WWE Elimination Chamber 5/31/15

Tonight, a bonus PPV, exclusively on WWE Network.  We have 2 Elimination Chamber matches, one for the Intercontinental Title, and a World Tag Team Title match.

But first, the Kick-Off show.

Here we go, keep checking here throughout the night.

Renee Young is joined by Byron Saxton, Booker T, and Corey Graves on the Elimination Chamber panel.

Rusev will not be in the Elimination Chamber match tonight.  He injured his ankle this past Thursday night against Ryback.

It’s a tough situation for Rusev, I hope he recovers quickly.

So who will be added to the Elimination Chamber IC Title match?

Booker T speculates it could be a former World Champion being added to the match.  Orton, perhaps?

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge.  We will hear from Lana later tonight.

Kane is on the phone, making sure everything will be set up.  New Day approaches Kane.

Kane makes sure that all three men have the opportunity to defend their titles, by putting all three men inside the chamber.  The pods will not be changed.

Later tonight on The Kick-Off show will be Miz TV, featuring Daniel Bryan.

Owens Vs Cena is being profiled now.

Last year, at NXT Arrival, Neville defeated Bo Dallas, tonight they compete in a WWE ring.

Also tonight, Divas Triple Threat for the Divas Title.  Paige Vs Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.

Our Elimination Chamber Kick-Off match tonight is going to be Zack Ryder Vs Stardust.

That match is set now.

Stardust wins the match CrossRoads.

Last Monday night on Raw, we see Lana walking away from Rusev.

Lana joins Tom Phillips at Social Media Lounge.

Lana likes Ziggler, it seems.

She liked Rusev, and will always be appreciative of what he did for her.  But it’s time to move on.

It’s time for Miz TV, with the returning The Miz.  Summer Rae  introduced The Miz.

Miz and his guest Daniel Bryan.

Miz is concerned for Daniel Bryan.  Daniel assures Miz that he is coming back to wrestle, he is writing a book, due out in July.

Daniel is sick of Miz TV, and he knows the fans are too.  But so are these guys…

The Meta-Powers.

They take care of The Miz, with the Flying Elbow and a Leg Drop.

Gawd, this is awful.

World Title video, with Ambrose Vs Rollins

Eden Stiles interviews Dean Ambrose.

There is no pressure for Ambrose tonight.  He is ready, and will do anything to piss HHH off as the new WWE World Champion.

Roman Reigns checks to see if Ambrose is ready, and assures him he is going to be in his corner tonight for their title match.

JBL gives us a tour inside Elimination Chamber.

And our show begins, now.

Our first match is for the WWE World Tag Team Titles.  New Day Vs Lucha Dragons Vs The Ascension Vs Prime Time Players Vs Los Matadores Vs Kidd and Tyson.

Los Matadores are eliminated first, with Fall of Man.  The Ascension pin Diego.

Lucha Dragons are eliminated, with Fall of Man, again by The Ascension.

2 more teams are set to exit from the pod.

The Ascension are now eliminated by Prime Time Players.

New Day will enter the chamber last.

Kidd and Cesaro are pinned when Cesaro had the Cesaro Swing, but Darren Young rolls him up for the pin.

So now it’s New Day Vs Prime Time Players.

New Day wins the match with Trouble In Paradise, retaining the Tag Titles.  A big cluster, but it was fun, and historic with Tag Titles on the line.

WWE Money in the Bank is in 2 weeks, June 14th.

Rusev will not compete in tonight’s Elimination Chamber match, for the IC Title.

Who will be the 6th man competing?

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler is warming up for his match.  Lana wishes him luck tonight.  Ziggler said it was too bad about Rusev.  He wanted to pin him himself, Lana told him tonight is not about Rusev, it’s about Ziggler.

Ziggler agrees, and says after his match, it will be about them.  Now Dolph will do what he does best.

Triple Threat match for the Divas Title is up now.

Paige Vs Naomi Vs Nikki Bella.

No seconds are out there in this match.

Nikki Bella wins the match with a Rack Attack, pinning Naomi.

Everything seemed so rushed here.  I can’t wait until Charlotte debuts soon on WWE roster.

Brie Bella comes out after the match, and rewards her sister with a hug.

Moving on.

Offspring “Coming For You” is the official theme song for Elimination Chamber.

Champion Vs Champion match is set.  Kevin Owens Vs John Cena.

It should be match of the night.

Lilian Garcia is back.

Kevin Owens made a statement tonight, pinning John Cena with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Match of the night, hands down and give Cena credit for making him look like an equal here in the ring.  Just a fantastic match.

Owens is on the mic, in tears.

On his first night of Raw, he said anyone that didn’t know him yet was not worth his time.  Well now, everybody knows who Kevin Owens is.

He is the man who started a fight with John Cena, and Owens is now the man who finished the fight.

Owens has some “veteran” advice for Cena.  It’s time for Cena to go, because his time is up, and Owens’ time is now.  The Champ Is Here.

The Elimination Chamber Kick-off panel is up now.

Bo Dallas tells us everyone needs help, he tried to help Neville.  But tonight, he is going to force Neville to BOlieve.

Neville Vs Bo Dallas is now.

Neville wins with Red Arrow.

It was good, but after that last match, it had no shot.

HHH comes to Ambrose and Reigns and informs them that while Kane will serve as an official, Reigns will not be in Ambrose’s corner, or else Dean will be DQ’d if Reigns interferes.

Daniel Bryan is out here for our next match, which is The Elimination Chamber match, for the Intercontinental Championship.

Dolph Ziggler Vs King Barrett Vs Ryback Vs Sheamus Vs R-Truth Vs…

Mark Henry.

Barrett is eliminated first with an assist by everyone involved, with Truth pinning him with a Lie Detector.

Truth is eliminated, with Shellshock by Ryback.

Henry is done now with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus.

We are down to Sheamus, Ziggler, and Ryback.

Ziggler is eliminated with a Brogue Kick.

Now it’s between Ryback and Sheamus.

Ryback wins the IC Title with Shellshock, pinning Sheamus.

I am happy for Ryback, but this match sucked. The crowd just can’t get into it, after the masterpiece that was Owens Vs Cena.

Ambrose Vs Rollins will hopefully pick it up.

Daniel Bryan endorses Ryback with this win, and Ryback puts Daniel over, calling him an inspiration.

A nice touch.

Tomorrow night, Stone Cold Podcast returns after Raw, with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

WWE Money in the Bank in 2 weeks.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens shocked the world, defeating John Cena.

Breaking news, in 2 weeks at Money in the Bank. The rematch, John Cena Vs Kevin Owens.

Ziggler, Neville, Reigns, Orton, Kofi, and Sheamus will vie for Money in the Bank in 2 weeks.

That is not all of the participants, just 6 so far.

Our main event is up now, Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ambrose wins the match…by DQ. The ref is knocked out when Rollins shoves him into Ambrose. Then Dean hits Dirty Deeds, another ref comes in and counts the pinfall for the win.

But the other ref told him about it, so while Dean wins, technically Rollins is still the WWE World Champion.

Reigns comes in and helps Ambrose fight off The Authority, and they leave with the title.

Possession is 9/10 of the law.

The show ends with Ambrose and Reigns leaving the building.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The ending was too good to be true, which tells me that we will get a rematch set for Money in the Bank.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Reigns wins MITB ladder match, Ambrose wins title, and Reigns turns heel cashing in.

Overall, this show was highlighted by an amazing Cena Vs Owens match, where Owens made history. And the main event was good, even if the ending was a bit clustered.

But everything else just didn’t mesh well, especially the two chamber matches.

It felt like a rushed show, which is something this company can’t continue to do. Things are better when we get a slow build, and with this show being added just 2 weeks ago is not a good idea.

It takes away other builds for PPV, which is still important for your major shows.

But go out of your way to see Owens Vs Cena Part One, again. Part II is immediately in 2 weeks, which is something they can’t do too, but it’s a given Cena has to win that match.

But wouldn’t it be smart to save Cena Vs Owens III for Summerslam?

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.


WWE Extreme Rules 4/26/15

Tonight, WWE goes Extreme.  Randy Orton Vs Seth Rollins headlines the PPV, inside a steel cage.  We will also see John Cena Vs Rusev in a Russian Chain Match.  Roman Reigns faces Big Show in a Last Man Standing match.  So much, and more.

