WWE Monday Night Raw 3/30/15….The Night After

After an epic Wrestlemania, where we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and his name is Seth Rollins.  We are live in San Jose, California, where we can expect a big show.  What’s in store?

Raw is now.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. And I am the Advocate of the most non-PG ass kicker of the PG Era, Brock Lesnar.

So let’s talk about what happened last night.

His client did what he was supposed to do, and take the beast Samoan and annihilated him. His client, Brock Lesnar gave the Number One Contender to the World Title suplex after suplex, after suplex, after suplex. Or, as his client would say Suplex City, bitch.

But Roman Reigns would take all of these suplexes, and smiled, wanting more. Reigns can sink or swim, but his client almost respects him.

So then, Lesnar was ready to go out to dinner, and he gave Roman a F-5, but then a slimy, opportunist Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and the World Title match turned into a Triple Threat match.

So then Seth hits a Curb Stomp on everyone in sight, pins the challenger, not the champion and became one of the least deserving WWE World Champions.

Now, Heyman’s father was an attorney, he can get a juncture, and make the World Title disappear, and hand back the title to Brock, the rightful owner.

But his client hates lawyers, so let’s just say his client wants to revoke his title shot….TONIGHT!!!

But here comes Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie tells us we all want to move on from what was a great Wrestlemania.

We get a Ronda Rousey chant.

Stephanie informs us that Seth Rollins is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he made an appearance on “The Today Show” and did a fine job of it. The very same show Brock was scheduled to be a part of, but he lost last night. Seth has not made it back yet from that trip to New York, but she is sure that when he does return, he will be a fighting champion and Brock can have his match.

Heyman gives us a spoiler then. After the match tonight, we will have an announcement, and it won’t be from Lilian Garcia, it will be from Heyman himself. Your winner….AND NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, BRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOCKKKKKKKKKKKK LESNAR!!!

Also tonight, John Cena is putting his United States Title up in an open challenge, and next…. IC Title match, Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler.

WWE Raw is starting off on fire tonight.

Daniel Bryan wins the match with a kick, Bad News Barrett who was doing commentary attacked Daniel after the match.

But here comes Sheamus to make his return, sporting a mohawk.

Barrett retrieves, and Sheamus then gives Daniel a Brogue Kick.

He now goes after Ziggler, slapping him around but Dolph fights back. Sheamus gives him White Noise for good measure.

The fans give Sheamus a “You look stupid” chant, and Sheamus loves it.

And all Sheamus can say he is back.

Tonight, it is going to happen, Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title.

Sting speaks immediately after Raw on WWE Network.

And next, we look back at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies.

A look back at the WWE Hall of Fame.

8-man tag action now of Cesaro, Kidd, and The Ascension taking on The New Day and The Lucha Dragons.

Dragons and New Day win when Calista hit Salina Death Sault, pinning Viktor.

Seth Rollins is here, and we see Lesnar backstage. Heyman tells him he’s here, so let’s go.

Adrian Neville is debuting in WWE, a great video is being shown of him.

Lesnar Vs Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is now.

Or is it?

Rollins just spoke with Stephanie McMahon before he got here, and he is feeling a bit jet lagged. And his foot is hurting him from Curb Stomping 2 different men. He is a fighting champion, he just isn’t fighting tonight.

Brock has other ideas.

Anything Rollins had, Brock didn’t feel it. He fought Rollins, and Seth ran away. Lesnar took out J & J Security, flipped the announce table over. Michael Cole went to calm down Brock, Lesnar took him in the ring, and F-5’d Cole.

My Gawd!!

He has a cameraman, and here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She tells Brock he will get his title match, just calm down. But Brock won’t listen, and hits a F-5.

Stephanie suspends Lesnar indefinitely.

Orders Brock to get out of her ring, now.

Brock hits another F-5 on the cameraman, and leaves.

Lesnar just nailed Cole?

We come back and see all of the announcers being tended to by EMTs, and we see what just happened.

Stephanie walks to the back, Renee Young wants a word from her. Stephanie confirmed she suspended Lesnar. Will his suspension affect the Title match?

Stephanie is going to have to fine Brock Lesnar, and if he thinks he can go back to MMA, he signed a contract with WWE. And you know what that means? Stephanie owns that son of a bitch.

Tonight, John Cena has an open challenge for the United States Championship.

Byron Saxton takes over, as we see Stardust go one on one against Damien Mizdow.

Mizdow wins the match with Skull Crushing Finale, and The Miz attacks Mizdow from behind, telling him he is nothing. Miz made him.

After Raw tonight, exclusively on WWE Network, we will hear from Sting.

Next, footage from last night’s Wrestlemania with The Rock and Ronda Rousey.

We see still footage of an angle involving The Rock and Ronda Rousey Vs HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

But now we see footage of WWE week all over.

AxelMania is still running wild.

Adrian Neville is here.

He is going by Neville now, and he did not disappoint. The Red Arrow, 450 splash. Match is done.

Next, we get John Cena’s open challenge.

Byron Saxton is by himself, because Brock Lesnar took out Michael Cole and the entire broadcast team tonight, when Seth Rollins ran away from Lesnar.

The United States Champion John Cena comes out.

Cole has a vertical Fracture it seems.

The fans are not impressed with Cena, it seems.

The fans are greeting him with John Cena Sucks chants to his tune. But The Champ Is Here!!

Cena is out here to fight. He wanted this United States Championship so badly, the fans deserved a title match tonight. He issued a challenge to anyone from Rusev to Brooklyn Brawler.

Saxton belts out here comes Rusev, but it’s Dean Ambrose instead.

Cena wins a great match with an Attitude Adjustment.

Ni shame in losing to John Cena in this kind of match here.Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Byron in commentary, which was needed.

After the match, Ambrose is upset he lost, but they two men showed respect. Maybe down the road, we will see another match between these two?

Renee Young is standing by the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

What is Seth’s thoughts on Lesnar being suspended?

Lesnar deserves that punishment, he went after employees, and hopes he gets a 7 figure fine. But for last night, he earned the opportunity to cash in on the title, and he did it when both Rollins and Lesnar least expected. But let’s focus on the current, Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he will hold it for a long time.

