WWE Monday Night Raw 7/11/16…Mr. McMahon Returns

Tonight, we are live in Detroit, Michigan.  One week away from the draft.  We begin with the Number One Contender Battle Royal match, to determine who faces The Miz at Battleground.

The Miz introduces us to the match, and here we go.

Darren Young is GREAT AGAIN!!  He is the last man standing, and he didn’t eliminate the final 2.  Apollo Crews and Corbin eliminated themselves.  Mr. Backlund is beside himself.

At Battleground, it will be Young Vs The Miz.

Tonight, Mr. McMahon is here, and next, we get to see “The Beast” go through the Octagon, this past weekend.

And, this weekend, New Day went into the Wyatt Compound, and had an epic fight.

Stephanie and Shane are bickering over what Dad has to say.  Seth Rollins approaches them.  He believes Vince wanted to talk to him, the number one draft pick of the draft.  But he has footage of Roman Reigns, he would like to share it with us.  Shane suggests they use it at Ambrose Asylum.  But Seth has experience at talk show, and he came this close taking over John Stewart’s role.  So he suggests they have the first ever Rollins Report.

Saturday night, at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar beat Mark Hunt in unanimous decision.  At Summerslam, it will be Randy Orton Vs Brock Lesnar.

It’s announced at Battleground, The Highlight Reel, with Chris Jericho will feature Randy Orton.

Zack Ryder challenges Rusev to a United States Title match, but Sheamus attacks Zack from behind, and says he has a match with Sheamus, next.

There goes Zack’s winning streak, Brogue Kick is all she wrote.

Here comes Rusev, he has bad intentions.

But Zack fights back.  Rusev gives Ryder an Accolade, and screams he accepts his challenge.

Tonight, Enzo and Cass will face Gallows and Anderson.

Oh no, it’s Breezango Vs Lucha Dragons.

Breezango wins when Breeze uses his weight, and pins Kalisto, holding on his tights.

The Rollins Report is next.

We are 13 days away from seeing Reigns Vs Rollins Vs Ambrose, at WWE Battleground.

Sadly, no desk here on The Rollins Report.

Seth has some evidence for us, he is on the case.  He has obtained exclusive footage of a sit-down interview, with Rollins having a one on one interview with Reigns.

The video is shown now.

Funny video here, where Seth dubbed some footage here, of saying Reigns cheated on his Wellness Policy.

Seth Rollins is such a journalist.

We need to do the right thing.  Roman Reigns needs to be thrown out of the title match.  Seth needs to get his one-on-one match.

Here comes Dean Ambrose to interrupt things.

Dean enjoyed the interview.

Rollins calls Ambrose’s championship reign a joke.  Because he stole that WWE World Title from Seth.  You know why?  Dean is a coward, and he can’t beat Seth.  He tried and tried to take that title away from him, but he couldn’t do it.  Nobody was able to do it, and now Ambrose is trying to team up with his buddy, Roman, and sneak the pin.  But this match will be who is the best member of The Shield.  And he will prove at Battleground that he is the best member of The Shield.  So tell all the jokes, because Dean’s fairy tale will come to an end.

Dean likes to come out, and have a good time, because he is the top in the world.  He has proven he is more than just a utility role, because as guys come and go, he is the one still here.  And everyone knows how good he is.

Now Seth, you have known Dean for a long time.  He knows the kind of person he is.  He knows how many buckets he has bled, the sacrifices he has made, so Seth, if you know this, how far does he think he will go to keep this title.  Not Seth Rollins, not Roman Reigns, not Vince McMahon, not even the devil himself will take this title away from him.

If he wants him one on one, he will take it anytime, anyplace.

Detroit is as good as any time.  But no, they will do this on Seth’s time, next week.  Not tonight.

Mr. McMahon returns to Raw, tonight.

But tonight, Enzo and Cass Vs Gallows and Anderson.

A big fight this past weekend at the Wyatt Compound.

Next week, it is official, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose, for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Sami Zayn joins us for commentary.  At Battleground, it will be Zayn Vs Owens.

Now, it’s Owens Vs Cesaro.

Kevin Owens refuses to work with Sami Zayn at ringside.  Stephanie McMahon agrees.  Sami refuses to leave, but officials escort him.

Here comes Owens, and the two fight.

A limo pulls up, and it’s Mr. McMahon.  So I guess there is no match.

Renee Young catches up with Mr. McMahon.  He is here to name the new COO of Smackdown Live.  No wait, we need a new change, so he is here to name the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live.

Okay, Cesaro Vs Owens is now.

Owens picks up the win, and he grabs the head set, telling us he is the best in the world, even though he doesn’t say he is.  But you know who isn’t, and Sami Zayn attacks him through the audience.  Cesaro now catches him with the Cesaro Swing.

Last week, on Raw, Cena is attacked by The Club.  But here comes Enzo and Cass to help “The Franchise”.

Renee Young is with The Club.

AJ tells us Cena doesn’t care about Enzo and Cass.  He isn’t even here.  He is in rehearsal for The ESPYs.

Tonight, they will take care of Enzo and Cass.  Then, they will jump on a plane, head to California, and on Wednesday, they will….ummmmm


Our next match is Heath Slater Vs Titus O’ Neil.

Clash of the Titus, that is all she wrote.

