WWE Monday Night Raw 9/23/13…How Do We Solve The WWE Title Problem?

Angelo Savoldi passed away, who used to work for WWWF. They don’t make them, like they used to.

Video from Night of Champions is being shown, where Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton to be WWE Champion, or so we thought. HHH stripped him of the title when Scott Armstrong made a fast count.

We see the WWE Superstars on stage to begin the show, we are live in Chi-Town.

The owner and COO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon and HHH make their way to the ring.

It feels good to be in Chicago, and we see the 10 men stand in unity last week, holding Daniel Bryan up when he was chanting Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

There is speculation over social media over what was going to happen to them, would they be fired? Suspended? They are here to be said….thank you for finally stepping up and being men.

It had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan….

Come on dude, RVD says. They were fighting for Daniel Bryan. HHH screwed him, and they would do the same thing to him.

HHH wants to make sure they were fighting for Daniel Bryan, who has squandered WWE Title opportunities, so he should get another title shot, and not them?

How about Zack Ryder? Woo Woo…he should fight to be WWE Champion. There is one reason why they haven’t been WWE Champion.

The Shield.

They have collectively beaten them down since they arrived, and HHH can sense that frustration, it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan, but rather frustration over The Shield.

He will give Darren Young, Titus O’ Neil, The Uso’s, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Justin Gabriel, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder.

These men will compete in an Elimination Handicap match against The Shield.

But they will also have one more partner, a man who has the opportunity to win the WWE Title again at Battleground. A man who believes he is better than them, Daniel Bryan.

We also get a chance to vote who will take on Randy Orton later tonight. R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, or Rob Van Dam. We will get to vote on the WWE App.

Is this what is best for The Shield?

8 days ago, Ryback helped Paul Heyman defeat CM Punk. For the first time since, we will hear from Chicago’s own CM Punk.

Kofi Kingston is ready to face Alberto Del Rio, now.

We can vote for Randy Orton’s opponents, either R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, or Rob Van Dam.

Stop me if you heard this before, Kofi worked a very competitive match, did everything he could, fans were behind him, but he lost. In fact, he tapped out to the Cross Arm Breaker.

Can Kofi make it to the main event later tonight with a hurt arm?

We will hear from CM Punk, later tonight.

Ranee Young is standing by with The Miz.

We see footage with Randy Orton taking out Miz, and hurting his shoulder.

HHH comes over to The Miz before he speaks. He knows that he wants his hands on Orton, but for his well-being, he can’t allow him to get his hands on him. But tonight, he can do Miz TV. His guest? The Big Show.

3 weeks ago, Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes in a match where if he lost, he was fired. Then 2 weeks ago, Goldust was fighting for Cody, and Orton pinned him. Then last week, Stephanie had a proposition for Dusty Rhodes to choose which son would get his job back, Dusty refused, and Big Show knocked him out.

Later tonight, we will see 11-3 Handicap match, involving The Shield, and the 10 men that helped Daniel Bryan last week.

We’re here….

The Wyatt Family are coming to the ring.

The Wyatt Family are taking on The Primetime Players.

Wyatt Family wins with Harper nailing a wicked lariat, pinning Titus O’ Neil.

Now Bray Wyatt come in, and destroy Darren Young with Sister Abigail.

Follow the Buzzards.

Miz TV time.

We see the same footage we had seen earlier.

Normally Miz would have a smile on his face, but he is banged off and pissed off. Last week, Randy Orton attacked him in front of his friends, in front of his family, in front of his mother. Orton make it known, his time is coming, and it will be awesome.

But he wasn’t the only one going to the medical center. WWE Hall of Famer “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes was knocked out by his guest The Big Show.

We see footage of Big Show being forced to knock out Dusty.

Miz has known Show nearly a decade, they have been tag team champions, they have been opponents, and he respects him as a man, but man to man, how could he do that?

Show doesn’t answer, and Miz understands that Show has personal problems, and Stephanie forced you to do that, if he hadn’t, then The Shield would have taken out Dusty.

