WWE Smackdown 10/8/10…Smackdown Goes Rated R

Not figuratively, but Smackdown does gain a main eventer to freshen things up.  The question is who does Raw get?  Tune in and find out, Green Day tells us to “Know Your Enemy”, certainly wise advice, you never know when that enemy will strike.

We are also getting Rey Mysterio one on one against Alberto Del Rio, looking forward to that match.  Here we go.

Michael Cole, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show, and tonight, Kane has a message for the Deadman, after Kane’s father, Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker.  I have no clue why WWE insists on shoving Michael Cole down our throats.

The Playa GM, Teddy Long comes out and he wants to welcome the newest acquisition, Edge.  He is ready for a match.  It will be against The All-American, American, and his trusty Bald Eagle Mascot, Jack Swagger.

Michael Cole made a screwup already.  Cole refers what happened on Raw as “last night”.  Vince needs to scream into his headset that Smackdown will air on Friday, not the night they tape it, which is Tuesday.  So when Cole refers to Raw as “last night” some people may think Raw is on Thursday night.  Just saying.

Swagger is glad that Edge is now on Smackdown, because he wants to get revenge on what he did the last week.  Edge speared the Soaring Eagle, that’s just wrong, or maybe stupid.

Edge tells Swagger to get into the ring, and get his Eagle out of there, because he has no problem “flipping the bird”, very funny.

Edge wins with the Spear, excellent match to kick things off tonight.  Edge even speared the Swagger Soaring Eagle, which is still funny to see.  I like Edge on Raw, but he just fits better on Smackdown in my opinion.

Edge grabs the mic and tells SWagger that even though this is a PG show, he truly “flipped the bird”.

Footage showcasing Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.  Striker says that this match tonight is the first time ever Rey Vs Del Rio, but they met in Del Rio’s first match, and this was 2 months ago.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes has his grooming tips, he tells us to brush our teeth, and we can be “Dashing”.  Use an electric toothbrush.

The Beautiful People, I mean Lay-Cool is out.  Tonight, it will be Layla taking on Kelly Kelly for the 1,300th time, as opposed to Kelly Kelly Vs Michelle McCool, who have faced off only 950 times.

Wow, what a shocker, Layla wins with the Lay Out.  Natalya accompanied Kelly, but she did nothing at all, except trying to give Layla the Sharpshooter after the match, so I guess their feud still continues.

Tonight, MVP takes on Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship, and maybe this time, we will have a pin fall?

Big Show is out now, he is running to the ring.  October is a big month for Big Show.  His movie “Knucklehead” opens up on October 22nd, and on October 24th, he will lead Team Smackdown to take on Team Raw at Bragging Rights.  He is named team captain, and he gets to choose his own team, he said egos will be checked at the door, he will find the best superstars together, so they can defeat Team Raw.  The first order of business is to bring out the official team mascot, and no, it’s not the Swagger Soaring Eagle, it is Hornswoggle.

The Dudebusters come out, and they want to be a part of Team Smackdown.  Show acts like he doesn’t know who they are.  He said he is going to review the roster and choose wisely.  The Dudebusters said they can go to Teddy Long, demand to be traded and join The Miz’s team, so they take off the Smackdown shorts and wear Raw T-Shirts, Hornswoggle is upset at them, so Show gives them both a double chokeslam.

Another video of Del Rio taking out Rey Mysterio.

The WWE Tag Team champions, Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes are out here.  They have a match against Kaval (Remember him?) and Kofi Kingston (Remember him?).  This should be a good match.

And Kaval loses…again to the Crossroads.  Match was okay, but I just don’t understand how Alex Riley gets more TV time than the ACTUAL NXT Season 2 winner.  Do you remember that Kaval gets a title shot?  That’s okay because WWE forgot too, that will never happen with Kaval losing all the time.

Paul Bearer is in the ring when we come back.  He introduces a man who should be respected, feared, and reveared….the man who single-handedly destroyed the myth of The Undertaker….his son…Kane.

That eerie music is playing again.  He said he never thought his major plan would be so easy.  He brought his father back, because he is more powerful than even Undertaker could imagine.  Everyone was deceived when Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker at Hell in a Cell.  We all thought that when Paul returned to Taker, that triumph would take place, and we hear a gong music.  I hate this music.  We all realized that The Undertaker, the Phenom….is just like us.  Weak, pathetic, and helpless, at the mercy of his superiors.  Like Undertaker, we all answer to someone.  Now, The Deadman answers to The Devil’s Favorite Demon.  Taker has been betrayed by the people closest to him, he has ruined his legacy, and let down his creatures of the night.  Don’t worry, they are just warming up.  This promo was absolutely nothing, and it was 10 times worst because of the stupid music, with the sound effects.  Stop doing that WWE.

More awesome footage displaying Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio feud, this is great for the new fans who didn’t get Smackdown on MyNetwork.

