WWE Monday Night Raw 8/1/16….HotLanta!!

Tonight, Monday Night Raw is in Atlanta, Georgia.  Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are in the house, these two men face off at Summerslam, for the coveted WWE Universal Championship.

“the Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is also in the house, what are his thoughts about facing Randy Orton at Summerslam?

Raw is now.

The new entrance theme song is playing.

We are live in Atlanta, Georgia.  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks kicks off the show.

In 3 weeks, rematch for the WWE Women’s Title, Banks Vs Charlotte.

The crowd chant she deserves it, and Sasha tells us it’s about time Raw kicks off with a Bank Statement, and she is the new Women’s Champion.

Last year, at NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn, people were talking about Bayley and “The Boss” because they stole the show.  But they didn’t just steal it, they owned the show.

And things stay the same, because at Summerslam, she plans on keeping her Women’s Title, from Charlotte.

Here comes Charlotte.

You tapped out chants are going on.

Charlotte is mad, she looks a little different, without the Women’s Championship, as Sasha reminds her.  Dana Brooke isn’t with Charlotte.

Charlotte doesn’t need Dana to beat her, she doesn’t need her father to beat her.  But at Summerslam, Charlotte will beat Sasha all by herself.  She was the very best for over 300 days.  Sasha was just a one night stand.

Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair, if it wasn’t for a one night stand, Charlotte wouldn’t even be here.

Chris Jericho comes out, telling us to be quiet.


He tells Sasha to be quiet, and says she is a disrespectful punk.  Charlotte is royalty, look at her lineage.  She looks like a princess.  She may be Ric Flair’s daughter, but she has accomplished more than Ric Flair has ever done.  Who has Ric Flair beat?  But he knows Charlotte will beat her.

Now Jericho asks Sasha what makes her a “boss”?  She is the boss of only purple-haired snot nosed stupid idiots.

But Sasha isn’t a boss, she is a brat.

Enzo Amore comes out, and he is a certified G, and a bona fide stud.  And you can’t teach that.  Badda-Boom, realest guy in the room….HOW YA DOIN’?

Sasha, for real, how ya doin’, and he kisses her hand.

More brilliance from Enzo.  Enzo likes to do things on his own sometimes.  He is a G, and she is a BOSS, actually BUASS.

Enzo likes to make a certified bank, how ya doin?

Charlotte tells Enzo word is his life is described as one word….

Let me spell it out for ya….

Enzo talks about Jericho’s speak, comparing it to texting someone, and you see the three dots, but he never hits send.

Listen here, you hip-hop hobbit.  Jericho tells him you better watch it.

He said you better watch it.

Watch what?


Watch Enzo’s mouth?  For him to speak is like washing his hiney before he poops.  He calls Jericho Bon Jovi.  You can’t turn back time, if he could, he would stop him from buying that horrible scarf.

How ya doin’?

It’s Mick Foley time.

Mick does care, and he may not be the BOSS, but he is their boss.  That man is Enzo Amore, he is a certified G, but they both wear leopard.

Both Enzo and Sasha appear on his new reality show “Holy Foley”, and Sasha set the bar high last week, by being the new Women’s Champion.  And we are going to have Charlotte and Sasha compete in the ring again, tonight.

It will be a mixed tag match of Jericho and Charlotte Vs Sasha and Enzo.  It won’t only appear right here, in Atlanta, Georgia.  But it will be right now.

Kevin Owens joins us at commentary.

Charlotte and Jericho won the match with a little help from Dana Brooke, and hits Natural Selection.

After the match, Jericho hits a Codebreaker, and here comes Big Cass to aid his buddy.

I am guessing we will lead to Enzo and Cass Vs Jericho and Owens match at Summerslam.  I have no issue with that.

We will hear from Finn Balor, tonight.

Braun Strowman is about to destroy Evan Anderhall, and he is doing this because he gets $1,000 for just showing up.  And he gets $5,000 if he wins.

Reverse Chokeslam, Evan picks up the $1,000 at least.

Steph and Mick segment.  She is in favor of the mixed tag match.

Mark Henry shows up.

Mark is excited about the Summer Olympics, and he is excited about “The New Era”, but he is hungry, and he is ready to open up more additions to The Hall of Pain.

Steph and Mick want him to be a mentor, and Mark interrupts this, saying she is wrong.  He is a 2-time World Champion, and he is a 2-time Olympic athlete.

Foley suggests he gets an US Title match against Rusev.

Golden Truth in action, tonight.

Golden Truth Vs Shining Stars is now.

Golden Truth loses, so Shining Stars wins, because Truth cares more about Pokemon Go than his own partner.

Oh boy, hour one has sucked tonight.  The last 2 hours needs to pick up.

Finn Balor is next.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar will speak, setting up his match with Randy Orton.

Michael Cole introduces us to Finn Balor.

Cole brings up Balor was a surprise choice as a first round pick in the draft, yet last week, he proved his value.  Balor starts to explain things, but here comes Seth Rollins.

Seth tells Cole to take a hike.  He wants us to give an ovation to Finn Balor.  Finn was a former NXT World Champion.  He wasn’t the first World Champion, but that was Rollins.  Finn was a first round pick in the draft, but Seth was the number one pick overall.  Finn was very admirable in beating Roman Reigns last week, but he beat him in his first night back from coming back with an injury.

Finn asks him if he is done, he is right about everything, but Finn will beat Seth at Summerslam, and being the first WWE Universal Champion.

That amuses Seth, that is like saying the Atlanta Braves are going to be World Series champions, it just won’t happen.

We get Tomahawk chants, and Seth tells us they horrible.  Finn had a great legacy in NXT, but he is the man.