Renee Young is with Sasha Banks.  Last week, Dana Brooke challenged Sasha to a match.  She is ready.  All she can think about is hitting Dana with a Bank Statement.

Next, footage from The New Day vs The Wyatts at the Wyatt Family Compound.

Footage from this weekend’s match New Day Vs Wyatts.

It looked like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  But this was well done, with a bunch of fighting, and when new Day seemed to have things going their way, we see more followers.

Follow The Buzzards.

Enzo and Cass Vs Gallows and Anderson is now.

Gallows and Anderson are DQ’d when AJ Styles takes out Enzo.  And just when the 3 men are setting up Cass, here comes John Cena to even the odds.

Enzo, Cass and Cena take out The Club.  Cena is here after all.

In 13 days, 6-man tag match with Enzo, Cass, and Cena Vs The Club.

Tonight, Mr. McMahon is here, and will name the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live.

But next, it will be Sasha Banks Vs Dana Brooke.

We are live in Detroit, Michigan.  Mr. McMahon will be here, to tell us who the new Smackdown Live Commissioner is.

But first, it’s Sasha Vs Dana Brooke.

Sasha hits Bank Statement to win the match.

Charlotte mocks a celebration over Sasha’s win.  But anybody can get lucky once.  But it doesn’t mean she is deserving of a title shot.  So how about if she faces Dana one more time this Thursday, maybe she will earn a title shot.

So Charlotte is the GM now?

The Chairman is headed to the ring.  Who is the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live?  We find out, next.

Next week, Ambrose Vs Rollins for the title.

Now, Shane O’ Mac comes out.

Now comes Stephanie McMahon.

They are sure dragging this out.  Let’s see the entrance theme of Linda McMahon.  I miss that entrance theme.

Mr. McMahon comes out, and tells them they have done a good job.  Competition is good, but he is disappointed.  It seems like neither one of them came from his loins.

Did he just say that?

He calls Stephanie fake.

She acts like she is sweet, and Steph seems insulted about that.

Shane lost his Wrestlemania match, only reason he is here is because he jumped off the cell at Wrestlemania.  But where is that ruthless aggression?

One of them has to convince him to be the Commish of Smackdown Live.  So convince him.

Stephanie announces her accomplishes.  The gloves are off.  She brings up the Mick Foley podcast, and says Shane attacks Vince behind his back.

Convince Vince, Shane.

Shane returned to WWE 5 months ago, and he returned in this very arena, right here in Detroit Rock City.  He returned, and was rewarded to an ovation that humbled him, so thank you Detroit.

But people were excited because Shane would represent change.  He would change everything, rules, cameras, opportunities.  He is the only one in this business, and on planet Earth that tells Vince how it is respectively, and he doesn’t kiss his ass.  Change is what this company needs.  And if Vince still has the grapefruits, change is what is needed.

I am not convinced by either, really.

Vince can care less what the fans think.  That is not how to run a business.  One of them needs to run Smackdown Live.

We have a drumroll, and Vince tells us the new Commissioner of Smackdown Live is…..

Shane McMahon.

Wait a second, he is here to relieve his duties of Monday Night Raw.  So the commissioner of Monday Night Raw is…..

Stephanie McMahon.

But wait, he is not finished.

He wants the two to compete, in terms of social media, ratings, merchandise.  He wants them both to compete so badly, he doesn’t give a damn if they break the law.  As long as they don’t get caught.  Who gets the keys to the city?

They both will name a General Manager next week, so let the games begin.

Stephanie tells Shane she works twice as hard, and gets half the credit.  Now let the games begin, and Shane will make it seem like he wished he wasn’t born.

Shane tells Steph she is scared, and she has seen the ending of this before.  So game on.

Steph tells him there is only one game, and she is married to him.  She slaps him.  Shane responds with a kiss.

Let the games begin, and we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an okay show, it was more or less a filler, but with more matches.  Vince McMahon returning felt like a waste though, because he truly didn’t choose anyone.

Next week is where it is at.  One day from the draft, we will hear who the two respected GMs are, and we will also get a WWE World Title match.

Send me your thoughts.








































WWE Monday Night Raw 4/11/16…Dr. Phil Examines The McMahon Family

Tonight, Dr. Phil guest stars on Raw, and Shane McMahon is once again in charge.  I hope we do get to see Dr. Phil examine the McMahon Family.  Think of the humor.

Raw is now.

The show is dedicated to the memory of “Blackjack” Mulligan, who passed away this past week.

We are live in Los Angeles.

Here Comes The Money!!

Shane McMahon kicks off Raw.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

What’s up Los Angeles.  His father gave him control of Raw last week, for his own amusement.  Well, he must be amused, because he is doing it again.  Shane thanks the fans for this opportunity.  Tonight, Natalya has challenged Charlotte for the Women’s Championship.  That will happen tonight.  We also will have a tag team tournament, who will face The New Day.  That happens tonight.

Congratulations to AJ Styles, who won last week in the Fatal 4-Way, and he will face Roman Reigns for the World Title.

But tonight, we will give another opportunity to Sami Zayn.  Sami will face AJ Styles, and if he wins, he will get a Triple Threat Title match, at Payback for the WWE World Title.

Here comes Kevin Owens.

