WWE Superstars 2/9/12…The Cobra Vs The All-American American

Just like NXT returning for me, I am back to watching Superstars, and our main event tonight is Santino Marella, taking on the United States Champion, Jack Swagger.  Here we go.

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker welcome us to their portion of the show, and our first match is Justin Gabriel taking on Heath Slater.

Justin wins the match with a 450 splash.  Very good match, and I will go on record to say, this was Heath Slater’s best match I have seen from him. 

Our main event tonight is Santino Marella taking on Jack Swagger, the United States Champion.

Our next match is Yoshi Tatsu taking on Johnny Curtis.

Yoshi wins the match with a kick to the head.

Our main event is Santino Vs Jack Swagger.

Our next match features the World Tag team Champion, The Colon Cousins, with Rosa Mendes.  They will take on the team of JTG and Michael McGillicutty.

Our Raw team of Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews calls the action now.

The Tag Team Champions win the match with a Backstabber.  I missed Scott Stanford, he has been the star of the show.

Thanks to Nickelback, “This Means War” the official theme song to Elimination Chamber.

Speaking of Elimination Chamber, the video to the Chamber is being shown.

Swagger defeats Santino with the Ankle Lock, and he celebrates the win with his routine victory jog.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It’s good to be back watching Superstars, but in reality, this was an average episode tonight.  The best match was the first one, Heath Slater Vs Justin Gabriel.  Everything else was there.  However, the highlight of the show was clearly Scott Stanford, Rosa Mendes, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJkevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.


A Press Release And A Cause

Kevin Gillman’s Thoughts:

Every now and then I get a press release from someone, and I have the urge to report it to you.  This was a comment sent to me just today from “WWE Superstars 4/28/11” and I just felt the urge to pass this along, because not only for what Natalya and Tyson Kidd did, sponsoring The Bicycle Helmet Giveaway, but also because of a man, Craig Sears, who is a traumatic Brain Injury Survivor.  He supports Thebrainproject.org.  Someone, anyone can relate to the website itself, so therefore, I am also linking the site for any of the visitors who are going through the same thing.  Please check out the site, and if you can, get in touch with him at Craig@Thebrainproject.org.  You can also read more about him through https://profiles.google.com/craig.sears.tbi#craig.sears.tbi/about.

Thank you, and a big thank you for Tyson Kidd and Natalya for supporting The Bicycle Helmet Giveaway in Stamford.  Thank you.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) children ages 0-14 make almost a half million emergency room visits annually for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Children under 15 accounted for 53 percent of bicycle injuries treated in emergency departments, according to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.

The bike helmet giveaway was started in 1995, by now retired police officer Glenn Coppola and his wife Peggy in honor of their son Timothy who was hit by a car while riding a bike in 1992. It was the first time ever Timothy was not wearing a bike helmet. Timothy suffered severe brain damage and passed away 22 months later at the age of 10. The Coppolas started the bike helmet giveaway to prevent similar tragedies from occurring to other families.

Since the Stamford Police Association and the Coppola family began the bike giveaway program an estimated 23,000 helmets have been handed out to youngsters.

A special thanks to WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd and Diva Natalya for helping to support the Stamford Police Association Bike Helmet Giveaway On Saturday, June 18, 2011, thanks again for making this a special day. 1000 bicycle helmets were given away.

Craig Sears A Voice for Traumatic Brain Injury


WWE Tough Enough 5/16/11

We are down to the final 6 after last week’s shocking double elimination of Ivelisse and Eric.  AJ knows he was lucky he wasn’t cut, so when he walked back into the house, he made the comment that he is going to make the most out of this situation and is ready to show the judges what he can do.

Christina is happy that she is the last girl standing, but I noticed she didn’t mention being alive in this competition to be the last person standing when its all said and done.

The next morning, Trish pulls Christina aside to talk to her.  They do yoga together and have some girl-girl moments.  Trish wants to know what is on her mind and it seems Christina is afraid of the unknown.  She believes that at times she can do too much or think too much, and that hurts her in the long run.  Trish is there to give her some encouragement, and when they show up for training, Bill tells her he is impressed, however, it’s time to impress her some more, so she says she will.

