Impact Wrestling 8/4/16…EC3 Vs Bennett…BFG Playoffs Final

Tonight, we will see Mike Bennett Vs EC3, but we see an irate Drew Galloway from last week, upset that EC3 cost him his match.

We go back to EC3 and Mike Bennett, Mike tells EC3 that his Aunt Dixie set the cards up for Mike.  He defeated the legendary Jeff Hardy.  He beat Drew Galloway, with some thanks to Ethan.  So less than 2 hours, it will be EC3 Vs “The Miracle” once again.  Mike did something nobody else has been able to do, he beat the “unbeatable”, he pinned EC3.  Because he is “The Miracle”.

EC3 admitted he beat him, he always knew Mike had the talent, but at Slammiversary, he got his redemption.  Tonight, the rubber match is in effect, and we will see who is Bound for Glory.

Bennett told EC3 the two of them would always fight it out, but Bennett will always be number one, and EC3 will be somewhere behind.

EC3 says to bring your moose gel, bring your wife, bring it all, and he will beat them all, if he has to.  Mike assures Ethan that “The Miracle” can do it all by himself.  But Ethan, turn your back for a second, and that is what will cost him the match.

Here comes Moose, EC3 has his back to him, and “The Miracle” attacks Ethan.

Later tonight, those two settle their score.

Eli Drake is ready for his King of the Mountain Title match with “Cowboy” James Storm.  There is one Eli Drake.


Rosemary back story here.

Sorry ’bout your damn luck.

“Cowboy” James Storm Vs Eli Drake, for King of the Mountain Title, now.

Storm wins the match, he keeps his gimmick, he keeps his music, and most importantly, he keeps his beer.  “Cowboy” wins with Last Call.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley as we go to a break.

Lashley is not here to fight Storm, at least now.  He is here, champion to champion to congratulate Storm.

They shake hands, and Lashley tells him as champions they represent winning.  But it seems in other sports, everyone gets a trophy, but you don’t see Bobby holding up a NBA Trophy, right?

Storm looks at the World Title, he likes that.  5 years ago, he beat an Olympic athlete, it was a big party that night.  Storm beat that guy in 1:00.  Lashley is just a NCAA athlete, he can beat him in 30 seconds.

Lashley said he collects titles, and he wants Storm’s title.

Storm wants his.  He knows that Storm’s face is going to hurt because of all the punches Lashley will throw.  But his foot will hurt just by stomping Lashley’s face.

Lashley told Storm they can do things 2 different ways.  He will give him a choice, unlike what Eddie Edwards received.  Either he can hand his title over to Lashley.  Or, get his ass kicked, but still hand his title over to Lashley.

Storm loves kicking ass, bitch.

Down the road, those two will face off, Title Vs Title.

Maria comes over, when Allie was running her mouth to Gail.  Maria tells Gail she will never get her Knockout Title shot.  But she will face Allie, next.

Rosemary needs to tell Bram everything, she assures him she will, and it’s good to get everything out in the open.

Gail Kim Vs Allie is now.

Maria comes back out, she says she was distracted earlier.  Gail actually has two opponents tonight.  Allie and Sienna.

Gail wins the match when Sienna accidentally hits The Silencer on Allie, Gail pins her.

Brother Nero, you obsolete mule, “Broken” Matt Hardy said.  He cost Matt the match last week, just like when they won the Tag Titles in all of the universe, they came to TNA, and won Tag Team Titles, Brother Nero cost them Tag Titles.  Next, you will learn what you have to do, you obsolete mule.

Next week, Impact Wrestling is live, the main event is set.  Title Vs Title, Storm Vs Lashley.

Remy introduces us to “Broken” Matt Hardy.

Tonight, we find out the genesis of The Hardy Family, so come on out my obsolete mule.

Jeff comes out to the ring.

Crowd is chanting Jeff’s name.

Last week, you embarrassed The Hardy Brand.  You helped that 3rd Ethan Carter, how dare you?  Jeff and Matt were brothers, and they entered the wrestling world.  But the crowd loved Jeff more, because he was nothing more than a spot monkey.  Only reason Matt came to TNA was to win Tag Team Titles with Jeff, but he was selfish enough to cost them the Tag Titles.

Matt won the World Heavyweight Title, but Jeff cost him the title.

So they are on a quest to win Tag Titles again.  It starts tonight, and they will team together.  But Jeff does everything himself, and he will win by not jumping off the top rope.

So send the two “prospects” now.

J.T. Dunn and Chad Taylor is now.

Matt and Jeff win when Jeff went up top, but Matt tagged himself in, and hit a Twist of Fate on J.T. Dunn.

But the story of this match was “Broken” Matt Hardy ate a fan from the crowd.  Literally he bit his ear, just very weird.

Al Snow’s crew is in action, next.

The Tribula and Al Snow Vs Shera and Grado.

Oh boy!!

Shera and Grado win with Sky High.  Shera pins Al Snow.

The conclusion to the Rosemary saga is next.

Rosemary killed Johnny, Bram tried to run, but Decay is there, and kidnaps him.

More or less.

Last week, EC3 cost Drew Galloway his match, but EC3 is ready for this opportunity to beat Mike Bennett, and move on to Bound for Glory.  Mike Bennett is the man who pinned EC3, and his road to Bound for Glory goes through Ethan.

Earlier in the night, EC3 is attacked by Moose and Bennett.  Bring them all, EC3 will get through anyone to get to the World Heavyweight Title.

“The Fixer” will fix anything.

Next week, Title Vs Title, winner take all.  Lashley Vs Storm on a Live Impact Wrestling.

Our main event, Bennett Vs EC3, winner moves on to Bound for Glory and face World Heavyweight Champion is now.

EC3 wins with One Percenter, after Eddie Edwards came out to counter Moose.

A great match to end the show, EC3 is heading to Bound for Glory.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight was a better show than last week.  I loved the main event, and we are now heading to the road to Bound for Glory.

I didn’t like the Hardy segment, with Matt chewing off some dude’s ear, I hope that doesn’t continue.

Looking forward to seeing Lashley Vs Storm next week, will EC3 interfere?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

















Impact Wrestling 7/28/16…BFG Playoff Semi-Finals

Tonight, BFG Playoffs continue, with “Broken” Matt Hardy facing EC3, and Drew Galloway Vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.  The winner will face Lashley, at Bound for Glory.

Impact Wrestling is now.

