WWE Monday Night Raw 10/17/16…GOOOOLLLDBERG!!!

WWE Monday Night Raw, Live From Denver, Colorado

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

Video:  Goldberg Returns Tonight!!

Tonight:  Lita’s Exclusive Interview with Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Segment Number One:  Promo with Jeri-KO, and Seth Rollins

Y2J chants get started, but Kevin has something to say.  At this point, there is no denying anymore, Mick Foley has a vendetta against him.  Why else would he shorten his carrer defending his WWE Universal Championship against a man who doesn’t deserve a title shot.  Jericho tells us to be quiet, and he agrees that Foley has a vendetta against both men.  Being in a Hell in a Cell match is the most barbaric, destructive match in WWE history.  And to prove that Owens is in the same match that ended Foley’s career proves he is a stupid idiot.  Owens has more brain cells than Mick Foley does.  He is a thinking man’s champion, and will make sure he continues his career, and proving that he is a smarter man than Seth Rollins.  And after its said and done, it will still be The Kevin Owens Show for years to come.

Chris believes it should be Chris and Kevin show, and Chris should have been put in this match.  He can beat Seth Rollins, and look at the list of legends Chris has beaten.  Shawn Michaels to Rey Mysterio.  He beat Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night.  He beat The Undertaker for the World Title in this ring.  You can surely think he can beat Seth Rollins.  And only reason why he isn’t is because of that horrible referee.  HE’S ON THE LIST!!  At Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins will have a swan song.  Because he has already replaced him as “The Man”, and in two weeks, Owens will retire Rollins.

And on cue, here is Rollins.  You know Chris, if you want to put something on that list, put that scarf on there.  How about those weird tattoos, goofy looking mustache, and sparkle crotch.  Chris is not sparkle crotch.  Seth just been put on the list.  If he should put something on there, he needs to put his friendship with Kevin Owens.  After all, he was pedigreed twice in a row in front of Kevin.  Chris and Kevin are still very good friends, and have talked about it last few weeks.  One of them needs to stay strong.  So, Owens stays strong, and Chris stays weak?  Chris is a 6-time World Heavyweight Champion, he is the best in the world at what he does.  You want to say why it says GOAT on his trunks?  It should say sprinkle crouch.  Jericho can beat Rollins any day of the week, and Seth thinks now is the time to do it.  But where is Kevin going to be at?  Will he just watch Chris get pedigreed again?  Chris tells us Kevin is leaving.  Owens doesn’t agree with this, and Chris tells him he needs to leave.  He knows all of the tricks, and it doesn’t change Owens is his best friend.  But he has to show the world, and this idiot who he is.  Chris Jericho, dammit.

Match Number 1:  Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho

Great match between the two, and we saw Owens come back out.  Jericho did have the Walls on Rollins, but Owens grabbed the ropes away from Rollins, the ref saw it, made Chris break it up.  Pedigree, pins Jericho.

Winner:  Seth Rollins (Via Pinfall)

Video:  Goldberg’s WCW debut

Tonight:  Goldberg Returns

Segment Number 3:  Lita’s interview with Charlotte

Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, HHH, and Mick Foley.  These are legends first appeared inside Hell in a Cell.  How do they feel about being the first two women to go inside Hell in a Cell.  She is a winner, always has been.  Did Charlotte take advantage of Sasha Banks at Summerslam?  Charlotte has had 12 straight PPV wins, and she is durable.  Forbes Magazine has called her the best Women’s Wrestler, she may even be the best performer, period.  Charlotte is genetically superior, it is in her blood.  Sasha needs the WWE Universe, she does not.  Sasha needs her hometown fans, she may not be 100%.  But Charlotte will, she has proven that.  At Hell in a Cell, she will prove she is better than Sasha.  Nobody will stop her.

Tonight:  Lita talks with Sasha

Match Number 2:  The Golden Truth and Mark Henry Vs The Shining Stars and Titus O’ Neil

World’s Strongest Slam, Mark Henry takes care of Titus O’ Neil, while The Shining Stars watch this.

Winners:  The Golden Truth and Mark Henry.

Next:  Big E Vs Sheamus

Segment Number 5:  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens backstage

Jericho is upset Owens came down to the ring, he did it as a friend.  Foley wants to add some tension, so he can have his back.  Jericho told Owens not to come down, you stu….Owens tells Chris not to call him a stupid idiot, he is not just an idiot.  He is the WWE Universal Champion.  Chris is a 6-time World Champion….Stephanie McMahon interrupts them, and says they need to stay focused for Hell in a Cell.  Her brother made that challenge at Survivor Series, and she needs her two generals to get along.

Match Number 3:  Big E Vs Sheamus

Cesaro is on Facebook Live, Sheamus tells Cesaro, and the world he will use the Brogue Kick, but is rolled up by Big E. for the win.  These two teams face off in 13 days at Hell in a Cell.

Winner:  Big E. (Via Pinfall)

Video:  Goldberg Vs Hollywood Hogan

Tonight:  Goldberg Returns

Earlier Tonight:  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

Match Number 4:  Bo Dallas Vs Neville

These two headlined the very first NXT special on WWE Network, and Bo picks up the win rolling the dice.  Curtis Axel BOlieves, but Bo turned on Curtis.

Winner:  Bo Dallas (Via Pinfall)

Next:  Dana Brooke Vs Bayley

Match Number 5:  Dana Brooke Vs Bayley

The story of this match was Dana physically punishing Bayley, and focusing on her head.  She banged Bayley’s head on the ring apron, and picks up the win.

Winner:  Dana Brooke (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 9:  Paul Heyman

Paul is live, via satellite at WWE Studios.  Cole asked Heyman if he believes Goldberg will accept Brock’s challenge, later tonight.  Heyman knows that Goldberg will fly out here, to accept the challenge.  But Bill, Brock doesn’t even think about you anymore.  It’s a video game, Bill.  So Heyman suggests Bill just says no.  Because if he does say yes, it will piss Brock off.  Goldberg beat him 12 years ago, and Goldberg thinks he can do it again.  The WWE Universe will chant Goldberg’s name, and we hear Goldberg chants.  Paul says that will piss off Brock too.  He will be victimized, and beat down, not be the hero in the video game you think, by Brock Lesnar.

Tonight:  Lana and Rusev has a message for Reigns

Match Number 6:  Braun Strowman Vs The Mile High Trio

I love that name Corey Graves used, so we will go with it.  A 3-on-1 Handicap match, with Braun winning with a reverse Chokeslam.  Braun demands more competition, he is going to the back and take matters into his own hand.  Here comes Sami Zayn.  Braun shoves Sami outside of the ring.  Sami wants some.

Next:  Rusev and Lana

Segment Number 11:  Sami Zayn

Charly Caruso has a moment with Sami.  Why did he challenge Braun?  Because nobody else will.

Segment Number 12:  Lana and Rusev

Rusev trimmed his beard a bit.  In 13 days time, he has an opportunity to crush Roman Reigns’ dreams, shut up with your USA Chants.  Rusev wants Lana to speak.  Her husband is not just the greatest United States Champion of all time, but as his wife, she knows he is an incredible family man, unlike us weak Americans.  Roman Reigns wants to talk about being a family man, good for you.  We know you have 9 Samoans, sitting around campfires, dipping their chicken with mayonnaise, and following everything that he does.  They put coconuts on their head, they say stupid things.  His family is civilized.  Let’s meet The Rusevs.

Video:  The Rusevs

Mama Rusev is a world-class rowing champion.  She is a strong, beautiful woman.  Lana is proud to call her Mother-in-Law.  Don’t boo Mama Rusev.  Now, its Papa Rusev.  He served in the military, and was a wrestling champion.  Now it’s brother Rusev, the best chef in all of Bulgaria.  Now it’s Grandma Rusev, who he calls Babucha.  And we even have his family dog Miguenta, who has won dog shows all over the world.  We have cousins, who play football.

Roman Reigns comes out.  Rusev was right about one thing, Roman does have a big family, but not bloodline, he’s talking about The Roman Empire.  He doesn’t look like his handsome father, he looks like the dog.  Rusev says he can disrespect anyone from his family, don’t disrespect him.  Who is he going to call?  Because in 13 days, they will be locked inside Hell in a Cell, and the only call he will make is 911.  Lana slaps him, and Rusev kicks Reigns.  Reigns takes care of Reigns, and crushes him on top of steel steps, and now Accolade on Reigns.

