WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9/13/13…Rated R Smackdown

2 days away from Night of Champions, we are in Ottawa, Canada, with Michael Cole and JBL welcoming us to the show. Tonight, we are in for a treat with a Cutting Edge, featuring Edge’s guests, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Here comes The Big Show.

Big Show has to be punished for what forbidding HHH’s orders on Monday night for not knocking out Daniel Bryan. So, Big Show reads a heartfelt apology for letting the locker room down by not setting a good example as a locker room leader.

Here comes HHH.

HHH informs Big Show that he runs a business, and with any business there are rules. And if those rules aren’t followed, then consequences have to be paid. He has no other choice but to….

Show begs for HHH not to fire him, and Hunter assures him he isn’t, but he will suspend him without pay for tonight. And for someone like Big Show, that is alot.

He leaves, and The Shield enters.

Big Show fights them off, and dares them to come after him at the announce table. When they think they have him, he fights back. He brings them back to the ring, and tries to chokeslam them. Somehow, he fights them back, and is about to knock out Rollins, but Reigns nails him with a chair.

They talk trash to him, saying this is his fault, and deliver a Triple Powerbomb.

That was a fun segment kicking the show off.

Believe in The Shield.

Tonight, Cole will interview Heyman and Axel, 2 days before their match with CM Punk.

Another 6-Diva match with Total Divas Vs WWE, the same match from Raw, with AJ Lee joining us at commentary.

AJ causing the DQ again, running after the Total Divas, and they all corner her, and deliver their respective finishing moves.

Later tonight, Dolph Ziggler will face Dean Ambrose, and if Ziggler wins, he receives an US Title match, at Night of Champions.

Vickie Guerrero is on her way out to the ring, next.

And Vickie’s surprise for us? A WWE Dance-off for the superstars.

The competitors of this contest are R-Truth, Fandango, with Mrs. Fandango.

The Miz comes out, dressed in 1970’s attire, I guess he wants in this contest.

For this night only….he will be known as Mizko Inferno.

Here comes The Great Khali.

Why not?

Well, The Miz won this contest, he tried some twerking, but didn’t work out. Truth was funny though, dancing with everyone. Fandango of course was offended, and tried to fight off Awesome Truth, but they fought off Fandango.

They should just reunite the tag team.

When we come back, Vickie tells us there is a new interviewer backstage, and that is none other than Ryback.

He is interviewing Robert Evans, from Ottawa, Canada. He weighs 185 pounds, and is in ring attire.

Ryback is now bullying this guys, because he dares to dream to wrestle for WWE.

Ryback slaps him in the face, and says his dreams is to beat the holy hell out of people like Robert Evans.

Vickie is in her office, Ricardo Rodriguez was summoned.

For the best for business, Ricardo is not in RVD’s corner at Night of Champions. She is looking best for Ricardo’s safety.

Ricardo is freaking out, and Vickie says okay, he can be in RVD’s corner at NOC, but tonight, RVD can be in Ricardo’s corner when he faces Alberto Del Rio.

Later tonight, Michael Cole will interview Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

Damien Sandow is in action, next.

Damien informs us he will defeat Santino Marella, to help out pathetic minds, eh. You’re welcome.

Santino Vs Sandow, now.

Wow, Santino wins with a Cobra.

Nothing more to add there.

Heyman and Curtis Axel are next.

Michael Cole is in the ring, introducing us to Heyman and Axel.

We see video of Punk and Heyman.

Cole brings up that ever since Punk lost his WWE Title, their relationship has detonated. And with CM Punk’s guarantee that he will get his hands on Heyman, how can these two coexist as a team?

Axel asks Cole can’t he see that Heyman has lost sleep? He knows how important this is to Paul, which is why Punk will not get his hands on Heyman, because Curtis will beat him.

Heyman brings up he is a man of peace, he is not a fighter. Which is why he is making this a general boycott of this Sunday’s PPV. I mean do we have to spend our money to see Heyman get beaten down on? Doesn’t your wife need new shoes? Or the kids need a college fund, how about saving money for that? Because Punk will get his hands on Heyman. Not because he is a better wrestler than Curtis Axel, not because he is a better fighter, but because Heyman taught him every dirty trick he knows, he is the prodigal son of Heyman.

This Sunday, CM Punk will get his hands on Heyman, he will slaughter him, he will beat him up so bad that this will be the last time we get to see Paul Heyman.

The crowd loves this.

If this is the last time they get together, Heyman will always love CM Punk, but he will never forgive each and every one of us.

The crowd sings na-na-na-na goodbye to Heyman.

Earlier tonight, HHH suspended Big Show without pay, and here comes The Shield taking out Big Show.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Ricardo Rodriguez is now.

Del Rio pins Ricardo with a reverse Super Plex. He tries to give Ricardo a Cross Arm Breaker, but RVD stops him, and gives him a Five Star Frogsplash.

World Heavyweight Title match is this Sunday.

A video now promoting Orton Vs Bryan, this Sunday at Night of Champions.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Dean Ambrose is up now.

The Shield runs in and causes a DQ, but here come The Uso’s to help Ziggler out.

Excuse me…

Vickie comes out again to confirm with the DQ win, Ziggler will get his chance for the United States Title against Dean Ambrose, at Night of Champions.

But now, we have a 6-man tag match, next.

The Shield wins the match when Rollins pins Jey, with a gut stopping a Body Splash, and win the match.

The Cutting Edge, with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as Edge’s guest is next.

Here comes Edge.

HHH says he brought back Edge, because it;s what’s good for business. But Edge came back, because of the fans.

He won’t forget what HHH said Monday night, he lost respect for the man because he married into this business, and at some point, he lost his genitals. He also won’t forget what his goon squad, The Shield did to his best friend Christian. And Christian, when you come back, don’t come back for one more match, come back to tear them apart.

The Cutting Edge is also a show where we cut the crap. So how about we get to that, with Edge’s two guests. “The Viper” Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan.

Nobody gets a reaction like Daniel Bryan does, nobody.

Edge asks Orton how it feels to be a sell-out?

Orton brings up how he is a 10-time champion, and Edge is a has-been.

Edge is an 11-time champion, but this is not about him.

So these two need to talk.

Orton brings up he is not a sell-out. He did what Daniel would have done, what Edge would have done, what anyone else would have done. He took advantage of a situation. HHH and Stephanie were talking about what is best for business, and while Daniel is good for business, Orton is great for business.

Daniel tells him to shut up.

Daniel has heard enough of this best for business. Numbers aren’t important to Daniel, its dreams. His dream has always been a WWE Champion. He felt that, and wants it back. He knows he can beat him, and will do so this Sunday.

Orton tries to hit a RKO, but Daniel reverses it with a Yes Lock, and Orton is tapping out, with officials coming out to break them up, and end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This just wasn’t a good show tonight to set up Night of Champions. The only true highlights were beginning and end of the show. Every thing else was just there, including The Shield’s match, because they did what they always do…..cause a DQ, get set up as a tag match, and win.

But I loved how they eventually tamed the giant, and seeing Edge again is a good thing.

Regardless, Night of Champions is this Sunday. I am guessing Show will come out, and cost Daniel the match, by order of HHH. I will be shocked if that doesn’t happen.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them my way.


WWE Monday Night Raw 9/9/13….6 Days Away From Night of Champions

Tonight, for one night only….the return of Edge.

