WWE Smackdown Live 10/11/16…No Mercy Fallout

WWE Smackdown Live, from San Jose, California

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga

Segment Number 1:  Promo with new IC Champ, Dolph Ziggler.

The weeks leading into No Mercy, Ziggler put his career on the line, and he gave himself one way out…win.  And he didn’t know at No Mercy, walking in if that was the last time he’d see the fans.  The last time he was going to tape his wrists, the last time he’d sit in the back, and devise a gameplan.  The last time he was going to spray tan Zack Ryder’s back.  The last time he would walk into this ring.  For the first time in 12 years, he doubted himself and thought he made a mistake.  He had people approach him and say he didn’t have to do this, but he needed to do it.  He knew that moment he set foot in this ring, he knew this is where he belonged.  And he knew no matter what, The Miz, Maryse, The Spirit Squad, Kerwin White’s caddy, he would walk out as our Intercontinental Champion.  And dammit, they did it.

AWWWWESSOME!!  Here comes The Miz and Maryse.  They are both dressed in black, as if they are at a funeral.  They bow their heads down, for a moment of silence.

The Miz wants to take a moment to mourn the death of the Intercontinental Championship, because no matter how much Daniel Bryan held him back, for 188 days, The Miz was the one who brought back the prestige back to the title.  Not him, not you, not the fans, The Miz was the one.  Your victory is a funeral for the IC Title’s death, because if the mediocrity of Ziggler.  But if you think this is over, this is just act 2, where the hero needs to overcome all odds.  Miz is that hero.  It’s The Empire Strikes Back, because the movies all end the same.  The hero gets the gold, and the girl.  He already has the girl.  He wants the gold.

Ziggler was going to share something with the crowd, and he’s glad Miz is out here, so roll the footage.

Video:  The Miz crying

Was he just crying?  Is Miz about to cry right now?  Miz asks if this is funny, that face is everything he worked for, everything that was sacrificed, and he takes that very seriously.  Miz takes this very, very seriously, and if he thinks for one second that he did so much to keep it, imagine how much he can do to get it back.  Miz isn’t done with Ziggler, and neither are they.

The Spirit Squad.  They tell Ziggler they must face them in a handicap match.  You want some of this, you got some of this.

Match Number 1:  Dolph Ziggler (IC Champion) Vs The Spirit Squad.  (Non-Title Match)

Ziggler defeated both men, with a Superkick, pinning Kenny.  The Miz lays Ziggler out with a Skull Crushing Finale.  Here comes Beauty and the Man-Beast to even the odds.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler (IC Champion) Via Pinfall.

Women’s Championship set for November 8th, Live on Smackdown.

Tonight:  Randy Orton and Kane Vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Next:  Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan has an announcement for Survivor Series.

Video:  WWE2K17

Segment Number 3:  Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

November 20th is Survivor Series.  They want to give these guys an opportunity, which is why they are proposing a traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match against Raw.  There will also be 5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match too, will Raw say yes?

Match Number 2:  Carmella Vs Naomi.

Earlier tonight, Carmella attacked Nikki Bella, and this feud is far from over.  Naomi picks up the win rolling up Carmella, after Nikki Bella shows up.  Nikki goes after Carmella, and she runs through the crowd.

Winner:  Naomi (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 5:  Backstage Promo with Alexa Bliss

Cathy Dennis wants some thoughts from Alexa, saying she just got lucky, and can beat Naomi any day of the week, and 2 times on Sunday.  Daniel Bryan hears this, and says Alexa will face her next Tuesday night.

Tonight:  AJ Styles Victory Speech

Heritage Hispanic Month:  Eva Longoria.

Match Number 3:  Jimmy Uso Vs Chad Gable

Uso wins the match with a roll up, and Jey held on to his brother for additional leverage.

Winner:  Jimmy Uso (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 7:  Hype Bros Backstage Segment

Hype Bros need to stay focused on the Tag Team Titles, and is met with The Ascension, just staring at them, and walking away.

Tonight:  Orton and Kane Vs Wyatt and Harper.

Next:  AJ Styles Victory Speech.

Goldberg is on Raw, for the first time in 12 years.

Segment Number 8:  AJ Styles (WWE World Champion)

The Champ is Here!!  AJ beat Dean Ambrose AND John Cena, at the same time at No Mercy.  That isn’t just great, its phenomenal.  We live vicariously through AJ, but there is only room for one in this bandwagon.  So go cheer for John Cena.  Wait, he’s trying to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host.  But then again, you can cheer for Dean Ambrose.  You all are pathetic, but enough about you, let’s talk about AJ.  He beat John Cena.  He beat Dean Ambrose.  Some may not like how he did it, but one thing about AJ Styles is he does whatever it takes to win.  Did he say he beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose?  its so nice, let him say it twice, he beat John Cena, and Dean Ambrose.  Now some may take a year off after doing that, but he is about giving opportunities.  So come on out, and he will make them main event material.

Here comes Dean Ambrose.  Dean had AJ beat, but he had to take it the easy way out.  AJ reminds Dean you can’t win when two people make you tap.  Dean wants to remind him nobody on the roster will top him.  AJ says this isn’t a person currently on the roster, so come on out…..James Ellsworth.  The legend.  He had a chance to be AJ’s tag team partner a month ago, but The Miz beat him to a pulp, so now tonight, he gets his chance.  Non-title match, of course.  So scram Dean.

Dean wants to see this match, and here comes Daniel Bryan.  AJ may be the WWE World Champion, and he may be the Champ Who Runs This Camp, but Daniel runs Smackdown Live.  But he likes James Ellsworth, and makes the match official.  And Dean, AJ is right, you can’t be here, unless you’re the special guest ref.

Match Number 4:  AJ Styles (WWE World Champion) Vs James Ellsworth, with Dean Ambrose as special guest ref.

James Ellsworth wind the match, with some assistance from Dean Ambrose, with 2 Dirty Deeds, after AJ hits a Styles Clash.  Like I said, James is a legend.

Segment Number 10: Backstage Segment with Randy Orton and Kane

Orton meets up with Kane, saying being in Bray Wyatt’s world needs to stop.  They need to go in Orton’s world, with pain and agony.  Is Kane in?  Kane is in, but Randy, you have issues.

Video:  Royal Rumble:  Its All About The Numbers.

Moments Ago:  James Ellsworth defeated AJ Styles.

Segment Number 11:  AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Shane McMahon

AJ is irate at everything that just took place, and was starting to take blame on Daniel.  But Shane doesn’t want to hear that, saying it’s official James Ellerton defeated AJ Styles.  He walks out, and Daniel says he has an idea for next week with James.

Match Number 5:  Randy Orton and Kane Vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Bray and Luke pick up the win, when the lights go out, and Luke is on the other side.  Kane disappears, and we don’t know where he is.  Bray hits Sister Abigail, and pins Orton.  We end the show with Bray laughing, and celebrating.

Winners:  Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper (Via Pinfall)

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just an average show really, no big build to Survivor Series, since we are still 20 days away from Hell in a Cell.  For some reason, I loved James Ellerton beating AJ though.  The dude has some great facial expressions.  But nothing else was very good.  Share your thoughts here with me,

Quick Match Results:

Dolph Ziggler def. The Spirit Squad (Via Pinfall)

Naomi def. Carmella (Via Pinfall)

Jimmy Uso def. Chad Gable (Via Pinfall)

James Ellerton def. AJ Styles (WWE World Champion) (Via Pinfall)

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper def. Randy Orton and Kane (Via Pinfall)


















WWE Backlash 9/11/16

Never forget 15 years ago today.  Tonight’s piece is dedicated to the ones we lost on that September day.