Randy Orton shows up, reminding Rollins he beat him at Wrestlemania last night. And he beat him with an inch of his life. Since one of his problems left, how about giving Orton a title shot?

Big Show and Kane show up, so Rollins issues a challenge tonight. Rollins has a problem, but Randy has 3. So how about finding 2 friends and facing the 3 of them tonight?

6-Diva tag match is next.

AJ, Paige, and Naomi facing The Bella Twins and Natalya.

Nikki is pinned again when she runs into her sister, and Naomi hits a Rear View.

New Number One Contender to Divas Title?

Earlier tonight, it was set for Lesnar Vs Rollins, but the match never took place. And Brock snapped.

Orton is backstage, Ryback shows up and says he has Orton’s back tonight.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, we will see Ziggler and Bryan Vs Barrett and Sheamus. We will also see a Star-Studded Smackdown with Cena, Orton, and Roman Reigns at the show.

Goldust Vs Rusev, now.

Rusev wins with the Accolade, and sadly, no Lana.

6-Man tag match is up next. Who will team with Orton and Ryback?

It’s Roman Reigns.

Here we go.

Reigns, Orton, and Ryback all win with a RKO, followed by a spear to pin Kane.

After the match, Reigns locks eyes on Rollins, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fantastic first half of the show, then an okay finish. So overall, it was very good. Highlight of the main event were the chants the crowd gave us, including the wave. A couple of times, Big Show and Rollins had to laugh at some of the things they were saying, as Mania after Raw usually is.

I do think however they should have ended the show with Brock destroying everything.

But I will say this again, Cena Vs Ambrose was very good, as was Ziggler Vs Bryan. We also saw the Raw debut of Neville, who will be exciting to watch.

By the way, Sting’s interview after Raw was interesting. He more or less said last night was a joy, and he’d love to do more, it’s all in WWE’s court. Fans wanted Sting Vs Taker. I also would love to see Cena Vs Sting.

Why not?

Give me your thoughts of the show.


WWE Thursday Night Smackdown 2/5/15…Daniel Bryan And Roman Reigns Square Off On MizTV

Footage from this past Monday is shown, when HHH shocked the world, made Roman Reigns accept the challenge of Daniel Bryan, with his Wrestlemania spot on the line.

We are 52 days from Wrestlemania, in Colorado Springs.

Miz TV kicks the show off.

Byron Saxton, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome to the show.

Miz orders Damien Mizdow to stay seated, as Miz does the show.

The crowd chants for Mizdow, and Miz tells us we have him, sitting down and shutting up like an assistant, so shut up while Miz is talking.

His two guests are the two men facing each other at Fastlane.  Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring.

Reigns gives Miz a Superman punch immediately.

Daniel thinks he is going to slide in and take Reigns position, right?  The reality is he went through 29 men to get in this position.  And he’s willing to go through one more man, and go on to Wrestlemania.  Win the World Heavyweight Championship.  You want to know how?  He’s going beat Daniel at Fastlane.  But he sees the eyes of Daniel, and knows they both want to do it right here, right now.

Daniel and Roman move the chairs from the ringside, but here comes Seth Rollins.

Seth doesn’t want to be a party pooper, but it’s what he does best.  He has a bone to pick with both of them.  Daniel knows Seth was on his way to beating him, and head to Wrestlemania.

The reason why he didn’t, Roman blocked his way by spearing him, and Daniel pinned Rollins.

Reigns is afraid of Rollins, and he knows that.  He understands because of his accomplishments..  Rollins holds the future with the MITB briefcase.

Daniel will have to answer to them, as he faces J & H Security, and Seth Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback are teaming up, next.

Renee Young is with The Miz.

Miz said what we saw was a failed attempt at publicity.  Roman Reigns doesn’t belong in the main event of Wrestlemania.  And he will prove it, tonight.  Going one on one with Roman Reigns.

Ziggler and Ryback Vs Gold and Stardust, now.

Ryback and Ziggler win with Shellshock on Goldust, after Goldust called Stardust “Cody”, Stardust bailed on his brother.

Switching gears, WWE celebrates Black History Month.  They honor Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd.

Tonight, 3-on-1 Handicap match with Daniel Bryan Vs J & J Security and Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose Vs Curtis Axel, next.

Curtis Axel tells us again, he wasn’t officially eliminated from Royal Rumble.  He should be main eventing Wrestlemania.  So he wants us to join the movement, #AxelMania.

Ambrose comes out, now.

Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds.

Bad News Barrett shows up, with BNZ….Bad News Zone.  Ambrose is too much of a lunatic to be getting an Intercontinental Title match.

Reigns Vs Miz is tonight.

“The New and Improved” Fandango will face “The New and Deranged” Adam Rose.  Loser gets a pink slip.

Fandango shows us he is new and improved, by winning with his Last Dance leg drop.  Adam seemed to have an issue with his abused Rosebuds throughout the match, especially when they didn’t catch him.


Reigns Vs The Miz is up next.

The Miz is on the mic, telling Roman to get out here and face a man who did main event Wrestlemania.

Here we go.

Reigns pins The Miz with a spear.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan faces J & J Security and Seth Rollins.

But first, here comes Rusev and Lana.

Rusev Vs Erick Rowan, now.

Rusev hits the Accolade, making Rowan tap out.

Footage from this past Monday night, when The Bellas took out Paige.

Renee Young is with Paige.

Paige does not get embarrassed easily, but this past Monday night, she was.  She gets it, she is pasty white, she is not a typical diva.  She isn’t a cookie cutter like The Bella Twins are, and in 2 weeks, she is coming for the Divas Title.

It’s Paige Vs Alicia Fox, now.

Paige wins with a PTO.

Earlier this week, Naomi and Jey Uso had a double date with Natalya and Tyson Kidd.

Cesaro went with them.

The tables go flying, and Cesaro nails a punch on Jey Uso.

I don’t think they will be invited back to the restaurant.

3 on 1 Handicap match with Daniel Bryan facing J & J Security and Seth Rollins.

Message from Bray Wyatt.

