Ring of Honor Wrestling 7/22/15….200th Episode

We are in New York City, a special night for ROH, episode number 200.  Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.

Tonight, 8 person tag match of The Briscoes, Roderick Strong, and ODB Vs The House of Truth, including Truth Martini.

Highlight now of a match from April of this year.  The Addiction Vs reDragon.

This was when The Addiction won the Tag Team Titles, after Chris Sabin helped his friends in this match.

This Friday night, at Death Before Dishonor, we will see a Four Corner Survivor Match with The Addiction Vs reDragon Vs The Kingdom Vs War Machine.

Still to come, more highlight matches, and our big 8-person tag.

Highlights of Steel Cage Warfare is now being shown from 2013.

This was when Kevin Steen defeated SCUM.

Highligts of this year’s Top Prospect tournament, featuring Will Ferrera Vs Donovan Dicheck.

Dicheck wins the match, and joins House of Truth.

More highlights are coming up.

reDragon action, from Tag Wars, defeating ACH and Cedrick Alexander.

Now action of AJ Styles Vs Hanson.

Hanson tried, but AJ wins with the Styles Clash, back from November of 2014.

Still to come tonight, 8-person tag match.

A set of highlights now from 2012 when Lance Storm faced Michael Bennett.

Bennett wins with some help from “Brutal” Bob.

Our main event, 8-person tag match is up now.  The House of Truth Vs The Briscoes, ODB, and Roderick Strong.

Strong, Briscoes, and ODB win the match when ODB rolls up Truth Martini.

The 4 people celebrate, as we end the 200th episode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not much of a show tonight, especially since I have only seen about 10 of the 200 episodes. The disappointing factor is we didn’t see anything from episode 1. I guess, in part because it was on a different channel, HD-Net, and we had different announcers.

I did like the highlights of Lance Storm in action against Michael Bennett. Obviously, Mike and Maria upgraded with The Kingdom, over “Brutal” Bob.

I always love to see The Addiction in action too, and always a treat to see AJ Styles.

I just don’t have the emotion as someone who have watched this from episode 1 may have. Share your thoughts with me.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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