Finn brings up everywhere he has wrestled, he has had guys think they were the man, but he beat them, and became the man.

Seth said they have never faced each other, why don’t he get a good seat to watch him face his buddy Sami Zayn later tonight.

Finn said they have had many similarities, but he never had anything handed to him like Seth had at Summerslam.

Rollins said he has never had anything handed to him, and Finn said the one thing he will have handed to him is when Finn kicks his ass.

Seth tries to attack him, but Finn counters with a kick.

Three weeks away, the first WWE universal Champion is crowned.  Rollins Vs Balor.

Tonight, New Day Vs Gallows and Anderson.  One member of New Day will be barred, but next, Mark Henry Vs Rusev for the United States Championship.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Balor kick Seth.

Tonight, Seth Vs Zayn.

It’s Lana in a white wedding dress, she and Rusev were married this past weekend.

Rusev Vs Henry for the US Title is now.

Rusev defeats Henry with an Accolade.  He tells us nobody can take the US Title away from him, and nobody can take Lana from him.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Rusev wants to leave, but Roman won’t let him.

Rusev starts the fight, but Roman finishes it off with a Superman Punch.

Nia Jax video is showing now.  She made her Raw debut last week, and she is in action, tonight.

Tomorrow night, on Smackdown Live, we will see the debut of American Alphas.  AJ Styles has a message for John Cena.

Darren Young Vs Titus O’ Neil is now.

Titus wins with some tights, rolling him up.

Titus tells Darren it’s not about being great, it’s about winning.

Steph gives Mick a gift, and Sheamus is irate about Foley giving Mark Henry an US Title match, and not Sheamus.  Cesaro comes in, and he tells us we don’t care about Sheamus.

Foley tells them that Cesaro has a questionable shoulder, and Sheamus hasn’t been in the game since cashing in Money in the Bank briefcase.  He tells both men to face off in the ring, and the winner will receive a future title shot.

Nia Jax is in action, next.

The Cruiserweight Division is coming to Raw.

Mr. Backlund is upset at Titus, he tells him he will knock his old ass out if he doesn’t shut up, Darren lays him out from behind.

Nia Jax will face Ariel Monroe, in the ring.

Nia wins with the Power Slam.

Byron interviews Nia, and asks her how it feels to compete in a Raw ring.  Nia goes after Ariel, and she tells Byron to ask her how it feels.

Tom Phillips is with Sami Zayn.

Sami knows Seth, they have battled over the years, but he has one weakness, Seth has a big mouth.  Just like the man he battled with in Kevin Owens.  He had a match of his life at Battleground, and he beat him.  Seth has something to prove?  Sami is going to make a statement.

New Day selects a fruit in the basket, it looks like Xavier lost by choosing a banana.

We are live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brock Lesnar is here.


It’s a New Day….yes it is.

Last week, Gallows and Anderson attacked them from behind, so of course who filed a complaint against them?  Yup, the bald-headed freaks.  So they drew who would wrestle with fruit in a bag, and Atlanta’s own Xavier Woods drew the short end of the stick.  They were going to form a penis, with the banana and two peaches, but that wasn’t PG.

So here comes Gallows and Anderson, and we have our match.

New Day win when Gallows and Anderson turned their backs on Big E., and Big E. rolls up Anderson.

Here comes Xavier, but down goes Xavier.  Magic Killer, message is sent.

Xavier tries to fight back, but they lay him out too.

Moments ago, we see Gallows and Anderson lay out The new Day after a loss.

It’s Cesaro Vs Sheamus, now.

Cesaro wins with a Neutralizer, Brock Lesnar returns, tonight.

We get a fight between Cesaro Sheamus, and Heath Slater interrupts the fight, with a returning Jinder Mahal.

Mick Foley comes out, informs both men they aren’t a part of Raw roster.  But makes a match of Jinder Vs Slater, winner gets a contract from Raw.

Heath refuses, but Jinder gives him a kick for the pinfall victory.

Welcome back to Raw, Jinder Mahal.

Earlier tonight, Cass and Sasha faced Jericho and Charlotte, with Charlotte and Jericho winning.

Tom Phillips is with Jericho.  He tells Tom that his scarf was $750, and he has someone watching his back, in case Cass comes out.

Tom wanted to know who, but Chris made up a name.  Kevin Owens volunteers his services.

Rollins Vs Zayn is next.

Rollins wins the match with a Pedigree.  Good match here that showcased both men.

Paul Heyman comes out, and we will hear from Brock Lesnar, next.

American Alpha debut tomorrow night on Smackdown Live.

Next week, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs will guest host Raw.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I know for the last 3 hours, we have been waiting on the edge of the seats waiting, salivating to see the most box office attraction in combat sports to come out so we can worship.  Ladies and gentlemen, the beast incarnant, and the Viper Slayer, Brock Lesnar.

In 3 weeks, it will be Randy Orton Vs Brock Lesnar, at Summerslam.

Ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday night, August 24th, live at the Barclay Center, in WWE Network, his client Brock Lesnar will entertain you.  Did Paul Heyman just advocate his client Brock Lesnar will do all things of entertain us?  Yes, because Brock has a different form of entertainment than what they run in WWE.  Brock is violent, and he can’t say that word.  But he can say whatever he wants, because Brock Lesnar is standing right next to him.  Brock isn’t here to cement his stamp of the new era, or kiss Mick Foley’s ass.  He is here to take out Smackdown Live’s own Randy Orton.

Randy is a third generation superstar, they say he is one step away from a RKO.  They say he is one RKo away from shocking the world, just like Brock shocked the world by ending the Wrestlemania steak of The Undertaker.

