WWE Monday Night Raw 7/21/14…Will Plan C Take Effect Tonight?

John Cena retained his WWE World Title last night, and HHH made the plea last week that if Cena wins, Plan B will take place. Well, Plan B was Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose made sure that didn’t take place.

Raw is in Miami tonight, and we will also hear from Flo Rida, live.

Raw in 5 minutes.

Hey, how about this….The Authority kicks off the show, again.

Actually, it’s HHH, I am sure Stephanie will be here later.

He was looking around backstage today, nobody wanted to look him in the eye. Afraid he would blow a gasket over what happened last night, the fact the WWE World Title didn’t come back to The Authority. It stayed on John Cena.

HHH is mad, but he has options on how he can deal with this. What is he going to do? He will tweet his displeasure. He might even send an Instagram, or a Vine. He will riot if he doesn’t get what he wants. Or he can just fire everyone backstage. Just fire them out of the building. Or he can just relax, knowing that sooner or later, he always wins.

Or he can wait for 4 more weeks, because as a genius once said he can guarandamntee that John Cena won’t be the WWE World Champion, at Summerslam.

But the question is who?

Here comes Randy Orton.

What about Randy’s rematch? He is owed a rematch, since Wrestlemania. He wants guarantees, because Randy guarantees he will beat Cena at Summerslam.

Randy has a point, and right now, he is the front-runner. He is going to have the entire roster to convince him. He wants someone to go the extra mile to impress him, and show HHH they want that opportunity to become WWE World Champion.

Orton blames this on Kane, if he had just done his job last night, Orton would have the two titles.

Here comes Kane.

Kane hopes he is being considered to face John Cena. Kane knows he can beat Cena, and he knows that he can be WWE World Champion, as long as Orton will not interfere, and he doesn’t become Randy’s protector.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

If they are having a conversation about the WWE World Championship, Reigns thinks he should be in it. Because nobody wants to see Cena Vs Kane, and nobody wants to see Cena Vs Orton, again. People want to see Cena Vs Reigns.

Believe that…

Reigns hits a Superman punch on Kane, with HHH and Orton leaving the ring.

HHH orders we have a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Reigns Vs Kane and Orton, now.

Reigns wins the match by spearing Kane, and Orton does not help him.

Reigns wants Orton to come back to the ring, but he won’t do that.

Tonight, Bray Wyatt will be on The Highlight Reel

Next, 4-on-1 Divas Handicap match with Cameron, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie Vs Nikki Bella.

Yup, Stephanie McMahon sighting. She orders them to anniliate Nikki, and show Brie a lesson.

That epic match is next.

Brie is in the audience, and here comes Stephanie. She tells Brie she is just another face in the audience. She was on one of the hottest programs on TV, with “Total Divas” and she was a commodity, but what did she do? She chose her husband over her sister. Her husband, who was injured, and couldn’t defend his WWE World Title, and has been nothing ever since.

But now she can watch her sister get beat down, and it’s because of Brie.

Brie calls Stephanie a bitch. Stephanie orders security to escort Brie out of the building. Brie shows the ticket, she is a paying customer. Okay, but she is in view of the fans.

Brie grabs the mic, and says Stephanie is just bitter because she still has a hand print over her cheek, when Brie slapped her, and called her a vindictive bitch.

Stephanie slaps Brie now, and when Brie tries to go after Stephanie, security escorts her.

Match is on now.

The heel divas win, and Stephanie gloats about it, saying sooner or later, Nikki will do the same thing Brie did and quit.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Brie Bella calling Stephanie a bitch.

And the word bitch is bleeped out.

Bo Dallas is going to face Lebron Sandow.

Good lord, this is funny.

Bo Dallas wins with a BOdawg.

The city of Miami can rejoice, the biggest victory they have had in one year.

Fozzy’s new album “Do You Want To Start A War” comes out tomorrow.

Highlight Reel with Bray Wyatt is next.

Something happened during the commercial break with Jericho and The Wyatt Family.

We cut to The Wyatts…Miami, we’re here.

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Highlight Reel. Unfortunately, your scheduled host, Chris Jericho can’t make it at the moment. He is a bit undisposed. But where oh where could Chris Jericho be?

I wonder.

We see footage where The Wyatt’s attack Jericho in the locker room.

Where is Chris Jericho? Where is our savior? Surprise, surprise…he’s not here for us. But you know who is? Bray Wyatt. He is here ever since the day he had started. And he knows what we are all thinking, since he lost last night that we believe Jericho is the better man. But a loss in a battle does not mean a thing to Bray. It’s just a battle in a war. Bray created war. And The Wyatts have been here for almost a year, and in that time, they have taken down giants. They have taken down conquered heroes. And The Wyatts are the martyrs. Time is irrelevant to him, he conquers time. Something has been bothering him since last night, it’s what he remembers Sister Abigail said to him, don’t go after vengeance, because he would be digging two graves. One for his enemy, and the other for himself. He won’t do that, because he is forever.

Jericho is being attended to.

Tonight, HHH will make his decision. Who faces Cena at Summerslam?

Flo Rida is here. He will perform, live, tonight.

The new Intercontiental Champion, The Miz is in action, next.

The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag, winning in what was a non-title match.

Ziggler affected Miz’s moneymaker though.

HHH tells Seth Rollins there is no real reason to face Cena at Summerslam. He is the Money in the Bank winner. He needs to keep his hands at the table.

Rollins needs to stop Dean Ambrose.