Coming up next, IC Title match…MVP taking on Dolph Ziggler.

They story of the match was fine.  Vickie went out of the ringside area and left Dolph.  So Dolph had to do it by himself, until Kaitlyn, fro, NXT Season 3 came down to root for Dolph.  MVP had the “Ballin” move down pat, Kaitlyn grabbed the ankle and Dolph slid in and gave him the Zig Zag for the pinfall victory.  After the match, Kaitlyn wanted to hug Dolph but Vickie sees this, and she is livid.

An awesome vido talking about all the years WWE does their Tribute to the Troops, and how it means to the soldiers that are not home right now.  Very touching.

Raw Rebound, featuring John Cena becoming the newest member of NEXUS…John Cena, and his reaction throughout the night.

Josh Matthews interrupts a very happy Alberto Del Rio.  He is not concerned about Rey.  The only thing he is concerned is how he will scrape off the bottom of his shoe after he gets done beating him.  Main event match is up next.

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto with a 619 and dropping the dime.  The match was fun.  Mysterio looked good in the match.  Now the questions becomes where do we go from here?  I hope Del Rio is moved to Raw as a part of that trade with Edge.  It would make sense and give Del Rio some more wrestlers to fued with.  Rey’s celebration ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was either a hit or miss by me.  The beginning and the end was fine, but everything else was boring.  I hate the music they played with Kane and Paul were there.  Paul never spoke about why he turned on The Undertaker, we didn’t get any days where he was laid out in the cement truck, nothing.  I hope they heard the crowd’s live audience because you better believe most of the fans feel that way too.  I was hoping to see Paul return so he can reunite The Brothers of Destruction.  That would be fun to watch. 

Seeing Edge back on Smackdown can be a fun thing.  His match against Swagger was good too, but the question is where do we go from here?  I guess he will work the Smackdown side in the tag match at Bragging Rights.  Be interesting to see what direction they are going.

We know what direction Kaval has, and that is nowhere.

The IC Title match was fine, but to me MVP should be a heel, he is much better in that role than as a face. 

Overall, Smackdown was better than last week, but can we please get Michael Cole off of our TVs?

What was your comment on the show?  Email me at DJKevingillman75@aol.com or give me a line on this site.  Have a great weekend.


WWE Smackdown 8/20/10…Alberto Del Rio Makes Quite A Debut

So I always record Smackdown in my bedroom and watch it before I go to sleep on Friday nights, but something happened tonight…my cable box went out on me.  So I am watching the show through Youtube.  Thank you so much for the invention.  Here we go.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show tonight, from Bakersfield, California.  On the heels of Summerslam and setting up Night of Champions.  Here we go.

They show us in detail that at Summerslam, we find out that Kane was the one who put his brother Undertaker in a vegetative state and now he reaps for revenge.  Tonight, we get Kane’s explanation.  But first..

Rey Mysterio comes out.

Rey thanked the fans for helping get through a grueling match and even though he didn’t win the match, he didn’t leave in a casket, and that’s a bonus.  We also found out that it was Kane all along who put his brother in a vegetative state, and he only accused people like Rey so he can hide through the truth.

Alberto Del Rio came in and he informed us that tonight, is his WWE debut.  He described Rey Mysterio as nothing, comparing him to a worm in his Tequilla.  Rey complimented him on the suit he is wearing and the cuff links.  He saw the same cuff links at a swap meat.  Rey said in order to get respect, you have to earn it here.  So he challenged a match tonight one on one against Alberto Del Rio.  Alberto had no problem with that, he can push him around and beat him up.  Then he winked at Rey and Rey responded with a slap to the face and a 619 for his troubles.  When Ray got up to the top of the ramp, he winked too.  So the match is set later tonight.

Coming up next, a Summerslam rematch and it is for the Intercontinental Championship.  Dolph Ziggler puts his title on the line against Kofi Kingston, and it’s up next.

First, we get a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes grooming tip about grooming your eyebrows and putting Moisturizer on your skin, it gives your skin a bright and clean look.  You too can be “Dashing”.

Dolph got DQ’d in his match with Kofi thanks to interference by Vicky Guerrero.  Vicky then distracted Kofi so that Dolph can attack him from behind.  He gives him the Zig Zag and a sleeper.  He then kicked him in the head for the final measure.  I have a feeling these two will continue their feud.

The Beautiful People, I mean Lay-Cool are backstage, proud of what they did to Melina at Summerslam.  Michelle said she is tired of her crying all the time, calling her “Lady Wahh Wahh” but I guess they have a big secret plan they can’t reveal just yet.  So when they leave, we see Hornswoggle hiding in a garbage can, apparently, he heard the plan.

They recap what took place with Kane and The Undertaker at Summerslam.  Tonight, we will hear from Kane and his response on why he attacked his brother.