How does Randy Orton get these thoughts in the head?  Maybe it’s the voices he hears?  One of those voices might tell Randy he will be taken to Suplex City, and get his ass kicked.  If he hears any other voices, that is full of, malarkey.

Let’s just say this again, Brock Lesnar will kick your ass.  Randy doesn’t have a chance to win, so let’s just say Randy needs to survive.  Because he might not go to the hospital, or maybe he will get a chance to wrestle before the end of 2016.  How can he do that?  One RKO.  Because Randy won’t hit a RKO, he isn’t man enough to hit a RKO.

And just like that, Orton hits a RKO.

He tells Heyman he can do it, and runs off into the crowd, when Foley and Stephanie come out with security.

Orton does his awesome “Legend Killer” pose, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay, certainly not as good as last week, but the ending was fantastic.  And we are on the way to showcase Lesnar vs Orton.  I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow, when Orton speaks.  Will we see Lesnar show up?  RKO out of nowhere will give you a ticket to Viperville, anytime.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.





























Special Announcement

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Impact Wrestling 4/19/16…Hardy Vs Hardy….I Quit

Tonight, Jeff Hardy faces Matt Hardy in an I Quit match.  So much is on the line, Impact Wrestling is in 5 minutes.

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy entered in The Impact Zone.  Matt Hardy entered the building, with Reba and Maxel.  Tonight, Hardy Vs Hardy.

But first, a ladder match for sole possession of the Knockouts Division.

Gail Kim and The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.

Maria Kanellis Bennett wins the match, and is now in control of The Knockouts Division.

Last week, Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy lost to Matt and Tyrus, and after the match, Lashley attacked Galloway with a spear.  He wants a title shot.

Drew is calling out Lashley, next.

This is the keys to the Knockouts Division.  Maria has all of the power, and next week, everything changes.

Decay are in the rafters, they have Gail Kim, who was knocked out earlier tonight.

The TNA World Champion Drew Galloway comes out to the ring.

Bobby Lashley decided to take advantage of the situation, and hit Drew with a spear, and another one.  But then that big son of a bitch speared him through the steel steps.  And now the bloody TNA officials didn’t clear him this week.  They said he can’t wrestle, but they didn’t say anything about Drew fighting.  Lashley, he is still standing.  Come on out, and finish the job.

Rockstar Spud shows up instead.

Spud tells Drew he can get a match for the World Title tonight, and beat him just like that.

Drew is willing to put that to a test, but Spud isn’t here to fight.  He is here to say tonight will be the final time we see Jeff Hardy.  No more paint face, no more creatures.  And that is because of the real ICON, Matt Hardy.

Drew said if Lashley won’t come out, he will fight Spud.

It’s not Spud.  But he is warned.

It’s Tyrus.

Tyrus asks how painful Drew is, but Tyrus is a patient man, he is lurking in the shadows.  Drew is a fighting champion, but he can cash in his title shot anytime he want.  But Drew is hiding behind his doctor’s note.

Drew is cleared next week, and he will kick his arse.

Next week, it’s Tyrus Vs Galloway.  And Tyrus shakes his hand, but Drew said what are they waiting for?  He was telling his oompa loompa, but Spud attacks Drew.

Spud and Tyrus lay out Drew.

Tryus hits a Vader Splash right on Drew’s ribs on a chair.  Tyrus holds the World Title.

We see a Hardy Brand Cam, with Matt telling us we will see a war nobody has seen before.  Jeff, you say you’re not a quitter, you will learn.  And he will do this for himself, his family, the Hardy legacy.  Jeff, you will say you quit.

Decay tells Gail Kim this whole place is at war, and they will get what they want, and Gail is their pawn to get what they want.  And they will get what they want, tonight.

Trevor Lee Vs DJ Z Vs Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Title match.

Trevor picks up the win, with an assist by Andrew Everett, Trevor’s long-lasting friend.

Both men take out Eddie and DJ Z.

Eric Young and Bram head to the ring, next.

Tonight, it’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

The Helms Dynasty runs this X-Division, and he brings in Andrew Everett.

Bram and EY are in the ring.

Eric hates everyone in this building, including all of us idiots, and everyone in the back.  We are looking at the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.  And with the most dangerous hold in professional wrestling.  Eric is the “King” of wrestling.  And nobody can do anything about it.

TNA, you want to cater to punks like EC3.  You want to cater to a has-been like Jeff Hardy.  You want to give the “Golden Boy” Drew Galloway opportunities.  Eric is done with TNA, this is his last night.  He and Bram quits.

But Bram isn’t going anywhere.

EY is irate at this, and Bram is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Eric.  Okay, Bram wants to be alone, he wants to stay away from the most dangerous wrestler.  Fine, stay here.  You loser.

Where is Eric going, mate?  That belt looks heavy for you, and Bram thinks that belt would look better on a real man. In fact, Bram doesn’t think Young has the balls.

Eric kicks Bram in the balls, and gives him a Piledriver.

Eric is the King, and all of us are not.

Eric has a pair of scissors, and he says Bram has a beard because of Eric, because he is God.

He cuts Bram’s beard off.

It’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

Jeff tells us he and his brother have so much in common, and that is what made them such a great team.  But tonight, he has to do what he has to do.  Matt is growing his brand, and he will not quit.

The Bennetts are in the ring.

It’s fairy tale time, with Prince Ethan Carter III, who had everything.  But that white knight came, named Michael Bennett.  And on that moment, Prince Ethan lost everything, and then Prince Ethan blamed everything on “The Miracle”.  He challenged him to a fight, and that was a great fight, but Michael prevailed.  This is his Kingdom, and we are all a part of the Kingdom, and we all can say Yes We Believe In Miracles.