You Think You Know Me….

Edge, Canada’s own son makes his return, we are live in Toronto, Canada, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us to the show.

Edge informs us that HHH brought Edge back to have his own Cutting Edge. But his guest isn’t his best friend, Christian, but rather it’s a reunion with his former tag partner, of Rated RKO….Randy Orton.

The problem is Orton is boring, he talks too slow, and isn’t a real champion, but rather a puppet. So he wants his own guest, and yes….the fans want it, so his guest is none other than Daniel Bryan.

Daniel comes out, and Edge promotes Daniel. He says that he reminds him of himself, they both came from the same territories, the indies to make a name for themselves. They both had paid their dues, and both have had success. We see footage from last week when Big Show knocked out Daniel Bryan, by orders of HHH.

Daniel said that he will do whatever it takes to beat Randy Orton at Night of Champions to win the WWE Title, even go through giants, if he has to.

This brings out Randy Orton.

Orton and Edge bicker back and forth, with Edge saying that both Randy and his father have had problems with their bodies. His father with his hand, and Orton with another body part, because he is just HHH’s puppet.

And this of course brings out the COO….HHH.

Hunter reminds everyone he brought Edge here to promote a Scy-Fy original series “Haven”, which will premiere Friday night after Smackdown. He needs to respect that, and the ony place Edge is being treated like someone special is Canada.

Edge brings up how HHH is the COO, and he is now a judge of talent. But he has been wrong many different times about talent. He said Chris Jericho would never amount to anything, and that “Vanilla Ice” John Cena is nobody. But he also has said that Daniel Bryan doesn’t have what it takes to be a WWE Champion. He is wrong on all accounts.

HHH admitted he was wrong about Jericho, Cena, and while the verdict is still out on Daniel Bryan. However, he was right about Edge. He said that Rated-R Superstar would be a total failure, and he was proven right, because Edge never drew a dime.

But he can be fair about Daniel, he can give him an opportunity, because tonight, in our main event, we will have Daniel Bryan face off against Dean Ambrose, of The Shield.

Dean will have The Shield in his corner, and to be fair….Daniel can have someone in his corner. No, it’s not Edge, it will be The Big Show.

Edge makes the statement that he earned his stripes in WWE, unlike Hunter who married his way into his spot.

HHH knows that it takes alot to say that, when Edge’s neck can never compete, but he can take it out on the people Edge loves.

We see Christian was laid out by The Shield as they shove him on the ramp, so Edge can attend to, ending the segment.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Our first match is Kofi Kingston taking on Curtis Axel.

Curtis is DQ’d when he continued to attack Kofi in the corner. If this were Sunday, Heyman would have to face CM Punk in their Elimination Handicap match.

Heyman screams at Axel, saying this were Sunday, he’d have to face Punk. Axel tells him this isn’t Sunday, and he tries to go after Kofi, but Kofi hits a drop kick.

Cole, King, and JBL tell us that due to last week, with Cody Rhodes being fired that Goldust and Dusty Rhodes had vented their frustration about Cody’s dismissal, so being a fair man, HHH is giving Goldust a chance. Tonight, it will be Randy Orton facing for the first time on Raw in 3 years, Goldust, fighting for his brother.

We see a video of Goldust.

We come back with Heyman and Axel going to the trainer’s room. Heyman slipped backstage, in some water, or something so he is getting checked. Paul wants his own doctor however.

Footage from last week when it was revealed Big Show is broke, and he had no choice but knock Daniel out, to keep his job.

Big Show is backstage, and we see Booker T confronting him. Booker has known Show since he started in this business. He doesn’t blame Show for doing what he did, the people don’t understand. He would have done the same thing. And tonight, when Show is in Daniel’s corner, don’t listen to your pride, do what you have to do.

Show told him that pride is the only thing he has left.

Bray Wyatt is in action, next.

They’re here….The Wyatt Family are headed to the ring for Bray Wyatt’s next match…against Dolph Ziggler.

Bray wins clean with Sister Abigail. Ziggler has a United States Title match this Sunday against Dean Ambrose, yet he loses.

Tonight, Goldust Vs Randy Orton. if Goldy wins, Cody Rhodes is hired back.

More Goldust video, featuring my favorite tag team of all time….Goldbook (Goldust and Booker T).

Heyman is now coming out with crutches.

Heyman is not an advocate for socialized medicine. He doesn’t believe in the Canadian Healthcare system. Which is why when he travels to Canada, he brings along his own physician, Dr. Michael Kersandown from New York City.

Dr. Kersandown has confirmed he has either torn his LCL or MCL, when he gets back to the states, he will see the X-Ray, he is regrettably withdrawing from the upcoming match this Sunday.

It’s tearing him up too, because he was looking forward to teaming with Curtis Axel, and face his prodigal son, CM Punk, but he can’t do so. He is now heading back to the states, thank you.

Brad Maddox runs out, and reminds him we have a medical doctor traveling, and he can easily get checked. And if he truly is injured, the only way to officially be removed from the match, the only way to do that is to be checked on by a WWE doctor.

The doctor checks on him, and he doesn’t seem to have any damage, and seems fine.

Enter CM Punk.

Punk has the kendo stick, and charges to the ring. He nails Axel and Heyman’s doctor with it, while Heyman runs away, like nothing is wrong.

Punk has the doctor cornered. Punk is going to let him out of the ring, but he whacks him with the kendo stick anyway.

Still to come tonight,. Daniel Bryan will face Dean Ambrose. The Shield in Dean’s corner, and The Big Show in Daniel’s corner.

We are back live in Toronto, and we see AJ Lee make her way back to commentary.

6-Divas tag match of Brie Bella, Naomi, and Natalya facing Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Layla.

Nattie makes Alicia tap out to the Sharpshooter, winning the match.

This Sunday, Fatal 4-Way for the Divas Championship.

Still to come tonight, Goldust Vs Randy Orton. If Goldy wins, Cody Rhodes gets his job back.

More Goldust video.

R-Truth tells us all what’s up. He is set to face Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio makes Truth tap out to the Cross Arm Breaker.

We get the “Bizarro World” comments, with the crowd chanting Michael Cole, RVD, and Undertaker, to which the announcers completely ignore.

Oh well.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan, with Big Show in his corner taking on Dean Ambrose, with The Shield in his corner.

At Night of Champions, Tag Team Turmoil match at the Night of Champions Pre-show will be 3MB Vs Real Americans Vs Primetime Players Vs Uso Brothers, winner becomes Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles.

Zeb Colter wants us to stand up and pay homage to the United States of America, and chant We The People.

But here comes the return of Santino Marella.

Santino is facing Antonio Cesaro, one on one.

Santino wins the match with an upset rollup.

Damien Sandow is in the ring, showing us he still has Money in the Bank briefcase. He can also cash it in this Sunday at Night of Champions, if he wants to.

Damien’s opponent is The Miz.

Damien wins the match with a rollup, after we hear Fandango’s music, with Summer Rae. Miz takes his eye off the ball, and Sandow makes him pay.

His name is Faaaaaaaaaandaaangoooooooooooooooo.

Ranee Young, who gets a big reaction I might add is backstage. She interviews Goldust. This is a big night for Goldust. So many thoughts run through his mind. It’s no secret he is the black sheep of the family, he has made many mistakes, and yet Cody has lived his life the right way. But he gets fired for speaking his mind.