“Broken” Matt Hardy comes to the ring to kick off the show.

He only has a handful of people he cares about.  Rebecca, Maxell, Senor Benjamin, and his devotees.  He used to care about his brother, “Mule” Jeff Hardy, who has become obsolete.

He order him to come to the ring.

Jeff is Matt’s money-making “mule” because every cent he has earned goes to Matt.  And tonight, he moves one step closer to being World Heavyweight Champion, and he has to face that inhibin EC3.  All his “obsolete” brother has to do is whatever it takes for that to happen.

Jeff asks Matt if he’s so great, then why is he asking him to do those things.  He can beat EC3 by himself.

Nobody says no to him.  His wife doesn’t say no.  His son Maxell never says no to him.  Senor Benjamin never says no to him.

Ladies and gentlemen…EC3.

Matt is making weird sounds, and EC3 tells “Brother” Matt, he knew he would come.

EC3 makes some facial expressions.

Nothing will stop EC3 from kicking his ass, and sending him back to Hardy House of Horrors.

EC3 tells us this isn’t “Brother” Nero, this is Jeff Hardy.  He is a relevant creature.  He tells jeff he has nothing against him, but if he gets involved, he will have EC3 after him.

Now Matt threatens to eat his cat.

Those are words, EC3 Vs Matt is now.

There was a hammer thrown in, Jeff was the one who slid it in, but EC3 prevailed with a One Percenter, and picks up the win.

EC3 advances to the finals, next week.

Maria and Allie approaches Madison Rayne.  She said that she has been impressed with what Madison Rayne did last week with Gail Kim.

Madison did this for herself.  Gail deserves Hall of Fame, but Madison was, and still is “Queen Bee”, so what will Maria do for Madison when she beats Gail, tonight?

We will have to see if it happens.

Gail Vs Madison is next.

Jeff leaves the building, but Matt is upset.  This will go punished.  Jeff dares him to punish Jeff.  Matt tells him that when you lose something so dear, you learn to love something new.


Gail Kim Vs Madison Rayne is now.

Eat Defeat, Gail Kim defeats Madison Rayne.

Mike Bennett is with Moose.

We are looking at the newest member of TNA roster.  We are looking at the man with complete destruction.  Now, we are looking at Mike Bennett.

Dixie seems threatened by him, why Dixie?  He makes her money.  He beat EC3’s undefeated streak.  Tonight, he takes care of Drew Galloway, and is one step closer from being World Heavyweight Champion.  And Lashley, keep that title warm, because he will take it from him.

Moose warns Lashley he will take care of him in any way, no matter who stands in his way.

Rosemarie meets up with Bram in the woods, and we get a flashback video of Rosemarie’s childhood.

She found her cat in the trash, what a horrible mother.

Bram doesn’t know what he got himself into.

She brought Bram to tell him what happened in the barn.

Moose’s TNA in-ring debut is now.

He’s facing David Star.

Moose wins with the Game Breaker, a lariat clothesline.

What we just witness was the most dominant, the most destructive, and the baddest man in professional wrestling…

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, and the current X-Division Champion, Lashley.  He’s ready to fight.

Mike is trying to play peace maker here, between the two men.  This is Lashley, and this is the baddest man on the planet.  Is this a match we want to see?  Lashley Vs Moose?

This match won’t happen right now.  Bennett has a match to prepare for later tonight, in the BFG Playoffs, and he needs him to watch Mike’s back.

One day Moose, your mommy will let you come out, and play.  You don’t want this.

But everyone wants what Lashley has, the World Title and the X-Division Title.  But he wants all of the gold, if there is a singles title, he wants it.

Here comes DJ Z, we have our X-Division Title match?

Z isn’t here to stop Lashley, but he is out here to fight Lashley.  He has been in the X-Division for 5 years.  Lashley is dominating, but he isn’t exactly a fit in the X-Division.  So he is out here to fight Lashley, and wants a title match now.

Lashley asks Z if he doesn’t fit the X-Division?  He can’t do the things Z does?  Well, Z can’t do what Lashley does.  He picks any match, and Lashley will beat him.

A ladder match, for the X-Division title is next.

Z gave it a fight, but Lashley wins the match, and keeps his X-Division Title.

EC3 tells Drew Galloway his prediction is halfway true.  Drew puts EC3 over to say he earned that win with Hardy.  Drew is concerned with Moose in Bennett’s corner.  Ethan offers to watch his back, and Drew denies it.  Telling him the next time he wants to see EC3 is in the ring for the BFG Finals.

Tonight, Galloway Vs Bennett.

More video from Bram and Rosemarie.

“Johnny” was her true love, but he never showed up.

Bram is here for Rosemarie.  But she has to take him at the exact spot, so the ghost can tell the story.

Fact of Life, with Eli Drake.

Eli has something on his mind right now.  Did he hear earlier that Lashley said he has beaten everybody in TNA has been beat by him?  Let me talk to you, you’re looking at the King of the Mountain Champion.  His name is Eli Drake.

But Bobby, while you’re going around looking at title, like this is Pokemon Go.  Eli isn’t playing any games.  He likes the idea of being the only World Heavyweight Champion, X-Division Champion, and King of the Mountain Champion all at the same time, and nobody can….

Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck!!

Here comes “Cowboy” James Storm.

Eli was looking for contenders, not a drunk.

Storm is okay being drunk, because if he was single, he’d be whooping his ass.

Storm said the two of them are outside, looking in.  Because they lost their matches last week.  But Eli holds the golden ticket.  He is the King of the Mountain Champion, and can get a World Title shot.

He offers Storm another beer, but Eli declined, saying he drinks water.  Storm kicks it, and wants another King of the Mountain Title shot.

Eli declines, but Storm talks about his mother.


If Storm wants another title shot, Eli doesn’t want Storm to have another beer again.  He doesn’t want to see the scooter, he doesn’t want to hear the entrance theme.  Maybe they can do it.

Storms drinks the beer, drinks another beer, and agrees to the deal.

Eli said he’d like to wish him luck, but he’s going to need it.

Dummy, yeah.

Eli tries to club Storm with the title, but James stops him.  Eli kicks him, and tells him he will lose again, and that’s a fact of life.

Titus tells us he can “fix” things.  Shera and Grado want the money to get Titus to “fix” things.

Tonight, Mike Bennett Vs Drew Galloway in the BFG Playoffs.