Video:  Goldberg Vs The Rock in 2003

Tonight:  Goldberg Returns

Video:  Emmalution is coming to WWE Raw

Match Number 7:  Karl Anderson Vs Big Cass

Big Cass wins in quick fashion, hitting Sidewalk Slam, picking up the win.  How ya doin’?

Winner:  Big Cass (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 14:

Brian Kendrick has a 6-man tag match with Drew Gulak and Tony Nese.  T.J. Perkins doubt this was legit.  Kendrick says he will do whatever it takes to survive.  Cedrick Alexander and Rich Swann has T.J.’s back,  6-man tag match is next.

Segment Number 15:  Sasha Banks

She’s been ready, they started together in NXT.  And from NXT to now, they are making history, and she does have respect for her.  But she will show she is the best.  This is real, 13 days, first two women inside Hell in a Cell.  Her back is doing well, she proved she is the woman’s champion.  Is she afraid?  Sasha knows what she got herself.  But she is trying to prepare herself for this night, and in 2 weeks, she will be making history.

Video:  Goldberg Vs HHH

Tonight:  Goldberg Returns

Next:  Cruiserweight action.

Match Number 8:  The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese Vs T.J. Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Champion), Cedrick Alexander, and Rich Swann

Brian made Rick tap out to Captain’s Hook, picking up the win.

Winners:  The Bryan Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese, (Via Submission)

Segment Number 17:  Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley

Hell in a Cell is shaping up to be a good show, but what about next week?  Mick offers a triple threat main event if Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho Vs Kevin Owens.

Videos:  From last two weeks.

Segment Number 18:  Goldberg

Michael Cole introduces us to the man.  Michael leaves, Goldberg is touched by his return, thanking the fans for remembering him.  Michael walks away, and gives Goldberg the floor.  12 years ladies and gentlemen.  You never say never.  So thank you for the humble return.  What makes this so special is his wife and his son get to see him live, for the first time.  Back in January, 2K and WWE asked him to come back.  He went on a tour to Germany, met some kids, and looked at him as Goldberg, a true superhero.  He had some trouble in WWE, so he thought maybe he should just leave it alone?  But then Brock challenged him to a fight.  But he used that big, fat stooge Paul Heyman to do it for him.  So what would you do?  Maybe he has one last ass kicking left in him.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It was great to see Goldberg back tonight, and am curious to see where we go from here.  The match takes place at Survivor Series.  Next week, Brock Lesnar returns, live in Minneapolis.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

Quick Results:

**Seth Rollins def.  Chris Jericho, via pinfall

**The Golden Truth and Mark Henry def The Shining Stars and Titus O’ Neil, via pinfall

**Big E (WWE Tag Team Champion) def Sheamus via pinfall in a non-title match.

**Bo Dallas def Neville, Via Pinfall

**Dana Brooke def Bayley Via Pinfall

**Braun Strowman def The Mile High Trio, Via Pinfall

**Big Cass def Karl Anderson, via pinfall

**The Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese def T.J. Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) Rich Swann, and Cedrick Alexander, via pinfall













WWE Monday Night Raw 10/10/16…The Challenge Is Issued

WWE Monday Night Raw, Live from Oakland, California

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Segment 1:  Promo with Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Rusev, and Roman Reigns.

The new WWE Women’s Champion, “The Boss” Sasha Banks comes out.  Sasha feels like she is on top of the world.  It wasn’t long she was sitting at the top of the row out there.  And she was a little girl watching Raw at home.  She would watch her hero, Eddie Guerrero, lie, cheat, and steal our hearts in the WWE.  She would watch women like Trish Stratus and Lita tearing it up as the main event, and she dreamt about doing that.  Last week her dream came true.  She was in the main event, and became a 2-time Raw’s Women’s Champion.  Charlotte has a rematch at Hell in a Cell, so Sasha suggests they up the ante, and put this inside Hell in a Cell, and make history.

Enter Charlotte.  Now comes Rusev and Lana.  Nobody cares about your stupid women’s revolution.  And nobody cares that they made the main event last week, because Rusev is the main event every time he is in the ring.  Charlotte interrupts, and says nobody disrespect The Queen, that is the Women’s Championship, and Sasha might be the champion, she is still “The Queen”.  And if Sasha wants to be inside Hell in a Cell?  You’re on.  Good for you says Rusev, but nobody cares.  Sasha takes the mic, and Lana snatches it back.  She says they are about the women’s revolution, they need to realize Hell in a Cell is built for men.  Sasha dropkicks Lana, and we see Charlotte and Sasha take out Rusev.  But here comes Reigns.

What will Mick Foley say about Charlotte Vs Sasha inside Hell in a Cell?

Tonight:  Paul Heyman is here to respond to Goldberg.  Also tonight, Rollins Vs Jericho.

Segment Number 2:  The New Day

They talk about the Bay area having many great pairs.  Then, there is Cesaro and Sheamus.  Cesaro is handsome, suave, sophisticated.  And Sheamus is hot garbage.  Here comes Cesaro and Sheamus.

Match Number 1:  Cesaro Vs Kofi Kingston (Raw Tag Team Champion)

Sheamus is on Facebook Live, he doesn’t watch the match, he takes Francesca II, shoves Xavier, with Big E. taking down Sheamus, and all of this distracts Cesaro, and Kofi rolls him for the win.

Winner:  Kofi Kingston (Via Pinfall)

Tonight:  Reigns and Banks Vs Charlotte and Rusev

Next:  Video footage of Goldberg on ESPN.

Video:  Goldberg on ESPN

Tonight:  Paul Heyman responds to Goldberg

Match Number 2:  Bayley Vs Cami Fields.

Bayley to Belly, the match is over.  Dana Brooke lays out Bayley from behind.

Winner:  Bayley (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 5:  Chris Jericho and R-Truth

Chris is on the phone, with Truth listening in.  Just get me that payday Jericho said.  Truth has a Payday.  He wants money.

Match Number 3:  Tony Nese and Drew Gulak Vs Lince Dorado and Sin Cara.

Sin Cara introduced himself to be a part of the Cruiserweight Division earlier tonight, and the duo of Dorado and Cara win with Dorado doing a 360 splash, pinning Gulak.

Winners:  Sin Cara and Lince Dorado (Via Pinfall)

Next:  Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon address Hell in a Cell.

Segment Number 7:  Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon Promo

Mick is wearing an incredible suit in the ring.  3 weeks from now, it’s Hell in a Cell.  And to tell you all about it right here, in Oakland, California.  Reigns Vs Rusev, for the United States Championship, inside Hell in a Cell.  Charlotte and Sasha made history last week, and they want to be in a Hell in a Cell match.  But women don’t always get what they want….they get what they deserve.  Last week’s title match was incredible, and they will get that Hell in a Cell match, because they deserve it.  Seth Rollins wants his Universal Title shot, and Seth wants it to be fair game.  So Seth gets that title shot, inside Hell in a Cell.  3 Hell in a Cell matches.

Enter Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.  Congratulations Mick, you have done yourself this week, because that is the stupidest decision Mick made yet.  Kevin doesn’t want to be in a Hell of a Cell match.  Because he wants to have a long career, and not a washed-up GM.  He is the Universal Champion.  So Chris asks if Mick grants everyone what they want.  If they request a private jet that says Team Chris and Kevin.  Jericho tells Foley he has never liked him since they met, and he’s putting his champ at risk, he is putting Owens in jeopardy, because it can end his career, like Mick’s did.  Yes, he is.  Foley is now on THE LIST!!  Jericho asks Stephanie to take care of this guy, and Steph tells him he needs to show respect.  Seth Rollins deserves this match, and he wants a piece of Chris Jericho too.  Chris said he’d like to face that stupid idiot too.  So, tonight it will be Jericho Vs Rollins.  But Stephanie has a decision to make, after seeing No Mercy last night, and seeing Triple Threat match for the WWE World Title.  So she suggests if Jericho wins tonight, he’s added to Hell in a Cell main event to a Triple Threat match.

Segment Number 8:  Seth Rollins

Charlie Caruso is backstage with Seth, and he wants thoughts from him.  Seth is good with this, but he is going to end that plan Stephanie has by defeating Chris Jericho tonight.  Then, he gets Owens one on one inside Hell in a Cell.  But the question is how does Owens feel about this?

Tonight:  Reigns and Sasha Vs Rusev and Charlotte, and Paul Heyman address Goldberg.

Match Number 4:  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel Vs Enzo and Cass.

The match never takes place, because Gallows and Anderson attack Enzo and Cass, and lay them both out.