We are 45 minutes away from the Kick-Off show of Backlash.  Smackdown presents their first PPV since the brand split.  And our main event will be Dean Ambrose Vs AJ Styles, for the WWE World Championship.

Keep it locked here tonight.

It’s time for Backlash Kick-Off.  Live in Richmond, Virginia.  Renee Young welcome us to the show, with Booker T, Lita, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge, and his guests tonight will be Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Tonight, The Miz will put his Intercontinental Title against Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz Vs Ziggler video is being shown.

Is this Ziggler’s last chance for a title?

Daniel Bryan is with Apollo Crews, trying to pump him up, giving him some advice.  He’s telling him to get loose.  Oh boy.

Baron Corbin isn’t amused by this.

He tells Daniel 2 weeks ago he beat the WWE World Champion on Smackdown Live, and he handles that by now having him appear on the show, and he’s off the Backlash PPV.  But he handles a nobody like Apollo Crews.

Apollo is free tonight, to kick his ass.  Daniel gives us our Backlash Kick-Off show, Corbin Vs Crews.

Tonight, Orton Vs Wyatt, we see video of that.

We are less than 40 minutes away from the live Backlash.

Last Tuesday, we see The Usos turning on American Alpha.

American Alpha is out of the title match, and we will have a second chance challenge, with The Usos Vs The Hype Bros, and the winner will face Slater and Rhyno.

I love this storyline here, we know American Alpha will be back.

Social Media Lounge, with Rhyno and Slater.

Rhyno is very “excited” about this match tonight.

Slater can’t lose, he won’t get his contract.  He can’t feed his kids.  He can’t get that double-wide.  He can’t build his pool.  He needs this win.

Has his kids trained him for this match?  This is hilarious.

Tonight there is a first ever Women’s 6-Pack Challenge match to determine the new Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Alexa Bliss joins the panel.

Booker T questions her experience in the ring, and Alexa believes she has this opportunity, and who is going to beat her?

Alexa is dressed like Harley Quinn.

Match time, Mauro Ranallo, David Otunga, and JBL welcome us to the show.

Apollo Crews Vs Baron Corbin is now.

End of Days, Corbin silences Crews.  A good match to start the show tonight.

Renee Young is talking Jaeger Eaton, host of Nickelodeon’s new show.

Video set up for AJ Styles Vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Title, tonight.

Is this AJ’s night?

WWE is starting a message saying we will never forget about the events of 9/11.

Backlash is starting now.

We are live in Richmond, Virginia, we welcome you to Backlash.


Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan kicks off the PPV.

Welcome to Smackdown Live, presents Backlash.

Shane wants to thank all of us making Smackdown Live a success.  We are responsible for the ratings to soar, we are responsible for social media blowing up, and for new superstars to get their opportunity.

Daniel tells us we will have 2 title defense.  Intercontinental Title, and WWE World Title.  But we will also crown first Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and a new Women’s Smackdown Champion.

6-Pack Challenge kicks off the show.

Alexa Bliss is eliminated after Natalya and Naomi hit a Liger Powerbomb.

Excellent start to the show.

Naomi is eliminated after a Sharpshooter by Nattie.

4 women are left.

Nattie is eliminated by a Northern Lights Backbreaker by Nikki Bella.

Carmella rolls up Nikki, and eliminates her.

It’s now between Carmella and Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch became the first Smackdown Women’s Champion, making Carmella tap out to the Disarmer.

All 6 women fought hard for this, and what a moment for Becky.

Charly Caruso asks Becky how she is feeling right now.  Becky thanks the fans for cheering for her for all of these years.  “Becky Balboa baby, we did it.  We did it”.

In 2 weeks, Raw presents Clash of Champions.

The Miz comes in Jagger Eaton’s dressing room.  He took Miz’s locker room.  Jagger asks Miz to be on his show, unless they can get John Cena instead.

Bray Wyatt attacks Randy Orton’s leg, will Randy be available tonight?

Second Chance Tag Match is set now.  Winner moves on to face Slater and Rhyno later tonight.

The Usos Vs The Hype Bros is now.

The Usos win with a leg cramp, making Zack tap out.

I love this new look by The Usos, and I can see them winning Tag Titles later tonight.

Renee Young is with Slater and Rhyno.  Slater is ready for The Usos.  He walks off, but tells Rhyno his stomach is upset, everything is on the line.  And Beulah made this crab dip that hit the spot.

But they are live, and Heath has to go.

Later tonight, The Usos Vs Slater and Rhyno to determine the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

The Miz Vs Ziggler for the IC Title is now.

Before the match, Miz wants to renegotiate his Smackdown contract, and after his match, things will get trickier.  So Daniel, Miz will do something he can’t do anymore, wrestle.

With some help from hair spray Maryse used on Dolph, Miz won the match with a Skull Crushing Finale.

These two can wrestle anytime.

The Kick-Off panel discuss what we have seen so far.

Earlier tonight in the Kick-Off match, we had Baron Corbin defeat Apollo Crews.

Bray Wyatt comes out now.

Bray wants Charles Robinson to count out Orton.

Greg Hamilton informs us Randy Orton cannot compete tonight, so Charles must count to 10, so he wins by forfeit.

The winner, by forfeit….Bray Wyatt.

However, Bray Wyatt will be competing in a no holds barred match against this man….


Kane wins the match, with some help from Randy Orton, who came out with a RKO.  Kane wins with a Chokeslam.

AJ Styles approaches 2 “independent” wrestlers in the back.  Telling them they will never amount to greatness.  But they can tell their kids they were here when the new “Face That Runs This Place” became the new WWE World Champion.

WWE No Mercy is set for Sunday, October 9th.

Smackdown Tag Team Title match is up now, The Usos Vs Slater and Rhyno.


Rhyno helps Slater by giving Jimmy a Gore, and Heath Slater has a job, and Tag Titles.

Heath and Rhyno get to talk about their reactions to being Smackdown’s first Tag Team Champions.

Slater was great in this, Yo Beulah, they are getting a Double-Wide.

Another Chicken Little commercial, with Ziggler and The Miz.  But they already faced each other in the ring.

It’s now Styles Vs Ambrose, our main event, and it’s for the WWE World Title.

AJ Styles just had his career defining moment, when he pinned Ambrose, after a ref bump.  AJ kicked Dean in the balls, and hit a Styles Clash for the win.

My goodness, this match had everything we needed.

The show ends here with Styles celebrating his win.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Going into the PPV, there was a report Orton hadn’t been cleared.  I always try to avoid websites the night of the PPVs, so I can be surprised.  They did what they had to do, but I felt Bray should have won that match.

And while they only had 3 weeks of build-up, I felt like the men and women did a fantastic job to make this a fun show.

It was built around Styles Vs Ambrose, and this was a fantastic match, and it ended the show on the right foot.

Now Raw has 5 weeks to build their PPV in 2 weeks, so I expect that show to try to top tonight’s.  But with Styles winning the big title, not sure if they can top it.

What are your thoughts?  Send them to me here.
















































WWE Night Of Champions 9/20/15

Tonight, Seth Rollins defends his United States Championship against John Cena, and his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Sting.  Will Rollins be a champion at the end of the night?

All of the titles are on the line tonight as well, we are just minutes away from the Night of Champions Kick-Off show.

Renee Young is joining us with Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, and Houston’s own Booker T.

Tom Phillips is joining us in the Social Media Lounge.  His guests tonight are Tag Team Champions, The New Day.

Tonight, our Kick-off match is Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and Lucha Dragons.

Tonight, Seth Rollins is pitching a double-header.  He will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting, and his United States Championship against John Cena.