We break to the camera, Decay and Bromans are fighting.  World Tag Team Championship match, in a Monster’s Ball match is next.

Decay win the match when Abyss chokeslams Robbie into the barbed wire.

The action was mostly in the ring.

Bennett Vs Galloway is next.

Bennett wins the match when Moose came in to attack Galloway, and EC3 comes out to stop him.  Only he whacked Drew with a kendo shot, and Bennett hits the MIP to win, and advance to the finals.

Next week, it’s EC3 Vs Bennett, winner faces Lashley at BFG.

We end the show with the celebration.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay.  I enjoyed the focus of the 2 main matches, but very disappointed they gave Drew and Mike just 10 minutes to do this match.  Main events need to be a bit longer, when you’re talking about these two.

Just a weird thing going with Rosemary.  I guess we will see what happens next week.

I didn’t care about The Monster’s Ball match, sorry.

I did like the Storm and Drake segment, and I felt that DJ Z looked good against the World Champ.  Still want to see Moose Vs Lashley, but who is the heel here?

This just could have been a better show.  What were your thoughts on it?  Send them to me.


















Impact Wrestling 7/21/16…BFG Playoffs Start Tonight

Jeff Hardy is trying to find redemption, he believed this started after he and his brother won Tag Titles, and broke his knee.  “Broken” Matt Hardy wants Jeff to fail, challenging him to jump that hill again.  Jeff does, as we go straight to…..

Lashley comes out to the ring.  Last week, Mike Bennett brought Moose, and tonight, Lashley Vs Edwards inside six sides of steel.  Title Vs Title.

Lashley beats people up, he doesn’t care who, or how, he does it.  Which is why he has a problem with someone coming into his company, and preventing him from winning X-Division Title.

Moose is supposed to impress us because he played in the NFL?  Lashley puts his gloves on, and either destroys people, or knock them out.

Lashley challenges Moose to come out, so he can destroy him, like he does everyone else on the roster.

Mike Bennett comes out.

Mike can say whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants, because he brought that big guy to beat his ass.  He is tired of people screwing him over, and Bennett wants what is coming to him, which is why he will win BFG Playoffs, and it’s because of this man.

Enter Moose.

Lashley is ready for Moose, so get your ass out here, and they can settle this once and for all.

Moose cuts Mike off, and comes right for Lashley.  But Eddie Edwards wants him some too.

All four men are fighting at The Impact Zone.

Officials come out to try to break them up.  Dixie Carter wants some order.  She tells them to get their focus on tonight’s Title Vs Title match.  There will be a match, and nobody will stop it.

If Bennett or Moose gets involved, Mike will be fired on the spot.

Mike will start the BFG Playoffs, and Moose will not interfere.

Mike’s opponent is Jeff Hardy, but here comes “Broken” Matt Hardy.

Matt tells us Jeff will not fight, because Jeff is Matt’s intellectual property.

We see footage, with Matt daring Jeff try the jump, so he can fail.

Jeff fails again.

And although this unfortunate incident happened, and Jeff failed again, he will compete.  Vanguard1 and he created new music, called “Obsolete”.

Reby Sky is having some fun with the music.

Jeff Vs Bennett is next.

Bennett wins the match with a cutter.  He moves on to the Semi-Finals with this victory.

Matt calls Jeff a pathetic, weak, obsolete mule.  Telling him to get out of his ring.

Jeff slowly walks away from this.

Now it’s Matt’s turn to show us what a true Hardy is supposed to look like.  Bring out his opponent, and he will delete him.

Sorry….bout your damn luck.

Matt Hardy Vs “Cowboy” James Storm is now.

Matt wins with the aid of Reby with a hammer, and a Twist of Fate by Hardy.

Earlier tonight, Lashley, Edwards, Bennett, and Moose all fought outside of the ring.

Title Vs Title inside six sides of steel, Lashley Vs Edwards.

Eddie shares some thoughts about Moose.  Tonight is about second chances, inside six sides of steel.  Eddie promises there will be a winner tonight.  He will become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

An in-depth look at EC3.

EC3 competes in the BFG Playoffs, next.

Backstage, Mike Bennett wants to show Dixie Carter who she is, Mike is 2 wins away from winning the TNA Title.  Maria will give her Knockout Address, and they will go celebrate, and disappear for a week.

Moose wants to fight.

EC3 wants to have a little chat.

People ask him all the time why is he here.  He is here for the same reason the wrestlers in the back are here, they have the drive, the passion to be the very best.  To be the best, it means you are the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ethan has won the title one time, two times, but both times he felt something was missing.  But now, he is going to win the BFG playoffs, and become the TNA World Champion.

Drew Galloway comes out.

Drew admits Ethan is a passionate man, he can get the crowd riled up just by singing his theme music.  But one thing they will never agree on is who is the best.

Ethan is a 2-time World Champion, and he will admit he is The “Ass Kicking Machine”.  Now the difference between the two of them is Ethan’s last name is Carter, and TNA asked him to join to help the company grow.

Drew has main evented every TNA PPV he has competed in.  And Ethan counters last week, the two men had a brawl, and if the officials hadn’t pulled them apart, we all know Ethan would have had the last say.

Drew disagreed with that, and they main evented at last year’s Bound for Glory, so perhaps they will meet again.

EC3 suggested the only way they can face each other is in the finals, so they need to get there first.

Drew wants to fight, and when EC3 agrees, here comes Eli Drake.

Everyone came here to talk about Eli Drake.  Not Drew Galloway, not EC3.

EC3 Vs Drake is next.

EC3 defeated Drake with a rollup pin, and Matt Hardy through his weird thing asked who he was going to face next week?  It will be EC3.

Delete this!!

Maria is getting ready for her speech, and Allie keeps kissing her ass.  Maria doesn’t even want to talk about this, because Dixie Carter is threatening her husband Mike Bennett.


Tyrus is going be called “The Fixer” according to that “commercial” we just saw.

Lashley challenges anyone if they want some, come get some.  That includes Eddie Edwards and Moose.

Allie introduces us to Maria Kanellis Bennett.

If Maria has gone too far in her leadership of the Knockouts Division, she apologizes.  And she wants to know if anyone wants to air their grievances, ask your questions.

Allie has a question.

Maria is an inspiration, that we all aspire to achieve.  So how can they all be like her.

Just look deep in your hearts, and believe in her vision.