HHH shows up now, and brings up that so many things must be going through Goldy’s head right now. After all, his brother and his new bride has everything riding on Goldy’s arms. He wins, Cody gets to live out his dream. If he doesn’t, well then…..who knows what happens.

Good luck.

Orton vs Goldust, next.

Orton wins with a RKO. Incredible match, Goldust still has it in him. Goldy had Orton beat with a Crossroads, but it turned out to be a very close two count.

Randy has a mic, saying his dream of saving his baby brother has been shattered, just like Daniel Bryan’s dream of taking the WWE Title away from Randy will be shattered.

Los Matadores are coming soon to WWE.


Backstage, Goldust is walking around and is greeted by Stephanie McMahon.

He must be disappointed, and she knows Cody is disappointed, because he let him down. He let his whole family down, he let the WWE Universe down. How does it feel to be a loser? Go join his brother at the unemployment line, and Dustin, tell your father she said hi.

Rob Van Dam is up next, he is set to face Ryback.

Before the match starts, Del Rio shows up on the ramp and tells Rob that at Night of Champions, the fans won’t chant RVD, they will chant ADR.

Ryback is DQ’d when he rams RVD into the post, laughs about it, and send him into the ring to hit Shellshock.

RVD Vs ADR, at Night of Champions.

Big Show walks backstage, Stephanie orders not to lay a finger on The Shield tonight. If he does, he will be terminated.

It’s what’s best for business.

Big Show smashes a Tv set onto the floor.

Edge will be at Smackdown this Friday night.

Our main event, Daniel Bryan Vs Dean Ambrose.

The Shield are in Ambrose’s corner, with The Big Show in Daniel’s corner.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ambrose with a roll up.

As Daniel starts to celebrate, here comes Orton.

Daniel goes right after Randy, but The Shield clips him off.

Big Show comes over with a chair, now Steph said nothing about not touching Orton. But that gets ignored.

Orton orders The Shield to take Daniel into the ring.

Orton hits a RKO, with Show walking away angrily. But HHH and Stephanie cut this off, and orders Show to put aside his personal feelings, and become professional.

He wants Big Show to knock out Daniel again.

I’ll say this again, Steph never said anything about Show not touching Orton.

Show won’t do it, and Orton orders him to listen to HHH. He holds Daniel up for Big Show, but Show refuses again.

Orton again orders for Show to knock out Daniel, by the orders of HHH.

He turns around and is caught with a kick by Daniel, and shows us he can beat Orton and become the WWE Champion again.




The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Night of Champions is 6 days away. I continue to say that, because it doesn’t seem real, but it is. You see WWE wants us to think there only 3 matches on the show. Del Rio Vs RVD, CM Punk Vs Heyman and Axel, and Bryan Vs Orton. Not sure where Big Show fits in this, I guess he will knock out Daniel and cost him the match? I just don’t see Daniel winning this Sunday, not that easy, at least.

But oh well.

A much better show tonight than last week, nice to see Edge, even if it’s for one week.

I loved Goldust Vs Orton too, they are going to make a push for Cody when he comes back. Or else why would they do this in the first place?

What were your thoughts on the show? Let me know here, and Night of Champions is 6 days away.

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/23/12…Lesnar And Cena Face Off

We are live in Detroit, Michigan, set for a big 3 hour show that will immediately kick off with the Lesnar-Cena contract signing, here we go.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Teddy Long is in the ring, introducing the 2 men, I guess he needed to do something.

It’s pretty bad when Cole corrects someone, and he just ripped Teddy for making a mistake, fire Cole.

Here comes Cena, and of course….Here Comes The Pain.

Oh wait, here comes John Laurinaitis.  He informed Teddy that Brock isn’t here yet, he says that they will have a contract signing, under Brock’s terms.  John tells Teddy to tell Mr. Cena to leave his ring.

Teddy reluctantly tells Cena to leave the ring.

John welcomes us to People Power.

You think you know me….

Here comes The Rated R Superstar….Edge, and he heads to the ring, now.

Edge wasn’t supposed to be here tonight, he might not have a contract in a few days, but he wanted to talk to John Cena, not this one, but the John Cena that was his greatest rival in history.  The John Cena that went into HIS TLC match and put him through 2 tables.  The John Cena that took him into the river.  Perhaps that Cena left after he lost to The Rock.  Guys change after big losses.  The one thing they have in common is this, the ring.  They were born to be wrestlers, dreaming about it since they were little kids.  Edge in Toronto, Cena in West Newbury.  You think Lesnar cares about this business?  You think he cares about the fans?  Hell no, so Cena must beat Lesnar, do it for Shawn Michales, do it for The Undertaker, do it for him.  He’s not asking Cena to beat Brock, he is telling him.

Edge walks off, and the segment is done, always nice to see Edge.

When we come back, we have Chris Jericho heading to the ring, for our first match.  He is facing Kofi Kingston.

Jericho wins with the Walls of Jericho.  Good match here, and it surely reminds me that Kofi Kingston needs a good feud, but these two always have a good match.

Jericho said this Sunday, at Extreme Rules he is going to be the new WWE Champion.  CM Punk knows alot about “extreme”, he has a father with an “extreme” alcohol addiction, he has a sister, who is “extremely” addicted to drugs, he has a mother who has “extreme” difficulties with having moral values, and Punk is an “extremely” disappointment as a champion and a human being.  In front of his family, friends, and wannabe fans, they are going to see an “extreme” beating from Jericho.  But he is being “extremely” generous tonight, when he gives him a gift.  He will present it to him, tonight.  A gift that will help him cope with the failure he will feel, and embarrassment knowing he lost to Chris Jericho, and Chris will prove he is the best at everything he does.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar and John Cena will have an official contract signing, and we see Brock’s first TV appearance, back in 2002, defeating Jeff Hardy.

When we come back, Eve is in John’s office, he has a job position for Eve, Executive Administrator, she would be honored, and he has made the right choice.

We are live, in Detroit, Michigan.  We see the video on Brock Lesnar from last week.

This Sunday, Lesnar Vs Cena….Extreme Rules Match.

Josh Matthews is with CM Punk.  What is the gift he got Punk?  An extremely disappointing gift from a desperate man, a gift basket of alcohol.  He has a gift for Jericho, it’s an ass kicking at Extreme Rules.  He gives Josh the basket, but he does keep a bottle of Scotch.

Here comes The Truth, his opponent is Lord Tensai, oh boy.

This was a complete squash here, with Tensai getting the win with a Claw, and a front leg sweep.

Just a year ago, Truth had a title match, main eventing a PPV, one year later, he is jobbing rather quickly.

Kane is heading to the ring, will speak next.

Here comes The Big Red Monster, now.

He has a match with Randy Orton at Extreme Rules, in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

This is his favorite time of the year, when WWE gets extreme, and bad things happen to Randy Orton.  At Wrestlemania, he found out he can’t beat Kane in a sanctioned match, so what can he do in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  But he found Randy’s weakness after what he did to his father, “Cowboy” Bob last Tuesday on Smackdown.  The look at his eyes in complete terror when he took a pipe to Cowboy’s head, and laid him out.  But he realized something, Randy isn’t a “Viper”, he is a little boy, wanting the monster to go away, the nightmare needs to stop.