The Road to Night of Champions video is playing now, with Rollins, Sting, and Cena.

Can Seth walk out of Houston with both titles?

Eden Stiles is standing by with Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus.

Sheamus has been in the WWE for a while.  He has made a few friends, and many enemies.  But those friends know he is the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  They have informed him that Seth Rollins will compete in two matches back to back.  And that means that if Rollins can survive those two matches, Sheamus can cash in and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But what if Sting wins?  He wins the one title that has eluded his entire career, it would be history.  But then again, Sheamus can cash in, and make history himself.  Either way, tune in and history can be his story.

Cena Vs Rollins first, then Sting Vs Rollins.  The right move, WWE World Title match should be the main event of this sort of PPV.

Tonight, The Intercontinental Title is on the line, Ryback Vs Kevin Owens.

Eden is with Kevin Owens.

What is going through Kevin’s mind knowing he can make this illustrious list of champions to hold IC Title.

It is a long list, but it’s not about them, tonight, it’s about the prize.  Winning the IC Title means more money, more opportunities, and providing for his family.

And Ryback will be back to reading self-help books, after losing to Owens.

Divas Title match is on the line tonight too.  Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella.

Nikki’s video is being played.

Also tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev, with Summer Rae’s love triangle.

Ziggler Vs Rusev video is showing.

Also tonight, #SaveTheTables will be looming.  The Dudley Boyz Vs The New Day, for WWE Tag Team Titles.

The New Day is with Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge, which is glorious.

Our kick-off match is up now.  Stardust and The Ascension Vs Neville and Lucha Dragons.

Stardust and The Ascension win when Stardust uses his own partner’s body, and gives Neville Queen’s Crossbow (Crossroads).

Tom Phillips is with New Day in the Social Media Lounge.

The New Day kicks Tom to the curb, and answers the questions themselves.  They won’t do a free concert for us, they save the world by saving the tables.

6-man tag war is up tonight.  The Wyatts Vs The Brothers Shield and a mystery partner.

Video is showing now.

Seth Rollins defends both titles tonight.  We are less than 3 minutes away.

Night of Champions is on now.  Live in Houston, Texas.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

IC Title match kicks things off, with Ryback Vs Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens becomes the new Intercontinental Champion, when he raked Ryback’s eye with Shellshock, and Owens rolls up Ryback.

One title match, one title change.

Wow, Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour kicks off next month, with a Madison Square Garden show, when he faces The Big Show.  Then after Monday’s Raw on October 5th, he will be a guest on Stone Cold’s Podcast.

Then, officially on October 25th, Brock faces The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Ziggler Vs Rusev is up now.

Rich Brennan wants to speak with Rusev, but Rusev doesn’t want to speak with him, he wants to take care of Ziggler.

And Summer Rae is wearing those earings.

Ziggler Vs Rusev is now.

Ziggler wins with Zig Zag, after Summer accidentally costs Rusev the match, throwing a temper and throws a shoe that hits him.

Wow, such a confusing feud here.

We are seeing Nikki Bella do push-ups.  No, seriously.  It’s Big Momma Pump, Nikki Bella.  We see champion, and challenger.  Ric Flair is with Charlotte tonight.  Bella Vs Charlotte.

But first, New Day Vs The Dudleys, for Tag Team Titles.

New Day tells us the dirty, smelly tables are in danger of being destroyed.  But they are here to save the tables.

The Dudleys win by DQ, when Xavier stopped Bubba from getting the win, after a Team 3-D.  Xavier actually played the “Rocky” theme on his Trombone, which is hilarious since his name in TNA was Consequences Creed, after Apollo Creed.

Big E. calls for a table.  Not good.

Yeah, Xavier is crashing through the table with 3-D.

Divas Title match is up now.  Nikki Bella Vs Charlotte.

Charlotte wins the Divas Title, making Nikki submit to the Figure 8.  They told a story here of Nikki working on Charlotte’s knee, I am surprised though that they did this, since the leg was worked on.  But a good match, and a good story.

Ric Flair shares the moment with his daughter, which is awesome.

Jo-Jo is standing by with the new Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens.

There was controversy?  Kevin Owens won’t let that ruin this moment.  He has his prize back, and he doesn’t need a book for this, but it’s no secret how great Owens is.

Night of Champions Kick-Off panel is here.

Who is Ambrose and Reigns tag partner?  We find out, but first we see the Kick-Off match from earlier tonight.  Stardust and The Ascension win.

We see Ric celebrate his daughter win the Divas Title….WOOOOOOOO!!

Ric is ready for the party.

6-man tag match is up now.

Who is the third man?

It’s Chris Jericho!!

The Wyatts win when Strowman put Jericho out with his dominant bear hug.

I love how big they put over Bryan Strowman here.

Jericho walks away from Ambrose and Reigns.

So is Chris sticking for a bit?  That would be great for me.

The Authority is wishing Seth Rollins luck on tonight’s matches.  It’s time for Rollins to prove why he is the man.

He’s ready, and so is Sheamus.

Our double main event is up now.  Rollins Vs Cena, for the United States Title is first.

Cena wins the United States Championship for the 5th time with a clean Attitude Adjustment.

Disappointing, but very predictable.

Rollins tries to leave, but Cena tells him he must defend the WWE World Title.  And he nails Seth with an AA.

Enter Sting.

Rollins retains the title in a hard-fought match with a roll up.  It looked like Sting was legitimately hurt, he went through a Spanish Announce Table, and hit his head on a monitor, he also flew off the top rope on a plancha.  He is 56-years old.  The ring physician came in and checked on him.

Here comes Sheamus.

Brogue Kick!!

Sheamus is cashing in, but Kane has other thoughts.

Complete with mask.

Chokeslam on Rollins!!

Sheamus wants Kane to give him one more, but Kane Chokeslams him.

Tombstone Piledriver!!

The show ends with the return of “The Demon” Kane.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fun night here, and some good matches.  Whether you like the idea of Cena winning United States Title or not, it happened.  But the Cena Open Challenge comes back, so maybe it’s not all bad.

But the story here was Sting working his ass off for a 56-year-old and surely he still can do it.  So where we go with him, anyone’s guess.

They are also teasing the HHH Vs Rollins program we will see here.

Good to see Chris Jericho back too, and I would love to see him face Ambrose.

The Dudleys did not win titles, but they will down the road.

Surprised that Charlotte won though.  She still needs to build her fan base.

Overall, a good show here.  We will have to see what happens tomorrow night on Raw.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/13/15…The Battleground Is Set

We kick the show off with video from last week when The Beast was Unleashed against Seth Rollins and his Authority.

Brock Lesnar is here tonight.  Raw is now.

No intro tonight, we are live in Atlanta, Georgia.  We see the broken up $55,000 car that Seth gave his boys.

Here Comes The Pain.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate for the Cadillac crushing, J & J conquering, badass Avenger who this Sunday night, will make Seth Rollins pay for his sins, Brock Lesnar.

We are 6 days away from history being made again when this beast enters the ring as challenger.  How many times have we seen that opportunity, Brock Lesnar as a challenger.  When he was a rookie, Brock entered this ring as challenger, and dominated Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and became WWE Champion.  When he entered in UFC, Brock entered the ring as challenger to Randy Couture, and he conquered Randy, and walked out as UFC Champion.  And last summer, he walked into this ring as challenger, and we saw what happened to John Cena.  Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat, and he became the new WWE Champion.

And he would still be champion, if that slimy Seth Rollins hadn’t stolen the title from him.  But this Sunday, Brock is going to conquer Seth Rollins.