This week’s life lesson is creativity when Stone Cold enters the ring.  He wants the group to do Fireman’s Carry and see how creative they can get into it.  The problem is there isn’t much creativity into it, Jeremiah doesn’t seem like he has down pat, and AJ is too timid again. 

Now it’s time to have some fun and throw the people out of the ring, but that again pisses Steve off because there is no emotion or fire into this at all.

Andy truly struggled with this, he overthrew Luke and he landed badly on the floor.  Luke said it was the scariest moment of his life.

Everyone struggled with this excercise, either not being aggressive enough, or being too aggressive.  Andy went back to the house, and watched a video of his Daughter and talked to his Wife on the phone.  He is missing them both, but he realizes at the end of the day, it’s providing a better life for his family.

Trish decides to come over to the house, she brings the WWE Divas, Eve, Kelly Kelly, and The Bella Twins all came to the house and took the group out to dinner.  The guys loved this, but Christina was able to take this moment too for herself.  The Divas all wanted to talk to the contestants and get a feel for what they are thinking about.  Luke and Jeremiah were trying to impress them, which is funny to see.

Now we head to THQ Headquarters, the same company that produces WWE Raw Vs Smackdown and the newest game, WWE All-Stars.  The contestants have the opportunity to create their own superstars and be as creative as they possibly can.  This seems to be a fun venture for the people, they get to let their creative juices flow.  Stone Cold is amused by all of the choices, and actually, they are all good characters and are creative.  This also seem to lighten the tension that is going on.

After this, the guys and girl do some night training.  The lesson of the week is to be creative, so they are having some fun when something goes wrong for Martin.  He was getting out of the ring, and he rolled on his ankle.  He is in a tremendous amount of pain.  He doesn’t want to stop, but he can’t even stand on his own.  They order him to get a MRI done, and he does.

The next morning is upon us, and we still don’t have Martin there.  Luke said he hates to see this as a human being, but as a competition, it’s just one more down.

Martin comes in and he confirms us that he has a Fractured Ankle, and he has to leave the competition.  Steve wants to talk to Martin in his office.  Steve assures Martin that he didn’t quit this competition, and it’s not the end of the world.  Steve talked to Martin about the incident that took place when he broke his neck from a Piledriver that Owen Hart gave him.  But he was determined to come back, and he did.  Martin can do this too, it’s in him to be a WWE Superstar, but it has to be up to Martin.  How bad does he want it?  Steve refuses to take the title away from Martin.  He has Martin hang the belt up himself, and Martin takes great pride with that.  He leaves to a standing ovation, and everyone gives him hugs.  Martin said he will be back.

But there is still a skills competition here, and dammit, someone is going home.  This is a 2 minute drill, where you can be as creative as you want, however the finish will be someone using a top rope.

Christina and AJ are in the ring first.  AJ flat-out looks lost here in this drill and Christina is schooling him.  Here comes the finish, Christina goes to the top rope, AJ doesn’t know to stand up, or take the hit.  He gets up, this is supposed to be a Cross Body, but it’s a train wreck, and Christina hurts her ankle too.  They stop the challenge, send people home, no eliminations, and we end the show with Christina going to the hospital.  Will she be able to stay in the competition?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, this was certainly a loaded episode here, with a big exit by Martin, and a possible exit by Christina.  It certainly doesn’t look good for her.  As for Martin, he has performed better than Luke, bottom line.  In fact, Martin was the odds end favorite to win the competition, and now Luke might be awarded a gift, despite having a crappy attitude that isn’t going to last him long in the locker room.  I hope Martin can recover and make an impact in this business.  As for Christina, prior to this, she looked very good in tonight’s episode, and it looked like she had a chance.  Let’s hope she can come back, but it doesn’t look good, and AJ can live another week, skating by the other injuries.  Next week, The Rock makes an appearance, and that is always good to see The Great One.  Looking forward to tuning in.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line at the site.

WWE Superstars 3/17/11….Divas Take Over The Show

Yes my friends, WGN has decided to cancel WWE Superstars, so we have 4 weeks to go, let’s start this up.

We kick off the show with Jack Korpela and Matt Striker.  JTG will take on Tyler Reks.

Tyler earns the win tonight with a Burning Hammer over JTG.  Good match, for what it was.  It gave both men time to shine, but certainly not a match classic.