Jade has a question, she wants her title rematch.  Gail tells Jade she won’t get her title rematch, because she never received her title rematch.

But Sienna tells Gail Maria has more class in her little pinky than Gail ever will.

The focus is all on Gail, but she lost two times to Sienna, so it’s time to stop being selfish.

Gail respects the Knockouts, except for Maria, and Allie.  If she won’t get her rematch with Maria, then she wants the title shot.

Maria orders Gail faces the entire Knockout Division.  If she wins, then she will get her title shot.  If she loses to any of them, then she won’t receive another title opportunity.  And if this happens, the knockout will be rewarded handsomely.

Jade says she has never gone by the rules, so she is leaving.

But she gets into it with Marti.  And Madison Rayne turns on Gail, saying nothing personal, it’s time they all get title opportunities.

Rosemary wants to give Bram some help for his match tonight against Drew Galloway.  Bram doesn’t know what to think, but they do make out.

Shears gets beat down by Al Snow’s boys when he was trying to discuss the BFG Playoffs.

Bram Vs Galloway is now.

Galloway wins the match with a Future Shock DDT off the top rope, for the win.

Edwards Vs Lashley, Title Vs Title, inside Six Sides of Steel is next.

Next Thursday on Impact, Semi-Finals of BFG Playoffs, with Hardy Vs EC3 and Galloway Vs Bennett.

Galloway wants the World Title, but everyone wants to see EC3 Vs Galloway.

Bennett comments that he is the odds on favorite, because of Moose.  But Drew reminds him Moose is a loose cannon, and if he interferes in tonight’s World Title match, Mike is fired.

Edwards Vs Lashley, Title Vs Title, inside Six Sides of Steel is now.

Lashley wins the match, and the X-Division Title with an amazing spear.  Just an incredible match.  Lashley picks Edwards up, and is about to spear him again, but here comes EC3.  Hardy counters this, here comes Galloway.  Bennett and Moose come out and all men are fighting inside Six Sides of Steel when the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the main event.  I wasn’t a fan of the Hardy situation again, but most of the focus was on BFG Playoffs, and with next week being the Semi-Finals, they will have some good matches.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.



















Impact Wrestling 7/12/16….Destination X

We begin the show the after #TheFinalDeletion, “Broken” Matt Hardy buried Brother Nero’s remaining clothing he had, before being deleted.


Impact Wrestling starts now, we are in Orlando, Florida.  Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

We have an Ultimate X match, with the winner being Number One Contender to X-Division Champion.

Rockstar Soud Vs Mandrews Vs Braxton Sutter Vs DJZ Vs Helms Dynasty.

DJZ wins the match, and is now Number One Contender to X-Division Title.

JB is with DJZ, he has been in the X-Divion for 6 long years.  He has worked harder than ever, and he just won Ultimate X.  He will be on his way to win X-Divison Title.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett comes out and lays DJZ out.

He promised to ruin Destination X.  This is the beginning, because he is going to burn TNA to the ground.

EC3 is backstage, he is here to fight.  The time for talking is done, tonight Drew….they are going to fight.

Starting next Thursday, Impact Wrestling has moved to a new night, and a new time, at 8:00.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage, telling us the main event is TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley Vs X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards.  Dixie Carter tells us next week, we will kick off Bound for Glory Playoffs, featuring 8 men.  We will find out who they are, tonight.

JB is with the two champs, Lashley and Eddie Edwards.

It’s all on the line tonight.  It’s Title Vs Title.

Lashley grabs the mic.

Last week, Eddie got a lucky shot.  He believed that X-Division is the heart of Impact Wrestling.  It’s not, it’s the World Title.  Lashley is on top of the food chain, and while he admires Eddie for challenging him, all he did was piss Bobby off.

Bobby doesn’t understand the type of guy Eddie is, he has never backed down from a fight.  And he will show him the kind of man he is.  Last week, Bobby said he was a little pissed off, but wait until you see Edwards winning the title.

Lashley tells him it won’t happen, because the underdog does not win.  He will beat his ass, just like he says he will do.  He will take Eddie’s title, and become the force that he says he will be.

Edwards said this is real life, this is his life.  This wrestling ring is his life.  The Wolves Nation…..

Lashley attacks him, and now has a chair.

But Davey Richards comes in, grabs the chair from Lashley, and we see The Wolves take Lashley out.

Eddie has both titles now.

The Decay are backstage, Crazzy Steve wants to know where Rosemary is at.  Abyss will take out Bram, Rosemary will come back, and everything will be beautiful.

This is baby Maxell’s birthday celebration, and “Broken” Matt Hardy will show us the film of The Final Deletion, in front of a crowd.

He wants us to reveal the completion of The Final Deletion.  We will all hail King Maxell.

Abyss Vs Bram is now.

Bram picks up the win, rolling up Abyss after Rosemary whispers in Bram’s ear.  This confuses everyone.

Knockout Title is up next.  Sienna will defend her title against Marti Bell, Jade, and Gail Kim.

Fatal 4-Way for Knockout Title is up now.

Sienna hits a Silencer when Gail Kim tried to go after Allie.  A fun match.

More footage of what happened last night in Cameron.

There must be green beans, prepare the green beans!!

Tomorrow on Impact, Matt will make sure Brother Nero’s remains are deleted, forever.

Matt, live, next.

Earlier tonight, Davey Richards returns to take out Lashley and help his friend, Eddie Edwards.

Lashley has a choice.  He could have ripped Davey Richards right there and then.  But Bobby likes to hunt, so he wants Davey right there at ringside, so he can see him take care of Eddie, and take out The X-Division.

Last week’s final match between Hardy Vs Hardy.

Here comes “Broken” Matt Hardy.

Reby Sky welcomes us the man who runs the Hardy name.  The man with a broken brilliance, Matt Hardy.

Your hatred only makes him strongahhhh!!!

Last week, he won the best wrestling match in history, The Final Deletion.  And now, he owns everything Hardy.  He deleted everything that makes Hardy special.  He deleted him.

But he is kind enough to bring him out here for us to see him one more time.  Come on out, Brother Nero.  No music, no pyro, nothing.

Brother Nero comes to the ring.

Matt has decided the punishment, and has decided his Impact Wrestling contract is terminated…..IT’S OVAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Be gone.

Matt knows Jeff would go back to New York, or go to Japan, so he will keep him here at Impact Wrestling, and will use him as his obsolete mule.  He will have him work until he is as dry as a penny.  Matt may be broken, but he will never be broke.