But first, we have the kick-off show.

Here we go.

We are in Chicago. Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton are a part of the Kick-off panel.

They are going over the lineup tonight. We will see our first ever Miss Me Arse match, between Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler. Divas Title, with Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.

Daniel Bryan is not medically cleared for tonight, so on the Kick-off show, we will see Bad News Barrett Vs Neville.

New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro is added to the PPV now.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge, for Extreme Rules.

Kane will be the guest on tonight’s show, you can ask Kane questions with hashtag #AskKane.

What will Kane’s role be in tonight’s main event as Gatekeeper of the steel cage?

We see video footage of Rollins Vs Orton, now.

Orton’s RKO is banned tonight, so how can he find a way to win without it?

It’s the “Young Lion” against “The Veteran”.

Also tonight, Naomi will face Nikki Bella for the Divas Title.

We see Naomi take out Paige two weeks ago.

Eden is standing by with Naomi.

Naomi is dropping the “good girl” image. She is about taking risks, and is tired of people judging her when they have no business doing that. She is walking tonight as the new Divas Champion.

Dean Ambrose interrupts this fun, Dean is here for a Chicago Streetfight, with Luke Harper.

Dean remembers Wrestlemania. He remembers 12 staples to his head. He is taking it to Luke Harper tonight. Dean Ambrose gets his revenge, right here in Chicago, and he walks off.

Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler in a Kiss Me Arse match, and we see footage of Sheamus laying out Ziggler.

Someone is kissing ass after the match, and I feel like it will be Ziggler.

Stephanie McMahon will be a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast, featured on WWE Network this Thursday, after Smackdown.

Tough Enough segment.

Now we see the buildup to Reigns Vs Big Show tonight, in a Last Man Standing match.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the festivities. He tells us he is just like all of us, he is weak. Bray understands him. We all understand that a man must walk among the gods, but God must walk among men. You are a coward, and he is the new face of fear.

Will Bray Wyatt show up tonight?

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show. Bad News has the mic.

He tells us Daniel Bryan isn’t medically cleared to compete tonight, but the truth is Daniel is afraid of Bad News Barrett. Because he is afraid of losing the Intercontinental Title to him, and who to blame him?

Since he is “The Michael Jordan” of England, minus the gambling problems. He wants to give us a bonus match, of Barrett Vs Neville.

And here we go.

What a great match this was, Barrett had many opportunities, but Neville wins with Red Arrow.

A great start to Extreme Rules.

Kane is joining Social Media Lounge, but he walks away after 2 questions.

John Cena Vs Rusev in a Russian Chain match is being featured now.

Who wins the match?

It’s time for Extreme Rules. Keep checking here for updates throughout the night.

We are live, in Chicago, Illinois. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

We kick off with a Chicago Streetfight, Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper.

This match ends in a no contest, when Luke Harper drove off in a limo, and Ambrose followed him in the car.

We will see more from them, later.

Charles Robinson ran after them, which is funny.

We see HHH, and he brings Kane in to check on Ambrose and Harper. They run into Rollins. HHH wants both of them on the same page tonight. Rollins agrees, but he wants to know why Kane threw him to the wolves on Roman Reigns’ spear. Kane tells Rollins he has been a spoiled brat since he won the title. HHH tells Kane Rollins has a point, and Kane tells them both he will do what is best for business.

Kiss Me Arse match is now with Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus.

Ziggler wins the match with a rollup. Sheamus has to kiss Ziggy’s ass.

Sheamus is trying to get away, but the ref tells him he must do this.

And of course, Sheamus punches Ziggler in the nuts, and gives him a Brogue Kick.

You didn’t think he would kiss his arse, did you Ziggler? Especially in this stinking town. He told him he would make Ziggler kiss his arse, and he won’t disappoint.

So he shoves Ziggler’s head on his arse.

Wow, what was the point of having the match, then?

So it’s now New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro, for the Tag Team Titles.

The New Day wins the match, and Tag Titles. Natalya slapped Xavier, Tyson kicked Xavier, Big E flew into Tyson. Cesaro looks on, and Kofi rolls up the tights, and holds on to them for the win.

The New Day were acting like heels, while Cesaro and Kidd were the faces.

Interesting dynamic here.

We hear from the Extreme Rules panel. They go over what we have seen so far, and they show us Barrett Vs Neville match earlier tonight. Neville picks up an upset victory.

Renee Young is with The New Day.

Positivity has taken over here, when they say New Day, we say new champs. New Day….sucks.

We see the limo come up again, with Luke Harper flying out and Ambrose going after him.

They come back to the ringside.

We have flying chairs in the ring, ECW chants, and Dirty Deeds. Dean Ambrose pins Luke Harper.

I loved that segment there.

WWE Payback is in 3 weeks, Sunday, May 17th.

WWE United States Title match is up now. John Cena Vs Rusev in a Russian Chain Match.

Cena touches all four corners before Rusev did, so he retained the title. The fans were digging Lana, so Rusev forced her to leave, which the fans hated. Shades of Marc Mero and Sable there.

The Champ Is Here, or something like that.

Renee Young is with Roman Reigns. Roman said Big Show can knock him down, but he can’t keep him down. So what happens when he gets knocked down? He gets right back up, and he will be the Last Man Standing.

Believe that.

Nikki Bella Vs Naomi for the Divas Title is up now.

Nikki wins when Brie kicks Naomi, and Nikki hits a Rack Attack.

So what was the point of Naomi turning heel if she loses the title match?

Rusev is irate at losing, and I believe irate at Lana. He orders her to walk away.

She walks into The Authority’s office.

Last Man Standing match is up now, Roman Reigns Vs Big Show.

Roman Reigns is the last man standing, giving Big Show a spear through an announce table, and he lifted the announce table and put it on top of Show, so he couldn’t get up.

A fun match here.

Kane is walking backstage, and Orton approaches him. Orton tells Kane they have known each other for over a decade. They have fought each other, and have fought with each other. Orton tells Kane when they are done with him, they will throw him out like garbage. Orton knows who he is, Kane, even if he has forgotten.

Orton Vs Rollins, inside a steel cage is up now.

WWE Tough Enough returns on my birthday, June 23rd.

Oh my, it’s Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas tells us Chicago is number one….at not taking a shower before you come to the arena. Number one at not listening to Bo Dallas’ advice, and smelling up the arena. You need to listen to what he is saying.

Raise your hands, and repeat after him, all you have to do is BOleive…..

Feed Me More!!

Ryback comes out, and while Bo tries to fight back, ShellShock!!

Feed Me More!!

Byron Saxton is with Rusev.

John Cena didn’t beat him. He is a coward and a lyer. Lana tells Rusev that it is done. The final chapter of Rusev Vs Cena will be at Payback, in an I Quit match.

The perfect combination for America. John Cena will quit, like all Americans do.

Steel cage goes down, Orton Vs Rollins, isnide a steel cage is now.

Kane was involved, whacked both guys with the cage door. He chokeslammed Orton, Rollins, J & J Security. Orton gave Kane a RKO after a kickout, then Rollins hits a RKo on Orton, and escapes out of the cage, to retain his WWE Title.

The show ends with Rollins celebrating on the ground.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I had low expectations going into this show, but it was a fun night. I loved the Streetfight, and how it continued on throughout the night, with Dean winning.

I’m bored with Kane and The Authority however. Either he is a part of them, or not. That part just didn’t make any sense.

And Naomi should have won Divas Title too, because now why would she get another title match, when she lost in the ring?

We will see, and WWE has been teasing WWE King of the Ring is coming back on WWE Network this Tuesday. We will see tomorrow night.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me, and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. The links are on this page.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/5/15…First Raw Of The Year

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a great holiday, and is ready to go.  This is the first Raw of 2015, and that means they are going to start pushing Royal Rumble, and possibly the first buildup to Wrestlemania.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is not with us tonight, he has a case of diverticulitis.  Hopefully he comes back soon, and gets better.  Booker T will be doing the color commentary, sucka.

Raw in 10 minutes.

We show footage of last week when John Cena was forced to bring back The Authority.