Orton shows up on the screen, he said ask anyone what happens to his father, there won’t be any turning back.  So when he messes with Randy’s father, Randy must return the favor.

We see Paul Bearer tied up, and he is sent into a freezer.  Didn’t he die?  I guess not, he is like “Kenny” he keeps showing up.

But Kane is a monster, his true “father” is the devil himself, so he’s not saving Dad.

Orton shows up on the stage, and the two attack each other, but Randy has the final say with a pipe, and Kane runs off.

Earlier tonight, Edge returns to tell John Cena to wake up.

Still to come tonight, Lesnar and Cena with an official contract signing.

Alex Riley is telling Jericho that he saw Punk drinking that alcohol bottle Jericho gave him.  Is this a rib?  A-Ri ensures him it is not, so they go together to his locker room.  Chris creeps the door, and sees Punk talking to someone on his cellphone, while drinking a red solo cup, with the scotch open.

Tag team match is up now, Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes, facing Sheamus and The Great Khali.

This Sunday, Rhodes will get his Intercontinental Title rematch against Big Show.  Stipulations will be determined.

Khali and Big Show wins with a Chokeslam on Cody, after Del Rio walks away from his tag team partner.  Never trust Del Rio.

This Sunday, they are doing a live pre-show on Youtube, with an US Title match between The Miz and Santino.

So, The Miz went from main eventing a big PPV last year, as WWE Champion, to being on a pre-show.

Still to come tonight, the official contract signing with Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

Jericho wants John L to strip Punk of the title, since he is “drinking”.  John says he can’t do that unless he has proof.  Eve informs John there is a byline that states that any WWE wrestler has to go through 12 hours of no alcohol before a show.  Jericho suggests to John that there are cops all around, force Punk to take a sobriety test, and when he fails it, strip Punk of the title, and hand it to Jericho.  Johnny agrees to it, and Eve was right on about it.

Teddy just shook his head, Eve said Teddy would have turned his head the other way when someone broke the rules on Smackdown.  Johnny orders Teddy to make Punk head to the ring for the sobriety test.

Meanwhile, Brock enters the building, and Josh Matthews asks him if he is aware that he was scheduled for the contract signing earlier tonight, Brock didn’t say a word.  Josh then asks if Brock loses this Sunday, will he still be the new face of WWE, Brock grabs Josh by the throat and bullies him.  But he does nothing, and Josh muttered he was just doing his job, and Brock shoves Josh down, and falls.

When we come back, we see what we just saw.  Josh is being tended to by officials and Cole even brings up that Sheamus was fined $500,000 when he shoved a ref, will the same thing happen to Brock?

Nikki Bella is in the ring, she has a Divas Title match with Beth Phoenix, now.

Eve comes out, and appoints this match as a Lumberjill match.  We actually have a Kaitlyn sighting, as well as Maxine.

Nikki Bella won the match with a rollup, to become the new Divas Champion.  Beth hurt her ankle during the match, and is being tended to by the trainers.  Beth was on the verge of becoming the longest reigning Divas champion in history, but that won’t happen now.

Teddy tells Punk that Mr. Laurinaitis wants a sobriety test, and it will happen next.  Punk flips out though, and stumbles.

Teddy is in the ring, and he asks Punk to come to the ring, and here comes Jericho.  He wants to make sure this is done right.

He wants to be here when he strips Punk the title, and give it to Jericho personally.

Teddy confirms that if Punk does fail the sobriety test, Punk will be stripped of the WWE Title, and be disciplined.

Here comes CM Punk.

Punk had to say the alphabet backwards, does anyone really say that?  And he must walk a straight line.  He couldn’t do it, so Teddy was going to strip Punk the title.  But wait a second, Punk wasn’t drunk, it was a ruse.  And after he showed us he can even moon walk, he goes after Jericho, so Punk is still WWE Champion.

We see Brock Lesnar defeat Hulk Hogan, on Smackdown.  I bet we will see Brock beat Kurt Angle next, TNA.

Mark Henry Vs Sheamus, tonight, and also we will see the official contract signing of Brock and Cena.

Sheamus Vs Mark Henry, now.

Daniel Bryan is the special guest referee….Yes!!!  Yes!!!  Yes!!!

Mark Henry wins the match with rather quick fashion, by a clothesline.  Daniel teased Sheamus to strike him, so he can be fired.  But he doesn’t, after the match, Daniel throws the shirt at Sheamus, and tries to get the upper hand, but Sheamus gives Mark a Brogue Kick, and Daniel gives Sheamus the Yes Lock. 

They have a best 2 of 3 falls match, this Sunday.

Tonight, Taco Bell’s Los Doritos Tacos is promoting the Hornswoggle and Brodus Clay Vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler match, and we will have an official contract signing with Lesnar and John Cena.

When we come back, Matt Striker interviews Sheamus.  Sheamus said that Daniel is nothing but a coward, a snake, he’s no saint, and because of that, if he was Daniel, he would be praying.

Our next match is The Colon Cousins facing Zack Ryder, and Santino.

We come back and see Kane, slowly walking to the freezer.  He brings his father out of the freezer, Paul is shivering and asks him if he’s here to save him, Kane is, but he is saving his father from himself, and wheels him back into the freezer.

The Colon Cousins are bickering with each other, and AW approaches them.  He wants to advise them, and hands them his card.

It couldn’t hurt.

Our next match, sponsored by Taco Bell’s Doritos Los Tacos, with Hornswoggle and The Funky Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay taking on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph and Jack are DQ’d after Vickie slaps Brodus, but Hornswoggle takes care of that.


Yup, footage from Brock beating Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 19, so WWE owns TNA.

The contract signing is next.

They have the contract table set up, this Friday night on Smackdown, we will see a rematch with Sheamus Vs Mark Henry, and Cole has an exclusive interview with Randy Orton, setting up his match this Sunday.

That same Brock Lesnar video is being played again.  Hey, he is an ass kicker.

Here comes John Laurinaitis.

He is excited for this Sunday.  This is his first PPV as GM of both brands, and this puts two of the biggest superstars in the ring together.  John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar comes out, but where is Cena?

Lesnar is okay with Cena not showing up, because he has some unfinished business with Laurinaitis anyway.

There is supposed to be a match this Sunday, but there are some things he isn’t happy with, and there needs to be a few changes, before Sunday.

Brock isn’t the same naive farm boy that he was 8 years ago, he is this company.  This company needs Brock Lesnar.  If he is going to be the face of the company, he needs some changes.

1.  Any thought about this company, he needs to run by Brock.

2.  He wants Vince McMahon’s private jet, to and from the venue.

3.  He’ll show up on Raw when he wants, and how he wants.

4.  No fining Brock, rather pay him more money.

Until these demands are made, the match this Sunday won’t happen.

If he is the new face, Raw needs to have a new name, such as Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar.  If he makes Brock happy, he’ll make Laurinaitis happy by wrestling at Extreme Rules.

John agrees to those terms, so if he gives him what Brock wants, Brock will give him what John wants, his photo-op.

Lesnar signs, and here comes Cena.