Shane, with all due respect, it’s a good thing Shane won’t be in charge much longer, because if he thinks Sami Zayn deserves a title opportunity, then Shane had a few more screws loose in his brain.

Shane reminds Kevin he had opportunities, and he lost.  Kevin reminds him he never was pinned in either time.  But what isn’t fair is he has never received his IC Title rematch, and he demands that opportunity, tonight.

Shane says you earn your opportunity when he is in charge.  And he will compete tonight, against a man who has been here since 2:30, ready to compete, and that man is Cesaro.

Winner will face The Miz for the IC Title, at Payback.  That match happens, now.

Cesaro with the big win over Owens, with a Neutralizer.  Great match, they worked a story with the arm Cesaro had injured.  A great way to start off Raw.

Tonight, we will see Charlotte defend her WWE Women’s Championship against Natalya, and we see video from that segment last week.

Backstage, Charlotte tells her daddy she is the victim here, and should not defend her title tonight, after 8 days of Wrestlemania.

Flair is upset at Shane for making this match.

Dr. Phil!!

He has seen Charlotte work so hard to get where she is now.  Phil says though that Flair is holding Charlotte back, because he is not allowing her to stand on her own two feet.  Charlotte doesn’t need Flair.

Flair wants to fight Dr. Phil, and he is ready for Flair….WOOOOOO

Owens is screwed again tonight.  What happens to Sami Zayn tonight is on Shane’s pretty hair.

Shane throws Owens out of the building.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH L.A., don’t you dare be sour and clap for you world-famous 2-time World Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

It seems that as of last week, just like NBA Jam, the tag team division is “on fire”.  They all want a share of the WWE World Tag Team Champions.  But who will it be?




Shane McMahon said earlier that someone will get the opportunity to be the Number One Contenders, and face The New Day.  Brought to you by Booty-O’s.

So the first match of the Number One Contender to Tag Team Championship is under way.

The Lucha Dragons Vs The Dudley Boyz, next.

The Dudleys win with 3-D.

They issue more challenges, and enter Cass and Enzo.

His name is Enzo Amore, and he is a bonafide G, and you can’t teach that.  This guy right here, his name is Big Cass, he is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!!

How Ya Doing!!

The Dudleys tell them to shut up, they paved the way for guys like them.  So move out-of-the-way, and Enzo tells Bubba he is here because one day his mom and dad decided to get it on, know what I’m sayin’.

Big Cass told them that if they paved the way, they better get their work jackets on, because they will jackhammer their way through them, because guys like Bubba and Devon are….


We will hear from the WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns, next.

Kevin Owens is being escorted out of the arena.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns starts off by saying this, as the crowd is booing him.

It’s all good because Roman isn’t a good guy, he isn’t a bad guy, he is THE guy.

And at WWE Payback, he is defending this title against AJ Styles.  And if he loses tonight against Sami Zayn, he is defending this title in a Triple Threat.

He has a tremendous amount of respect for both men.  They have won multiple championships, but they have never won THE championship.

Here come The League of Nations.

Sheamus asks Roman if he’d be this confident if he faced any of them at WWE Payback.

Reigns said they don’t scare him.

Sheamus brings up maybe they should, because they got rid of the weak link in King Barrett, and that makes them a strong unit.

Any one of them would have competed in the Fatal 4-Way, they would have won.

Reigns tells them all to come down and get their ass kicked.

Here they come, but here comes The Wyatt Family to swarm off League of Nations.

Shane O’ Mack comes back out, he likes the idea of the Wyatts and Reigns kicking ass together, so later tonight, they will team up against any 2 members of League of Nations.

For the first time, Wyatt teams with Reigns.

Also tonight, AJ Styles will face Sami Zayn, and next….Women’s Title match with Charlotte Vs Natalya.

The Colons welcome us to paradise, Puerto Rico.

Here comes Dr. Phil.

Charlotte Vs Natalya is next.

Nattie has Charlotte in a Sharpshooter, Charlotte taps out, however Flair pushes the ref out of the ring, he never saw it.  So Charlotte is DQ’d.

Something tells me we will see a rematch at Payback.  Dr. Phil is disappointed in Charlotte for allowing this to happen.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens was kicked out of The Staples Arena, and we see what happened last week, when Owens took Sami out of the Fatal 4-Way match.

Renee Young is with Sami Zayn.

Is he ready for tonight’s big match?

Sami has been preparing for this his entire life.  Sami has heart and soul, and that is something Kevin Owens can’t take from him.

AJ Styles shows up.  He tells Sami they have been working for this long together, and he has a tremendous amount of respect for him.  But he is the only Number One Contender, and he plans to keep it like that.

Tag Team Tournament continues with The Usos Vs The Social Outcasts, now.

The Usos win with rolling up the tights, after the Outcasts prematurely celebrate over a hip toss.

But Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack The Usos after the match.

Seeds of the Bullet Club, it seems.

Oh, what a Raw this has been, so far.

Also tonight, Reigns and Bray Wyatt team to face Del Rio and Sheamus.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their debut, attacking The Usos.

Also earlier tonight, Cesaro defeated Kevin Owens to face The Miz at Payback for the Intercontinental Title.

Maryse is upset that The Miz hasn;t been treated right, shoves the goofy stage hand, and tells him to do his job right.

Jo-Jo comes up, and asks The Miz how he feels about the controversial win over Zack Ryder last week, and his upcoming match against Cesaro.