In 6 days, Seth will be dominated by Brock Lesnar, he will be conquered by Brock Lesnar.  He will be suplexed by Brock Lesnar.  He will be speared by Brock Lesnar.  This Sunday, Brock Lesnar will once again be the reigning, undefeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Enter Seth Rollins.

Seth asks Brock if he’s proud of himself, because this Sunday, he can’t wait to beat him.  He gave him a chance to stand up like a man last week, but he chose to go the cowardly way and take advantage of an inanimate object.

Brock takes this car as a symbol, but the WWE World Title is Seth’s symbol.  He will take a trip to Suplex City, he will bring the torch, and he will burn Suplex City to the ground.

Brock has the mic, he can take Rollins to Suplex City tonight, bitch.

Kane, back from his vacation informs us there will be order and tonight, there will be a contract signing.  At Battleground, Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar is what’s best for business.  So Mr. Heyman, things….

Heyman asks if Kane is threatening his client.  So Brock, you are being threatened by The Undertaker’s little brother.

Paul knows he is not supposed to talk about Kane’s family, you know the man that Brock ended his Wrestlemania undefeated streak.

So what can possibly go wrong in an official contract signing?

His client will be in his best behavior, unless Seth does something to disrupt him.  If that happens, Heyman assures Rollins Suplex City comes to Atlanta, Georgia.

Contract signing will be set later tonight.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.  But next, it will be Randy Orton and Ryback vs Sheamus and Big Show.  WWE’s own version of “All-Star” team.

The Miz is doing commentary during this tag match.

Ryback and Orton win when Orton hits a RKo on Sheamus, and Ryback gives us a Top Rope splash.

6 days away from Battleground.  Orton Vs Sheamus is official.

Kane has a plan for later tonight.

Kane and Rollins are bickering again.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is next.

The match never takes place, Roman Reigns attacks Wyatt and lays him into the post, but the tides were turned and Wyatt used a lantern to nail Reigns, but even that had no effect, when we were erupted into a commercial.

Team Bella are in the ring, with Nikki telling us they run the diva’s division, but here comes Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie reminds them that she runs this division.  The problem is the competition just isn’t there, and there is an evolution in women’s sports.  We have The World Cup, UFC, and Tennis.

But she needs help, so allow her to introduce her to Paige.

Nikki tells us Paige has had many title chances, and failed.  Stephanie tells Nikki that she wants Paige out here, so shut up.

Paige has wanted divas to be on her side, but nobody has stood up, and fight.  So she wants to bring out someone who has fought and clawed her way to get into this business, Becky Lynch.

And she wants to introduce us to someone who was born for this business, someone who was styling and profiling, Charlotte.


But here comes Naomi and Tamina.

They have unfinished business here, and it’s their time to get in the ring with both Paige and Nikki.

Stephanie agrees, says she should come out and want her spot, which is why she is here to introduce another woman.  Someone who calls herself “The Boss”, Sasha Banks.

The current NXT Women’s Champion comes out to align herself with Naomi and Tamina.

Stephanie asks Nikki if this was what she meant when she asked for competition?  She is giving them an opportunity, so who will take it?

All 9 women start to fight.

The NXT Divas all are making a statement with submission moves.

Team Bella are done.

We have a 6-man tag match of The New Day Vs Primetime Players and Mark Henry.

World’s Strongest Slam, Xavier’s night is over.

We see the damage “The Beast” made last week to that Cadillac.

Video from last Monday night again.

Tonight, official contract signing with Lesnar Vs Rollins.

Oh my gawd, we are seeing King Barrett Vs R-Truth, again.

Truth wins again, with Lie Detector.

We see video footage again of Rusev laying out Ziggler last week.

Here comes John Cena Open Challenge.

Cena is ready for 6 days, and he is ready for the Open Challenge.

Rusev answers the challenge, and he is going to break him tonight.

Kevin Owens interrupts, and he tells John if anyone beats Cena for US Title, it will be Owens.  And when he beats him tonight, he will give Cena a rematch at Battleground.

Rusev was here first, and tells Kevin he has 2 first names, so which one is it?

Owens tells Rusev take his Lana wannabe, and stick that flag up his ass, or something like that.

But here comes Cesaro, he wants more too.

We are going to have a Triple Threat now, and the winner faces Cena.

I love that.

Rusev wins the match with a kick to the face, pinning Cesaro.  Middle of the match, Owens walks away.  He tells Cena he will be ready for him this Sunday.

Rusev Vs Cena is set now.

The match ends in a DQ, when Rusev was about to make Cena tap out to Accolade, Owens comes out and hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Rusev, telling Cena nobody will beat him for the title, except him.

In 6 days, Owens Vs Cena, for the US Title.

Seth Rollins asks Kane if the plan is set, he told him it is.  Rollins tells Kane it better work.

Here is the return of Lita.  She introduces us to the cast of the new WWE Tough Enough cast.

We hear from Stardust, he returns and faces Neville, next.

At the Battleground Kick-Off show, it will be Barrett Vs R-Truth in a Battle of the Crown match.

Neville Vs Stardust, now.

Stardust wins with the rolling up tights.  The fans were chanting for Cody, not Stardust.  That’s who we want to see.

Contract signing is next.

Rollins and Lesnar are coming out now.

Seth is sick and tired of seeing the footage of Brock destroying the gift he gave J & J Security, so he wants to see Rollins and The Authority lay out Lesnar, which we see now.

Seth is here to give us his word, he is not afraid of Brock Lesnar.  This Sunday at Battleground, he will conquer the conqueror again.  He will defeat the one in 21-1 again, and he will be the one to burn Suplex City in ashes.

He will still be the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Lesnar, with purpose.

Heyman tells Rollins he wouldn’t take his eyes off “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.  Ever since Rollins destroyed his brothers in The Shield, Heyman always wanted to see someone get their hands on Rollins.  Ever since Rollins have dubbed himself as “The Future of WWE”, the fans have wanted to see someone get their hands on Rollins.  And ever since he cashed in Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, and he stole the WWE World Title from his client, Brock wanted to get his hands on Rollins.

6 days from now, everyone wants to see Brock get their hands on Rollins, because this Sunday, Rollins will get his ass kicked.  He will get hurt, he will get slapped, he will get punched, he will get Suplexed, he will get F-5, he will get pinned, he will be dethroned.  Seth Rollins is going to Suplex City.

And he will get conquered by one man, one beast, the real future of WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Rollins signs the contract, and when Brock signs his contract, Rollins tries to grab an ace handler, but Heyman sees it.

Rollins denies it, but Brock kicks the table down, finds it and puts it back on the table, daring them to use it.

Rollins grabs it, but Brock flips the table on him.  Kane helps Seth out though, by taking out Brock.  But The Beast turns the tide, gives Kane a F-5, and when he goes after Rollins, Seth runs away, and Brock now takes the steel step, and nails it with Kane’s foot, breaking his ankle.

Rollins comes back, irate at this.

From day one, Brock believed he could run through everyone.  He ran through John Cena, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, but he didn’t run through Seth Rollins.  Seth is better than Brock, and he is just a man.  He will show everyone he is just a man with a pule.  He will skin off that tattoo, and become the man who sleighs the beast.

So this was Kane’s plan?  To get rid of Lesnar?  How did that work out for him?  Like Kane’s entire career, a big disappointment.  Rollins told Kane that if this doesn’t work out, he would be nothing.  How is that working out?  Well, this is all on Kane.

Rollins stomps on his ankle, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a strong build to Battleground tonight, especially the ending.  But I can’t see how they would turn Rollins a babyface at the end of this.  Especially after seeing Rollins take out Kane’s ankle too, so we will see.