Winner:  No Contest

Segment Number 10:  Curtis Axel wants a match

Curtis demands a match, he still BO-lieves in Bo, and they want a fight.

Match Number 5:  Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas Vs Sami Zayn and Neville

Neville and Sami win with the Red Arrow, Helluva Kick combination, pinning Curtis.  Bo Dallas storms off.

Segment Number 12:  Charlotte and Lana

Lana warns Charlotte to stay out of her husband’s way.

Match Number 6:  Titus O’ Neil Vs R-Truth

Goldust distracts Titus, and Truth rolls him up for the win.

Winner:  R-Truth (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 14:  T.J. Perkins and Brian Kendrick

T.J. wants to talk with Brian, he knows the real Brian Kendrick.  He is afraid because this is his last chance.  Brian reminded T.J. he beat him last week, and T.J. said he cheated to win, and he’s better than that.  These two have history together.  Brian drove him to his matches when he was too young to drive.  Brian bought him a Nintendo 64 when it broke.  It’s not too late to be the real Brian Kendrick.  He offers a handshake, but Brian tries to attack him from behind, but T.J. counters that.

Match Number 7:  Braun Strowman Vs The Splash Brothers, Steven and Clay Splash.

Oh boy.  Braun takes care of the Splash Brothers, like Kyrie Irving hitting a clutch 3, over Steph’s head.  Byron tries to say something, but Braun wants real competition.  This is a warning to Foley, give Braun some real competition, or whatever happens will be on Foley’s hand.

Winner:  Braun Strowman (Via Pinfall)

Video:  WWE2K17

Next:  Sasha and Reigns Vs Charlotte and Rusev

Video:  The Royal Rumble

Match Number 8:  Charlotte and Rusev Vs Sasha (Raw Women’s Champion) and Reigns (US Champion)

Sasha and Reigns win the match when Sasha makes Charlotte tap out to the Bank Statement.

Winners:  Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns (Via Submission)

Earlier Tonight:  Stephanie McMahon ordered main event of tonight’s show.

If Jericho wins tonight, he is added to Hell in a Cell Triple Threat match.

Backstage Segment:  Jeri-KO

“Phil” wants to hear thoughts from Kevin Owens facing Seth Rollins, and possibly Jericho.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a singles match, or a Triple Threat match, Owens is walking out of Hell in a Cell as WWE Universal Champion.  Jericho says if one is champion, the team is champion.  Why didn’t Owens help out Jericho last week?  They talked about this earlier, if one is laid out, the other has to stay healthy.  Now get out of here.  “Phillip” doesn’t leave, SO HE JUST MADE THE LIST!!

Next:  Paul Heyman

Video:  Goldberg From ESPN

Segment Number 19:  Paul Heyman

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate of The Beats who adorns the cover of WWE2K17, BROCK LESNAR!!  For this he offers us this most newsworthy preview.

Video:  Preview of WWE2K17

For 12 years, everyone in the WWE Universe keeps on asking what if we could experience that dominance, even for one more night.  What if there is one more spear, what if there is one more Jackhammer.  Even for just one more night, we could experience Goldberg.  Think about it, everytime a new bad ass would come to WWE, get in the ring, we’d hear those chants of GOLD-BERG!!  He has victimized opponents, he has beaten everyone.  And you think for a moment, Goldberg’s career was running along the same lines of his client, Brock Lesnar.  And I think Goldberg is still one up on Brock Lesnar.  Which is why he is allowed to do this, on behalf of his client, Goldberg, you sir are officially challenged to go one on one with his client, Brock Lesnar.  BEAST VS MYTH.  One more time, Brock Lesnar Vs GOOOOOOLD-BERG!!  Bill Goldberg, you can listen to the WWE audience, and you can live in the fantasy of WWE2K17, where you can live in the world of being the one blemish in Brock Lesnar’s WWE career.  Because in Suplex City, you’re not Goldberg,,,,YOU’RE NEXT.

Video:  The makeover of Emmalina is Premiering Soon

Match Number 9:  T. J. Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) Vs Ariya Daivari in a non-title match.

The Brian Kendrick was at commentary, and we saw T.J. make Ariva tap out to the Knee Bar.  In 3 weeks, at Hell in a Cell, Perkins Vs Kendrick, for the Cruiserweight Title.

Winner:  T.J. Perkins (Via Submission)

Segment Number 21:  Backstage Segment with Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie wishes Jericho luck in his match tonight.  Chris almost wrote her name on the list.  Stephanie tells him that if they get Triple Threat match at Hell in a Cell, it will outdo No Mercy.  And when you get in the cell, and you say you’re as close to Kevin as you say, you know what to do.  Kevin wants to know what that was about, Jericho said it’s about friendship.

Video:  Hispanic Heritage Month, Tito Santana.

Next week:  Goldberg will be live on Raw.

Match Number 10:  Chris Jericho Vs Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins wins an amazing match with a roll up.  Kevin Owens had come out earlier, so when the match was over with, he came out and beat down Rollins.  Jericho helps, but Seth turns the corner, and hits a Pedigree, with the WWE Universal Champion looking from the outside, walking away from his “buddy”.  The show ends with champion and challenger looking at each other.

Winner:  Seth Rollins (Via Pinfall)

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The story of this night is the return of Goldberg.  You could miss the first 2 hours of the show, and tune in to the best part, which was Heyman, and the main event.  Everything else just didn’t do much for me, in fact, I watched this on DVR, it took me 2 days to get through the entire episode.  Way too many matches, and nothing really stood out for me, except the main event.  Share me your thoughts.

Quick Results:

Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro (By Pinfall)

Bayley def. Cami Fields. (By Pinfall)

Sin Cara and Lince Dorado def. Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. (By Pinfall)

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel and Enzo and Big Cass ended in a no contest.

Neville and Sami Zayn def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. (By Pinfall)

R-Truth def. Titus O’ Neil. (By Pinfall)

Braun Strowman def. The Splash Brothers. (By Pinfall)

Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns def. Charlotte and Rusev. (By Submission)

T.J. Perkins def. Ariya Daivari.  (By Submission)

Seth Rollins def. Chris Jericho.  (By Pinfall)




























WWE Monday Night Raw 10/3/16…Charlotte Vs Sasha Steals The Show

WWE Monday Night Raw From Los Angeles, California              

Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves

Tonight:  Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Women’s Title.  The Brian Kendrick Vs T.J. Perkins.  And an exclusive interview with Seth Rollins.

Segment Number 1:  Roman Reigns, Rusev, And Lana

Roman’s blood line has been here in WWE for a long time, but they have never been United States Champion, but Roman is THE guy.  And Lana enters.  She came out here to talk to Roman, but her husband doesn’t know.  Roman says how ya’ doin?  Lana is here to negotiate.  Her husband is challenging Roman to a United States Championship.  Roman isn’t impressed, and says Rusev is hiding behind Lana’s skirt, while Lana does all of the work.  Rusev is Lana’s husband, he is family.  Roman has zero respect for family, because he came out here, and tried to destroy her wedding celebration.  Lana tells Roman to hide that stupid smile you stupid boy.  Her husband will come out, and crush him in front of all these people, and in front of his family.  Reigns tells Lana to send for her husband and tell it to his face.  Lana says you go to hell.  But here comes Rusev.  The two men start to fight in the aisle.  Rusev sends Reigns over the barricade with his boot.  Rusev holds the United States Championship, and takes it.  Possession is 9 tenths of the law.  But Reigns from behind, with the Superman Punch, knocking out Rusev.  Reigns is taking Rusev and Lana to hell, inside Hell in a Cell.

Video:  T.J. Perkins Vs The Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Next:  T.J. Perkins Vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweght Title.

Match Number 1:  Brian Kendrick Vs T.J. Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)-Non-Title Match.

Brian Kendrick makes T.J. tap out to Captain’s Hook in what was more of a ground game, but Kendrick even hit Sliced Bread Number 2, which is a fun move.

Winner:  Brian Kendrick (By Submission)

Next:  Exclusive Interview with Seth Rollins.

Segment 3:  Exclusive Interview With Seth Rollins

Michael Cole asks Seth about what happened at Clash of the Champions.  Seth admits he got caught in the wrong position, but he still works harder than anyone.  Kevin Owens and Seth have one thing in common, being HHH’s man.  But Kevin is always at the right place, he doesn’t work half as hard as Seth.  Cole asks him how it feels to be replaced by Kevin Owens.  You can’t replace Seth Rollins.  Kevin is just a cog in the machine, like Seth was.  But now Seth has wide opens, and he will take out that cog in the machine, and it begins with taking the WWE World Title from Owens.  Cole asks him about Jericho coming out to cost Seth at Clash of Champions.  Everything was done at the right time.  And Stephanie just shows up, to send another referee.  But when Seth gets the next title shot, he will cancel The Kevin Owens Show, at any cost.