Enter EC3.

Let the record show, Michael Bennett defeated EC3 by disqualification.  But let the video show EC3 beat Michael Bennett’s ass.  He does agree they have many things in common, but they also have many things different.

They prefer exquisite women, he prefers redheads, and EC3 prefers brunettes.  They both love to dress, but Bennett has some gold shoes.  They both want to be the face of the franchise.  EC3 has won titles, and beaten everyone, but Bennett hasn’t beaten anyone.

Bennett tells EC3 he already beat him, he has nothing to gain.  So they are done with each other.

EC3 says he will be on his case forever.  Bennett says he will always win, and EC3 will always makes excuses.  So they will never wrestle.

Michael has an opportunity to be a made man.  Nobody has pinned Ethan.  He is talking about guys like Sting, The Hardys, Kurt Angle, if he wants to be a made man, beat EC3.

Next week is Sacrifice, and he offers a No DQ match.  So there are no excuses.  One winner, one loser, next week.

If pinning him, if making him surrender, if losing this “streak”, then his answer is yes I do.

Bennett believes in himself, that is good.  Because it will take a miracle to beat him.

The Decay are having more fun with Gail Kim.  they will let her go, when they get what they want.  Attention, chaos, and closure.

Al Snow is in the ring.

He says many people complain about the product, yet they still watch the show.  We are ruining wrestling today.  How does he know this?  Because he is in here, and we are all in the seats.  He is going to give us a wrestling lesson, and he will give Sheara a wrestling lesson too.

Here we go.

Al Snow wins with some brass knuckles.

Decay still has some fun with Gail Kim.  We find out what is the plan, next.

Eli Drake will be here next week with the Fact of Life.

Decay come to the ring, with Gail Kim.

Rosemary calls us all pawns.  We are puppets…PUPPETS….puppets….PUPPETS.  We are all puppets, but they severed all of their strings.  They will let Gail go, if they get what they want.  If they don’t, maybe they will cut Gail’s head.

Abyss assures Gail nobody can help him.  The only thing that can save her now is Beer Money.  James Storm, Bobby Roode.  Come to us.  Come to us.

And here they come.

Roode tells them to let her go, and Abyss wants a shot at the Tag Team Gold.  They took Gail hostage, because they took Tag Titles for hostage.

You want a match, you got a match.  Now let her go.

There is just one more thing.  They don’t want a regular match, they want a match with no rules.  No regulations.  They want a match with carnage, pain, suffering.  So he asks them two if they will walk with them to the Valley of Shadows.

Whatever match you want, you got it.  Just let her go.

Oh boys, anyone can enter the valley of shadows.  But the only ones who can walk out are Decay….Decay….DECAY!!

Next week, at Sacrifice.  It will be Galloway Vs Tyrus.  Also No-DQ match, EC3 Vs Bennett.  Young Vs Bram, and Decay vs beer Money.

Now, our main event is Hardy Vs Hardy in an I Quit match.

The match ends in a no contest when Jeff puts Matt through a table with a Swanton, but Matt never gave up, he passed out.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay, everything was setting up for next week, but the main event was very good, except the finish.  I am really looking forward to seeing EC3 Vs Michael Bennett.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.























Impact Wrestling 7/29/15….Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Tonight, Jeff Jarrett takes his place in the TNA Hall of Fame, we will also see One More Match, with James Storm and Serena Vs. Mickie James and Magnus.  We will also see Matt Hardy choose his stipulation for the World Title.  And Jeff Hardy returns.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Austin Aries kicks things off, and he has something to say.

Austin is the most passionate wrestler, and he deserves a shot at the World Title.  He says Bully Ray is not doing a good job as the new boss.

And that brings in Bully Ray.

Bully is a bog fan of Austin, but his mouth always seems to get him into trouble.  Austin asks why he doesn’t get a World Title shot.

Bully told him Aries lost to Kurt Angle.

How about Aries and Roode getting Tag Team Title shot?

But they lost the best of five series to The Wolves.

How about a X-Division Title shot?

Austin is insulted about that, because he doesn’t need The X-Division Title, the X-Division needs him.  Austin is the most decorated X-Division Champion, it’s for guys like Rockstar Spud, who is never going to be in the main event spot.

And here comes Rockstar Spud.

Spud always looked up to Austin, he was the greatest X-Division Champion, he created Option C, so guys like him can be X-Division Champion, and cash in for a shot at the World Title.  Austin did that, and became one of the best World Champions.

Austin interrupts, and says he didn’t create Option C for Spud, he did it for himself.  He told Spud that if he cashes in, he would have nothing, and he has nothing.  He didn’t have a chance to beat Kurt Angle.  Aries lost, but 9 times out of 10, Aries would beat Kurt.  With Spud, 10 times out of 10, he would lose.

Spud tells Austin he has been told that his entire life, and he has proven everyone wrong.  Bully tells Austin that Spud has guts for coming out, and telling Austin how much respect he has for Aries, and Austin just completely tears him apart.

Aries proposes he works a match with Spud, if he loses, he doesn’t deserve a career in TNA.  So Bully proposes he puts that on the line.  If Austin loses, he never wrestles in TNA again.  Aries suggests there needs to be something in it for him, so how about when Aries wins, he takes Spud’s Rockstar name.  He will then be known as “Rockstar” Austin Aries, and Spud can just be little Spud.

Aries lays a cheap shot, and I guess that match is next week.