Everything else was good too, we finally had someone face off against the Bellas.  The WWE debut of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch.

We are also down to the stretch run of Cena Vs Owens, and saw a tremendous Triple Threat match to get to Cena, which I loved to see.  Again, they are making the US Title feel important.  Perhaps they can do the same thing with the IC Title?

A very good show tonight, and I am looking forward to seeing Battleground now.

Share me your thoughts?  Do you trust Vince to truly push the new WWE Divas in the right direction?

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/18/15…Stephanie McMahon Returns

Right off the heels of last night’s Payback, J & J Security sent out a tweet that WWE’s own Matriarch, Stephanie McMahon will be here.

Seth Rollins kept his WWE World Title last night, with a Pedigree.  How does HHH feel about that?

3 titles are on the line tonight, can we call this Championship Monday?

Raw is now.

We are live in Richmond, Virginia.

The Authority kicks things off with a 20 minute promo it seems, and what’s a Raw without a 20 minute promo kicking things off?

Stephanie asks us if we missed her?  The crowd all says no.  It was such a successful night last night for WWE and The Authority.  And life is sweeter when you win, not that we would ever see that.  But Seth Rollins, the WWE World Champion defeated 3 men in one night.

HHH gloats about being right for choosing Seth Rollins as the “future” of WWE.  He hates to say he told us so, but he told us so.

Stephanie brings up tonight, we celebrate the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, called Seth Rollins:  The Architect of Life.

Now Seth’s 3 opponents will head to the back of the line.  It’s true, as HHH said this is about champions, and those 3 men don’t know how to win the big matches.

But speaking of championships, we see the Intercontinental Championship.

And of course, Stephanie was right all along about Daniel Bryan.  He has vacated 2 titles in 2 years, and his body can’t hold up the punishment.

Which is why HHH tell us the IC Title will be held up for The Elimination Chamber.  6 men compete for this prize.

And it will be featured on WWE Network May 31st.

Enter Sheamus.

Sheamus apologizes to interrupt, and the fans chant he looks stupid.

Sheamus is a big fan of both of them, Stephanie likes his look.

Sheamus brings up we don’t need The Elimination Chamber match, because Sheamus was the one who ended the silly Yes Movement.

We see last month on Smackdown, Daniel’s last match against Sheamus.

So they need to do what is best for business, and give Sheamus the IC Title.

Feed Me More….

Ryback comes to the ring.

Ryback agrees with Richmond, Sheamus looks stupid.

Daniel Bryan has more heart, more fire, and more determination that Sheamus will ever be.

We get the Yes chants, and Stephanie talks, but “The Big Guy” is talking.

Daniel may not be the size of Ryback and Sheamus, but he has the fire and has put his body on the line for the IC Title.

Sheamus loves to pick on little guys, how about Sheamus picking on “The Big Guy”?

Stephanie assures that the two will be in The Elimination Chamber match, and HHH tells us they can wrestle each other, now.

Sheamus picks up a cheap victory, pretending his eye was hurt and when the ref’s back was turned, Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick.

2 of the 6 men in the Chamber match will be Ryback and Sheamus.  Other 4 men will be revealed tonight.

Tonight, Seth Rollins:  Architect Of A Dream.

HHH and Stephanie thank Kane for helping Rollins, and Kane saw a different side to Seth.  He thinks he has grown up.

Rollins has Champaign to celebrate.  Kane deserves it too, because Rollins saved his job.

Dean Ambrose shows up, he beat Rollins the last time they faced one on one.  So the way he sees it, he will grant Seth a rematch in 2 weeks at Elimination Chamber….only if Rollins puts the WWE World Title on the line.

Seth brings up what HHH and Steph said before about Ambrose joining Orton and Reigns at the back of the line.

HHH tells Kane he can handle this, and Kane tells Seth he will choose who his next opponent is, and Seth wants nothing to do with Ambrose.

Dean tells Kane he should be a shame of himself for being nothing but a butler.  “The Devil’s Favorite Seed” being a butler.

Kane orders Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt tonight.

Renee Young is in the ring, bringing out Neville.

Neville will face Barrett next, but he debuted in WWE the night after Wrestlemania, and how does it feel being a WWE superstar?

Neville said there is nothing like being a WWE superstar.  And while he has his doubters, he loves proving them all.  And he feels 10 feet tall when he is up in the air.

Renee asks him how was the transition from being the longest reigning NXT Champion, to being a WWE Superstar.

Here comes Bo Dallas.

Bo talks about the little engine that could, but he doesn’t BOlieve Neville will last in the WWE ring.

Neville reminds us that he BOlieved he beat Bo Dallas for the NXT Title.

Bo attacked Neville, and went for his knee.

Enter King Barrett.

Neville’s knee was giving him problems, he slipped on the ropes and King Barrett took over, with a Bull Hammer.

Now comes Bo Dallas to lay a boot on Neville’s knee.

Last night, John Cena defeated Rusev in an I Quit match, and later tonight, we will see a John Cena US Title Open Challenge.

But next, Rusev’s reaction.

There is no Lana tonight, which the fans hate.  Lana needs to learn her place, and she does not speak for him.  Rusev speaks our stupid English language well, and he did not say I Quit.

We want Lana.

There is no Lana, shutup.

John Cena did not make him say I Quit, Rusev crushed John Cena.

He wants to restart the match, right now.

Here comes Lana.

Rusev asked Lana not to show up, and Rusev told her not to show up.  Lana wanted to explain herself, and Rusev is misunderstood.

She believes in Rusev, and has believed in him since day one.  She believed that Rusev would be the first man to make John Cena say I Quit.  But that didn’t happen, that was a disappointment, but she was here to protect him.

He tells her she is nothing, and Lana told him that she cares about him, so what she supposed to do?  Just stand there, and hear Rusev scream in pain.  He said I Quit three times in Bulgarian.

Rusev tells Lana he doesn’t need her, nobody needs Lana.  Her feelings are weak, and he orders her to leave.

And she does.


Last night, we get a very brief The Shield reunion at Payback.

We will get a Seth Rollins Celebration, also tonight, we get a Tag team Title match with New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro, with Xavier Woods banned at ringside.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

Bray Wyatt wins when J & J Security come out to throw off Ambrose, and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.

The Authority are watching this, and love it.

Divas Title is on the line tonight.  Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.  Also tonight, John Cena United States Open Challenge.  But next, Tag Title match is set for New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

We are live in Richmond, Virginia.  Cole, Booker, and JBL show us yet another set of Tough Enough audition videos.

Tag Title match is up now.  New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

New Day is DQ’d when they keep attacking Cesaro and Kidd.  But the challengers take care of them after the bell rings.

During the match, we find out R-Truth, King Barrett, and Rusev all will be in the Elimination Chamber.  So 5 of the 6 men are brought up.

But as this was happening, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players all came out, and took each other out.  PTP was left standing at the end of this segment.

So these are the 6 teams in the Elimination Chamber match for Tag Team Titles.

Roman Reigns returns this Thursday night on Smackdown.

John Cena comes out now.

Cena shows us the belt, so I guess The Champ is Here.

Cena gives us a USA chant now, it seems.

We all come from different walks of life, and he hears us every Monday so we all have our different opinions.  But we are all Americans, and he is proud to wear that red, white, and blue banner each and every single night.

This is a true symbol of excellence, and he gives anyone an opportunity every week.  We know WWE Championship is the championship.  But this US Title is OUR title, and The Champ Is Here.

So who answers the Cena challenge?

Kevin Owens….

Owens has the mic.

