WWE Monday Night Raw 9/5/16…The Kevin Owens Show

Happy Labor Day, and we are set for what hopefully will be an energetic Raw.  Last week, HHH costs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns the WWE Universal Title match, and set it up for Kevin Owens to win the title.

How will Rollins and Reigns react?

Raw starts in 35 minutes.

We kick the show off with footage from last week, the buzz was incredible.

Earlier today, Stephanie McMahon is on the phone, setting up a celebration for Kevin Owens’ Title Celebration.

Mick Foley told Steph her husband embarrassed him, and she never returned text messages.  Steph asked Mick who does he  think he is questioning what she has to say, and Mick brought up the history they had.  Steph told him she was embarrassed as a leader, as a wife, that she had no idea about what was going to happen.  She didn’t respond because she didn’t even know.  He believes her, because if she is lying, that makes her a very bad person, and Mick can’t believe that.

Raw is now.

We begin the show with Mick Foley and Stephanie in the ring.  The Kevin Owens Celebration begins in Kansas City.

Here comes the new WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.

Kevin wouldn’t shake the hand of Mick Foley, he celebrates his win.

Kevin is actually smiling, and Steph says Kevin deserves this moment, and Kevin deserves the title.  Last week, the entire arena was chanting Kevin deserves it, and they are 100% right.  But he doesn’t deserve a crowd full of idiots hijacking his moment.  They are trying to make this their moment.  The crowd isn’t great, they aren’t special.  Kevin is, he has deserved this the moment he set foot in this ring.  Last week, he defeated 3 superstars, and HHH gave him that extra nudge.  All he did was make things right, and put him where he belongs, at the very top of this industry.  Which is why Monday Night Raw is officially known as The Kevin Owens Show.

Here comes Seth Rollins, charging to the ring.

Seth tells Kevin this isn’t about him, so shut up.  How can Stephanie do this to him?  He gave everything he could to put this company on his back.  He broke his ligaments for this company.  Kevin tries to chime in, and he told Kevin he has no problem with him, he’s just a puppet to HHH.

Stephanie told him she had nothing to do with it, and Seth said bullcrap, Mick steps in.  Kevin Owens has been the chosen one ever since he set foot in NXT, but he will burn everything to the ground, and the king and queen will be begging for Seth to side with them.

Kevin loves the passion, where was this though before, because it looks like The “Architect” has done nothing but blueprints.

Seth decks Kevin, and Stephanie tells Seth he is suspended indefinitely.  Mick disagrees, he reminds Steph he is in charge of making matches, and she seems to be acting out of emotion.  He never has liked Seth, but knows how good he is.  So he will get a rematch for the Universal Title at Clash of the Champions.

Up next, it’s Charlotte Vs Bayley.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are backstage, complaining about what just happened.  Mick will give us Owens Vs Zayn, and Jericho Vs Rollins.

Charlotte Vs Bayley is now.

Bayley wins with a Belly to Bayley after Charlotte accidentally knocks into Dana Brooke.

A non-title match tells me she is getting a title shot at Clash of the Champions.

Sasha Banks is here tonight, and she has some “bad news” to deliver.  Also tonight, Jericho Vs Rollins, and Owens Vs Zayn.

September is Fight Children’s Cancer Month, and WWE is teaming with Connor’s Cure to find a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

The Cruiserweight Division is coming to Monday Night Raw.

It arrives in 2 weeks.

Dana Brooke and Charlotte are backstage.  Charlotte is irate over her loss, blames Dana for not taking notes on the clip board.

Charlotte slaps Dana.

It’s time to Bo-Lieve.

Bo is facing some dude.

He has to Bo-Lieve in Bo.

Bo is facing Kyle Richards, and Bo has a more serious side, it seems.

Bo hits Rolling The Dice, and wins the match.

Bo-Lieve in Bo.

Tonight, Gallows and Anderson promise to give New Day a glimpse of their golden years.

Jericho and Owens are walking.  Owens is the longest reigning Universal Champion in history.  Rollins will get his, because Owens is like family, he is his best friend.

Rollins Vs Jericho is next.

Tomorrow night on Smackdown, AJ Styles confronts with Dean Ambrose, before Backlash.

Jericho Vs Rollins is now.

Rollins picks up a win with a Pedigree, sending a message to HHH.

Tonight, Sasha Banks is here to send a message.  And next, match 3 of Best of 7 Series with Cesaro Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus picks up the win with the Irish Curse.  Match 4 is this Wednesday in London.  Cesaro must win all of the matches now to continue.

Tonight, Sasha Banks will return to Raw with some news.

How ya doin’?

Big Cass and Enzo time.

Epico and Primo are haters?  They try to sell Caribbean time shares.  Nobody is going to buy them, because they are a couple of haters, and nobody will buy them in the middle of the United States in Kansas City.

Enzo and Cass Vs Shining Stars is now.

The Shining Stars pick up an upset win, Epico holds the tights, and wins the match.  Tonight, it’s Owens Vs Zayn.

Nia Jax squash match is up now.

Tom Phillips is with Sami Zayn.  He thought this rival was over, yet he has to face him again, but this time, Owens is the WWE Universal Champion.  Sami won the last encounter, and he thought his career would turn around, but it seems like nothing has happened since that big win.  Yet Owens is the WWE Universal Champion.  He is a bit jealous of him.

Owens says two years ago, Sami was signed to WWE first, he won NXT Title first, so Owens was a bit jealous.  But now the other side of the foot is here, and Owens won the race.  He is simply better.

Sami talked about being the better man the last time, and the race is never over.  He will win the WWE Universal Title, but he will do it by himself, and not have HHH win it for him.

Yup, she wins the match.

They are Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and they are Retirement Specialists.  Ever since they retired The Dudley Boyz, they want to show The new Day that life can be good too when they lose the Tag Team Titles to them at Clash of the Champions.

We have The Old Day coming out.

The crowd is dead silent with this.

Here come The New Day.

They want to get into the ring, and Gallows and Anderson leave.

That leaves The New Day with The Old Day.

The Old Day try to attack The New Day.  It doesn’t happen that way.

Big Ending, that is all she wrote.

In 3 weeks, at Clash of the Champions.  New Day Vs Gallows and Anderson.

We kicked Raw off tonight with Kevin Owens Celebration.  Rollins attacks Owens, in 3 weeks, at Clash of Champions, these two face off for the WWE Universal Championship.