Cena is hesitant of signing the contract, but Lesnar goats him into doing it by saying he is scared, and knows it.  He feeds off of that, Cena signs the contract and is ready for a fight, but Brock smiles, and says not tonight.  We end the show with the two staring down, as Brock goes to the outside of the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, so this is how we end the show tonight?  This was a 3 hour show, built around a contract signing, and all we get is Brock being a bully towards everyone, and getting away with it, even the “Franchise” of the company does not fire back, to show us that he isn’t afraid.  Laurinaitis has already showed us that he lost control, fining Sheamus that amount of money for attacking a ref, yet won’t fine Brock and he can attack anyone.  I don’t know, I guess I was expecting a big fight to end the show, because Cena needed to get the upper hand here tonight.  Having said that, I can’t imagine Cena losing Sunday night, after this, but who knows.

Tonight just wasn’t that interesting to me, it had its moments, but fell flat, like Punk pretending to be drunk, and Jericho falling for it, while everyone in the crowd knew it was a ruse.

I loved hearing the “Yes” chants, and hope they give Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan time this Sunday, even Nikki Bella winning the Divas Title seemed flat.  They need to get rid of the Lumberjill matches, and get rid of the Lumberjack matches, for that matter.  It just seemed like WWE wanted to poke fun more at TNA’s expense, rather than entertain the fans with a good show.  And poor Paul Bearer, the highlight of the night though was seeing Edge appear.  It’s always good to see him.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me your thoughts on the site.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/9/12…Kane Shows Cena How To Hate

I thought I would watch the Championship Football game tonight, and then watch Raw.  Boy, did I do the wrong thing.  Congratulations to Alabama though, they surely indeed rolled tide.  Now it’s time for our favorite Monday night program, so here we go.

Footage from last week is shown where Kane tries to send Zack Ryder to hell, but Cena saved him.

Here comes Kane to start the show off.

He sees the disapproving looks, he hears the disapproving whispers, questioning Kane why he embraces hate.  We are predictable, and in denial.  We all get up, next to a spouse we can’t stand, go to a job, we despise, and come home to children we say we love, but deep down we think to ourselves that they are nothing but soft, spoiled little disappointments.  We all live lives with pure hate, but we don’t embrace it.  Either because we are cowards or we filled our lives with delusions of hope, like John Cena.  Cena represents hope, success, and the things we all aspire to achieve, but we can’t.  We should see Cena as our own failures, and unfulfilled dreams.  It should anger us, and it does.  When we say “Cena Sucks”, we are saying we suck.  Because we refuse to embrace the hate that is bubbling inside of us.  We like to think of us as decent human beings, but we are liars.  We cheer for the underdogs, but in reality, we hate them.  Look at Zack Ryder, we made him a star, but that proves to mean nothing.  Last week, he was on his way to sending Zack straight to hell, but Cena saved him.  But all of that meant was delaying the inevitable, because unlike us, Kane always gets what he wants.

Here comes Cena, and he is here for a fight.

The fight goes all the way into the crowd, backstage, and even outside.  Kane knocks Cena down, and then he disappears, just like that, as we go to a commercial.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us back, and we see what took place moments ago.  Kane has the upper hand in this battle.

Our first match is a tag team match, with Sheamus and Santino Marella, facing Wade Barrett and Jinder Mahal.

Sheamus and Santino won with a Cobra from Santino, on Jinder Mahal.  After the match, the two celebrate.

We are in John Laurinaitis’ office, Miz is pleading to get a bodyguard for himself.  John has many other things to worry about, and he has to take care if business.  He’s not Little Jimmy, he is Big Johnny.

Coming up next, we will find out the first induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

When we come back, we find out who the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, and it has become Rated R….That’s right, it’s Edge.  Very well deserved.

A second inductee will be announced later tonight.

We are seeing The Miz ask Mason Ryan to serve as his bodyguard, it’s not working.

Zack Ryder is on the phone, he said he was scared of Kane, but when Eve came up to him, he said he will look for Kane.  Eve checks in on him, and wants to know how he is doing, he is saying, no sweat.  He asks her out on a date, and she accepts.  However, she has to face Beth Phoenix first.

She leaves, and he does too and we see that Kane is watching Zack, very closely.

Our next match is Daniel Bryan facing Kofi Kingston.

Daniel Bryan makes Kofi tap out with the Labell Lock.

Daniel celebrates like he won the World Series again, and even jumps on the announce table, and here comes The Big Show. 

Show tries to approach Daniel about last week, and he interrupts him.  Daniel hated the way it ended last week too, he is a fighting champion, and will give Show a title shot when he wants.

Show tells us that Teddy Long made the match official that this week on Smackdown, Daniel and Show will have a No DQ, No Countout match.  Daniel reluctantly agrees, and shakes Show’s hand.

Tonight, Chris Jericho will show up again, will he speak?  We’ll also have CM Punk Vs Jack Swagger, and coming up next, the long-awaited return of Brodus Clay.

Royal Rumble Rewind, from 1994 when Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Lex Luger win the Rumble.

Our next match is a man from Planet Funk, the Funkasaurous, Brodus Clay.

And Brodus has become the new version of Flash Funk, complete with his Funkettes.

Clay is facing Curt Hawkins, now.

His music makes me want to sing the classic “We Want The Funk” by George Clinton.

In the name of Holy P.N. News, what are they doing to this young kid?  Well, Brodus won with a body splash, and that is all we can say about this.

Zack Ryder is brushing his teeth, getting ready for his big date Eve.  He believes he sees Kane, and he does.

The Miz is talking to Primo and Epico, they aren’t impressed with helping him out, CM Punk walks by him, laughing about his predicament.

Punk Vs Swagger, is up next.

Our esteemed GM, John Laurinaitis came out before Punk Vs Swagger match started, to say that since he is a fair and partial man, if Punk wins his match tonight, then Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger are banned from Ziggler Vs Punk match at Royal Rumble, and later tonight, Ziggler faces Cena.

Punk won the match, or did he?  The referee counted to three, despite Swagger kicking out at 2.  Good match between the two here, but a crappy ending.  The thing I can’t believe is King sounding like an idiot, saying it was a close call, despite it being so obvious.  I have to think it was set up like that, so they can say that Laurinaitis won’t make that same mistake, but didn’t HHH prove that to be wrong a few months ago when he was the special guest ref at Summerslam?

Earlier tonight, John Cena was beat down by Kane, but he disappeared.

Cena is no-selling the beatdown and cutting jokes with Zack Ryder.  Cena informed us that @ZackRyder has passed @MikeTheMiz for the most followers on Twitter.  He has to keep things together.

Zack is looking behind him though, looking for Kane.

The Bella Twins are bickering again, and Ricardo Rodriguez wants to know the deal-yo.  They wanted Ricardo to give Alberto a message, but The Miz interrupts the fun.  He wants Ricardo to call out R-Truth.  Other superstars are afraid of The Truth, but Ricardo can be brave enough to call him out, distract him, and The Miz will take care of the rest, or else he can join Del Rio on the injured list.

The second inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame are The Four Horsemen, as a group.  Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and J.J. Dillon.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring, he’s now talking about R-Truth’s Mom, and saying his breath stinks, and here he comes.

Hola Ricardo!!

Why does he want to pick a fight with Truth?  He has it all wrong, he’s not a bad man, he’s a good R-Truth.  Little Jimmy told him he should let bygones be bygones, and let Ricardo go.

Little Jimmy, shall he let Ricardo go?  No!!