Brother Nero will realize that being deleted is worse than being broke in half.

Be gawn Brother Nero….DELETE!!  DELETE!!  DELETE!!

Tonight, Title Vs Title, Lashley Vs Edwards.

Backstage, Bennett wants to continue to ruin Destination X.  DJZ wants a match, and that will happen, next.

DJZ has pinned “The Miracle” when Mike tried to run away from Z, the rest of the X-Division came out, and cost Mike the match.

That’s not the way it is supposed to go down.  Mike promised to ruin Destination X, and he promised to burn this company to the ground.  And he won’t do it, alone.

Drew Galloway wants to fight EC3, and that happens next.

Bennett is on the phone.  Perhaps this is The Kingdom?

Galloway is in the ring.  He and EC3 go way back, but one thing they can’t see eye to eye is World Heavyweight Title.  So since TNA won’t sanction a wrestling match here, they might as well do a good old-fashioned fight.

Drew wants the World Heavyweight Championship, EC3 wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and there can only be one.

They have had the evolution of friendships.  Maybe they will be friends tomorrow, but for now, Drew will be EC3 Scottish Puppy Dog Bitch.

The fight is on.

A great fight between both men here, that is ended with other officials and wrestlers breaking it up.

Davey Richards is taping up Eddie’s hands, telling him he is there for Eddie.

Title Vs Title match is next.

Next week, BFG Playoffs begin, with EC3, Drew Galloway, Bram, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, “Cowboy” James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Eli Drake, and Matt Hardy all vie for a World Title opportunity at Bound for Glory.

Edwards Vs Lashley is now for the World Heavyweight Title and X-Division Title.

The match ends in a no contest, because Bennett stops the ref from counting, and the man who helps Mike is Moose, tje former ROH star.

Moose and Lashley go face to face, Bennett clips Lashley from behind, and Moose nails a vicious lariat.

McKenzie wants to hear from Dixie.  She says these things won’t happen, the fans deserve to see who win the title match.  So next week, another title vs title match.  Edwards Vs Lashley, inside six sides of steel.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

You had to wonder where we would go from here after last week’s “Final Deletion” episode.  My biggest complaint is TNA didn’t make Destination X feel like a special episode.  Just the same show every week.

But there were some good parts to it.

I love Moose coming in, but I didn’t have to see himself being thought of as a babyface, when he did the Moose chants, just come in like a badass, and do your thing.

Mike Bennett served his purpose here.

DJZ was the star here, being treated seriously.

This also sets up the big move next week, to give us a Steel Cage match.  Not to mention more greatness from “Broken” Matt Hardy, and Brother Nero.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.
























Impact Wrestling 5/31/16…Pick Your Poison

We are 2 weeks away from Slammiversary, with the show being centered around Drew Galloway and Lashey.  The two will lock horns at Slammiversary.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Dixie Carter is backstage, telling someone there has to be control tonight.  She vouched for her,and she promised he would do the right thing.  This person is in charge of tonight’s Impact.

We see last week, Jeff Hardy winning the ladder match to ensure he faces Matt Hardy at Slammiversary.  EC3 defeated Matt Hardy by DQ, but he doesn’t face “The Miracle” Mike Bennett at Slammiversary.

Mike Bennett and Maria come to the ring.

So according to Dixie Carter, things got a little out of hand.  She put someone in charge of tonight’s show.  He knows it’s not Mike, or his wife.  He gave her all of his social media accounts, and he never heard from Dixie.

Maria is the leader of the Knockout Division, if it’s anyone who should be in charge, it should be Maria.

Whoever is in charge, come on….


EC3 is in charge, tonight.

Mike Bennett beats EC3, and they had a deal for a rematch, but Mike reneged on that deal, which brings him to Slammiversary….Mike Bennett Vs EC3.  EC3 wants Mike 100%, so he is giving him the night off.  So he can be at his very best, that he comes out, to be defeated.

Mike tells EC3 every time he steps in the ring, the ratings go through the roof.  But that is fine, Mike will take the night off.

But wait, a night off from wrestling, but not from working.

He asks for Kenny Smith the director of custodian directions, to get the tools.  It was “Taco Tuesday” in catering, so he has Mike clean the toilets.

Maria tells him he can’t do that, but he can.  He upset Impact directors, so they brought him out to alleviate the issues at hand.  We will have a job evaluation, with Gail Kim coming out here.  We will find out if she keeps her job, or spoiler alert, she gets fired.

EC3 is done with them, so leave this ring.

Michael refuses, and EC3 orders him to leave the ring.

He will leave, but only because Mike wants to leave.

Na na na chant from the crowd.

Here comes Lashley.

Ethan, they keep meeting like this.  Ethan keeps messing in his business.  So Lashley will mess in him.  One day, the two will meet up, so Lashley can spear his ass.

EC3 tells Lashley that will be a hell of a match someday, but tonight, Drew Gallaway will intervene, and choose Lashley’s opponent.

Pick Your Poison, tonight.

We come back, and see Mike Bennett having some trouble cleaning the toilets.

Drew Galloway and Lashley are in the ring.  Drew chooses Bram as Lashley’s opponent.

The match is now.

Lashley is DQ’d in the match, and he hits a spear on Bram after the match.  He delivers another spear.

Drew Galloway brings a chair to the ring, to save Bram.

Drew chases after Lashley.

Eli Drake, he has the briefcase.

He’s cashing in his King of the Mountain Championship.

Eli hits a knee to the head, and pins Bram to be the new King of the Mountain Champion.

Earlier today, The Bromans are with Raquel.  They need to focus to keep their eyes on the prize.

Michael Bennett is still cleaning the toilets.

Oh boy, Earl Hebner is out of the toilet, so Mike needs to clean that toilet.  He disrespect Earl, and EC3 calls for Mike to be a ref for the next match.

We are at Cameron, North Carolina.  Our cameras were on hand for the contract signing, of Hardy vs Hardy at Slammiversary.

Eli Drake is the new King of the Mountain champion, and he has some champagne to celebrate with everyone.  Very nice of him.

Video footage from Cameron, North Carolina.

Matt Hardy, with a new look.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett is the referee.

The match is Rockstar Spud and Tyrus against The Bromans.

The winner gets Tag Team Shot at Slammiversary.

They have Raquel with them.

The Bromans wins with The Bro-Down, and Spud taps out to The Adonis Clutch.