They say a man is defined by his own actions.  But Bray is not a man, he is a mind, and a spirit.  What is it that makes you think you are immune to Wyatt?  Maybe you think your sins don’t count.  Honor is ruined by pride, and the devil is now knocking at your door.

Knock, Knock.

He just wants you to come home.  Just let him, just let him in.  Let me in.

Main event time, Daniel Bryan Vs J & J Security and Seth Rollins.

Daniel Bryan wins the match with a Yes Lock, making Joey Mercury tap out to the Yes Lock.

But after the match, Kane comes back, unharmed, I might add attacks Bryan in the back and The Authority hits a beating on Bryan.

Rollins hits a Curbstomp on Bryan, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If you missed this show, you didn’t miss much and that is sad to me.  Again, THIS is Road to Wrestlemania, but it hit a stall until Fastlane is up, which makes no sense to me.  Why wasn’t John Cena on this show, which moved to a new night?  Why is Seth Rollins losing now, when he performed so well at Royal Rumble, and is dubbed “The Future”?

I have always hated 3-on-1 Handicap matches, never have.  It never makes anyone look good, not even for the one man.

And how about that “legendary” feud with Daniel Vs Kane?  It never ends.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know, and I will talk to you Monday.

WWE Survivor Series 11/23/14

Tonight, the job is on the line with Team Cena facing Team Authority in a Traditional Survivor Series match.  There have been rumors swirling around a few superstars making their return tonight.  Will that happen, and where do we go from here?

Survivor Series is now.

We are live in St. Louis, Missouri.  One hour away from Survivor Series.  We have the Kick-Off show, with Renee Young, Booker T, Paul Heyman, and Alex Riley.

They are talking about the magnitude of Team Authority Vs Team Cena.  If Team Cena wins, who takes over the power of WWE?

Tom Phillips is standing by in the Social Media Lounge, asking us who has the best survival plan on Team Cena.

Renee tells us Bad News Barrett will be here with the kick-off, and next, the returning, and improving Fandango, who has Rosa Mendes as his partner Vs Justin Gabriel.

Well, Fandago has new music, has a bit of a new look, and a new partner.  But the crowd couldn’t care.  Fandango wins with his top rope leg drop.

Tonight, we are in St. Louis.  And Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt finally collide.

Preview video is showing.

Tonight, we will have a Fatal 4-way for the World Tag Team Titles with Star and Goldust putting their titles on the line against The Miz and Mizdow, Los Matadores, and The Uso’s.

Miz and Mizdow are ready for their title match.  Mizdow is of course impersonating The Miz.

It’s Bad News Barrett, making his monumental return after 5 months.  He can feel the excitement in the air.  It’s Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

If Team Cena wins, The Authority will lose their power, and if Team Authority wins, HHH has guaranteed everyone will lose their jobs, except for John Cena.  He is afraid Cena has some bad news.

If Authority wins, Cena will wish he was fired, but Authority, Barrett has some bad news.

If Cena wins, Authority believes we can’t move in without them, but WWE has always been around, so even without The Authority, they can flourish, and we will enter the era of Bad News Barrett.

AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella tonight, for the Divas Title.

AJ gives us an interview with Byron Saxson.  AJ will find a way to survive through the Bella drama, to keep her Divas Title.

This is the final day of Brie serving as Nikki’s personal assistant.

Next, we will get an extensive preview of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

Tom Phillips is giving us tweets from the people.

Preview video now of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

A bonus match for us it seems, Cesaro.

Cesaro is a proud member of Switzerland.  He brings up World War II, and how the Swiss stayed neutral.  Even tonight, Team Cena Vs Team Authority.  The Swiss are staying neutral, but he is pushing his support for Team Authority.

He is saying Long Live The Authority in 5 different languages.

But now come Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Zeb and Swagger are a part of Team Cena.  He calls what Cesaro is doing brown-nosing.  Americans don’t have to brown nose, they roll up their sleeves are get ready to work.

We The People.

Swagger Vs Cesaro, now.

Swagger makes Cesaro tap out to the Patriot Lock.

A limo shows up, and it’s Vince McMahon.

Survivor Series starts in a minute.

We are in St. Louis, we have Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Vince McMahon kicks the show off.

Vince guarandamntees us this will be a Survivor Series we will never, ever forget.

He wants to bring out HHH and Stephanie.

They are kissing up to dear old dad.

Stephanie feels the love, and tells him he has given them this incredible opportunity.  They will make him proud.

HHH wants us to give it up to Vince.

Stephanie wants the crowd to pump up Vince, and Vince wants to move on.

He asks for John Cena to head to the ring, and here he comes.

Vince makes this clear to Cena.  if Team Authority wins, Cena will be responsible of having four men fired from Raw.  And if Team Cena wins, HHH and Stephanie will be let go of their power.

Cena wants to know when Cena wins, will they walk out gracefully, or will he have to kick them out?

HHH makes this clear, Cena is responsible for the livelihood of 4 men, he has nothing to lose.  And when they come back tomorrow, crawling on their knees, begging for their job, they will fire them anyway.

Stephanie tells John the fans will move on to the next person, meanwhile if Team Cena wins, they will still be running the show at Corporate Headquarters.

Vince corrects her, and says if Team Cena wins, they will be done from running the show.  And he has so much confidence in them, that the only person who can bring them back on TV is John Cena.

Cena makes this clear, Team Cena will win, and he is the only man who can bring them back on TV. So there is no chance in hell of that to happen.

Fatal 4-Way match for the Tag Titles. Gold and Stardust Vs Los Matadores Vs The Uso Brothers Vs The Miz and Mizdow.

The Miz and Mizdow win when everyone else does the dirty work, including a 4-man plancha.  Miz tags out, but Mizdow quickly tagged in, and pinned Goldust.

Crowd loves Mizdow, and is going nuts over this.

Tomorrow night, we will see Larry The Cable Guy on Raw.

Next Monday night, Stone Cold’s podcast is coming back, airing immediately after Raw, with Vince McMahon as his guest.

Adam Rose is feuding with the bunny, again.  Slater Gator sees the fun.

Later tonight, it will be Adam Rose and the bunny Vs Slater Gator.