Little Jimmy wants R-Truth to turn Ricardo into a pinnate.  Ricardo wants The Miz to come out, but he doesn’t do so.

Truth wants RR to sing La Caracas, and he does.

Truth wants to hear it one more time, but Ricardo drops Truth’s microphone, and he receives Paydirt.

But The Miz attacks Truth from behind.

Truth gets the upper hand, and Miz runs out to the crowd.

Still to come, John Cena Vs Dolph Ziggler, and coming up next, Chris Jericho speaks.

Here comes the only man to ever defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night to become the first ever Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho.

Chris is so overwhelmed by the crowd, that he is crying, and leaves the ringside.

Royal Rumble Rewind, from 1998 when Stone Cold Steve Austin won the Rumble.

When we come back, Eve is ready for her match with Beth Phoenix, but Kane’s music hits.  Kane is nowhere to be found, however Zack Ryder comes out to the ring, to get Eve out-of-the-way.  We see them run out of the building, and into a car.  The problem is there is a flat tire, and Zack changes it, when we go to a commercial break.  Coming up next, Dolph Ziggler will face John Cena.

When we come back, Zack is still trying to change his tire, very entertaining indeed.

“The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler Vs John Cena, now.

Dolph wins the match by a countout when Kane appeared on the Titantron, attacked Zack Ryder, and when Cena found him, we see Zack on the concrete, laid out.  Kane attacks Cena from behind and shoves him on the concrete too, and as the camera rolls, we hear Kane laugh and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I apologize for this being two days late, but honestly, this show was complete garbage.  It’s like the writers knew full well the College Football game was going to kill them in the ratings, so they did a half ass job of writing this show.

What bothers me the most though was how they completely ignored Dolph Ziggler’s pursuit of the WWE Title at Royal Rumble.  The show should be building him up big, but they aren’t.  It’s still the John Cena Show, but come on, give Dolph a bone.

I will say one positive thing, Chris Jericho.  He truly is the best in the world, at what he does.  He had the crowd again in the palm of his hand, without saying one word.  How much longer can that last?  Let’s find out.

We are now approaching 2 weeks from the Royal Rumble, time to kick it in high gear here and truly set the matches up.  No more stalling.  What did you think of the show?  Send me your message by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or send me a message on the site.

Wrestlemania Moments

It’s that moment, the Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA Tournament, NBA Championship, Daytona 500 all wrapped up in one.  The pinnacle moment of the year that every Wrestler inspires.  That moment in time that becomes legendary.  Every cliché is being thrown when talking about Wrestlemania, but the truth is it’s all true.  I know this, Wrestlemania goes a long way for me.  Back in 1987, I became a Wrestling fan, and it all started the day I was flipping channels and came across Andre The Giant taking Hulk Hogan’s cross necklace, oh the nerve of the big man.  I tuned in to WWF Superstars every weekend to find out what happens next.  I found out that Hulk Hogan slammed Andre The Giant, and through all odds he defeated the big man to retain his WWF Championship.  And that is how this begins.

Adam Copeland (Edge) will tell you that he was there at Wrestlemania 6 live to see Hulk Hogan face off against The Ultimate Warrior in what was dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge”, now he is making his own Wrestlemania moments, and this Sunday, he is wrestling Alberto Del Rio, trying to retain his World Heavyweight Championship.  The truth is, even back in 1990, Vince McMahon put together a compelling story to sell the biggest PPV of the year.  At that event, The Ultimate Warrior was the IC Champion, he was facing off against Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title, it was title vs title, who is the MECCA of the WWF.  It literally was a pick ’em matchup, so much that you had to see who was going to win.  I remember that show because that was my first Wrestlemania I purchased and I have done so every year since.

It truly is those defining moments that put Wrestlemania on the map.  Wrestlemania 7, The Undertaker’s infamous “Streak” begins when he beats Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in a meaningless match.  I say meaningless because at the time, nobody would have predicted that streak to continue 20 years later.

Wrestlemania 10, Bret “The Hitman” Hart lost to his brother Owen earlier in the night, only to win the WWF Title from Yokozuna.

Wrestlemania 12, Shawn Michaels faced off against Bret “The Hitman” Hart in an Ironman match for the WWF Title.  The man with the most falls in a 60 minute period will win the match, and the title.  Guess what?  There was no winner, it had to go to overtime where Shawn gave Bret Sweet Chin Music for the final time and was pinned to win the WWF Title for the 1st time. 

Wrestlemania 14, the Era of Stone Cold begins.  He defeated Shawn Michaels for the WWF Title for the first time, and coincidentally, this too was Shawn’s last performance for 5 years, due to an unfortunate injury.  It was a “pass the torch” moment, and hearing Jim Ross make the call was eventful too because those two have become such good friends.

Wrestlemania 15, the first time we had The Rock Vs Stone Cold.  Once again, Austin was victorious, defeating “The Great One” to become the WWF champion for the 3rd time. 

Wrestlemania 16, we were introduced to the very first Ladder Match between The Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian, and The Hardy Boyz, only to give us the very first TLC match the next year at Wrestlemania 17.

Wrestlemania 18, gave us the showcase of true immortals.  The Rock facing off against Hulk Hogan, who made his return to the WWF for the first time in 9 years.  This also was the event where we saw Chris Jericho, the Undisputed Champion face off against HHH.

Wrestlemania 19, WWF became WWE, we had many moments on that event.  Brock Lesnar facing off against Kurt Angle to become the WWE Champion, but what is memorable was how he won, performing a moonsault, something he has never done before.  Yet, miraculously, he survived and the torch was passed for that moment in time.  We also had The Rock Vs Stone Cold for the final time, not knowing the ramifications of that moment until later on, with Austin nearly passing out the day before and winding up in the Emergency Room, but refusing for not performing, and finally putting over The Rock.  We also had Chris Jericho Vs HBK, who performed his first Wrestlemania in 5 years, and I believe that was the event he dubbed himself “Mr. Wrestlemania”.

Wrestlemania 20 saw Eddie Guerrero defend his WWE Title against Kurt Angle and retaining the championship, but then had a moment with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, who went through a grueling Triple Threat match between HHH and HBK.  After the match, Eddie and Chris, two long friends celebrated their moments in the ring.

Wrestlemania 21, a new era was born.  John Cena became the WWE Champion for the 1st time, Batista defeated HHH to become World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle faced off against HBK in a fantastic, brutal match that had Kurt Angle victorious.  This also was the very first Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where Edge went to that next level by winning the match, and getting a title show when he calls it.

Wrestlemania 22 had the first encounter between HHH and John Cena.  When Cena beat HHH, it was a way to show he is legitimate, and a statement that whether you like him or not, Cena is the franchise of the WWE. 

Wrestlemania 23, this time HHH’s buddy, HBK lost to John Cena in a grueling match, this also was the battle of the Millionaires.  With hair on the line, Vince McMahon, who had Umaga fighting for him, taking on Donald Trump’s Bobby Lashley, with Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee.  Vince lost his hair after Bobby defeated Umaga.  The Undertaker defeated Batista to become the World Heavyweight Champion, continuing his streak.

Wrestlemania 24 saw the end of Ric Flair’s WWE career when he lost to Shawn Michaels, not only was he inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame the night before, but he also was honored the night after.  It was a very emotional match.

Wrestlemania 25 saw Hardy Vs Hardy, The Undertaker facing Shawn Michaels, and continuing his streak. 

