that is reformed. When you ride with Aces and 8’s, you never ride alone.

Now we are getting EC3, and his opponent tonight.

Oh boy, we are getting EC3 against San Diego’s own Norv Fernum.

EC3 wins with a modified stroke. This match went too long.

I wonder if this will represent the return of Jeff Jarrett?

JB is with Magnus.

Magnus brings up how this is the biggest night of his life. The previous night was July 4th, when Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe brought him in. He has everything to lose, he knows that he is hostile territory, in Sting’s own backyard. But Sting, he has a date with destiny, and she is getting impatient.

Sting Vs Magnus, now.

Magnus wins the match with a Cloverleaf. We saw Sting pull off a Flair Flop.

After the match, Sting wanted to shake his hand, and Magnus more or less blew him off.

AJ Styles winning the BFG Series at this year’s No Surrender on Impact.

Our next match is the main event, for the World Heavyweight Title. AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray in a No DQ match.

But first, JB is with Bully Ray.

Bully believes that AJ has fear. He doesn’t want to kill him, he doesn’t want AJ to die. He wants something worse, he wants AJ to live. He wants to live with the fact that he lost to Bully Ray. He wants AJ to get into the pickup truck, drive back to Gainesville, Georgia, to that double wide trailer, he calls home. He wants him to tell his wife he lost to Bully Ray and no longer has a job. He wants his son, little AJ to look at AJ into his redneck eyes, and ask Daddy, what happened?

Do you know who I am? I am Bully Ray, and welcome to my jungle.

Styles Vs Bully Ray, now.

AJ Styles won with a Spinal Tap, and is now the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This match was physical, AJ did a 450 right on the ring table, we also had Knux and Garrett Bischoff try to interfere, to no avail. Bully ripped up the ring, like he did at Slammiversary, even Dixie Carter came out to bully Earl Hebner when she had to, but at the end of the day, the right man won. AJ went through the crowd as we celebrated, with the show ending here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall, I liked this show. It wasn’t the best Bound for Glory, but we had 2 great matches, and the rest of the show was good. Interesting choices to have Gail Kim, BroMans, and Sabin all win the respective titles, but at the end of the day, AJ Styles, the face of TNA won the match, clean. I was expecting a returning Ken Anderson to help him, and screw Bully, but it just didn’t happen.

Now, as Mike Tenay said it, the ball will be in Dixie’s court. How will she handle a guy who so-called doesn’t have a contract with her title? At least, that is what they want us to believe.

But back to Roode Vs Angle, I love the story those two told too. I hope Kurt is okay, after that sick bump he took with the Superplex. And the story of him rejecting the Hall of Fame watch, and spot is interesting. But if they truly want to go there, why not go full force? Just have Kurt say he went into rehab, and he feels ashamed of being looked at as one of the best right now. Maybe, they have a long-term story of Kurt winning the BFG Series next year? I don’t know, but I expect this story to continue, starting this Thursday night.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.

TNA Slammiversary 6/2/13

Tonight, TNA celebrates 11 years. It was also tonight, a good friend of mine, Greg Cain and his wife, who is a great friend too, Bethany came over, and we watched it together. See, 11 years ago, Greg and myself started to watch TNA, even on the first episode, and watched it every week. We also had our pictures taken with at the time NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett when they came to a Canton show. We have great memories, so this means even more watching this show. Greg and Bethany recently moved back to Cleveland, from Georgia. This was the first time we saw each other for a year, we expect to watch a good show.

Here we go.

Todd Kenely, Taz, and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show. We are in Boston, Massachusetts. Sting Vs Bully Ray in a No Holds Barred match will headline the show. If Sting loses, he will never receive a title shot again. We will also see AJ Styles face Kurt Angle in what is being called a big grudge match. We also find out who is the next induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. Will it be the founder, Jeff Jarrett?

We kick the show off with Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title, the 30th match in this series. Kenny King Vs Chris Sabin Vs Suicide.