Now, it’s the Divas Elimination Tag match.

Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla Vs Natalya, Emma, Naomi, and Alicia Fox.

Naomi eliminated Cameron with a rollup.

It’s now 4 on 3.

Layla is eliminated now, by Alicia Fox.

4 on 2.

Do you see a trend here?

Summer Rae taps out to Emma.

It’s now 4 on 1.

Naomi picks up the win for her team with a Facebuster, pinning Paige.

We are live in St. Louis.

We hear from the Kick-Off panel, but before they show us footage of the returning, and “improving” Fandango, and a returning Bad News Barrett.

Team Cena Vs Team Authority just raised its stakes, when Vince told the world John Cena would be the only one who could bring back HHH and Stephanie McMahon on TV.

Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt preview is set.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

The match was physical, both men worked their asses off.  Bray gets on the mic, and tells him it didn’t have to be this way.  The two of them could have ruled this company, together.  But he chose this path, and brought a chair in.  Despite warning him, Dean nailed Bray with a chair, for the DQ.

We have a chair, we now have a table.  Dean nails Dirty Deeds on a chair, and he puts Wyatt through a table with a legdrop.  Now we have another table.

Takes the chair and smashes him with a chair on table.  Throws all kinds of chairs, into the ring and we get a small EC-Dub chant.

Now we have a ladder folks.

Dean climbs up the ladder, and celebrates with the crowd.

We have our TLC match set up in 3 weeks.

Team Authority are having a pep talk.

Good lord, it’s now Adam Rose and the bunny Vs Slater Gator.

The bunny wins with a top rope dropkick and rolling up Slater.

Adam Rose is not amused.

Why did they put this on the PPV, who knows?  Especially since we didn’t see the reveal of the bunny.

I kid you not, this will be their TLC Kick-Off match.

Roman Reigns is live, via satellite.

How is his recovery going?

Reigns is getting stronger everyday, but he would feel better if he was there.  If he was here, he would cock this fist, and make it rain in this bitch.

JBL asked him how would he feel if Seth Rollins and The Authority win tonight, and their power would increase?

Reigns can’t stand Rollins, so he would throw a cinder block at him.  But at this time next month, Team Cena might be out.  Team Authority might be out, but Roman Reigns will not be.  He’s back in a month.

Team Cena is talking, and they will do whatever it takes to survive.

Divas Title is up now, Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee.

Nikki Bella becomes the new Divas Champion, after Brie Bella pops up on apron, and kisses AJ Lee to distract her.  Bella Rack, bam!!

Just like that, Mark Henry is knocked out by Big Show.

5 on 4 now in favor of Team Cena.

Rusev eliminates Ryback, when Rollins snuck in after everyone was fighting outside, hit a Curbstomp, with a Rusev kick.

It’s now even, 4 on 4.

Rusev is eliminated by countout, when he tried to take out Ziggler with a table splash, only to have Ziggy move, and crawl back into the ring before the count of 10.

4 on 3, Team Cena.

Rowan is eliminated by Harper’s clothesline, along with an assist by Rollins.

It’s now 3 on 3.

Big Show knocks out Cena, turning heel himself.  Rollins pins Cena.

And Big Show walks away, eliminating himself.

It’s now 3 on 1, Team Authority.

Now is the time to push Ziggler.

Zig Zag on Kane, it’s now 2 on 1.

Ziggler rolls up Harper, eliminating him.

Ziggler Vs Rollins, one on one.

All hell broke loose here, everytime Ziggler had Rollins, HHH would interfere, kick the ref out, send his goons out after Ziggler, which did not work.  Even knocking Mercury and Noble into Setphanie and HHH.

HHH now did everything himself, knocking out Ziggler, giving him a pedigree, and calling for Scott Armstrong to count the pin.

But then we hear new music, and out comes Sting.  Yes, Sting is in a WWE arena, decked Armstrong and was face to face with HHH.

This felt like a moment,a Wrestlemania moment, but HHH lays the first move, Sting ducks and kicks him, followed by a Scorpion Death Drop.  He puts Ziggler over Rollins, and Ziggler wins for Team Cena.

Cena comes to celebrate with Ziggler, and the show ends with reality setting in with HHH and Stephanie.  The crowd sings goodbye to them, with Stephanie screaming this is not over.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They built everything on this PPV to one match, and honestly, they built it to the ending.  You have to wonder though, since they did that, where do we go from here?  I loved that we have a Wrestlemania match set, with Sting Vs HHH.

That seems to be a safe bet, but the one thing I wanted to see, didn’t happen.  If Cena wasn’t going to turn heel, then why didn’t John help his team last Monday from getting their asses beat?  There just wasn’t any continuity in this at all.

If Swagger couldn’t compete in the main event, then why was he even there tonight?  Why did Big Show turn again, when he has turned for 18 million other times?

I did like to see Rusev not get pinned, but Ryback sure did, and he didn’t look good.

Everything has to make sense, which brings me to Sting.

Does this mean he is in charge of WWE now?  Why else would he even come out, because the rumors said he would?

I guess I should just shrug my shoulders and say oh well, because obviously Vince and his creative crew do that.

So will Sting beg Cena to reinstate HHH so he can face him at Wrestlemania?  There is still this untold story with Cena.  He is the man in charge, essentially, since he decides when to bring back HHH and Stephanie.

Then again, they never did sign an official contract.  What were your thoughts on Raw?  Send them to me, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/14/14…Raw Is Virginia

We are 6 days away from Battleground, and our main event is a big 6-man tag match. John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose Vs Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins.

We all also see the return of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

7/14/14…here we go.

We are in Richmond, Virginia, the show begins with The WWE World Champion, John Cena.

Tonight, a 6-man tag match with Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns Vs Kane, Orton, and Seth Rollins.

Richmond, Virginia….The champ is here.

Cena pleads us to sign up for the WWE Network, and he says so because of the WWE World Title. In 6 short days, the champ may not be here.