Maria is on the phone with Billy Corgan, but EC3 interrupts the call.  EC3 will mediate the entire Maria-Gail Kim scenario, next.

Maria comes to the ring, with her apprentice Allie with her, and her enforcer Sienna.

Allie tells us the first lady of professional wrestling cannot do her job without them.

EC3 shoos them out of the ring, and Maria tells him he can’t talk to them like that.

More Na Na Na Hey hey Good-bye, as they leave.

Maria is doing a wonderful job as leaders of the Knockouts.

EC3 disagrees, but the real opinion is Gail Kim.

Maria tells us let the wrestlers talk, because if they were in charge, there would be anarchy.

EC3 tell us Maria thinks she is doing a good job.  Gail does not, so what does Gail want?

Gail wants a match with Maria, one on one, and she wants it at Slammiversary.

Let Maria remind us she is Gail’s leader, so as her leader, she says no.

But EC3 is in charge, and he calls for Maria vs Gail Kim, at Slammiversary.

Maria is trying to build a future for the Knockouts Division.  At Slammiversary, it will be the worst night of her life.  Because she will submit herself in the TNA Hall of Fame, when she kicks her ass.

EC3 sees Gail Kim dressed to compete, Maria’s apprentices are dressed to compete.  Gail Kim has a partner, and that partner is the Knockout Champion, Jade.

That is next.

Allie is pinned from a Package Piledriver by Jade.  She and Gail win the match.

Jeff has entered the Hardy house.  Reby is taking the kid to leave.  Matt has flipped the lid.

Matt still has his accent.

Mike Bennett comes to the ring, Maria refuses to leave.

This game Ethan is over.  EC3’s aunt Dixie doesn’t know what she has in them.  Mike is a wrestler, not his wife.  He is the best wrestler in the damn world.  This is through.

EC3 said Mike is a wrestler, he has an opponent, and it would be a “miracle” if he shows up sober.

Sorry About Your Damn Luck.

James Storm heads to the ring, in his brewser cruiser.

The match is now.

Maria slaps Storm in the face, and Bennett rolls up Storm for the win.

EC3 tells Michael the game is over, the nonsense is over.  The fact is Slammiversary.  Bennett calls himself God, EC3 is the devil.  He comes to his church God, he burns it down, God.  But he leaves Mike with this, a kick to the face.

Last Call by Storm.

Still to come, who will Drew Galloway face?

Al Snow is in the ring, he runs down American fans, and says he brought new talent from London, England.  Their names are The Tribula.

He shows footage of last week beating Grado with one move, his Snow Plow.  But Grado comes out with Mahibab Sheara, calling him a liar.  He used weapons last week, even Grado’s own fanny pack.  He had The Tribula come out and interfere too.

Now we get some Mom jokes, and now all four men fight, but Al helps his new team.

Anyway, Lashley chooses Galloway’s opponent, next.

We see an interview setup of Braxton Sutter.  He is excited about having a TNA contract.

He now has an opportunity, he wants to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Slammiversary rundown.

Hardy Vs Hardy video now.

They are inside the very first Omega ring, and I guess we end the show with that footage.

But now, who is Drew Galloway facing tonight?

Lashley tells us Drew’s opponent tonight are The Decay.

Drew more or less faced all 3 members.  But Lashley came out to try to spear him, but Drew leaped up, and Lashley speared Abyss.  The champ then hits a Future Shock DDT, and pins Crazzy Steve.

12 days away from Lashley Vs Drew.

And now video footage of the Hardy contract signing.

Matt signs the contract, Reby comes back, but she had a baby doll.  And Matt nails a Side Effect through the table.

It’s over, done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I picked the wrong week to start watching Impact again.  After hearing about how good last week’s show was, I gave this a chance.  Just a bad show.

Do you agree?  Send me your thoughts here.
























Impact Wrestling 4/19/16…Hardy Vs Hardy….I Quit

Tonight, Jeff Hardy faces Matt Hardy in an I Quit match.  So much is on the line, Impact Wrestling is in 5 minutes.

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy entered in The Impact Zone.  Matt Hardy entered the building, with Reba and Maxel.  Tonight, Hardy Vs Hardy.

But first, a ladder match for sole possession of the Knockouts Division.

Gail Kim and The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.

Maria Kanellis Bennett wins the match, and is now in control of The Knockouts Division.

Last week, Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy lost to Matt and Tyrus, and after the match, Lashley attacked Galloway with a spear.  He wants a title shot.

Drew is calling out Lashley, next.

This is the keys to the Knockouts Division.  Maria has all of the power, and next week, everything changes.

Decay are in the rafters, they have Gail Kim, who was knocked out earlier tonight.

The TNA World Champion Drew Galloway comes out to the ring.

Bobby Lashley decided to take advantage of the situation, and hit Drew with a spear, and another one.  But then that big son of a bitch speared him through the steel steps.  And now the bloody TNA officials didn’t clear him this week.  They said he can’t wrestle, but they didn’t say anything about Drew fighting.  Lashley, he is still standing.  Come on out, and finish the job.

Rockstar Spud shows up instead.

Spud tells Drew he can get a match for the World Title tonight, and beat him just like that.

Drew is willing to put that to a test, but Spud isn’t here to fight.  He is here to say tonight will be the final time we see Jeff Hardy.  No more paint face, no more creatures.  And that is because of the real ICON, Matt Hardy.

Drew said if Lashley won’t come out, he will fight Spud.

It’s not Spud.  But he is warned.

It’s Tyrus.

Tyrus asks how painful Drew is, but Tyrus is a patient man, he is lurking in the shadows.  Drew is a fighting champion, but he can cash in his title shot anytime he want.  But Drew is hiding behind his doctor’s note.

Drew is cleared next week, and he will kick his arse.

Next week, it’s Tyrus Vs Galloway.  And Tyrus shakes his hand, but Drew said what are they waiting for?  He was telling his oompa loompa, but Spud attacks Drew.

Spud and Tyrus lay out Drew.

Tryus hits a Vader Splash right on Drew’s ribs on a chair.  Tyrus holds the World Title.

We see a Hardy Brand Cam, with Matt telling us we will see a war nobody has seen before.  Jeff, you say you’re not a quitter, you will learn.  And he will do this for himself, his family, the Hardy legacy.  Jeff, you will say you quit.