Maryse asks Jo-Jo who told her to come to his locker room, and she makes a great point.  The Miz tells Jo-Jo he is “The Swiss Superman’s” kryptonite.

Cesaro shows up, and reminds Miz he will take his IC Title, and do just fine at Payback.

Zayn Vs AJ Styles is next.

Styles wins with a Phenomenal Forearm.  A great match here between the two superstars.

Tonight, Reigns and Bray Vs Sheamus and Del Rio.

Highlight Reel with Chris Jerichio is next.

Seth Green is in the house, and moments ago, AJ Styles defeated Sami Zayn.  AJ Vs Reigns, one on one for Payback is set.

Shane thanks AJ and Sami for an awesome match.

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring.

His guest is the biggest star in WWE history, he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer, a multi-time World Champion, and he has main evented Wrestlemania.  His guest is Chris Jericho.

He owes his success to himself.  He is the best in the world at what he does, do we understand what we’re saying.  Tonight, he gives us the gift of Jericho.  Drink it in.

Now Chris, you truly are the best in the world.  Not only are you a multi-time World Champion, you were the very first Undisputed World Champion.  You defeated The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the same night.  Who can touch that.

Nobody can, there is not a WWE Superstar who can beat him right now.

You’re right Chris, there isn’t.

Enter Dean Ambrose.

He has a parting gift, a plant.

So Chris wants to know what he is doing here.  This is his show.

This is Dean Ambrose’s show now.

There is a memo, straight from Shane O’ Mac.

The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho has been cancelled, and will be replaced by The Ambrose Asylum, hosted by Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is even wearing a clip on tie, and welcomes us to The Ambrose Asylum, and his first guest is Chris Jericho.

So what is up with that scarf?

The scarf costs $700, but he knows what Ambrose is doing.  He is interrupting Chris because Chris interrupted Dean’s victory celebration last week on Smackdown.  But he does what he does, because he has earned legendary status in WWE.  Look at me when I am talking to you, boy.

So you won’t be talking about the scarf?

Jericho tries to shove Ambrose but Dean hits Dirty Deeds.

Apollo Crews is next.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, 2 more Number One Contender matches for Tag Titles.  I guess Goldust is upset that he and Truth are a part of it.  And here is the kicker, it was Dr. Phil’s idea.

Apollo Crews Vs Adam Rose is now.

Crews wins with the Sitout Powerbomb.

More Puerto Rico fun from The Colons.

Video about “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin.

To make a deal with the devil, you must make a holy bond.  And even though they have had their issues, and they will never like each other, they have a common enemy.  And Roman, don’t worry, you can trust him.  And Los Angeles, we’re here.

Wyatt and Reigns Vs Sheamus and Del Rio, our main event is now.

Bray and Roman win with Sister Abigail, Bray pinning Del Rio.  The Wyatts took out Rusev, and Reigns speared Sheamus.

After the match, Roman and Bray went face-to-face, and we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A big show tonight, and everything seemed to work.  Every single match seemed important, and the build for Payback got started, and it seems to be a good card.

I’d love to see more of Shane McMahon, so the ball is in your court WWE.  What did you think?  Send me your thoughts.



























WWE Monday Night Raw 10/26/15…From The Depths Of Hell

Tonight, we find out what takes place, after last night’s epic Hell in a Cell.  We are live in San Diego, and we kick the show off with The Authority.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  We see the carnage that unfolded at last night’s Hell in a Cell between The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.

Stephanie tells us we witnessed battles of epic proportions.  Feuds were ended, and settled.

HHH tells right from the get go, Alberto Del Rio kicked things off becoming the new United States Champion.  And we witnessed the future of WWE last night.

And that includes the man who was victorious last night, he is simply known as “The Man”, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins showed why he is one of the biggest superstars.  They lined him up against challenger after challenger.  Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sting, the list goes on and on, and he stepped up and beat every single one of them.

Seth beat Kane, and he made The Authority better.  He made WWE better, and HHH is here to say they are proud of him.

And like a giddy son, he hugs both of them.

Seth is speechless, he did what he told us he would do, demonize Kane, take him out of the picture.  He wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for The Authority.

Stephanie proclaims he is one of the greatest superstars of his generation, and he is on his way to the WWE Hall of Fame.  But he left them in a bad spot.

He has cleaned up the challengers, so they have to dig deep to earn a shot at the WWE Championship.  And we will do that.

The winners of last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell will square off against each other, and then move on to wrestle a Fatal 4-Way, and the winner will be saying they lost to Seth Rollins.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns isn’t impressed by this.

After tonight, Rollins is looking at the Number One Contender, and he is taking that championship.  Believe that.

Stephanie says let the games begin.

Who will Reigns face next?  We find out.

Reigns is facing Kofi.

The biggest difference between Roman Reigns and The New Day, is New Day are champions, and Roman is not.

They are putting things in their places.

The Dudleys, in the past.

Their fellow unicorn, Xavier Woods, he is in their heart.

Their opponents….in the grave.  Because New Day rocks.

Reigns hits a wicked spear, after Kofi tried Trouble in Paradise.  Reigns advances to tonight;s Fatal 4-Way match to determine the Number One Contender.