Snooki’s involvement with Snooki at Wrestlemania is up next.

Snooki is going to Wrestlemania.  They showed us footage from last week regarding Vickie Guerrero has a job on Raw because she defeated Trish Stratus and wants Trish, Snooki, and John Morrison to take on Lay-Cool and Dolph Ziggler.

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show.

Santino and Kozlov taking on The Uso’s are up next.

Santino and Kozlov win with the Cobra,  Decent tag action, but the babyfaces win.

8 Diva tag team match is up next.

Raw Rebound is on now, centering around The Miz Vs John Cena and their epic encounter at Wrestlemania.

8 Diva match is up now.  Gail Kim, Eve, Tamina, Kelly Kelly taking on The Bella Twins, Melina, and Alicia Foxx. 

Eve, Gail, Kelly, and Tamina win the match and the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

4 weeks away from the show coming to a complete cancellation on April 7fh, so what will WWE do with this?  Search me, but we should find out in the next few months.  The presentation shows us a sample of it.  Not as many matches in the last few months, more Raw highlights, and in some cases, clips from Raw that owned the moments.  So none of that anticipated Masters Vs Reks feud that was going to take place?  We’ll never know.  What do you think of the show?  Send me your email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me a not on the site.

Hello world! I Am Back!!

So, it all begins again. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, allow me to introduce myself, I am Kevin Gillman. I am a big Wrestling fan, been one for the last 24 years when I first saw Andre The Giant turn on Hulk Hogan, ripped his cross off, saying he wants a title shot. I have lived through the NWA, World Class, AWA, WWF, WCW, ECW, SMW, and now WWE. I started writing columns, based around WWE and WCW around 1999. It was called “From A Fan’s Perspective” and truly writing about Wrestling became fun. Whether people agreed with my opinion, or not, I welcomed any and all feedback. Then 2001 happened when Vince bought WCW and the Wrestling business became the one company monopoly that it was, writing about Wrestling just wasn’t fun, so I stopped. On occasion, I wrote a few columns, sort of special piece, with the intention of writing again, but nothing came out of it. I even started a blog in 2005 called “Everything and Anything”. It was supposed to be about everyday things, what I was doing, how I was feeling, etc. But it became a Wrestling column again, but that too was short lived. Until tonight, I received an email from someone who liked what I wrote, a piece about the life and sadly death of Eddie Guerrero. I still consider it my best piece yet. It gave me the itch to come back, I would like to share it with you and please by all means, any feedback is always welcomed. I still admire and miss Eddie very much, and after seeing tonight’s episode of Raw, something I will discuss tomorrow, I am excited about writing again. I will cover WWE and TNA, giving reviews of the shows, PPVs, and various topics throughout the week. You can also follow me on Twitter under Kevin Gillman. Please stop by and say hello. So, here is my piece on Eddie’s life, again any comments would be great. Enjoy the world of “From A Fan’s Perspective”

From A Fan’s Perspective-A Special Edition
By: Kevin Gillman

This is very difficult for me to write, I have never felt this way about the death of a wrestler since Owen died. It’s not supposed to happen, Eddie has been clean for four years, but the sad reality is it is very true and truly unfortunate. Eddie Guerrero is one of my favorite wrestlers who had everything going for him in the ring. He had charisma, he had mic skills and oh yeah he could wrestle in the ring too. The one thing that stuck in my mind was he could wrestle anybody. The Cruiserweights, the Heavyweights, and the Super Heavyweights and make them look good too. Eddie was part of the legendary Guerrero family from El Paso, Texas. Early autopsy reports say he died of heart failure on Sunday morning and he was only 38 years old. I found out early Sunday afternoon when I got online and I read my email that he had passed away and I just froze, literally for about two minutes. I just couldn’t know what to think. I felt numb and shocked, I went to a couple of websites, read some fan interaction of memories on the man and I felt I had to write something, but not on Sunday. I couldn’t, I just didn’t know what I would write because I felt horrible, tears were running down my face but then I saw the press conference that WWE.com was running with Vince and Chavo and the tears became a downright cry. All I could think about was the family he left behind, his wife Vicki, his three daughters, one of them is only 2 years old. God bless them and my prayers are certainly with them.