Wrestlemania 26 saw Vince McMahon taking on Bret “The Hitman” Hart.  Bret returned to the WWE ring for the first time since 1997, something he vowed he would never do, but as proven, time heals wounds and all was forgiven after the infamous 1997 Montreal Screwjob where Vince ended the match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.  Bret’s WWF career was coming to an end, and Vince wanted to make sure the WWF Title was staying put.  Just the fact Bret, who years prior had suffered a stroke after a motorcycle accident was in the ring participating meant something.  But Wrestlemania 26 was the site where Shawn Michaels lost to The Undertaker again and therefore, had to retire.  He hasn’t wrestled since.

So, Wrestlemania 27 is this Sunday.  There are potential Wrestlemania moments that will happen.

What is your Wrestlemania moment?  Let me know.

WWE Smackdown 12/21/10….WE ARE LIVE BABY!!!!

Well, I am not because tonight was my bowling night, so technically, I did not watch it live, but it’s the effort dammit.  Here we go.

See, Smackdown has a better theme.  I do like Nickelback “Burning Down the Ground”, but I like Greenday’s “Know your Enemy” a bit better.  Just saying.

Josh Matthews, Matt Striker, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show, tonight’s main event is John Cena taking on Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero in a Handicap match.  We also will get to hear from Edge, the newest World Heavyweight Champion. 

And we start the show off on Smackdown, with 2 Raw stars….Randy Orton taking on the WWE Champion The Miz.

The Miz gets DQ’d when Alex Riley interfered after a RKO by Orton.  Good match for what it was, but the bottom line The Miz lost 2 matches this week.  I think they still have to book him strong.

After the match, Miz was set up with a punt by Orton, but Riley saved the day and got a RKO for his help.  They made it seem like Orton will get another shot soon at The Miz, despite John Morrison being the Number One Contender.

Oh good gravy, they are showing us John Cena putting a set of chairs on Wade Barrett again at TLC.

Santa Show is making another appearance tonight, with Rosa Mendes and Hornswoggle.  They are up next.

Santa Show can’t sit in a normal chair, he breaks them.  But then again, he receives help from Rosa Mendes, so not all is lost.

Santa Show is reading the Night Before Christmas…WWE Style.

And they show us a replay of Santa Show falling from his broken chair, but Rosa Mendes was a Santa’s Little Helper.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes goes after Hornswoggle, and tries to rip his suit off.

Still to come, we will hear from the new World Heavyweight Champion, Edge.

Tomorrow night, USA Network will re-air Tribute to the Troops special, but this is an extended hour, starting at 8:00 PM.

Raw Rebound featuring John Cena and the amazing heel heat Vicky Guerrero received last night.

Todd Grisham is interviewing Beth Phoenix, he wants to know how she feels after that fall she had at TLC.

Santino interrupts her, and he wants to know how she is feeling and for old times sake…a liplock.  Beth questions if he is seeing Tamina on Raw, he says yes, but this is “Smack-A-Down” and what happens in Smack-A-Down stays in Smack-A-Down. 

Kozlov now has a mistletoe for the two, and Santino puckers up.  But Beth kisses Kozlov instead and walks away.  Santino sees the Glamazon’s lipstick and says Kozlov kissed another man’s woman…ex-woman.  Now it’s like the two kissed.  Kozlov didn’t like that, but he sure liked Beth’s kiss.

Now Santino has a one on one match with Chavo.

Santino wins with the dreaded Cobra.  I knew Chavo didn’t have a shot since they didn’t air his entrance on TV.

Coming up next, we will hear from the Rated R Superstar himself, Edge.

Here comes the new champ.

That title looks good on him, it fits like a glove.

People have asked Edge if what he has done to Paul Bearer and Kane was worth it, he said yes it was because of winning the title.  He said his career has been shortened because of the TLC match.  He says it hurts just to walk down the ring.  19 years ago, he told himself he would get into WWE.  He told himself he would win the Tag Team Titles with his best friend Christian.  He told himself he would win the IC Title, and he told himself he would be the World Heavyweight Champion someday.  It wasn’t pompous, but confidence.  But he never thought he would be a 10-time….

Flames go off and here comes Kane.  He said enough of the sad story.  His story is finished because he doesn’t get to write the end of his story, Kane does.  His story won’t have a happy ending, it will end with the World Heavyweight Title on Kane’s shoulder, not Edge.

Edge challenged Kane to a match right here, right now, for the World Heavyweight Title.

He takes off his jacket and is waiting for Kane.  Kane walks down, but says not now, when it’s his decision.  He walks away.

A very good segment by both men here.

Still to come, Rey Rey and Kofi Kingston taking on Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio.

Good grief, they are showing us the replay again of Cena releasing chairs to hit Barrett, while he is under a table.  Enough.

I guess Ezekiel Jackson isn’t coming to Smackdown this week after all.  They showed a video of him and said he is coming soon to Smackdown.

Drew McIntyre is coming out to a match, his opponent will be Kaval.

Drew attacks Kaval before the match and Laval looks loopy, the ref asks him if he wants to continue, he says yes and the bell sounds.  Future Shock DDT, that is all she wrote.  Wow.

Yes, the chairs falling on Wade Barrett lasted longer than the match we just saw.

A preview for tomorrow’s show tomorrow night, WWE Tribute To The Troops, playing Kid Rock’s awesome tune “Born Free”.

Tag Team action is coming up now, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger taking on Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston.

619, Trouble in Paradise, and a drop a dime, we see Kofi and Rey defeat Swagger and Del Rio.  Excellent tag match between these four, and I truly think both Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio can become future World Heavyweight Champions.  I would have Kofi win Money in the Bank in 2011, either at the PPV or at Wrestlemania, whichever event John Morrison does not win.

One more time, we see John Cena releasing chairs on Wade Barrett.  Give it a rest guys.

Drew McIntyre comes backstage and he is trying to assure Kelly Kelly that he wouldn’t hurt her, give him a chance.

Meanwhile in Teddy Long’s office, speaking of Teddy, why isn’t the Smackdown GM make an appearance?  That ain’t right.

Vicky wants Dolph to destroy John Cena.  That match is up next.

Next week on a special New Year’s Eve, on Friday Night Smackdown, we will see Edge and Rey team up to face Del Rio and Kane.  The show will come back on Friday nights and is back on Sy-Fy.

Cena won with AA, the same match as they had yesterday, except it was a better match last night.  Dolph was allowed to get most of his moves in, Zig Zag, the sleeper.  Vicky kept trying to interfere, Cena kissed her and gave Dolph an AA for the win.

After the match and during the celebration, CM Punk came out and nailed Cena with 2 chair shots.  He sold the chair shots tonight.  This ended the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show and what the best happened was the wrestlers were allowed to wrestle.  I especially enjoyed the tag team match tonight, in particular Kofi and Alberto.  Those are 2 future World Heavyweight Champions, you hear it here first,

The Miz taking on Randy Orton was fine, for what it is,  But they still played it safe and not set up future angles.

Good to see Santa Show eat his Milk and Cookies, but the dude can’t sit down on a chair right, I am just saying.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or leave me a note on the site.  Don’t forget, WWE Tribute to the Troops, starting at 8:00 PM, on USA Network.