Chris Sabin wins the X-Division Title in what was an incredible match kicking things off. This Boston crowd is on fire tonight, and these three men know how to start the PPV off.

Hulk Hogan shows up to congratulate Chris Sabin on the big title win. A great story for Sabin, who had blown 2 ACL’s, and literally hurt the first, then in his first match back, hurts the other ACL, only to come back victorious. A great story on perseverance.

Hogan announces that Chris will have a big opportunity this summer, at Destination X, which I will assume is a big Impact show in either July or August. Chris will get a chance to give up the X-Division Title for a World Heavyweight Title shot. Just like Austin Aries did last year.

Hogan has big plans set for Slammiversary, and here come Aces and 8’s, specifically, Anderson, Bischoff, and Briscoe.

Anderson tells Hogan that Aces and 8’s will ruin this party, but Hogan tells Anderson he has complete confidence in the TNA wrestlers in the back to take care of business, jack. He says that Bischoff is a bitch, just like his father. Okay, that was funny.

Joseph Park will take care of Devon’s Television Title reign, Sting will take care of Bully Ray. And these three men will lose to the team of Magnus, Samoa Joe, and the returning Jeff Hardy.

Amazing pop for Hardy, and this match will take place, now.

Hardy, Joe, and Magnus win the match with a Snapmare, Elbow Drop, Swanton win. I’ll let you figure out who did what, pinning Briscoe.

By the way, not that I am complaining, but wasn’t D.O.C. supposed to wrestle in Anderson’s spot?

Did they fire D.O.C.?

We see Sting’s legacy, and it begins at Bound for Glory 2006, where Sting defeats Jeff Jarrett to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the first time.

JB is in the back, plugging the last 11 years of TNA. It was one year ago since this man, Joseph Park made his in-ring debut.

11 years for TNA, 1 year for JP. He loves Boston, this is his first title opportunity.

He gets jumped from behind by Devon and Knox. So this was Knox’s role in the show?

They jump him, and send him into the wall, in a puddle of his own blood. You don’t want to make Joseph Park angry.

Our next match is the Gut Check challenge, winner gets into the BFG Series. Jay Bradley Vs Sam Shaw.

Bradley wins with a Boom Stick Lariant. Honestly, the crowd didn’t care for this match, and I didn’t either. They worked hard, but nobody knows these guys very well.

Christy Hemme asks Jay how it feels, he will be the first one in the BFG Series, and he will be the last one out.

JB is with Roode and Aries.

Tonight, a 4-team elimination Tag Team match.

Roode reminds us he was the most dominant World Champion, and longest reigning champion in TNA history. Aries reminds us that someone gets a chance to cash in the X-Division Title to become new World heavyweight Champion, and he did that in defeating Bobby Roode. But champions equal Tag Team Gold, and that is what they will achieve. Roode tells Storm to always remember this, he may have a new partner in Gunner, but he isn’t Bobby Roode.

Our next match is for the Television Title, Joseph Park Vs Devon.

Devon comes out with Knox. He orders the referee to make the count now, and if Joseph doesn’t make it to 10, Devon will win the match.

Brian Stiffler makes the count, and no Joseph Park, so he rewards the match to Devon.

But Devon runs his mouth, he said no Joseph Park, and if Abyss was here, he’d beat him down too, and even put the Television Title on the line.

Abyss’ music plays, wait a second, that is Abyss!! Devon made the challenge, the referee calls for the ball, and we have our title match.

Abyss wins the match with a Black Hole Slam, and becomes the new Television Champion, and is now an official Grand Slam winner.

I have a feeling we will get a reversal though, because it’s not an “official” title match. But right now, Abyss is the new Television Champion.

We see Sting’s title victory from Bound for Glory 2007 against Kurt Angle.

Sting was the first induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. We now find out who will be the next.

Here comes Dixie Carter.

Dixie announces that Kurt Angle is the newest induction into the Hall of Fame.