The Authority put him in a Fatal 4-Way match, where he faces Kane, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. And this Sunday, the rules are simple, the first person who scores the pinfall or submission wins. And that means he does not have to be pinned in order to lose his championship.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Ironically, Roman is his partner tonight, and then they face off this Sunday. Cena wants to thank him for helping him out, but he also sent out a cute message. Sunday night, it’s every man for himself, but they have to make it to that night. And he’s been screwed over….

Get to the damn point, John.

Cena suggests they handle their business tonight. Then they get Kane and Orton out-of-the-way Sunday, and we see how good Roman thinks he is.

Cena is right, they get rid of Orton and Kane, and then we see how good Cena thinks he is.

They start to bicker, but Ambrose interrupts them. Instead of arguing over who has the prettiest date, they work together and do what they do best, and that is Operation Screwjob, and they kick their asses.

Orton, Kane, and Rollins are behind Dean on the Titantron, and they take him out, together.

It ends with a curb stomp on the board, as we go to a commercial.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Dean Ambrose being laid out by The Authority.

Ambrose is headed to the hospital.

The United States Champion, Sheamus heads to the ring. He is facing The Miz.

The Miz is entering the Battleground Battle Royal for the Intercontiental Title. Because it only means a man who is beloved internationally becomes a champion. And tonight, he makes sure that Sheamus doesn’t hit the moneymaker.

And we see a picture of The moneymaker on the Titantron during this match.

The Miz wins with a rollup, preventing The Brogue Kick from hitting his moneymaker.

The Authority are proud of what they did, but now Kane and Orton are arguing about who wins the title.

HHH interrupts them though. What is important is the WWE World Championship returns to The Authority, to bring in stability. But they can talk about that Sunday, tonight, they all must be on the same page and have trust.

They walk away, and Stephanie is turned on by his power, and while they make out.

Dolph Ziggler heads to the ring.

Ziggler Vs Fandango, now.

Ziggler wins with a Famouser. Summer Rae and Layla danced again, as they did on Smackdown and cost Fandango the match.

Now they both want to dance with Ziggler.

A Sonic placement ad with Damien Sandow and Adam Rose.

The Uso’s are about to come out, but Harper and Rowan interrupt.

This Sunday, Harper and Rowan take on The Uso’s in a Best Two out of Three Falls match, for the Tag Titles.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is here tonight, and next. United States Vs Russia Detente. Rusev Vs Swagger.

Swagger and Zeb Colter come out, with Rusev and Lana in the ring.

This Sunday, Swagger Vs Rusev at Battleground. Lana will start this off.

She tells Colter that he and America are the same. They choose violence to solve all issues. They want to be the savior, yet they can’t even save themselves. America is stupid.

We get USA chants, and Lana orders we all shut up.

We are so stupid that when we broke away from the English, we fought against ourselves in Civil War. But unlike mother Russia, they are saints.

More USA chants.

She wants Colter to admit his country’s mistakes, and apologize.

So Lana wants Colter to apologize? A visitor in our country? Okay, how about he tells she and Bullwinkle something. Many years ago, he was in Vietnam, with his head in the ground, with bullets flying over his head. He took an oath to protect our country from any foreign person. So this is her answer, not no….but hell no.

His arrogance is the reason why USA is crumbling into pieces. There is one man who can help your nation’s disastrous situation and that is the leader, Vladimir Putin.

We have a leader too, called the president of the United States. And whether we like him or not, he is still our president, and we respect that man.

But he is here to ask a question to Rusev. When will he step behind this woman, and be a man. Will he face Jack Swagger this Sunday? yes or no

This is war!!

So they have a match this Sunday? Colter wanted to know who wears the pants, or skirt in their family, now he knows. But he wants her to teach Rusev three words.

We The People!!

She slaps Colter, and Swagger spears Rusev. But Rusev has an edge, and just when he is about to kick Swagger, Jack slaps on the Patriot Lock.

I love this segment, and I can’t wait for their match at Battleground.

Earlier tonight, The Authority lays out Dean Ambrose, and it’s doubtful he is going to return later tonight.

Reigns is in the locker room. Cena confirms this was a setup, but now tonight, they must take care of The Authority.

Reigns tells Cena that tonight they took out one of them, by the end of the night, they will take out the three of them. Believe that.

6-man tag match.

Flo Rida will perform next Monday night on Raw.

Alberto Del Rio Vs RVD, now.

Del Rio wins with the Cross Arm Breaker.

This Sunday, the two men are a part of the Battleground Battle Royal.

Subscribe to The WWE Network…NOW!!

Tonight, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be here, and Chris Jericho wants answers from The Wyatt Family.

Nikki Bella is by herself in the ring, and here comes Stephanie McMahon telling her that her sister isn’t here anymore. Now Nikki is left to suffer through her consequences. But don’t blame Steph, blame this on her sister.

Nikki Vs Alicia Fox and Cameron.

Alicia and Cameron win the match with Alicia pinning Nikki.

Tonight, 2-on-3 Handicap match with Cena and Roman Vs Kane, Rollins, and Orton.

A bonus character on WWE2K15? Sting.

We are backstage, with Orton wanting to discuss Kane to HHH. Kane is just a pawn, with the idea that Orton is going to be the WWE World Champion.

Orton brings up if he is the plan, there is no need for a Plan B.

Stardust and Goldust are doing their thing.

Cesaro in action, next.

Cesaro Vs Big E, now.

Cesaro tried to use the chair, but Kofi stopped him and we saw a Big Ending. The match is done.

All three men are in the Battleground Battle Royal.

We see footage from 2 weeks ago, when The Wyatt Family attacked Chris Jericho, and here comes Chris.

He will face off with The Wyatts, next.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

It feels good to be back in WWE, he grew up here. This is home to Chris. He has worked here for 15 years, and has seen everything here.

He has seen everything, until Bray Wyatt. He is a manipulator, a parasite, a shadow lurking in the dark, and he wants to know why he came after him.

At Battleground, for the first time ever, it will be Chris Jericho Vs Bray Wyatt. If you want to get crazy, he can get crazy. And the crowd chants let’s get crazy. Bray says he’s got the whole world in his hands, Chris has the WWE Universe in the crowd, and watching TV.

Bray interrupts.