Hello John, he congratulates Cena for his victory last night.  He would introduce himself, but he knows who he is.  And if anyone doesn’t know who Owens is, then those people aren’t worth his time anyway.

Cena introduces him as NXT Champion, Kevin Owens.

Owens knows that Cena feels guilty about Sami Zayn’s injury, but the truth is Owens injured him before he answered Cena’s challenge.  And this Wednesday, Owens will finish what he started.

Cena now butters up the fans, by saying nobody can be called a waste of time.  Because without them, there would be no Owens.  Without them, there would be no Raw.  And without them, there would be no WWE.

So allow Cena to give Owens some advice.

Owens has done this for 15 years, he just didn’t get a break like Cena, until now.  Cena doesn’t give him any advice.

Cena gives him a warning.  Zayn fought, he didn’t give up, and he saw fire in Zayn’s eyes.  So Owens is going to have a big challenge set this Wednesday.  And Cena sees Owens as a scared little kid.  He doesn’t have that fire in his eyes, and if he wants to prove him wrong, then the open challenge is still on, come get some.

Owens tells Cena he doesn’t know him.  He has a championship, and he has nothing to prove.  They will meet someday, but on Owens’ terms, not Cena.

Owens kicks Cena in the nuts, and then lays him out with a sit down Powerbomb.

Switching gears, as Cole loves to do.

Daniel Bryan video from last Monday night.

Ziggler is next.

Ziggler Vs Stardust is now.

Ziggler wins in quick fashion with a Zig Zag.

Michael Cole is with Ziggler, who makes a bad joke about how his face looks right now.  But Ziggler is more hideous about losing to Sheamus, but he is ready to go.

Cole tells Ziggler that he is in the Elimination Chamber match to try to get the IC Title on May 31st.

Ziggler is ready for anything, any competitors.

Here comes Lana.

The crowd chants they want Lana, and Ziggler is okay with that.  She lays a kiss on Dolph.

One more kiss, and Lana seems to like it.

But now comes Rusev.

Rusev kicks Ziggler, and starts screaming at Lana, as to which Lana slaps Rusev, and Ziggler hits a Zig Zag.

Rusev is irate, and Kane wants the celebration to take place.  We see Adam Rose making out with Rosa Mendes.

Everyone is making out here tonight.

NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable is this Wednesday night.

Harper and Rowan Vs Fandango and Zack Ryder. is now.

Harper and Reigns win the match.

The Bellas are headed to the ring, but Stephanie wishes Nikki luck on her match, and tells Brie that she is hoping Daniel gets better, but offers counseling for Brie.  And for that, she wishes Brie not to accompany Nikki to the ring.

Nikki Vs Naomi for the Divas Title is now.

Tamina causes the DQ on Nikki, with a superkick.  When Naomi and Tamina attack Nikki, here comes Paige to help out Nikki.

This is her house.

BAM!!  RamPaige, this was a message….This is Paige’s house.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens sent another message.  He hit a Popup Powerbomb on Cena.

Then Kevin threw the US Title down, and stomped on it.

Backstage, HHH hugs Kevin Owens.

Renee Young is with Kevin.  He tells Renee that at Elimination Chamber, he will get his one on one match with Cena.

He tells John to keep an eye this Wednesday night to see how Kevin works in the ring, because in 2 weeks, the champ isn’t there, it’s here with Owens.

Seth Rollins Championship Celebration is up next.

The cast of Entourage will guest star on Raw, next week.

The Authority are in the ring and tell us something she enjoys more is seeing someone try to reach for that brass ring, and achieve it, and go beyond.  That person is Seth Rollins.

HHH tells Seth they have been behind him since day one.  They witnessed him winning Money in the Bank, then main event Wrestlemania, and win the WWE World Title.  Since then, he has beaten 6 men, in 3 matches.  He sees “The Cerebral Assassin” in Rollins.  And when he won last night with a Pedigree, HHH had goosebumps.

They are here to celebrate Seth Rollins.

They want to share some thoughts from The Authority and we start with Kane.

There are so many things he wants to say to Rollins right now.  They haven’t seen eye to eye with each other.  But then again, Kane is taller than Rollins.  But he can say Kane is glad he is still WWE World Champion, and Rollins is best for business.

Is that all you have to say Kane?

Thank you for saving his job, and he has a video to play for Seth.

A very nice video being played.

Jamie’s turn to speak.

It’s been a privilege to be at the side of Rollins.  And where he comes from, the cream rises to the top.  It’s been an honor to serve for you.

And it’s time for Joey.

Joey tries to say something, but Ambrose has something to say.

Ambrose was in the book, looking for the perfect Justin Bieber outfit.  But he couldn’t find one, so he will give Rollins another chance for a rematch, for the WWE World Title.

Rollins reminds Ambrose he is at the back of the line.

Ambrose wants his title match, or else.

Stephanie reminds Ambrose that he lost last night.  But Seth is a fighting champion, and he won’t be intimidated by Ambrose, so Seth, get him.

Ambrose has his way going after Rollins, and even has a cinder block set up, with Rollins head.  Ambrose threatens to hit Rollins with a chair on it, but Stephanie agrees to the match.  Ambrose will get a WWE World Title shot with Rollins.

Ambrose is about to hit him with a chair anyway, and The Authority help out Rollins.  Ambrose has things going his way and is about to hit Kane with Dirty Deeds.  But Rollins saves Kane, again and hits a Pedigree.

The show ends with Rollins standing tall, and telling us he is the champion.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun Raw tonight, and WWE will have a big 2 weeks ahead of them, starting last night on Payback.  Then tonight’s Raw, which saw the first confrontation between Owens and Cena.  We also have NXT’s show Wednesday night, which I will see Thursday, sorry but my Cavaliers will be playing Wednesday night, and then Elimination Chamber on May 31st.

We also have a big title match set in two weeks between Ambrose and Rollins.  The 2 members of The Shield battle it out.

We finally have a Lana babyface turn, it seems.  When she told us she is a Dolph Ziggler fan, and the Elimination Chamber match should be fun for the IC Title.

The one disappointing thing though was Naomi not winning the Diva’s Title, which brings me to the question why did she turn in the first place if she wasn’t going to win the Diva’s Title?

All of these face and heel turns for the Diva’s is just too much.  So is Paige a heel now too?  Or is she just a tweener, and will do whatever she wants?

Who knows, what were your thoughts of the show?

Send them to me here.

WWE Payback 5/17/15

Tonight, this is the 3rd annual WWE Payback.  We will see a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Title.  Seth Rollins will face Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton.  We will also see John Cena Vs Rusev, for the final time in an I Quit match.  And, Ryback will face the challenge of Bray Wyatt.

Payback Kick-off show begins in 5 minutes.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Payback Kick-off show, with Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton as our panel.

Our Kick-off match is The Meta Powers Vs The Ascension.

Also, Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Championship is on the line.  Is Kane’s job on the line?

Eden Stiles is in the back with Dolph Ziggler.

He is facing Sheamus.

Ziggler is here to prove a point, he belongs in the ring and it’s about getting into Sheamus’ head.  He will take care of the bully, and do what he does best.

Sheamus will join Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge, later tonight.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Rusev in an I Quit match.

Cena Vs Rusev video is playing now.

Does Cena have it in himself to quit?  He has never lost in an I Quit match.  So how can Rusev make Cena say I Quit?

Daniel Bryan video is playing now, of him giving up the IC Title, due to an injury.

Very sad to see.

In 2 weeks, at Elimination Chamber, we will have a new Intercontinental Champion, inside the Chamber.

The effects of Daniel Bryan giving up a title, due to an injury, again.