Hey, we have music now with Raw.  Tonight is the night.

We are live in Corpus Cristi, Texas.

The ring is filled with superstars and divas.

Cena tells us The Authority are back in power, and their first order of business was to get the superstars surrounding the ring so they can address them.

But Cena apologizes to his co-workers and the fans.  He went back on his word, and didn’t want to.  He thought Rollins was bluffing at first, but he had to put the well-being of his friend ahead of The Authority, and he promises us that 2015 will be difficult.

On your knees, Punk….

Here come The Authority.

They had a great new year, because they knew they were coming back telling us what is best for business.

HHH reminds us we were all begging for them to come back.

HHH mocks the other choices for guest hosts, with Seth Green was good.

Due to one man, the ship has righted its course, and that is because of one man.  The “future” of WWE.  That one man we owe our life to, that one man is Seth Rollins.

Seth has some words, and the crowd tells him he sold out.

He just wants to say hello to the man in yellow.  He wishes John a very Happy New Year.

HHH tells Seth the WWE owes him a debt of gratitude they can never pay.  As a gratitude of thank you, they will give him a chance to make history.  At Royal Rumble, John Cena will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but now that is a Triple Threat match.  At Royal Rumble, it will be Cena Vs Lesnar Vs Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Stephanie tells Cena they owe him gratitude too, because he showed his true colors last week, that deep down inside he knows what is best for business.

So, tonight it will be John Cena Appreciation Night.

It’s a mandatory that Cena will be there tonight, and she guarantees The Authority will have a stamp in this presentation.

HHH tells everyone else that this is a new era in The Authority, and everyone will get what they put out into it, they will all get what they deserve, and it starts tonight.

Dolph Ziggler will defend his Intercontinental Title against a man who really never lost it, Bad News Barrett.

That match is next.

Ziggler wins in a very quick match with a rollup.  Barrett attacks Ziggler, and throws him out of the ring.

I don’t understand this, unless Barrett was being used by The Authority because Ziggler won at Survivor Series.  Nobody is coming out to help.

Now comes Kane.

Kane apologizes, because they failed to mention this was a two out of three falls match.

Fall two begins, now.

Wasteland, Ziggler is pinned for fall two.

Kane distracted Ziggler for a moment, Bull Hammer.  Barrett is the new IC Champion.

A moment for Cena was his debut in 2002 when he pinned Kurt Angle, because of ruthless aggression, and The Undertaker showed him respect, shaking his hand.

Those were the days.

Tonight, Roman reigns Vs The Big Show.

We see footage from last week on Raw, when Big Show buried the announce table on Reigns.  But this past Friday night, Reigns returned the favor with the announce table.

Renee Young is with Roman Reigns.

What can we expect tonight?  Reigns doesn’t know what to expect, but he knows what Big Show can expect.  A man faster than a speeding bullet, a man faster than can leap over a tall building.  A man who is more powerful than a locomotive.  Big Show can expect Reigns.

Wyatt asks what Ambrose’s new year’s resolution.  To visit his prisoned father?  One thing is for sure, Ambrose’s suffering ends tonight, when Wyatt slams that ambulance door, and Dean rides into the sunset.  Tonight, Ambrose joins Wyatt.


The Ascension is in the ring.

And they have the mic.  This is not good.

They say Demolition is one of the great tag teams, and even The Road Warriors.

And just like that, they call The Road warriors a joke, and you can hear a pin drop.

They are facing two ham and eggers, and win the match.

Lana and Rusev tell us Russia’s Christmas is in 2 days, and there is one man who can bring true peace and prosperity, and that man is Vladimir Putin.

Moving on, Roman Reigns Vs The Big Show is now.

Another Cena moment in 2005 when Cena beat JBL for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21.

Big Show is DQ’d nailing Reigns with a steel step.

Reigns spears Big Show, with the steel steps nailing Show.

Earlier tonight, The Authority are telling us tonight is John Cena Appreciation Night, and at Royal Rumble, it will be a Triple Threat for WWE World Title of Cena Vs Lesnar Vs Rollins.

Smackdown is moving to Thursday nights.

Starting January 15th.

Nikki Bella Vs Natalya is up now in a non-title match.

Paige comes out to the ring, to show support for Nattie.

Paige throws Brie into the barricade, and Natalya rolls Nikki up for the win.

Nikki attacks Natalya after the match, and Paige helps out Natalya.

Dean Ambrose is backstage.

He didn’t make any resolutions, all he cares about is kicking Wyatt’s ass and putting him into the ambulance.  There is no love lost between them, this match will be brutal.  It will be ugly, it’s the way Dean lives life, and a way he will end Wyatt’s life.

That match is next.

I guess the match isn’t next, instead its Erick Rowan Vs Luke Harper.

We have J & J Security making an appearance, as referees.

Luke Harper hits his Lariant, and the match is done.  J & J Security attack him after the match, and lay out Rowan.

Another John Cena moment was the night he was traded to Raw.

Tonight, it’s John Cena Appreciation Night.

Last Monday, The Uso’s became the new Tag Team Champions.  Later tonight, a 6 person match with The Uso’s and Naomi Vs The Miz, Mizdow, and Alicia Fox.

So Alicia Fox is a heel again, after turning face a month ago.

And she made it official earlier tonight when she attacks Naomi.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt video,

Ambulance Match is up next.

In a surprise twist, Wyatt wins the match, putting Ambrose in an Ambulance, after 2 Sister Abigails.  A great, fun match but a questionable decision.

Holy shit, we see the very same clip for the third time, with The Authority and John Cena.

We get it, tonight is John Cena Appreciation Night.

Seth Rollins will be a guest on Miz TV this Friday night on Smackdown.

But now, it’s a 6-person tag match.  The Uso’s and Naomi Vs The Miz, Mizdow, and Foxxy.

Miz wins the match, rolling the tights.

Tonight, “The Big Guy” Ryback will face Seth Rollins, next.

Oh wait, Kane comes out and says this is a Handicap match, and Ryback’s opponents are Rollins and Kane.

Tomorrow night on Main Event. Paige Vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Title.

It’s a new day for Adam Rose I guess, because it’s Adam Rose Vs Big E.

Adam is DQ’d when 2 Rosebuds in masks attacked The New Day. They reveal themselves as Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

The Authority are ready for John Cena Appreciation Night.

Stephanie tells us John Cena knows what is best for business, bringing back The Authority. So let’s bring Cena out.

Here he comes.

HHH tries to get the crowd behind John, but it’s not working.

And for some reason, we are seeing footage from last week, when John brought them back.

Stephanie calls John her hero. HHH brings up their past, when HHH didn’t think Cena had it in him when he first started. Then Cena changed, and HHH saw it in him, before even Cena did. Then he changed last week, and perhaps he knows that the hustle, loyalty, and respect isn’t what’s best for business. Doing things for business is what is best.

Cena asked him if he’s done, and HHH said he’s just getting started. He wants to bring out people who if they don’t appreciate Cena now, will appreciate him at the end.

Team Cena comes to the ring. Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan all come out.

HHH makes this clear, these are the three men who fought against The Authority. So therefore, consequences need to be made, even though Team Cena won at Survivor Series, but hey, we need to go with details here, dammit.

So how about 30 day suspension for Rowan, since he came into this late?

And for Ryback, as Stephanie said, he should be suspended for 60 days, since he turned his back on The Authority.

But Ziggler won at Survivor Series. So Dolph himself suggests a 90 day suspension.

Steph and HHH convene about this, go all the way to the ramp, and fire them all. And they all have John Cena to thank for that.

We end the show with confetti, and hearing Lex Luger’s old “Real American” theme song, which was funny. But the three men who were fired look completely like goofs here, and I am baffled by this.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

2014 was one of the worst years I have seen with WWE, and 2015 didn’t begin so well either.

Vince McMahon has truly lost his touch, completely.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/29/14…An E & C New Year

We see footage from 2011 when Edge had to retire, but tonight, his best friend, Christian will be guest hosting with him.

Raw starts now.

We are live in Washington, D.C.  Tony Chimmel gives us the introduction for Edge and Christian.  Because he knows how to give us “The Rated-R Superstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar”

E & C come out.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Christian thinks they should end 2014 with a bang, and do it E & C style.