The Miz is backstage, showing us WWE 2K16’s new Stone Cold mode.  The game comes out tomorrow.

Last night, at Hell in a Cell, John Cena issues his John Cena US Title Open Challenge.  It was the returning Alberto Del Rio, who pinned him to become the new United States Champion.

Later tonight, Del Rio faces Neville.  Winner advances to Fatal 4-Way match.  Also Dolph Ziggler Vs Big E., and Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro.

Cesaro Vs Owens is now.  Be prepared to be entertained.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  A very fun match here, and now Owens advances to Fatal 4-Way match tonight.

Paige is on the phone.  Becky and Charlotte are not amused.

Everyone wants a piece of Paige, since her Conan O’ Brien show.

She tells Charlotte she deserves to be Divas Champion, and shakes hands with her.  Charlotte warns Paige if she found out she attacked Natalya, she will make her pay.  Paige assures her she didn’t do it.

Charlotte asks Becky if she will tag with them, and she agrees.  Team PCB is back together again, they face Team Bella tonight.

Team Bella Vs Team PCB at the top of hour 2, now.

Team Bella wins the match with Nikki pinning Becky with a Rack Attack.

Charlotte checks on Becky, and Paige attacks both women.

Nails 2 RamPaige’s on both, and hits a PTO on Charlotte.

WWE 2K16 comes out tomorrow, and we see a preview of it.

Next, To Hell and Back.  The final battle between The Phenom Vs The Beast.

A week from this Friday, tickets go on sale for Wrestlemania 32.

Hell in a Cell, Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.

The Wyatt Family crashed the party after the match.

Why Bray, why?  We hear from them, tonight.

Renee Young is with Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio.

Colter brings up how a great Mexican and a Real American can get along.  Just go by the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.  They are here to form a new nation, called Mex-America.  They are proud to be Mex-Americans.

Del Rio faces Neville.

He won’t let an “immigrant” to deny his chance to become once again WWE World Champion.

Viva Mexico.

Neville Vs Del Rio is now.

Del Rio wins with a variation of a foot stomp, with Neville perched around the ropes.

3 spots are filled now, and the 4th spot is coming up.

The Mex-Americans are standing with pride.

Next, 6-man tag match of The Dudleys and Ryback Vs Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus wins when Barrett rolls up Bubba Ray with the tights.

Bray Wyatt speaks, next.

The lights go out, Bray is in the ring.

For 25 years, The Undertaker has walked among the darkness, and the light.  He had no equal.  They all feared him.  Grown men trembled at just the sound of his name.  But last night, the apocalypse sealed his fate.  They wheeled out the soul of The Undertaker.  Can you feel it?  That horrible, wicked feeling is here.  Last night was war.  Horsemen feel war.  He wants to make this point clear.  Roman Reigns, one day, they will dance again, but not until he is truly victimized.  Last night, was the beginning of Bray Wyatt’s resurrection.  And when you get that feeling, it soothes you, it becomes you.  You become addicted.  He is tasting The Undertaker, and he needs more.  He won’t stop until there is no more Undertaker.  Until there are ashes, and he won’t stop until he is sitting at his throne, where he belongs.

Right now, somewhere, Undertaker’s soul is being ripped to sheds.  One by one, piece by piece.  So he wants everyone to do one thing, to bow your heads.  Everyone needs to place their hand on the TV screen, and pay respect to the man who has lost his soul, to Bray.

Rest in piece, Phenom.

Enter Kane.

Kane’s brother, “Demon” Kane is here for revenge.

Lights go out, comes back on, and the entire Wyatt Family surround the ring.

Kane fights back, but the odds are stacked against him.  And now the mauling begins, just like last night.

Now, they carry out “Demon” Kane, just like last night with The Undertaker.

The Brothers of Destruction are being carried out by The Wyatt Family.

We come back and see The Wyatts drag Kane out to Hell.

Big E. Vs Ziggler is now.

Tyler Breeze makes his Raw debut.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag, so Tyler Breeze does nothing.

Fatal 4-Way match is set.  Reigns Vs Owens Vs Del Rio Vs Ziggler.

A good match here sets up what should be a very good main event.

Ambrose is giving Reigns a pep talk.

It’s right in front of you.  So grab it, and take it.

Is Ambrose turning heel?

The entire WWE locker room is in the ring to #RiseAboveCancer.

The Miz is still playing WWE 2K16.

And “Stone Cold” shows up, he tells The Miz to promote the game.

Hell Yeah!!

Main event time, with Reigns Vs Del Rio Vs Owens Vs Ziggler.

Seth Rollins joins the announce table.

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens with a wicked spear, and is now the new Number One Contender.  He will face Rollins at Survivor Series.

Reigns and Rollins go face to face now, with the crowd behind Reigns.

The heat Seth got just by picking up his title is unreal.  These two will have a great match.

The show ends here,

Kevin’s Thoughts:

One of the best shows of the year.  They made all of the single matches feel important just to get to this Fatal 4-Way match.  And Reigns Vs Rollins will be a good match.

I also loved seeing the Wyatts attack Kane, and it seems like we will get to see The Brothers of Destruction Vs The Wyatts at some point.  I have no issue with that.

So Paige turned on her friends for the 1,800th time.  Let’s keep it as is it is, please.

Everything else just clicked.  I loved it.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.