So the interview ends, and we find out tonight, Kevin Owens will respond to Seth Rollins.

October is National Cancer Month with the Susan G. Kormen, We can join the fight.

Match Number 2:  Braun Strowman Vs Chase Silver

Oh boy, another squash match.  Power slam, match is done.

Winner:  Braun Strowman (Via Pinfall)

Byron asks Braun what is next, and Braun orders Mick Foley to give him more competition.

Tonight:  Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte for WWE Women’s Title.

Segment 5:  Sasha Banks and Bayley

The Women’s Title is our main event tonight.  Sasha can’t think about that, just about becoming a 2-time Women’s Champion.  Bayley wishes her luck for tonight.  Sasha will make history by taking over the Women’s Division.  Charlotte was born in this business, but Sasha was born to be in this moment.

Next:  Kevin Owens will speak.

Royal Rumble is coming to The Alomodome, for the first time since 1997.

Confirmed:  Reigns Vs Rusev, inside Hell in a Cell.

Segment Number 6:  Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

The WWE World Champion comes out with his best buddy, Chris Jericho.  Owens just watched that interview Seth Rollins had with Cole, and what he got from it is if Rollins was smart, he’d get some rest from those bruised ribs the doctor told him to do, but he is a stupid idiot.  He wants a rematch for the WWE World Title, but what has he done to deserve it?  He lost the match, and he has one person to blame, Kevin Owens.  Because he is standing here with the WWE Universal Championship.  Another question we may have is why Chris Jericho is standing in the ring here?  Jericho answers they are best friends.  That is true, but that’s not why Owens asked him here.  Owens brings up the ref costs Seth the match, so Owens asks Jericho to be the special guest ref, if Seth gets the title rematch.  Jericho agrees to it, but he proposes after winning their big match over Enzo and Cass, they should go after the WWE Tag Team Titles.  Owens agrees they are a great tag team, but he says Cesaro and Sheamus are Number One Contenders, so they wouldn’t get Tag Title shots anyway.  Jericho counters, they can win against New Day, then go after Tag Titles.  Besides, Sheamus and Cesaro aren’t best friends anyway.  Owens says he is busy being WWE Universal Champion, and Jericho brings up it’s not like he is asking for Universal Title shot.  Owens pauses, but agrees to this, and that leads to…..


They bring up friendship, nobody has friendship like New Day.  Kofi just made the list.  Big E. starts singing, and he suggests they have a champion huddle.  Owens can get involved, but not Jericho.  He’s not a champion.  Jericho confirms Big E. has made the list.  Xavier laughs about this, and he just made the list.  Champion huddle, and Owens talks about how they promote kids to eat questionable things.  They also jumped the shark earlier about 7 months ago.  Xavier answers they don’t swim, and Kevin hasn’t jumped anything in years.  Xavier made the list again.  Xavier accepts their challenge, and says they will never be the WWE Tag Team Champions, because New Day Rocks!!

Earlier Tonight:  Cesaro and Sheamus arguing, and Charlotte Vs Sasha.

Confirmed:  The New Day Vs Jeri-KO, tonight.

Match Number 3:  Sami Zayn Vs Titus O’Neil

Zayn picks up the victory with a Helluva Kick, knocking out Titus.  His brand is not off to a good start.

Winner:  Sami Zayn (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 8:  Sheamus, Cesaro, and Mick Foley

They are still arguing, and Foley challenges them to get on the same page, and prove him right.

Next:  Gallows And Anderson Are In Action

Match Number 4:  Gallows and Anderson Vs The Golden Truth

Complete domination here, that ends with Magic Killer.  Gallows pins R-Truth.  They attack Goldust, and hits Magic Killer for good measure.

Winners:  Gallows and Anderson (Via Pinfall)

Segment Number 10:  Jeri-KO, Ashton Kutcher, and Danny Masterson.

Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson greet Jericho and Owens.  They take a look at THE list.  Ashton calls he and Danny brothers.  Jericho says they should be Siamese twins.  Owens leaves.  Ashton warns Jericho they will be at ringside for their match against New Day.  Jericho tells them they better stay out of their business, or they will get….he disappears, and reappears, IT….

Segment Number 11:  Susan G. Komen Plug with Enzo and Cass.

Enzo and Cass are with former Cancer patients.  This year marks the 5th year WWE and Susan G. Komen teamed up to fight with Breast Cancer.  These women are Breast Cancer survivors, and they are awarded the Women’s Championship.  Very classy.  They are not S.A.W.F.T.

Tonight:  Sasha Vs Charlotte for Women’s Title.

Next:  The New Day Vs Jeri-KO

Match Number 5:  The New Day (WWE Tag Team Champions) Vs Jeri-KO

Seth Rollins came out to watch this, while Ashton and Danny were commentating.  New Day picks up the win, when Xavier hits Midnight Hour, pinning Jericho.  Owens leaves his friend from behind.

Winners:  The New Day Via Pinfall.

Rollins comes into the ring, and gives Jericho a Pedigree, with Owens not coming to the ring.

Earlier Tonight:  Rusev and Reigns.

At Hell in a Cell, it’s Rusev Vs Reigns inside Hell in a Cell, for the United States Title.

Segment Number 13:  Backstage Interview with Charlotte and Dana Brooke.

The idiot Tom Phillips asks a stupid question to Charlotte, any butterflies over her match tonight.  Charlotte tells us she is the most dominant woman in the business, and she will prove that once again.  She was born in this business, and she will take Sasha, and be history.

Next:  Rich Swann Vs Tony Nese

Video:  Rich Swann

Segment Number 14:  Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins

Seth is not medically cleared yet, he never should have been in the ring.  Stephanie admits Rollins is all alone for the first time his WWE career.  No Shield, no Authority.  And he will find out he is replaceable, just like everybody else.  You don’t get it, Rollins stopped listening the night HHH stabbed Rollins in the back.  It’s the second biggest mistake he ever done.  What’s the first?  Marrying Steph.  Ouch!!  If she doesn’t give Seth his title rematch, he will make her life a living hell, and he will take care of her, Owens, and Chris Jericho.

Match Number 6:  Rich Swann Vs Tony Nese

Tony picks up the win with a Pump Handle Michinoku Driver, and pinned Swann.

Winner:  Tony Nese (Via Pinfall)

Hispanic Heritage Month Video:  Mil Mascaras, oddly enough no mention of Mil Mascaras being Alberto Del Rio’s uncle.

Next:  Cesaro and Sheamus in tag action

Video:  The Makeover from Emma to Emmalution is coming soon.

Match Number 7:  Cesaro and Sheamus Vs Raul White and Mark Canary

Sheamus and Cesaro still can’t get along, Sheamus hit 2 Brogue Kicks, while Cesaro nails a leaping DDT on one of the guys.

Winners:  Cesaro and Sheamus (Via Pinfall)

Next:  Sasha Vs Charlotte for WWE Women’s Title.

Live From:  Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

Video:  Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte

Segment Number 18:  Backstage segment with Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Bayley

Charlotte makes fun of Bayley, saying one day she can maybe grow up, and have a title match against Charlotte.  Charlotte walks away, Dana Brooke gets into Bayley’s face, and Bayley shoves Dana into the platform, hurting her knee.

Match Number 8:  Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte (WWE Women’s Champion) WWE Women’s Title Match

What a match, these two shared the spotlight, including Charlotte doing a back flip that speaks volumes, please check it out when you can.  Sasha wins the match, making Charlotte tap out to the Bank Statement.  Sasha becomes a 2-time Women’s Champion, and Charlotte is irate.  The show ends here.

Winner:  (And New WWE Women’s Champion) Sasha Banks

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a great main event, the show was okay.  It had its good moments, and bad, but the main event was incredible.  A physical match where the ending sequence needs to be seen by everyone reading this.  Just a great ending to the show.  It’s on the List of Gillman.

Quick Match Results:

Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins (non-title)

-Braun Strowman def. Chase Silver

-Sami Zayn def. Titus O’Neil

-Gallows and Anderson def. The Golden Truth

-The New Day def. Jeri-KO (non-title)

-Rich Swann Vs Tony Nese

-Cesaro and Sheamus Vs Raul White and Mark Canary

-Sasha Banks def Charlotte (WWE Women’s Title match)


WWE Hell In A Cell 10/25/15

Tonight, for the final time, we will see Brock Lesnar face “The Phenom” Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.  We will also see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.  Seth Rollins puts his WWE World Heavyweight Title against “Demon” Kane.