Eden is with The Bella Twins, wanting to get Brie’s thoughts about her husband, Daniel.

It’s been a tough road for him, but he has the biggest heart she has ever known.  She wants to thank The WWE Universe for his support, and Daniel is the biggest inspiration for tonight’s tag match.

Nikki assures Eden there is no distraction in tonight’s match.  Daniel is family, and with Naomi telling us Tamina is family, since day one, Brie and Nikki have been family.  And after tonight’s match, Naomi will not have an excuse as to why she has never been, nor ever will be Diva’s Champion.

WWE Tough Enough is coming back, and we see auditions of the show.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler join us for a bonus match.

R-Truth Vs Stardust is now.

Truth picks up the win with What’s Up, pinning Stardust.

Stone Cold Podcast returns after Raw on June 1st, with Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

That will be fun.

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt is set later tonight.  We see a video of that.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus is with Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge.

We start with a dumb question of what made Sheamus do that to his hair?

Sheamus has changed the last few months, and he now resonates fear.

What tag team partner, past or present would Sheamus choose?

Nobody, he would do it by himself.

Another stupid question Sheamus wouldn’t answer.

Is Sheamus afraid Ziggler would beat him again?

Sheamus was goofing around the last time, tonight he is serious.  And Ziggler would be lucky if he lasted 15 seconds.

Next, it’s The Meta Powers (Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow) will face The Ascension.

This Wednesday, which I will see on Thursday is NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable.

The Meta Powers Vs The Ascension is now.

The Ascension wins the match, with Fall of Man.  Viktor pins Axelmania, brother.

Fatal 4-Way video is playing now.

Payback is now.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler kicks things off.

Sheamus defeats a very bloody Dolph Ziggler with a Brogue Kick.  The two collided heads, and it cost Ziggler the match.

Kane is on the phone, and we see Rollins interrupt him.

This is a big night for the two of them, and he just wants them to squash their beef.

Kane reminds him of the times Rollins has gone behind Kane’s back, since Wrestlemania.

Kane reminds Seth that while he loses his job, maybe Seth losing the title would make Rollins realize what it’s like to be champion.  He has reminded Rollins he doesn’t need this job, so perhaps he will just watch on, as Seth loses the title at the grip.  Kane hasn’t decided what he’s going to do, but when he does, Seth will be the first to know.

Let Seth be crystal clear, if Kane does anything to cost Seth’s title, then losing his job will be the least of his concerns.

Kane doesn’t buy it, especially when J & J Security step in.

NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable is this Wednesday.

Tag Title match is up now.  The New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles is in the house.

We all need to be positive, and Big E asks Adam isn’t he sick that the Orioles haven’t won a World Series in 32 years.

Baltimore doesn’t have to be losers all of their life.  Just clap along, and you can change.

New Day Sucks….

Tag match is up now, in a 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Kidd and Cesaro win the first fall when we see the combination of Cesaro Swing and a Tyson Kick, pinning Kofi.

New Day wins when they use Big E’s power, and Kofi’s finesse.  The two falls are 1 apiece.

The New Day wins when Xavier Woods, posing as Kofi rolled up Cesaro to steal the victory.

A fun match here.

Byron Saxton has a moment with Ryback before his match with Bray Wyatt.

Bray is trying to work on Ryback’s mind, to doubt his skills.  But it’s not working, Ryback doesn’t fear Wyatt.  Tonight, the eater of words gets eaten.

Feed Me More.

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt is now.

Bray picks up the much-needed victory when he worked on Ryback’s ribs throughout the match, a turnbuckle was exposed, Bray shoved him into that and hits Sister Abigail for the win.

3 good matches so far tonight.

Stone Cold Podcast returns on Monday, June 1st with Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

John Cena Vs Rusev in an I Quit match is now.

Cena wins the match when he choked Rusev with a ring rope, and was yelling Bulgarian, but Lana screamed he said yes.

We had Rusev hit an Accolade, and Cena pass out, but Rusev threw water over Cena and John leaped up.

Just a bad, and sad predictable ending here.

WWE Payback panel speak.

Earlier tonight, The Ascension defeated The Meta-Powers.

The New Day are celebrating their win backstage by drinking milk, which is brilliant.

Byron is with them backstage.

They are role models, they do not spit, they do not curse, and most importantly they do not complain.

They will face any team.

Byron informs them at Elimination Chamber, they will have to defend their Tag Titles in an Elimination Chamber match.

Big E. spits, Xavier cursed, and Kofi complained.

It’s a new day.

Divas tag team match now with The Bellas Vs Naomi and Tamina.

Naomi and Tamina win the match when Tamina took out Brie, and Naomi pinned Nikki.

Not much of a match here.

Lana is backstage with an irate Rusev.

I think he is upset, he orders Lana to leave.

We see footage now from last Monday night, when Daniel Bryan forfeited the Intercontinental Title.

We find out who is the new IC Champion with an Elimination Chamber match in 2 weeks.

Neville Vs King Barrett is now.

Barrett loses on purpose with a countout, after Neville ignited some offense.

3 bad endings in a row doesn’t help the end of this PPV.

Barrett attacks Neville with a Bull Hammer at the end of the match.

Neville returns the favor on Barrett and hits a Red Arrow for good measure.

WWE Tough Enough is returning on my Birthday, June 23rd.

Seth Rollins is ready for his match, when Kane runs into him.  He wishes Seth good luck.

Our main event is now.  Fatal 4-way for WWE World Title.  Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins retained his title in an incredible match.  Kane assisted Rollins here, prevented Orton from giving Reigns a RKO, and Seth pins Orton with a Pedigree, of all things.

The moment of the night was for one moment, The Shield reunited when all three gave Orton a Triple Powerbomb.  But that changed, when Ambrose and Reigns took care of Rollins by putting he and Kane through a table, with a Double Powerbomb.

After the match, HHH came out and showed his support for Rollins, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first three matches were fantastic, the middle of the show slowed the PPV, but the main event, as it should be was the match of the night.

With Elimination Chamber set for 2 weeks, the plans will be set in motion tomorrow night on Raw.  But phase one of the 3 major shows this month is over with, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

I completely hated the finish to Cena vs Rusev.  It was predictable, and I just think Rusev’s career might be done, he hasn’t won in 3 PPVs now.  The once “invincible” has become vincible.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send it to me, and I will talk to you tomorrow night on Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/11/15…The Authority Are Back

We are 6 days away from Payback, live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We see a limo enter the building, and it’s HHH.

The Game is back!!

And we kick the show off with HHH coming to the ring.  He is telling us that Daddy is home, and he wants to clear things up with Kane and Seth Rollins.

Here they come.

Seth Rollins comes out to assure HHH he is on the same page with him.  The crowd wants Cincinnati’s own Dean Ambrose.

Seth can’t function at the top of his game when a 7 foot “cancer” is trying to stop him along the way.  Perhaps he is jealous, because Rollins is the man, and Kane has never been the man.  Seth feels Kane is trying to assure Rollins loses his WWE Championship.

A few weeks ago in a WWE App vote, he gave the power to all of these people to vote in that his next title defense is a Triple Threat.  Then last week, he added Dean Ambrose into the title picture, and now it’s a Fatal 4-Way match.

Rollins doesn’t feel Kane is suited to be Director of Operations anymore.  Seth understands their history, but maybe its time to take the “old dog” in the back and put him out of his misery.

Here comes Kane.

Kane thinks that he needs to give Seth a Chokeslam, and the two start to fight.

HHH states that Kane needs to be on the same page here.  He understands that sometimes Rollins needs to be punched in the face, but he knows Kane won’t do that.  If Rollins doesn’t leave Payback as WWE Champion, maybe his services won’t be needed.