Tonight, Owens Vs Zayn.

Darren Young Vs Jinder Mahal is up now.

Darren Young is great again, and Titus O’ Neil is jealous.  He wins with the Gut Check.  But Titus tries to go after Backlund, and Darren attacks Titus.

Nia Jax is backstage with Alicia Fox, they start fighting.

Oh good lord, another squash.  Strowman Vs Sin Cara.

Sin Cara is challenging Strowman because last week he went after the heritage by grabbing the mask.  He is here not to allow that happen again.

Strowman wins the match by countout.

Here comes “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

There is a saying that every journey has an end, and every story has a chapter.  For years, the divas needed a revolution.  For years, there was women.  Like Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah, like Alundra Blayze, like Trish and Lita, who paved the way.  There was a revolution on July 13th, 2015.  Stephanie McMahon announced there would be a change in the women’s division.  No more bra and panties matches, and no more butterflies on championships.  They did it to become superstars.  This revolution is for every mother, and daughter.  And her revolution is for when she steps into this ring, it’s for every little girl who dreams to be something better.  She used to wake up at 6:00 every morning with her mom to collect soda cans to get enough money to buy a wrestling ticket.  That is why she did this, this ring means everything to Sasha.

At Summerslam, she was pushed beyond her limit.  Charlotte tried to break her back, but she is not here to make excuses.  Charlotte beat her.  She had an update with her doctors.

Dana Brooke interrupts.

Dana made a promise to Charlotte to make a statement, and she will end her little journey right here, right now.

Sasha laid Dana out with a Backstabber, and a Bank Statement.  The bad news wasn’t for her, it was for Charlotte.  At Clash of the Champions, Sasha will get her rematch for the Women’s Title, and will take it back.

Owens Vs Zayn is next.

Owens picks up the win with a Powerbomb, taking advantage of Sami’s injured leg.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Before a fight can break out, Mick Foley interrupts this, and he makes next week a big show.  Reigns vs Owens.  If Reigns wins, he is added to the Universal Title match at Clash of Champions, in a Triple Threat match.

We end the show with both men staring each other down, and Owens was irate he had to get put in that spot.  Jericho comes out, and Reigns spears him.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first hour and a half was great, I loved Seth Rollins making sure he told everyone involved he will take care of them.  And now we will see Rollins Vs Owens in 3 weeks.

But the middle of the show completely dragged down, and that segment with New Day and Gallows and Anderson was awful.

Thankfully, Sasha picked things up.

Send me your thoughts on the show.





































WWE Monday Night Raw 8/29/16…Fatal 4-Way For The Universal Title

Tonight, we will see who the new WWE Universal Champion will be in a Fatal 4-Way match.  We will also see match 2 of Best of 7 Series, between Sheamus Vs Cesaro.

Raw is in 15 minutes.

In memory of Harry “Mr. Fuji” Fujiwara.

Clips from last week, when Finn Balor had to forfeit his WWE Universal Championship, and tonight we see a Fatal 4-Way to determine the new WWE Universal Champion.

We are live in Houston, Texas.  Corey Graves is standing by with all 4 competitors in the ring.

If it wasn’t for what Seth Rollins did to Finn Balor, he never would have underwent shoulder surgery.  And he would have never relinquish the Universal Championship.

Seth Rollins is the number one draft choice, he is ready to take the Universal Championship, and he is going to be very generous in giving mic time to any of these other competitors.

Kevin is gracious, and he puts over the other three competitors.  But now it’s time to be serious.  Now that Sami Zayn is out of the picture, he can focus on going after the prize.  He is a prize fighter.  And he is at his best when the big fights take place.

Now Seth, he is at his best, but Kevin is better.  Roman fights a bigger fight, but Owens fights smarter.  Big Cass, well he is just tall.

But Cass doesn’t even have his mouthpiece, which means he can talk.

Cass knows where he stands, he is the new guy.  He doesn’t have any titles, but he has nothing to lose.  He may be a new guy, but he is the biggest dog in the fight.  And Seth no matter what he tries to tell himself, size does matter.

How ya doin’?

It’s Seth’s turn to talk.  He is glad this is an elimination match, because he will send Cass back with his partner.  And Owens, he will eliminate him, and send him back to his Ernie-=wearing scarf, Chris Jericho.  And Roman, we all know how we stand, he will just have to beat Roman again.  There are three things in life.  Death, paying taxes, and beating Roman Reigns.

Corey asks Roman his thoughts, Roman stands up, and gives Owens a cheap shot, and the fighting with all four men begins.  It ends with Roman giving Seth a Superman Punch, and looks at the Universal Title.

Fatal 4-Way match for Universal Title.

Tonight, Paul Heyman addresses what Brock Lesnar did at Summerslam.

But next, Jericho Vs Neville.

Tom Phillips asks Chris Jericho that he gave a cheap shot to Neville to allow Owens to advance to tonight’s match.

Jericho tells us we all knew Owens was going to win.  So Neville is upset?  Is he fired up?  Does the Mighty Mouse come around to sing “Here I come to save the day”?  You know what he’s going to get?

Tom answers it.

No, that doesn’t make sense, you stupid idiot.  He is going to get the gift of Jericho.  Drink it in, man.

Jericho Vs Neville, now.

A great match between these two, we see Jericho make Neville tap to Walls of Jericho.

Raw is starting off good tonight.

Earlier today, Bayley was hugging everyone working for WWE, and she ran into New Day.

Dana Brooke interrupts this fun.

She tells Bayley she doesn’t belong here.

But who did she beat?




Dana is trying to counter that, but she brings up Gallows and Anderson.  They challenge them to a 6 person tag match, and Dana says to bring it on.

Bayley replies it’s already been brought.

Nia Jax is in the ring, ready to squash someone else.

She wins, with ease.

Gallows and Anderson used to be doctors, but now they are in the retirement business.  Some superstars need a little encouragement, like the Dudley Boyz.  Now they are enjoying table tennis, 3-D movies, and remembering back at the days when they used to matter.

But another team who needs to think about retirement are The New Day.  They are here to help them out, as is Nurse Dana Brooke.

We see footage of last night’s WWE Universal Title Tournament, with Seth Rollins.  He will walk out as “The Man” and be the new WWE Universal Champion.

Sami Zayn Vs Jinder Mahal is now.

An injured Sami Zayn hits a Helluva Kick to win the match.

