Ring of Honor Wrestling 7/22/15….200th Episode

We are in New York City, a special night for ROH, episode number 200.  Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.

Tonight, 8 person tag match of The Briscoes, Roderick Strong, and ODB Vs The House of Truth, including Truth Martini.

Highlight now of a match from April of this year.  The Addiction Vs reDragon.

This was when The Addiction won the Tag Team Titles, after Chris Sabin helped his friends in this match.

This Friday night, at Death Before Dishonor, we will see a Four Corner Survivor Match with The Addiction Vs reDragon Vs The Kingdom Vs War Machine.

Still to come, more highlight matches, and our big 8-person tag.

Highlights of Steel Cage Warfare is now being shown from 2013.

This was when Kevin Steen defeated SCUM.

Highligts of this year’s Top Prospect tournament, featuring Will Ferrera Vs Donovan Dicheck.

Dicheck wins the match, and joins House of Truth.

More highlights are coming up.

reDragon action, from Tag Wars, defeating ACH and Cedrick Alexander.

Now action of AJ Styles Vs Hanson.

Hanson tried, but AJ wins with the Styles Clash, back from November of 2014.

Still to come tonight, 8-person tag match.

A set of highlights now from 2012 when Lance Storm faced Michael Bennett.

Bennett wins with some help from “Brutal” Bob.

Our main event, 8-person tag match is up now.  The House of Truth Vs The Briscoes, ODB, and Roderick Strong.

Strong, Briscoes, and ODB win the match when ODB rolls up Truth Martini.

The 4 people celebrate, as we end the 200th episode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not much of a show tonight, especially since I have only seen about 10 of the 200 episodes. The disappointing factor is we didn’t see anything from episode 1. I guess, in part because it was on a different channel, HD-Net, and we had different announcers.

I did like the highlights of Lance Storm in action against Michael Bennett. Obviously, Mike and Maria upgraded with The Kingdom, over “Brutal” Bob.

I always love to see The Addiction in action too, and always a treat to see AJ Styles.

I just don’t have the emotion as someone who have watched this from episode 1 may have. Share your thoughts with me.


Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/15/15…Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe…TV Title

Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.  Tonight, out main event will be Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe.

Next week will be episode number 200.

Adam Page comes to the ring, he is scheduled to face Matt Sydal.

Matt Sydal wins the match with his Air Borne 450 Splash.

BJ Whitmer attacks Sydal from behind, orders Colby to get a chair, and here comes ACH to help his partner, but Whitmer nails him with a chair.

Colby gets many chairs, and Adam hits Rite of Passage to send the message on their chairs, laying out Sydal.

Corino is beside himself, again.

Moments ago, we see Adam Page take out Matt Sydal.

July 24th, Death Before Dishonor, Lethal Vs Strong.

Veda Scott joins the announcers at ringside.  On July 24th, it will be Moose Vs Cedrick Alexander.

Moose tried to be a successful football player, and he failed.  He tried to be a successful wrestler, but Cedrick Alexander put a little wrench in the plans.  At Death Before Dishonor, having famous friends doesn’t win you matches.  Being ruthless, and doing whatever it takes will win you some matches.  Cedrick Alexander will show you just how good he is, and potential doesn’t give you success.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young is in the ring, he will face Will Ferrara.

Will picks up the upset win when Dalton Castle’s boys came out to distract him and Will picks up the rollup victory.

Silas attacks both boys, and lays them out.

Television Title is on the line next, Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe.

Lethal Vs Briscoe is now.

Briscoe had ODB, he had Jay, but Jay Lethal wins with Lethal Injection.

The House of Truth come out and try to take out The Briscoes, but Roderick Strong, who was doing commentary helps out Dem Boys.

Roderick issues a 6-man tag match, next week on the 200th episode of ROH TV.

But ODB has a better idea.  Add her to the mix and Truth Martini.  An 8-person tag match…..BAM!!!

Lethal accepts, and next week’s big show is set when the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

200 episodes, and now I have seen 10 of them.  Not a bad show tonight, I loved the main event, and it sets up next week’s show very nicely.