She has all of the wrestlers come out from the back before making the introduction.

Kurt comes to the ring, in tears. We see this awesome video presentation, talking about Kurt winning the 1996 United States Olympic Gold Medal, and 10 years later, he comes to TNA, to help the company grow, and become the business it is now.

Kurt is very touched, and honored. He thanks Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter for bringing him into the company. And without guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Roode, James Storm, and so many of these originals that deserve this honor over him, he wouldn’t even be a Hall of Fame candidate without them.

Such an awesome speech, and a great moment.

More Sting World Title footage, when he beats Samoa Joe to become World Heavyweight Title, at Bound for Glory 2008.

Sting entered the building earlier tonight.

JB is with Bad Influence.

They talk about how valuable the Tag team Titles are now because of them. So Valuable that two former World Heavyweight Champions want them. So valuable that a third generation superstar finally comes to TNA, and teams with Mexico’s strongest man, and the one time a Viking and a Cowboy can get along.

But at the end of the day, they will win the Tag Team Titles, and when they do, you have their permission to worship them.

Elimination Fatal 4-way Tag match for the Tag Team Titles. Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence Vs Dirty Heels Vs “Cowboy” James Storm and Gunner, the new team name of Beer Slingers, that credit goes completely to Bethany Cain.

Here we go.

Bad Influence are DQ’d when Daniels nails Chavo with the Tag Title.

Roode pins Chavo for the pinfall.

It’s between Beer Slingers Vs Dirty Heels.

Storm gives Austin the Last Call Superkick, Gunner makes Austin tap to the Torture Rack, and Beer Slingers win the Tag Team Titles.

JB is with Brooke Hogan, talking about the growth of the Knockout Division. Our next match is the Last Knockout Standing match, this will be an exciting night.

JB wants dirt on Bully Ray, does she still love him?

Brooke ends the interview.

Last Woman Standing Match, Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrelle, next.

Taryn wins the match, when she and Gail went off the ramp, and onto the floor, Taryn gets up at 9. Incredible match, and in fact this was by far Taryn’s best match to date. Gail did a great job with her, but Taryn also deserves a lot of credit for this too. The only problem is they didn’t go long enough, they had the crowd at that bump, but then all of a sudden, they ended the match.

Sting’s 4th title win over Mr. Anderson back at Victory Road 2010.

AJ Styles Vs Kurt Angle, now.

AJ has new music it seems, the same music that was played in the video last Thursday night. I do like the song, but they need a new Titantron for him.

Kurt has him beat in a double leg hookup. Amazing match that told a great story. AJ doesn’t fly anymore, not like he did. Instead, he picks his spots, and that was the story told here. But at the end of the night, Angle finds a way to win.

Our main event is next, Bully Ray vs Sting in a No Holds Barred match. If Sting loses, he has no more title chances.

The fans that voted tonight believe Sting will win with 64%.

Bully Ray is in the back, he said he gave Sting this opportunity, he respects everything he has done, so he will tell us how he wins tonight, with a piledriver. He is giving Sting a heads up.

Our big title match is now.

Bully Ray defeats Sting with his trusted hammer, when Sting was coming off the top rope. Bully Ray did the Piledriver two times, yet our hero kicked out. He was put through a powerbomb, breaking through not one table, but two. Bully ripped the mats, so we have the wood that is holding the wrestling ring together. Aces and 8’s tries to help, but it didn’t work, until Anderson handed him his trusted hammer.

Brooke even came out in the middle of the match, when Bully was getting his ass beat, but Sting stopped Brooke, and told her to go back. An incredible match, and Sting went out on a blaze of glory.

As Todd Keneley said, an end of an era has indeed happened.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was one of the best PPVs I have seen TNA run in quite some time. Every match worked, or had meaning, except for one match. The women’s match was incredible, and I give both women credit for it.

I love that moment Chris Sabin had, and now he will have a chance at the World Heavyweight Title soon. Keep watching.