Tonight, 6-Person tag match of Gallows, Anderson, and Brooke Vs The New Day and Bayley.

But next, we will get an update from Sasha Banks.

They show us footage from the Raw pre-show.  Sasha tells us she did hurt her back, but will be back soon.

Charlotte is with the crew.  Sasha calls Charlotte a coward, but Charlotte reminds us she was without her father, and Dana Brooke, so what is her excuse?


6-person tag match of New Day and Bayley Vs Gallows, Anderson, and Dana Brooke.

Bayley and New Day win the match when Bayley hits Bayley to Belly, on Dana.

Tonight, Paul Heyman returns to address Brock Lesnar’s actions.  Also tonight, Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Universal Title.

Cesaro is with Tom Phillips.  He is in a rough spot, being down 1-0 to Sheamus.  But he will do what it takes to win this series, because he wants a shot at a title that Mick Foley promised.  Nobody like Sheamus, so he will take care of him tonight.

Big Cass profile, heading into tonight’s Fatal 4-Way match.

Sheamus Vs Cesaro, match 2 of the Best of 7 is now.

Sheamus wins the match, taking advantage of Cesaro’s injured leg, makes him tap to the Cloverleaf.

Sheamus leads the series 2-0.

Video tribute to Mr. Fuji.

Kevin Owens video is playing now.

Braun Strowman Vs Americo, you know the story here.


He takes the mask off the dude too.

Stephanie McMahon is headed to the ring, next.

Video of Tomasa Chiapa, Cedrick Alexander, and Johnny Gargano, the future of the Cruiserweights are coming to Raw.  They arrive Raw in 3 weeks.

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

She welcomes us to Raw, yet we have been on the air for 2 hours.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Universal Title, but first we must discuss what happened to her brother at Summerslam.  Some may think she was glad Brock Lesnar F-5’d Shane, but he is family, and you never mess with family…

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Heyman just interrupted Stephanie McMahon.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and Stephanie if you may indulge him….

Stephanie tells him this is her ring, he needs to come to the ring, and apologize.

If I may Madame….

Don’t call her Madame.

ECW chants, and Stephanie thanks them saying she purchased ECW, so thank you.

Heyman reminds Steph that when Brock Lesnar pinned Randy Orton, Raw beat Smackdown.  Now he gets it, when Brock nailed an official, and he F-5’d her brother, he crossed the line.  But he is here to pay his client’s most reasonable fine, $500.

All dollar bills, I love it.

And now he is count them one by one.

Stephanie throws the money.

Brock provides value to Monday Night Raw, but what value does he provide Stephanie.  Explain to his daughter that his Daddy can’t provide for her anymore.  There is a storm coming, and it coming your ugly way.

And so the angel comes from heaven above to warn the advocate you will not survive the pending storm to which, no his client Brock Lesnar IS THE STORM!!

There is an apology to come out 8 days late, and there is an apology that goes out to Stephanie McMahon.

They understand the situation they put Stephanie through the board of directors, to which her brother is a part, that Stephanie has to dictate to.  We understand her father is a part of that board, and the money they make this company, to which the female empowerment.

No, Stephanie says there is a female revolution staring at him in the face.

Heyman understands Stephanie is the only, and right heir to the throne of this empire, and he is here to ask her, to beg her that she accepts this as a fine laid, and an apology that is sincerely delivered.

Apology accepted, she walks off.

And Heyman loves that.

We go back to the WWE Universal Championship, when Seth Rollins lays Finn Balor out with a Buckle Bomb.  And Finn popped his shoulder back in place, and won the WWE Universal Championship.

Footage from last Tuesday, when Balor went through his surgery, and he showed a tweet of his shoulder the day of the surgery.

Fatal 4-Way to the WWE Universal Championship tonight.  Seth Rollins Vs Big Cass Vs Kevin Owens Vs Roman Reigns.

Next, it’s Titus O’ Neil Vs Darren Young

We now see footage of Roman Reigns.

Darren wins with a rollup.

It’s time to make Darren Young great again.

Titus lays out Darren and Mr. Backlund.  Clash of the Titus.

Mick Foley and Stephanie appearance.  Mick feels he should have been out there.  Let’s ban friends and tag team partners out of tonight’s match.  Seth Rollins tells Steph tonight will be the best night ever, and all of that faith she has in him will be worth it.

Stephanie believes in Rollins.

Our main event is up now.  Rollins Vs Owens Vs Big Cass Vs Reigns, winner becomes WWE Universal Champion.

Cass is eliminated, he sure looked great, giving Reigns two big boots.  But all three men teamed up to eliminate him, and Owens hit the Frogsplash for the pin.

Now there are three.

HHH just came out, and gave Reigns a Pedigree, and made Rollins pin him.

It’s now between Owens and Rollins.



What an ending, what a moment.  But now Foley and HHH are looking eye to eye, when HHH leaves.

Owens is crying too, what a moment for Kevin.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Kevin Owens Show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a historic night indeed, a changing of the guard so to speak.  I loved it, because it makes this show interesting.  What will Rollins do from here?  You have to believe Rollins will be gunning for HHH, right?  And will Reigns team up with Rollins to reform The Shield?

My gawd, share your thoughts with me.  Just an amazing ending.


































WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II 8/20/16

Tomorrow night, it’s WWE’s turn on the big stage.  But tonight’s it;s NXT’s turn.  Samoa Joe puts his NXT World Championship on the line against Shinsuke Nokamura, we will also see Bayley attempt to be a 2-time NXT Women’s Champion against Asuka.  These two matches highlight NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn II, and we are 25 minutes away from the Kick-Off show.

Keep checking here tonight, to see the results.

We are live in Brooklyn, New York.  Renee Young welcomes us to the show.  She is with Lita and Mauro Ranallo.

Footage from last week, when Byron Saxton interviewed Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Earlier today, Shinsuke Nakamura entered the building.  Joe entered the building.

They are both ready for tonight’s World Title match.

Charly Caruso is outside Brooklyn, with the fans.

NXT Women’s Championship match tonight, Bayley Vs Asuka.

Video of this match is now.

Tonight, Austin Aries Vs No Way Jose, one on one.

Moments ago, Bobby Roode entered the building, and is greeted by Cathy Dennis.

Brooklyn is a dump, Roode is Manhattan.  But they will experience the night when Bobby Roode takes NXT to the next level, and he takes IT glorious.

Billie Kaye will face Ember Moon, one on one.