Kane is disappointed by that, because he feels Seth needs to be viscerated.

The two start to fight again, and HHH makes this clear Kane needs to let him know now, maybe this is the part where they amicably part ways.

Kane doesn’t say anything, which makes HHH believe they are on the same page.

All four men will be in the ring competing tonight.  He needs to know Kane is invested in this, so he will face Roman Reigns.  Seth Rollins will face Randy Orton.

Oh boy, Jamie talks now.

Jamie explains HHH has been gone for a long time, while Rollins has been competing every night.

HHH tells Mercury and Noble they need to be in a match, against Dean Ambrose now.

He orders Kane and Rollins to follow him out of the ring.

Ambrose comes out.

J & J Security try their best, but Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, and the match ends.

Daniel Bryan will be here tonight, to address his health and the Intercontinental Title.

Sheamus joins us for commentary in our next match.  Dolph Ziggler Vs King Barrett.

At Payback, it will be Ziggler Vs Sheamus, again.  One on one.

Barrett tells us this Sunday, he will face off against Neville.  And he tells Ziggler he will become a Royal ass-kisser when he gets done with him.

Sheamus distracts Ziggler long enough for King Barrett to land a Bull Hammer.

After the match, Sheamus degrades Ziggler andslaps him around, but Ziggler fights back, only to be hit with a Brogue Kick.

Tonight, we will see Reigns Vs Kane, and Rollins Vs Orton.

Luke Harper comes out now, with Erick Rowan.  The team reunites.  But now, it’s Rowan Vs Fandango.

Rowan wins in 37 seconds.  The Brothers are back in WWE.

John Cena’s United States Open Challenge is next.

Who cares about what Cena has to say.  We know he is an I Quit match against Rusev this Sunday.  So who will he face?


Neville had Cena beat with a Red Arrow, but Rusev interferred, and cost the DQ finish.  But Neville did technically win.

Now, Accolade time.

Cena passes out.

We Want Lana chants, but Rusev holds the United States Title, while the Russian flag drops down.

WWE Network is free in the month of May.

Still to come tonight, Orton Vs Rollins.

But next, Kane Vs Reigns.

The match ends in a No Contest, when Reigns takes Kane out with a spear through the announce table.

No match takes place.

Daniel Bryan will address his health and IC Title tonight.

Divas time now with Brie Bella Vs Tamina.

Tamina pins Brie after a vicious kick to the head.

Tonight, our main event is Orton Vs Rollins.

Earlier tonight, during the Raw Pre-Show, we had Axelmania Vs Sandow-Mania.

The match is on now.

Macho Mandow Vs Axelmania, now.

Here comes The Ascension.

They aren’t impressed with this.

Oh, how Ascension has failed in WWE.

We now have Axelmania do the big legdrop.  And Mandow hits the big elbow, or at least Conor stops him.

This will be our Payback Kick-off match.

Switching gears, Daniel Bryan will speak, next.

More Tough Enough videos.

Debut is on June 23rd.

Here comes Daniel Bryan, and I hope he isn’t going to say what I think he will say.

The last couple of weeks, Daniel has been in and out of doctors, and he has had some down time.  He doesn’t do well with down time.  He needs to be out where there is excitement, some energy.

Daniel needed to be back here, behind the curtain, so he can come out here and be a reaction like this.  It’s been years that the fans have treated better for Daniel as anyone in the back that has treated him.  Which is why it was crushing last year, when Stephanie vacated Daniel’s WWE World Title.  He felt like he let us down.  They didn’t give Daniel an opportunity, the fans did that.  But the hard thing for Daniel to admit was Stephanie was right to do it.  Because nobody knew how long Daniel was out, he was hurt and couldn’t defend the WWE World Title.  We needed a fighting champion, which is why he asked to come out here tonight.

Daniel had an MRI last week, they didn’t know how long he will be out.  They said maybe weeks, maybe months.  He might not even be able to wrestle again.  But despite that uncertainity, he knows what needs to happen to this IC Championship.  We deserve Wade Barrett, we deserve Dolph Ziggler.  We deserve Dean Ambrose fighting for this championship.  This title needs to be in this ring, and this is where he will leave it.  Tonight, Daniel officially relinquishes this IC Championship.

The fans are chanting Thank You Daniel, and they have it wrong.  For everything they have done for him, he has one thing to say….thank you.

He puts the title in the ring, and leaves.

Daniel gives us one more yes chant at the top of the ramp.  Will he ever come back?

Cole, JBL, and Booker talk about Daniel’s legacy.

We go from sadness to a New Day.

Xavier tells us to not shine on the negativity, shine on the positivity, because it’s a new day.

The chants do not work, New Day Sucks.

Kofi tells us it’s a new day for a second chance, and Big E. tell us Pete Rose does not deserve a second chance.

But Kofi tell us Kidd and Cesaro will get a second chance at Payback when they compete for a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Xavier gives the people of Cincinnati another chance at New Day rocks.

It does not work.

Big E. Vs Cesaro, now.

Cesaro picks up the win with a rollup, after Kidd took care of Xavier Woods.

This Sunday at Payback, WWE Tag Titles are on the line with Cesaro and Kidd Vs The New Day.

Breaking news, we will see The Elimination Chamber PPV, on Sunday, May 31st.  Exclusively on WWE Network.

Tonight, Orton Vs Rollins.

Now Titus and Darren Young give us a New Age Outlaws impression.

Here comes “The New Face of Fear”, Bray Wyatt.

Bray feels sorry for all of us.  He wishes he can reach out, and fix everything.  Wake us up, and make everything better, but fear is all around us.  And if you need proof, all you have to do is open up a newspaper, and turn on a TV and see it before your eyes.  Fear on a crumbling economy that will never stop.  You have this idea that if you can do something, you make it all stop.  Ryback has a major influence on us.  Here is a guy who shattered his ankle into a million pieces.  He has a doctor telling him he is afraid he can never wrestle again.  But a Ryback doesn’t listen to that, a Ryback fights again.  His hero.  But along came a spider.  Ryback has gone toe to toe with faith, and evened the odds.  But he has never seen a new face of fear before.  And now Ryback is saying why me?  It’s simple, because he was in Bray’s way.

Hey kids, you want Wyatt to tell us something our parents will never tell us?  Sometimes, the good guy doesn’t win.

Feed Me More….

Ryback comes out, and we have a fight.

Ryback takes care of Wyatt, and Ryback is ready for this Sunday.

Feed Me More.

Orton Vs Rollins is next.

Rollins loses by DQ when J & J Security come out and help Rollins.  But here comes Kane, with a chair.  And then we see Reigns and Ambrose come out.

Rollins is left by himself, when J & J Security bail.

Rollins is hit by a Dirty Deeds.

Kane does not move.

Then Reigns nails a spear, on Rollins.

Kane does not move.

Orton hits a RKO.

Kane does not move.

But Reigns hits a spear on Orton, and Ambrose follows suit on his brother with Dirty Deeds on Reigns.

Cincinnati’s own Dean Ambrose is left standing tall to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They treated this like a big show, and top to bottom, Raw delivered.  Highlighted by some sad news however, that Daniel Bryan vacated the IC Title.

Question is where do we go from here?

Like I said last week, I like the added Fatal 4-Way match, but everything else is Extreme Rules, more or less.

I am not feeling the Bray Wyatt-Ryback feud though.  Both men need the win, but who gets it?

Where does Kane fit in this landscape?

And we have another big PPV in just 2 weeks after this.  So how do we get there?

I guess we will tune in and find out.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

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