The team of Beer Slingers, I love that tag team name pulled off an upset here, and made history.

We also had a new Television Champion, though I believe that will be changed this Thursday.

Great choice in Kurt Angle. I would have went with Jarrett, but Kurt is also a no-brainer. That first moment he had with Samoa Joe was a moment I will never forget, and it helped put TNA on the map.

But I do disagree with him beating Styles. AJ should be the one to be pushed as the man who will beat Bully Ray, and now they take away that momentum. Not sure where they are going here. Can Chris Sabin pull off the mistake?

Hell of a work by Sting and Bully Ray. It truly is an end of an era, and I want to thank Sting for giving us so many great memories.

TNA came off as a major league company tonight, and let’s hope they can continue this run. What did you think of the PPV? Send me your thoughts.

TNA Lockdown 3/10/13

Back from my trip to Springfield, Ohio with the bowling tournament. I did very well, and might even win some money, but I won’t find out until May, or June. I missed the PPV last night, but am now ordering the replay. So it will start in a few minutes, at the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas. I still think they could have built the PPV up better, but it is what it is. With that being said, here we go.

We go over the history of Aces and 8’s, including this past Thursday night when D’ Lo Brown was revealed as the VP of Aces and 8’s.

This is the largest live crowd in TNA history, and we see Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, and Taz welcoming us to the show.

Our first match is for the X-Division Title, with Kenny King facing Zema Ion and Christian York in a Triple Threat match.

Kenny King wins the match with a Coronation, pinning Christian York. A fantastic match to kick the show off.

JB is in the back with Joseph Park. Joseph talks about how the boys have been ribbing him all weekend long, but Bad Influence interrupt, and tell Joseph that Dixie Carter has been looking for him, she is in catering.

Tonight is not about Joseph, it’s also not about Chavo and Hernandez, nor is it about A-Double, and BR, it’s about them….the best Tag team in the business today, and tonight, they will take what is the most important titles to them, the Tag Team Titles.

Joseph Park Vs Joey Ryan, now.

Joseph wins the match with a sit down Butt drop. He continues his undefeated streak, since becoming a full-time Wrestler.

Later tonight, who will win the World Heavyweight Title match, inside the steel cage? Let your vote count, on Facebook.

Earlier tonight, champion and challenger entered the building.

Brooke Hogan is giving Bully Ray a pep talk about tonight’s match. Bully wants to make Brooke proud, he wants to make her dad proud.

In comes “Dad”, Hulk Hogan. He tells Bully this company has the opportunity to be huge. Bully Ray is the right man to take that company to greater heights, not Jeff Hardy.

Hogan wants Bully Ray to win the title, and he brings up how Andre the Giant took him aside, and said whether he wins or loses, make sure the fans will remember him. He wants Bully to do the same thing, tonight.

Bully promises they will remember him.

Our next match is for the Knockout Title. Velvet Sky Vs Gail Kim, with Taryn Terrell being the referee.

Velvet wins with a In Yo Face, but before that, Taryn finally had enough of Gail Kim bullying her, even daring her to DQ Gail after she slapped Taryn, and Taryn spears Gail.

JB is with Robbie E. It’s Bro Vs Bro tonight. E. will prove he was always the better bro. He will make his former bro….his ho.

It’s Robbie E. Vs Robbie T, now.

T wins the match with a Spinebuster, enough said about that.

JB is with A-Double, but he doesn’t have his partner. Austin stated everyone has been asking about that for the last two weeks now, and Austin has done everything he can to show he doesn’t need a partner, and in fact, he can defeat all four men tonight by himself. But fortunately, that will not happen, because he has a partner.

It’s Bobby Roode, and BR asks if he missed him.

World Tag Team Title match, Chavo and Hernandez Vs Bad Influence Vs Aries and Roode, now.