But doesn’t he understand, HHH and Stephanie are trying to break you, but now the wrestlers are standing up for themselves, and its time for Big Show to stand up.

That diminutive witch, and on that note, here comes Stephanie.

Stephanie doesn’t like what Miz is doing, stirring the pot, and it’s disrespectful, downright slander.

So Stephanie is going to go to slander? She can stick her lawsuit up her ass.

Stephanie tells Miz he isn’t even a main event player, he has peaked at such a young age. But he does have value. Anytime they need a radio interview, then Miz is their man. He does the company well. But last week, she saw what happened. She saw the look of her mother, in his hometown, have a look of hope to disappointment in one second. Then again, Miz didn’t measure up. Big Show, knock him out.

And on cue, he did just that, and walked away.

Wow, when is someone going to give Stephanie her own dose of medicine?

CM Punk is returning to Chicago, tonight.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Big Show knocking out The Miz.

Randy Orton is ready for his match, who is he facing?

Rob Van Dam

The match ends in a double countout, when Orton takes out Rob Van Dam. He sent him to the barricade, over the announce table, nailing the steel steps, he takes him back to the ring. Draping DDT on the top rope.

I am seeing a trend here with the main event.

Later tonight, 11-on-3 Handicap match.

Los Matadores are coming to WWE next week on Raw. Ole!!

During the break, when RVD was being helped, Alberto Del Rio attacks RVD, and nails him with a Cross Arm Breaker.

WWE2K14 is coming on October 29th.

The Bella Twins are getting ready for their match tonight, Randy Orton is trying to intimidate them, it’s not working.

HHH: Thy Kingdom Come is out now, and we see footage from it.

Stephanie is in her office, we see AJ Lee coming to see her. She gives AJ the DVD to see what a real wedding looks like.

AJ doesn’t like the tag team match later tonight with Total Divas. She isn’t hearing it, she orders her to compete in the 10 Diva match, or else maybe she won’t be champion much longer.

The match is on.

Chicago loves Fandango, or Summer Rae.

Fandango is facing Santino Marella.

Chicago is Fandango-ing. He wins with the Last Dance Leg Drop.

Later tonight, 11-on-3 Handicap match, but next, CM Punk speaks.

Chicago’s favorite son, CM Punk is in the ring.

CM Punk chants all over the arena.

He hasn’t smiled in 8 days, but he comes out here and can’t help himself. He tried to get the Stanley Cup, but it is in Montreal, because they are the champions of the world. But since he couldn’t get the cup, he felt he let everyone down, just like he has felt that way in Detroit, at Night of Champions.

He wants to apologize for letting us know. It’s going to read that Punk lost to Paul Heyman, he has lost many matches, but this one truly bummed him out. He’s thinking he may not do this anymore. He feels he doesn’t deserve to be in front of the greatest fans around, and isn’t worthy to say he is from Chicago, Illinois.

But then he hears this crowd, and put this sweater on, because he remembers that in May, his Blackhawks were down 3 games to 1. But here they did not talk, or feel sorry for themselves, but they took it to game 7. Then won the Stanley Cup. They may lose at times, but they put their straps up, they are ready for the next day. He is proud of this sweater, he is proud of his city, he is proud of these people, and he is going to fight. He doesn’t care if it’s Curtis Axel, he doesn’t care if it’s Ryback, or if it’s Paul Heyman.

Heyman starts to sing “New York, New York”.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.

Punk is here to say that this is the wrong place, wrong time. They aren’t in Detroit, they are in Chicago. And he’s going to have 18,000 people bailing his ass out of jail.

Heyman has been in physical therapy, and is confined in this motor scooter, but he takes solace in knowing he beat CM Punk.

But it’s not his fault, Punk is from Chicago, and he is the Second City Saint. The second place team, second-rate city, second-rate parents, and second place of the world.

He presents us with Exhibit A.

Ryback nailing Punk.