What happens that changes a man? Children has a frail mind, and it makes them different. Why Chris? Chris said he would save us, and he remembers everything. He has gone to war with very powerful men, and one thing he knows, everything changes. So where were you Chris?

Bray asks if he’s afraid of the dark, and when the lights go out, they come back on and here are Rowan and Harper.

They try to gain up on him, but Chris slides away and is met with Bray attacking him from behind.

Sister Abigail on the ramp.

Follow The Buzzards.

Cole, JBL, and King are still confused as to why Wyatt is targeting Jericho.

Dean Ambrose will not participate in 6-man tag match tonight. Earlier tonight, we see The Authority laying out Dean.

It’s now a 2-on-3 Handicap match.

Our next match is AJ Lee Vs Eva Marie, with Paige doing commentary.

AJ wins with a Black Widow. This Sunday, Paige Vs AJ for the Divas Title.

The Authority are discussing matters, but Kane comes over. He doesn’t like Orton, and he doesn’t trust him.

Stephanie tells him that sometimes you must work with people you don’t like, and HHH tells him to just do what he has to do Sunday.

Plan B will be in effect, I am afraid.

Bo Dallas tells us he beat El Torito last week. He might be a little guy, but he has a big heart. And he hopes his opponent has as big if a heart as El Torito.

It’s The Great Khali.

Bo Dallas wins with a countout, hitting a BOdog.


Bo tried to speak some positive thoughts, but Khali chopped him.

Immediately after Raw, The Best of WCW Nitro on The WWE Network.

Seth Rollins assures The Authority that if Orton or Kane doesn’t win, Plan B will be in effect.

But Paul Heyman gives The Authority another option…Plan C.

Ric Flair is next.

Renee Young is here to introduce us to the 16-time World Champion, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.


My darling Renee. Do you know where we are? We are live in Richmond, Virginia. And good lord, we have had some fun here. Just ask your mothers and fathers.

You know what say about Virginia Renee? Virginia is for lovers, and there is not a greater lover alive than “The Nature Boy”.


Renee strikes to serious business here, who is walking out the Fatal 4-way as the WWE World Champion?

Is it John Cena? Is it Randy Orton? Is it Kane? Or is it Roman Reigns?

There is only one man who strike a venom. There is only one man who walk through hell, fire, and brimstone. There is only one man you can believe in.

But there is only one WWE World Champion, and that man will be John Cena.

Here comes Reigns.

The two men shake hands, and that means our main event is up next. Cena and Reigns Vs The Authority in a 2-on-3 Handicap.

Cena and Reigns win by DQ, when Kane and Orton take over and this is where we get the ending. Kane punches Orton, Cena hits an AA on Kane, Reigns spears Cena, Orton hits a RKO on Kane. But wen end the show with Reigns spearing Orton and standing tall.

Battleground is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved seeing Ric Flair come back, and of course we have Battleground this Sunday, with some WWE Network plugging.

Truly disappointed we didn’t see Sting on TV though, but just a note that he is in the video game. He needs to be used as a General Manager, setting up a match at Wrestlemania.

Overall, tonight’s show was okay. It had its moments, but at other times, I lost interest in the show. That needs to change, and hopefully it starts next week, with The Road to Summerslam starting.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/18/14…Sheamus Vs Batista

Behold The King….The King of Kings….on your knees punk.

HHH kicks off Smackdown tonight, in Nashville, Tennessee. Any TNA chants tonight?

One of his jobs as COO is finding the talent all throughout the globe. Then watching them succeed. And on top of the list of guys he is proud of, there is nobody higher than The Shield.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins has so much talent, but perhaps he gave them too much power. Because when you have too much power, you tend to overdo things. And when you draw a line across the sand, do not cross that line. The Shield crossed it, and we see what happened to them this past Monday night, when we saw the return of Evolution.

Evolution do have an awesome theme music.

Monday night, The Shield found humility, they were humbled at their feet. They can move past this, HHH can let bygones be bygones. All The Shield had to do was grovel at his feet, ask for forgiveness, and because it;s best for business, HHH can forgive. And what did he get? Silence.

Roman Reigns tweeted that kings do not win wars, soldiers do. And while that is fantasy, this is the reality, soldiers can get bought and sold. And The Shield, your time is done. At Extreme Rules, The Shield will face off against the most destructive force the world has ever seen. The Shield will face Evolution, for the first time in 10 years, Evolution will show what true destruction is. And at Extreme Rules, Evolution will show what true power really is. In life, you either adapt, or perish. That is what Evolution is about.

JBL and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Tonight, the main event is Sheamus Vs Batista.

Our first match is Alberto Del Rio Vs Big E.

Del Rio is DQ’d for not breaking the Cross Arm Breaker to the count of 5. Del Rio attacks Big E. and goes after his arm, but Big E. comes back with the big ending, having the final say.

This is Warrior Week on WWE Network, and we will have a Legends of Wrestlemania panel on Warrior.

2 weeks ago, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, ending The Streak.

Next, we hear from Paul Heyman.

Are you a BOleiever?

Heyman is in the ring.

He is the advocate to the fastest rising star in WWE, “The King of Swing” Cesaro. He is also the one behind THE ONE, in 21-1. The advocate of the man who beat The Streak, Brock Lesnar.

His client, Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. He loves saying that, because he keeps repeating it.

Heyman vented, and now he feels better. He thanks us for our indulgence. He is glad he had the guidance of the Tennessee ignorance. And take a little out of his time to tell us something personal, his client, Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak.

Oh boy, the match we have been waiting to see for 6 months, Hornswoggle Vs El Torito is tonight.

But first, the new Divas Champion, Paige comes to the ring, and face Aksana.

At Extreme Rules, Paige puts her Divas Title on the line against Tamina Snuka.

Oh boy, Aksana has the mic.

All Divas are jealous of Paige, because of the title she has, but let’s face it, she got luck….and tonight, her lucks run out.

That was turrible.

Paige wins with the awesome Scorpion Crab Lock.

Renee Young is with Sheamus.

Tonight, he faces Batista. We see footage of what happened 3 weeks ago when Batista lays out Sheamus.