The first time I saw ODB since she left TNA.  Funny they call her Old Dirty Briscoe.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them here.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/8/15…Battle Of The Belts

Tonight, we find out results of Battle of the Belts.  Who is the ROH World Championship?

It’s Jay Lethal.

We are in New York City, with Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcoming us to the show.

Our main event is Elgin and reDRagon Vs The Kingdom.

But first, we will see Watanabe Vs Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle wins with his Spinning Wheel move, I guess.

He shakes hands with Watanabe, and now Dalton has something to say.

He is the only man in ROH, as he sits on his two boys, and his name is Dalton Castle.

This upsets Silas Young, who comes out.

We hear about the ROH World Title, next.

Nigel McGuiness is here to introduce us the current ROH TV Champion, and the new ROH World Champion, who defeated Jay Briscoe at Best in the World.

Jay looks good with both titles.

Nigel shakes Jay’s hand and congratulates him as new ROH World Champion.

The crowd chants he deserves it, and Truth Martini tells us Jay deserves this, but these people are not Jay’s people, The House of Truth are Jay Lethal’s people.

Best In The World, history was made, we witnessed greatness, we witness the new undisputed World Champion, Jay Lethal.

Nigel wants to hear from the champ.

All Jay wants to say is what he has been saying since the beginning, Jay is the best in the world.  To be the best, you have to be the undisputed of the greatest Wrestling company in the world.  But ROH is the greatest Wrestling company in the world, because Jay Lethal is here.

Nigel wants to know which title he is going to vacate, what is his plan moving forward?

Jay isn’t giving up a damn thing, he has earned both of these championships and Nigel knew going in, the man who won would have both title and he isn’t giving up anything.  And when Jay is wrestling, he is going to be the undisputed Champion, and he needs both titles.

Nigel tells him if that is the case, then the two titles are two separate titles, and therefore, both need to be defended.

At Death Before Dishonor, Jay will face Roderick Strong, and next week on TV, Lethal will defend the TV Title against Mark Briscoe.

Jay tells Nigel if he has to defend both titles on the same night, then so be it….

Here comes Roderick Strong.

Roderick wants Jay to make full of something, July 24th on IPPV, at Death Before Dishonor, Jay will walk in as World Heavyweight Champion, and after DBD, Roderick will out as World Heavyweight Champion.

July 24th, Death Before Dishonor, Lethal Vs Strong.  Next week, on TV, Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe for TV Title.

Our main event is up now, The Kingdom Vs reDRagon and Michael Egin.

At Best In The World, we saw Adam Cole lose to Bullet Club, and Maria Kanellis assures Adam nothing is wrong with The Kingdom.  She blames herself, as the leader of The Kingdom.  Taven, Bennett, and herself have been touring together in Japan, winning the NJPW Tag Titles.

So they all get a group hug, and our match is set.

reDragon and Michael Elgin defeated The Kingdom, when Kevin O’ Reiley pins Adam Cole.

Cole shakes hands with O’ Reiley, and walks out with them leaving The Kingdom alone.

What does this mean for The Kingdom, the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m going to say this again, I can’t stand this current format.  PPV was 2 weeks ago, we just heard from the new champ and find out he has a title defense in 16 days.  I know Strong won his match to get this title shot, but there won’t be much heat to it, at least on TV.  Why not start the tapings right after the PPV and set your next big show for the next one, so we can see 4 weeks of build ups?  And did they need to wish us a Happy 4th of July weekend, when this isn’t a weekend?  I know it was first aired over this past weekend, but edit that out.

Anyway, again I enjoyed the wrestling but my favorite part of the show was the first Jay Lethal promo in 2 weeks, since he won the title.  And I am looking forward to seeing him compete next week against Mark.

Other than that, story of the night was Adam Cole turning face, right?  Kingdom are about to kick him to the curb.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/1/15…AJ Styles Vs Adam Cole

We are in Philly, with Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcoming us to the show.  We have highlights from War of the Worlds.  ROH Vs New Japan, including Adam Cole Vs AJ Styles.

But our first match, The Addiction Vs Gredo and Kazuchika Okada.

The Addiction win the match with a Total Addiction, and after the match Okada takes care of Daniels and Kazarian.

Next, Adam Page Vs Watanabe.