The champs retained their titles, with an assist by Chavo Guerrero, when Chavo laid Daniels out with a Frogsplash, but Bobby made the blind tag to Chavo in the air, and pinned Daniels.

A great match, and I am glad to see Bobby Roode still with TNA, because the person that left him out of that contract in the first place should be fired.

We go back to the Knockouts Title match, and tempers are flaring backstage. JB is in the back, with Taryn Terrell.

Gail has been pushing her for months, so she has to stand up for herself. So she made a judgment call, was it the right decision? Gail Kim attacks her from behind.

Now, the final three matches will be held inside a steel cage, and they are setting the cage up.

Slammiversary, the next TNA PPV will take place in Boston on June 2nd, 2013.

Some club business going on with Aces and 8’s. D’Lo Brown is rallying the troops around. This will be a big night for Aces and 8’s, and it starts with Wes Briscoe. He has Kurt Angle, so set the tone first.

JB is with Kurt Angle.

Brisco, tonight is the night Kurt makes him famous. He goes head to head with the best wrestler in the business. Now D’Lo Brown, what you did to your company is unforgivable, and he’s next. Wes, he is nothing like his Father, and Uncle. He is just a snot-nose punk. He will be dealt with, and be given an old-fashioned San Antonio ass whooping. It’s real….damn real.

Wes Briscoe Vs Kurt Angle, inside a steel cage, now.

Wes wins the match with some help from D’Lo Brown, who laid Kurt Angle out with the cage, and put him back in, to pull Wes out of the cage, behind the ref’s back. I don’t think this finish helped Wes out at all, but it’s a W in the record book, so whatever.

Our next match is Lethal Lockdown match. Team Sting (Sting, “Cowboy” James Storm, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and “Showtime” Eric Young) Vs team Aces and 8’s (Devon, Mr. Anderson, Knox, D.O.C., and Garrett Bischoff).

It will be Magnus Vs Mr. Anderson kicking things off.

Knox, from Aces and 8’s is next.

Samoa Joe is in now to even the odds, and well….Joe is gonna kill you.

Garrett Bischoff is in the ring, making it 3 on 2.

“Showtime” Eric Young is in, making it 3 on 3.

Devon is in now, 4-3 Aces and 8’s.

Storm is in the ring now.

D.O.C is in now.

Sting is in now, and let The Lethal Lockdown begin.

Team Sting wins with “Showtime” Eric Young nailing an elbow drop on Knox right off the top of the cage. Hell of a fight here. Joe did a 6 man Tower of Doom, holding all 5 men near the ropes. Weapons all over the place, Storm drinking the beer, and Eric Young was just put over in a major way.

Our main event, Jeff Hardy Vs Bully Ray, for the World Heavyweight Title is up next.

Facebook believes Hardy will win 51% to 49% tonight.

Bully Ray is now the new World Heavyweight Champion when Aces and 8’s come down, climb the cage, Devon hands Bully Ray a hammer, and Bully nails Jeff with the hammer, pinning him, and embracing his brother, Devon. Yes folks, Bully Ray is the President of Aces and 8’s. Bully tells Hulk, who came out and cheered on his son-in-law that Bully owns Hogan, and Bully screwed Brooke.

Brooke in tears,Bully informs her he doesn’t care about her at all, and informs us he is the President of Aces and 8’s, he is our World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans respond by throwing bottles of debris into the cage, and I feel bad for Hardy, who did suffer a concussion, but as of now, seems to be fine. The PPV ends here, with Aces and 8’s celebrating in the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a solid show that ended with the big storyline twist that Bully Ray is the President of Aces and 8’s. But why wasn’t this revealed at Bound for Glory? Did they just want to go with the switch of Devon? I was just disappointed we never saw an encounter, or match between Bully and Devon, but let’s face it, Bully Ray is a much better heel, and he plays it well. So let’s give this a chance.

I also think they need to push Eric Young, they gave him that opportunity tonight, now let’s do something about it. A fun match to watch.