Heyman may be a walrus, but he pinned the biggest shark in Chicago.

Punk knows where this is going, but he has a question…can his goons save him in time before he gets to him. He’s not just going to break his face, he is going to rip it off.

Not only can Heyman beat him, but he did it with both hands tied behind his back.

And with that, he bids us a fair adieu.

But his motor scooter won’t work, and here comes Punk.

But Ryback and Axel meet him.

Punk fights back, but Ryback has the final word.

At Battleground, these two men square off.

Punk goes through a table, and Heyman gets up, he has been okay all along. Ryback tells Punk this is what happens to bullies.

It’s now Total Divas team taking on Team WWE in a 10 Diva match.

Brie wins the match, by giving AJ an X-Factor.

A Youtube look of the RKO.

A video footage of The Shield.

Dean wants to know if HHH and Stephanie threw them to the wolves? Or are the hunted, and do they eat them alive? Their backs are up against the wall, but what happens when their backs are against the wall?

They win, because they are winners, and tonight, they are doing their jobs.

Believe that.

Daniel Bryan is out here for a promo, before his match.

Last week, Daniel was stripped of the WWE Title, because he was accused of being conspired with Scott Armstrong, like he was going to win. Like he would approach Scott and say hey, can you do a fast count when I win? But it wouldn’t have mattered if Orton was knocked out.

And it’s odd that HHH gave Scott a great severance pay when he left. He doesn’t care if it’s the new and happy Randy Orton, or the old masterful Randy Orton, in Buffalo, Daniel is taking back the WWE Championship.

And he will hear one word that will haunt Randy for the rest of his pathetic life, and that word is….




The Shield comes out, before Daniel’s tag partners are there.

2 “fans” attack The Shield, and it turns out to be Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

Security escorts them out, as we go to a commercial break.

Our main event….Daniel Bryan, The Uso Brothers, Primetime Players, RVD, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston face The Shield in a 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match.

RVD gets pinned by Ambrose with his Headlock Driver.

Kofi is pinned by Ambrose with his Headlock Driver.

Titus O’ Neil is pinned with a spear by Reigns.

Justin Gabriel is pinned by a spear, through Reigns.

Zack Ryder tried, but….you, a spear by Reigns.

It’s now 6 on 3.

Reigns is pinned for the first time in WWE, by a Rikishi thump by Jey Uso.

6 on 2 now.

Rollins pinned Darren Young with a kick to the head.

5 on 2 now.

Ziggler pins Ambrose with a Zig Zag.

Now 5 on 1.

Truth is pinned with a kick to the head by Rollins.

It’s now Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and The Uso’s taking on Rollins.

Daniel Bryan wins the match, pinning Rollins with a High Knee Kick. The Shield tried to interfere, but Ziggler took out Ambrose, and The Uso’s took out both Ambrose and Reigns.

A very fun ending to the show, with the crowd chanting yes.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very fun crowd tonight again, Chicago and Cleveland fans are usually very vocal, and the show was good to boot.

I just have one issue, I understand WWE wants to plug their website over at WWE.com, but why break news with matches for the upcoming PPV? Many people don’t check that site out, so it’s important to point these matches out on the shows, is it not? I’m just thinking.

Usually, it is not good to have a heel be shown as the underdog, competing in these Handicap matches, but tonight, this worked, because of the many times The Shield came out and interfered with these wrestlers, so they got the taste of their own medicine, but is it early to add dissention?

I know this though, I am not fond of the Big Show character, and The Miz made a perfect point to it. Show is looked at as a locker room leader, so at some point, shouldn’t Show fight the system? And what made Vince McMahon such a compelling heel is he truly bumped for many of his cohorts that battled him. How exactly can Stephanie bump for these wrestlers then? Even when standing face to face with AJ Lee, she looked, and sounded like a bully. You really need to be able to give and take.

Other than that, a fun show, and I loved seeing The Rhodes Boys make their appearance. Where do we go from here, only time will tell. How did you feel about this show? Send me your thoughts.

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