Christian suggests they do a Peep Show, but Edge thinks they should do a Cutting Edge.  Christian likes the Peep Show.

7-time Tag Team champions, let’s show why they are the best tag team in the entire company, so how about a Cutting Edge Peep Show.

Their first guest being the self-proclaimed “Future” of WWE, Seth Rollins.

The fans don’t like Rollins, so Edge makes the announcement of Rollins Vs Roman Reigns tonight.

The crowd cheers that.

Okay, Christian proposes Rusev facing….Dolph Ziggler, in a Champion Vs Champion match….naked.

The crowd boos that.

How about Lana?

That’s better, but Christian wants to give it one more chance, we will hear from Daniel Bryan.

Daniel will be talking about his future, later tonight.

So for Washington D.C. crowd, how about a 5-second….

Here comes the pain.

The WWE World Champion graces us his presence, with Edge and Christian still in the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen….peeps and Edgeheads.  His name is Paul Heyman, and he can’t wonder why a man with a broken neck who can’t wrestle again, and a man who has had many concussions he can’t compete in the ring again would be swimming in the shark with the most destructive predator of them all, BRRROOOOCK LESNARRRR!!

Make your move, but one bad move, and either man can end up a polemic.  But his client will not harm either one.  He is a conqueror, and he would rather destroy someone like Edge’s hero, John Cena.

Because the final conflict will take place at Royal Rumble.

Enter John Cena.

We get the usual Let’s go Cena, and Cena sucks chants.

The only reason Cena doesn’t knock him out is he doesn’t want Brock to limp into Royal Rumble with any excuse.  He has a gift for Paul Heyman.

He grabs Heyman by the tie, and this sends Lesnar to go after him, but Cena counters with an AA, but Brock slips out of it, and exits the ring.

Coming up next, it will be Champion Vs Champion.  Rusev Vs Ziggler.

Ziggler wins by DQ when Rusev just goes nuts, choking out Ziggler.

Feed Me More, in comes Ryback, out goes Rusev after a Meathook Clothesline.

Tonight, Tag Team Title match will be set.  The Uso’s Vs The Miz and Mizdow.

We come back, Ryback is still in the ring.

He wants to address the fans.  His first live WWE event, he was 12 and became a special ring bell-ringer.  He knew from that day he would be a WWE superstar.  He started his career in 2004 on WWE’s Tough Enough as The Silverback.

They show footage of Ryback losing the competition.  Ryback was so ashamed he wouldn’t talk to his family in a year.  He picked up a job at a BBQ place, worked for 12 hours a day, and came home to an empty house.  He started to read a book called “The Secret”, and he went back to wrestling.  He came back in 2010 as a little group called The Nexus.

They show footage.

He was 28 years old, had his dream job, but then he was in Hawaii, broke his leg.  He shows us his scar, and knows how lucky he is to be in the WWE.

After 3 unsuccessful surgeries, and doctors would tell him he would never wrestle again, in 2012 he returned.

Footage is shown of Ryback kicking ass.

So here he stands today, which brings him to Rusev.  This won’t be a USA Vs Russia thing, this is a big guy kicking the ass of another big guy thing.  He takes all of the negative things people say about him, and he looks at Rusev, and says….

Feed Me More!!

I love that promo.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Rollins.  Also a Cutting Edge Peep Show, with Edge and Christian’s guest being Seth Rollins.

We come back to see Natalya Vs Nikki Bella in a non-title match.

Natalya is distracted by Tyson Kidd, who “accidentally” catches Nikki when Nattie tries to throw her out of the ring.

Nikki wins with a Rack Attack.

The Miz and Mizdow are backstage, when Naomi hugs The Miz.  She is going to meet with the casting agent The Miz gave.  She wants to thank him, and wishes him good luck in his match.

Tag Team Title match is up next.

The Uso’s Vs The Miz and Mizdow for Tag Team gold now.

The Uso’s become 2-time Tag Team Champions, winning with a double kick and a Uso Splash, Jimmy pinning The Miz.

Naomi comes out to celebrate with The Uso’s. Jimmy reveals to the world that they set up The Miz the entire time, and made up the story with the agent, to get back at Miz.

Okay, moving on.

We see a video of The Shield and the history Reigns and Rollins has together.

Tonight, Rollins Vs Reigns.

We will also hear from Daniel Bryan tonight, who has an announcement to make concerning his career. Speculation is he will retire.

When we come back, we hear from Cesaro.

2014 was supposed to be his year. He won Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. But now, the WWE brass tells him he doesn’t connect with the WWE fans. He tells us he doesn’t care to, all he wants to do is kick ass, and nobody in the back can do what he does. He challenges anyone in the back to prove him wrong.

Enter Bad News Barrett.

Barrett tells him he has a Bull Hammer waiting for him.

Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett, and Barrett wins with a Bull Hammer.

While Cesaro’s promo was awesome, it’s truly baffling why he said that, only to lose.

Tonight, Seth Rollins will be a guest of The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

The Ascension makes their WWE debut

Luke Harper tells us that people throw him away like he’s trash. Tonight, he will show us the nightmare that comes alive.

Harper Vs Jack Swagger, now.

Harper picks up the win with his big clothesline.

Earlier tonight, Cena and Lesnar had a confrontation.

Cena is backstage with Edge and Christian, talking about Edge winning the WWE Title for the first time, now the two have words and Christian chimes in.

Cena tells Edge they were two guy who people they would never amount to anything in this business, and they proved others wrong. Edge was the one guy who always believed in Cena and for that, he will always appreciate him.

They hug, and Cena walks away.

Reigns Vs Rollins is up now.

The Big Show came out for commentary, and we see the match ends in a DQ, with Show taking out Reigns, and then throwing him over the announce table, shove the table over his leg.

EMTs are checking in on Reigns when we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Seth Rollins thanks The Big Show for having his back. Seth is so happy, he instructs J & J Security to tell Cena he will have a toast with him on Cutting Edge Peep Show.

We see footage now with Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose.

Next Monday, the first Raw of 2015 will give us Ambrose Vs Wyatt in an Ambulance Match.

Everything in life must come full circle, as Wyatt shows up on the screen, inside an ambulance. This is where their journey ends, it’s too late for Ambrose. They will not resuscitate, because Ambrose is already dead. Wyatt has his soul, as he closes the door and the ambulance is being sent out.

Daniel Bryan’s crossroad is next.

Santino Marella is throwing a party on The Main Event tomorrow night.

Here comes Daniel Bryan.

It’s an honor for Daniel to be here for the last Raw of 2014. But it’s always an honor to being in the ring all of the time. Who would have thought someone like him could defeat HHH, and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. 5 days later, he married the greatest woman ever. Then 2 days after they came back from their honeymoon, his dad died, and he couldn’t be there for him. He was in the ring. Then he had a defining neck surgery, and he became depressed, because he couldn’t compete in the ring. Seeing Dolph Ziggler pin Seth Rollins at Survivor Series, to send home The Authority. He was very happy, but he couldn’t be here. He has met with friends, he has met with family, he even talked to Edge about career threatening surgery. And you come to a decision that is hard to do. He requested this time to share information with us.

Is his career over?

No….That is not the announcement he is here to make. He is ready to compete, he is ready to fight. So will he be in the 2015 Royal Rumble?




Very glad to hear that, I am ready for that.

Coming up tonight, Seth Rollins will toast John Cena at the Cutting Edge Peep Show.

The E & C kazoo is back, but The Miz and Mizdow interrupt.

Miz is demanding a Tag Title rematch tonight. E & C grants that match, but it’s not for the Tag Titles. It’s not The Uso’s, but it’s next.

This Friday on Smackdown, The Cutting Edge Peep Show, with E & C’s guests being Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

The Miz and Mizdow’s opponent?

The Ascension.

The Ascension win, with what is called Fall of Man, a variation of Total Elimination.

I like them, but the crowd crapped on them, not a good debut.

Seth Rollins is coming out, but Renee Young wants to confirm that Seth invited Cena to come out for a New Year’s toast, and Seth confirms it. But he is feeling so good, he wants Brock Lesnar to come out too.

That segment is up next.