Billie is ready for her match, she is a winner.  And she will prove Ember Moon is a loser.

Live in the Barclays Center.

Charly Caruso is pumped for this crowd, as they are settling in.

Tag Titles will be up for grabs with The Revival Vs Ciampa and Gargano.

Our main event, for the NXT World Championship, Joe Vs Nakamura.

NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn II is now.

We begin the show with a nice vintage video of the men and women sharing where they were at last year at this time.  Tonight, they are in Brooklyn.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

No Way Jose Vs Austin Aries kicks things off.

Aries wins, making Jose tap out to the Last Chancery.

Austin Aries biggest NXT victory, proves he is indeed “The Greatest Man Alive”.

Aries attacks Jose again, with another Last Chancery.  Here comes Hideo Itami to stop him.

Itami hits a GTS, a move we haven’t seen since CM Punk, and a move he perfected.

Ric Flair is in the house….WOOOOO

Our main event tonight, NXT World Championship.  Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Samoa Joe.

Both men are getting ready for this big match.  A Funaki sighting, supporting Nakamura.

Our next match is Billie Kay Vs Ember Moon.

Ember Moon, with red eyes defeated Billie Kay with a flying, twisted stunner.

She was trained by Skandar Akbar and Booker T.  That is good enough for me to say she can make a mark here in NXT.

Tomorrow night, Orton Vs Lesnar, at Summerslam.

Bobby Roode is making his NXT in-ring debut, now.

Roode is GLORIOUS!!

Roode will face Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Roode wins with the Roode Bomb, now called GLORIOUS Bomb.

The GLORIOUS Era has begun.

Earlier today, HHH is with Orange County Choppers to unveil the new Cruiserweight Classic trophy.

It is GLORIOUS, I mean awesome.

The CCW crew are at ringside, the finale is on September 14th.

Our next match are for the NXT Tag Team Titles.  Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa, now called DIY will face The Revival.

The Revival retain their Tag Team Titles, with a reverse Figure Four, making Gargano tap out.

An incredible match here, and these are four of the very best NXT has to offer.  Johnny Gargano will be a future WWE Champion.  He is that good, and the crowd loves him.

The crowd is giving both Gargano and Ciampa a standing ovation, as they both deserve that.  Again, such an incredible match that all four men shined.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is in the house, as is Becky Lynch, and Charlotte.  Ready to see their good friend Bayley attempt to be the first NXT Women’s Champion.

Bayley Vs Asuka is now.

Asuka retains her title with a kick to the head, after Bayley escapes from Asuka Lock.

Told a great story here, from the first match.

Both women hugged and shook hands after the match.  And again, the crowd loves Bayley, giving her a standing ovation.

She hugged all three of her Four Horsewomen friends, hugged her momma, and hugged a little girl.

For the first time ever, NXT is headed to Australia and New Zealand.

Mick and Noelle Foley are in the house, as is Finn Balor.

Our main event, Samoa Joe Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, for the NXT World Title is now.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Samoa Joe with two Kinsashas, the first one Joe kicked out.  Joe’s jaw looks to be hurt with that first one.

Nakamura is the new NXT World Champion.  The match started slow, but action picked up, and the fans love this.

Shinsuke celebrates in the ring, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a night of action, with 3 big matches that delivered.  Tag Team Title match was the best of the three, but you still had 2 other impactful matches that sets the tone for the future of NXT.

Summerslam is tomorrow, what were your thoughts of the show?  Let me know, and I will talk to you tomorrow night.



































NXT Wrestling 7/13/16…Balor Vs Nakamura

Tonight, for the first time ever in NXT, Finn Balor will face Shinsuke Nakamura.

NXT Wrestling is now.

We are at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  Earlier today, Finn Balor entered the building.  Shinsuke worked out.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

Kicking things off is the NXT Champion, Samoa Joe.

Joe has come here for a few reason.  First and foremost your NXT Champion is here to witness Finn Balor Vs Shinsuke Nakamura.  He is fixing to say we all are here.  But the implications of the match is disrespectful to the NXT Champion.  Whoever wins the match tonight automatically gain a chance at his title.

So he is here to separate fantasy from reality.  Some people believe Finn will get his revenge at losing to Joe, but he is here to say he sleighs The Demon, and he is our undisputed NXT Champion.

Then there are others who says “The King of Strong Style” will march right in, and defeat Joe for the NXT Title.  Joe’s reality is he was the original “King of Strong Style”, so if that is the case, Joe is the Roman Emperor.

Joe is the new face of NXT…

Here comes Rhyno.

So you’re the one I have to go through to get to the top?  Then Ryhno will have to go through Joe.  What do you say Warrior?

Joe walks away, and says he will beat him on his time.

Tonight, Balor Vs Nakamura, for the first time in NXT.  The Dream Match will happen.

Next week, Bayley Vs Mia Jax, for the Women’s Title.  Also, American Alpha Vs Masters of Pain.  And, Samoa Joe Vs Rhyno, all next week.

Balor Vs Nakamura video is playing now, with comments from the wrestlers.

Next, our main event.  Nakamura Vs Balor.

Shinsuke win a grueling match over Finn, and pins him after a Kinshasa, Balor shook hands with Nakamura after the match, and gave “The King of Strong Style”to have the floor.

Incredible match, and incredible show.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The entire focus of the show focused on our dream match, and it lived up to everything.  I like when bog matches can be centered around an entire 60 minute show, and that is what we have.  3 matches are set for next week.

What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.










WWE Monday Night Raw 2/29/16…The Undertaker Speaks

We are in Music City, as the Road to Wrestlemania makes a stop in Nashville.  The Undertaker will confront Mr. McMahon, and we will hear from HHH, kicking off Raw.

Tonight is the night says the opening music.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Behold The King….The King of Kings.  On your knees, punk.

Here comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

Roman Reigns suffered a shattered nose.  He needed nasal reconstruction surgery.  In 34 nights, Reigns Vs HHH, at Wrestlemania.

Authority, a select few have it, the rest of you bow down to it.  Admit it, everyone has an authoritative moment in your life.  Someone tells you what to do, what to wear, what to say, and you all hate it.  And you want to stand up to it, but you don’t, because you are afraid.  Now that fear is not a bad thing, it keeps you in your place, so you all know your place in life.