Tag Team match was the best match of the night, and I am glad to see Bobby Roode come back.

X-Division Title match set the tone, but why this was not pushed on Tv is beyond me.

Angle Vs Briscoe was fine, but they didn’t do Wes any favors with the ending. Wes needed some sort of win, but not like that.

The question now is where do we go from here? And please, don’t tell me Hogan Vs Bully. THIS is where we should get AJ Styles Vs Bully Ray, at Bound for Glory, with AJ winning the title. But, Bully Vs Hogan seems to be the direction we are heading, and it might begin this Thursday, which will be fun to watch since they will be in Chicago. What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.

TNA Genesis 1/13/13

Tonight, the first PPV of 2013 is live in Orlando, Florida, with Todd Kenneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz welcoming us to the show.  3 Title matches, including the World Heavyweight Title on the line, with Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode, a Triple Threat Elimination match, who will win?  We’ll find out.

Kicking things off, the World Tag Team Titles are on the line, with Chavo and Hernandez facing Joey Ryan, and Matt Morgan, now.

Chavo and Hernandez retain their titles, with Chavo pinning Joey Ryan with a Frogsplash.  Joey Ryan looked awkward in this match.

Morgan does not look amused, this tag team might break up, soon.

Jeremy Borash is with Mr. Anderson, he will face Samoa Joe, tonight.

Anderson is just hanging out with Aces and 8’s, having a great time.  Kurt Angle called him out Thursday night, Anderson showed up.  So Joe, you want to call Anderson out?  Fine, he will see you out in a few minutes.  The same thing that happened to Kurt, will happen to Joe.

Joe Vs Anderson, now.

Anderson wins when Mike Knox came out, and distracted Joe, and he turned around to get hit with a Mic Check, for the pinfall.

JB is with Kenny King, tonight, he faces Christian York, and the winner immediately faces RVD for the X-Division Title.  Kenny said he is a freight train, and Christian can’t stop him.  This is about RVD, he has gone soft.  He realized that when he pinned him last month, the reason why he left him to dry, and allowed Matt Morgan to hit the Carbon Footprint, and tonight, he will prove it by winning the X-Division Title.

Christian York Vs Kenny King, winner faces RVD, now.

Christian York wins the match with a cradle, and Kenny King attacks Christian with a Coronation, after the match, leaving him for RVD.

Which leads to….

RVD Vs Christian York, for the X-Division Title.

RVD wins with the Fivestar.  Christian mostly did the selling from Kenny King’s attack.

RVD helps Christian up, and applauded Christian’s performance.

JB is with Joseph Park, he is facing Devon, tonight.

Joseph is nervous about tonight’s match, but he is ready.  This reminds him of his first court case, but tonight, he is here to fight.  His strategy?  Build that foundation that OVW taught him.  Aces and 8’s kidnapped him, deprived him of food, and tonight, he stands before us not as an attorney, but as a trained professional wrestler, ready to do battle.

Joseph Park Vs Devon is now.

Devon wins the match with a handful of pants, rolling up Joseph.  Park’s mouth was bleeding, and that woke him up into “Abyss” mode, complete with Black Hole Slam.  He set him up for a Chokeslam, but Joseph woke up from his trance, and the veteran caught him.

After the match, Devon attacked Joseph, and gave him his last rites.

JB is with Austin Aries, he said that Joseph was unsuccessful in his first Professional Wrestling match, and Jeff Hardy will be unsuccessful in his last Professional Wrestling match.  Because he and Roode agreed to take out Hardy first, then see who the best Professional Wrestler is, and it’s A-Double.  He will win the match, and become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Knockout Gauntlet match is now.

Gail Kim faces Brooke Tessmacher, first.

Gail wins the match, with Eat Defeat.

Gail Kim will now face ODB.

Gail wins with a hook of the tights, or is it thong?

Gail is now facing Mickie James.

Gail rolls up Mickie James, holding onto her jeans, for the victory.