Match joined in progress, Page Vs Watanabe.

Page wins the match, and Corino is beside himself since Colby was out there with Adam.

Cole Vs Styles is next.

AJ wins the match with 3 Styles Clash, defeating a returning Adam Cole from an injury at the time.

They shook hands before the match, Adam spit in AJ’s hand/  This time though, Adam shook AJ’s hand, and showed him he meant it.

Next week, we will find out the results of Best in the World, and have the World Heavyweight Champion.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I am under record in saying I don’t like the current format ROH runs, when the show seems like highlight shows, and they bring up PPVs 2 or 3 weeks after, but tonight’s 3 matches were incredible highlights of War of the Worlds, and it ended with an instant classic between AJ Styles and Adam Cole.

So how can you complain about that?

We will see who the world champ is the next week.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

ROH Wrestling 6/24/15….Bullet Club In Action

We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuiness, and King Corino welcoming us to the show.

We kick the show off with Roderick Strong Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, this should be a good match here.

Nakamura wins a very good match with a Buzzkick.

Still to come tonight, 6-man tag action.

Our next match is Michael Elgin Vs Gedo.

Elgin wins with a Powerbomb.  Gedo has changed his look since the last time I saw him on TV.

Bullet Club will wrestle in our main event.

Bullet Club (AJ Styles and The Young Bucks) Vs Okada and Ropping Vice.

Bullet Club wins with Styles Clash, after 2 Assisted Piledrivers, and many, many Superkicks.

Bullet Club is entertaining to watch. The show ends with Bullet Club celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Very entertaining show tonight with 3 good matches. But my biggest beef with this is while they brought up the replay for Best in the World, no results were talking about. Jay Lethal won the World Title, but they didn’t tell us anything.

That has to change if this relationship with Destination America is a success. Format must change, so that the flow with PPVs, and big shows make sense, and we get results on the show after PPV.

We expect to see the new champion soon though.

What were your thoughts on the show? Does it matter no mention of Lethal winning, or is it annoying, like I think? Send me your thoughts here.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 6/17/15…Official Contract Signing…Lethal Vs Briscoe

We are 2 days away from Best In The World, and we will see Jay Lethal Vs Jay Briscoe, winner take all.  Tonight, we see the official contract signing between the two men.

Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome is to the show.

Our first match is The Decade with the team of BJ Whitmer and Adam Paige Vs War Machine, the team of Hanson and Rowe.

BJ tells Colby that his old man hasn’t seen the message yet, so he is putting Colby in the match.

War Machine destroy Colby, and Corino wants to fight Whitmer.  We go to a commercial break.

Cedrick Alexander is in the ring.  He brings up last year, he was the breakout star.  But now he has to prove to himself, and his family that he can do professional wrestling.

He challenges the undefeated Moose.

Cedrick Alexander pulled off the upset, when Vida Scott wanted Moose to use a wrench as a weapon, Moose refused and Cedrick used it instead.

Shocking since Moose is headed into a Triple Threat Number One Contender match this Friday.

Matt Sydal is in action, and we will see the contract signing with Lethal and Briscoe, tonight.

It’s Matt Sydal and ACH Vs Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Naito and Tanahashi win with a Frogsplash.

A very good match between these four men.

Our contract signing is next.

Nigel McGuiness sighting here, as he represents the authority, something I completely forgot.

Lethal, the Television Champion comes out first, and out comes Jay Briscoe.

Both titles are on the line this Friday in a 60 minute time limit.

Jay Lethal signs the contract first.  And now Jay Briscoe signs it

This as Nigel explains is the biggest match in Ring of Honor history.  Any final words?

Lethal makes this clear, he needs Briscoe at his best.  Because on Friday, June 19th, in New York City, on PPV, he wants everyone to know he is the best wrestler in the world.  And after June 19th, he will show Briscoe that he shouldn’t even be in this company, like 31 years ago, his mother knows he never should have been born.


Jay Lethal, Briscoe will keep this short and simple.  Friday night, June 19th, when he whoops his ass, he will have to go back to The Black Machismo.

Oh boy!!