Roman Reigns should have known, and listened to that fear.  Roman should have stayed in his place, but he didn’t.  He chose to challenge him, to disrespect him.  But where did that disrespect get Roman?  He is sitting at home, breathing through a straw and hoping his spot stays at Wrestlemania.  Roman Reigns should know his place, and everyone who hears his voice should know…

But here comes Dean Ambrose.

Dean just got off the phone with Roman Reigns.  He wanted Dean to tell him hi, and he is coming for him.

HHH mocks Dean, calling him a “supporting actor”.

Ambrose is in a movie, called 12 Rounds 2.

Dean did want to talk to him last week, but he was attacked by a grizzly bear in Brock Lesnar.  He came back in an ambulance, then he attacked Roman Reigns with a sledgehammer, and he’s facing Brock at Wrestlemania.  Then Shane McMahon came back, and he’s in a fight with The Undertaker.

He wants to know who did HHH want to win, or better yet, who did he not want to win?

HHH dismisses that, and says Dean Ambrose was not a factor in that match, he couldn’t even see him.

Dean comes face to face with HHH, introducing himself.  He is Dean Ambrose, and he was the last person HHH wanted to face at Wrestlemania.

HHH laughs about that, calling him mental.

I guess Ambrose doesn’t do the smartest things, but HHH does.  He calls himself “The Cerebral Assassin”, and he smells it all over HHH.

HHH says that is money, and power, something Dean doesn’t have.

That’s a lot of talk for HHH, so how about a little action from the COO.  How about Dean Vs HHH?  How about Dean Vs HHH for the title?

And his brother Roman Reigns won the right to face the champion at Wrestlemania, but that doesn’t mean HHH will be the champion.  And if he’s talking a little crazy, but let’s do it right now.

HHH asks Dean if it thinks that happens just by the talk of his voice?  But HHH will admit it, that idea sounds intriguing, so he will give it some thought.  He will give it in advisement, and see if it’s best for business.  He will give him his answer at the end of the night.  Ambrose asks if this is the end of Raw, or if it’s the end of the night, because Dean has things to do.

HHH tells him at the end of Raw, and he does have things to do.  He was going to give Dean the night off, but he will face Alberto Del Rio, with the entire League of Nations surrounding the ring.  We will see if he knows how to respect The Authority.

The Undertaker is here tonight, as is Vince Mcmahon, and Stephanie McMahon.

At least that is how WWE presented it.

But next, it’s Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks, Number One Contender to Divas Title.

Both women are pinned when all four shoulders are pinned.  So it’s a draw.

An incredible match here, and I believe we will see a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

Charlotte, who was watching this celebrates, because she feels she won’t be defending her title.

The Wyatts interrupt.

They say a definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over.  Then again, maybe he is insane.  Or maybe he knows exactly what he is doing.  Because he has a plan, and that plan will show complete dominance.  So come with him, and he will show us paradise.  If not, then run.

Okay, moving on.

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz is now.

The Miz wins with a rollup on Ziggler.

Last week on the Raw Pre-show, they had a confrontation.  Ziggler asked The Miz what has he done lately?  He beat Ziggler.

Tonight, AJ and Jericho Vs The New Day.  But next, Here Comes The Money.  Footage from Shane McMahon’s return.

We are in Nashville, right across the street from Tootsie’s Bar.

We get a Raw Rebound, with Shane McMahon returning to Raw last Monday night.

Stephanie McMahon will give us her speech, next.

Good lord, I hope Undertaker interrupts her.

Wrestlemania is 34 days away.

Here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She tells us last week, she had her moment accepting that Legacy Award, but her brother interrupted it.  So she will give us the speech, in its entirity.

The crowd isn’t giving her respect she deserves.  So she throws everything.  Shane, who blackmailed WWE and her father, yet we cheer for Shane.  What does that say about us?  He asked for a 2-year vacation, and escaped from WWE for 7 years, and he comes back, and we welcome him with open arms?  He wants to run this company for his legacy?  Yet he doesn’t show up for 7 years, not even at Wrestlemania, so what does that say about his family?  The sad thing is she loves his brother, and this is how he treats her?  It bothers she married HHH, and they run this family, but does he even talk about his 2 nieces?  Her nephews will get a chance to run this company someday, but they will all be in line with her daughters.  And we all accept this?  She and her husband have worked their tails off for this company.  That shows their work ethic, but it upsets them that The Authority run this company.  But The Undertaker will dismember Shane McMahon anyway, so he can run away again. And then we will bow down to the king, and queen.

We will hear from The Undertaker, live tonight.

Lucha Dragons Vs Sheamus and Rusev, now.

Sheamus and Rusev wins when Rusev pins Kalisto with a kick.

Del Rio stomps Kalisto’s head, because he let him win the last 10 times.

Natalya is giving us a Subway commercial, no lie.  She really did.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback is set to face Adam Rose.

Shellshock, match is done.

A video piece on Brock Lesnar.

He faces Dean Ambrose, at Wrestlemania.

New Day Vs Y2AJ, now.

Feel the power Music City.

Kofi tells us the reason why they are the most successful team is because they have a brotherhood.  They make fun of the League of Nations, League of Booty.

But they don’t pretend to like each other, like Y2AJ.

Speaking of, here comes Y2AJ.

Y2AJ wins the match, with Jericho making Kofi tap out to the Walls.

AJ tells New Day that Y2AJ defeated the Tag Champs, which makes them a Number One Contenders to the Tag Champions.  Jericho issues a challenge to Tag Team Title, next week on Raw.

Y2AJ, Wrestlemania, New Day will never, never, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVER be the same AGA-AIN.

Will HHH accept Dean Ambrose’s title shot?  Ambrose will face Del Rio, tonight.

The Undertaker is next.

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring.

Imagine Vince introducing us to his son, Shane McMahon the night after Wrestlemania.  That means hell has frozen over, and the sea will part.  It means that his daughter and son-in-law, HHH will leave the business.  It means that Shane will use Vince in a corporate role, never to be seen on TV again.  It means Shane is running Monday Night Raw, and essentially running WWE.

But that won’t happen, because only fools believe in miracles.  He loves his son, but he wants to teach him a lesson.  He loves him so much that he would put him in the ring with the most sadistic man ever to grace the ring, his destruction of terror.  That man is The Undertaker.

Taker is still dressed like The Deadman.

Taker is looking at that Wrestlemania sign.

Undertaker is Vince’s force of destruction, he does….

Taker grabs Vince by the neck.

Vince knows what will happen when he closes that door behind him at Wrestlemania.  The blood on Vince’s son will be at his hands, not Taker’s.