I first saw Eddie on the AAA PPV: When Worlds Collide where he and his tag team partner, Art Barr faced a masked tag team whose name escapes me right now but Art and Eddie were tag team champions and they had a mask vs hair match. What stood out the most for me was how he worked as a heel. It was by far the best match on the card both storyline wise and technically sound. It was a two out of three falls match and he and Art lost the third and final fall. I found out later on that Art, Eddie’s tag team partner died as well. It was a shame because of what I saw he was a good wrestler himself and he would have eventually gone to WWE just like Eddie did.

I saw him a year later in WCW, he debuted on Nitro against Chris Benoit. I found out from Mike Tenay that Eddie and Chris faced off a lot in Japan where they had a great rivalry, I figured if anyone knew anything about Eddie, it would be Mike Tenay and I was right. Eddie became a mainstay for the company mostly competing in the Cruiserweight division. However from time to time he went on to face the big guys, in fact he had a very good feud with Ric Flair over the US Title. But it wasn’t until he turned heel where I saw the how gifted he truly was. He gave us a little hint of “Latino Heat” and they even had him feud with his nephew Chavo. Then something horrible happened in 1997, Eddie got into a horrendous car accident that flipped over many times on New Year’s Eve. Doctors told the Guerrero family that he would not make it past the night. Guess what? He did make it. The doctors did tell him that he would never wrestle again. Guess what? He did. It had been revealed that Eddie had been drinking and he had some drugs in his system and this was when I first heard about Eddie’s demons. I want you to know I am not going to discuss his lifestyle into detail here, I think if you’re reading this, you know he had some problems with drugs and alcohol, this piece is a celebration of his life rather then the bad. But there is more to this then that, and we’ll get to it later. He came back and looked better then ever in the ring, he had a new light on life, he knows how lucky he was to survive that accident. When he came back, he had some problems with WCW, so he, along with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Perry Saturn, all very good friends of his decided to walk out together because there was a change in power with the booking, to be precise Kevin Sullivan came in for Vince Russo, Kevin was not a very good ally of the four workers, whereas Russo gave them a nice push calling them The Filthy Animals. Bill Busch, who was in charge of WCW then would not budge and the four men ventured into the unknown called WWE. The question at the time was could all four men make an impact all at the same time?

The answer was yes as they all relatively received a nice big push called The Radicals, but success didn’t all come at once. Eddie Guerrero had to be recreated, thus “Latino Heat” was born. In hindsight it was the best move career wise because he was truly able to showcase his talent, pairing him up with the ninth wonder of the world, Chyna, they became a very popular pair, because after all Chyna was Eddie’s “Mamacita”. Eddie started to win a few titles including the Intercontinental Title pinning his “Mamacita” accidentally. Little did he know, that was the start of “Lie, Cheat, and Steal.” Things really started to look up professionally because Eddie was starting to get some main event attention just being this character, the beauty about Eddie was no matter where he was at on the card, he still was top notch in the ring, when you saw Eddie come into the ring, you knew you were about to see a very good match. But Eddie’s personal life came crumbling down.

Eddie’s drug use had grown, his wife was going to divorce him but all he could do was “Escape” by using drugs and drinking alcohol. It got to the point where his friends Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko went to Jim Ross and told him about what was going on. WWE paid for Eddie’s rehab but had to let him go. I know it must have been very difficult for Chris and Dean to tell JR about what Eddie was doing, but deep down it was the right thing to do. Eddie got help, he saw the light and he cleaned up. Meanwhile he wanted to keep doing the one thing he loved doing and that was wrestling. So he started doing the independents and even toured with World All Star Wrestling, traveling around the world until he met with Vince McMahon. The saying goes “Anything can happen in WWE” and it does as Eddie Guerrero returned on Raw to let a little “Latino Heat” out on Rob Van Dam and had a series of classic matches with the former ECW TV Champion, even going as far as capturing the title himself at Backlash 2002. But the best was yet to come.