The two men are face to face, this Friday, who is the best in the world?  We will find out.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

That last segment was intense.  I just have this bad feeling Jay Briscoe is going to win, and Jay Lethal is the better wrestler.  He can represent ROH better, despite Briscoe being around for a long time.

The matches were fine, but the last segment made the show.  I won’t see the PPV, but I am interested in finding out who win.

Still not sure why Moose loses right before his Number One Contender match.

I really like War Machine, and the fact Corino finally stood up, after BJ Whitmer humiliated his son, again.  To see Corino in the ring again could be fun.

My biggest gripe with ROH though is there are way too many factions.  I am confused by where everyone was at, and why.  Just too many.

Speaking of factions, AJ Styles and The Young Bucks will make their Destination America TV debuts the next week.  That should be good.

A decent show tonight, but again the last segment was the best.  What were your thoughts on the show?

Send them to me here.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/10/15…The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club

We kick the show off with The Addiction telling REDragon they have an opportunity at the Tag Team Titles.

Tonight, they have them right where The Addiction wants them.  We saw what they did to win the championships, what do you think they will do to keep them?

Ring of Honor Wrestling is now.

Bobby Fish has been attacked before the show.

Tag Team champions are out now.

Breaking news from the World Tag Team Champions, of The World.  Bobby Fish has been attacked before the match, and REDragon were set to get their Tag Title shots.  And they have been contracted to face Fish and O’Reiley.  If that doesn’t happen, REDragon will have to go to the back of the totem pole.

So come on out, now.

Kyle O’ Reilly is out to fight, now.

The Addiction is DQ’d when Daniels nails O’ Reilley with the tag title.

They nail Absolute Mayhem, and here comes Sydal and some other guy to help.

Dalton Castle Vs Jushin Thunder Liger is next.

Last week on ROH TV, we see The House of Truth attack The Briscoes after their match.

Mark Briscoe tells us he faces Donovan Dijeck at Best in the World.

Mark gives us a promo only he can do.  He’s going to bring him in, and he will whoop his ass in New York City.

Moving on, Dalton Castle Vs Jushin Thunder Liger is now.

Liger wins with a Brainbuster.  He is set to face off against Mike Bennett at Best in the World.

Our main event tonight is The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club, of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Oh lord, “Brutal” Bob Evans Vs Cheeseburger.

Jushin Thunder Liger wishes Cheeseburger luck in his match tonight, and slaps him.

“Brutal” Bob Evans Vs Cheeseburger is up now.

The match is ruled a no contest when “Brutal” Bob puts Cheeseburger through a table with a sidewalk slam.

Both men are down.

The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club is next.

The awesome Jay Lethal and Truth Martini gives us a promo.  Next week, the official contract signing will be set for their World Title Vs TV Title match at Best In The World.

Jay Briscoe now has a promo.

Jay dares Lethal to try something, cause he will whoop his ass if he tries something.  Just sign the contract.

Moments ago, we see “Brutal” Bob put Cheeseburger through a table.

It’s official, at best in the World, REDragon gets their rematch against The Addiction, in a No DQ match for the Tag Titles.

Now, our main event, the IWGP Tag Team Champions, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, with Maria Kanellis accompanying them will face Karl Anderson and Dog Gallows.

We have a no contest when Bennett and Anderson continued to shove the ref.  All four men beat the hell out of each other, and Maria is caught in the middle.  They were about to hit her with a shot between the chairs, but Bennett stops them.  Taven is sent through the chairs instead.

6-man tag match at Best in the World.  Bullet Club Vs The Kingdom, and next week, official contract signing of Lethal Vs Briscoe, Title for Title will be held next week, to end this show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a very charged-up show tonight.  No goofy stories, just straight up wrestling.  We did have 2 No Contests though, but the last one is acceptable, because of their feud.  No AJ Styles, no Adam Cole, but you knew this was an intense feud.

Next week, the official contract signing of Lethal Vs Briscoe.  I hope Lethal wins at the PPV.

But Cheeseburger?  Really?  Dude looks like Rocky King from NWA days.  However, he is over with the crowd, he just has a stupid name.  And my god, is Kevin Kelly annoying on play-by-play.

But hey, this show had good wrestling, so I will deal with it.

Share me your thoughts on the show.