WWE Summerslam 8/23/15

The biggest party of the summer continues tonight.  We are five minutes away from the Summerslam Kick-Off party to begin.

We are live in the Barclays Center.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Summerslam Kick-Off show.  She is joined by Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Time for the Social Media Lounge, with Tom Phillips.

Tonight’s guest is Stephen Amell and Neville.

We are heard Jon Stewart is hosting Summerslam.

Tonight, Ambrose and Reigns face Wyatt and Harper.

Video setting up that match.

John Cena is backstage talking with Jon Stewart.  He brings up Jon’s past with Seth Rollins.  Jon asked John to sign an autograph for his son, but it’s meant to sell for E-Bay.


John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.  Title for Title, winner takes all.

Cena Vs Rollins video is showing.

Footage from WWE being in New York this week.

Tonight, Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens will take place.

We see their altercation 3 weeks ago.

Kevin Owens joins the panel.

He confronts Booker T when Booker suggested Kevin is jealous of Cesaro.

Owens tells Byron he will take care of the Cesaro Section tonight.

Tonight, 3-team Divas Elimination match.

Video is being shown.

Who is going to win tonight’s big Diva’s match?

Also tonight, Fatal 4-Way match for the Tag Team Titles.  Prime Time Players Vs Lucha Dragons Vs Los Matadores Vs New Day.

Also tonight, IC Title Triple Threat match with Ryback facing The Miz and Big Show.

Footage from 2 weeks ago, when Ryback returned to Raw.

Also tonight, Randy Orton Vs Sheamus.

Rich Brennaman is standing by with Sheamus.

Sheamus tell us the only thing that truly matters to WWE is Money in the Bank briefcase.  2 weeks ago, he was very close of being a 2-time WWE Champion, but Randy Orton ruined those plans.  So tonight, he will give him Brogue Kick, after Brogue Kick, after Brogue Kick.  And he will take out “The Viper”, then fulfill his dream of being WWE Champion.

You know why that is?  Because it is what it is.

Jo-Jo will speak with Stephanie McMahon now.

Stephanie brings up this match will showcase what is the most dominant diva team at the moment.  A few weeks ago, she started the Diva Revolution, and women have played such a huge part in sports lately.  Ronda Rousey, UFC Women’s Batenweight Champion.  Serena Williams, is the most dominant Tennis player right now.

She can’t pick a winner, but the winner will go to the spoils.

Social Media Lounge will come up next, with Neville and Arrow.

Neville and Arrow will stop Stardust and King Barrett at all costs.

We now see Dolph Ziggler’s return to Raw last week.

Ziggler Vs Rusev face off, tonight.

Who wins tonight?  Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker?

Summerslam starts in 5 minutes.

Jon Stewart begins the show.

Jon tells us this is a historic night, 10 of the biggest matches we will see.  He has spent 16 years talking about politics, it’s nice to be back to reality.  The difference is the wrestlers respect the audience.  He now is giving us a list of wrestlers who will be here tonight.

Come on, get with the show.

Jon is still upset at Brock ending “The Streak” at Wrestlemania.  He wanted to interview Brock, and tell him, but he needs some backup.

None other than WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley.

Foley has a funny story here.  When Jon called him, and he asked Mick to interview Brock, it could have been his fuzzy ear, because he thought Jon was referring to The Rock.

Because if he had heard him right, he never would have agreed to it.

So Mick Foley is afraid of Brock Lesnar?

Yes he is, Jon reminds Mick he had wrestled The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring, fell from 100 feet.

Yes, that did happen, 17 years ago, before Jon had done “The Daily Show”.  The one place Mick has never been to is Suplex City, and that isn’t happening now.

On to the show then.

The 28th annual Summerslam is live in Brooklyn, New York, inside the Barclays Center.  JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Orton Vs Sheamus kicks things off.

Sheamus wins the match with 2 Brogue Kicks, the crowd still hates Sheamus’ hair though.

2 guys from Draft Kings attend Summerslam, okay moving on.

WWE Tag Title match is up now.

Prime Time Players Vs Los Matadores Vs Lucha Dragons Vs New Day.

New Day are here to teach us about something called hip hop.

Now they are singing us about New Day, shades of “Empire State of Mind”.


New Day picks up the win when Titus did all of the work, Kofi made a blind tag and pinned one of Los Matadores.

New Day Rocks!!

More Jon Stewart, with Arrow and Neville.  Telling them he is close with Undertaker.

The lights go out, and we see Taker walking by.

Jon is selling more stuff on E-Bay.

Rusev Vs Ziggler is up now.

This ends in a double countout that saw all 4 people involved, and ends with Summer Rae and Lana fighting each other, on top of Ziggler and Rusev.

Expect a mixed tag match at Night of Champions.

King Barrett and Stardust Vs Neville and Amell, now.

Stephen Amell did more selling than I thought he would, but Arrow and Neville win, when Amell takes out Stardust, and Neville nails a Red Arrow on Barrett.

IC Title match is up now.  Ryback Vs Big Show Vs The Miz.

Ryback steals the pin when Big Show knocks The Miz out, and Ryback threw Show out of the ring.

More Jon Stewart footage, trying to confront Brock Lesnar.

He runs into Paul Heyman instead.

We are live in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center.