Well said, and to the point.  I love it.

Vince takes some sips of water, to clear his throat.

The reality is as Vince says.  He will be standing here in this ring, the night after Wrestlemania.  He will be standing here to say his son Shane has failed him at Wrestlemania.  He has failed him as a son, and he has lost his inheritance, and will give everything to Stephanie.  But with everything that has happened, it pains him to say this, he renounces Shane as his son.  He will just be a son of a bitch.

This should bring Linda McMahon into this next week.

Jey Uso Vs Bubba Ray Dudley.

Bubba wins the match with a Bubba Bomb, after D-Von used a table on Jimmy Uso, Bubba took advantage of the distraction.

Truth doesn’t want to team with Goldust.  Goldust seems rejected by that.

Will HHH put his WWE World Title on the line against Dean Ambrose?  We will find out tonight.  Also Ambrose Vs Del Rio.

But next, Kevin Owens Vs Big Show.

Owens loses by countout when Big Show threw him on the ropes.

Payback from Smackdown?

Brie Bella is confident about her match with Naomi.

Lana interrupts.  

She has everything, and Brie does not.

Naomi makes Brie tap out, and Lana applauds the effort.

Ambrose Vs Del Rio is next.

The Fabulous Freebirds are the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame, joining Sting and The Godfather.

Earlier tonight, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks finished their match with a draw.  Charlotte informs them they get a rematch this Thursday night on Smackdown.

Also earlier tonight, Vince McMahon announced he has denounced his son.  

Dean Ambrose Vs Del Rio is now.

The match ends in a DQ, when the rest of League of Nation beat down Ambrose, for HHH to come down to the ring.

HHH tells Dean when will he ever learn that he will never beat The Authority.  Dean starts whaling on HHH, and Hunter gives him a pedigree.

You want a title match?  You’re on.

He walks away, and Ambrose thanks him.

Them are fighting words.

He flings Ambrose on the announce table, gives him more shots, with Ambrose bleeding from the mouth.

HHH walks away, with Ambrose laying on the announce table.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I am just confused by this.  I just know 3 matches for Wrestlemania, but when will Ambrose get his title shot?

WWE has a show on March 12th, on WWE Network.  Is it then?  But make no mistake about it, The Authority was on tonight, as was Dean Ambrose.

Next week’s Raw in Chicago is set up to be huge.  Y2AJ Vs New Day, for Tag Titles.  We will also see Shane McMahon come back.

I have no issue with that.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.






































WWE FastLane 2/21/16

After tonight, the real Road to Wrestlemania begins, because we will find out who main events Wrestlemania, to face HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple Threat match, between Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar.  Do they dare shock the world, and send Dean Ambrose to Wrestlemania to face HHH?

The Kick-Off show begins in 20 minutes.  Keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are a part of the panel.

Rich Brennan is in the Social Media Lounge tonight.  His guest will be AJ Styles.

Our Kick-Off show match is Alberto Del Rio Vs Kalisto, in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Tonight, Brie Bella will face Charlotte for the Divas Title.

We get a video of these two, starting with Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

Tonight, Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Ambrose Vs Reigns Vs Lesnar.

Video profiling this epic match for tonight.

Paul Heyman joins the panel to preview the match.

Heyman tells us Brock Lesnar is here to conquer Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles in the Social Media Lounge is next.

Tonight, the returning Cutting Edge Peep Show, the guests are The New Day.  We see the last time these five men met.

Tonight, Intercontinental Championship match with Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler.

We see footage from last week, when KO pins Breeze to be the new IC Champion.

Jo-Jo is with Ziggler.

He has had success recently against Kevin Owens, so how confident is he?

He knows the last two weeks, head to head, toe to toe, he beat KO.  But last week, KO stole Dolph’s book, stealing a pin.  Kevin being Kevin, how about Ziggler going back to the old Ziggler.  He defeats KO, and does what he does best….steal the show.

Can Ziggler get it done tonight?

US Title match is coming up next, Kalisto puts his US Title on the line against Alberto Del Rio.  2 out of 3 falls match.

In what has to be a shock, no Michael Cole in this match.  We have Mauro Ranello is calling the match with Kalisto Vs Del Rio.

Del Rio is DQ’d in the first fall, when he swings a chair at Kalisto.

Del Rio tied up the match, with a double stomp on Kalisto.

Kalisto wins the match with a rollup, retaining his United States Title.

A very good match here, it should have been on the PPV.

AJ Styles joins the Social Media Lounge.

Will AJ build his legacy being in the WWE?  He beat Chris Jericho in his first match, that is how you build a legacy.

How did he feel about the reaction he received at Royal Rumble?  Mind-boggling.

Who inspired him when he was a kid?  As an athlete, Barry Sanders.  As a wrestler?  Sting.

How does he compare working for other companies Vs WWE?

It’s like being in the Minor Leagues, heading to Japan, and going to MLB.

Styles Vs Jericho later tonight.  But next, a preview for the main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.

Video on tonight’s main event match is shown.

WWE FastLane starts now.

Okay, Michael Cole is there too.

We are kicking off with a divas tag match of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Vs Naomi and Tamina.

All kinds of announce teams are here, which means tables will be breaking.

Sasha and Becky wins, making both women tap out.

Cole, JBL, and Saxton show us how Kevin Owens won the IC Title.

And that match is now, KO Vs Ziggler, for the IC Title.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  A very good match, these two had magic together, and the crowd loved it.

After the match, Owens shows the IC Title to Michael Cole.

Big Show, Kane, and Ryback are ready for their match with The Wyatt Family.

6-man tag match is up now.  The Wyatts Vs Kane, Big Show, and Ryback.

The Titans Vs The Wyatts, now.

The Titans win the match, when Ryback hits Shellshock on Harper.

Bray Wyatt is beside himself.

Who is the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award?  Find out tomorrow, as this kicks off Raw, tomorrow night.

Jo-Jo is with Roman Reigns.

His feelings on facing his brother, and will anything be the same after tonight?

When that bell rings, his entire life is on the line.  Throw everything out the window, and a lot of things will change.

Dean Ambrose intervenes, and he agrees.  He wants to know what it’s like to live in the Fastlane.

I wouldn’t book your plans yet, but Dean got a great price at Priceline.

Jo-Jo reminds them there is another person involved, in Brock Lesnar.