Tonight, Eric Young will face Sgt. Chris Melendez, we will also hear from Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and Matt Hardy picks his stipulation.

The Jarretts entered The Impact Zone earlier today, and we hear Kurt giving Melendez some advice on his match against EY.

Tonight, Tigre Uno speaks out on Trump, also Mickie James teams with Magnus to face James Storm and Selena.

Melendez Vs Young is now.

Chris has fought and fought for everything he has had in his life, and nothing will change.  He wants EY to come out, and here he comes.

Eric is trying to Chris a favor.  He doesn’t want Eric to come to the ring, he needs to quit, and Chris disagrees.  He needs Eric to come to the ring.

Our match is now.

Eric picks up the win with a Piledriver.

Kurt was in Chris’ corner.

Brooke Vs Marti Bell, for the Knockout Title next.

Clip from 2012 when Sting was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

JB goes to Matt Hardy’s locker room.  Matt hasn’t come up with a stipulation, but when we figure it out, they will let us know in the ring.

Who is we?

Brooke Vs Marti is set now.

The lights go out, which means it’s Gail Kim time.

But the action continues, and Brooke retains her title with a Butterface Maker, and wins the match.

Tonight, Matt Hardy chooses his title stipulation, and Jeff Jarrett gives us his induction speech.  But next, Tigre gives us his Trump speech.

Kurt Angle’s 2013 induction video.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studio.  Bound for Glory tickets go on sale this Friday.

More footage of Tigre Uno.

Christy Hemme is with Tigre.  Donald Trump is not here, so Tigre challenged him to show up, he’s not here.  Tigre tells him the Mexican people are not for him, he is Tigre Uno.

EC3 isn’t sweating the stipulation Matt Hardy will give us later tonight.

Next week, we will see Austin Aries Vs Rockstar Spud.  But tonight, Mickie James and Magnus Vs James Storm and Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is catching up with Billy Corogan.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


In 7 days, he defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Hardy at No Surrender.

The caveat in this is he was tricked into a stipulation match by Bully Ray.  The Hardys claim they are such a great family, but they are just some hillbillies from North Carolina.

We get some Hardy chants going.

Now if this was a match against Jeff, he might be sweating it, but he’s not.  Why?  Because Jeff flipped over his Moped, and hurt his leg.  Amazing, he has done so many daredevil moves, and he gets flipped over by his moped.

But Matt Hardy, he is stronger than death, he will never die, but he;s just not World Champion material.

Here comes Jeff Hardy.

Look at what the cat dragged in, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff thanks the creatures.  Jeff has sat at home, and he has cried.  He was crying at the hospital when they put his leg back together.  He cried at home when he couldn’t go to the bathroom, but every time he sees EC3, he made him sick.  Overconfidence will get you.  He’s healing, and he will be back.  Before you know it, Jeff will be the next World Champion.

But before he does that, he gets a poll from the crowd, is Ethan Carter a good champion?


He is feeling there will be a change, and the man who will make that change is his brother, Matt Hardy.

Matt for champ chant is going.

Their entire careers, people like Ethan tell them they can’t, and Matt tells them next week, he will do.  People have said there is a rivalry between these two, but those people are jackasses, like EC3.  And between the two of them, they will make the perfect stipulation.

Jeff guesses there has to be some cool objects underneath the ring.

Hey, some chairs, some tables, and some ladders.  How about that.

In the ring, we have a ladder, a table, a chair, outside we have steel steps.  We have many metals around the ring.

3 words for Ethan, Full Metal Mayhem.

And per Bully Ray, nobody is allowed at ringside, except for EC3.  Nobody, and next week, Matt’s dream of being World Champion will become a reality.

Later tonight, Jeff Jarrett’s ceremony, but next, tag team mayhem.

Team 3-D video is playing, from 2014.

JB is with Magnus and Mickie James.

This should be a night of celebration, but tonight, the fans get to see Mickie and Magnus team up.  But this is not a celebration, this is a fight.  A fight with a man who tried to take put his family.  Tonight, they fight for the last time, tonight, they put this to an end.

Mickie tell us that family comes first, so if she has to beat down her friend, Serena for 10 years, then so be it.

Storm and Serena Vs Mickie and Magnus, now.

Magnus and Mickie win when Khoya screws up, and kicks Storm. Mickie hits a DDT, pinning Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is inducted into TNA Hall of Fame, next.

We hear from Ken Anderson, over what happened a few weeks ago against Bram.

Next week, Bram is demanding a match between he and Mr. Anderson.  He doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  He does know Ken has 2 little ones at home.  So he suggests he kisses them on the head tonight, and says goodbye.  Because this is personal, and Anderson won’t be coming home.

Next week, Bram Vs Anderson, Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway.  Also Rockstar Spud Vs Austin Aries, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse, and for the World Title, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy.

A video look at Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay brings out Dixie Carter, who introduces us to Jeff Jarrett.  Dixie brings up the first time she ever met Jeff.  It was in Nashville, and she couldn’t believe he was a wrestler, but he brought her to the business, and knows how dedicated he is the business.

She brings out Jeff.

Jeff thanks everyone who ever had a hand in starting the company, everyone from working in promotions, to the people behind to the scenes, and even to the fans who purchased the PPV.  He thanks all of the wrestlers who have ever worked for the company, and he thanks Dixie.  Because if it wasn’t for her, this company wouldn’t be going, and he wouldn’t be in this position.

He also brings up having a falling out with his father, over this company 7 years ago.  But 6 weeks ago, he started to talk to him, and family means everything.