We are 45 minutes away from the Kick-off show, which will give us a 6-man tag.

Keep checking here throughout the night, as we go through Hell in a Cell.

We are live in Los Angeles, with Renee Young welcoming us to the Kick-off show.  The panel includes Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge.  His guest tonight is The Dudley Boyz.  We can ask questions, and use the hashtag #GetTheTitles to ask a question.

Tonight, the final meeting with Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Also, inside a Hell in a Cell, we will see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, and we see footage of this.

They show us Bray Wyatt’s exclusive interview with Michael Cole.  Very interesting interview.

This could be a match that steals the show.

John Cena’s United States Title Open Challenge is tonight.

Jo-Jo is standing by with John Cena.

For the first time, John Cena United States Title Open Challenge, and Cena is ready to break it down now.

We are kicking the show off tonight with history.  You want some, come get some.

Tonight, Kevin Owens Vs Ryback for the IC Title.

We hear an interview from Owens earlier today.

Owens runs down the Lakers, and Magic Johnson being a “false idol”, just like Ryback.

Another rematch, see the theme we are going here?

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella, for the Divas Title.

Nobody is allowed at ringside for this match.

“Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins is being shown now.

Our kick-off match is up next.  Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro Vs Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler handle their part.

Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro win when Cesaro gives Barrett a Cesaro Swing, and Neville hits a Red Arrow.

Fun match here, and we saw Stardust and The Ascension sit in the “Stardust Section”, which is funny.

Tom Phillips and The Dudleys join us.

They don’t feel bad for nailing Xavier Woods through a table.

Now, with Xavier not in the picture, they shouldn’t be DQ’d.  The New Day has to put their Tag Titles straight up against the most decorated team in history.

What is their favorite moment as a team?  Their return to Brooklyn.

They will turn tonight into their new favorite moment, becoming a 10-time Tag Team Champion.

The final chapter, Lesnar Vs Taker will be shown in-depth, next.

Lesnar Vs Taker video is showing, up next, the PPV will begin.  I am ready.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.  We are live in the Staples Center.

Hell in a Cell begins now, and kicks off with the John Cena United States Title Open Challenge.

Cena is ready to find out.  Los Angeles is the place to be.  John Cena is still the man to beat.  And a special Hell in a Cell live, only on WWE Network United States Title open challenge starts now.  You want some, come get some.

Here comes Zeb Colter?

You know John Cena, if that is your real name.  Let’s be honest, some people like you, and some do not.  That is what we call a polarizing background.  And he thinks it’s time for everyone from every background to come together.  And he thinks it’s time for Cena to lose that title, so this person can do more with it.  Let’s introduce Cena to…..

Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio wins the US Championship when he gave Cena a kick to the head.  Viva Del Rio!!

Colter stuck his hand, and Del Rio shook it.

Cena appears in a daze.

The Authority seem impressed, and Rollins told them that was a moment.  Not the same kind of moment Rollins won US Title to be the WWE World Champ and US Champ at the same time.

Here comes “Corporate” Kane to assure The Authority he has learned from his lessons.  Rollins doesn’t buy any of it.  HHH tells Kane they are in a private meeting, and he doesn’t need to be involved.  Rollins tells him he won’t be needed tomorrow night either, when he’s out of a job.

Kane has one thing to say then….good luck.

Wyatt Vs Reigns, inside Hell in a Cell is now.

Reigns wins a brutal, and fun match by hitting a spear on Wyatt.  We had 4 tables break, chairs galore, and kendo sticks.  The ending being Wyatt setting up the ring buckles with kendo sticks, and Reigns turns the corner, to hit Wyatt with one, and put him through a corner with the other.

Such a fun match here, and they are trying to steal the show.  I think they did.

They are setting up Survivor Series as an event where wen salute Undertaker.  25 years he started, and now we rise for him.

Celebrities are here tonight, and our next match is for the Tag Team Titles.  The Dudley Boyz Vs The New Day.

Brother Xavier isn’t here, so we have an empty trombone.  It’s a sad day, as sad as the Lakers have become.

All trombonist are sad.

So in honor of the percussion unit, Kofi promises to play the bongo drums on Bubba Ray’s belly.  And Big E. promises to plat the bass drum on Devon’s belly, because No Day Rocks.

Here come them damn Dudleys.

Kofi used an Eddie Guerrero move, throwing the trombone at Bubba, and then fall down.  But the ref didn’t ring the bell.  Big E. nailed Bubba with a trombone, Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise, and New Day retain their titles.

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella is now.

Charlotte wins the match by making Nikki tap out to the Figure Eight.

Nikki was taunting her about facing her, but the champ prevailed.

Paige and Becky come out to celebrate with her.

Dean Ambrose celebrates Reigns victory, and Dean reminds him about what is next.  Roman suggests they talk about that tomorrow.

More celebrities at The Staples Center.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line now.  “Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins.

Seth retains the title with a Pedigree.

So “Corporate” Kane is out of work, it seems.

Hell in a Cell panel are out here now.  “Corporate” Kane is no more.

Earlier tonight in the Kick-Off match, Cesaro, Ziggler, and Neville win their match, over Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback Vs Kevin Owens for the IC Title is up now.

Owens wins with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

This felt like a “bathroom break” match.

Next up, Lesnar Vs Taker, inside Hell in a Cell.

Earlier tonight, John Cena lost the United States Title to the returning Alberto Del Rio.

Brock Vs Taker, our main event, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.

Brock hits an F-5 to defeat The Undertaker in what was a classic fight.  There was blood, there was ring being torn, there was a low blow by Brock, and a F-5 on the open board that pinned The DEADMAN.

Undertaker looks like he is giving Brock his respect at the end there, with a nod of the finger, and then laid right back down.  Lesnar fell down, and stumbled back up.

This had a big-match feel.

Taker sat up, only like he could.  An incredible man, and an incredible career.

Thank You Taker!!

The crowd and the announcers are giving him a standing ovation.

And he is about to give us a bow, but here come The Wyatt Family.

Oh boy, this is when The Brothers of Destruction reunite, right?

All 4 men surround the ring, Taker is ready for them.

All 4 men beat down Taker, with Bray mocking him.  They take his body and head out of ringside, carrying him on a cross.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Such a fun show here that sets the tone for many things.  One way or the other, Undertaker is wrapping up his career, and this could be a way for Taker to pave the way for Bray to be the next “Phenom”.

Not a bad match here, and every one of them felt like storylines are wrapping up, and the ending of tonight’s show was the beginning of a new storyline.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.  I will talk to you tomorrow night, on Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/19/15…The Road To Hell

Tonight, Raw is in D-Town, the home city of Wrestlemania 32.  So will the build begin?  A star-studded show tonight, including the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who hasn’t been on Raw in 4 years.

Raw is now.

We are live in Dallas, and the glass breaks to kick the show off.

It’s indeed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Austin started his career in 1989, back in the Sportatortum in Dallas, Texas.  When they built AllState Arena, they brought in The Rock and Austin to welcome the place.

If you’re ready for Raw, give me a Hell Yeah.  If you’re ready for Wrestlemania, give me a Hell Yeah.

After tonight’s Raw, stay tuned for his podcast on The WWE Network, with his guest being “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

But now, he is going to introduce a man he highly respects in the ring.  A man who does what he says, and this Sunday will meet Brock Lesnar for the final time, The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar, we have one last battle to fight.  And listen when he says this son, the depths of hell will look like the gates to heaven compared to where he will take Brock this Sunday, at Hell in a Cell.


Ladies and Deadman, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate of the beast who shall be unleashed this Sunday, inside Hell in a Cell….BROCK LESNAR!!

My client and I were just talking how fitting this is.  Both men enter Hell in a Cell consumed with revenge.  His client, Brock Lesnar wants to avenge that tainted, disgusting loss he suffered at the hands of The Undertaker.

But Taker doesn’t want to just avenge, he lusts for Brock, because he can’t get over his client defeated him at Wrestlemania.  This Sunday, his client Brock Lesnar will take that avenge, and Taker will know that tainted feeling that he has that legacy of conquering everyone, but Brock Lesnar.

This is what Paul has wrong, because when you take everything from a man, then that man ends up fighting with nothing to lose.

Bring it on, son.  Taker is ready.

And here comes Lesnar.