We are backstage and see The Straight Edge Society, Luke Gallows is disappointed that Punk bailed on both he and Joey.  Serena said it wasn’t about that, it was about Punk teaching them a lesson that they can be strong even without him.  Tonight, we are getting Luke Gallows and Serena taking on The Big Show and Kelly Kelly.

Punk hears this, and he said he watched NEXUS on Monday night on Raw, and it gave him an idea, if SES doesn’t win the mixed tag team match tonight, they are out of SES.  This is going to be Serena’s first WWE match, and it’s coming up next.

Serena and Luke Gallows beat Big Show and Kelly Kelly when Serena gave Kelly a Gutbuster to win the match, and keep her spot in Straight Edge Society.  Serena did very well, and from what I have heard in the past, she might be the most talented Diva in the company.  So she is off to a good start.

The world champion is out now with that eerie music and red lights.  He says that this has been a plan all along, going over the history between The Undertaker and Kane, dating back to Kane’s debut in 1997 at Bad Blood.  He said that when they met the 2nd time at Wrestlemania, the plan was set, but it just wasn’t time.  So he reunited with him, became his right hand man so he can pick his spot.   He just had to pick the right time, and he picked it when Taker showed remorse over ending Shawn Michael’s career.  When he saw that, then the plan was formed.  Taker just isn’t himself, he is weak and has changed.  He said that what will hurt Taker the most is pride.  He knew Taker would return when he’s not ready.  He told us he is going to finish Taker once and for all and he is going to become the Devil’s favorite Demon.  An awesome promo.  I am starting to like this storyline.

The next match is going to be Christian, taking on Drew McIntyre.  “Dashing” Cody Rhodes comes out and commentated on the match.

Christian rolled Drew up for the win.  The story of the match here was Drew working on Christian’s injured shoulder.  Cody talked about injuring his shoulder last week, so he and Drew will do whatever it takes to take the body part out of the equation.  No killswitch either, just a roll up.  After the match, Cody came down to ringside to help Drew take Christian out and continue to beat on him.  Matt Hardy comes out and helps a bit, but they take his ankle out and it seems there is an alliance brewing between Drew McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Jack Swagger is in the back talking to someone about this being his worst summer ever.  Going into the summer, he was the World Heavyweight champion, now he was left off Summerslam, and he lost to MVP last week.  It seems that person isn’t listening, it’s Rosa Mendes, still exercising and she took off her headphones.  Jack runs into MVP and MVP has a little fun at Jack’s request.  So we get a Jack Swagger Sr. invitational between Jack and MVP.  If Jack wins, he gets to host an edition of the MVP Lounge.  If MVP wins, Jack gets to pick up MVP’s party tab that he plans on throwing.

We go backstage again and see Teddy Long.  I hate to say this, but Teddy sure looks old nowadays.  I would imagine WWE is doing that to his makeup, making him look older than what he is, I hope anyway.  Kane comes to him and asked him that he wanted to see him.  Teddy informs Kane that next week, The Undertaker will be on Smackdown.  Kane informs Teddy that next week on Smackdown, it will be hell on earth.

Main event match is up next, the debut of Alberto Del Rio, his opponent will be none other than Rey Mysterio.

Alberto has his own ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.  That already makes me like Alberto.

Alberto came out in a Rolls Royce, and he has old school Randy Orton pyro with it coming from above.  Awesome entrance.

Alberto Del Rio made Rey Mysterio tap out to the Cross Armbreaker.  The match was a good, short action that showcased what Alberto can do in the ring and work as a heel.  Fantastic debut to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Rey Mysterio did more for Alberto Del Rio, a new Wrestler in WWE than John Cena did for 7 members of NEXUS, and more importantly, Rey sold for Alberto and put him over.  He didn’t lose, then completely no sell the move to end the show with a bang.  Grant it, Dos Caras, Jr is an accomplished Wrestler in Mexico, something that none of the NEXUS guys are doing, but they are all still new to the company, and they certainly allowed Alberto to shine.  I loved his entrance, I love his gimmick, he truly will go places, if they allow him to.

On to the rest of the show, I liked it.  The matches all had meanings to it, and the best part was Glen Jacobs once again showing us he has main event material, especially with his mic work.  Awesome promo he did on why he turned on his own brother, and now I can say I can’t wait to see their matches.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes continues to climb up that ladder, and this alliance he has going with Drew right now works.  I still say Cody has an IC Title reign in his future.

Speaking of IC Title, again, Kofi and Dolph weren’t able to show what they can do, and I only hope we see a No DQ match at Night of Champions, or go old school and put Vicky in a cage, while the two go at it and showcase what a No DQ match can be.  I still love seeing Kofi’s new edgier side.  I hope he goes after the World Title shortly.

Serena looked good in her Wrestling debut too and she can actually add something to the Diva’s division.  Now that she is finally wrestling, I am thinking she will get more opportunities.

Overall, a fun show and it starts the run to Night of Champions very well.  Much better episode than Raw was this past week.  What are your thoughts?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me a line here.

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