Ambrose has plans for Wrestlemania, and someone will stand on the opposite side of the ring, facing HHH at Wrestlemania.

Reigns tells us it will be either of them.

Believe that.

Charlotte Vs Brie Bella is now, for the Divas Championship.

Charlotte wins the match, by making Brie tap out to Figure 8.  Brie had a Yes Lock into a Single Boston Crab leg, but Charlotte no-sold it, and made brie tap out.

I don’t understand the ending.

Wrestlemania is 42 days away.

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Jo-Jo shows up again, asking Jericho if losing to AJ upsets him.

Chris denies that, and he says the last time he faced AJ, he beat him.  And if Chris beats him again?  He may be packing his bags out of here, before his WWE career starts up.  Is AJ Styles good?  Yes, but is he phenomenal?  We will find out.

We saw a Styles Clash, but Chris still kicked out.  But Styles makes Chris tap out to a Calf Killer.

A great match, you might even call it phenomenal.

After some stalling, Jericho shakes AJ’s hand.  A fun series of matches.

The kick-off show panel shares their thoughts.

We see Kalisto retain his United States Title from earlier tonight.

Footage from last Thursday night’s Smackdown, when New Day gave us a 5 second pose after beating Edge and Christian in their battle of the bands.

And here comes Edge and Christian, with The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

Greetings Cleveland.  Edge gets a pop.

Before The new Day comes out, they have to do a little shameless promotion.  After the PPV, the series debut of The Edge and Christian Show.

The first ever Tag Team Ladder match took place in this very same ring, this very same arena, and received their first ever standing ovation.

Ohhhhhh Cleveland, its time to stand up, clap your hands together, and feel the power.

It’s a New Day.

Big E. tells Edge nobody cares about him, because out with the old, and in with The New Day.

Xavier tells them they do whatever they want.

Christian wants to talk about their history.

When they first came together, they started a power of positivity.  And then the fans started to boo them, it’s like somehow chocolate became vanilla.

But then something started to happen.  New Day watched every single clip of Edge and Christian, and somehow they replaced the word awesome with booty.  They rip on sports teams, it’s become a rip-off of E & C.

They tell them they aren’t rip-offs, because they are better than everyone.

Who is better than The New Day?  Nobody.

Edge ran into Sheamus, and he said they can’t beat his pasty white arse.

Christian talks about how he ran into Rusev, he talked in Bulgarian, and said New Day Sucks.

They can’t talk about League of Nations, because they aren’t here.  But they can, because they suck.

Here come League of Nations, ready for a fight.

Xavier tells them they would love to face them, but it’s a day of rest.  So they will turn the other cheek.

They walk out, and now League of Nations have words with E & C.

Del Rio reminds Edge that he was the one who forced Edge to retire, and Edge reminded Del Rio he has accomplished more in his career than Del Rio ever has in 5 years he has been gone.  But they will leave too.

But before we go, League of Nations will give Cleveland a 5 second pose, the International House of Dumbasses.

Now New Day is celebrating with Edge and Christian, as Christian tells us to watch the show.

I guess we have a bonus match.  R-Truth Vs Curtis Axel.  Nobody even knew about it.

Axel wins the match with a rollup, after Goldust came out, and inadvertently threw Adam Rose into the ring, to distract Truth.

Tomorrow, someone will be a recipient of The Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award, kicking off Raw.

Business has just picked up.  Our main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast, now.

Incredible match here, with Reigns giving Ambrose a spear, after some brutal chair shots Dean gave to Lesnar.  We also had Brock go through 2 tables, and still survive.

It will be Reigns Vs HHH at Wrestlemania.

Behold The King….The King of Kings.  On your knees, Punk.

HHH comes out, to go face to face with Reigns.

HHH shows Reigns the WWE World Title, with the Wrestlemania sign lurking above.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The real Road to Wrestlemania will begin tomorrow night.  This overall was a good PPV, with Styles Vs Jericho being everything we thought.  Owens Vs Ziggler stole the show, and a brutal main event that lived up to its premise.  No Bray Wyatt interfering though, but you have the feeling we will see that tomorrow.

What were your thoughts on the show?












































WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/16…Suplex City Is Open For Business

The Road To Wrestlemania continues in the city of champions, Alabama.  Brock Lesnar returns tonight.  Now that we know the main event for Fastlane, what does this mean for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?

Raw in 5 minutes.

We get the Raw intro, complete with theme song.  “Tonight is the night”.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Suplex City is in Birmingham, Alabama.  In 3 weeks, we find out who faces HHH at Wrestlemania.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  I am the advocate for the 9th mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar.

We have a lot of business to cover tonight, so let’s get started.

At the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt and his disciples took out his client, Brock Lesnar.  But they failed, because when he wants to, Brock will enforce the 11th commandment, thou shall not provoke Brock Lesnar.

That takes us to Fastlane, Stephanie McMahon did what is beast for business.  She made us the main event for Fastlane.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose, and saving the best for last, Brock Lesnar.

The winner goes on to Wrestlemania to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, against HHH.

Ladies and gentlemen, his client has given Heyman permission to tell us at Fastlane, Brock will enforce Suplex City.  Brock Lesnar will F-5 Roman Reigns.  Then he will F-5 Dean Ambrose, slam them on top of each other, and move on to Wrestlemania to force the “Trophy Husband” HHH to a pin, and he will become the undisputed, reigning, and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  He is not discounting 2/3 of The Shield.  Roman Reigns has already been there, Dean Ambrose has not.  Dean rode the “short bus” to school, he is a nutjob.

Here comes the “nutjob”.

Ambrose believes this might have been a stupid thing to do, but he’s not stupid.  He’s not crazy, he has a ton of respect for Brock, but he’s not scared of him.

He is here to tell Brock he doesn’t want to fight him, but he will have to, so he can get what he wants, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Take Dean to Suplex City, but he will do whatever he can to win the title.  He calls himself the “Ironman” of WWE.  If he has to drag his body to get that title shot against HHH at Wrestlemania, he will do that.  He has enough respect to tell Brock that.

Great promo here, and it sets the tone.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Owens.  But next, the United States Champion, Kalisto Vs Rusev is next.

Kalisto Vs Rusev is now, with Del Rio joining everyone on commentary.

At Fastlane, Del Rio gets his rematch for the United States Championship.

Kalisto wins the match by countout, Del Rio tried to help Rusev, but Rusev was knocked out after a Hurrancarana.