WWE Smackdown 11/26/10…King Of The Ring Qualifying

We immediately kick Smackdown off tonight with Kane marching towards the ring.  Yes, he is still the World Heavyweight Champion, but he has Papa problems, namely, Edge still has Paul Bearer.

Kane said that Edge used Paul as bait, trying to lure Kane in a trap.  He forced him to play Dodgeball, eat Pizza, and do dastardly things like playing Wheelchair games.  But he still stands before us as the World Heavyweight Champion.  But what is he without Paul Bearer?  Kane is willing to not press charges and let things slide.  All he has to do is bring back Paul Bearer and Kane promises not to destroy Edge in the process.  Because quite frankly, Kane is not what we think he is, he is not a freak…a monster….this isn’t even him.  He has feelings.  It’s true, it’s true….oh wait wrong person.

Kane just wants his father back, he loves holidays….

You think you know me….

Edge comes out, but he is wheeling out the wheelchair, with nobody in it.

Edge says he too likes the holidays, so Paul is backstage, and all Kane has to do is ask nicely.

Kane said “I need my father back”

Edge said to say please, Kane obliges.  But it was not a proper please.  Edge couldn’t hear it, and the fans want Kane to be on his knees. 

Edge said that was so insincere, he didn’t mean a word of it.  Sea ya Kane.

Mind games continue, coming up next qualifying match for King of the Ring.  Kofi Kingston taking on Jack Swagger.

The Swagger Soaring Eagle is back….BABY!!!!!

Kofi Kingston wins with Trouble in Paradise, after Swagger attempted to do an Ankle Lock.  An excellent match between these two and they certainly made the King of the Ring tournament feel important.  I’ll say it again, I would love WWE to truly push Kofi Kingston to that next level.  And it’s great to see the Soaring Eagle back too.

Kane is in the back with Teddy Long.  He wants to apologize for messing up his office last week and intimidating Teddy.  He wants Teddy to do the right thing, he has to remember his father.  Teddy doesn’t remember his father, and in fact has become the man he is, despite not having a father.  Edge interrupts them and said he never had a father either, but that’s another time for another story.  He said that he can join he and Paul at the cotton candy, he takes the tape off Paul and Paul mutters something, and Edge wheels him out.

When we come back, Kane goes into the restroom and sees a sign that says “Gone Fishing”, now that is funny.  He sees that empty wheelchair and storms out.

Josh Matthews is with Alberto Del Rio.  He gets a match against The Big Show tonight, and he is the underdog.  Del Rio said he learned a valuable lesson at Survivor Series….never share the spotlight with people who are not his equal.  And that is what The Big Show is, not his equal.  So tonight, he will beat him and on Monday night, he will be King Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio taking on The Big Show is coming up next.

Alberto Del Rio won the match by a count out.  Ricardo Rodriguez took one for the team, he tried to distract Big Show for one or two more seconds, and Show decked him.  It might be a crappy ending, but Alberto will compete in the King of the Ring tournament, as he should.

Edge interrupts the festivities and he is up with the crowd with Paul Bearer.  He and Paul would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  He has gained 5 pounds just by eating, I have too.  But the holidays isn’t about eating, it’s conversing.  That is what Edge would like to do, talk to Kane.  He offers Kane to join them.  Kane is up on the ramp and says how dare you.  Edge asks how dare he does what?  He shoves Paul down the steps?  Edge is heartless, but above all else, he is a monster.  Edge said that Kane described himself, but he doesn’t like it when it happens to him.  But Edge is going to do the right thing, he is going to ask the fans what he should do to Paul.  Paul screamed he hates them, each and every single one of them.  Edge says here are the choices.  Should he give Paul Bearer back to Kane?  Should he shove Paul Bearer down the steps?  The fans love that idea, Kane wants Edge to stop this, he said he knows what he wants….Edge wants another title shot, he has it.  Edge appreciates it, he will accept it.  Edge said why don’t they come up and join them.  He is taking Paul to the Hot Dog stand where he will be more comfortable.

Kane goes after them, he opens up the curtain and sees just the wheelchair, no Paul Bearer.

We come back for another King of the Ring qualifying match.  It will be M.V.P. taking on Drew McIntyre.

Drrew moves on and is in the King of the Ring tournament after he defeated M.V.P. with the Future Shock DDT.  Short match, and a big win for Drew.

Uh-Oh, trouble between Jack Swagger and the Swagger Soaring Eagle.  Hornswoggle is waiting for a turkey dinner from Rosa Mendes, but Rosa burned the turkey.  The Soaring Eagle walks past Hornswoggle, and Hornswoggle thinks the Eagle is food.  He tries a fork and a knife, but Rosa stops him, so he hits the Eagle with a bow and arrow.  Trouble is brewing.

Here comes Lay-Cool for another irritating promo.  This is the worst week ever….EVER.  They said that Natalya stole the titles from them, and it doesn’t even look good on her.  Then she has the audacity to have them thrown out of Raw this past Monday night.  We are in Michelle’s own home town of Jacksonville, Florida.  She said they all look beautiful tonight….NOT.

Kelly Kelly comes out, so I guess we have a match…for the 1,500th time.  Her opponent is Michelle McCool.

Kelly wins this time with a roll up, and of course Lay-Cool attack her after the match, but Beth Phoenix comes in and helps Kelly.  She gives Michelle the Glam Slam for her troubles.  Good to see Beth back on Smackdown.

Coming up tonight, we are going to have another qualifying match between Rey Mysterio and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

And now, we get that same video about John Cena.  Hey, did you know he “bought” a ticket and will be on Raw?

Raw Rebound from this past Monday that ended with The Miz becoming the new WWE Champion.  All I can say is….AWESOME.

Main event time, Rey Mysterio taking on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes for the final spot at this coming King of the Ring tournament on Monday night is up now.

Cody wins the match with Crossroads.  During the match, Alberto Del Rio came out for some guest commentary and when action spilled outside, Rey nailed Alberto and when the ref was bumped, Alberto shoved Rey down and put him through the post.  He was open prey for Cody to be victorious.  Alberto gives him a wink.

Teddy Long is backstage and Kane said he has had enough of Edge, and it;s Teddy’s fault.  Edge interrupts this love fest, he said the frustration won’t lead anywhere, he needs some fresh air.  That is what he and Paul are going through, right here in Jacksonville, Florida.  He thinks he should give Paul Bearer back, before there is an accident.

Kane runs after him and we see Paul still gagged up, Kane runs after him, but Edge runs him over and knocks the cotton out of him, actually it was just a dummy.  Edge opened up the car window to reveal both he and Paul and drives off to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, we have the King of the Ring qualifiers, and it makes sense that 3 heels won tonight, since 3 faces won on Monday, so we have 4 faces and 4 heels.  The following men are in….Alberto Del Rio, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, and Daniel Bryan.  I was thinking Alberto Del Rio would win, but after tonight where Alberto cost Rey the match, I have a feeling that Rey will cost Alberto a match, so I will go with my first pick and say Sheamus wins.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

Now we will get to the Kane and Edge segment, eh.  Some of it was funny, some of it was not.  I did like how it ended though, making it seem like Paul was getting run over, but we get a title match out of it at TLC, so it was worth it.

And it’s great to see The Swagger Soaring Eagle back, but after seeing what Hornswoggle did to him, we might see that he is let go, after all.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.

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