Next week, Ambrose Vs Wyatt in an Ambulance Match.

Cutting Edge Peep Show is up now.

This set reeks of total awesomeness. They now introduce Seth Rollins.

Seth is smiling, with J & J Security holding the champagne glasses. Seth tells them he is honored to be the first guest of The Cutting Edge Peep Show. Rollins is honored to be in the same ring as these two, who pioneered TLC matches. They had that memorable feud with The Hardy’s and Dudley Boyz.

They aren’t buying this.

But who has had a better year than Seth Rollins? He showcased the rose of The Shield, he broke up The Shield. He became Mr. Money in the Bank. He is the future of WWE, who has had a better year than Seth?

John Cena?

Dolph Ziggler?

Daniel Bryan?


“The doctor of style”, Slick.

He was a jive soul bro, a jive soul bro, always lying to his friends.

Seth wants to forget about the last month, he truly wants to put all of that behind him, and celebrate the future. He calls for The Big Show to come out.

Near year, new us.

There is one other guy Rollins wants to bring out. A man who has led him to see the error of his ways, come on out John Cena.

Cena doesn’t come out.

Edge tries to console Seth, but Rollins doesn’t want to hear it. He is better than Edge can ever be, and Edge disagrees with that.

Rollins asked Cena to come out, because he wants something from John.

Come out here John.

No Cena.

He doesn’t come out here, and he is forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. But he is forcing this, and nails Christian in the stomach with the briefcase.

Edge gets right into Rollins’ face, and Big Show grabs Edge’s throat, forces him to kneel down. Ready for a Curbstomp, and out comes Cena.

Rollins tells Cena he knows what he wants from Cena, and if he doesn’t give it to him, Rollins will break Edge’s neck.

Cena takes his shirt off, but Seth dares him to come into the ring, and he will snap that neck.

Remember John, this is a husband, this is a father. He will deny Edge’s opportunity to be with his family. Give Seth what he wants. If he doesn’t believe Seth, he is Mr. Hustle, loyalty, and respect. I bet Edge wishes John could come out to save him. Who is he John? Is he the phony Rollins has been saying for months, or is he the real deal?

John, bring The Authority back.

If he doesn’t, he swears he will break his neck. Don’t test him, or Seth will break his neck.

Cena has made Rollins’ life a living hell since November.

Cena tells him to stop, and agrees to bringing back The Authority.

Cena confirms this, he will bring back The Authority.

Oh damn, they are back.

Thank you, but you know Rollins better than that, he will kill him anyway. Cena decks Rollins, but Big Show stops Cena.

Curbstomps Cena.

The show ends with Rollins and Big Show celebrating this fact….The Authority are back.

Heyman and Lesnar shows up, with Heyman shaking hands with Rollins.

And just like that, The Authority show up, with champagne. Wow, that was a fast charter flight.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Stipulations mean absolutely nothing in WWE, I guess. So why should this matter anymore? What was a great Raw ended in such crap. So now we will see The Authority gloat, while the hand-picked team they selected for Survivor Series lost. So great call guys.

I am happy Daniel Bryan is back, but the ending of this show just sucked. And that is just a glowing example of how bad 2014 has been for WWE.

I am not ending this on a sour note, so allow me to wish all of you a very Happy New Year’s day, and may 2015 be better and glorious than 2014 was.

Feel free to share me your thoughts about the show, and wrestling in general. You can follow me on Twitter @KevinGillman, and on Facebook at Kevin Andrew Gillman.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/22/14…A Ho-Ho-Hogan Christmas

Tonight, we are in Minneapolis, with the return of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and a Piper’s Pit, with Piper’s guest being Rusev.  We will also have a one on one match with Big Show Vs Roman Reigns, and a Miracle on 34th Streetfight between Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.

Santa Hogan comes out to kick the show off, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

The Minnesota fans chant for Hogan, but Hogan tell us it’s “Ho-Ho-” Hogan.

We will see The Big Show face Roman Reigns, and we’ll see the “cookie” Bray Wyatt face “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose in a Miracle on 34th Street fight, brother.

Enter John Cena.

Cena tells us it’s “Ho-Ho-Hogan” brother.  The next biggest legend since Santa Claus.  Cena gives us some jokes, but now it’s time to get serious.

We see footage from last week, when Brock Lesnar came out to help Seth Rollins beat John Cena in a steel cage match.

Cena wants Lesnar.

Cena isn’t going to say it was fair that Brock gave Cena 3 German Suplexes in the cage, he lost and fair and square.  But tonight, he wants Seth Rollins.  It doesn’t matter if he has to face Paul Heyman, J & J Security.  He wants Rollins.

We get Seth Rollins now.

It seems Cena is running his mouth again, nobody wants to hear him speak.  No disrespect though to these 2 legends in the ring.  In their era, nobody could touch either one.  But John, his time is up, and Rollins’ time is now.

But one thing that gets Seth is Ho-Ho-Hogan is running this show, and not The Authority.

They are sitting at home, depressed that they can’t run things, and see guest hosts run this show down.  And let’s face it, Team Cena only won because of one man who turned to them, and that man is “Vigilante” Sting.

Cena is lucky that he survived that Curbstomp.  And it’s time that Hogan does the right thing and tells Cena to bring back The Authority.

Cena has heard enough, and so have I.  Cena is not bringing back The Authority.

So “Ho-Ho-Hogan” makes the match….Cena Vs Rollins…now.

Cena wins with an Attitude Adjustment on Rollins, but before that, he gives J & J Security a double AA.

Tonight, Miracle on 34th Street Fight with Ambrose Vs Wyatt, and a Piper’s Pit, with Rusev and Lana.

We come back and Kane it seems is a grinch.

Jack Swagger Vs “The new and improved” Fandango.

“The new and improved” Fandango picks up the new and improved victory, it seems, hitting his patented top rope leg drop.

Tonight, Intercontinental Title match with Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper.

Tom Phillips is with Ziggler.

His ladder match with Luke was one of the most physical and mental matches of his match and shows Luke will do whatever it takes to win.  It’s just too bad that he will lose to Ziggler.  Dolph is a 4-time IC Champion, and he will do what he does best, and that is to steal the show.

It’s R-Truth Vs Adam Rose.

Truth wins with a quick roll up.

The bunny, still wearing a neckbrace checks on Adam, and Adam turns on the bunny….YET AGAIN!!

So logic tells us that this Friday, we will see the bunny back with Adam.

The Big Show Vs Reigns is up now.

The crowd chants boring, and Daniel Bryan, but all Reigns did was show his complete dominance, winning in a countout by hitting a Superman punch, throwing Big Show over the announce table to win the match.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Wyatt in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight match.

Ambrose is with Renee Young.  Dean has been a good boy all year, because all he wanted for Christmas was Bray Wyatt.  And he got them, so Bray is in line for a beating of his life.

Natalya Vs Brie Bella is now.

Natalya wins with a rollup, making a statement that she wants the Divas Title again.

Tonight, IC Title match with Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper.

Also tonight, Piper’s Pit with special guests being Rusev and Lana.

The Ascension are on their way to WWE.

Gold and Stardust are in the ring, now.  Posing as grinches.

They are facing Los Matadores, showing us they still work for WWE.

I guess this was a 2-on-3 match, because El Torito pinned Goldust with a Moonsault.

Luke Harper tells us people like to give, but Luke likes to take.  And tonight, he will hurt Ziggler, and take the Intercontinental Title.

Ziggler Vs Harper, for the IC Title is up now.

Ziggler wins a great match with a Zig Zag, retaining his IC Title.

Ziggler gets interviewed by Lawler, and he wins for these people every single night.  It’s been a rough road for him, but he found a way.

Cole and JBL are putting over that 2015 could be the year for Ziggler when he becomes WWE Champion.  I hope so.

Piper’s Pit, with Rusev is next.

We are in Minneapolis, the site for Raw Christmas.  This Friday night on Smackdown, Hulk Hogan returns to run the show.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is here for Piper’s Pit.

Piper loves to be here, and he tells us his two guests asked to be here, because they have a special Christmas message for all Americans.

Lana and Rusev come to the ring.

Lana interrupts Piper and tells us Christmas in America is a joke.  We pretend to be good people with our fake smiles.  The thing that we believe in an old man to give presents to all of the children.