Decay tells Gail Kim this whole place is at war, and they will get what they want, and Gail is their pawn to get what they want.  And they will get what they want, tonight.

Trevor Lee Vs DJ Z Vs Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Title match.

Trevor picks up the win, with an assist by Andrew Everett, Trevor’s long-lasting friend.

Both men take out Eddie and DJ Z.

Eric Young and Bram head to the ring, next.

Tonight, it’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

The Helms Dynasty runs this X-Division, and he brings in Andrew Everett.

Bram and EY are in the ring.

Eric hates everyone in this building, including all of us idiots, and everyone in the back.  We are looking at the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.  And with the most dangerous hold in professional wrestling.  Eric is the “King” of wrestling.  And nobody can do anything about it.

TNA, you want to cater to punks like EC3.  You want to cater to a has-been like Jeff Hardy.  You want to give the “Golden Boy” Drew Galloway opportunities.  Eric is done with TNA, this is his last night.  He and Bram quits.

But Bram isn’t going anywhere.

EY is irate at this, and Bram is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Eric.  Okay, Bram wants to be alone, he wants to stay away from the most dangerous wrestler.  Fine, stay here.  You loser.

Where is Eric going, mate?  That belt looks heavy for you, and Bram thinks that belt would look better on a real man. In fact, Bram doesn’t think Young has the balls.

Eric kicks Bram in the balls, and gives him a Piledriver.

Eric is the King, and all of us are not.

Eric has a pair of scissors, and he says Bram has a beard because of Eric, because he is God.

He cuts Bram’s beard off.

It’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

Jeff tells us he and his brother have so much in common, and that is what made them such a great team.  But tonight, he has to do what he has to do.  Matt is growing his brand, and he will not quit.

The Bennetts are in the ring.

It’s fairy tale time, with Prince Ethan Carter III, who had everything.  But that white knight came, named Michael Bennett.  And on that moment, Prince Ethan lost everything, and then Prince Ethan blamed everything on “The Miracle”.  He challenged him to a fight, and that was a great fight, but Michael prevailed.  This is his Kingdom, and we are all a part of the Kingdom, and we all can say Yes We Believe In Miracles.

Enter EC3.

Let the record show, Michael Bennett defeated EC3 by disqualification.  But let the video show EC3 beat Michael Bennett’s ass.  He does agree they have many things in common, but they also have many things different.

They prefer exquisite women, he prefers redheads, and EC3 prefers brunettes.  They both love to dress, but Bennett has some gold shoes.  They both want to be the face of the franchise.  EC3 has won titles, and beaten everyone, but Bennett hasn’t beaten anyone.

Bennett tells EC3 he already beat him, he has nothing to gain.  So they are done with each other.

EC3 says he will be on his case forever.  Bennett says he will always win, and EC3 will always makes excuses.  So they will never wrestle.

Michael has an opportunity to be a made man.  Nobody has pinned Ethan.  He is talking about guys like Sting, The Hardys, Kurt Angle, if he wants to be a made man, beat EC3.

Next week is Sacrifice, and he offers a No DQ match.  So there are no excuses.  One winner, one loser, next week.

If pinning him, if making him surrender, if losing this “streak”, then his answer is yes I do.

Bennett believes in himself, that is good.  Because it will take a miracle to beat him.

The Decay are having more fun with Gail Kim.  they will let her go, when they get what they want.  Attention, chaos, and closure.

Al Snow is in the ring.

He says many people complain about the product, yet they still watch the show.  We are ruining wrestling today.  How does he know this?  Because he is in here, and we are all in the seats.  He is going to give us a wrestling lesson, and he will give Sheara a wrestling lesson too.

Here we go.

Al Snow wins with some brass knuckles.

Decay still has some fun with Gail Kim.  We find out what is the plan, next.

Eli Drake will be here next week with the Fact of Life.

Decay come to the ring, with Gail Kim.

Rosemary calls us all pawns.  We are puppets…PUPPETS….puppets….PUPPETS.  We are all puppets, but they severed all of their strings.  They will let Gail go, if they get what they want.  If they don’t, maybe they will cut Gail’s head.

Abyss assures Gail nobody can help him.  The only thing that can save her now is Beer Money.  James Storm, Bobby Roode.  Come to us.  Come to us.

And here they come.

Roode tells them to let her go, and Abyss wants a shot at the Tag Team Gold.  They took Gail hostage, because they took Tag Titles for hostage.

You want a match, you got a match.  Now let her go.

There is just one more thing.  They don’t want a regular match, they want a match with no rules.  No regulations.  They want a match with carnage, pain, suffering.  So he asks them two if they will walk with them to the Valley of Shadows.

Whatever match you want, you got it.  Just let her go.

Oh boys, anyone can enter the valley of shadows.  But the only ones who can walk out are Decay….Decay….DECAY!!

Next week, at Sacrifice.  It will be Galloway Vs Tyrus.  Also No-DQ match, EC3 Vs Bennett.  Young Vs Bram, and Decay vs beer Money.

Now, our main event is Hardy Vs Hardy in an I Quit match.

The match ends in a no contest when Jeff puts Matt through a table with a Swanton, but Matt never gave up, he passed out.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay, everything was setting up for next week, but the main event was very good, except the finish.  I am really looking forward to seeing EC3 Vs Michael Bennett.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.























Impact Wrestling 3/22/16…The New Champ Speaks

We see last week footage of Drew Galloway coming out, cashing in his briefcase, and hit Future Shock DDT to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, beating Matt Hardy.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Last week’s Impact was called one of the most chaotic Impacts in history, and at the end of the night, he is standing with this.  No matter how you feel about wrestling, this is real.  Drew Galloway is standing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

He has been called many names, “The Chosen One”, the fastest rising star, but he has not been handed anything.  He has gone through highest of highest, lowest of lows.  He is standing here as champ.  He wants to look at this title different.  He will do whatever it takes to put TNA on the damn map again.

I am damn ICONIC!!

Hardy comes out, and says Galloway is not a champion, he is a spineless coward.  A liar, a thief.  What he did last week was a felony robbery.

He survived 30 minutes of a handicap match against 2 of the biggest stars in TNA history, and he stole his title.  He should have called the cops.

Drew joined a rave after the win, the cops came over to bust it.  He told them he just beat Matt Hardy for the TNA Title, and they joined the party.  Matt, the future belongs to Drew Galloway.

Matt tells Drew he will get his return match tonight, or else the Matt Hardy Brand will annihilate Drew.