Rather than fight Sheamus like a man, he took him out with a chair. It’s not about who hits the hardest, it’s who hits the hardest and keeps on fighting. Last time, Batista got his shots in, tonight, it’s Sheamus’ time. It’s time to fight, fella.

The clash of the titans…Hornswoggle Vs El Torito, next.

Torito wins the match with a Bullsault.

Hornswoggle is now a member of 3MB, I guess.

Tonight, Sheamus Vs Batista.

Alexander Rusev video is playing. He is next, making his Smackdown debut.

It’s time for some Bad News Barrett.

We just witnessed the biggest little man match in WWE history. But I’m afraid I have some bad news. People cheering for this match means we have such little brains.

Or something like that….

Anyway, Rusev Vs R-Truth, now.

Truth taps out to The Accolade. Xavier Woods tries to help his friend out, but he too is caught by the Bulgarian Brute.

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana is impressed, as am I.

Tribute to The Ultimate Warrior is next.

Awesome song in the video piece, which is “One More Time” by 7Dust.

Always believe.

Fandango Vs Santino Marella is up now.

Santino wins with a sunset flip. So even Layla can’t help Fandango’s career.

Layla stole Cobra, and Emma brought it back.

But she was struck by Cobra.

Footage from last Monday night, when Stephanie McMahon scolded Kane, for losing to Daniel Bryan.

Business has just picked up, our main event…Sheamus Vs Batista is now.

Batista wins the match with a Batista Bomb. A very good match, and it also made Sheamus look good. A fun main event.

The show ends here with Batista celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The three highlights of the show tonight was the main event, HHH with his promo, and Torito Vs Hornswoggle.

And that last statement is a bit sarcastic there.

So yeah, Smackdown in a nut shell. But we still have Raw on Monday night. Send me your thoughts here.

WWE The Main Event 3/25/14…Big E. Puts His IC Title On The Line

Tonight, the Road to Wrestlemania continues, with Big E. facing Christian in an Intercontiental Title match.

We are in Boston, Massachusetts, Tom Philips and Byron Saxson welcome us to the show.

Christian suffered a slight concussion last night, so he is out of tonight’s match. Instead, we get a Triple Threat match to determine the new Number One Contender, and faces Big E. later tonight.

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler kicks the show off, with Big E. watching along.

Ziggler wins, sneaks in the pin with a Zig Zag, pinning Del Rio.

Later tonight, it’s Ziggler Vs Big E. for the IC Title.

Renee Young wants words from both men.

Ziggler is going to Wrestlemania, and he’s going to win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, and he will do it as Intercontiental Champion.

Big E. knows about Ziggler, he taught him almost everything Ziggler knows, and he knows he is “The Showoff”.

Big E. knows what Ziggler can do, he may not be “The Showoff” but he is the Intercontiental Champion. And he will show he has what it takes to win. Big E. shakes Ziggler’s hand, and our main event is set.

Footage from last night on Raw, when Batista bashed Stephanie, and speared Orton.

Batista is going to be at Smackdown, to address the WWE Universe.

Next, 10 diva tag match.

Our 10 diva match is Natalya, Eva Marie, The Funkadactyls, and Emma taking on Summer Rae, Layla, Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Tamina Snuka, with AJ Lee doing commentary.

Tamina’s team wins with a Superkick, pinning Naomi.

AJ Lee rushes in, raises Tamina’s hand, but we have a face-off. AJ gives Tamina hug, and skips out of the ring.

We have our Diva Invitational set at Wrestlemania, for the Divas Title.

Next, face your fear, John Cena. Footage from Raw, with Cena Vs Harper.

Breaking news, at Wrestlemania, we will have a Fatal 4-way for the Tag Team Titles. The Uso’s Vs Rybaxel Vs The Real Americans Vs Los Matadores.

So we will have an El Torito sighting, at Wrestlemania.

Raw Rebound now, featuring Cena Vs The Wyatt Family.

Bad News Barrett time.

Barrett has some bad news. We all have hideous faces, and Wade feels we should all wear that same sheep mask that Cena wore to hide it.

Magnus is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Wade’s fellow countryman, and Barrett is a judge.

Our main event is next.

Big E Vs Ziggler, for the IC Title, now.

Big E. wins with a Big Ending. Big E. celebrates in the ring, and we see Ziggler shake his hand and give him a hug. The two men celebrate, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

3 fun matches tonight, including the diva match, which is a shock. But then again, listening to AJ doing commentary helps. I hope Christian is okay with his concussion, but they did the right thing here, and the right man won the Triple Threat. A decent show tonight. What was your thoughts? Share them with me, here.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2/23/14

The real road to Wrestlemania begins after tonight, or so we hope, since so far the road has been a bit underwhelming. But we should know what is going to take place, with Raw being huge tomorrow night. The WWE World Heavyweight Title is on the line, with Randy Orton defending it against Cesaro, Christian, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena.

We will also see The Shield face The Wyatt Family in a big 6-man tag match, so tune in and find out what happens tonight.

The kick-off show is now.

We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show. Tonight’s expert panelists are Mark Henry, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio.

Our Kick-off match is The Rhodes Brothers Vs Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Renee Young is in the Social Media lounge, discussing predictions for the two big matches tonight.

Talking about Randy Orton being 1-4 against the 5 competitors, running the gauntlet.

Zeb Colter is doing some pep talk with The Real Americans. This is a new opportunity for America, and to have one less sneaky immigrant hopping over the border. More hellos, than holas. So every American please rise, and say it loud….

We The People!!

JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler make their way to the commentary table.

More Elimination Chamber hype.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Batista is set tonight.

Now we have The Bellas show us how to download The WWE Network, which starts tomorrow. We’ll see it again, later tonight.

Our Kick-off match is set now. The Rhodes Brothers Vs Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Larry “The Ax” Hennig is accompanying Ryback and Axel to the ring. He still looks good.

Rhodes Brothers win when Cody hit Crossroads on Curtis. Larry does not look amused.

Byron Saxson is with The Uso’s.

Tonight, they get a chance for the Tag Team Titles.