This is not the time, Taker is in Brock’s head.  And with that, Brock walks away, and Heyman tells him now he is in Taker’s head.

They will cross paths 6 days from now.

Next, a big 6-man tag match of Cena and The Dudleys Vs The New Day.

This Sunday at Hell in a Cell….John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge will be in effect.  Who takes the challenge?

Our match is up now.

Crowd tells us New Day sucks, but they disagree.

You might as well call them unicorns, because they have brought magic back to WWE.

You know what they say about Texas?  They say everything in Texas is booty.  Dez Bryant’s ankle is booty.

Tony Romo’s collar-bone is booty, and Kofi reminds them what they did a few weeks ago to them, they kicked their….

This is a PG show, Kofi.

Yeah, but we are The New Day.  We can do whatever we want, kick your ass.

Big tag match is now.

Woods picks up a quick run, rolling up Devon with the pants, when action was going on outside.

Cena and The Dudleys have had enough, and take care of them.

Cena gives Xavier an AA.

And now, it’s time for Devon to get the table.

And Xavier goes through another table.

Breaking news, Randy Orton never made the tour dates, and isn’t here on Raw.  He is injured, so who will Ambrose team with at Hell in a Cell?

Ambrose is talking with Dean Malenko and Fit Finlay.

We hear from “The Lunatic Fringe”, next.

Renee Young is with Dean Ambrose.

People want to talk about The Wyatts getting after Orton, it’s happened before, so who is to say it didn’t happen here.  He wants The Wyatts tonight.

Nikki and Alicia Fox will face Sasha and Naomi.

Nikki wins with a Rack Attack, pins Naomi.

Switching gears.

Footage from last Monday when “Demon” Kane defeated Rollins in a Lumberjack Match.

“Corporate” Kane is suspended for tonight’s show.

Shawn Michaels is with HHH, Shawn joins us next.

“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michales comes to the ring.

Hell in a Cell is clearly upon us.  Shawn has been in a cage, and he has been in a cell.  But both pale in comparison to being inside Hell in a Cell.

Many years ago, Shawn was in the first ever Hell in a Cell.  He can’t remember who he was in the ring with.  Oh yeah, The Undertaker.

18 years later this Sunday, The Undertaker will step inside Hell in a Cell, and he will do it against Brock Lesnar.

But there will be another Hell in a Cell.  After weeks of ridicule, Roman Reigns will look to get redemption from Bray Wyatt.  Those two matches will tear the house down.

Enter the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Crowd wants one more match, and that would be good.

Seth wants to know what Shawn is doing out here.  He knows what he was supposed to do, he was supposed to introduce “The Man”.  He was supposed to start the second hour, introducing Seth Rollins.

Shawn wanted to have a little bit of fun with these fans.  And he ended that fun when Rollins came out.

But the orders didn’t come from Seth, it came from his best friend, HHH.

He’s out here talking about Brock Vs Taker, that’s fine.  But he wants to talk about Reigns?  He needs to talk about the man who will steal the show this Sunday.  The man who people call “HBK Version 2”, except this new version is better.

What bothers Shawn is people is fine being “the next Shawn Michaels”.  Shawn would never be up for that.  Instead, he wanted to be the greatest wrestler that ever lived.  But Seth shouldn’t worry about Shawn, he needs to focus on Kane, because he is going to get ya.

Shawn is jealous of Seth, because Seth had a moment at Wrestlemania that eclipsed anything Shawn had ever done.  But he’s done with Shawn, and as far as Kane goes, he will take care of “The Demon” and he will look up at the lights, like everyone else has done.  So hit his music.

No music, and Shawn brings up the one bad thing about being version 2 is they never play his music when he asks for it.  But Seth isn’t done, he has a match against Ryback.

Now hit his music.

Rollins Vs Ryback is next.

Rollins wins with a Pedigree, just like that.

Tonight, Ambrose faces Harper and Strowman in a 2-on-1 Handicap match.

Earlier tonight, The Undertaker had a message for Brock Lesnar.

Rusev is engaged to Lana, and we saw that segment last week with Summer Rae.

Another 6-man tag match, because the world needs more of that.

Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville Vs King Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev win the match when Sheamus gives Ziggler a Brogue Kick on the outside, and Barrett pins Ziggy.

A good match here.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair are discussing things.  Flair is up next.

Miz TV is this Thursday night on Smackdown, with Ziggler and Summer Rae.

WOOOOOOO, Ric Flair is in the ring.

Dallas, Texas….And The Nature Boy….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Alot of history here, The Von Erichs, The Freebirds, WOOOOOOO!!!!

But Wrestlemania is right around the corner.  He just found out that Dean Ambrose will team up with his main man, Roman Reigns, now.


The Brothers Shield Vs The Wyatts.

Right when Reigns has the mic, we are interrupted by The Wyatts.

Reigns thanks Naitch, and now the three of them and one of them.

He does something different, he gets two chairs.  One is for him, and one is for Wyatt.

Erick Rowan is back, it seems.

Reigns is calling Bray Wyatt out in the middle of Dallas, Texas/

Here he comes.

Reigns wants to talk about Bray.  He is a bully.  He likes to pick on people, and he digs on that.  He digs power by fear.  He surrounds himself with mountains, because he is scared of being alone.  He sees fear in his eyes.  Before he calls them out, to kick his ass let’s talk about Sunday.

They can’t get in, and he can’t get out.  He should be very afraid of him.

And now the two men fight, and here comes backup.

Later tonight, Reigns and Ambrose Vs The Wyatt Family.

The Authority are watching what just happened.

Shawn comes in to say hi.

HHH says Ambrose and Reigns should have a partner.  HBK suggests Seth should be their partner.  This is like them taking care of a child.  How many times did HHH work multiple times?

Rollins doesn’t like this, and he said he will be in the ring with 5 world-class athletes, so if they need a partner, they have one.

For one night, The Shield reunites?

It’s now Charlotte Vs Brie Bella.

Charlotte makes Brie tap out to Figure Eight.

This Sunday, Nikki Vs Charlotte for the Divas Title.

Paige was watching backstage, and Renee Young interrupts.

Was Paige the one who attacked Natalya backstage before Smackdown.  Paige denies, and Renee isn’t buying it.

It could be anyone who doesn’t like the divas division, it could be anyone, past or present divas.  Renee questions her more, and Paige tells her she isn’t Erin Andrews, and she sure isn’t as pretty, so stay out of her business.

Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins Vs The Wyatt Family tonight.

Kevin Owens Vs Mark Henry is now.

Owens finds a way to win with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Here comes “The Big Guy” wanting some, and Owens leaves.

But Henry throws him back into the ring, so Ryback can come get him some.

Ryback hits a Powerbomb.

Feed Me More!!

Renee Young is standing by with Seth Rollins.  Seth says this is not a Shield reunion.  This is a showcase for Seth to show Shawn Michaels and HHH he is everything he says he is….The Man.  And if Reigns and Ambrose want to rehash the past, then he will have to lay them out, like the last time.

The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar video now.

6-Man Tag Match tonight of The Wyatt Family Vs The Shield.

Or is it?

The match ends with a DQ, when Rollins walks out with a “leg injury”, and Ambrose nails Strowman with a Kendo Stick to get DQ’d.

The show ends with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall.  No Kane rundown, no Orton rundown, not even a Harper sighting.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show did its thing, certainly better than any show we have seen in a month.  The legends came in, did their thing, promoted the PPV.  I loved the tease of The Shield reuniting, it’s going to be real at some point.

It was weird to not see Kane, come in, even in “Demon” form since “Corporate” Kane was the one who was suspended, and not “Demon” Kane.  But we know he will face Seth in the ring, this Sunday.

I truly want to see Undertaker Vs Lesnar one more time.  I always liked their feud, even in 2002.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/15…Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour Continues

We are live in the TD Gardens of Boston, Mass.  Tonight, Raw is now.

We see the carnage Seth Rollins gave “Corporate” Kane last week, that gave us The “Demon” Kane.

Tonight, we will see The Dudley Boyz Vs Seth Rollins and The Big Show.

Here Comes The Pain!!

14,180 screaming fans are chanting Suplex City.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate for the slayer of the giant, the conqueror of the Streak.  And tonight, The Beast of Boston, Brock Lesnar!!

Now that we have kicked off the Go To Hell Tour, by slaying a 450 pound Giant, all focus goes to Hell in a Cell.