He thanks us again, and the wrestlers join him on the ramp, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than last week.  And we finished the night with a nice speech by Jeff Jarrett, and he deserves this.  No Surrender is next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 6/3/15….Welcome To Destination America

For only the 3rd time, I am watching Ring of Honor.  It’s not because I don’t like the product, but rather because my cable company never carried them, until now.

Destination America is the new home of Ring of Honor, and we are all set.  Tonight, The Briscoes in tag team action against The House of Truth.

The Briscoes have a promo, with Mark acting like Mark.  Jay tell us Jay Lethal has been ducking the champ, and tonight, The Briscoes will show what they will do to Jay at Best in the World.

Let’s get it on.

We are in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.  Best in the World, live on PPV.  Title Vs Title, Briscoe Vs Lethal.

Tonight, The Briscoes Vs The House of Truth.  Also BJ Whitmer Vs Moose.

And our first match, Will Ferrera Vs Kushida.

Kushida hits the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

The two men shake hands after the match, as is the custom in Ring of Honor.

At Best In The World, Friday June 19th, it will be Title Vs Title.  Jay Lethal Vs Jay Briscoe.

The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian join Corino and Kelly.

Next week, The Addiction will face Red Dragon, next week, for the Tag Team Titles.

Kazarian makes it clear, tag title match, next week.  Now Kevin has Kazarian’s permission to worship them.

The Briscoes Vs House of Truth, tonight.

Our next match is “The Last Real Man” Silas Young Vs Watanabe.

Silas picks up the win with the TKO.

“Ravishing Rick Bill Cowler” Silas Young picks up the win.

Whitmer Vs Moose is next.

Moose is in line for a Number One Contender match at Best in the World.

These two men have had a feud for a month, it seems.  Whitmer represents The Decade.

Whitmer doesn’t want to wrestle Moose tonight.  As a great leader, he likes to teach these young kids about opportunity.  So Colby Corino, Steve’s son is going to wrestle.

Moose absolutely destroyed the 18-year-old Colby, who recently joined The Decade,  He gave him a sick powerbomb on the outside, and Adam Paige pushed him back in the ring, only for Mosse to pin him with his boot.

Steve Corino is beside himself.

Truth Martini has this all worked out for Jay, they will take care of things tonight.

Jay Lethal comes to the ring, not in his wrestling gear.  So he changed the main event here of Donovan Diecheck and Jay Diesel Vs The Briscoes.

Jay Lethal joins commentary.

The Briscoes win with Doomsday Device.  Diecheck takes Mark Briscoe out after the match, and Jay sets Diecheck up for J-Driller, but Lethal stops him.  Jay hits a J-Driller instead to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For a first show, they did what they are known best…wrestle.  I hated though there was no introduction show Destination America gave us, because some of these storylines confused me.  But I will catch up.

TNA dropped the ball on Jay Lethal, but I am glad to see him, along with The Addiction back on TV.  AJ Styles will show up from time to time too.  So it’s a reunion for me, knowing them all with TNA.

I was impressed by Kushida, not so much on Young.  Moose is a beast, and so is Diecheck.  Looking forward to seeing more episodes.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

Impact Wrestling Live 5/8/15…Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle

Eric Young begins the show inside the ring, demanding who the special guest referee will be for tonight’s big World Title match.

Enter Bully Ray.

Do you know who I am?

He’s Bully Ray, and he is the special guest referee for tonight’s World Title match.

Impact is live, tonight.

Tonight, feuds will be coming to a halt.  EC3 Vs Mr. Anderson.  The BDC Vs The Rising.  Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


EC3 is shaking hands with his voters, and taking picture.  Vote EC3 for future TNA World Champion.

He is on the mic, and feels the excitement tonight.  Something he has been clamoring for, something we have been clamoring for…#EC3WorldChamp

He has it on good authority the voters have spoken, and we will have a good old fashioned game of Arm Wrestling.

Chants of You Can’t Wrestle….Yes He Can are going on.

God Bless EC3.

Mr. Anderson wants the results, and 85% voted for a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Why not arm wrestling?

Match is now.

EC3 picks up the win with some help from Tyrus.

EC3 is still undefeated.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle welcomes Bully Ray back.  He just wants Bully’s word that he will call it down the middle.  Bully responds asking him if he knows who he is.

He never said he would call it down the middle.

Gail Kim approaches Awesome Kong.  They may not be friends, but they need to be in business together, to get Taryn.  Is she in?  Kong nods her head.,

The Dollhouse tonight, against Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Beat Down Clan come out to the ring, with masks.

MVP has a live mic, which could make us feel uncomfortable.  He has this mask for Homicide.  He’s not here tonight, because someone attacked him in a New York night club, and needs shoulder surgery.

He’s not saying who was responsible for this, but it smells like something The Rising would do.  Yet, the fans cheer for them, and boo them.  When the American government needed Iraqi oil, they just take it.  Yet when they take the X-Division Title, we call them thugs.  He dropped the N-word, that was bleeped.  But MVP tells Drew Galloway that if he wants to act like a thug, he will beat down them.

The Rising come out to the ring.

Drew understands why MVP being upset, one of his boys was jumped.  But the reality of this is the streets isn’t Drew’s playground, the ring is his playground.  But let’s be honest, the man’s name is Homicide, not exactly the nicest name, so anyone could have jumped him.  Maybe MVP needs to look at his own boys.  He saw the look Kenny King had when he touched his title, where was he last night?

MVP isn’t hearing about that.  MVP doesn’t give a damn about wrestling, he cares about money.  The lifestyle it brings with it.  He was supposed to be the TNA World Champion, but Drew had to come out, and stop it.  So come on out here, and get the beat down.

Drew suggest we have a one on one match against MVP.