Piper tells her this is America, land of the free and we can believe in anything we want to.

Last Tuesday night on Smackdown, Rusev attacked Ryback, before his match with Seth Rollins.

Rusev asks if we believe Rusev can crush our Ryback?  Do you believe now that Rusev crush Piper?

Piper tells him there is no reason for them to be Communist scrooges.  Piper has a gift for the two people, and he has a big bow.

Ryback shows up in a big bow.

The fight is on.

Just when Ryback is about to hit a Meat Hook on Rusev, he escapes from the ring.

Feed Me More!!

Earlier tonight, Cena received a gift from Ho-Ho-Hogan to face Seth Rollins, and Cena wins.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Wyatt in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight.

Our next minute and half match is set as a Diva Santa’s Helper 6-Diva tag match with Alicia Fox, Emma, and Naomi Vs Cameron, Summer Rae, and Paige.

Alicia, Emma, and Naomi win when Alicia pins Cameron.  Girl, bye.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight is still to come.

Next week, The Ascension will make their debut.

Our next match is The Miz Vs Jey Uso.

Mizdow is still entertaining.  The Miz wins with a rollup and pulling of the tights.

A sneak peek of tonight’s Monday Night War, immediately after Raw, on WWE Network.

Edge and Christian will host the final Raw of 2014.

Scott Schwartz of “A Christmas Story” is here.

Bray Wyatt comes out, set for his match against Dean Ambrose. He tells us we live in an imaginary world, where we believe in Santa Claus. Wyatt lives in the real world, and he has taken Ambrose there before. Tonight, he does it again and soon enough, Dean will follow the buzzards.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight is set now for Ambrose Vs Wyatt.

Wyatt wins the fun match with some help from a kendo stick and Sister Abigail. Wyatt tries to attack Ambrose after the match, but Dean answers back and puts Wyatt through a table, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If you missed the show, you didn’t miss anything newsworthy, but this was a fun show to see. They didn’t go all out with the Ho-Ho-Hogan, so it was good. Looking forward to seeing E & C next week.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and have a joyous holiday.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/15/14….Raw Is Jericho!!

We are live in Detroit, Michigan, kicking off WWE Week, with the special guest host coming to the ring….Chris Jericho.

The Slammy Award winning Chris Jericho, who wasn’t there last week to collect his award, Fandango showed up, and took it.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!  He can’t think of a better place to be than in Detroit Rock City.  Tonight, Y2J is the special guest General Manager.  Tonight, he will make this show about us, for every Jerichoholic, live here, and watching TV.

And the fans voted for Jericho with a Slammy last week, and he wants to thank us for that.

Big Y2J chants going on.

He couldn’t be here last week, but Fandango accepted it for him.  He wasn’t going to let some dancing troll, some herdy-gerdy to accept the award for him.  So he is calling out Fandumbo, Fandingo, Fandango, he demands he comes out to hand over Jericho’s Slammy.

He calls for Fandango, and we get….

Ladies and gentlemen….his name is Paul Heyman, and truth be told, confession on the table, Heyman is a Jerichoholic.  Usually he speaks to the one with power, but tonight, the power lies in Raw is Jericho.

But truth be told, if you were to out someone in charge, wouldn’t it be the one with the biggest promo track record?  No disrespect to Jericho, but that would go to Paul Heyman.

Paul is offended that Jericho won the most “EXTREME” moment in WWE, so if someone were to win the award that says EXTREME, wouldn’t it be the grandfather of Extreme?  Wouldn’t it be the grand-poohbah of Extreme?

Jericho calls him a walrus.  And while Heyman gave him his first opportunity of the business, Heyman owes him $200 from 1995 of unpaid service.

Heyman tells him to not touch him, he is not a fighter, he is an advocate.  He is not here for the reigning, undefeated, and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

He is here for himself, and he wants to later call out Seth Rollins.  A man who had an opportunity to be a Paul Heyman guy, a man who had the opportunity to make a career out of himself, but failed to take out John Cena last night.

And here comes Seth Rollins.

Rollins wants to know if Heyman has something to say, but Paul is not a fighter, he’s not even a Sports Entertainer, he is going to take a step back.

Rollins tells Heyman he saw the entire match, he saw Cena being put through a table, he saw an official raise his hand. And once again, he had that victory taken away. In fact, just like at Survivor Series, he had the match won for his team, but there was one man who stopped that, and that man is the “Vigilante” Sting.

He had John Cena beat, in fact Cena can’t beat him by himself, he needed Roman Reigns. Seth calls Cena a coward, and requests for a rematch, but not tonight.

Rollins went through hell in the match last night, he wants to be ready for his rematch with Cena.

And of course, “Superman” comes out.

He tells Rollins to shut his mouth, he needs to let the grown ups talk. Don;t even speak until you get a set of testicles. Rollins put up a good fight, but the truth is he lost, regardless. A real man takes his loss, brushes himself off and is ready for another fight. Even if that fight is with a beast.

Cena says to Heyman that he will be ready to fight at Royal Rumble, and he is ready for a fight now. One thing Rollins did say was right they need a rematch, but Cena needs help. He can’t make matches, but we need someone with power to make the matches.

Hey wait a second, welcome back Chris Jericho. Chris accepts the match, and he issues more help, how about if the fans want it, we put them inside a steel cage.

Rollins Vs Cena, inside a steel cage tonight.

Seth calls Jericho the worst General Manager of all-time. He knows that Jericho is jealous of Rollins. Jericho can’t beat anyone, he can’t beat the popcorn seller, he can’t beat the usher, he can’t beat Paul Heyman.

Jericho admits the popcorn guy is a ninja, but he does think he can beat Paul Heyman.

Rollins tells Jericho Heyman isn’t even a fighter, he’s an advocate.

Jericho is in charge here tonight, so we will see John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, inside a steel cage, and we will also see Y2J Vs Paul Heyman, with the fans voting the stipulations to the match, with the fans voting on the WWE App. Heyman won’t ever…..EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVAR be the same aga-aain!!

WWE week is here.

Heyman Vs Y2J will either be A. Extreme Rules Match, B. No Holds Barred, or C. A streetfight.

Tag Team action is up now, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper and The Big Show.

Big Show and Harper win when Show knocks out Rowan, and he walks away.

Chris Jericho will have a Highlight Reel with his guest being Rusev.

Fandango is in the back with Rosa Mendes, and he runs into Jericho. All Chris has to do if he wants his Slammy is take it, but Chris tells him he will beat Heyman, then come back and take his damn Slammy, junior.

Footage from last night’s TLC, with Ambrose Vs Wyatt.

Tomorrow night, on Live Super Smackdown, we will see Ambrose and Wyatt in the same roof.

The New Day is with Renee Young. Tonight, they have a rematch against Gold and Stardust.

Xavier said there is no negativy. Soon, they will feel the power of The New Day.

The Bellas Vs Natalya and Alicia Fox is up now.

Nattie and Alicia win with Natalya hitting a Sharpshooter for the win. Tyson was hitting on Nikki, it seems.

Later tonight, Jericho Vs Heyman, but next….Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

Tomorrow night, Roman Reigns returns to action on Super Smackdown Live.

Time for the Highlight Reel.

The last time on The Highlight Reel, he predicted The Authority would lose, and they did. And he predicts one of his 2 guests will wear a tight suit, wearing either red, white, or blue, and hopefully it’s not Rusev.

Rusev and Lana, and Jericho was right again.

Lana wants to remind us last night at TLC PPV, Rusev reminded undefeated when he defeated that “stupid American” again.

Jericho asks why Lana is so angry all the time? Is it the tight bun she wears?


And why is Rusev so angry? Maybe he needs to relieve that stress, and show Lana that spudnic.


There is something going on here. Maybe Rusev has a thing for Lana? It’s the US Champ, and the Communist Tramp….


Rusev tells Chris he talks too much, maybe he crushes him now.

Everytime Jericho opens his mouth on Raw, someone wants to fight him. And the same can be said for Rusev. He knows someone wants to beat him now.

Feed me more!!

Ryback goes face to face with Rusev, and the United States Champion slowly walks away.