People believe that The Undertaker will never get revenge for what Brock did to The Streak.  Because ever since November 1990, people have been victimized and revenged by The Undertaker when they do wrong by him, but he has to come to the realization that Brock Lesnar won’t be stopped.  What he calls The Devil’s Playground, Brock calls Hell in a Cell the “Layer of The Beast”.

Let me spell this out to you, The Undertaker calls Hell in a Cell his match.  His match?  Heyman’s ass.  Just like Undertaker called Wrestlemania his match, until he ran into Brock Lesnar.

We see footage of that historic moment.


One week in the hospital.  One year on the shelf, and countless, endless, sleepless nights.  Doing all of his evil soul-searching, and conspiring, plotting his evil revenge.  And when he had his chance for that revenge, what happened?  He went face to face with Brock Lesnar.  And what did he realize?  He isn’t dead enough to get revenge on Brock Lesnar.

Footage from Summerslam.

Heyman never recalls Brock Lesnar using a low blow to defeat The Undertaker.  That is what Taker did.  And just like his client will tell “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on October 19th, he will say this.  The Undertaker will have to do uncertain circumstances, because this is the final time Lesnar will face Taker.  The winner walks out the winner of The Taker Vs Lesnar rivalry will walk out, and the loser will not.  That is a spoiler, his conqueror, and beast will find a way to end this feud, his client, Brock Lesnar.

Enter The Giant.

Suplex City, Brock took Big Show to Suplex City at Madison Square Garden.  The Beast Vs The Giant.  He was this close of wiping that smile away from Brock.  Because he is the bigger man, he will admit, Brock is the man.  He will put out his hand and say Brock is the man.

Brock just smiles, and walks away.

It must be nice to be arrogant as Brock.  He hopes he loses to The Undertaker, again.

Now this brings Brock back into the ring.

Suplex City, bitch.

F-5 to The Giant.

We are 3 weeks from inside the Cell.  Undertaker Vs Brock at Hell in a Cell.

Rollins is upset that his tag partner was laid out.  They have to call the match off.  Stephanie disagrees with that, and Seth asks if she thinks he should face The Dudleys by himself?  Figure it out, says Stephanie.

6-man tag match now.  The Brothers Shield and Randy Orton Vs The Wyatt Family.

Orton, Ambrose, and Reigns win with a RKO by Orton, and a Spear by Reigns.

Reigns tells Wyatt after Hell in a Cell, they are done, and Roman is the one who will lose it.  Believe that.

John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge is tonight.

King Barrett joins us for commentary, but right now, its Neville Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus is on the mic, and he hates the disrespect he gets from the Boston people.  He tells Neville, no matter what happens, he is and always will be a loser.

Neville heard enough, and nails him in the leg.  Match is on.

Barrett wants a word with Neville, and that second distracts him, and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

“Corporate” Kane is on his way to the ring, next.

“Corporate” Kane is in the ring.

He is wearing a foot brace, after the attack Rollins laid on him.

Things haven’t gone Seth’s way lately, and after his tag team partner was laid out by Brock, Seth needs a tag team partner, and that partner is Kane.

Seth has a problem with that.

He hates to do this, but Kane isn’t Tom Brady.  Even though they both have deflated balls.  Kane can’t lie, cheat, and swindle his way to get what he wants, because life doesn’t work that way.  He won’t play into those mind games, not today.

Kane’s goal is to be the best Director of Operations he can be, and the best way he can do that is to bring out the best in Seth.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tells him he is the best.

Kane wants to make Seth proud of what he sees in the mirror, and when you want to be the best, sometimes you have to go through hell, and face your demons.  That is what his poster says.

Does it count when Seth takes Kane to hell right now?

Here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She has heard enough of these two.  Especially with Seth being the anonymous employee who rattled out on Kane.  And then the insult of Tom Brady.  At least Tom Brady is a team player, and that team player will send his team to another Super Bowl championship.

There is only one way to settle this, at Hell in a Cell, Kane will face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title.  And if Kane can take his boot off, and team up with Seth Rollins then have at it.

One more thing, if “Demon” Kane does not win WWE World Title at Hell in a Cell, then “Corporate” Kane will be fired.

John Cena’s United States Title Challenge is tonight.

Rollins still isn’t sure about his tag partner tonight, he can’t trust Kane.  HHH reminds him do unto others before they do to you.

Divas action with Natalya Vs Paige.

Natalya picks up the win with a Sharpshooter, making Paige tap out.

At Hell in a Cell, Charlotte puts her Divas Title on the line against Nikki Bella.

This past Thursday, Ryback invoked his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Title, but Kevin Owens walked away.

Ryback in a backstage promo saying actions speak louder than words.

A video on Ryback.

Now picture this Kevin Owens.  Ryback is the lion, KO is the prey.  And every action, he gets closer to getting what he wants.  Its time, it’s feeding time.

Kevin Owens comes to the ring.

Owens Vs Sin Cara, now.

Pop-Up Powerbomb, match is over.

Owens lays Sin Cara out a bit more, but here comes Ryback, with Owens escaping through the crowd.

Stephanie is texting, and New Day intervenes, wanting her to calp with them.

She is not amused.

She saw what happened this past Saturday night, so at Hell in a Cell, New Day will defend their Tag Titles against Dudley Boyz.  Find some positivity in that.

Now WWE are honoring the true heroes, the women that have survived breast cancer.  With Cena and Reigns in the ring.

Tonight, Rollins and Kane Vs The Dudley Boyz.

Kane, complete in a suit and Rollins Vs Dudley Boyz are up now.

This was such a stupid match, and it has killed the show.  Rollins loses by DQ, after he handcuffs “Corporate” Kane, and heads to the back with his injury.

Enter “Demon” Kane.

Kane gets a 3-D though for whatever reason.  Rollins tries to poke the bear with a table, and Kane sits up and hits a Chokeslam.

John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge is tonight.

Earlier today, we see a limo that Team Bella entered TD Gardens.  They are interrupted by Team B.A.D. and Sasha even throws Nikki’s Yankees hat away, which is hilarious.  Boston’s own Sasha Banks is ready.

Team Bella Vs Team B.A.D. is now.

Boston’s own Sasha Banks has the mic.  She put the Bos in Boston, and Nikki comes out to interrupt.

Sasha is exactly like the Boston Red Sox, overrated..  Her Yankees are going all the way.  Too bad they will be beat by Astros tomorrow night.

She’s going all the way at Hell in a Cell, and Naomi tells her she is used to going all the way.

We are going to call Nikki the longest reigning Divas Champion, and soon to be 2-time Divas Champion.

Sasha tells her no matter who wins at Hell in a Cell, they are holding the Divas Championship for Sasha Banks.

Team Bella is trying to add dissension here, and Naomi doesn’t want to hear that.

6-woman tag match is now.

Team B.A.D. wins when Sasha hit a Bank Statement.  This Wednesday, she has a big match on NXT Takeover:  Respect, when she faces Bayley in a 30-minute Ironwoman match.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch are with Renee Young.  Paige has her own issues, but in 3 weeks, her match with Nikki will show that her title win was not a fluke, and she earned that.


John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge is tonight.

Earlier tonight, we see the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and The Big Show.

Summer Rae is in the ring.

Summer is over, but for one lucky superstar, summer is just getting started.  So let’s welcome the Bulgarian Brute, and a man she goes home with, Rusev.

She wanted to dedicate an entire segment on Raw to one superstar that has done more than any other superstar.  RuRu, this is for you.

A video of RuRu and Summer together.

RuRu is touched.

He doesn’t know what to say, but when this first started, he didn’t like her at all.  But the last few weeks, when she was in her arms, he has cared about her.

There is something Summer has to ask Rusev.

She gets on one knee, oh boy.

She has a ring?

RuRu, will you marry me?

Even RuRu seems a bit off about this.

He doesn’t even know what to say.

They can have it all, walking out of Wrestlemania with everything.  More than what he had with LaLa.

Just say yes.

This is not your choice, shuddup.

He says…..he says…..he says yes!!

He says yes, but not yet.  They must prove they are worthy.  He must have WWE gold around his waist, then she will have gold around her finger.

Summer is taken back from this, but Rusev is holding the ropes for her, like a gentlemen.  They walk together.

John Cena’s Open Challenge is next.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Reigns and Orton Vs Wyatt and Strowman.

John Cena comes out now.

Cena is telling us this is the symbol of excellence…blah blah blah.

Who is stepping up?

Dolph Ziggler.

Or is he?

Nope, The New Day are out here, they laid out Ziggler.