He moved over to Smackdown and began tagging up with his nephew Chavo Guerrero. Thus the “Lie, Cheat, and Steal” era began. In truth, they ran this angle earlier in Eddie’s career in WCW but it was never as funny as it was in WWE. They began using some montages where Chavo and Eddie stole a woman’s house (Hey, they were house sitting), money, watch, cheated in golf and above all else Chavo stole a baby’s bottle because “Eddie took everything else” and they debuted on Smackdown shortly afterwards. The funny thing was they were supposed to be heels, but come on, it’s the Guerrero’s, the people loved them so they turned them faces. Even winning the tag team straps which Chavo revealed in Eddie’s DVD “Cheating Death, Stealing Life” that was their dream as kids, which looking back on was tremendously awesome. Eddie’s personal life got better too as his wife, Vikki remarried Eddie in January, 2003. This was a man who less then a year ago at that point lost everything, his job, his family because the demons got to Eddie, but this is a very strong man because he got his job back but more importantly he got his family back. Now that is incredible, that is a storybook ending, that was how strong of a man Eddie Guerrero was. I can’t say that enough, he was one of a kind.

That would normally end any movie or any book, the fact that Eddie was able to beat the demons and he had been doing so going on for four years before his death this past Sunday. As a fan, no as a human being I am so proud of him for doing so. If you are an Eddie Guerrero fan, or even a wrestling fan, then please buy, not rent but buy “Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story”, and when you do and you see it, make sure you urge your non watching wrestling friends too to go buy it. What I described here cannot do the DVD any justice because you hear it through Eddie’s family, his friends and most importantly the man himself. It was made back in 2004 and it talks in detail over what happened. It is truly the best DVD ever about a wrestler and I really don’t think any future DVD’s can be any better. It’s a must own for sure. But a book or a movie couldn’t write up what happens next….

Februrary, 2004 No Way Out live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. That was the event where Eddie Guerrero became WWE Champion in a very intense, very good match against Brock Lesnar. Words cannot describe the emotion that was felt seeing a guy who had been in the business then for 17 years get the most deserving title win in his lifetime. I first read a spoiler on the net but I was in “I’ll believe it when I see it” mode. It happened, this was for all the hard work he had to endure. This was for the man that beat the demons and this was for the man who got his family and life back. Then a month later he got to see his best friend in the world, Chris Benoit win the World Heavyweight Title in the biggest event of the year in the biggest venue of the world. Wrestlemania 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He also got to share the win with Chris by giving him a very emotional hug, so emotional it made me tear up. Now that was real, it wasn’t a book, it wasn’t a movie, it was real.

This past Sunday morning, Eddie’s nephew Chavo found his body laying in the bathroom dead. They tried to revive him but no luck, the preliminary autopsy report found that it was due to the years of the hard drugs and alcohol Eddie had endeared. But I refuse to say the demons got him in the end, it was just time. I have always believed that God has a plan for all of us and it was good knowing that Eddie was a born again Christian so I know he is up in the sky telling us he is okay. Allow me to take the time now and I am going to use a title my good friend and fellow columnist Patrick Murphy uses and I hope he doesn’t mind me using it (Hey Dogg, I miss hearing from you bro). This is “What I Take With Me” When I think of terrible news like this, I tend to think of the song “Live Like You Were Dying” By Tim McGraw. If you haven’t heard of it, it is more or less a song telling us to live life to it’s fullest. This is what I want you to do after reading this, I want you to get up from the chair and either call up a family member or if they are there, give them a hug and tell them you love them. I also want to thank each and every single person who emailed me this week sharing their memories of Eddie or their thoughts about his death. I also encourage each and every one of you to email me again when you’re ready and tell me how you feel. Contact me at DJKevinGillman75@AOL.com. I will write again this week and give you more of my thoughts on Wrestling, but in the mean time before I leave, I want to thank Amy who contacted me from PhenomForest.com for sending me this fitting picture to use remembering Eddie. I really appreciate it. One more thing, I want to leave you my own testimonial for Eddie. I hope you enjoy.

I want to thank you Eddie for entertaining me in the wrestling ring and outside of it for 11 years. Anytime that I think of you now it brings a smile to my face thinking about the funny things that you did on TV. I also want to thank your family for allowing you to entertain us every single week, you truly are an inspiration that anyone can defeat their demons or anything else you may have. To me, you are a hero. You truly are one of a kind and I will never, ever forget you bud. God bless.

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