Next is the final competitor, Velvet Sky.

Velvet Sky wins with a Double Underhook, or In Your Face, but Gail shifted her foot under the ropes, but Taryn Terrell did not see it.

Velvet receives a Knockout Title shot down the road.

JB is with Christopher Daniels.  The winner of the Daniels-Storm match gets a World Title shot on January 24th Impact.

Daniels tells us that Frankie has a “manager’s licence” for one night only, and they are classy individuals.  Daniels will drink his appletini, shake his ass down to the ring, and kick James Storm’s ass, and there is nothing he can do about it, except worship Daniels and Kaz.

Christopher Daniels Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, now.

Daniels wins the match with a Last Rites, and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage, picking up the win.

Frankie Kazarian used his face to distract Storm, when James Kicked him off the ring, and Daniels picks up the win.

Daniels faces the TNA World Champion on January 24th.

Footage from last week on Thursday, when Bully Ray proposed to Brooke Hogan.

And here comes the happy couple, now.

Do you know who they are?  He is Bully Ray, and this is his fiancée, Brooke Hogan.  They are getting married this Thursday night, at Impact, on Spike TV.

Bully Ray is sending a tweet, inviting us to the wedding this Thursday night.

Bully usually isn’t for the feeling crap, but Brooke does it for him, and he wants to thank us for having their back.  The wedding is set this Thursday night.

Sting Vs Doc is next.

Sting wins with a Scorpion Death Drop.

And out comes Aces and 8’s, ready to attack.  But Bully Ray heads to the ring, to fend off Aces and 8’s, before they entered the ring.

Bully has Sting’s back.

JB is with Bobby Roode.

Only 3 men have held the World Heavyweight Title since November, 2011, and all three men are in the ring for this match.

Roode confirms that he and Aries are in cahoots, to eliminate Hardy first.  Jeff does not deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion.  When you think of World Champions, you think of Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode.  We are talking about the two best wrestlers in the business today.  Aries, you might have picked up some fluke victories in the past, but tonight, the winner and champion will be “The It Factor” Bobby Roode.

Our main event is next, Triple Threat Elimination match, Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode, now.

Roode is eliminated with Aries rolling over Roode, and Hardy aiding the victory, but Hardy us credited for the pinfall.

It’s now Aries and Hardy left.

Swanton Bomb for Hardy, and he retains the title.

A great match here, that showed the two heels working together, but Hardy always prevailed.  So Roode turned on his partner, and worked against Aries.  It all backfired, when Hardy found a way to escape, and his two challengers are in disbelief.

Hardy ends the show, celebrating.  Tune in this Thursday night for Impact.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This will be an interesting year for TNA, because of the latest news that they are eliminating the 12 PPVs, sort of.  Instead they will air, special Friday night PPVs, in the months between Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory, leaving us with 4 PPVs this year.  Where we go from here, nobody knows.  I can understand the move, but with these specials, or theme PPVs, I just hope they keep the focus, which is giving us the best quality storylines to sell the big PPVs.

Tonight’s show was okay, nothing special though.  However, the main event delivered, and so did Daniels Vs Storm.  But they advanced the storyline this coming Thursday night, which is the beginning of the buildup to Lockdown, and after what we saw tonight, I can guarantee something special might happen this Thursday, so please tune in, and find out.

I also think it would be great if Christopher Daniels can become the World Heavyweight Champion.  I dare TNA to do that, because the guy has been great, especially lately.

The Knockout Gauntlet match was good, but I do wonder why they didn’t use Madison Rayne.  When Velvet Sky will get her title shot though is anyone’s guess, but we will find out.

I did enjoy Park Vs Devon, and it shows what kind of performer Chris Park is to be a 15 year pro, but act like a “Green Hornet” as he put it.

What more can I say too about the three men in the main event that hasn’t been said?  Very fun match to watch.

So we’ll see where we go from here, on Thursday night, please watch.  Give me your thoughts on the show.

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