Cesaro interrupts HHH, and tells them he needs to be the one who faces Cena. He is no longer a Heyman guy, and wants to be HHH’s guy.

This offends Rollins, but HHH tells him if he wants to impress HHH, he must face Dean Ambrose.

Paige and AJ team up, next.

It’s Paige and AJ Vs Natalya and Emma.

Natalya taps out to the Black Widow.

Paige hugs AJ, and now turns heel and grabs her by the hair.

She screams this is her house, after throwing her into the ring post. Now flipping her over the announce table. Begging AJ to fight back.

Paige’s house AJ!!

Fandango is set for the ring. He is going to face Zack Ryder, who is accompanied to the ring by Layla and Summer Rae.

Zack Ryder wins the match, with a Rough Ryder. Fandango had his foot on the ropes, but Layla throws the foot off.

Earlier tonight, Brie Bella calls Stephanie a bitch.

Renee Young is with Flo Rida.

Heath Slater confronts Flo Rida for putting his hands on Heath at Wrestlemania 28. Flo Rida again shoved Heath.

He performs, next.

Time for some “Wild Ones” and “Good Feeling”, and “Let The Good Times Flow”.

Tonight, HHH makes his decision with who faces John Cena at Summerslam.

Some authorities are talking with Stephanie McMahon. They are about to arrest her.

Brie Bella is pressing charges, and Stephanie is being arrested for battery, in the state of Florida.

Oh this is great.

Brie shows up, and Stephanie tells her she will pay as she is being escorted out.

Now HHH is checking in this backstage.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Stephanie McMahon just got arrested. HHH is making plans to meet her. Joey Mercury sighting, he informs HHH that he has yet to make his decision. HHH tells him family comes first. But wait a second, she has to be processed, it takes time. He can make his decision, so have the car on standby.

Now that is funny.

Rybaxel in the ring. They are going to face Kofi Kingston and Big E.

Rybaxel wins when Ryback reverses a cross body block, pinning Kofi Kingston.

Xavier Woods is now in the ring.

They can’t move ahead by shaking hands, kissing babies like a puppet. You can’t always do what you’re being told. This is their time, it’s up to them to find order, and to find purpose. because they do not ask any longer. Now, they take.

HHH is on the phone, when we go to a break.

Earlier tonight, and there have been many different things tonight, The Wyatt Family attacks Jericho.

Rusev is headed to the ring.

Lana tells us to shut up.

Here comes The Great Khali.

Accolade, match is over.

Sheamus will take on Rusev tomorrow night on The Main Event.

Sheamus will also have a part in the show “Royal Pains” tomorrow night on USA, at 9:00.

Stardust and Goldust.

They need the cosmic key.

Our main event, Dean Ambrose Vs Cesaro is now.

Earlier tonight, Stephanie McMahon was arrested, after slapping Brie Bella, a paid “fan” in the crowd tonight.

Renee Young tells us that Stephanie is being arriagned for later tonight, and is arrested due to alleged resisted arrest.

Cesaro Vs Ambrose, now.

Ambrose is DQ’d smahing a chair in Cesaro’s shoulder.

Renee Young is with HHH. He says he is about to make his announcement. Renee questions shouldn’t he be with his wife right now? No answer.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Roman Reigns Vs Alberto Del Rio.

HHH is in the ring.

He wants to introduce us to the challenger to John Cena’s WWE World Title….

Randy Orton.

Reigns runs down Orton, and sends him over the barricade.

Enter Paul Heyman.

Heyman has so much respect for him, Plan A isn’t working, with Orton being chased around by Roman. And Plan B, Ambrose chases Rollins. But this is why he needs to make the most difficult choice of implementing Plan C.

Here comes the pain.

HHH smiles, and shakes Heyman’s hand. He shakes Brock’s hand.

It’s official….John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman. He is the advocate of the man who broke The Streak at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar. Which is why he is going to conquer John Cena’s WWE World Title, and become the new champion.

Now there are those people that wear green shirts, sneakers. They are the ones that scream Let’s go Cena. Then there are people that scream out Cena Sucks.

Now it doesn’t matter to his client who he roots for, the doctor of Thuganomics will be conquered.

He has a video to showcase Brock giving someone a beating.

Wrestlemania 30. Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable, and defeated The Undertaker.


For years, people wanted to say they would beat the streak, but it never happened. Vince Mcmahon rode the ambulance with Taker, because he was concerned over his own well being. John cena won’t escape this beating. He will punch his face in, and will be hurt by Brock Lesnar. Then, and only then, will Lesnar F-5 John Cena, and strip him of the WWE World Title. The same strip that he made sure The Undertaker was stripped of the streak, and it’s a myth. He vows to strip Cena. 15 World Title reigns in 10 years is worth Brock to conquer. So Cena, get ready, because you vow those words, hustle, loyalty, and respect. This man will conquer everything he believes in.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, the one behind the 1 at 21-1. Brock lesnar is here to make history. Brock will be the new WWE World Champion.

The show ends here with both men standing tall with pride.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a loaded episode tonight, so I give them credit for keeping me entertained. No Cena, and no Uso’s. But we saw a full-fledged heel turn by Paige, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. A new Nation of Domination.

We also saw Stephanie get a taste of her medicine, I believe we will see Stephanie Vs Brie Bella, with Brie’s job on the line.

Zack Ryder also won, so there’s that, and Flo Rida performed.

Overall, this was a fun night, and it’s confirmed. Brock lesnar Vs John Cena at Summerslam. What are your thoughts to tonight’s show? Sound off to me at DJKevingillman75@aol.com.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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