The fight continues, next.

Drew Galloway wins the match with a Future Shock DDT, and Eric Young swings a chairshot to Drew, and take out The Rising.

Eric makes it clear, MVP owes Eric.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle.

James Storm has a special gift for a “special” friend.

Here comes James Storm.

James can come out here, and be tough, or beating someone up, or drink a beer.  But he wants to shift the spotlight to someone who truly deserves it.

He brings Mickie James out to the ring.

Hardcore Country.

He knows, just like everyone else knows Mickie is transitioning herself to motherhood.  If his mom hadn’t taught him from right to wrong, God Bless mothers.

Mickie promised one more match, and in due time, Mickie will give her fans one more time.  But another thing important to Mickie is her country music.

Storm can say she is a great singer, she is a legendary in-ring performer.  But he’s not.  She is an amazing singer, an amazing in-ring performer, and an amazing friend.

Open the gift.

He gave Mickie a guitar.

On behalf of the wrestling fans, James just wants to say thank you.

James had the guitar tuned up, and now he wants a giant selfie with Mickie James.

Here comes Magnus.

He has a gift for Magnus too, his gladiator helmet from when he started.

Magnus is offended by this, and he shoves James.

Storm is just playing around, and we see Magnus taking Mickie away.

James has one more gift for his son, Donavan.  A teddy bear, from his good old Uncle James.

This sets Magnus on fire, and he takes the guitar, and nails Storm with it.

Storm smiles when he comes through.

Knockout tag match is next.  The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Earlier tonight, Bully Ray reveals to be the special guest ref in tonight’s World Title match with Angle Vs Young.

BDC want answers from Young.  He wants BDC to watch Eric’s back, they aren’t friends, but they are good business partners.  The last time they worked together, they took the TNA World Title away from Bobby Roode, now they can take the title away from Kurt Angle.  And when Eric Young becomes World Champion, they become World Champion.

Think it over.

We now see footage when Gail Kim took part of her husband Robert Irvine on his cooking show, Taryn Terrell showed up backstage.

Knockout tag match is up now.

The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Gail Kim.

Dollhouse wins when Taryn rolls up Gail, after Marty distracted Gail long enough.

But now Marty is caught between Gail and Kong.  Eat Defeat….Implant Buster.

Gail and Kong are on the same page, now.

The Hardys won the Tag Team Titles.  But Jeff Hardy broke his leg in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong.

What will Matt do with the Tag Team Titles?  We find out, next.

Earlier tonight, we see Magnus nailing James Storm with a guitar.

Mickie James tells Magnus that he has to keep his temper in check.  He tells her that James disrespected Magnus, but Mickie tells him now Magnus disrespected her.

Matt Hardy is in the ring, with JB.

Jeff Hardy is in pain, and he is not a character at home, he truly is the “Charismatic Enigma”, and he has learned to deal with it.

A few weeks ago, The Hardys were on top of the world, but now Matt has no choice other than vacate the Tag Titles.  And now, it’s time for Matt to go home and figure out where he goes from here.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode come out, shake Matt’s hand as he goes to the back.

Austin tells Eric that he hasn’t forgotten what he did, but he promised Kurt Angle not to interfere when he takes care of EY, but after that, he will get his chance.

Now onto other titles.

It seems like the Tag Titles are cursed, the last two times they have been forfeited.  While some may say that is a tough break, Austin sees this as an opportunity.  We see two guys who have been Tag Team Champions together, and they are the best team.

Bobby brings up these titles deserve to be defended, and do that as the best Tag Team the world has seen, Roode and Aries together.

Davey Richards shows up.

Davey has an issue with that, because The Wolves have been the most dominant tag team in the last 2 years.  And they deserve to be Tag Champs.

Austin tells Davey he has known him for years, and while he respects what they have done, he is by himself.

Davey tells Austin Wolves hunt in pack, and welcomes his brother, and partner, Eddie Edwards.

As of 12 noon, Eddie has been cleared to compete.  The Dirty Heels say they are the best team, but Eddie and Davey know they are the best team, and prove it every day.

So, let’s stop the talking, let’s have a match, and find out who is the best.  But not just any match, no excuses….a best of five series.

You want it, Roode asks, the fans want it, they got it.

All four men shake hands.

Tonight, Angle Vs Young for the World Title.

Matt Hardy starts walking away, but Drew Galloway intervenes.  He tells Hardy he has a tremendous amount of respect for him, and they have many things in common, such as they never back away from a fight.

Angelina Love doesn’t care about the Bromans breaking up, she doesn’t care about Gail Kim and Awesome Kong teaming up.  She wants to talk about herself, a record-setting 6-time Knockout Champion, and the one true Beautiful Person left.

We see Velvet Sky showing up, saying nothing, heads to the ring.

Angelina tells her she had too much going on to even give Velvet a call.  But she isn’t mad at her.  Angelina tries to hug Velvet, but she doesn’t hug back.

Angelina screams at Velvet to say something, and we see a spear.

The two start to fight, and officials break them up.  Velvet has no reaction.

Young Vs Angle video is being shown.

Eric Young doesn’t trust anyone, and tells Bully he wants to know if he will screw Eric of his title.  Bully assures EY he wants to see the two men tear each other up, he doesn’t care.  He will call it right down the middle.

Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle, for the World Title, with Bully Ray as special ref is now.

Kurt wins with a leg grapevine, making Eric Young tap out.

We had BDC come out, The Rising come out, Chris Melendez came out, Eric Young attacked Bully Ray, but at the end of the day, Bully raised the arm of Kurt and we end the show with the champion retaining his title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a very good show tonight, TNA knew they had a live show to work with, and they certainly gave us matches, and storylines to continue.