They have been waiting for this moment all of their life. Their uncles, The Wild Samoans did that, their father, Rikishi won the Tag Team Titles. They have 2 words for the New Age Outlaws….it’s over.

Renee Young is reading off tweets, and we are 3 minutes away from Elimination Chamber.

We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our first match is the Intercontinental Championship. Jack Swagger Vs Big E.

Big E. picks up the win with an impressive Big Ending.

Here comes Bad New Barrett, he has some bad news for us.

he just says nothing of importance.

Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE.

Cole, JBL, and King talk about Daniel Bryan, and the condition he is going to be in for tonight’s Chamber match.

Byron Saxson is with Daniel Bryan.

He is less than 100%, but what is his mind-set?

The same as it will always be, give his best performance. Will he hurt in the Chamber? Yes. Will his opponents take advantage of his injuries? yes. Will he give his 100%? Yes!!



20,000 fans are chanting Yes, yet Daniel will not win the Title, go figure.

WWE Tag Team Title match is set with The Uso’s Vs The New Age Outlaws.

The Outlaws win the match with Billy Gunn grabbing the tights of one of the Uso’s to retain the titles.

I think it’s better to have The Uso’s win the titles at Wrestlemania anyway.

Bad News Barrett is back again. With Daniel Bryan fans. He will not win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and that means us fickle fans will turn on him, and The Yes Movement is done.

To that, he says….Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

We are 42 days away from Wrestlemania.

The WWE network is coming tomorrow.

Darren Young Vs Titus O’ Neil is now.

Titus wins the match with his Clash of the Titus…AKA Sky High.

More Bad News Barrett.

He has some bad news. It was announced on Friday that Hulk Hogan would return, and host Wrestlemania. But that spotlight is dimmed, compared to Bad News Barrett.

In what galaxy?

WWE Elimination Chamber panelists talk now.

Our next match is the 6-man tag match with The Wyatt Family facing The Shield.

Expect this match to go for a little while.

The Wyatts win the match when they took out Rollins, with a Chokeslam on the Spanish Announce Table, Ambrose is ran out of the ring, and Reigns is left by himself. Superman Punch, a spear, but Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, after Luke Harper took one for the team.

Incredible match, the anticipation was electrifying too, even before they all touched each other, “This is awesome” chants, which was amazing.

You must see this match sometime.

Renee Young is with Christian.

It’s been a rough time for Christian, but nobody will remember his losses, after he wins the WWE World Title. He had a mental lapse during those losses, and he is desperate, which makes him dangerous. But go ahead and underestimate him tonight….he dares us.

AJ Lee comes out to the ring.

AJ brings up Naomi being hurt, and she makes fun of that, so enter Cameron.

Divas Title match….AJ Lee Vs Cameron.

AJ is DQ’d when Tamina accidentally kicks AJ in the head, and lays out Cameron.

AJ is still the Divas champion, but she is not happy with Tamina.

But Bad News Barrett comes back in, and tells us that tomorrow morning, WWE Network will officially kick off, but the bad news is there is so much content that we won’t be able to turn off the computer. That means we can lose our job, not take the garbage out, the government can take our houses, and we will be homeless.

Okay, let’s blame Vince.

WWE Stackdown commercial with Santino Marella, Emma, The Great Khali, Los Matadores, and El Torito.

My question is do they get paid for the appearance, even though they don’t wrestle?

Batista Vs Alberto Del Rio is now.

Del Rio is on crutches.

Del Rio tells us due to the last two weeks, Batista hurt him so bad, he can’t compete. Then Del Rio nails Batista with his crutches, and the match begins.

Batista wins the match with a Batistabomb. The crowd completely crapped on anything Batista did, and cheered for Del Rio. We also had a Y2J, RVD, and Brock Lesnar chant.

The panelists choose their winner for the Chamber match. Miz picks Daniel, Mark chooses Sheamus, and Rey picks Cesaro.

Our main event is up now. The Elimination Chamber match, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

It will be Sheamus Vs Cesaro kicking the match off.

Daniel Bryan is in the match, now.

Christian is in now.

No eliminations, so far.

Cena is in now, can we get all 6 men in before the eliminations start?

Orton is in, all 6 men are in the ring now.

Sheamus is eliminated by a Back body drop by Orton, and a Splash off the top of the pod by Christian.

What a match!!

Christian is eliminated with the running knee by Daniel/

Final four are Bryan, Cena, Orton, and Cesaro.

Cesaro is eliminated with a STF on Cena, after being put through an Attitude Adjustment on plexiglass.

Cesaro had a hell of a night.

Down to the final three.

The lights go out, and The Wyatts are in the chamber.

Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail on Cena, and Orton pins Cena, down to the final two.

Orton Vs Bryan.

Kane shows up, ordering The Wyatts to get to the back now.

He checks on Cena, and Daniel hits a dropkick on Kane.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, after Kane knocked down Daniel.

So, will Wrestlemania be Daniel Bryan Vs Kane, or Bryan Vs HHH?

We know, it will be Orton Vs Batista, no Lesnar appearance either.

The show ends with the camera continuing to show Daniel’s disappointing face, then the fans, then Orton’s glee.

The Road to Wrestlemania begins, now.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This PPV was built around 2 matches, and thankfully, both of those matches delivered. Let’s be honest, we didn’t think Daniel was going to win, but you have to figure 60,000+ fans chanting Yes!! at the end of Wrestlemania would have been the perfect ending, but unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Me personally, I would rather see Daniel Vs HBK, rather than Daniel Vs HHH. Especially after what we saw in October, but sadly, that won’t happen either.

The Wyatts Vs The Shield was everything I expected, and so much more. The fans ate every second of it, and when that happens, it makes the match, and PPV feel more special.

I am still looking forward to tomorrow’s show, for not just the WWE Network, but also for what happens on Raw, and where we start. Expect Bray Wyatt Vs Cena, and while I don’t expect Cena will lose that match, I do want to see the buildup. You have to think they have Cena’s attention now.

Anything else we see is anyone’s guess. Hogan will be there tomorrow, but will The Undertaker? And who will be his choice for Mania? Lesnar?

What were your thoughts on the show, and where do we go from here? Let me know.