Tonight, Miz TV with “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.

Backstage, Stephanie is gloating about her husband’s Royal Rumble win, in front of Reigns and Ambrose.

Dean and Roman aren’t moved.

Stephanie tells Dean he was willing to do whatever it takes to go on to Wrestlemania.  Ambrose doesn’t want to go to Suplex City.  They are missing the big piece here.  Friends turn on each other all the time.  Marty Jeanetty never saw it coming when Shawn Micahels threw him out the window.  Randy Orton never saw what happened when Evolution kicked him to the curb, and they never saw it coming when Seth Rollins turned on both of them.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Tonight, Reigns and Ambrose face New Day in our main event.

Nikki Bella is out with neck surgery, and will be out of action for at least 3 months.

Renee Young is with Brie Bella, she tries to give us an update on Nikki, but Charlotte interrupts.  Charlotte feels like she should apologize.  She might have been responsible, when she beat Nikki at Night of Champions, and beat her again at Hell in a Cell.  But while Charlotte becomes the newest reigning Divas Champion, Nikki will be in bed, doing online shopping.

The Usos are in action, next.

The Usos Vs Social Oucasts.

Heath tells them Social Outcasts are family, because they chose each other.

But where is Bo?

Bo Rida is in the studio mixing some beats.

The Usos win, kicking Rose.

Miz TV with AJ Styles is next.

Miz TV is now.

The WWE Universe has been buzzing about his guest tonight, AJ Styles.  Miz was meditating in his Yoga room, and realized AJ is the very reason why he does Miz TV.  Moments like this where you can tell about one’s story, and AJ’s story is phenomenal.

Ladies and gentlemen, AJ Styles.

The WWE Universe wants to know who AJ Styles is.

AJ can’t answer, cause Miz tells us.  He is the ultimate underdog.  The youngest of 4 children, the runt of the liter.  Even in high school, he tried out for football and they called him too small.  But he was always the last one out of the gym, and made the team, where he stole the show.

From there, he became “The Phenomenal One”.  He went all over the world, competed against the biggest competitors, and through all of that, he became an entrant in the Royal Rumble.  He lasted 28 minutes, and the next night, he defeated Chris Jericho on his first night of Raw.

Where do you go from here?

AJ doesn’t answer, and Miz continues.

AJ reminds Miz of Daniel Bryan, he was the internet darling, but Miz guided him as a rookie, and he sort of started the Yes Movement.  You can call him the “father of the Yes Movement”.

The fans aren’t buying this, and he says Miz wants to guide AJ Styles, and all he has to say is yes.

The fans are chanting no, and Miz tells us who do we think we are.  AJ Styles might have been a big fish in a little pond, but now there are many sharks in this ocean.  This is WWE, where the E means just as much as W.  AJ Styles is nothing, and he can’t do anything here.

AJ has heard enough, pounds on Miz, telling him he’s AJ Styles.

Earlier tonight, Dean Ambrose tells Brock Lesnar he isn’t afraid of Brock, and he will compete at Wrestlemania.

Tonight, Reigns and Ambrose compete against New Day.

Brie Mode!!

Brie Bella Vs Charlotte is now.

Brie Bella picks up the upset win, rolling up Charlotte.

Last Thursday on Smackdown, we had Big Show come out and help Reigns, Ambrose, and Jerocho over The Wyatts.

Next, it will be Big Show Vs Erick Rowan.

Big Show wins in quick fashion, with a Chokeslam.  After the match though, The Wyatts take over, and Big Show is out.

The Wyatts made a statement.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  The Wyatts destroying Big Show.

Titus O’ Neil in action, facing Tyler Breeze.

Clash of the Titus, that is all she wrote.  And Tyler’s push is officially over.

HHH comes fact to face with Brock.  He wants to know if he saw right, that “little” Dean Ambrose came up to Brock, and went face to face with him, and did nothing?  Things aren’t as rosy in Suplex City.

Brock tells HHH they will find out at Wrestlemania.  HHH is looking forward to it.

This Thursday on Smackdown, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

Ziggler Vs Owens is set now.

Ziggler wins with a Zig Zag.  Owens set him up for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Ziggy found a way to win.

WWE celebrates Black History Month, honoring Mark Henry.

“The Boss” is back.  No more sitting in the back, and watching other divas wrestle.  No more letting other less talented divas get her spotlight.  She is on her own now, and she makes it clear that while Becky wants her divas title shot, and Brie beat her, she is here to tell Charlotte she is here to take that Divas Title back.

But here comes Tamina and Naomi.  They are here to tell Sasha that every diva needs their chance.  They support Sasha.  But they can be competitors, and still be sisters.

Sasha asks if they support her in her match with Becky Lynch.  Even though they are going their separate directions, they can still have their unity.

Sasha Vs Becky is next.

Becky loses by DQ, because Tamina and Naomi turn on Sasha, after Sasha ordered them to leave.  She didn’t need their help, and I guess they were upset about it.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs New Day, tonight.

Last week, AJ Styles defeated Chris Jericho.  Jericho is standing by with Renee Young.

Jericho is thinking about his match with AJ last week, everything was tremendous, except the ending.  It proved AJ Styles is here to stay, and he is the real deal.  He is a fighter, just like Chris.  He will watch his match with The Miz very seriously this Thursday, and he is anxious to see what happens.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe, Goldust is still wanting R-Truth to be his partner.

Moving on.

Our main event, New Day Vs Reigns and Ambrose is now.

New Day still have issues with The Rock, that they would even fight a little kid, wearing a Bullet Club shirt.

I can’t make that up.

But tonight, this is about revenge on The Rock’s cousin, and The Rock’s cousin’s friend.

Because New Day rocks.

The match is on, now.

Reigns and Ambrose wins with a Spear, and Dirty Deeds.

Here comes Brock!!

But New Day take out Reigns and Ambrose, and while Reigns is outside with New Day, here comes Brock with a F-5, to end the show.

Suplex City.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show tonight, that sets up Fastlane.  Wrestlemania build won’t happen, until after this show in 3 weeks.  We just have no clue where they are going, except the odds on favorite is Reigns Vs HHH.

I also liked how they are saving Styles Vs Miz for Smackdown.  They are still going to slowly build him, as they should.  I also liked Ziggler Vs Owens.

A much better show than last week, and Brock set the tone tonight.

We are on the road to Fastlane.  What were your thoughts?  Send them here.






























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