Galloway is ready, but here comes Jeff.

There is a line for that first shot, Matt got beat, fair and square.  But Jeff was taken out by 2 lunatics, he deserves a title shot.

Matt tells him to leave, paint some drawings, sing some ridiculous songs, but just leave.

Jeff said he isn’t going anywhere, creatures…mount up.

But here come the lunatics, and chaos takes over now.

Fighting continues, but EC3 comes out, with a chair to fight off the heels.

We won’t have a punch party and not invite EC3.  Drew, you’re the World Heavyweight Champion, and you deserve that.  But he’d be lying if he said he was the most deserved champion.  EC3 is a 2-time champion, and he lost them without being pinned, or submitted.  Drew, standing here, he respects him.  But seeing him with the World Title enrages him.  That is his life, its his passion, it’s the fire he breathes, so Jeff, with all due respect sit this one out, he wants a title shot.

Here comes “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria.

Call it fait, call it the way it’s supposed to happen.  He sees all of this chaos, and he figures out who deserves a title shot, it would be him, because he last pinned Drew.

Drew tells Bennett to shut up, he would put the title on the line against anyone of you.

Dixie Carter comes out, and tells them they will fight the right way, tonight, in a gauntlet match.  The man who survives that will receive the first World Title shot.

Number One Contenders Gauntlet Title shot tonight.

Beer Money’s Open Challenge is next.

We get an order of entrance now for the Gauntlet match, Mike Bennett gets to choose.  Mike has a chance to stir the pot so to speak, and he gets to kill 2 birds with one stone, and fulfill his destiny, being World Heavyweight Champion.

Maria puts her hands on the wheel, and Mike chooses his number, he got this.

Beer Money comes out, and the Bruiser Cruiser is here.

Robbie E. speaks out, when people hear the best team names, only one team comes to the mind, Beer Money.  But you two guys came back, and it got him thinking about getting someone back.  2 guys who tanned together, 2 guys who trained together, they won Tag Titles 2 times, they are BroMans.

Beer Money Vs BroMans.

Beer Money wins the match with a DWI.  A good match here, non-stop action, but the champs prevailed.

The Decay are together for reasons most of us will never understand.  Davey Richards got caught in the bear trap of life, and now he is no more.  So does Eddie Edwards dare to fight one of them?  How about a No-DQ.

No matter what, Rosemarie tell us, this ends in decay, decay, decay.

Now Eric Young and Bram choose their numbers.

Tonight, a Gauntlet Match to determine Number One Contender to Drew Galloway’s World Title.

Eddie has the mic.  He doesn’t care who it is, come out and they will fight.  Let’s do this.

Eddie Vs Crazzy Steve, no DQ match.

Eddie picks up the win with a rollup.

Maria reminds Gail she pinned her last week, and has held the Knockout Championship for so long, but that means nothing.  She has done nothing, but what she will do is change the revolution forever.

Dixie Carter told Lashley he is lucky he was just fined after last week.  He has made enemies in a short amount of time, but if he wants it, he has it.

Earlier tonight, chaos.

More numbers chosen, Jeff Hardy’s opportunity now.

EC3 chose his numbers too, the two talk about being screwed out of their title matches last week.  EC3 wants Bennett.

Before Gail wrestles, Maria will talk, and we will listen.  Maria loves wrestling, and that is why she is the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling”.  But if Maria wins again, what will change?  Absolutely nothing.  So she went to the front office, and requested something, and they gave it to her, so first, let’s introduce The Dollhouse.

Maria sees so much potential in The Dollhouse, but they have had so many leaders.  But they haven’t done anything special with each other, and Maria wants them to be unique.  Only little girls will play with dolls, so it’s time to break up.

Jade tells Maria why should she trust her, when she trusts them.

Maria tells them she will give up her Knockouts Title shot, and give it to one of the 3.  And that has to happen, now.

Triple Threat match to face Gail Kim for Knockouts Title.  Marti Vs Jade Vs Rebel.

Jade pins both women at the same time.

Jade Vs Gail Kim, down the line.  Maria Kanellis Bennett approves.

Matt Hardy, Spud, and Tyrus all choose their numbers.

The Gauntlet match is tonight.

Last week, footage of Grady keeping his job in TNA.

Next week, a party to celebrate Grado’s TNA job.

Drew Galloway comes out before the main event, Gauntlet Match to determine the Number One Contender to the title.

Drew Galloway thinks there is too much talking, but with Drew as champion, he will step to the back, and let the action do the talking.

Lashley comes out, taunts The Pope while he comes to the ring.

Lashley hasn’t congratulated Drew yet, he wants to congratulate Drew.  He doesn’t need to ask anyone about how tough he is.  You can ask Kurt Angle, or even that bitch Pope over there.  But Lashley will beat Drew for the title.  Lashley asked Dixie to put him in the Gauntlet match, and he might as well just hand him the title.

Drew doesn’t sweat Lashley.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

Lashley is the first entrant, EC3 is the second.

We’re ready.

Number 3 is….Rockstar Spud.

Number 4 is….”The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Number 5 is….Eric Young.

Number 6 is….Tyrus.

Spud is eliminated by EC3.

Tyrus is eliminated by Lashley.

Bram eliminates Eric Young.

Bram is eliminated by Lashley.

The Pope comes in and eliminates Lashley.  EC3 eliminates him again when he came back in.

The Pope and Lashley fight it out to the back.

Number 7 is….Matt Hardy.

Number 8 is….Jeff Hardy.

Final 4 are Jeff and Matt Hardy, EC3, and Bennett.

Bennett is eliminated by EC3.

EC3 is eliminated by Matt and Bennett.

It’s now between the two Hardys.

Matt Hardy is eliminated, Jeff Hardy is the new Number One Contender.

Next week, Jeff Hardy Vs Drew Galloway, for the World Title.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show wasn’t as good as last week, but we know who Drew faces for the first title defense, and it will be a classic.

I also loved the interaction we saw with Pope and Lashley, you have to figure those two will hook up.

Maria did her thing, and no issue with The Dollhouse breaking up.  But will Jade be the next Knockout Champion?

Disappointed though Bromans were the team chosen in the Tag Title Open Challenge.  I was hoping it would be LAX, and I think TNA was hoping we’d think that.

It was a decent show, but nothing that was highlight worthy, looking forward to next week’s World Title match.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.




































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