We can vote for what stipulation Jericho Vs Paul Heyman will have, either A. Extreme Rules Match, B. No Holds Barred Match, or C. Streetfight.

Last night, video of John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, with Roman Reigns returning.

Tonight, Rollins Vs Cena.

The Ascension will rise in WWE, they are coming.

The New Day Vs Gold and Stardust is up now.

The New Day win with a Midnight Hour. Xavier and Big E. pick up the win, crowd wasn’t feeling this match, but they worked hard.

Jericho Vs Heyman, tonight.

Renee Young is with The Miz and Mizdow. Tonight, The Miz faces Jimmy Uso. Miz talks about Jimmy being a former Tag Team Champion. But now, he is a jealous husband, and Miz will capitalize on this.

I honestly thought Jey was Naomi’s husband, since his real name is Jon, and not Jimmy. But oh well.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Adam Rose wants to throw his Rosebuds an after-party after his match tonight, but his opponent? Kane.

Kane makes it clear he doesn’t like him, or his friends.

Rose Vs Kane, next.

The bunny tried to help, but is met with a double Chokeslam, with Kane winning. Then Kane gave the bunny a Tombstone Piledriver, bunny is done.

Earlier tonight, Jericho issued a challenge with Heyman.

Heyman Vs Jericho is next.

Tomorrow night on The Main Event, we will see Kane Vs Erick Rowan.

Jericho Vs Heyman will be….

Heyman comes out with a mic. He has nothing planned for this, because he doesn’t find anything entertaining in this. Heyman gave Jericho a break, he doesn’t understand how he can fight him for $200 from 20 years ago. It’s the principle in this, so how about he just give him the money?

Heyman tries to write a check, but Chris doesn’t want it. He needs to go with the results, and we have a….


Okay, Heyman will go through with this, but he doesn’t understand why Chris feels the need to go one on one with….


Here comes the pain.

Jericho tries, but Brock gives him a F-5, and leaves.

The match ends in a no contest, I guess.

At Royal Rumble, it will be Cena Vs Lesnar, one final time.

And just moments ago, we see Lesnar hit a F-5 on Jericho.

Now for the “new and improved” Fandango.

Fandango still has Jericho’s Slammy, and he shows us that very thing too.

Raw is Jericho is now Raw was Jericho.

Roman Reigns has something to say.

He decks Fandango, and ruins his moment.

Roman gets a nice pop, and before Roman can say anything, Big Show has something to say.

If Show comes down to this ring, he will hit him in the mouth.

Show tells him he will have to try it.

And Roman hits a Superman punch.

Show takes the stairs down, and walks away.

Tonight, steel cage match with Cena Vs Rollins.

Tonight, after WWE Raw, we see The Sting and The Undertaker on Monday Night War.

Moments ago, we see Roman Reigns show us whose yard this is.

The Miz Vs Jimmy Uso is up now.

Jimmy wins when Mizdow came into the ring, to distract it seems, and Jimmy hit the splash.

Now Mizdow is doing what any stunt double is, and that is laying in pain.

Tonight, steel cage match with Cena Vs Rollins.

Wednesday night is WWE Tribute to the Troops, at 8:00.

Backstage, Miz is telling Naomi he is man of his word, and is a champion. So tomorrow night, he will put her on Miz TV, so she can lay out her platform and vie for the Divas Championship. Miz doesn’t think her husband will have any issue with it. Then again, maybe she shouldn’t tell him?

Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will be in the same roof, tomorrow night on Super Smackdown Live.

Renee is with Seth Rollins.

Seth is not crazy about being in this match, 24 hours after one of his most grueling matches. Nobody is safe, not even Chris Jericho.

This place is missing something. We need the guidance and leadership of The Authority. Most people would be in a hospital bed, but Seth is going out there, ready to give and teach John Cena a lesson he will never forget.

The steel cage is coming down, our main event is next.

Oh lord, Ho-Ho Hogan will be special guest host of Raw next week.

Rollins Vs Cena, inside a steel cage is now.

Brock Lesnar comes out, and gives Cena 3 German Suplexes in the cage, followed by a F-5.

Rollins sold his soul to the devil, because Rollins now is shaking hands with Heyman, nails a Curbstomp on Cena for good measure, and exits the cage, winning the match.

The show ends with Rollins celebrating his win, and a battered Cena laid out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A solid show here, I have to think Cena beats Lesnar at Rumble, and I hope Rollins cashes in the briefcase, because he is involved in this and you have to think this will end that way, right?

And does this mean Rollins is a Heyman Guy, or did he just make a random deal with Paul, so Brock can beat up Cena?

WWE Week is off and roaring, and next week I cringe at Hogan playing Santa. After all, anyone else remember “Santa with Muscles”?

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/23/13…How Do We Solve The WWE Title Problem?

Angelo Savoldi passed away, who used to work for WWWF. They don’t make them, like they used to.

Video from Night of Champions is being shown, where Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton to be WWE Champion, or so we thought. HHH stripped him of the title when Scott Armstrong made a fast count.

We see the WWE Superstars on stage to begin the show, we are live in Chi-Town.

The owner and COO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon and HHH make their way to the ring.

It feels good to be in Chicago, and we see the 10 men stand in unity last week, holding Daniel Bryan up when he was chanting Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

There is speculation over social media over what was going to happen to them, would they be fired? Suspended? They are here to be said….thank you for finally stepping up and being men.

It had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan….

Come on dude, RVD says. They were fighting for Daniel Bryan. HHH screwed him, and they would do the same thing to him.

HHH wants to make sure they were fighting for Daniel Bryan, who has squandered WWE Title opportunities, so he should get another title shot, and not them?

How about Zack Ryder? Woo Woo…he should fight to be WWE Champion. There is one reason why they haven’t been WWE Champion.

The Shield.

They have collectively beaten them down since they arrived, and HHH can sense that frustration, it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan, but rather frustration over The Shield.

He will give Darren Young, Titus O’ Neil, The Uso’s, Dolph Ziggler, RVD, Justin Gabriel, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Zack Ryder.

These men will compete in an Elimination Handicap match against The Shield.

But they will also have one more partner, a man who has the opportunity to win the WWE Title again at Battleground. A man who believes he is better than them, Daniel Bryan.

We also get a chance to vote who will take on Randy Orton later tonight. R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, or Rob Van Dam. We will get to vote on the WWE App.

Is this what is best for The Shield?

8 days ago, Ryback helped Paul Heyman defeat CM Punk. For the first time since, we will hear from Chicago’s own CM Punk.

Kofi Kingston is ready to face Alberto Del Rio, now.

We can vote for Randy Orton’s opponents, either R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, or Rob Van Dam.

Stop me if you heard this before, Kofi worked a very competitive match, did everything he could, fans were behind him, but he lost. In fact, he tapped out to the Cross Arm Breaker.

Can Kofi make it to the main event later tonight with a hurt arm?

We will hear from CM Punk, later tonight.

Ranee Young is standing by with The Miz.

We see footage with Randy Orton taking out Miz, and hurting his shoulder.

HHH comes over to The Miz before he speaks. He knows that he wants his hands on Orton, but for his well-being, he can’t allow him to get his hands on him. But tonight, he can do Miz TV. His guest? The Big Show.

3 weeks ago, Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes in a match where if he lost, he was fired. Then 2 weeks ago, Goldust was fighting for Cody, and Orton pinned him. Then last week, Stephanie had a proposition for Dusty Rhodes to choose which son would get his job back, Dusty refused, and Big Show knocked him out.

Later tonight, we will see 11-3 Handicap match, involving The Shield, and the 10 men that helped Daniel Bryan last week.

We’re here….

The Wyatt Family are coming to the ring.

The Wyatt Family are taking on The Primetime Players.

Wyatt Family wins with Harper nailing a wicked lariat, pinning Titus O’ Neil.

Now Bray Wyatt come in, and destroy Darren Young with Sister Abigail.

Follow the Buzzards.

Miz TV time.

We see the same footage we had seen earlier.

Normally Miz would have a smile on his face, but he is banged off and pissed off. Last week, Randy Orton attacked him in front of his friends, in front of his family, in front of his mother. Orton make it known, his time is coming, and it will be awesome.