The idea of Best of Five series matches with The Wolves Vs Dirty Heels is certainly intriguing, to say the least.  Even though it was due to bad circumstances, with Jeff being hurt, Eddie Edwards coming back was a nice touch.

Let’s see where this goes.

I also liked Velvet Sky returning, not saying a word, and just went after Angelina Love.  The potential of Matt Hardy joining The Rising, or maybe even feuding with Drew Galloway has promise.

We also saw Kong and Gail teaming together, and from the looks of it, this won’t be the last time.

EC3 is a future TNA World Champion, and that’s all we need to know about that.

Welcome back to TNA Bully Ray.  We missed you.

And Angle Vs Young was okay, but where does Kurt go next?

Overall, a good show that is showing promise towards the road to Slammiversary.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

WWE NXT Wrestling 2/18/15…Owens Vs Neville….One On One

After a highly successful NXT Takeover:  Rival last week, we set the gear in motion for what happens now.  Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte, Baylee, and Becky Lynch to be new NXT Divas Champion.  And Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn to become the new NXT World Champion.

Where do we go from here?

NXT Wrestling is now.

The NXT General Manager, William Regal welcomes us to the show.  He made this official, Kevin Owens is the new NXT World Champion.  He thinks he is a prizefighter, but Regal is here to say he’s not.  Owens works for NXT, and he will obey these rules.  Tonight, Adrian Neville Vs Kevin Owens in a non-title match.  Adrian doesn’t deserve a title match, but he does deserve to exact revenge from going to the hospital a few weeks ago.

The show begins at Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.

The new NXT World Champion, Kevin Owens comes to the ring.

The crowd seems to be mixed here, and it seems there are some people who take issue with how he won the title.  The fact remains Owens has never lied.  He said he would fight anyone to make his family life better, and that is exactly what he did.

Who Owens beats, or how he beats them is irrelevant.  The truth is Sami Zayn is the past.  And when you’re done with the past, you look to the future, which is Finn Balor.

Owens is fully aware that Balor is the Number One Contender to his World Title.  Go to William Regal, pick a date, and Owens will be there.  Because no matter what, nobody will take Kevin’s title from him, or his family.

Rich Brennan, Jason Alberts, and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.  We will get an update on Sami Zayn.  Also, the new NXT Divas Champion Sasha Banks takes on Blue Pants, and our main event will be Kevin Owens Vs Adrian Neville.

Our first match is Rhyno against an unnamed opponent.

I guess it’s Elijah Stenson, and Rhyno gores the hell out of him, match is over.

Devin is standing by with Finn Balor.

Kevin Owens won the title, and he has a high opinion of himself.  But Finn is the new Number One Contender, so he thinks highly of himself too.  Kevin calls himself a prize-fighter, Finn has a prize too, and that is the NXT Championship.

Rhyno shows up, has a face to face with Finn and walks away.

Tonight, we get an update on Sami Zayn, and also tonight we will see Kevin Owens Vs Adrian Neville.

The Vaudevillians head to the ring.  They are facing Enzo and Cass, now.

Enzo and Cass win the match, and they want Tag Team Title shots, and that’s not sawft.

Blake and Murphy are on the tron.  That was good, but not good enough.  They suggest to Carmella to leave those two losers, and come with the champs.

The interview guy is with Adrian Neville.

He gets a match with Kevin Owens.

Adrian had an opportunity to get a title shot, but he failed.  But in a weird way, it’s kind of relief.  Because he is used to being the hunted, but now he gets to hunt.  He hasn’t forgotten what happened to him a few weeks ago, but he also is fighting for his good friend Sami Zayn.

Tonight, Sasha Banks Vs Blue Pants.

We hear from Baylee and Becky Lynch.

Baylee will win the NXT Divas Title someday.  Becky Lynch was this close to winning the title, but Baylee prevented that.  She is happy for Sasha, but really happy Charlotte lost.

Good lord, it’s CJ Parker.

CJ is upset he wasn’t on the special last week.  He hates all of us, he hates NXT.  He is ending this show, and taking it hostage.

He is now duct taping the ring.

Now we get the computer screen telling us this not a test.

Solomon Crowe attacks CJ Parker.

And now we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast, and he walks off.

Tonight, we get an update on Sami Zayn.

Also tonight, Neville Vs Owens.

And next, Sasha Banks Vs Blue Pants.

Sasha wins the match with a Bank Statement, followed by a Crossface.

George, I guess that’s his name asks Sasha what it means to be NXT Women’s Champion.

She brings up everyone, including Becky and includes Charlotte will have to admit she is the baddest Diva in NXT.

We see exclusive footage after last week’s Rival show, with officials checking in on Sami.

Dr. Chris Amann speaks and says all of the tests came back positive and when Sami comes back, the doctor expects him to be good to go.

Our main event, Owens Vs Neville is next.

Owens wins the match with a Powerbomb.  Great match between these two men.  Again, just like last week, these two had worked before, so they told a story.

Owens celebrates to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a decent show with a fantastic main event.

We have a return in Rhyno, who seems to have a program with Finn Balor.  You hope, at least.  We get a debut in Solomon Crowe.  I have never seen him work, but Sami Callihan looks to have had a good debut, so we will see.  We also see the new Women’s champ being shown very well tonight, and of course our main event, which is a must-see.

The one thing I am not sure of though is if you set up that Sami is truly hurt, why have the doctor say “Oh, he is good”?

Just sell the beat down, and have him miss a month or so.

Overall, a good show.  Give me your thoughts on it.

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