Xavier brings up Cena saying time to get serious.  So is this getting serious?  So now Kofi wants to know who answers the challenge?  What we have here is a big question from a big champion laying out a big challenge in a big city for a big moment?

If we only had a big challenger.  Big answer in 3….2….1….

Big E.

Cena wins the match with an Attitude Adjustment, after the ref sent Kofi and Xavier out of ringside area.  However, the match ended so quickly after that New Day comes back and lays out Cena.  Here comes Ziggler.  New Day takes care of him.  And, here comes The Dudleys, but New Day takes care of all four men, lays them out and celebrates with the trombone.

New Day Rocks!!

Kevin’s Thoughts:

WWE treated this show like filler, and Vince wonders why the ratings were so low?  First hour started off good, but the tag match with Kane and Rollins was awful.  And I was in favor of this storyline, plus Stephanie just was in a “mood” today.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Sound off.

WWE Hell in a Cell 10/26/14

Tonight, 4 superstars have to go through hell, for glory. Dean Ambrose faces Seth Rollins in a heated rivalry, and another rivalry is getting revived…John Cena Vs Randy Orton, winner becomes the Number One Contender to the WWE World Title.

But first, Hell in a Cell Kick-off show, which starts in 8 minutes.

We are in Dallas, Texas tonight. Renee Young welcomes us to the Kick-off show. Booker T, Alex Riley, and Paul Heyman welcome us to the show.

They discuss Ambrose Vs Rollins, now.

Alex Riley is giving us his keys to victory for Rollins, and Ambrose.

Tom Phillips is in the social media lounge, wanting to hear our thoughts on tonight’s Hell in a Cell.

We now get to see Cena vs Orton video.

Paul Heyman brings up Brock Lesnar is checking this out very thoroughly.

Footage from last Monday’s Raw, when Sheamus lost the 6-man tag, to Mizdow.

Later, The Miz Vs Sheamus.

But first, we get to see Mizdow TV, with Mizdow’s guest being The Miz.

The Miz brings up it is an honor to even be a part of this show, before his important United States Title match tonight. No Hollywood actor would even grant an interview, with his stunt double.

Where do we begin? What is your strategy with Sheamus’ match tonight?

The strategy is simple, The Miz will be just like The Miz. And yes, tonight will feel like a rerun, but tonight’s rerun will star The Miz.

We all know Mizdow officially beat Sheamus last week.

The Miz looks at Mizdow, and Mizdow clarifies that even though he did beat Sheamus, The Miz graciously gave him the opportunity, so it feels like The Miz did it.

The Miz was the one that main evented Wrestlemania.

The Miz is the one who defines superstar.

And he will be the one to become the new United States champion.

And, from the bottom of Damien’s heart, The Miz is his best friend.

The Miz is deeply touched, and he will return the favor, Mizdow is a very damn good stunt double, and he considers Mizdow a friend.

Sheamus shows up on-screen.

Sheamus is touched by this, he thinks Mizdow should get on his knees, and kiss Miz’s arse right now, because while Miz has his own movie, he has his own stunt double, consider this a movie trailer. And with every good movie trailers, they give you the best part.

Brogue Kick at the camera, and Miz is somehow upset by this.

Tonight, The Uso Brothers Vs Gold and Stardust, for tag team gold.

Switching gears, we are going from feuding brothers, to feuding sisters.

The Battle of the Bellas preview is up now.

IC Title match tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Cesaro, 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Also tonight, 2 powerhouses in the ring…Big Show Vs Rusev.

We have a match set, a bonus match, if you wheel….Texas’ own Mark Henry facing Bo Dallas.

Bo has beaten Mark Henry 4 times, that makes him the new World’s Strongest Man. Actually, he is so strong, he is immune to the disease their state is spreading worldwide. He is so a shame that they share his last name, so he will be known as Bo Washington. So, he is going to be BOlieving after the match.

Mark Henry wins the match with a World’s Strongest Slam, with ease.

Bo wasn’t ready, and cheaters never win. That’s why in the record book of life, Bo is the winner. He is 5-0 against Henry, because he BOlieves.

Also tonight, Paige will face AJ Lee for the Divas Title.

Paige and Alicia are with Byron Saxson.

Paige is with her new best friend, Alicia Fox. Tonight, she will get AJ’s best friend, and her new best friend, the Divas Championship.

Time to go inside the numbers with Hell in a Cell.

Hell in a Cell time, now.

We are live in Dallas, Texas. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Cesaro Vs Ziggler, 2 out of 3 falls match for the IC Title will kick things off.

The first fall belongs to Ziggler, with a small package.

Ziggler is up 1-0.

Wow, there was a clean sweep here, with Ziggler hitting a Zig Zag on Cesaro, retaining his IC Title.

Great match to start the show off tonight.

Problems with The Authority?

Showing footage now of Seth Rollins nailing a Curb Stomp on Orton after their match/

But The Authority are laughing this off, with Orton showing up he needs to find Seth Rollins.

Stephanie told him to not take this anger on Seth, take it out on Cena tonight.

Orton thought they were on the same page. Orton can’t trust The Authority, they are blowing this off, with saying Seth is just like Randy was when he started. But this is about finishing John Cena, and take back what is his…WWE World Title.

Orton warns The Authority if they don’t deal with Seth Rollins, Orton will.

Nikki Vs Brie, loser becomes the other sister’s bitch for 30 days.

Nikki pins Brie, with a Rack Attack, these two fought hard, but many of the crowd didn’t care.

Brie is now Nikki’s personal assistant for the next 30 days.

We hear from the panelists to Hell in a Cell.

Heyman believes we must talk about Cena Vs Orton, because the loser may fight another day. But the winner will be fed to the “carnivore” otherwise known as Brock Lesnar.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now, The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

Gold and Stardust retain the titles, when Stardust clips Jey’s knee, and Goldust hits Crossroads for the win.

Byron Saxson is with Nikita Hammonds Blakley, and the CEO of the Susan G. Komen fund.

Hell in a Cell match time. John Cena Vs Randy Orton, now.

Cena puts Orton through a table with an AA, after we saw 2 RKOs, and another AA.

But Cena prevails, and now will face Brock Lesnar down the road for the WWE World Title.

Big Show is warming up in the back, with Mark Henry checking in on Show. Show tells him he is fired up, he will knock out Rusev for his country, for himself, and even for Mark Henry.

US Title match is up now. The Miz Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus wins when The Miz tried a top rope elbow, but Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick instead. Mizdow is the highlight of the match, as always. He even sells The Miz’s beatings.

Brie Bella is making reservations for Nikki at dinner, and she made her a banana smoothie. But Nikki spills it all over Brie, and orders she gets her sister another one.

Big Show Vs Rusev is up now.

Shuddap, “The Ravishing Russian” Lana tell us. In Russia, they have the superior athletes, Rusev. Tonight, 2 superpowers clash. So to be respectful, she wants us to rise for the national anthem.

Big Show doesn’t think that is a good idea.

Here we go.

Rusev puts The Accolade on Show, and the big man passes out. Mark Henry comes out, but does not cost Big Show the match. He does get knocked down by Henry.

Ambrose gives us a quick promo, saying he is coming out to destroy Rollins, but only does so like Dean Ambrose would give.

Divas Title match is up now, AJ Lee Vs Paige.

AJ makes Paige tap out to Widow’s Peak. I can’t see now how Paige can get another title match soon.

I guess Paige is no longer besties with Alicia, Paige slaps her and walks away.

Our main event, and I love to say this….Ambrose Vs Rollins…Hell in a Cell is up now.

We being the match with both men starting at the top of the cell, and both men go through tables, trying to climb down. After being carried through stretchers, both men head back to sacred ground. A back and forth match, but when Ambrose is about to hit a Curb Stomp on cinder blocks, the lights go out, we hear a man jabbering, and we see a lantern. When the smoke clears, it’s Bray Wyatt inside the cell. He nails a Rock Bottom, and then Rollins pins, and runs out of the cell.

After the match, Bray hits Sister Abigail, and we end the show, with Bray on top.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a strong PPV tonight, many good matches here, and WWE did the right thing giving us Rollins Vs Ambrose last. We also have an added mix, with Wyatt added to this.

The only negative here is Cena going over. I’d just like to see a fresh match, and we would have had that with Orton Vs Lesnar. Maybe we will see that with Rumble, because this needs to be the last Lesnar Vs Cena match for a while, and it needs to happen at Survivor Series. But then again as Cena puts it, he is the one who runs the show, so we shall see.

But this was a good show, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here tomorrow night. Do you agree? Send me your thoughts.

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