Tag Team action is set now.  The Wyatt Family Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

No heel turn by Ambrose here, just a more or less domination from the Brothers of Shield.  Reigns gives Wyatt a Spear, after Dirty Deeds by Ambrose.

Cena Vs Rollins, winner takes all is next.

Wow, they truly went with this.  Seth Rollins just became the new United States Champion, and is WWE World Champion with help by Jon Stewart?

We had the ref bump, and Jon came out with a chair, acting like he was torn about who to hit, and he nails Cena with it, with Rollins using a Pedigree to pin Cena.

Fantastic match, just a sad state of affairs that John Cena has to job to Jon Stewart.

The Summerslam panel discuss matters.

Divas Revolution tag match is up now.

Team B.A.D. is eliminated now, when Brie pins Tamina.

Team PCB win when Becky hits a Pump Handle Slam, pinning Brie Bella.  This was going to be an elimination match, but they changed the rules to just give us 2 falls.

A bit of a letdown after last night’s fantastic Women’s match, but considering the women involved, it was okay.

Then again, Sasha Banks, who wrestled last night didn’t do much tonight.

Cesaro Vs Owens is up now.

Owens wins a big match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

The announcers called this a must-win match for Owens’ career.

WWE Night of Champions is on September 20th, in 4 weeks.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.  A match 16 months in the making is now.

Wow, what an intense main event that delivered in everything possible, except the ending.

Brock had Taker in his Kimura Submission move, and Undertaker actually tapped out.  The bell-ringer rang the bell, but Charles Robinson didn’t call for the match to end, he screamed at the bell-ringer for this, and Undertaker hits a low blow and slaps Hell’s Gate.

Brock would not tap out though, and even flipped Taker off, but he did pass out.  Charles calls for the bell, when Brock passes out, and Undertaker picks up the win.

Heyman rings the bell, telling us all we saw it, the bell ringer saw, and Brock Lesnar is the real winner.

We end the night with Brock walking out with Heyman.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So that is how the match ends, we have our 2 biggest matches end in such bullshit ways.  But both matches did their thing.

WWE did a great job of making this important, and give Undertaker credit, he looks in fantastic shape.  But I hated the ending.

So here we go, what will happen tomorrow night?  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

Hopefully, the show will be good and we will see the build to Night of Champions.

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/3/15….Lesnar Is Back, And He’s Looking For Taker

In memory of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and we see all of the wrestlers up at the ramp.  We get the sad 10 bell salute.

In the very same summer, we lost “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, and now “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

We get a nice video profile of him.

We are live in San Jose, California.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Our main event is a 6-man tag match of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton Vs The Wyatt Family and Sheamus.

But the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins comes out to the ring.

The champ is amused with himself over kicking John Cena’s nose, and breaking it.

There is only one person in WWE that can slow him down, and that person is Seth Rollins.

He has a problem, and it’s been plaguing him, sympathy.  He is too sympathetic for his own good.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is priceless.

We see video again of the broken nose.

Rollins feels John Cena’s  nose crack on his knee.  At first, he didn’t feel bad.  It happens in WWE, it wasn’t the first time he breaks someone’s nose, and it won’t be the last.  But he did break the face that runs this place.

And then he saw the picture of Cena, and we see a picture of Cena’s nose broken.

Then we had to stop the match, and reward Rollins the United States Title, but Cena did not want to stop, and the referee isn’t a humanitarian, like Rollins is, so Seth got caught, and Cena won the match.

He knows Cena is watching at home, licking his wounds.  So how about we do one more match, title for title, winner take all, at the 4 hour Summerslam.

And John, if you aren’t as tough as you think you are, and you don’t have the cojones to fight for the title, like you think you do, he gets rewarded the title.  Either way, Seth holds both titles.

Now San Jose is the place to be, and it’s not because of the fans, it’s because of Seth Rollins.  This is the place where he won his first WWE World Title.  And this is also the place where Cena made his first United States Title open challenge.  So how about we do this one better, a WWE World Title Open Challenge.  So, if you want some, come get some.  Because the champ is here.

Who answers the challenge?  We find out, next.

Jo-Jo is in the ring with Seth Rollins.  This is legitimate, and The Authority agreed to this, as long as this is caveat.  1.  You must be under 6 feet tall, and 2.  You must be under 200 pounds.

Which leaves us to one choice….El Torito.

No, wait….it’s Neville.

Rollins survived the match with a Pedigree, after Neville had Seth pinned from a Red Arrow, but the champ had his foot on the ropes.

Incredible match, a great way to kick the show off.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar is in the house.

8-man tag match is next.

The New Day and The Ascension Vs Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons is now.

New Day and Ascension pick up the win, when Xavier Woods kicks El Torito, and Kofi pins Kalisto with Trouble in Paradise.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Paige are on their way to the ring, next.

Our match is now The Bella Twins Vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Nikki taps out to the Figure Eight, with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, the newly named Submission Sorority.

Team B.A.D. are looking on, and Jo-Jo want to know their thoughts.

They aren’t impressed with Paige, Charlotte, and Becky.  Sasha reminds us that she made Paige tap out last week, and Naomi calls them the baddest women in the planet, not Ronda Rousey.

Naomi challenges Paige to a match later tonight.

We will see Brock Lesnar return, and a 6-man tag match is set too.

But Miz TV is next, with Kevin Owens and Cesaro as his guests.