But he wasn’t the only one going to the medical center. WWE Hall of Famer “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes was knocked out by his guest The Big Show.

We see footage of Big Show being forced to knock out Dusty.

Miz has known Show nearly a decade, they have been tag team champions, they have been opponents, and he respects him as a man, but man to man, how could he do that?

Show doesn’t answer, and Miz understands that Show has personal problems, and Stephanie forced you to do that, if he hadn’t, then The Shield would have taken out Dusty.

But doesn’t he understand, HHH and Stephanie are trying to break you, but now the wrestlers are standing up for themselves, and its time for Big Show to stand up.

That diminutive witch, and on that note, here comes Stephanie.

Stephanie doesn’t like what Miz is doing, stirring the pot, and it’s disrespectful, downright slander.

So Stephanie is going to go to slander? She can stick her lawsuit up her ass.

Stephanie tells Miz he isn’t even a main event player, he has peaked at such a young age. But he does have value. Anytime they need a radio interview, then Miz is their man. He does the company well. But last week, she saw what happened. She saw the look of her mother, in his hometown, have a look of hope to disappointment in one second. Then again, Miz didn’t measure up. Big Show, knock him out.

And on cue, he did just that, and walked away.

Wow, when is someone going to give Stephanie her own dose of medicine?

CM Punk is returning to Chicago, tonight.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Big Show knocking out The Miz.

Randy Orton is ready for his match, who is he facing?

Rob Van Dam

The match ends in a double countout, when Orton takes out Rob Van Dam. He sent him to the barricade, over the announce table, nailing the steel steps, he takes him back to the ring. Draping DDT on the top rope.

I am seeing a trend here with the main event.

Later tonight, 11-on-3 Handicap match.

Los Matadores are coming to WWE next week on Raw. Ole!!

During the break, when RVD was being helped, Alberto Del Rio attacks RVD, and nails him with a Cross Arm Breaker.

WWE2K14 is coming on October 29th.

The Bella Twins are getting ready for their match tonight, Randy Orton is trying to intimidate them, it’s not working.

HHH: Thy Kingdom Come is out now, and we see footage from it.

Stephanie is in her office, we see AJ Lee coming to see her. She gives AJ the DVD to see what a real wedding looks like.

AJ doesn’t like the tag team match later tonight with Total Divas. She isn’t hearing it, she orders her to compete in the 10 Diva match, or else maybe she won’t be champion much longer.

The match is on.

Chicago loves Fandango, or Summer Rae.

Fandango is facing Santino Marella.

Chicago is Fandango-ing. He wins with the Last Dance Leg Drop.

Later tonight, 11-on-3 Handicap match, but next, CM Punk speaks.

Chicago’s favorite son, CM Punk is in the ring.

CM Punk chants all over the arena.

He hasn’t smiled in 8 days, but he comes out here and can’t help himself. He tried to get the Stanley Cup, but it is in Montreal, because they are the champions of the world. But since he couldn’t get the cup, he felt he let everyone down, just like he has felt that way in Detroit, at Night of Champions.

He wants to apologize for letting us know. It’s going to read that Punk lost to Paul Heyman, he has lost many matches, but this one truly bummed him out. He’s thinking he may not do this anymore. He feels he doesn’t deserve to be in front of the greatest fans around, and isn’t worthy to say he is from Chicago, Illinois.

But then he hears this crowd, and put this sweater on, because he remembers that in May, his Blackhawks were down 3 games to 1. But here they did not talk, or feel sorry for themselves, but they took it to game 7. Then won the Stanley Cup. They may lose at times, but they put their straps up, they are ready for the next day. He is proud of this sweater, he is proud of his city, he is proud of these people, and he is going to fight. He doesn’t care if it’s Curtis Axel, he doesn’t care if it’s Ryback, or if it’s Paul Heyman.

Heyman starts to sing “New York, New York”.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.

Punk is here to say that this is the wrong place, wrong time. They aren’t in Detroit, they are in Chicago. And he’s going to have 18,000 people bailing his ass out of jail.

Heyman has been in physical therapy, and is confined in this motor scooter, but he takes solace in knowing he beat CM Punk.

But it’s not his fault, Punk is from Chicago, and he is the Second City Saint. The second place team, second-rate city, second-rate parents, and second place of the world.

He presents us with Exhibit A.

Ryback nailing Punk.

Heyman may be a walrus, but he pinned the biggest shark in Chicago.

Punk knows where this is going, but he has a question…can his goons save him in time before he gets to him. He’s not just going to break his face, he is going to rip it off.

Not only can Heyman beat him, but he did it with both hands tied behind his back.

And with that, he bids us a fair adieu.

But his motor scooter won’t work, and here comes Punk.

But Ryback and Axel meet him.

Punk fights back, but Ryback has the final word.

At Battleground, these two men square off.

Punk goes through a table, and Heyman gets up, he has been okay all along. Ryback tells Punk this is what happens to bullies.

It’s now Total Divas team taking on Team WWE in a 10 Diva match.

Brie wins the match, by giving AJ an X-Factor.

A Youtube look of the RKO.

A video footage of The Shield.

Dean wants to know if HHH and Stephanie threw them to the wolves? Or are the hunted, and do they eat them alive? Their backs are up against the wall, but what happens when their backs are against the wall?

They win, because they are winners, and tonight, they are doing their jobs.

Believe that.

Daniel Bryan is out here for a promo, before his match.

Last week, Daniel was stripped of the WWE Title, because he was accused of being conspired with Scott Armstrong, like he was going to win. Like he would approach Scott and say hey, can you do a fast count when I win? But it wouldn’t have mattered if Orton was knocked out.

And it’s odd that HHH gave Scott a great severance pay when he left. He doesn’t care if it’s the new and happy Randy Orton, or the old masterful Randy Orton, in Buffalo, Daniel is taking back the WWE Championship.

And he will hear one word that will haunt Randy for the rest of his pathetic life, and that word is….




The Shield comes out, before Daniel’s tag partners are there.

2 “fans” attack The Shield, and it turns out to be Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

Security escorts them out, as we go to a commercial break.

Our main event….Daniel Bryan, The Uso Brothers, Primetime Players, RVD, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston face The Shield in a 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match.

RVD gets pinned by Ambrose with his Headlock Driver.

Kofi is pinned by Ambrose with his Headlock Driver.

Titus O’ Neil is pinned with a spear by Reigns.

Justin Gabriel is pinned by a spear, through Reigns.

Zack Ryder tried, but….you, a spear by Reigns.

It’s now 6 on 3.

Reigns is pinned for the first time in WWE, by a Rikishi thump by Jey Uso.

6 on 2 now.

Rollins pinned Darren Young with a kick to the head.

5 on 2 now.

Ziggler pins Ambrose with a Zig Zag.

Now 5 on 1.

Truth is pinned with a kick to the head by Rollins.

It’s now Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and The Uso’s taking on Rollins.

Daniel Bryan wins the match, pinning Rollins with a High Knee Kick. The Shield tried to interfere, but Ziggler took out Ambrose, and The Uso’s took out both Ambrose and Reigns.

A very fun ending to the show, with the crowd chanting yes.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very fun crowd tonight again, Chicago and Cleveland fans are usually very vocal, and the show was good to boot.

I just have one issue, I understand WWE wants to plug their website over at WWE.com, but why break news with matches for the upcoming PPV? Many people don’t check that site out, so it’s important to point these matches out on the shows, is it not? I’m just thinking.

Usually, it is not good to have a heel be shown as the underdog, competing in these Handicap matches, but tonight, this worked, because of the many times The Shield came out and interfered with these wrestlers, so they got the taste of their own medicine, but is it early to add dissention?

I know this though, I am not fond of the Big Show character, and The Miz made a perfect point to it. Show is looked at as a locker room leader, so at some point, shouldn’t Show fight the system? And what made Vince McMahon such a compelling heel is he truly bumped for many of his cohorts that battled him. How exactly can Stephanie bump for these wrestlers then? Even when standing face to face with AJ Lee, she looked, and sounded like a bully. You really need to be able to give and take.

Other than that, a fun show, and I loved seeing The Rhodes Boys make their appearance. Where do we go from here, only time will tell. How did you feel about this show? Send me your thoughts.