Miz TV is now.

Miz is telling us there would be no Miz TV if there was no original Piper’s Pit.

From the bottom of his heart, Roddy will be missed.

Welcome to Miz TV.

There is a saying about Miz, and that is he is on fire.  He is on fire in Hollywood, he is a Tough Enough judge, he is about to be in a movie called “Santa’s Little Helper”, and will be the new Intercontinental Champion, when Ryback decides to come back.  He thinks if he is hurt, Ryback needs to do the noble thing, and forfeit the title.

He brings out Kevin Owens.

Miz welcomes Owens, and Kevin tells him he is a big fan of Miz.  He owns every single movie.  Kevin believes he has had issues with Cesaro, because he is jealous of Kevin.  He has accomplished so much since he came into WWE.

And here comes Cesaro.

Cesaro came out to what walk Owens walk has to say.

Owens goes back to saying why he thinks Cesaro is jealous of Owens.  He has succeeded, where Cesaro has failed.

Because of all the weddings, and birthdays he has missed, that goes to waste because Cesaro will never be as good as Owens is in the ring.

Cesaro isn’t jealous of Kevin, he is ashamed of him.  When he walks away, he disrespected himself, his opponent, the fans, and every single superstar that has ever been in this business.

Kevin is just an embarrassment.

Kevin tells Cesaro he has accomplished more in 3 months than Cesaro has in 3 years.

They get into each other’s faces, ready to fight.  Owens tells Cesaro he will fight him anywhere, anytime, but only when the time is right.

Cesaro tells Kevin to walk Owens, walk

Owens rams Miz into Cesaro, and Owens clips Cesaro, but Cesaro catches Owens, and sets him up for the swing, but Owens gets out-of-the-way.

Paige has answered the challenge, will face Naomi.

But next, Rusev Vs Henry.

This past Saturday night, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey beat her UFC opponent in 34 seconds, and dedicated her fight to the late, great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Rusev Vs Henry is now.

Rusev crushed Henry with a kick to the face, in very quick fashion here.

He kicked Henry again.

Summerslam is a 4-hour show this year.

Tonight, 6-man tag match.

Bray Wyatt now interrupts.

Summer has always been a symbol of beauty.  But you remove all the pedals, and what was once promising, all becomes a troublesome leaf and is gone.  Reigns, you were once chosen, and beautiful.  But now, you have become a symbol of everything that is wrong.

Harper says Reigns chose the wrong path, and now will pay for his decision.

Sheamus shows up, and says he will lay Orton out with a vicious Brogue Kick.

Wyatt always was fond of Sheamus, and the enemy of his enemy is his friend.  So tonight, they are friends.


King Barrett Vs Zack Ryder is up now.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.

Nobody cares.

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is next.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And before he subjects us the appearance of the Beast, let Paul remind us it was The Undertaker who picked his fight.

We see footage from Battleground.

We saw the same thing he saw.  That was not the same Undertaker who laid out wrestlers for 25 years.  That was an angry, desperate Taker who kicked his client in the groin.  Why?  Because he has never beat Brock Lesnar, and when that happens, he becomes an angry little bitch, who knows he can’t beat him.

We see this evidence.

The epic fight on Raw 2 weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Undertaker will never rest in peace, knowing he cannot, and will not defeat his client, the 1 in what is 22-1, the conquer, ladies and gentlemen….


Brock brings a steel step to the ring, and we entered Suplex City.

The last time WWE sanctioned a match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, Taker lost at Wrestlemania, went to the hospital, spent a week there, and took a year off.

And here is something we don’t know, Undertaker called Vince, and begged Vince a match with Brock at Wrestlemania 31.  And Vince did the right thing to say no, because even the deepest of hearts, he knows Taker can’t beat Brock Lesnar.  But what did Taker do?

He was desperate enough to go to Battleground, and cost Brock’s title shot, and forced WWE to make this match happen.  So in 2 weeks, inside the Barclay Center, it’s the rematch that was too big for Wrestlemania.  And what will happen?  Undertaker, sir, you will be going to Suplex City.

The last time he faced him, he went to the hospital, this time, Taker will finally rest in pieces, because his man will lay you out, he will conquer you and his name is Brock Lesnar.

I am ready, 3 weeks away.

We now see footage of Cena’s broken nose last week on Raw.  Seth Rollins challenged a match to John Cena, title Vs title.  Winner takes all.

6-man tag match still to come.

Paige Vs Naomi is now.

Paige makes Naomi tap out to the PTO.

Submission Sorority have a big night.

Earlier tonight, Neville answered the Rollins WWE World Title challenge, and Seth survived the match.

We hear from Stardust on the official Facebook account.

Stephen Amell will be here on Raw, next Monday.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper tribute video is next.

Ambrose flies, Orton gives Bray a RKO, and Reigns gives Sheamus a spear to win the match.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very enjoyable show, from start to finish. WWE is trying to build these big matches. I do get the feeling that Title Vs Title, Winner Takes All is just like what ROH did with Lethal Vs Briscoe.

So the question is what will they do to United States Title?

Great promo with Heyman again, setting up Taker Vs Brock. Do we have one more face-off between the two men?

Another big night for the Diva Revolution, in particular Submission Sorority.

And a fun main event to match, so what did you think of the show? Send them to me here.

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